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Sims 50th Wedding Anniversary Album

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Sims 50th Wedding Anniversary Album - Page Text Content

S: Chuck & Judy Sims - Our Lives 1962 - 2012

BC: All Because Two People Fell in Love | Mr. & Mrs. Chuck Sims September 29, 2012

FC: Our Memories 1962 - 2012 | Mr. & Mrs. Chuck Sims September 29, 1962

1: September 29, 2012 To my dear friends . . . Congratulations on your 50th Wedding Anniversary . . . With Love, Millsap | A successful marriage requires falling in love many times....always with the same person . . .

2: How Judy met Chuck . . .

3: How Chuck met Judy . . .

4: Dating -- 1959 - 1962 | Chuck's High School Prom - 1961 | Judy, Chuck and Brenda - 1959 | The Engagement

5: The Bridal Shower -- 1962 | Judy & Mom (Inez) | Chuck and Judy | The Wedding Day . . . | Judy and Inez

6: "This day I will marry my friend, the one I laugh with, live for, dream with, love."

7: The journey begins...

8: Families fill our lives with happiness and laughter leaving us memories to treasure today and forever after. . .

10: And Baby Makes 3 David Charles Sims August 5, 1965

12: And Baby Makes 4 Richard Edward Sims December 11, 1969

14: Our Family through the years . . . | 1988 | 1993 | 1997 | 2003 | &

15: 1967 | 1973 | 1973 | 1980 | 1981 | 1983 | 1970 | 1989 | 1980

16: In truth, a home is what you make it. It is made strong, not by number of heads counted at the dinner table, but by the rituals you help family members create; by the memories you share; by the commitment of time, caring, and love you show to one another; and by the hopes for the future you have. | Villamae, Alexandria, VA | Torrens Drive, Anaheim, CA | Dodson Drive Annandale, VA | 1982-1983 | 1979-1980

17: Cheverly Road, Clarksville, VA | Randolph Drive Annandale, VA | 1984 | 1994

18: A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than you love yourself. . . . ~Josh Billings~ | Cyrus | Ace & Foxy

19: Molly

20: 18th Wedding Anniversary - 1980

21: 25th Wedding Anniversary - 1987

22: David's Wedding October 4, 1994 | Annandale, VA | Wedding party with David's family | Wedding party with Michelle's family

23: David & Michelle Sims' Family . . .

24: September 29, 2012 When I first learned I needed to provide a memory or two for my parents 50th anniversary I was a bit dumb struck. Our family has been blessed with so many years together without many tragedies along the way and there are so many to choose from. We may not have been the perfect family, but to me we were pretty damn close. Deciding which ones would really define not only my parent's marriage, but the affect they've had on my life becomes a tough task. | David Charles Sims . . . | Most of the things that come to mind are less than dramatic, no “On Golden Pond” moments. None the less, it's the heart of what their marriage represents to me and the affect its had on my life. The first that comes to mind is commitment. Throughout my life it was clear that these two people were meant to be together, you just couldn't imagine one without the other.They always expressed their love for one another and presented a unified front. Growing up I thought this was how all couples were and it was the norm. As I grew older, got married and had my own family I realized just how unique my parents are. Rick and I never witnessed a single fight; no yelling, no screaming, no name calling, nothing, not | once. Just as important we never heard a disparaging remark leave the lips of either parent about the other. It was of great importance for both of them to present a united front of unconditional love for their children. So the easiest way for me to sum up their relationship is commitment to providing unconditional love. Not just to one another, but their children, family and friends. For those who know me, dealing with me alone was no easy task. | 2003

25: Mom is the glue of the Sims family. I can tell you from experience she's about 1,000 times stronger than anyone would give her credit for. She remains calm in a crisis and always makes sure that whoever is in need gets the care they need. Mom has always been there for us regardless of right or wrong. I remember later in life telling her about being up all night with panic attacks. She told me I should have come to her and if it happened again she'd stay up with me for as long as it took. I always knew that my Mom would be there for me, regardless of the circumstance. Mom was always and continues to be a source of love and compassion. | One favorite memory really sums up the relationship I had with my Mother as a child. I was acting up one day and Mom grabbed a paint stirrer and started spanking me with it. After a couple of whacks she broke the stirrer, we both stood there in amazement for a couple of seconds and laughed. She was the primary disciplinarian, mainly because she didn't want my Dad to come home after a hard day's work and have to deal with unruly kids. She took no pleasure in it and once the punishing was over she made it clear it came from a place of love. I didn't buy the whole “this is going to hurt me more than it hurts you” routine at the time. As a parent, I completely understand now of course. | My Mom . . .

26: My Dad was the bread winner and would put in some long hours on occasion. Still, he always found the time for us; whether it was showing up to one of our sporting events, helping with homework or just tossing the ball in the front yard. He was soft spoken, never boastful and had a quiet confidence. While most of the kids I grew up with were embarrassed by their fathers, I always thought my Dad was cool. He never did the black dress socks and sandals routine. When he got home from work the first thing he'd do was change out of his business suit and into a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. I remember him getting crap from my Grandfather for being a 'pencil pusher', but that never registered with me. However he wasn't one to splurge on himself so Rick and I bought him a pair of New Balance shoes to replace his aged and worn-out K-mart specials. | One memory of my Dad that really sums him up came during a rough portion of my life while I was a teenager. We had moved back to Virginia, I started at a new high school, didn't know anyone and I was falling behind. I was called into the school counselor's office and I knew this wasn't going to be good. The counselor was laying it on thick about my grades, lack of drive, attitude, etc. He then turned to my Dad and said he understood just how embarrassed and disappointed he must feel having a son like me. I looked over at my Dad and I could tell he was boiling over. I started envisioning all of the things he was going to take away from me, being on restriction the rest of my life, the works. Instead my Dad leaned forward in his chair and let the counselor have it. He told him while he was disappointed with my grades he could never be embarrassed or disappointed by his child. He told the counselor he was proud I was his son, pointed out all the awful things I could be doing, drugs, stealing, etc and asked him who the hell was he to judge his son based on test scores? I actually felt sorry for the counselor, after all he was right about my grades and I was an incredible asshole as a teenager. | Dad was always there to support us. While he was more reserved with his emotions there was never any doubt he loved us unconditionally. He didn't need his kids to be the high school quarterback and never pressured us into sports or other things some men need their boys involved in to feel manly. I know he wanted the best for us, wanted us to go to college, etc. When I decided that wasn't the path for me, he shifted gears and supported me in every endeavor I pursued. Even today he checks my company website, keeps up with our customer list and even the technologies we're using. He knows more about my industry than some of the guys that work for me. | My Dad . . . | 1980

