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Talon James Wright 2nd Year

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S: Talon James Wright 2nd Year 2011 - 2012

FC: Talon James Wright 2nd Year May 2011 - April 2012

1: Your 1st Birthday Party It was at our house and the theme was "Hot Wheels" because you loved to zoom your little Hot Wheels where ever you went. | Everyone got Hot Wheel tattoos! | Your awesome cakes! | You got scared and upset sitting in your high chair I think because you were taken back by all these people staring at you. So I had to hold you while you blew out your candle.

2: We had a jump house for all the kids and they got sweaty because it was a hot day. You weren't really interested in opening the presents, but Ali Mohney helped you. You were her little buddy. You sure did love the cake too!

3: Mimi Carol, Great Aunt Sandra, cousins XXX and Sophia.

4: In May, we went to Mexico, Mo to visit Nana and Papa Don. Papa Jim and Bebe were visiting Mexico too. Papa Jim found a turtle and you were anxious to play with it.It was also hard to get you to stop putting anything in your mouth, even wood chips at the park! While visiting Papa Jim, you feel down the stairs of the RV! You rolled on your side all the way down and luckily landed on the grass below. You were ok and cried for 30 secs or so. You're a tough boy!

6: While in Mexico, Mommy's high school friend Sara Sydow was visiting too. You had playing with her girls Grace and Sophia. We also visited your Great Grandma Lucy & Frank Atkinson's graves.

7: Posing with Grace and Sophia Sydow | After bathtime at Nana's. It's the naked party on the porch dance.

8: Mommy loved these little Nike shoes Nana got for you.

9: This is the face you make when you don't get your way! | Our neighbors, the Gillespies, babysat you one night in May and wore you out. We got you home and you fell asleep while we got your PJs on!

10: Visiting a cousin while in Mexico, Shelia (Azdell Thomas) | You started walking right around a year old. Here you are practicing in the driveway which always made Mommy nervous. | You liked to jump on our swingset in the backyard. | Playing with your cousin Olivia at her 1yr birthday party. She is one day older than you. | Fun with colored pudding! | Mommy loves your little feet!

11: _____________ | When it's nice outside, we usually all get home after work and visit with our neighbors the Gillespies. Bridget and you below. | You went bonkers for this dust buster. I would have to turn it on for you while you pretended to vacuum the house. | Learning how to brush your teeth from big sister. You liked to stand in front of the mirror, but didn't really like brushing your teeth. We would have to tickle you to get you to open your mouth so we could brush them! | Taking a picture for Mommy to share at work what her passion was. | This is your "I'm not going to pay attention even though I'm really interested in what you are doing" face.

12: Jim and Kathy came to Gardner, KS in June and spent an afternoon with us. | You are definately a "blankie boy!" You would drag this blanket around that Nana made until she made you a little one so it wouldn't drag on the floor. | Uncle Joe being silly holding you. | In case you don't know, you are Mama's boy. | 13 months old

13: You love the water and are not afraid of it at all. | Playing the game "Elephun" naked.

14: All though you could walk in June, you still sometimes crawled because you were pretty fast at it. | Dorrie, Airen, Papa Jim and Bebe all came to visit for a few days in June.

15: You were such a ham at the Stumfoll Reunion in June. (This is your Mimi Carol's side of the family). You were very outgoing, made messes and were loud. Everyone thought you were the cutest thing and thought you were very entertaining. | You still put everything in your mouth and I mean everything including soap, lotion, chalk and yes, rocks. | Trying to take a picture when you're not in the mood never works out.

16: This is what you look like after eating spaghetti. Usually you go straight to the tub afterwards! | Sunny really wanted you to play dress up with her. I think we're going to have to get some boy dress up clothes! | I'm pretty sure you are begging for sissy's popsicle. | Mommy's sweet babies. | Papa Jim and Bebe sent you and Sunny little license plates from AZ.

17: We went to Junction City for 4th of July weekend with Joe, Dorrie and Airen. We wen to the carnival and saw The Afters and Cloverton in concert. | You and Sunny fell asleep on our blanket during the concert. | You and Dorrie in the "mash pit" in front of the bands.

