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Room 14 Poetry Anthology

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S: Room 14's Poetry Anthology POMPEII


1: Bright light shines all day and sleeps at night, hot sun- shine moves around. Sun rays hit the direct ground.LIkes to play hide and seek,Behind the clouds and move leak.The sun is as is as hot as a stove. But slowly burns away at night. | By Kayla Placid

2: Hopping off the jeep looking around,seeing the blood making us cry wishing we were home they attacked first while we were getting ready I'm about to burst Seeing people get torn apart looks like families being torn apart | the rage in me takes over me I run at them not wanting to flee nothing matters now I run straight ahead I could almost taste victory but I just hoped that they wouldn't blow my head off. i start to get closer and closer By Stefan Seizov | I shoot with every step i make Boom bang kaboom, Hmph?that5 was as easy as eating cake As i leave i see the blood die away

3: Constant chill deep inside. The blackened skies run over the city. As the crying of horror gets louder. like a crumbling world in a dying city. An over crowded city collapsing into the depths of the Earth . People lying face down in the bleeding debris . it seems their lives are fading away by Jordan Baker

4: A frosty blanket, This magical wonderland, Bright blue and white ice By Eden Nikora

5: Soaring Sky Sliver Tall As 100 giraffes Standing so strong strong as 50 elephants 160 floors soar sky high 1 wonderful restaurant 35 gleaming corporate suites 6 years to construct 4 luxury swimming pools tall humongous building 2,717 feet of sterling silver in Dubai it is 4 + mechanical rooms with too many buttons too push it looks, it looks wonderful with rooms all around too stay in, too stay in what a amazing site BURJ KHALIFA

6: The Fire! I get out the car, wondering what happened, Its not to far, Then my memories get zappened I see the devastation, inside and out, Its like a ever lasting station, there is no doubt. The smoke is like my day, ruined and weird, I didn't even get a say, everyone stares. My backyard camouflaged at night, All i can see is the swaying tree's, In the morning you get a terrible fright, Later on there' nothing to see. A few day's later, It gets tumbled down, by two moving machines, I cant hear a sound. I will always remember March the 15th ,2009 I can never bring it back, The problem's not mine!

7: Humans arrive . Chain-saws start Tree trunks drop to the ground Leaves run over the damp wet forest floor Plants cry . An empty forest. By hyacinth

8: Entering The Stadium Big Bright Lights Smelling The Chips & Pies Hearing The Fans Cheer Queensland New South Wales Cheerleaders Dancing Looking Good Thurston Kicks Off BIg Hits All Around Here There Jarryd Hayne Excites Us As Full Time Approaches Scores All Tied Up 16 All 1 Minute Left Thurston Drop Goal OVER Crowd Screaming Fireworks Soaring Big Golden Trophy QUEENSLANDS

9: The beach is as beautiful as the sunset, but the water feels like a never stopping ice cube. At the beach all you can hear is chaos. Most people go for a tan some go just for the fun and some go for a run. Sandy as can be. The sand in my toes feels warm and wonderful

10: the plants are so scared its time to meet their fate the trees start to weep today is their last day although it is hot the clouds start to cry. today is the day the last forest will die | people o people please listen to me listen to the protesters out on the streets stop deforestation make it stop make it end. stop deforestation help us to mend. | this broken up world smashed to pieces all gone i hope you realize cutting down the forest was wrong if you cut down the last forest your not very smart if you do if you do you will break the earths heart!

11: raindrops as clear as crystal delicate as a baby like little feet go patter patter in the puddles the steady rain keeps falling fast its flooding we wont have long till it floods the town lets go on the roof in a poof it sounds like plop we have gone the end

12: animals as delicate as a china tea cup,he leaps in the air, pounces on his prey, with his excruciatingly sharp teeth,the trigger stalks his food in the foggy jungle. as lazy as a old man he hangs from a tree, waiting for his innocent prey to walk on by, with his enormously long tongue he slowly catches his feast, the sloth is so lazy! slithers along the sheltered jungle ground, wraps his cold blooded skin around his prey, as tight as a belt wrapped around your skin written bye Sara Bout.

13: Dog run as fast as the wind. Dogs can be rough dry soft. Dogs are loud barking groaning jumping as hight as the sky. Playing with a ball ripping thing up. Running after car Barking at people as they walk past the gate Chasing cats climbing on cars

14: I'm sitting on the couch. I turn on the TV. On channel 3 it's about a male nicknamed "Zoom" He escaped from Cambridge jail yesterday | Cambridge is very close to my house. Fear grips me. I turn off the TV in fear. To many emotions go through me.I'm felling nervous, worried, anxious, afraid and fearful. When will this nightmare end once and for all? | I'm home alone. I feel scared and worried. Lots of thoughts going through my head. Feeling like there are butterflies flapping fiercely in my stomach. The house is lonely, I'm the only one home.

15: An apostrophe of this life, seethe barrow of the world. Limbers destruction of lings, never viva the world. People who pollute are nothing more than common cooks . | People yen for pollution,always the sake shall never heal. Quails in piles for many to come, polluted waters killing gudgeon's. One little quack turns to lotto going mad and turning to veal. Seeing the people turn the wheel. Never see the day that never comes, building a tomb with tethered drums.Ending the day by watching a gnome.