27: Throughout our lives our family has kept our bond strong. We don't see each other as often as we'd like, but the love is still there. The years have seemed to fly by so quickly and they don't appear to be slowing down anytime soon. As we grow up our parents are no longer the mythical people with all the answers. You discover their imperfections and the human side of them. As much as I treasured my parents as a child, it comes nowhere close to what they mean to me now as an adult. My parents while imperfect strive to be the best they can be. The best parents, grandparents, relatives, friends and fellow human beings. I'm truly honored to have them not only as my parents, but as my best friends. David Charles Sims Jacksonville, FL | I believe that what we become depends on what our fathers teach us at odd moments when they aren't trying to teach us. We are formed by little scraps of wisdom. Umberto Eco | God could not be everywhere, and therefore he made Mothers..... Rudyard Kipling | 2004

28: September 29, 2012 I have known Chuck & Judy Sims since November 1993, when David and I started dating. At this time they lived in Annandale, Virginia, before their move to Clarksville, Virginia. They embraced me and my 3 year old son, Matthew, from the beginning. They have always been kind, thoughtful and loving. Mom and Dad Sims have given a lot to us over the years. They helped tremendously with the planning of our wedding. As David and I were getting married in Virginia and I lived in another state, this was a great help to me (us). Chuck and Judy (Mom and Dad Sims) are loving parents. They are involved in their sons’ lives. They want what is best for them and keep in close touch. We normally talk weekly and give each other updates on how everything is going. Chuck and Judy (Mom and Dad Sims) were at the hospitals for the births of their grandsons. They are great and loving grandparents to all of their grandchildren. They have always kept in touch by phone and with visits; this is when I wasn't hounding them with pictures when the boys were babies. Now that the boys are older and have cell phones of their own, Gramma and Grandpa Sims call the boys personally and check in with their grandsons. In early 2000’s we lived in North Carolina. Back before I started working full time, before our move to Florida, before David started having back pain and had his surgeries, we would make trips to Clarksville. We used to enjoy going out on the boat. We would go fishing and go swimming. The boys, Brent especially, used to enjoy driving the boat. All the boys enjoyed fishing and swimming. They all also loved visiting with Gramma and Grandpa and their Uncle Rick and cousins. | Michelle Sims . . . | 1993 - Michelle & David | 1995 Judy & Brent | 2000 - Chuck & Michael

29: Chuck and Judy (Mom and Dad Sims) have never missed a birthday or a wedding anniversary in our family since 1993, again focusing on their thoughtfulness. When Chuck and Judy (Mom and Dad Sims) come to visit our home in Jacksonville, Judy is always eager to help out with whatever, although we normally end up going shopping! We go out to eat, to the beach, we just enjoy our time together. Although I am not their natural-born daughter, Chuck and Judy (Mom and Dad Sims) have always treated me as though I am. I have been their daughter in law since 1994 and I can't imagine having any other parents as my in-laws. We have gone through a lot together since November 1993. We have had good time, sad times, stressful times. There are some things that if I had the chance I’d do differently, but marrying David and having Chuck and Judy (Mom and Dad Sims) as my in-laws aren't one of them. They are wonderful people and anyone who knows them doesn't need to be told this. Happy Anniversary Mom & Dad Sims! Love, Michelle | 1997 - Judy & Michelle | 2004 - Entire Sims Family | Jacksonville, FL

30: Brenton Charles Sims . . . | September 29, 2012 "Hey mom, where are we going?" "Grandma and Grandpa's." I can still remember that feeling of being so excited I could barely sit still. It was always the longest 20 minute drive, but well worth it. Grandma and Grandpa helped raise me to be the person I am today. They taught me what it's like to be a gentleman, always offered to help with school work, and even taught me cursive! Being a child was tough, putting up with me was even more difficult! Grandma and Grandpa managed somehow, they would always give me positive feed back on whatever I needed it on and Grandma would always play dinosaurs with me! I love them so much and wouldn't be the same if it wasn't for them. Reaching 50 years I know must've been tough... But it goes to show the amount of love and care they have for each other. I love you Grandma and Grandpa! Brenton Sims | 1997 | 2000 | 2005 | 2008 | 2004 | 2012 | Jacksonville, FL

31: Michael David Sims . . . | September 29, 2012 My name is Michael Sims. I have a Grandma and Grandpa that mean the world to me. They are the best grandparents you could have. They give me all the love I need and get me things that I love. They help me experience things, like going on the boat and fishing. And that's why my grandparents are the world to me. My grandma makes Christmas a fun experience. I experienced bowling with them. They are the best grandparents. It's a fact they are the best fun a person or dog would want. They're fun loving and the BEST! Happy Anniversary, Grandma and Grandpa Sims Love, Michael | 2004 | 2012 | 2003 | 2002 | 2001 | 2003 | Jacksonville, FL

32: Rick's Wedding October 12, 1996 | "Glad to now be friends. They are wonderful people." Carol & Gary Chapman (Amy's mother.) Elizabeth City, NC September 29, 2012 | Wedding party with Amy's family. | Wedding party with Rick's family. | Clarksville, VA

33: September 29, 2012 I can remember being about 3 years old in Anaheim, CA. You would occasionally come home for lunch. I had this little yellow Tonka truck I used to ride around on the side yard. After lunch you'd kiss Mom goodbye and back to work you would go. Me, I would climb on that little truck and act like I was you, and back to work I'd go. I always wanted to be like you and one of my dreams was to someday be able to work where you worked and do what you did. In 1989, at the age of 19, I lived that dream for 5 months. It was the most satisfying time of my life. I know over the years I have unfairly put your father up on a pedestal and more or less worshiped him. I think it was because he was taken from us so suddenly. I loved him dearly and miss him just as much today as I did back then. I want you to know that regardless of my feelings, he was quite simply my hero's father! I love you Dad with every fiber of my being. Rick Oxford, NC | To Dad . . . | A father is someone we can look up to no matter how tall we get. . . . | Richard Edward Sims . . . | 1982

