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Tantangan 30 Hari Klub Oase (Copy)

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Tantangan 30 Hari Klub Oase (Copy) - Page Text Content

S: SUMMER 2011

FC: Tantangan 30 hari Klub Oase Agustus 2011 | Aruna dan Nara

1: Day 1\ Ibu masih sibuk berbenah rumah setelah kemping, jadinya menemani anak-anak bermainnya sambil melakukan pekerjaan rumah. Maaf ya sayang.... Anak2 bermain berdua di taman; main sepeda, trampoline-an, berkebun, masak2an, dan tentu saja, siram-menyiram :) | Membuat Thank You Card untuk Tante Rini n Om Mattew | Main di kebun, lanjut piknik makan siang, lanjut main lagi seharian | Aruna membuat Chessy Mushroom and Chicken untuk makan malam. Nara bantuin parut chesse.

4: HULME GROUP | Nara membuat Papa bear n Little bear dr tissue roll untuk cerita Goldilocks | Aruna mempelajari wild flowers mulai dari identifikasi, pentingnya menjaga keragaman habitat | Nara n Delilah bermain peran jalan2 di hutan | membantu menyiapkan snack sehat | RUMAH | antri pijat | suasana mau tidur | tugas nyapu | nikmati milkshake &strawberry diberi ice cream | Day 3

5: Chorlton Water Park | Merenung... | Bernyanyi lepas.... | Diskusi sebelum memutuskan.... | TERJUUUUN MAEEN AIR....:) | mengingat identifikasi bunga liar | mempelajari bagian-bagian bunga

6: Day 4 | morning chores | piano and mongolian bowl dance practices (A) watching Laura's star (N):) | preparing lunch | Air and Drag Aruna learns that parachute and sky driver are pulled to the ground by the force of gravity. As they fall, the air trapped beneath the parachute pushes slightly, slowing down the parachute's fall. The force of air pushing against the parachute is called air resistance or drag.

7: MOSI Museum of Science and Industry | Learning about the story of Lady Mary Heath,the famous aviator in 1920's. She flew from Cape Town to London via Cairo in an open-cockpit Avro Avian Biplane. The story covers about how the plane work, how she suffered the sun stroke, soared over Pyramide, and escorted by Musolini's plane. | Starting the propeller aeroplane | Ju | EXPERIMENT | How the water power work | Lift a car? kids can do that, too :) | Reviewing how the steam engine work | a question from Junior journalist:)

8: Pancake Day | Life must be lived as PLAY Plato | 5 August 2011

9: Book Club | The Jolly Postman

10: Manchester Museum Big Saturday: Museum Allotment | Family Friendly Movie | Making bird from sock | composting | creepy crawlies adventure | recyling

11: Weekend Sewing | Story making inspired by Princes and the Peas | Educative Online Games

12: There's a time for us some day.... A time for us Time together Time to spare Time to learn Time to care .... | 7 August 2011

13: The Secret Garden | Hold my hand and I'll take you there Somehow Some day Somewhere

14: Nara's first swimming lesson. Aruna also joins to acompany him and they both love it. It's an hour lesson a day for the next 5 days.

15: Baking Day | While Ibu was busy doing the bread making Aruna helped making dessert and carrot soup | Aruna was busy making salt-dough tea set

16: Aruna was doing self check-out method of payment at supermarket | We all were into this tea-set painting... *well, not his boy, he was painting the paperplane to be*

17: Day 9 | Super Bubble Experiment | in action ! | (not so) to the rescue! | I am Super Bubble Man, hoahaha! *so he says* | By adding enough sugar or glycerine or corn syrup, the surface tension of the bubble will get stronger, so you will have strecthy water and be able to make bigger bubble

18: Day 10 | Back from swimming lesson, we went to library, having a jolly time, perusing some stories.

19: Ladybirds, snails, spiders, slugs are in the everyday sight, But still entertain the sense of wonder of these kids....

20: Pizza Making | day 11

21: Nature's pattern | Nature provides abundant patterns that can be used for learning mathematical concepts. Aruna learns the perspective of multiplication 5 by using pictures of buttercup, wild rose, vinca (tapak dara) and ballon flowers, emperor japanese leaf, her fingers, star-shape. She also uses geoboard to find out all sorts of the geometrical shapes using 5 corners. The use of multiplication 5 is also applied to learn how to read the time.