16: The Twin Towers These strong and tall buildings of New York The World Trade Centre September 11th 2001 19 hijackers and two planes plan to destroy the Twin Towers. Two planes demolish the centre of the towers and forced it to the ground, Smoke dust and fire filled the air, sounds of Shriek and sirens one by one people swarm around the rubble searching for survivors. Firemen taming the fire Children crying parents telling children it's going to be alright. The falling man people called him was never found amongst the rubble flying debris and shattered glass Shining from above flaming concrete like meteors Rushing down from the black sky By Cody (:

17: Cross Country The pressure was on half of the track complete We're all puffing as loud as a dog My feet are sore and we're all so exhausted but were all determined to carry on People all around me, it's like a herd of elephants They're trying to pass me but i will not let them I pick up my feet and run even faster Its a challenging race, the pressure builds up even more the cold air in my face I start to feel cooler the air smells so fresh I see the finish line in my reach, I start to sprint but i get over taken I'm over the finish line and come 9th place By Sarah | Cross Country The pressure was on half of the track complete We're all puffing as loud as a dog My feet are sore and we're all so exhausted but were all determinted to carry on People all around me, it's like a herd of elephants They're trying to pass me but i will not let them I pick up my feet and run even faster Its a challenging race, the pressure builds up even more the cold air in my face I start to feel cooler the air smells so fresh I see the finish line in my reach, I start to sprint but i get over taken I'm over the finish line and come 9th place By Sarah

18: The wind was as angry as a t-rex.It blew the trees to the wet soaking ground.The leaves whipped past the people flicking past their legs.Lightning shot out of the dark and black clouds .People screamed over there over here.All i hear is people screaming every were.I just realized its a tsunami you could hear the t-rex roar with all its strength.It lifted it self high into the air with its mighty strength.It roared at people moving its ginormous arms making shock waves into the air.The air was like an air ship taking off.The great giant lifted him self twice as high into the sky he roared as he lifted him self up he raised his limbs up and pulled down.All could see the atmosphere but as we were looking up a gash of wind come clawring down into the ground B.y H.e.i.t.i.k.i. W.r.i.g.h.t

19: Global Warming Its a calamity it is to say The world is not alight like a Fire burning bright. | People running round, Away from disaster, Floods, earthquakes, fire. Poverty is striking, and spreading all around. Because of this catastrophe A cure must be found To heal this world of this sickness. Quick turn off the lights!!! By Rachel Hickling

20: Jumping out of the car, Looking at 2500 volts of light, Smelling the hot food yum, Looking at the cheerleaders, Felt like happiness, It taste like chips,hotdogs,pies,girls lips, Its looking like the broncos have scored a try off Izzy folau, Big hits everywhere 2 minutes to go, 24-all, nervous, Darren Lockyer 50 meters out 5,4,3,2,.... He gets it Broncos win.

21: Once you start you must continue just like morning and night, The perfect paper has passed the perfect test, Soon the perfect paper will be forgotten, Until we lose it all, Just as the paper did by Trent heywood

22: 111. Fire!! | Hot burning flames in the afternoon air, The smoke is as dull as the pitch black night. The hot fire smells like burning rubber, Smoke creeps along slowly into the night sky. Beautiful, Big, Bright, Burning, Bold flames. Cracking, Sizzling, Popping, Banging. Boom, like fireworks. The bright fire, stings my eyes. I hear the screeching sirens come wailing down my street as my blazing roof crumbles around me, in the darkness. By Caitlyn Young.

23: TV TV is my form of communication Because it's not much of an equation. there's already half of the nation. I don't like activation. Sometimes there's suffocation. and i like that there's no alliteration by Brandon

24: NETBALL GAME the pressure is on 5 minutes left in the game we were winning by two points. we were all playing as if it was to live or die GA passes to me i pass to WD . Damn ! the opposition intercepts. they pass to their GS. shes concentrating real hard , people screaming | and cheering everywhere, she bends her knees and shoots the ball bounces like a rabbit on the ring and into the hoop. i am hungry and my feet are sore. we are all in position , puffing and panting all of our faces are hot, red and sweaty like baked tomatoes. our teams C has the ball, the whistle blows, i run out and scream her name, my opposition tries to intercept but i just grab it as if its the thing i want most in the world. i shoot forward to GA she grabs it, i sprint to the half circle were our goal is. GA passes to GS, GS passes back to GA , once again the pressure is on, but far more intense this time, hearts pounding like drums, mouths dry, sun beaming down. Our coach shouts out 1 minute. Time is flying by. finally Ga shoots the ball up toward the hoop. the opposition has that annoyed look on their face. the ball bounces, and bounces on the ring, and when we all give up hope, it falls into the goal the whistle blows for the goal, and twice for time, we did it we won !

25: SLAM!! | Very cold but also excited. Wondering if it will be cool. It looks hard but fun, colorful but gooey. Its like a big bouncy blow up. i heard the word GO!! my legs were out of control, running for the first obstacle. it looks as big as a mountain, climbing to get the flag. Jumped down, feet stinging, going through this mucky gunge and foam. It was as slippery as soap. Felt under pressure. SPLASH! I fell in, got back | up and my legs kept going. Next, balance, while things punch you with bullets. Climbing up a mountain. As a team we helped each other. Running up a slide with big blow up balls faling down on us. We had to dodge them otherwise we get hit like bowling pins We crash and clatter as we come down. Finally slipping,sliding and bashing heads. Its all over!! Exhausted, but LOVED it!!!

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