34: To Mom . . . | September 29, 2012 I often think back to the conversation you and I had on the very same day I finally got custody of our girls. We all were battered and bruised from that whole ordeal. I'm sure none of us need to be reminded. Up until that point in my life, I had become accustomed to questioning my own thoughts and actions with everything. You said something that day that granted me my pride back. You told me at one point, word for word, "I am so profoundly proud of you". It's embedded in my brain so deeply because it was the first time that I could ever remember someone telling me that they were proud of me and I'll never forget just how badly I needed to hear that. I love you so much Mom. I have never been, or will ever be, anything without you. Rick Oxford, NC | A Mother is she who can take the place of all others but whose place no one else can take . . . | 2011 | 2003 | 2002

35: Hannah Kaye Sims | 1998 | 2002 | September 29, 2012 Dear Grandma & Grandpa.... .....Memories of our childhood are what shape our personality and who we are. Whether we like it or not, our personality is formed by our parents, brothers, sisters, and the environment that we grow up in. For some, interacting with their family feels more like bother than it's worth. They cut off ties with their families and make up families made up of chosen friends. This is okay as long as we realize that our past continues to affect who we are. We can only grow as people when we choose to confront our past. Only then can we move forward in our lives. Memories shape our futures and stick to us as reminders of good and bad and keep us in thoughts of what we won't and don't want when who we are is based on what we've been through and the things we've experienced. --Birthdays...spent at your house, singing, smiles and laughs. --Thanksgivings...with you spending hours in the kitchen to make every detail for the Holiday perfect. --Christmas...a time for joining hands, trading gifts, a time of giving. --In the summer we would go out on the boat, fishing to find our dinner, swimming in the lakes' abyss. I could never forget all the extras. They've changed my life permanently and I'll forever thank my family for it. Happy Anniversary and I wish you many more years of happiness together. | Elizabeth City, NC | 2007 | 2004

36: GRANDMA. . . My best memory with you is when you took me to the mall two hours away from your house on my 13th Birthday. We went shopping and went out to lunch. It was so fun to spend time with you alone and share a wonderful memory with you. | GRANDMA & GRANDPA. . . I just want both of you to know that I love you guys so much and I will never just have one great memory with you because I cherish every moment I get to spend with you. | Hailey Adessa Sims | GRANDPA . . . My best memory with you is when we went on the golf cart when I went to your house alone and we got the mail and then you let me drive. It was so much fun to spend such an exciting memory together. | 2004 | 1999 | 2006 | 2001 | September 29, 2012 Elizabeth City, NC

37: Juliana Claire Sims | GRANDMA . . . My favorite memory with you Grandma is the time we went to the antique mall. It was so fun. We looked around for awhile and I saw a purple bird, which was a puppet. We then went and got lunch but I don't remember where. Then on my Birthday, you got me that same puppet. It was so fun. | GRANDPA . . . My favorite memory with you is when you took me, Hannah and Hailey fishing for the first time. It was so fun. I caught two fish, which were one yellow belly and one catfish, but I'm not sure what everyone else caught, but it was so fun. You even let me drive the boat for a little bit. I loved it. | 2002 | 2006 | 2007 | 2000

38: Grandchildren fill a space in your heart that you never knew was empty . . . | Christmas 2001 Clockwise from top-left: Brenton Charles Sims Matthew West Hannah Kaye Sims Michael David Sims Juliana Claire Sims Hailey Adessa Sims

39: Grandchildren are God's way of compensating us for growing old . . . Mary H. Waldrip | 2004 | 2000 | 2003 | 2002 | 2001

40: Like branches on a tree, our lives may grow in different directions yet our roots remain as one.

41: The Sims-Childress Family Tree from Chuck's Baby Book

43: Scout Motor Trip August 15 to 29, 1929 Troop # 15 B.S.A | Children of Albert and Susie Sims . . . | Cutout from large picture-- Del in first row, 3rd from left.

44: Del and Geneva (Childress) Sims Family . . . | ca 1943: Chuck & Geneva

45: Chuck & Mikey | The Cousins.... Clockwise from Top Left: Jerre Mabry, Jimmie Mabry, Chuck Sims, Jackie Mabry

46: 1966 | 1966 | 1961 | Del and Geneva (Childress) Sims Family . . . | 1965

47: 1974 | 1981 | 1996 | 1980

49: Children of Charlie & Nora Childress

50: Nora, Del, Geneva & Chuck | Rowena & Curt Drummond; Geneva Sims; Bertie & Jay Denman | Nora & 2nd husband, John Cobb | Nora Childress & Chuck Sims

51: Cuba and Frances (Childress) Mabry Family . . . | Jerre, Jimmie, Jackie | Jimmie, Jerre; Jackie | Cuba & Frances | Frances-Cuba 50th | Jerre & Cuba | Jerre | Jimmie | Frances & Cuba with Judy, Rick & David Sims | Jerre, Jimmie, Chuck & Jackie

52: Jerre and Judy Mabrey | The memories we have of you are insurmountable. Going back to the late 1980's, Jerre and I came to Springfield, VA to visit Mike and Liliana and visited your home in Annandale, VA. I remember going to a quaint little restaurant, Il Porto's, for dinner with you both and Aunt Geneva. Then another time the 7 of us went on The Spirit of Washington for a dinner cruise. What a wonderful time that was. And, when you both came to California on a business trip, Jerre and I, Jack and Diane, and Cuba met you both at your hotel, The Embassy Suites, and went out to dinner. What great times those were. | September 29, 2012 Clarksville, VA | Memories

53: In 1996 Jerre and I took a cross-country trip and were lucky enough to get to your home in time to go to Rick and Amy's wedding. What a cold day that was. But what a nice visit. Jack and Diane were there too! We all went to lunch at the Pizza Pub and then before we all went our separate ways, we all got to go for a ride on your pontoon boat. | In 1997 you both came to our home in La Mirada for a really, really nice visit. Judy, I do believe that visit was the time I knew and hoped we would become good friends.

