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Ryan's 23rd Birthday

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Ryan's 23rd Birthday - Page Text Content

BC: I Love you.

1: Happy 23rd Birthday from all of those who hold you close to their hearts... February 25, 2009

2: I remember in high school, between soccer games we would go to gummow's house and play hHlo. Good times. Happy birthday man! -Joseph Daniel Waltz | Remember Morgan HIll country school!?!??! hahahah There's a memory for ya! ;) Happy Birthday Ryan!!! =) xo -Megan McLellan

3: Happy birthday Ryan!! I hope you have the best day ever. I miss our adventures in Grande Rojo. | Let's make some new adventures soon. Love, Bree

4: We were thinking that maybe the four of us (we'll and maybe a few others) could take a little weekend vaca sometime this summer? Lake Tulloch Fourth of July? Or Truckee? Anyway, we miss you TONS and need to plan a little getaway somewhere soon! Kiss and happy birthday wishes to Ryan! Love, Nicole

5: Ryan, The first word that comes to mind when I think of you is Laughter... L oves to have FUN A Great Cousin U Make Me Smile G reat H onest T houghtful E veryones Best Friend R ye Bread Happy Birthday Cousin! Love, Angela

6: Too many good memories to write them all down. -Jeff

7: Here are a few memories I can think of off the top of my head: - Bakers beach freshman year - Shaving your head in the parking lot of South Clays - Playing fifa for hours. - Getting up super early on st. pattys day and having 6 beers before class and then drinking all day. - "Borrowing" an SMC folding table and turning it into a bad ass beer pong table. - Taking a trash bag down to Saga and filling it with ice, and then turning my laundry basket into an ice chest for our mini kegs. - Buying all of the stuff at ACE for our sick beer bong. - Bars in San Jose for your bday. - Playing beer pong or Caps in the middle of the day for no reason. - Drinking nasty jungle juice (that you insisted needed to have beer in it) out of a bucket on Halloween - Dumping flour all over you when you were in the shower sophomore year. - Going to Petco to look at scorpions to put in the tank with my lizard Hyphy. You then asked the Petco worker what would happen if we put them in the same tank together, and when he said that the scorpion would kill the lizard you said, "yes!", however, the Petco worker then would not sell the scorpion to us. - Always being a great friend!

8: "One of the greatest nights with the fearsome foursome. The one time I in my life I almost witnessed a girl break up with a guy because of a haircut, truly a moment I'll never forget." | "Ryan, you taught me how to shoot a shotgun. Although I had the gnarliest bruise ever covering my entire chest/shoulder, I loved every minute of it. I'm so glad we got to know each other over the 4 years of college, I will never forget you! Happy birthday" -Nick

9: I found this pic in the archives of my laptop (hard to believe how time has flown by). Anyway, Ryan have a very happy birthday for me - only one more year until the "mid-twenties". (I felt old when I turned 23 - of course I've been saying that since I turned 20 ;-)). Much Love, Caitlin

10: So this pic is where it is at! Ryan is the only boy who would beer bong Guiness...and my camera captured such a moment! WOOO living the dream in Tahoe 08! Drinking with Ryan is the best. I basically just giggle because he loves Taco Bell so much that he will not stop talking about it and will escape the party at all costs to conquer his cravings. WOOOOOOOOO. You live the dream! the end. love, PJ | Wooo! Happy birthday Ryan - hope it's wonderful :) -Alex

12: HAPPY BIRTHDAY… you know you're best friends when you can share EVERYTHING! | This is obviously a picture of two of the coolest bros in the whole world drinking the dream… I can’t wait for the many nights ahead that I will get to spend drinking Natty Ice and chilling with my new roomy. -Marc

13: Feliz Cumpleanos Gummow. I hope you have a fabulous day, new roomie. Cheers to a great guy who is absolutely hilarious, caring and wonderful all around! -Christy

