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Platt Family 2009-2010

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S: Platt Family 2010

BC: The End

FC: 2009-2010 | Platt Family

1: 2009-2010 | We had so many changes in our lives over these two years. We bought our first house, made major career moves, had our first baby, traveled to some new places and learned how to be parents. We learned a lot about each other and God's plan for our family. I learned so much about the reality of motherhood, that it is very rewarding but very challenging. No longer do you have the freedom you did before, you sacrifice so much to be able to properly raise a child. You are forced to learn patience and forgiveness and experience a deeper love than you thought possible to feel. I am grateful for the challenge it is and will continue to be, and I am thankful for the lessons that I have learned since becoming a mother. Many days I feel overwhelmed but I know the time for children in our home is so brief and it is important to embrace every moment. We have loved Benson so much and feel so honored that our Father in Heaven sent him to us. We look forward to Benson having brothers and sisters and know he will be a great example to them. He has a special personality and we know that he will be able to affect the lives of his family members and those he comes in contact with. Thank you for coming to our home.

2: In February 2009 we finally closed on our house. The next month would be pure craziness! I was very sick being pregnant with Benson and couldn't help out much. James was working around the clock staying up till 1am almost every night working on the place and then would leave at 6:30 for work the next morning. We tore out all the flooring and spent every spare minuet we had re-painting, replacing appliances, refinishing cabinets, cutting out walls and re-tiling the floor. After all our hard work we got our place looking great and made it our home! We had so much space, 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, and our own washer and dryer! What an upgrade.

3: Home, Sweet | Home!

5: In march my parents decided to go to Maui for spring break, and I got invited to keep Coriann busy! We had a great time, we stayed in a condo with an amazing view of the ocean. We boogie boarded, snorkeled, whale watched, and drove the road to Hana! Everyone was so concerned about me getting sick since I was pregnant, BUT I was not the one who got sick! There were beautiful gardens and waterfalls all along the drive, it was beautiful. James didn't get to come but did go to Arizona for his man-cation with two friends to watch spring training.

6: Our amazing Cabo trip, April 2009 After track I had enough frequent flier miles to get us both tickets to Cabo for free. We had a free 3 night stay at a resort there for listening to a time share presentation so we took off to Mexico and had a great time. It was in the middle of the swine flu outbreaks so everywhere we went people were paranoid, wearing face masks and not touching anyone's hands. It didn't stop us from doing anything though! To stay under budget we decided we would have to get creative, we found a guy who gave us some great deals on parasailing, kayaking, snorkeling, and deep sea fishing. Our snorkeling trip was s fun, we saw a humpback whale breaching on our way out and then we got out to this cute little cove where we snorkeled. I wasn't real into it still feeling a bit sick being 3 months pregnant with Benson but James loved it so much he almost got left! Not to mention arrested for bringing home a star fish. The ride back 1was awesome too, we got served the best tacos ever and as much juice as we could drink. We also hiked out to Lovers Beach saw lots of crabs and seals, and laid on the beach. The food was so good, we found some great little places to eat.

8: discovered our driver didn't speak a word of English. We bought some bait and headed off to sea, soon we were catching seals and our guide was freaking out! He was so mad the seal kept stealing our bait but I rather enjoyed having a giant seal on the line. We also ended up catching s some mackerel too, which is what we were going for. About half way through our alloted time the guide got really upset again. We weren't sure what was wrong until we realized that we were stuck out at sea and the boat had stopped working! We waited and waited for someone to come get us. We ended up getting tugged all the way back to shore. A true Mexican experience! | On our last day we decided to try some deep sea fishing! We knew we would be cutting it a little close to get back to the airport so we went on the 6am boat. We got off to a rough start when we

9: The weekend we got home from cabo James decided to go sell for apx in Virginia beach. since i was pregnant and still working i decided to stay in orem and go back and forth. My friend angela moved in for the summer and we had some great times! She came to some dr appointments with me and we biked, hiked and did lots of projects for her journalism class. it was great to have the company while james was gone!

