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S: SomeDay

FC: SomeDay

1: Someday, everyone will admire my hair the way it is. No more saying my hair is orange, when its not! It is a rare color, and i hear it is dieing out. People must respect everyones differences. Then everyone can get along better.

2: SomeDay, i wish it could change at home, that my parents are back together and happy. they divorced when i was 5, and it still has a huge impact on my life. i wish they were happy together and would stay together. im sick of going back and forth houses! its tiring, and i just want to be happy. i want them to be happy.

3: SomeDay, I will dance better. Im not very good at dancing, but im learning.certain dance moves can be realy hard. some are easy. but its most of the time... complicated. i just keep trying though.

4: SomeDay, I will play baseball/softball better. i need to practice hitting. but other than that i think that im ok. i can catch pretty well. but i need practice on the hits. i hope to get better

5: Someday, I can give others the money they need for things they need. mabie even for some things they want! i wish i was very rich. i could help my friends. but money doesn't grow on trees. :(

6: SomeDay, my parents will be happy together. they are divorced right now. i want them back together and happy. im sad with them apart. their divorce had a huge impact on me, mostly because i was young.

7: SomeDay, i will have a vespa. a motorized scooter. One of my old friends had one. it was amazing, and super easy to ride. and it was fast! We had a race, and of course i won cause i was on the vespa! XD

8: SomeDay, i will have a horse. i have wanted a horse for a few years. ever since my aunt took me to see one that her neighbor had. it was a beautiful black stallion! it had a white spot on its nose. but i cant remember its name. :( it was amazing! so now i want one like it! :3

9: Someday, i will visit Egypt! Im interested in the culture. I love the jewlry and homes. The mummification interests me. So does the god Anubis, god of the dead. I hope to see a real statue of him soon! I love Egypt because of the grace, and beauty. I would realy like to wear some Egyptian clothes! :D

10: SomeDay, i'll be an actress! Ill do many movies and become well known. I have always wanted to be an actress. I love romance, action and some thriller. I want to play in an action and romance filled movie someday. Im sure ill do great! | HUNGER GAMES! THE NEWEST AND MOST AWESOME MOVIE EVER! | TEAM PEETA!

11: Someday, ill get all A's at school. in math i can try. im not very good at math. but the least i can do is a B or a C. i hope to someday get very good grades.

12: Someday, all my friends will get along! It seems like they NEVER get along. it feels like i have to be both of the rivals friends or ill lose one or the other. Or both of them even. I don't want to lose any of my friends! I want everyone to get along so everyone can be happy.

13: Someday, i will plant a small forest in my big backyard i plan to have in my own house. Ill have lots of trees, and water. It will be beautiful! Im trying to base it off of Hunger Games. I LOVE that movie. i don't care if it isn't popular anymore! It still will be to me. :D

14: SomeDay, everyone will be cleanly, and pick up their trash. People need to throw things away more. Things they don't need, just take up space, and pollute our world! Things we don't need anymore, can go. If it means allot to you, then you can keep it. Everything else trash wize, needs to go.

15: SomeDay, the law of putting innocent people that are suspects in jail will not exist! I think we need to find the person who really did it. DONT PUT INNOCENTS IN JAIL!

16: BUT NOW ITS TIME FOR... | Its time for now! Go live your life, and be happy ^_^ Well... DONT JUST SIT HERE READING THIS! GO LIVE YOUR LIFE! :P I wanna go play on ROBLOX. :3 (its a fun online site, u should check it out ^_^) | lots of users are very funny XD

17: CREDITS | BOOK WRITER: Emily Rose H. Editor: Emily Rose H. Pictures: Goggle Images ROBLOX im with stupid: A ROBLOX user now ill tell you a bit about me... fav music: Rock, Pop, techno fav band(s): Breaking Benjamin, Disturbed, Deadmau5, Skrillex, LMFAO, RUSH, Axxis

18: fav songs: Party Rock Anthem, the other LMFAO song (dun wanna say the name X_X), Right this second,Voltage, Cinema, Down, Evil Angel, So Cold, Anthem of the Angels, Crawl, ETC fav foods: ice cream, pizza, French fries, hamburgers, donuts,(X_X) chicken, sour candy, ETC fav games: ROBLOX, Minecraft, Wizard101,(ROBLOX is best!!!) ETC fav activitys: Softball/Baseball, Wallball, Computer games (XP), ETC things i HATE!: having to stop a game in the middle, when my parents call me twice(2nd time kinda harsh...), when my parents ask what im doing OVER 900,000,000 TIMES!!!, Bullies, ETC

