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Rebecca Black's Scrapbook

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S: My Scrapbook

FC: By Morgan Fiorino and Kayla Hook | Rebecca Black's Scrapbook

2: Entry #1 9/1/1929 Dear Diary, Yesterday for my twelfth birthday my parents bought me this journal. They told me to write in it anytime I need to talk to someone and no one is around. My name is Rebecca Black and I am twelve years old. I live with my brother Bobby and my mom and my dad. We live in a cozy house at the end of Grand Street in Hoboken New Jersey. Many of the houses in this town are huge. The people who live in these houses work at wall street. They work a lot with money and come over sometimes to give our family tips. My brother is seven years old. Even though we are five years apart we are the best of friends. Me and Bobby do everything together. Each day we walk from our house to school. At eight o clock when it is time for class we go our separate ways. School has always come easy for me because of my mother pushing me to be the best I can be. Our president Hoover believes that the less interference in our government the better. I hear my parents talk a lot about

3: this but I have never quite understood. At three o clock after school ends Bobby meets me at the flagpole in the middle of the yard of the school. We take our time walking home telling each other about our day. Once we arrive home we sit at our small, circular dinner table and do our homework. Once I finish my work I usually help Bobby finish up his. The faster we get our work done, the more time we have to play outside! We change out of our school clothes and run outside to play. Up the street from us is a park with a basketball hoop. We meet our neighbors Nick and Ryan there and play until the sun falls down. Basketball has always been one of the my favorite things to do. I could play all day if I

4: 1 | had the chance. I'm the only girl out of all of my friends who like to play, so most of the time I spend time with my brothers friends. It's time for dinner so I will write in here later. Sincerely, Rebecca Black

5: Entry #2 9/6/1929 Dear Diary, I'm sitting on the front steps of my house waiting for my dad to get home from work. Each day he commutes to New York for his job. My father and my uncle wake up at the crack of dawn and take a ferry across the Hudson River to Manhattan. They then walk from the port where they get dropped off to wherever their job brings them. My dad has done work all over New York, building skyscrapers over twenty stories high. His job has always fascinated me, and I look forward to him arriving home each night with stories of his day and what he has seen. When I'm older I hope to live in New York and become an actress of some sort. My

6: father always tells me stories of seeing the girls dressed up in costume makeup and elegant leotards. They come and go to rehearsals, passing by his job each day. "Some day that will be me!" I have always said. It's hard to say if it will ever be me because my mom is so set on my grades being perfect. Being a flapper girl would be fun too. I love the look of the dresses they where but my ma would never let me out of the house looking like that. I don't have much time for myself anymore between school, homework and spending time with Bobby. After dinner I have a list of chores I need to complete before I go to bed. After supper Bobby clears the table and then I wash all of the dishes. It is a job I have done ever since I've been able to reach the sink. After I complete this I then dust the floors and am off | 1

7: to bed. I share a large room with my brother Bobby. I've never minded sharing a room. My mom always talks about moving into a new house soon so that Bobby and Me can have our own space. Our father has been very successful with his building, and hopes that by the end of the year he will have enough saved up to move us out of here. It will be weird to live somewhere other than this house on Grand Street, but I know it will be a good change in the end. -Rebecca Black

8: Entry #3 9/14/1929 Dear Diary, Things have been a little weird around the house recently. The past few nights my dad has come home with little to say. He sits at the dinner table with no expression and little words, Then, after he is finished eating he rushes back out the door. He tells Me and Bobby that he is just working extra hard to help us move into our new house but I know something is wrong. One of my best friends from school Mary told me a few days ago that her ma and pa had just lost some money from the stock market. She told me she may be leaving our school soon to go live with her Grandparents. Today Mary wasn't

9: in school at all. She had left without even saying goodbye. I hope I never get shipped away. I could never leave my family behind, especially not Bobby. I am going to try to try to find work that I can do so Dad won't stress so much over moving into our new house. As me and Bobby were walking to the park today we over herd some neighbors talking. They were complaining about Hoover and how he has done nothing but destroyed our country. We walked by them very slowly, seeping in every word they spoke. Mr. Harrignton's job wages had gone down. He was getting payed a lot less than what he had, and is having a hard

10: time supporting his family. Hearing this instantly made me worry that this is what is happening to us. This can't be happening! Our family has so many plans, and living in sadness is not one of them! The house we had been looking to buy is no longer an option. My mom told me it's price has went up over a quarter of the original price over night. Everything is more expensive now. When I go to the market for flour I pay a dime more than I used too. I just want Hoover to stop being president so everything can go back to the way it used to be. Sincerely, Rebecca Black