18: Swimming in the Atkinson's pool. | Walking into the play yard after we took your swimsuit off. You like to run around naked. | Riding in Airen's Jeep.

19: OUR BABY | You got your first deep cut at 14 mo old. You fell on the fireplace at daycare. We took you to the Dr. and they put steri- strips on it to help it heal and not scar.

20: Tough kid | August 2011 | This is what you would do when you didn't get your way. | We took this pic for a birthday video for Nana.

21: Johnson County Fair and Parade Mommy, Sunny & TJ walked in the parade with our church (NLCC). | You and Daddy won a prize at the carnival.

22: Ornery in the shopping cart. When we go to Walmart, we have to feed you popcorn shrimp from the deli to keep you occupied while we shop for 20 min or so. By then you are fighting to get out of the cart. | A visit in July to see Great Grandma Gloria. | Visiting with Great Aunt Karen. | Fun in the sprinkler at Nana and Papa Don's house.

23: Sunny's Birthday Party August 2011 | You were excited for Sunny to get a Barbie Jeep too! | One of your favorite girls, Ali. | You were funny to watch eat cake. At one point, you reached over to Carmen's plate when she wasn't looking and took a bite of her cake! | Pin the tail on the princess castle. | You want to drive the Jeep, but you can't reach the peddles yet. Sometimes, since Sunny is a sweet sister, she will let you drive while she pushes the peddles.

24: Arizona Trip September 2011 Ariz | We celebrated Aunt Marlene's 50th Birthday. | This was the first time you met your cousin Melissa. She was very sweet with you and you liked playing with her. | The Children's Museum in Tucson.

25: Great Aunt Ruthie She loves to play with the little ones. | Melissa brought you and Sunny presents. She gave you dinosaurs, which you loved and made the cutest "roar" sound. | Melissa is a great photographer and snapped these cute pics of you.

26: You just got in trouble for throwing Papa's rocks on the patio. | Uncle Jimmy was having fun with socks. | Rock throwing with your cousin Grady. | Helping clean Bebe's kitchen.

27: You went through a stage where when asked to smile you would say "cheese" and then raise your left elbow up high.

29: Around this time, you just LOVED the Wiggles! You would watch them on DVD all the time. | When Mommy would get home from work, you liked to try to carry in my bag for me. | You had this bad habit of putting one foot on the table at meal time. | Reaching for Mama. You were attached to me a lot and when others would try to hold you and I was around, you wanted me.

30: Mommy let you get your feet muddy at Lakeview park.

31: We went to Mexico for a visit in September. We went to the Alpaca farm where you got up close and personal with one of the Alpacas.They weren't afraid of you because you were their size. | At the "Walk Back in Time" Festival. They had an eagle on display and you just wanted to grab at it, so we couldn't get you that close. | Jacket Nana bought you.

32: Our family portrait taken September 2011. You always did such a great job at taking pics. You smile a lot, especially at people and are always friendly. On day at Walmart, you walked up to an old lady with a walker and gave her a hug at her knees. She was so tickled happy. Everywhere we went, people always made the comment how cute you were. You knew it and would shrug your shoulders up, squishing your face and would act embarrassed.

33: During this year, you started being more gentle with the kitty. Since you are still all boy, you still did like to pounce on him and wrestle. | "Yummy! Daddy gave us powdered donuts Mommy!" | In October, you developed this terrible burn/cut on your nose. We're not exactly sure how it happened, however we think maybe it's carpet burn. You love to rub your face in soft items like your blankie or a we think you rubbed your face on the carpet too hard! You never acted like it bothered you at all. | Mommy loved these little shoes. | At our Life Group Bonfire, you were occupied by this tricycle for a long time. You are very interested in the details of pushing buttons and examining parts. This trike kept you busy! | Playing in the fall leaves. | You absolutely still love cars. You still like to make them zoom around and around.