14: Ryan-- Happy Birthday!! I hope you have such a wonderful time because you deserve it! It is moments like these that I miss so much. So random and yet so delightful! You are someone that I know I can have an amazing time with no matter what and I am always guaranteed a big ol bear hug to go with it. I am so lucky to have known you through the years and to have had the pleasure of sharing your girlfriend as my roomie and therefore getting you too! We have some grand memories and I can't wait to make some more. I know you can put a smile on my face just by being you and I hope that never changes! Miss you like crazy! Love ya, Brony

15: Ryan, I hope you have a wonderful 23rd Birthday :) You have touched so many people and done so much good in your lifetime; I am so proud of you. You are a hard worker and a great friend. Thank you for these past four amazing years. Love Always, Katie

16: i just want to say happy birthday to ryan; you are the best cousin ever!!! happy birthday! lots of love, tiffany | Dear Ryan, Happy Birthday to a very kind and gentle person. I am so glad you are in Katie's life and in our family as well. Hopefully, in the future sometime you can come back up to Alaska to enjoy the outdoors and beauty. Thanks for always being there for Katie. I am comforted by all that you and your family does for Katie. Love, Debbie | I hope you have a great b day party -Brandon

18: Grant, Ryan, and I have had some pretty amazing/fun adventures. There's a couple memories that really stick out in my mind and he'll remember them instantly too. I think the first time that we ever really hung out was in the summer of 2005. The three of us decided we were going to go surfing in Santa Cruz, but were too lazy to get going at a decent time. So we left Ryan's house at around 2PM to make the hour long drive through the hills and arrived in Santa Cruz uneventfully. If you've ever spent time on Northern California beaches like us, you'd be smarter and realize that the water and air are freezing by that time of day. So we got there, went straight to a surf shop to get boards and then decided it was too late and cold to surf and decided against it. What were we going to do? THE ANSWER: stop at every possible bar we could walk to, sing karaoke with the worst of em', walk drunkly across active train bridges, and eat a disgusting amount of taco bell on the way home in the middle of the night after sobering up. The funniest part of the story happened right after we left the surf shop. We walked down to the beach, sat around drinking beers, eating from multiple strangers' bbqs, and pondering the meaning of life as usual. Then Grant decided it would be an awesome idea to have a race up the cliff. Most beaches in Northern California have cliffs behind them. So we counted down 3-2-1 and all started running/climbing. I quit right as Grant counted down to 1, even though I had cheated and gotten a head start. Ryan quit after climbing about 15 feet and Grant climbed the whole cliff, lifting his arms and taunting us in victory. It was about 150ft high. Anyway, no harm no foul. Well I left San Jose a couple days later since I was assigned to the aircraft carrier USS Harry S. Truman at the time and needed to report in. I got there, moved onto the ship, started learning how to fly/ride in F/A-18F Super Hornet and was having the time of my life. About three days into it, my feet started itching like nothing I had ever experienced before. It felt like they were on fire. I called the sailors who were responsible for cleaning my bedding and even had them switch out my matress thinking it was some crazy infestation of bed bugs. The itch still got worse and I was starting to develop red wounds from the knees down. Being new to life at sea (since i was a USAF guy) I dealt with it and moved on, but geeze it hurt and it's not easy to scratch when you're wearing combat boots and strapped into a fighter jet or when you're working on the deck of a carrier while the ship is tossing around in massive storms at sea. About a week into the trip, we pulled into port and I guess I missed Grant a ton...don't know why! So I called back and Grant answered the phone as if he had just come out of a coma. Apparently, that race up the cliff had earned him a full body case of poison oak and had landed him in the hospital. He was so swollen from the poison oak that he resorted to wearing sweat pants/shirts and even had to cut them in places because his body was too swollen to fit in them. Needless to say, Ryan and I thank our lucky stars to this day that we didnt follow him up that cliff. The other great memory I have took place around Christmas time in 2007. The three of us met up at Grant's house and decided to hit the Los Gatos strip to party like rockstars...and we sure did. We started drinking like average human beings, then moved on to The Black Watch which is famous for its games of dice and kamakazi drinks. We ended up sitting next to an elder gentleman and his son and they were two of the nicest/finest human beings I've ever met. After several games of dice and enjoyable conversation (I won about $80), drinking irresponsibly, and thanking them for joining us, we decided to move on. Well we walked out of the bar and were stopped in our tracks by an extremely large man holding a football. Just to give you a politically correct description, he was at least 6'5", intense, dark and scary, and excited to meet us. He told us all about his college football days and the intensity of the game. I remember something he said to us and it sticks with me vibrantly to this day..."You see this football, it's small! It's not regulation size! In the big league we play with a bigger football because bigger footballs equal bigger hits! And bigger hits BREAK BONES!" Okay we were sold. We spent about an hour playing drunk two-hand touch/tackle football with this guy on concrete in the middle of a busy street and earned his respect. Upon walking back into The Black Watch, we were so proud of ourselves that we mentioned it to the bartender. That was my first experience with the clinical term "shock". The bartender informed us that the individual we had been playing football with was a former linebacker for the New England Patriots and that he had been convicted of murdering his wife and had served time. The bartender also informed us that this individual was homeless, had been banned from every bar in Los Gatos, and was arrested the week before for pulling a knife on an ATM customer down the street just a week ago. Man we thought we were badasses...we'd faced death and lived to tell the tale. It's safe to say that we'll all be looking over our shoulders in future visits to Los Gatos. So during the times that Ryan and I have hung out over the years, we've become great friends and have had some awesome adventures.