22: Having finished their swimming lesson, Aruna achieved her 3rd Wave Certificate: swimming with no aids, 2m waterdepth for 10 m length and Nara earned his 2nd wave Certificate for enjoying the lesson very much :)

23: Day 12 | Embracing: Living by Example | Nara has started to join Aruna doing a 'desk study' lately. How much he has changed from scribbling Aruna's works, singing too loud, or asking her to play with him. Aruna continously helps her brother to explore the world of letters and numbers

24: Day 13 | helping around the house | totally can't resist her brother's call to play

25: Dating with Daughter | Dating with Daughter | Shooping at Farmer's Market | Aruna and ibu went to Farmers' Market. We also had a chance to talk to farmer, butcher and fishmonger. We spent an afternoon together; our conversations was pretty much about our plan to grow more vegetable next year, menu planning for this week, our on-going sewing project, and a bit of girl talk.

26: After watching Spy Kids, Aruna took her time to learn English. It turned out that she enjoyed it and spent all afternoon and evening doing it. *hey, it's Saturday, honey!*

27: And they all had a go....:) | 14/8/11

28: Dating with Son | hoorray...! look what we've got when we came for Caribbean Festival, Nara was ecstatic to go in the fire engine, he learned how to be fireman.

29: nastar making | 15/8/11

30: A very rare scene to see indeed! He himself insisted to do the mopping around the house! (he later used the mop to sing actually!) *a proud n happy mommy moment* | 15/8/11

31: picnic on the trampoline .... and followed by reading then taking a nap .... (still on the trampoline) | 15/8/11

32: Fletcher Moss Botanical Garden | 16/8/11

33: After taking a good care of Ibu at the hospital all morning , Aruna and Nara had a blast time at Fletcher Moss Park all afternoon. They did pond dipping, bird watching, and plant identification. Aruna also learned to take pictures using art setting in the camera. Above are some of the results. | 16/8/11

34: Aku cinta Indonesia | Kami merayakan Hari Kemerdekaan Indonesia dengan secara khusus membaca lagi buku-buku cerita rakyat berbahasa Indonesia, mendengarkan musik gamelan dan menonton film dokumenter The Lost Temple of Java. Ibu juga mengajak berdiskusi tentang cita-cita kami kalau pulang ke Indonesia. Tentang harapan dan keinginan mereka. Yang menjadi bahan diskusi menarik adalah saat Aruna mengungkapkan impiannya punya rumah pohon, dan tentu saja Nara setuju mendengarnya! :) Kami juga berdiskusi tempat yang ingin dikunjungi kalau kami pulang. Aruna sangat ingin mengunjungi Borobudur, sedangkan Nara, dia mau ke Kampong Gantong di Bangka, mau lihat pelangi! | 17-8-2011

35: Aku bangga jadi anak Indonesia | bermain bebas... | tertawa lepas... | merentangkan asa tiada batas.... | 17-8-2011

36: Far, Far Away a summer of stories Manchester Art Gallery, 18/8/2011 | Drama Workshop | drama play based on Arthurr Hughes' Ophelia painting (1852)

37: Observing and studying the works of art from The Pre-Raphaelite time | visiting tents to create paper costume, venture into shadowy world to touch, smell, and listen to the sounds of nature, and make a poem and act it out in a film

38: perfect stranger | communicating and feeding birds and squirels by hands, a perfect nature skill they've always wanted | 19/8/2011

39: guitar practice a.k.a lipsync with 'mahar dan alam' backsound :D 19/8/2011

40: Library Time 20/8/11 | Aruna was looking for history book of any South East Asian countries, particularly about Indonesia, and that would be a topic she would discuss with her dad. But none were there; she ended up with Vietnam's War for kids, relating her knowledge on multicultural studies. | Nara, on the other hand, was so bothered why Aruna spent so much time in there while she could have just picked up any book! any ... just like he did, hahaha ... but in the end he patiently waited and read some books *and came up in all sort of fun styles of reading :D *

41: We were invited to Abby's house, our Chinese neighbour. Her parents travelled from China to visit her and cooked for us 6 special dishes. It was a great opportunity for Aruna to learn more about Chinese traditions, foods and customs. We hope someday we will visit them in China, too. | 20/8/2011