54: In 1998 you both opened your home so graciously to us for 2 months while we looked for our new home. I still miss the morning coffee and conversations we had every day. From then on we spent many Christmas' and special occasions together. One Christmas I will never forget, 1999, I brought our little Sugar home from California and for Christmas I received a sweatshirt with Sugar's likeness on it and I cried like a baby. That picture just melted my heart, as Sugar still does today. | Jerre and Chuck had some man-time together doing their thing. Like working on Elliot's gas tank, putting in our rails and stairs to our front door. I love it. And then there were all our fishing trips on your boat....and when Judy hooked the 'BIG ONE'--Jerre!

55: Waiting in anticipation for what we were going to have for dinner and dessert and when you fixed my favorite meal, Greek food. I loved it. Then there was the time Jack came and had you over for steak and lobster tail. I do believe that was one great meal! | I could go on and on about all the fun times we had together. Some sad times too. BUT will let go of these memories and hope we can make some more in the near future. All our love on your 50th Wedding Anniversary, Jerre and Judy

56: Will & Jessie Howard ca 1909 | 1940s

57: The Howard Sisters Cutelia, Inez, Polly & Ruby | Ruby | Inez, Ruby & Polly | Inez | Inez | Inez, Cutelia, Ruby & Polly | Cutelia, Ruby & Polly | Inez, Cutelia & Polly | Inez, Ruby, Cutelia

58: Carmel, IN

60: 1966 - above picture L-R: Judy Gatlin Sims holding David Charles Sims, Docia (Rowland) Gatlin [Granny Gatlin]; Willie Mae (Thompson) Gatlin [Mama Gatlin]; and Myrtle (Gatlin) Jones [Aunt Mert],

61: Will and Willie Mae Gatlin . . . | 1909 | 1930s

62: Children of Will and Willie Mae (Thomson) Gatlin . . .

63: Mable, Betty, Freida (Lacoste) Gatlin, Cutelia (Howard) Richardson; Frances, Judy (Gatlin) Sims, Jean | Richard & Jean (Gatlin) Forrester | Malcolm & Mable (Gatlin) Wiley | Frances | Betty, Mable, Forrest, Frances and Jean

64: P.S. We'll be thinking of you and hoping you will come soon? Frances Slover Covington, TN 6-19-2012 | Memories | Aunt Frances (Gatlin) Slover

65: Cousin Evelyn "Ree" (Gatlin) Mizer | Judy is my cousin so most of my memories are of us growing up. Judy, Brenda and I were all baptized and married at First Baptist Church of Compton. Bill and I were married on February 17, 1962. My Dad [Lawrence Gatlin] and Judy's Dad [Forrest Gatlin] worked together at Firestone so he would drop them off at our house on the way to work and we would roller skate around our neighborhood. Mother would make Taco's for dinner, we all loved her tacos. We also liked to go to her recitals when she played the Accordion. Judy and Chuck, Laura and Bill Moeller, Bill and I celebrated New Years Eve together when we all lived in California. Judy, Laura and I bowled together when our boys were in school. Judy and my brother Billy used to love to tell jokes. They both had the best memory for jokes. Boy did we have good times together. I wish them all the best for a truly Blessed anniversary and many more years together. Judy's cousin...Evelyn "Ree" Gatlin Mizer September 29. 2012 Roanoke, TX | Ree's parents: Freida & Lawrence Gatlin

66: 1989

67: 1966 | 1984 | 1989 Forrest & Inez Gatlin 50th Wedding Anniversary (seems to run in the family!) | Forrest and Inez (Howard) Gatlin . . .

68: Forrest and Inez Gatlin & Family . . . | L-R: Inez, Brenda, Judy and Forrest Gatlin

69: Grandchildren of Forrest & Inez | Children of Forrest and Inez Gatlin . . . Brenda & Judy | 1985 Steve & Lori Smith; Rick & David Sims | 1946 | 1959 | 1944 | 1961 | 1962 | 1988 Steve, Ron & Lori Smith Forrest & Inez Gatlin Rick & Judy (Gatlin) Sims | 1997 Rick Sims, Forrest & David Sims

70: Judy Clair Gatlin . . .

71: Sometimes I think she is like an accordion. When she looks at me and smiles and breathes, I hear the notes and music.... M. Zusak | Judy Clair Gatlin . . . | 1954 Myron Floren, Judy Gatlin & Mrs. Yost (accordion teacher) | Accordion recital Judy Gatlin 2nd from right

74: Lori Smith Nieto on Growing Up . . . | I have nothing but fond memories of my aunt and uncle during my childhood. Our families spent a lot of time together, along with our grandparents. The holidays were special! Christmas Eve we'd go to my aunt & uncle's house. There’d be an awesome spread of baked goods, snickerdoodles, peanut blossoms, fudgefunny. I remember the desserts, but not so much the dinner, which I know was always tasty too. We'd do the rip & tear opening nice gifts from the relatives (Santa came on Sunday morning). It was such a fun time had by all! We'd also spend the 4th of July together, eat homemade ice cream, and play with sparklers while our dads lit the fountains & ground blooming flowers. The families got together every Thanksgiving, Easter and birthdays, too. | I often spent the night at my aunt & uncle's house on weekends. David and I would play Batman & Robin. We'd all watch movies at night and eat burritos and popcorn. | I couldn't have asked for better memories growing up with my favorite aunt and uncle. We had truly magical times together that I will always treasure. | One Christmas my Aunt Judy invited Steve and I over to make sugar cookies. I'm sure it was a big hassle for my aunt. She had decorating stations set up with icings and sprinkles. We each got to decorate our own cookies. WOW...was it ever fun! I always helped my Mom bake Christmas cookies; but Mom and I never went to the trouble of decorating sugar cookies. So decorating sugar cookies with my aunt was a special treat. | September 29, 2012 Purcellville, VA