34: At the Martin's Bonfire in October. You were smitten with the girls and they just loved you too. | A kiss for Mommy at the park. You loved to give people kisses. | We bought Daddy a bird bath for his birthday.

35: Mommy's friend Stephanie practicing holding a toddler. | You and Sunny had so much fun with the big kids on the trampoline. They would all sit in a circle and let you bounce. They took good care of you. | We would make an "indoor trampoline" when it was too cold to go outside. We would take off the pillows on the couch and let you guys jump off the couch onto them. Don't say were not totally cool parents! | All the kids of Mommy's college girlfriends.

36: Mommy featured you on the cover of her work (Sprint) weekly publication. We consider it your "first gig." | We trick or treated on Cottage Creek. You were very friendly and even said, "Twick O tweat."

37: KC Pumpkin Patch October 2011 Gardner, KS

38: Mimi joining us for dinner. You and Sunny sat at the island in the kitchen because there was hardwood under your chair. You liked to throw your food on the floor, dump your milk or smash up your food to see our reaction. You never did that at daycare, just at home. Grrr | Snuggling in bed, getting ready for movie night. We would do movie night on Fridays. You could only pay attention for a little while and then we'd put you to bed. | Mommy tried to give you a little faux hawk here. | Sometimes Carmen would come play after church on Sundays.

39: Mommy just couldn't resist putting you in this for dress up. Hopefully you will forgive me one day. | One of your favorite dishes is Daddy's spaghetti and meatballs. | We went to see one of Mommy's friends (Dawn) and her adoptive son play football in November. You were so excited about football. I did everything to keep you from running on the field to get that ball. At one point someone said, "just let the little one play!" | You and Sunny love to play kitchen together. | You like to ride this and pull your hands away like you're saying, "look Mom, no hands!" You love my reaction of, "Oh no, baby be careful!"

40: The Wright Family Thanksgiving 2011 | Our one attempt to get a picture with your Great Grandma Doris | Daddy always made Mommy nervous when he threw you in the air, but you loved it.

41: This is what Mommy looks down at when you want me to pick you up. You will pull, pull and scream if I don't pick you up. | Nana always reads night night stories to you before you go to bed. Your attention only lasts about 2 minutes though. | Don Decker's daughter Susan Green and her family visited Mexico during Thanksgiving weekend like we did.

42: Happy Birthday Jesus! | We went to Aunt Pam's for The Wright Family Christmas a week before Christmas. We went to Great Aunt Shirley's for Christmas Eve. Then Dorrie, Joe, Airen, Nana and Papa Don came to our house and Mommy made Christmas dinner. We celebrated the birth of Jesus and you all were excited that Santa visited our house.

43: A Savior is born! | Reindeer ears you made at daycare. | You got the idea of opening girfts, but didn't understand why you couldn't play with each one as you opened it. | Visiting Great Grandmas Bass right before Christmas. | The Atkinsons, Wrights & Deckers

44: This was our family Christmas card. It said, "Hope your Holidays are nothing butt merry and bright!" | Pose at a fireplace set up at Bass Pro. | Christmas Eve getting ready to go to church service. | You are so done taking Christmas pics at this point. | Our little angles.

45: We met Joe, Dorrie and Airen at Bass Pro to see Santa. You were so excited watching the fish! | You had fun opening gifts with cousins Olivia and Dae. | Your cousin Eric Dace. | "Look Mom, no hands!"

46: Mommy loves to put you in sweater vests. | Giving a hug to your cousin who is 3 months younger than you. | Uncle Joe is the first person to get you your first gun! Mommy wasn't too excited about it, but of course you thought it was pretty neat. The trigger was pretty tough for you to pull, so someone had to help you.

47: Aunt Marlene and Papa Jim & Bebe sent you both gifts for Christmas too. | Your cousin Dusty. | The three stooges. | Christmas turkey dinner didn't go over so well, probably because it didn't look like a hotdog or mac & cheese, so here you all eating your Christmas hotdogs. | Your cousin Sophia.