19: Everytime I see him, it feels like I've never left and I'm gratefull for that. He's an incredible guy with an awesome sense of humor and I'm fortunate to have gotten to know him. There's little, if anything, I wouldn't do for him. Happy Birthday Ryan! God Bless, Lt Brian A. Pedroza

20: Hellooooo!! Ok, so there's this picture that i wanted to send but I dont know where it's saved! it was from so long ago...but instead I'll describe it....Back when all three of us were sophomores, I couldn't go anywhere because I was cooped up in my dorm room (the life of an RA, ick). So I remember I am bored out of my mind and who comes through my door? My favorite couple, Katie and Ryan! You two were dressed in camo clothes and were so cute! I took pictures of you guys, we all took a couple together...I think it was Halloween. But in a nut shell, you guys came to visit me, stayed for a while and I loved it! It made one less boring night :) Happy birthday Ryan! I'll keep you and Katie in my heart forever :) -Sara Jo | My buddy came up to visit and he ended up getting jumped in Mitty Hall freshman year. In the aftermath, Ryan came out of his room (shirtless???) and ran down the hall blowing smoke out of his mouth. Classic. -Mike Kelly | "All right all right, kick me in the arm!! Ohh all right all right..do it again!" -Guce Mendoza

21: Aaron Ramirez: Happy Birthday Gummow! long time man...still hope you have a good one Sara Hentz: Happy Birthday! Brittany Nemeth: happy birthday george ryan! miss you!!!!! Brendan Clarke: hey hey sexy man looks like it your birthday, have a good one buddy Mike FitzPatrick: happy bday Kimberly Snowman: HAPPY BIRTHDAYYY!!! Nicole Droste: OWWWWWWWW happy brithday wolf :) | Samuel J Isaacs: Happy Birthday Pimpin!! Lisa Layton: Happy Birthday Ryan! Hope you have a good one! Nick Reed-Krase: happy birthday ryan! Lauren Sanchez: Happy Birthday Rybread!! I hope you have a wonderful day! Miss you! Xoxo Curtis Borman: happy birthday man! Maria Auxiliadora Matus: HAPPY BIRTHDAY RYAN! i hope you have the most amazing day! =) Neale Holaday: happy birthdayyyy hope all is well!!

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