75: Lori Smith Nieto . . . . the Adult Years . . . | After my aunt and uncle were relocated to Virginia with Dave and Rick, they still made sure to be with the family for big events. Their whole family came to my wedding...that was very special! In fact, my aunt arrived early to help. Aunt Judy and my mom put together hundreds of Jordan almond favors for every guest at our wedding. Seriously, it was A LOT of work! The wedding wouldn't have gone so perfectly without my aunt's help. It meant so much to me, and it made our wedding day complete to have the entire family together again. | My Uncle Chuck came to visit Bob and I every time he had a business trip to our area. My uncle politely ate our cooking, and never said let's go eat good food at a restaurant instead. Every trip, it was great to catch up with Uncle Chuck, and hear about the cool places he'd traveled to recently on business. I took advantage of business trips to the east coast to visit with my aunt and uncle, as well. My aunt always made a yummy meal of food she knew I’d like. And, if I could tack a couple of vacation days onto my business trip, we'd go shopping. What fun! | My Aunt Judy and Uncle Chuck were also there for my Mom and family when my mom was dying from cancer. My aunt stayed at the hospital with my mom for a very long time. I know it was difficult for Aunt Judy to be away from Uncle Chuck and the boys for so long. And, the circumstances were so horrible. But, my aunt was there for her only sister. She gave strength to my grandparents and to my family too. Uncle Chuck arrived to be with my mom at the end, and it was as if my mom was waiting for the family to be together again. She passed while we all sat together in her hospital room. Not a pleasant memory, but an important moment forever burned into my head.

76: I want to thank Chuck & Judy for accepting me into the family. They've always treated me like a nephew. And, their home has been a fun place to visit on the east coast over the years. And, now that we live in Virginia, it's great to have family not too far away to spend time with over the holidays and whenever else we can get together. | I enjoy golf outings with Chuck. He makes me try to play a better game just to keep within a less embarrassing range from his score! | So now, Bob and I have nearly followed in my aunt's and uncle's footsteps from Anaheim Hills to Virginia. They have given us invaluable advice about relocating. There's so much to learn going from city slickers to country folk! Bob and my uncle share weather status reports. And, we got to spend a fun weekend together in the summer with them, Rick and the girls and post-Christmas too. I sooooo look forward to all the future get togethers! | Lori Smith Nieto . . . Today . . . | Bob Nieto . . . Memories . . . | September 29, 2012 Purcellville, VA

77: Steve Smith . . . Memories . . . | I have so many memories over the years. One memory that stands out for me is hearing Aunt Judy sing solos at church. I couldn't believe what a nice voice she had. And, I was proud that everyone in the crowd of worshippers was as blown away as I was by my aunt's pretty voice. | Another thing I remember warmly is Easter at Uncle Chuck's and Aunt Judy’s house. The whole family got together for lunch all dressed up in our new Easter outfits. And, what was really cool was hunting for Easter eggs in their backyard. They had the perfect yard for hiding eggs on a big hill covered in ice plant. All the kids had the best time competing to find the most eggs in their backyard! | And, a really special memory for me was Uncle Chuck taking us boys to the baseball game. It was my first professional baseball game. Uncle Chuck, Dave, Rick and I went to see the Angels play. Frank Tanana was the pitcher. I had a great time, and the Angels won too! | September 29, 2012 Purcellville, VA

78: Good friends are the rare jewels of life... … difficult to find and impossible to replace.

80: September 29, 2012 Dear Chuck & Judy, What a momentous occasion: Fifty Years as the dynamic duo! Congratulations seem inadequate for your accomplishment. We appreciate it first hand, for we know the sacrifices and concessions, cooperation and forgiveness it required. We share a sense of prideful guilt in having attracted you to Clarksville - the seduction of the lake and golf course! It was later you would discover the dearth of shopping and services are the price of living among more deer than people. Serenity has a price not everyone embraces, but relief from the hustle of the corporate world is something we both treasure. Besides, not having an on-demand euchre game was intolerable... Next Tuesday maybe...? We remember most fondly the boat trips, the Christmases, the card games...the unconditional friendship which has tolerated a lot of outrageousness and produced a lot of laughs as well. As your marriage epitomizes marriage, so your friendship epitomizes friendship Both are examples to be emulated by those who seek happiness and success in life, and they engender both our admiration and fondness of you both. Again, congratulations on Fifty Years! | Good Friends Ruth & Lee Hummel

81: April 1994 | December 1994 | October 1994 | Good Times | Clarksville, VA

82: Good Friends Ed & Doris Kaiser | Doris Kyser Solomons, MD | 2003

83: 1998--Merifield Party @ Four Oaks, South Boston, VA Chuck & Judy Sims, Ed & Doris Kaiser; and Tom & Brenda Mould | Mid-1990s--The Kaisers & Sims Villa Capriani, Topsail Island, NC | 1996--Chuck & Ed Cape San Blas, FL | Villa Capriani, Topsail Island, NC | Mid-1990s--Chuck & Judy Villa Capriani, Topsail Island, NC

84: Good Friends Tom and Nancy Walters | September 29, 2012 It is our deep pleasure to be counted among your close friends and invited to participate in congratulating and honoring you on the occasion of your 50th wedding anniversary! What a blessing to reach this milestone. You have been great friends and co-workers for many years. We remember with fondness the times we were together socially while you lived in California, and you were among the “expats’ that showed us the strange ways of the peoples of the beltway during our year of encampment on the banks of the Potomac. You warned us that the so-called Mexican food there was not at all what we Californians knew as the real Mexican fare. You told us to pay attention when snow flurries were predicted (albeit after the fact) since often such predictions foretold of a blizzard on the way, and that we should stock up our cupboards before such prediction since the locals would raid the grocery stores on the first mention of such weather. Chuck, you were very key in helping me (Tom) understand the esoteric ways and language of the MBSA world, both inside Autonetics and the special environs of this element of the U. S. Navy, along with their strange practice of scheduling panics every Christmas holiday period. While most of the rest of the world failed to understand, they clearly knew the defense of the free world and the economic future viability of the U. S. Navy rested on Navy leaders embracing their MBSA god for primal answers to naval warship architecture, combat effectiveness, and force structure! Over the years we all have grown older and can now look back over our lives. Thankfully, as we do this we can say our lives have been richer by having you as our friends. Have a great 50th celebration and we pray that there will be many more to follow. Tom and Nancy Walters | Orange, CA