10: Virginia beach

11: I went out to Va for the entire month of july, it was so fun. we had an office fourth of july pary, trips to the beach when james wasn't working, and fun dinners when the guys would reach their sales goals. I also made some friends while I was out there to do some activities with, we mostly laid by the pool and went to museums, botanical gardens and shopped. our apartment was in downtown Va beach so we were pretty close to everything. i went out again at the very end of the summer and on the last day of selling we went to washington dc for a few days. it was fast and furious but we got to see a lot. we spent the first day walking the mall, we went to the holocaust museum, museum of natural history, air and space and walked to most of the major monuments. that night we stayed with my parents friends from san Francisco, the Munn's. ROger was great, we had a blast meeting him and staying at their home. On sunday we drove up to the dc temple, it was beautiful, so spacious and stunning. afterward we went back up to dc and saw arlington national cemetery, the white house and spent a few hours at the washington dc zoo. we had a great time and got a good taste of the nations capital in only two days!

13: the | before going home we decided to spend an afternoon in colonial williamsburg. it was really cool to learn about all the history in that town and walk around all the little shops and houses. it was a great finale to our summer in va.

14: October 20th

15: Baby shower

16: Benson Paul Platt October 21, 2009 6:07pm 7lbs 7oz 19in

17: Benson! You finally made it to our family, we waited and waited and waited for you to come. Three straight days of contractions, and 22 hours of labor (induced by electro-shock stimulation) later you came to us. We were so happy to see you, you looked perfect. You were 7lbs 7oz just as your dad had wished! We had never experienced such love and gratitude as we did that day. I think we just stared and stared at you for hours. Right away we could tell you looked like dad, you had black hair and long fingers and toes. We gave you the middle name Paul after your only living great grandpa Paul LUnt (Papa). He is a wonderful example to everyone around him and so proud that you are carrying on his name. You had lots of visitors in the hospital, Grammy was there when you were born and shortly after Grandma Sage and Grandpa Steve came to see you with Gram and Papa. Your aunt Coriann came right away from BYU and helped to name you. You also had your aunt Megan come and friend Angela. We talked about what you would be like and all of the opportunities in live we hoped to give you.After a few days in the hospital we took you home and you started your life as part of the Platt Family!

20: Only 8 days after Benson was born James had his Dixie State Baseball Alumni weekend. So we headed down to St George. Benson did great on his first road trip, he slept most of the way there and did great at the game! James had a blast with his old teammates and enjoyed seeing everyone for the 5 year anniversary of their National Championship. We spent a lot of Benson's first days watching the world series. Benson and James watched the Yankees win the World Series. James was so excited that Benson was born in the same month and year the Yankees won!

23: Benson's first Halloween! We went to the BYU XC Conference meet to watch some old teammates. Everyone loved seeing Benson and he looked so cute in his pumpkin suit! Uncle Tanner also came down from Logan to come see Benson for the first time. He brought him his first costume... Benson didn't like it too much!

25: Benson's Baby Blessing December 2009 | Benson's blessing was so nice, he had so many people come to support him on that day. He had 2 great grandparents, 4 grandparents, 3 uncles, 3 aunts and lots of cousins and riends. James gave him a beautiful blessing and we enjoyed our company afterward with dinner and stories. Grandma Sage made Benson's blessing suit, and great grandma Smith made little booties and a beautiful blanket for him.

26: Christmas 2009

27: Christmas was so fun this year having a new baby. We went up to Montana and ice fished, played outside in the snow and spent time with the Clark family. It was the first time in about 5 years our entire family was together for Christmas. We had a full house!

28: January 2010... we had a BYU track reunion at Jenna's house. It was so fun because most of us have babies now, our lives have changed so much from when we were spending everyday together training. Conversations have changed from sore muscles and mile split times to diaper changes and sleeping schedules. What a difference a few years can make! We are all so happy with our cute little families. Julie and Garner (1), Jenna and Carter (4months), Me and Benson (2months) and Tawny and Maya (6moths). From January to about April Benson's favorite things to do included #1 the jumparoo (he spends hours a day in this thing), #2 eating, and #3 riding in his car seat.