48: We spent New Year's Eve at the Mohney's house with our Life Group. Your little cheeks were red because you were running wild with all the kids around the house having so much fun. However, by 10:30 pm, you were asking ME to leave because you were tired! | You love putting on big people's shoes anywhere we go.

49: We met the Atkinsons at Chuck-E-Cheese in Topeka in January and spend the day with them. You fell at Chuck-E-Cheese and cut your lip. I swooped you up and you put your head on my shoulder and left a nice big blood stain. | You wanted to play any game that allowed you to press buttons. | A silly thing people are doing on the web is "planking." Here we have the youngest Sears planker. | Shopping at the Topeka Mall.

50: Mommy decided to cut your hair and accidentally gave you a buzz! I didn't mean to make it that short. We just joked that you looked like Papa Denny now. | You just came out of Sunny's room one day with this hat on, pushing her baby stroller.

52: You started using the potty at daycare around February. You would go off and on there. You sometimes practiced at home, but it was more for play, not real. | Daddy teaching you how to climb the rock wall. | Aunt Pam and cousin Eric making you laugh while we were out to lunch one day.

53: It was a very mild winter. It only snowed one time and only about an inch. The snow only stayed for a day, so we had to quickly go sledding and build a snowman, all in 20 minutes after we got home from the day. | Opening Valentine's gifts from Nana. | You made this for Mommy and Daddy at daycare for Valentine's Day. | Sunny loves watching the movie "Annie," but guess who else loves it?

54: We spend a weekend in Junction City with the Atkinsons in February. | Watching a movie in the van on our way there. | Uncle Joe sneaking some cheesecake behind Mommy's back. | Everyone loved putting the jeep race car sets together.

55: Aunt Dorrie and Airen came for a surprise weekend visit in March. They arrived and Airen knocked on our door, had flowers in his hands for Mommy and said, "Aunt Laura, can we spend the night with you?" It was so cute and we had a fun weekend. | You liked to blow the seeds off the dandelions. | Playing with Nana in March during a trip to Mexico.

56: Arizona Trip March 2012 | We spent a few days in Chandler visiting the Brighams (Loran, Dave, Grady & Colette) | Colette (11 mo), Grady (3.5 yrs), Sunny (3.5 yrs), Talon (23 mo) | I think you are waiting for it to go. | Daddy's clever traveling invention.

57: At the Desert Museum with Papa Jim and Bebe | Sweeping up the rocks you threw on Papa's patio. | Riding around Saddlebrook was a fun evening pass time. | A very tiring day produces these faces when taking a pic at the end of the day.

58: Helping Papa in his work shop. | This is how Mommy could have a relaxing dinner without you wanting me. | I'm pretty sure you're up to no good here.

59: Uncle Jimmy reading books before bedtime. | Feeding the goats at the Marketplace near Papa's house. Look how we made the Arizona Daily Star Newspaper!

60: We had a birthday party for you and Colette since your birthdays are only 2 weeks apart. She was turning 1 year on April 19th. | You dove into the cake and got it everywhere. Glad we set you both up outside on the patio. Colette was more reserved and she actually was fascinated watching you giggle and eat yourself silly! | You had fun opening gifts, but would disappear because you went to play with one of them. Here are cars for the bath tub from Jim and Kathy. | You love your little travel size blankie Nana made for you.

61: You're a natural when it comes to the drums. You just pick up the sticks and start banging. You hold the sticks correctly like a drummer too.

62: We went to Easter Sunday services at our church. In the afternoon, we went to Great Grandma Bass' for the annual Easter Egg Hunt. You weren't interested in collecting as many eggs as you could, You just wanted to find an egg, open it and eat the candy! You were quit the entertainment for everyone. | 2012

63: You and Sunny made these at daycare.

64: This is your 2nd birthday party invitation Mommy made and emailed to everyone. | You liked to throw food on the floor during dinner, so I would make you clean it up after dinner. | Happy 2nd Birthday to our sweet baby Talon James! We love you so much and love watching you little personality grow. God has blessed us with you. Love, Mommy & Daddy May 2012

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