85: Good Friend Sandi Silka | September 29, 2012 I first met Chuck and Judy when I came to visit my long-time friend, Judy Millsap, in 2004. Though my initial trip was just to visit, I ended up retiring from Southern California and moving to Merifield in 2006. The Sims graciously accepted me into the Millsap, deGrandcourt, Mabrey, and Sims pack....even though my given name wasn't 'Judy'. I enjoy and appreciate the Sims' friendship. They have been generous every Thanksgiving by including me with their family as they know I am not with my California family on Thanksgiving. Judy is a fabulous cook and sends delicious care packages my way frequently. Their friendship has been one of the things that has made my relocation to Virginia so positive. Chuck and Judy, congratulations on 50 years together. You are an inspiration. Love, Sandi Clarksville, VA

86: September 29, 2012 Dear Chuck and Judy, Congratulations on 50 Golden Years together! What an inspiration! We wish you every happiness as you celebrate! We were so excited that Judy Millsap put together this surprise and that we could participate in it -- what a faithful friend! As it happens, Laurie and I will celebrate our 25th Anniversary this coming October, which means that you were celebrating your 25th when we were married. And, let it be said that none other than Judy Sims, along with her partner in "amorous crime" Sue Koslow, is a Major Reason we've got 25 years under our belt! Without Judy -- who I remember being the Prime Mover of the effort --I really have to wonder when it would have dawned on me at LAST to actually take the plunge. We might be celebrating only our 5th Anniversary if it hadn't been for her! But, let me just say how glad I am that Judy Sims and Sue Koslow were there for me, the Clueless Guy. It's not easy to admit I might have been ever-so-slightly clueless, but I suppose that when it came right down to it, at least as regards a young man's figuring out the whole "getting married" thing, I was, alas, much more clueless than perhaps I thought. So, Judy, Sue and I are all working for Larry Pratt in Springfield, Virginia. And, one fine spring day, Judy approaches me and inquires ever so gently, if she might ask me a personal question. Well, of course, I thought (and still do!) that Judy and Sue were both really the most awesome people. They'd made my transition from grad student to "first ever Real Job" a real delight and, after all, it was still pretty new since I'd only been working there since the fall of 1986. (And, seriously, I remember to this day how much fun they made it and treasure those friendships -- even during long lapses in communication!) When Judy asked if she could ask me a personal question, I remember responding immediately that, yes, of course, she could ask. No problem. It went something like this..... | Good Friends Tom and Nancy Walters | Good Friends George & Laurie Tryfiates

87: Judy: "So, George, I understand you're seeing a girl down in Virginia Beach? Laurie, right?" George: "Why, yes, Judy. Laurie and I have been seeing each other for some time." J: "And, you're going down there all the time to visit her?" G: "Oh, yes!" J: "Well, how long have you guys been dating?" G: "Let's see now. I've actually known her for two years while we were in grad school together, but, we've only been dating since we graduated last spring, 1986." J: "So, you've known her for three years and been dating for the last year?" G: "That's right" J: "Now, forgive me for this, George, but ... are you serious about Laurie?" G: "Oh, yes, very serious!" J: "Do you think you might marry her one day?" G: "Well, uh, yes, I think I really would like to marry her one day!" J: "Really? Well, what time of year do you think you'd like to get married?" G: "Time of year? Uh, well, uh, I don't really know. I think it'd be nice if it were warm out." J: "So, not in winter?" G: "No, no, not winter. I'd rather it be warm; I'm sure Laurie would feel the same." J: "Now, George, I mean, -- and, listen, I'm really sorry to be so personal -- I'm just wondering, you know. And Laurie seems like such a wonderful girl from everything you tell us. You want to do right by her, you know." G: "Oh absolutely!" J: "So, do you think you'd like to marry in, say, two years?" G: "Two years?! Oh no! That's way too long!" J: "Ah. maybe in the next year or so then?" G: "Uh, well, yeah, I guess that would be within a year or so." J: "You know, it's spring right now. Spring of 1987. Do you think you'd like to marry next spring?" G: "Uh, gee, I don't know. That seems like a long way off."

88: J: "Well, if you want to marry in the warm weather and if you don't want to wait till next spring, then, you're already kind of behind the curve; you really need to get on the stick!" G: "What do you mean?" J: "I'm just saying that you need to give her time to organize the wedding. You can't just throw it together." G: "Well, how much time does it take?" J: "It takes a good six months just to order the dress!" G: "SIX MONTHS?!?! You're kidding me?!" J: "No, George, I'm not kidding. If you asked Laurie right now, you are really pushing up against the end of the fall. I'm not sure she can get a dress in time. Maybe if you asked her in the very near future. But, really, you might not have a choice at this late hour but to wait till next spring." G: "Are you serious?" J: "[Snort!] Yes, I'm serious!" [OK, OK, I don't think Judy actually snorted... that's just a little "literary license" I took because I thought it would be funny!] My recollection is that Sue joined in the general hilarity that ensued because George didn't realize it requires six months to get a wedding dress. We went round about that a bit if I remember right -- about why you can't just go out and get a dress and how long can it possibly take to hem the thing and how it's not like buying a suit which only takes a week once you pick it out... And the two of them going on about how late it was. I don't remember exactly when Judy broached the subject and we had that talk, but I think it was in April. And, in all seriousness, it was a real eye-opener. I got to praying seriously about all this practical information; I called my folks to ask for their wisdom; and, I continued my frequent trips to Virginia Beach to see Laurie. That talk, though, had exactly the intended effect -- and I, the object of that effort, am eternally grateful!