29: Benson...

30: 5 months old

31: Benson and Mommy

32: For Easter this year we went down ti Cedar City. It was so fun, we got to search through the house for our baskets and Benson loved the Easter grass, and his candy carrot. He is getting so fun, can't wait till next year. He also got to spend some time with Gram and Papa.

33: Near the end of the month James and I got ready to leave for me to run the Boston Marathon. We were going to NYC first for a few days then to Boston. It was our first time leaving Benson, we were sad to say goodbye but definitely needed the break. It was so nice to be alone, and to sleep through the night! It had been so busy leading up to the marathon, I was trying to get in as much training as possible but didn't realize how challenging a new baby was. The Marathon was exactly 6 months after Benson was born and it was my last chance to run as qualifications are only good for 2 years. It was an awesome trip and I am so happy I did it.

34: New York was a blast, we stayed with my friend Carolyn in the city. In just a few days we saw all the major sights, saw broadway shows "West Side Story "and "In the Heights", went to a Yankees game, went to the Museum of Natural History , ran all over Central Park, and ate some great food!

35: We took a bus over to Boston a day before the marathon. We met up will all the ex-BYU girls at the Raymond's house for dinner. It was fun to see everyone and talk about the course and get some tips about what to expect for the race. That night we stayed at a place near the start of the race. I had to be down there pretty early so it was nice to be so close. I couldn't believe how many people there were, over 25,000 runners. Once the race started I didn't stop hearing cheers till the very end. It was the most exciting environment I've ever run in. I met a girl who was running about the same pace as me and we ran together for the first 10 miles. Then James found me and ran with me from mile 12-19. It was so great to have him with me, it made the race go by much faster. I couldn't believe how great I felt. I didn't have the greatest training but the weather and circumstances were perfect for me to finish in 3:17.12, 5 min faster than my previous marathon. The finish was amazing, I was exhausted but so encouraged by the crowd. Soon after the finish James found me, it was so awesome to have him there supporting me. | Boston April 19, 2010

36: We spent another few days in Boston before going home. We walked the Freedom Trail (I mostly hobbled being so sore from the race), went to the Blue Man Group, Boston Red Sox stadium, and toured Harvard campus. Boston was an amazing city, one of my favorites for sure. There is so much history and character there.

37: Right after the marathon James packed up for another summer of sales. He headed off to Houston, Benson and I joined him a few weeks later. We stayed in Pearland, south of the city and it was one HOT summer. I still can't believe how hot and humid it gets there. Benson and I spent a lot of time at the pool and going to museums and we even went down to the beach a few times. I worked on tons of sewing projects and discovered my new favorite store, Hobby Lobby! At the end of the summer I decided to go home via Mississippi to visit Camber. We had a week of activities together, going to the zoo, science museum, swimming at the pool and the lake where Benson got into a nest of fire ants! James worked really hard all summer right up until law school started at the end of August. He decided to go to the University of Utah and started the day after he drove 21 hours straight from Houston. And thus started our lives as law students!

39: Benson had some big milestones while we were gone. It was a big 4 months for him! At about 7 months he started this funny army crawl scoot thing. It was hilarious, he tried so so hard to get to toys and my cell phone. He also started getting his first tooth, which made for a lot of drool. Then when we were in Mississippi Benson took his first steps at 9 months. I think after watching Porter walk all week, he decided that was a way better option than being on the floor all the time. About half way through the summer I went back to UT to run the Ragnar Relay. It was a blast, 2 days of running and 200 miles later we won the womens division and won brand new NT treadmills! Angela and I also took the chance to go down to Zion and hike while Sage watched Benson.

40: It was great getting back to UT. However, our smaller house made for a lot of bumps and bruises as Benson was still learning how to walk without falling into corners! He has been so fun, seems he always has a ball in his hands and says, "ba ba ba" we think he'll be an athlete for sure! He is as curious as ever and always wants to try and see new things, he is however a bit of a trouble maker. 100% BOY. Benson also got to come along with Mom and Anglea for the frozen yogurt sleepover. We ended up winning a years supply!