11: Entry #4 10/29/1929 Dear Diary, Today the stock market crashed! Share prices of the New York Stock Exchange abruptly fell to nothing. When I got out of school today this is all everyone was talking about. Rumors spread all around that President Hoover was not going to veto the Hawley Smoot Tariff bill. At the dinner table tonight my parents were talking about how Mary's parents had lost almost all of their money to the stock market. They had almost nothing left, and may end up moving in with Mary very soon. When I grow up I hope all of this will be over. I am sick of hearing about Hoover messing up

12: everything that was once so good and simple. My dad slipped out of the back door while I was sweeping. He was talking to a few other guys he works with on the street. I couldn't hear what much of what they were saying, but the expressions on their faces told it all. Mr. Riley, our next door neighbor works on the railroads. He installs the tracks and makes sure they are running in tip top shape. I can tell that my uncle and dad are not happy that Mr. Rileys job is still thriving yet theirs is not. I wish I could do something to see my father happy. I later found out that my dad had lost

13: his job. He wasn't fired because he was a bad worker, simply because there is no work for him to do anymore for money. I just don't understand how our President can let this happen. First my best friends parents and now my very own are jobless and suffering. Lately our dinners have consisted of bread and beans. We can barely keep our stomachs from growling and our bodies from shivering in our cold house. My room is just about dark so I will write in your later. From, Rebecca Black

14: Entry #5 11/5/1929 Dear Diary, The past week has been one of the worst weeks ever. Almost the entire town lined up at the bank to find out that their money was gone! All of the savings for our new house has disappeared. My mother through all of this is the most put together. She rubs my fathers back and reassures him that this will all be over soon. I sure hope she's right because I don't know how much longer I can live like this. We can no longer afford to keep the heat on. Each day is getting colder and colder and at night I lay in bed shivering until I fall asleep. All I keep thinking is how I can't be

15: separated from my family. School is lonely now. Five students in my class have already left. When we ask our teachers where they have gone to they never give us clear answers. I never would have thought that banks would run out of money. There is nothing left to do but try to find work anywhere we possibly can. Hoover is trying to keep wages high even though there are some without any money at all. When I came home today my parents were talking about the belongings they are going to sell. The car that my dad had worked so hard to get will soon be gone. Anything to keep us alive and functioning will have to do.

16: Tomorrow my dad is going all around the city in search of jobs. Anything from picking weeds to paving roads will do. From my room I can hear my parents bringing up moving north to where my cousins live. Supposedly there there are more job opportunities. Tomorrow I will talk to them, but until then I am going to sleep. Sincerely, Rebecca Black

18: Entry #6 11/18/1929 Dear Diary, Mom and Dad decided that it would be best for us to go by our cousins up North. I'm not too happy about it, I really just would rather stay here where everything is familiar and where my friends are. I wonder where Bobby and I are going to be going for school, I don't think I'll like being the new girl at all. I'm worried about how Bobby is going to handle it too. I don't really know our cousins to well so it might be a little uncomfortable staying with them but I know Daddy really needs a job. He's been getting sadder each day and I feel so terrible because I wish i could help more. It's just we have all been so comfortable with money for such a long time it's

19: strange to know you barely have any at all. Daddy, I think, has the most trouble with it, I think he feels like he's not good enough because he can't exactly provide for us right now. I still love him though and believe that this will get better. We started packing things that mean a lot to us because our cousins only have so much room at their house. I hope they don't mind that we are coming, Bobby and I told mom that we were going to always be on our best behavior because we were guests. I hope mom and dad are right about finding better jobs here, I want us to be happy again. I really wish the government would do something to help our family and ones struggling like us. I always here daddy talk about how he

20: thinks that the President and government could do so much more to help the people that need it. Instead they hurt us by not helping and I think mother gets real upset about that, Its sad to see how people who are supposed to be in charge of the our country just don't help. Thats all for today i have to get back to helping mom and Bobby pack. Sincerely, Rebecca Black

21: Entry #7 12/3/1929 Dear Diary, It got so cold in our house without the heat that we had to leave as soon as possible. When we got up North with our cousins things got better slowly but it was still hard. Dad got a job as a architect building smaller buildings this time but he still gets to do what he loves. Mom is happier because things are getting easier to handle because we are actually having money come now. We are working towards getting our own house. The hardest thing to give up was our house because we had to leave some things behind and sell most of it. Not having heat was the worst just as the cold weather was coming. I know both mom and dad are very greatful for Aunt Jean and Uncle