19: Things i LOVE!: shovels (:3), Video games, Softball/Baseball, my friends, roller coasters!!!!, water rides, water parks, ETC THE END

20: Lyrics to Boulevard of Broken Dreams (Green Day) I walk a lonely road, the only one that i have ever known, don't know where it goes, but its only me and i walk alone. I walk this empty street, on the boulevard of broken dreams, where the city sleeps, and im the only one and i walk alone, i walk alone i walk alone... i walk alone i walk a... My shadow's the only one that walks beside me, my shallow heart's the only thing thats beating, sometimes i wish someone out there will find me, till then i waaaalk aloooone. ahah, ahah, ahah, aaahhh, aaahhh im walking down the line, that devides me somewhere in my mind, on the border line of the edge, and where i walk alone... Read between the lines, whats f***ed up and everythings alright, check my vital signs and know im still alive, and i walk alone...

21: Lyrics to Anthem of the Angels (Breaking Benjamin) White walls surround us, no light will touch your face again, rain taps the window, as we sleep among the dead... days go on forever, but i have not left your siiiide, we can chase the dark together, if you go, then so will I... there is nooothing leeeft of yooou! I can seeee it in your eyes! Sing the Anthem of the Angeeeels, and say the last good-bye... cold light above us, hope fills the heart then fades away, skin white as winter, as the sky returns to gray... days go on forever, but i have not left your siiiiide, we can chase the dark together, if you go, then so will i... your deeeeead aliiiiiiive(x6) there is nooooothin leeeft of yooou, i can seee it in your eyes! sing the Anthem of the Angeeels, and say the last good-bye. i keep holding onto you! but i cant bring you back to life! sing the Anthem of the Angeeeeeeels...

22: Lyrics to Polyamorous (Breaking Benjamin) LETS GOOOOOOOOOOO! ... the day has come to an eeeend, the sun is over my heeead, my polyamorous frieeeend! you got me in a mess of trouble agaiiiin, SO, just when you think thats alright, im callin' out from the inside! i never hurt anyone, i never listen at aaaall! they've come to get me again, the cloud is over my head, my polyamorous frieeeend, you got me in a mess of trouble agaiiiin, SO, just when you thing thats alright, im callin' out from the inside! i never hurt anyone, i never litsen at all! just stay away from the white line, i say u are such a deaf side! i never hurt anyone! i never litsen at aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaall!! well how do you know...............well how do you knoooooooooooooooooooooooooooow?! well how do you know... well how do you knooooooooooooohooooooooohw? just when you think thats allright, im callin out from the inside, i never hurt any one, i never litsen at all, just stay away from the white line, i say you are such a deaf side, i never hurt any one, i never litsen at aaaaaaaall! LETS GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

23: Lyrics to So Cold (Breaking Benjamin) crowded streets are cleared away, one by one, hollow hero's seperate, as they run... your so cold keep your... hand in mine...??????????? while, strong men diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiie!! show me how to end this horrer ride! show me how defenseless you really aaaaare! satisfy an eeeeptyyyyy insiiiiiiide! well thats alright! lets give this another tryyyyyyyy! if you find your family, dont you cry, in this land of make believe, dead and dry... your so cold but you.. feel alive, lay your hand on me, one last tiiiiiiiime!!! show me how to end this horrer ride! show me how defenseless you really aaaaare! satesfy an eeeemptyyyy insiiiiiide! well thats alright! lets give this another tryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!! *instrumental* show me how to end this horrer riiiide! show me how defenseless you really aaare! satisfy an eeeeeptyyyy insiiiide! well thats alright! lets give this another tryyyyy! its all right...... its aaaaalriiiight!!! its allriiight! its allriiight! its allriiight! ITS ALLRIGHT! ITS ALLRIGHT! ITS ALLRIGHT! its allright...


25: QUESTION OF THE DAY! What was your favorite picture in the whole book? leave coment saying what pg! and what pic! THX! | for more info on ROBLOX go to google and serch, and click the first one! that will take you to the site itself. and then, in the top rightish corner, click help. i think XD anyway, CYA! | Telamon(left) and Builderman(right) the creators of ROBLOX | Telamon | Builderman

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