89: Some four weeks or so later (maybe less?), in May 1987, Laurie and I went strolling through the Norfolk Botanical Garden where I got on my knee surrounded by the spring azaleas and asked for her hand in marriage. For some reason or other she said "yes". And that fall, on October 10, 1987, Laurie and I were married (twice! in a Greek family wedding and in a "public" Lutheran wedding -- but that's another story; there was even a movie about a similar Greek Wedding!!) at First Lutheran Church in Norfolk's historic Ghent neighborhood. Chuck and Judy Sims, and Sue Koslow, and, Larry and Priscilla Pratt were all there! Oh, and it was about 80-degrees that day. Thank you Judy! Happy 50th to you both, Chuck and Judy! And thanks for your key part in a Happy 25th here on our end! With all our love, George and Laurie P. George and Laurie K. Tryfiates (nee Schmidt) 4214 Oakhill Road Fredericksburg, VA 22408 540.834.0024

90: The Virginia Gang | deGrandcourt Elton Millsap Newcomb Simon Sims Smith

91: Through good times and bad times . . . Could we have had more fun? Loved each other more? I think not. . . .!

92: Judy deGrandcourt recalls . . . One of my first shopping trips with Judy S was interesting. She wanted to shop the day after Christmas and we had a blizzard and the streets were icy. I said, 'no problem, I'll bring my four-wheel drive truck'. Judy was ready and waiting! | Good Friends Tom and Nancy Walters | Good Friends Bob & Judy deGrandcourt | In 1989, the Sims invited us to go to the Bahamas with them. Well, we sure did have fun. The pirate ship was a blast. We beached and had Bahama Mamas. Chuck and Bob went off to see if they could find 'nudies', and they did! The next big event was when we were getting ready to go to dinner. All of a sudden my hand went into my blouse--at the top. This happened several times. I finally discovered that the hibiscus in my hair came with free bugs!! In the mean time, Chuck wasn't sure how to react, but he did have a big smile on his face.

93: Bob remembers the first time the Sims had us over--1981-82. They invited us to stop by on Christmas Eve for drinks and appetizers. During the evening Bob tried one of Judy's homemade chocolate candies and bit into broken glass! Judy was horrified. He always teases her about it. | In spite of the fact they tried to kill Bob, we think Chuck and Judy are two of the finest people on earth!! Bob & Judy deGrandcourt Clarksville, VA

94: Good Friends Ole & Mary Elton | September 29, 2012 Dear Chuck and Judy, When Judy M asked for a 'story' from the past, it seemed like such a simple task...considering the wonderful memories of our relationship with the Sims. It's been weeks...and no words have flowed from the pen. It has, however, been a very pleasant time of remembering many years and many gatherings of friends that we came to love very easily and very deeply. Twenty-five or so years of special relationships--YES (turn on the voice recorder, I can't write any more)! ... A 'story' gleaned from the pages of a major part of our lives -- NO (not that the stories aren't's just that the intersections of our lives are the story!) We believe that one of God's greatest gifts is the gift of memory...and you (and a few others) have gifted us greatly. We wish you a wonderful and happy Fiftieth Wedding Anniversary and many more to follow. In a different time with a different health certificate, we would 'crash' your special party! You are both very special to us and we love you very much. Know also that we will remain in the special cloud of memories that we share with you. Thanks for being our loving friends. | Rochert, MN

96: September 29, 2012 Dear Chuck & Judy... You have been in my daily life for more than 30 years. We have laughed, cried, stressed, worried, and laughed some more, but bottom line, have enjoyed a special friendship that I wouldn't trade for anything! I can't imagine my life without you two in it. As I started going through pictures to include here, I was reminded of your youngest grandson's comment after looking at your wedding picture....'Gramma....what happened to you face?' That truly only touches the surface! We have earned every one of these lines and wrinkles...I mean character marks! I suppose the best place to start is at the beginning. In the mid-to-late 70's, I knew Chuck at work in California. I met Judy after I had transferred back to Northern Virginia in 1977 at an office Christmas party in 1978. Later that winter we had a terrible snow/ice storm (1979). I had decided to just spend the night at the office as the roads were really icy. Chuck had a little sports car at the time (MGB, I think), and he wasn't thrilled about slipping and sliding all the way home to his house. So after a phone call to Judy, we got in my heavy Oldsmobile and Chuck drove us safely to their home on Dodson Drive in Annandale. That was the beginning of a BEAUTIFUL friendship....I mean with the whole family! In fact you and your entire extended family, became MY family. What a blessing that has been to me. You two have been the brother and sister I never had....probably better than a brother and sister! It's really difficult, within the constraints of this book to revisit all the memories we share. Will share some that come to mind while going through the pictures When I bought my townhouse (1978) and later my home on Mt. Vernon Hwy (1985) I was fearless and would try anything. These were the days when I was on a first-name basis with the employees at the local Lowes in Alexandria, VA. I'd get my trusty 'how-to books' out (this was before the Internet) and start a project. Chuck, you became my consultant and rescuer. How many times did you bail me out of disastrous situations and how many more times were you willing to help me with the 'honey-do' lists? How many friends would get up on the roof of a 2-story house to install a weathervane? Or crawl around in the insulation of a hot attic to install a ceiling fan or hook up the surround-sound system? The 'bailouts' are pretty embarrassing so won't detail them in writing, but we still laugh | Good Friends Bob & Judy deGrandcourt | Good Friends Bob & Judy deGrandcourt | Good Friend Judy Millsap | 1986

97: at many of my escapades as 'Harriet Homeowner'. Your wood-working prowess culminated in my beautiful entertainment center here in Clarksville. I'm convinced, you can do anything you put your mind to. | Judy, you tried your best to make a 'shopper' out of me. I was a 'catalog gal'. Could have cared less about shopping....unless it was shopping for antiques. So we compromised and did both!!! We still laugh about shopping trips like the time I bought my hall tree and somehow we got it and me into your little Toyota hatchback (you drove). By the time we got back to your house, Chuck had to pry me out of the car! Trips to Pennsylvania antiquing with The Gang (two trips each year), trips to Williamsburg with the gals...the guys waiting for our return placing bets on 'who won'....meaning who spent the most. We even took Evie and Geneva on a shopping trip to Williamsburg. We showed | no mercy as they rode in the back seat all the way home with a bookcase across their that is still in use in your kitchen today! After many shopping trips to the local malls and beyond, I think I now qualify as a bona fide shopper of all things for sale...although our energy level and stamina seem to be 'waning'. Compulsive? Me? Never...??? | I remember sharing vacations with you and your family. Virginia Beach, New Bern, NC (for example). All wonderful times filled with laughter and fellowship. We continue that tradition today with trips you graciously include me in to Myrtle Beach (golfing and shopping) and Williamsburg (shopping and golfing). Judy, you and I even took occasional trips together like the one in 1980 up the East Coast. It was on that trip that 'Bad Leroy Brown' became our 'traveling song'. | You both were right by my side during the challenging times. You were waiting for Dad and me at National Airport when I brought him back to Virginia, and helped me get him settled in at Woodbine. You took him into your hearts, as did our other friends, and were so very good to him with visits, a place at your table, etc. When I became an 'instant Mom' after Darrin's Mother was killed in an auto accident in California, you and the boys were right there helping me make him feel wanted, loved, and including him in family events...not to mention helping me with motherhood issues. When Mother came to live with me, again you were right there with the support I needed, welcoming her and making her feel wanted and loved. You gave me space when I just couldn't do the things we used to do while she was with me. Alas, all our parents are gone now. I hope I was able to give you two the support you needed at your times of need and loss. | 1980 | 2004