22: Hubert letting us stay with them as long as we need. They saved us for sure. I really miss my friends at school and from my neighborhood but I'm starting to make new ones here. I've been helping out as much as I can and so is Bobby. I remember when we had to cut back on what we ate and how much we bought. It is so much better here because now we can eat good dinners. We are still trying to be careful about our money because we are finally getting some back. Bobby has been really helpful and understanding through all of this. I think hes very happy that daddy got a job he really likes. He is starting to come home

23: with stories again and sometimes they are even better then the old ones! The ways things look are a lot different up here, not so much noise all the time. Its actually very nice, mother likes it a lot just because of the quiet. Bobby's calling me to come play with him, talk to you later! Sincerely, Rebecca Black

24: Entry #8 12/5/1929 Dear Diary, I feel as though everyday is getting better and better. I get to eat the foods I really enjoy. Its amazing what having money can do for you. Now I really understand why mom and dad got so upset when the stock markets crashed and everything. Daddy has been a lot happier since he started his new job, he says he almost likes it more then his old one. I think its so silly when he says that because he just loved his old job so much. Ive made a lot more friends now that we've been here a while. School isn't bad at all I actually enjoy it quite a bit. I still get to play a lot with Bobby, and there is lots of room outside in their yard. The weather is getting

25: chilly here though we should be getting snow sometime next month! Now that we have heat I'm not scared for the cold to come anymore. Everything is just about back to normal here. We almost have enough money to get our own house! Mom says she wants to make sure we have more then enough though before we buy anything real serious and important, like a house! I'm so excited, its been nice living with my aunt and uncle but I do miss having my own room and sleeping in a bed that actually mine. Bobby has made some friends too and mommy still cares about my grades but has relaxed a little about pressuring them on me. I think this whole problem with our money has made everybody

26: really appreciate the simple things we have and each other. Mom and dad have been getting along so well and everyones been smiling and happy. Daddy still reminds us every once in a while that things like this can happen again so we still have to be careful. Sincerely, Rebecca Black

27: Entry #9 12/7/1929 Dear Diary, FDR came out with this thing called the New Deal and its supposed ti help people out that need jobs and have lost lots of money. Daddy seemed happy when he heard about this because its highly beneficial for families like ours. Even though we have rebuilt our lives President Roosevelt knows what we have been through to get here. He finally wants to help! Mom was just projecting happiness over this New Deal. She kept saying, "Finally they see us!" I think she felt liberated that FDR noticed the things people actually needed. We had pretty much given up hope when it came to the

28: government just because they had let us down so much before. It was easier to look into the future with more of an open mind now. FDR was a great President and he was doing an amazing job so far! Mom and dad always listen to the radio now when the President makes big speeches and what not. They like to be involved in what is going on so they aren't shocked by anymore economic downfalls. Bobby likes to see everyone smiling even though he doesn't really the whole politics and economy thing. If he ever asks a question dad will just put it in simpler form. This way he can understand at least a little bit. Ive been focusing on school

29: a lot. I really think it makes both mom and dad happy but especially mom. I love when they are proud of me. Its easier for them to pay attention to me now that things are better everywhere else in our lives. It amazes me how sometimes people in the government really just don't pay attention or don't care. Well moms calling me for dinner! Ill write again soon. Sincerely, Rebecca Black

30: Entry #10 12/26/1929 Dear Diary, New Years is coming very soon and mom says that its going to be a great year coming up. I think she says this because of how well the government is doing. Every things gotten much better since FDR's New Deal. People are so much happier with him as President and the government over all. In school we have talked about it just a little and my teacher says that new changes are going to happen. We all know she means good ones. I feel like there can be no wrong choices right now with Roosevelt as President! I don't know if my family was even this happy back home.

31: Dad's job has been busy lately, because people actually have money they can get things done. Many new buildings are being built in our new town so its great business for my dad. Oh! I almost forgot, we finally bought a new house and moved it! Perfect timing for the new year. I really believe this is gonna be a good one, I mean my grades are better. Daddy's job is going really well, mommy is happy decorating our new house and Bobby well hes just being Bobby. I learned through these last couple months that people should really value and appreciate what they already have. Have to give away my stuff and not be able to have the things I'm used to was weird and thankful for my family.

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