43: Angela got married at the end of the summer and I loved being a part of it. I was her official wedding planner and we had so much fun with all the details, it turned out to be a beautiful wedding. Benson looked so cute in his little tux. Steve and Sage came to support them and it was so great having someone on official Benson patrol!

47: In October James had a week off for fall break. We decided it would be neat to take a road trip to CA! It had been years since I had seen my great grandma Smith and I wanted to make sure I got a chance to introduce Benson to his 92 year old Great Great Grandma! James had also wanted to see his Aunt Mary who lived close by. My dad was in St George for the Senior Olympics so we drove south first and made a loop from St George to Vegas to Carmel to San Francisco to Manteca and finally to Sacramento. We had an awesome time. We watched the old guys play basketball and then stayed with Aunt Diane and Uncle Firoz. We had so much fun there, we went to the Monterey Bay Aquarium and spent an entire afternoon there. It was awesome and Benson loved seeing the wild life. I ran in the mornings along the coast with Firoz and it was awesome, so beautiful and perfect running weather. We went out to eat and spent some time shopping downtown in Carmel. Next we spent a day and a night in San Francisco. I love that city, its so fun to see the sights there. Next up visiting Great Grandma. It was so nice, they had lunch for us and we spent the afternoon talking and laughing at Benson! It was great seeing Aunt Carol too, it really made me miss Grandpa Smith. Our last stop was Sacramento to see Aunt Mary. She was such a gracious host and we had a blast talking to her about family and her life. We also went to Old Sacramento, shopping outlets and the temple there. It was a beautiful place, can't wait to go back! Benson did pretty good for his fist road trip.

48: Japanese Gardens | Benson climbing on everything | 10-16-2010 | Golden Gate Bridge | Riding the trolley | Cute little Benson...

49: Benson and Great-great Grandma | 5 Generation span | Me and Grandma | Old Sac | Benson back in the water | Sacramento Temple

50: Bride getting ready photos

51: Fall in Utah, Benson has continued to be so much fun. He is really developing a fun personality and tries to say everything you ask him to. He is very social and loves remotes, balls, kitchen utensils, and baseball bats. He loves taking walks to the park and eating cookies aka tookies.

52: Benson is 1 | We had a fun little party for Bense on his birthday. Baseball theme of course, it was really fun and we had lots of neighborhood friends come. Benson got some fun new presents and really enjoyed eating his birthday cupcake!

54: There was one beautiful night in November that we decided to take our opportunity to go for a hike. We invited Angela (my eternal hiking buddy) to come along on our family hike to the Y. The sunset was beautiful, Benson did great and afterward we went down to BYU for yogurt and Coriann's volleyball game.

55: Winter is HERE! | Benson loved the snow. He thought it was the coolest things ever. He kept saying - snow snow snow, awesome. He didn't seem to mind the cold at all, he would have stayed out there forever if I had let him.

56: We thought it would be fun to surprise Dad with a day at the river. The kids woke him up bright and early with breakfast in bed and gave him the Fathers Day cards they made. Then we packed up the car and drove to the river where we all went whitewater rafting. We stopped half way down the river to eat lunch and then we hiked up to a beautiful waterfall. Later in the day the kids gathered some firewood for a campfire. We all sat around listening to Dad share stories from his childhood. It was such a fun day. The kids got wet and had a blast and will remember this day with Dad forever.

59: We had a great Christmas again this year of 2010! We were down in Cedar and it was just me, James and Benson for Christmas day. It was really fun because Benson was a little more at the age of enjoying the presents and festivities. We also got to do some fun things, Steve took us to Zion to go hiking, we used our new pack and brought Benson along. He loved every minuet of it! We saw some beautiful parts of the park, I can't wait to go again. One night that we were there Benson woke up very upset, we couldn't decide what could be wrong with him. We tried letting him cry it out but he got more and more hysterical. Finally James took him down to the kitchen and started feeding him a banana, he had never eaten anything so aggressively in his life. It was so funny, he kept biting giant hunks of banana and chewed it up so fast it seemed like he hadn't eaten in days!

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