98: Laughing is what I love and remember the most. Judy, you and I can start laughing for literally no reason and not stop. Chuck just gazes at us in amazement. In our defense, it usually comes along when we are so tired after a long day of shopping! | Christmas....ah, Christmas. Not to belittle other holiday family get-togethers. But...ah, Christmas. The wonderful cookies, candies, and meals so carefully and lovingly prepared and served by you. [By-the-by....would anyone like me to bake a 'paper-bag apple pie'? No?....I didn't think so!] Do you remember when I had the first Christmas ever in my own home...the townhouse? You guys came over and strung fresh popcorn for my tree....for hours. Now that's friendship! | I can't tell you how much it has meant to me to be part of your family for so many years... and I thank you with all my heart. You have never made me feel like a 3rd-wheel. You've welcomed my family and friends throughout the years into your hearts and home as your friends. What a gift! I can't imagine what my life would have been like the last 30 years without you in it. You put up with my many shortcomings. You have shared your sons and grandchildren with me unconditionally, and what a joy that has been. | The above remembrances don't begin to cover all we've shared and what wonderful friends you have been to me. Caring, sharing, those wonderful countless home-cooked meals, always supportive and there when I needed you.. On the road of life, it's not where you go but who you travel with that makes the difference. I am so very blessed to have spent 30+ years with you two! And today...we celebrate the milestone of your 50 years together. As your son, David, said in this memory book, 'throughout my life it was clear that these two people were meant to be together'. All I can add is an 'AMEN' and a thank you for allowing me to share a good portion of those 50 years with you. You have made a difference! | 1984 | Happy 50th Anniversary, my friends! I look forward to many more celebrations! All my love, Millsap Clarksville, VA | 2003

99: 1979 | 1979 | 1980 | 1981 | 1982 | 1983 | 1983 | 1984 | 1984 | 1985 | 1986 | 1987 | 1988 | 1988 | Through the years . . . | 1979 - 1988

100: 1989 | 1991 | 1992 | 1994 | 1994 | 1995 | 1996 | 1996 | 1997 | 1997 | 1999 | 2001 | 2001 | 2002 | 1989 - 2002

101: 2006 | 2002 - 2011 | 2005 | 2003 | 2011 | 2004 | 2010 | 2004 | 2004 | 2004 | 2003 | 2003 | 2002 | ....and so ends the mini-tour through 30+ years of our friendship! Hope you got a kick out of it. It was good to remember and appreciate so many good times. Everyone should be so lucky to have friends like you. Love you.....Millsap

102: It is such a pleasure to be included in the 'Book of Memories' for Chuck & Judy. CONGRATULATIONS on your 50th wedding anniversary!! We have MANY memories of happy times together over the thirty plus years that we have known each other but when Judy M asked us to quote one, this is what came to mind: Back in 1985, Judy and Chuck were going to have a group gathering ('The Gang' as they called it). John and I had 3 small house guests at the time (ages 7, 8 & 9). These young people were | black, which will be a fact important to the story. Anyway, Judy said (probably questioning her generosity) 'Bring them along!'. So, we arrived with 3 black children. They ate and drew pictures. They never said a word. They were totally appropriate. Judy remarked on how well behaved they were. The evening progressed and became more jovial. Out of the blue the youngest of the three got up and announced he was going to tell a joke. The adults got silent and allowed the little guy to do his thing. | Deval said, 'What did the old lady say when Michael Jackson dropped his pants?' The answer was: 'Where's the beef???' Everyone cracked up. At that time, Wendy's Restaurant had an ad that used the phrase, 'Where's the beef' and it caught on as something folks were repeating daily. But for this 7-year-old black boy to tell the joke at a house party with all white people, and out of the blue, was a riot. By the way, that kid is now a successful banker!!! Happy Anniversary! ! ! | Good Friends John & Cathy Newcomb | Urbana, VA September 29, 2012

103: Live | Laugh | Love | Love

104: Good Friend Shirley Simon | 1937 - 2008 | 2005 | 1987 | 1986 | 2005 | 1994 | 1994 | ca 1990

105: Good Friends Verlin and Margie Smith | 1939 - 2002 | 1996 | 1987 | 1983 | 1987 | 1995 | 1992 | 1995 | 1983 | Beaumont, CA

106: The call goes out for stories and memories......

107: The invitations are mailed...

108: A Toast to 50 Years of Marriage . . . | To Chuck & Judy: A good marriage doesn't just happen. It is made of wisdom and compromise, Sharing and caring. | Here's to the past 50 years . . . To the trials & tribulations you survived; And the many joys you shared. | Here's to the present . . . To this day of celebration with family and friends; And remembering those who couldn't be here today But who congratulate you and wish you well.

109: And here's to the future . . . May God be with you and bless you. May you be poor in misfortunes And rich in blessings. From this day forward, May you know nothing but happiness and Always be surrounded by the love of family & friends. September 29, 2012 Clarksville, Virginia

110: Sweet memories remind us of the roads we have traveled and the people we have loved.

111: These are the moments we'll remember the rest of our lives . . . These are the moments we waited for. We could not ask for more . . . . . !

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