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Tami's Party Time!

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Tami's Party Time! - Page Text Content

S: Happy 40th Birthday!

BC: Happy 40th Tami!!!!!



2: The guests have begun to arrive! | Dana Davis (aka - Aunt Jack) | Aunt Nan | Garrett Shakelton (aka - Jared Bradley) | Shelly Slater & Marti Wiersma

3: The Hostess of the Birthday Bash... Leigh Hoogewind | MOM

4: Hayley & Meghan | Brittany Mead

5: Rose Morley & Hunter Hoogewind | Tim & Julie

6: Welcome to the birthday party! Friends, family and strangers have gathered here today to celebrate the life of a very special person, but I regret to say this celebration has very suddenly swung to the side of the macabre. Ladies and gentlemen, there has been a murder! Lucy Wiper has been found in the washroom, strangled to death! Based on the petechial hemorrhaging in Wiper's eyes, the dark marks on her neck and the fact no rigor or liver mortis has set in, we estimate the murder occurred within the last thirty minutes. Strangulation is a brutal crime that requires the killer to look in their victim's eyes as they die. The murderer is surely someone full of rage, and possibly suffers from mental problems.

7: From their vicinity to the crime scene around the time of the murder or their suspicious actions, we have identified a number of suspects, who will make themselves known to you shortly. It's up to everyone here to question the suspects to determine who had the motive, means and opportunity to strangle Lucy Wiper at the birthday party tonight! You can ask the suspects questions like, “Where were you at the time of the murder?”, “Can anyone verify your whereabouts?”, "Did you have anything against Lucy Wiper?" It's up to everyone here to question the suspects and determine who had the motive, means and opportunity to kill Lucy Wiper, or any one of us could be implicated! Let the investigations begin!

8: The Confession is inside this Envelope!!! | The List of Suspects! | Meghan Macdonald A friend of the birthday honouree, Meghan is attending tonight to celebrate and, of course, for the cake. She's fun-loving, confident and positive, and great with people, an attribute that serves her well in her job as a bank teller. | Rose Morley Rose is an adventurous young woman and loves to attend parties. Although she is never the host, she always takes it upon herself to be the life of the party and ensure everyone is having a great time. She was in charge of arranging the band and some other details for the party this evening. | Dana Davis Dana is a mild-mannered woman, although some believe she's a bit stuck up. She rarely attends the parties and most in attendance are surprised to see her at this party at all! When she is seen, Dana is always wearing the hottest fashions by the most expensive and prominent designers, and claims to know a number of them personally.

9: Percy Lorimer Percy is a drummer, a profession that lands him at some of the hottest parties. While he is an animal on the drums, he is quite soft-spoken and tends to blend into the background after the music stops. His band was hired to play at the birthday party tonight, which is why he is in attendance. | Garrett Shackleton Garrett Shackleton has recently quit his job to be come an adventurer, or a “wandering soul”, as he calls it. He is always talking about his next project or money-making opportunity, and has come up with some truly bizarre ways of making money, none of which have been successful – yet! | Gray Bernstein Gray Bernstein is a conventional man who appreciates order. While his mannerisms can be gruff, he is dependable and was aptly voted “most likely to emerge the hero in a crisis” in high school. He is confident and precise, and is a major player at an import/export company.

10: Who Killed Lucy Wiper???? Who Dunnit!

14: The Unhuggables!

15: Count your life by the number of murders you solve.

16: Make a Guess!

17: All the Suspects

19: Birthday Party! | The identity of the killer and his motives will soon be revealed!

20: The party's here!

23: Wishing you a air-tight alibi for your birthday!

25: Birthday Wishes

28: Many people here seemed to have reason to kill Lucy Wiper. It was up to you to everyone here to determine who had the opportunity and the motive, as well as the brutality to commit such a murder. There were only two people here who had all three - the motive, means and opportunity to kill Lucy Wiper: Gray Bernstein and Garrett Shackleton. And the truth is, while only one of them committed the murder, the two were in on it together. Gray, Garrett and Lucy all worked at Zimmerman Incorporated until last year when Garrett Shackleton mysteriously quit. It was around this time Lucy Wiper also left the company, telling her friends she was “retiring”. Lucy Zimmerman worked in the security office, and while she made a respectable income, it was not enough to retire at her age. Lucy Wiper had clearly come into some money, a steady drip of income from two sources – Gray Bernstein and Garrett Shackleton. Gray and Garrett were using Zimmerman Inc. as a cover for illegal importing they performed on the side. They acted as middle men for a number of international “entrepreneurs”, helping them smuggle goods into the country that would otherwise be caught up in government red tape for decades. A bright temp named Sandra stumbled across what they were doing though, and was going to report them to help further her career. Gray and Garrett had no intention of going to prison though, and one fateful night at Zimmerman Inc. headquarters, Sandra agreed to meet with them. Sandra was found strangled to death the next morning near the canal.

29: Gray and Garrett thought they had covered their tracks, even stealing the security footage of the murder. But what they weren't counting on was a security officer named Lucy Wiper stumbling across an archive of the footage. An enterprising young woman, Lucy agreed to keep their secret in exchange for money. Gray and Garrett agreed, and for just over a year both men paid Lucy for her silence. The stress of it was too much for Garrett and soon after the murder he quit his job at Zimmerman Inc. With the money Lucy received from blackmailing Garrett and Gray, she was soon able to quit her job as well. But the cost of keeping Lucy quiet quickly led Garrett into financial difficulty. He was stretched to the max and on the verge of bankruptcy. And then, Lucy dealt the blow that would seal her fate. She demanded more money for her silence. Garrett was desperate. He could no longer afford to pay her, and couldn't face prison. And so, he called Gray and the two devised a plan. They arranged to meet with Lucy Wiper in private tonight at the birthday party. Lacking the “killer instinct” to actually perform the murder, Garrett left it up to Gray to strangle her in the bathroom at the birthday party tonight. After he killed her, Gray took her purse and wiped the history from her phone so no connection could be made to either Garrett or Gray. But before he could finish the task he heard people approaching and had to flee. He met Garrett outside and gave him the purse, instructing him to leave it in the coat area with Lucy's jacket so no one would see either of them returning to the scene of the crime. While they were in it together, it is Gray Bernstein who is guilty of the Birthday Party Murder!

30: And the killer is... Gray Bernstein!!!!!!!!!!!

31: A simple Murder Mystery with gathering of fellow comrades... here is wishing you many great investigations and Cold Cases that will some day be solved!

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  • Title: Tami's Party Time!
  • 40th Surprise Birthday Party for Tami who is in school for Criminal Justice.... hence the theme "Birthday Party Murder Mystery"
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