42: 21/8/11 | We invited our Indonesian, German and Chinese friends to have barbecue with us. A set of food like "gado-gado, sate ayam madura, sate bangka" accompanied our gathering time. While parents were talking and discussing, the kids played all day in the garden and did all sort of out-door activities. | good food | good friends | good times | FUN

43: Allotment Visit 22/8/11 | We didn't plant much of vegetable this year but tried to make wildlife garden instead. Ibu and Aruna came to the Wellington allotment to discuss about wildlife gardening with a friend and for trouble shooting :). Nara enjoyed helping some folks harvesting their runner beans, dwarf beans, and raspberry. Thanks to him, we brought home some for our tea :D

44: it's blackberry time | cycling | pick your own

45: for the love of birdy bird 22/8/2011

46: drawing is an expression of a vision in nature, she satisfied her eyes with details of beauty and captured the moments of awe. ... and it remained in her sketches in a simple innocent way. 22/8/2011

47: It's a merry-berry-eating around the house ... | blackberry jam | blackberry cookies | pancake with blackberry compote | 23/8/2011

48: arty day 23/8/2011 | arty day 23/8/2011

49: giggling all day... *well, not forget to mention, sometimes it finished when one of them cried..:( | sibling moments | play ground time | 23/8/2011

50: when nara knew that we were going to city centre, he brought with him a bag of bird feeder. he compeletely and utterly turned shopping into some outdoor fun activities :) 24/8/2011

51: and this one, too!! hahaha, ibu had to say they really 'ruined' our shopping day.. but who could really resist not to spend a good time in such a beautiful day | listening to street musicians | 24/8/2011

52: taking moment to wonder, to learn, to be grateful, and to sing.. Somewhere Over The Rainbow 24/8/2011

53: They shared interests in discussing about histories, social change, multicultural studies, They spent their father-daughter time, in an interesting way indeed! | Math is one of Aruna's favourite studies. | 24/8/2011

54: Aruna helped to make homemade laundry liquid. She was now quite familiar with the ingredients, measurements and the processes. 25/8/2011

55: back from shopping at Unicorn, and look what we brought home... it's a bird garden table. we built it together... *wasn't that a pip!* | we bought some bird seeds and nuts. aruna made water bowl for bird from old juice box. she was also well-equipped with RSPB birdwatching guide, a binocular, and a notebook to record :) | 25/8/2011

56: Practice makes Perfect | 26/8/2011 | Everyday, 20 minutes, morning and afternoon, she makes every minute counts...

57: Rock & Mineral Collection 26/8/2011 | Aruna is so into this Rock and Mineral thingy. She read lots of books about it and she seemed to really know about what she had been doing. Lately, Aruna has asked to extend her collection to include fossil as well. Hmmmm.....Another geologist in the making?

58: it's been a smurfin' day... family movie time 27/8/2011 | It was Nara's first time to go to a big Cinema. In the beginning, he cried when the adverts were shown, But when the film started, he found himself into it ... well, very much enjoyed it, i must say :)

59: jump... | and do it again ... | and jump... | Nara and Aruna was really having fun down there ... or ...up there :)

60: watching from kitchen window... making records ... feeding everyday... 28/8/2011

61: Aruna loved to help around the church. She made friend with Maria and they helped each other to arrange the mass and hymn books. | spend time together... Aruna was doing a bit of shopping with ibu, preparing the autumn season to come. 28/8/11

62: back from family swimming time, we went to museum to buy aruna's new fossil collection. she bought ammonite and shark teeths this time with her own money | but when we were there, nara wanted to grow cress and did a bit of toad hunt, so here they were... | 29/8/2011

63: Although we are not Moslem we loved to recall the memories of Eid Mubarak celebration back home. We made 'nastar' and 'kaastengels' for snack. Aruna helped a lot with kaastengels making while ibu and Nara made the nastar. They all enjoyed making them and eating them, for sure...:) 29/8/2011

64: homemade tofu | Aruna learned how to make tofu. We used only lime juice and apple cider vinegar as a coagulant. 30/8/2011

65: Paper Quilling 30/8/2011 | It was Aruna's first time doing paper quilling. She had so much fun making Eid Mubarak card for her Moslem friends.

66: While waiting for Aruna's piano lesson, Nara had a good time playing with Ebony. How much he missed her after more than a month not playing with each other :) | 30-8-2011

67: cap cay, mix vegetables with yellow cauliflower (in season) and prawn, okara croquette | today's menu:

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