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Tara's Book

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FC: My life is my message. ~Gandhi

1: Happy 40th Birthday , Tara! You have touched many lives over the past 40 years . Each person who has been lucky enough to know you understands how truly special and unique you are . You love with your whole heart , give so much of yourself to others , and are always there to offer friendship , support , and a positive outlook to those around you. This book contains memories , letters , and pictures from friends and family, in hopes that we can show you how much we love and appreciate you! You are truly one of a kind! April 2011

2: Happy 40th Birthday, Dear Tara – You made your debut on April 22, 1971 – after driving through a Rocky Mountain snowstorm to the Air Force Academy Hospital, and meeting (for the first time!) the doctor on call, you arrived at 5:41 p.m., and rocked our world!! You were baptized at the Air Force Academy chapel under a 46’ airplane propeller cross, surrounded by the mighty mountains, your parents, and sponsors who loved you. Age 1 – Countless stroller rides in the shadow of Pikes Peak. Your Aunt Bec shared our tiny apartment, and three adults were mesmerized by your every smile, cry, or need. Age 2 – We left our dear Colorado, heading east so you could experience the joy of adoring grandparents and relatives. Age 3 – While your parents and Uncle Tim finished college, and living in a small apartment, you would squeal with delight as Marvin the monkey hovered over your crib on Uncle Tim’s fishing rod from the adjoining bedroom. The three of us “tag-teamed” classes, passing you to one another. Tim would take you to Baskin Robbins in his red firebird, you on his lap ‘steering’ and wearing his leather hat. Oh my! Age 4 – Two new members joined our family – Harvey and Karvey Junepepper. They were with us for several years before they moved on. Tim gave you a little black puppy – she was named Shadow, and was a dear member of the family for more than a decade. Age 5 – Your life in Albert Lea began – you started kindergarten, and you spent many days playing with friends Shannon and Kelly on the “point”. Being the only grandchild on either side, holidays were hard for you – you often almost fell asleep opening gifts. Age 6 – June 11, 1977 – you became a big sister to a white haired baby boy – and he rocked your world!! You adored him and watched his every move. Ryan Blake was your best buddy. Age 8 – Moved to the dome where you made good new friends in the neighborhood. Age 9 – You became the “rock” for your newly widowed Nana, a tough job for someone so young. You did us all proud as you went with her to real estate closings, attorney meetings, and golf outings. She took you shopping, and your eye for fashion was established. Age 13- 15 – Family vacations. Norway to visit the Fishers. San Diego. Maine – the ‘barf boat." Washington D.C. – Fonzie’s jacket at the Smithsonian – Lady Di’s signature. Piano recitals – you never were very sure of your piece, but always looked great in your Lady Di outfits and hats. Ages 16-18 – Driver’s license (third time’s a charm!!) Luther League trip. Looking for prom dresses. Cheering tryouts (dark long-sleeved top, white bottoms) – you always were the top scorer. Spaghetti dinners for teams – you would flit out of your room and say “I just love to entertain”.!?!? Golf. Camp Onamia – need we say more? Ages 18-23 Augustana. Cheering. Your white Shadow – cars flooding at graduation. And with a God given gift, you became a passionate teacher at Harrisburg. Ages 24-40 Your wedding to Scott – the pink wedding dress. Teaching in Waconia. Puppy Blaze. The births of your beloved children-Noah, Lily & Nash. Ryan’s marriage to Brooke, giving you the sister you never had. Master’s Degree from Hamline (Congrats, again! While you were still in your first year at Augie, you informed us college might not be the place for you. What a turnaround. Totally awesome, Tara.) You’ve always had a true feeling for family . You’re the oldest cousin, and have made a point to stay connected with relatives. You’ve made a wonderful home for Scott, and you are an outstanding mother to Noah, Lily, Nash, and Blaze. As your parents, we could not be prouder of you, or love you more. We have earned our gray hair, but each one is a story. Ha! Happy 40th birthday, Tara! We love you! ~Mom and Dad

4: Our adult life is but a greater and longer childhood. ~Benjamin Franklin

5: Listen to your life. All moments are key moments. ~Frederick Buechner

6: The history of our grandparents is remembered not with rose petals, but in the laughter and tears of their children and their children's children. It is into us that the lives of our grandparents have gone. It is in us that their history becomes a future. ~Charles and Ann Morse

9: A VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! This is a special birthday, as you are in the middle of so many wonderful things happening in your life. Treasure each day. Everyone thinks that your mom was instrumental in getting Tim and I together, and yes she had a part...but your part was bigger. I remember you sitting with your mom during some of our classes that we attended at MSU, and I thought: this is so loving. I saw the way Tim, your parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles loved you to death, the way they interacted with one another, and truly loved and cared about each and everyone......and I wanted to be a part of this wonderful family. You were the icing on the cake! I have so many memories of you early in your life, and then as you matured. You have been the leader of the cousins, a wonderful niece, and now not only a wonderful mother/wife, but a truly great person. Wanting and doing your best always. You lead by example and you are a strong (and vulnerable) woman all at the same time. You inspire others to do and be their best. You challenge when you need to. Thank you, Tara, for being compassionate, kind, forgiving and loving. Many, many more Happy Birthdays! ~ Julie

12: You are the dream niece and the cool cousin to the Fisher family. There are only highlights in your life's story.... not one dull moment. You were that first child/grandchild/niece in the family! As the first born, you had a coveted place of honor that also brought responsibility. You take that responsibility seriously and you fill every moment of every hour with meaningful, valuable experiences. Perhaps your zest for life tracks back to your resilience in overcoming Jim and Bec's attempt to choke you with donuts at a tender age in Colorado Springs (little did we know that new babies couldn't swallow whole donut pieces!) You were the picture perfect flower girl in our wedding, and it truly was alright that you stole the show that day! Sitting on a blanket in St. Paul learning your vowel sounds, we have warm memories of stealing you away from your parents for a few nights for an early aunt and uncle sleepover! We added some zest to your life by taking you and your family to a nakedbaden in Norway - no apologies and no translation necessary. Despite such lapses, your parents allowed you to spend the summer with us lifeguarding, for which you brought along forty pairs of shoes. We did note that your zest did not include an enthusiastic approach to housekeeping, as you and Brad had no idea what color the carpet was in that room. "Casual" was the term for the housekeeping that summer! We all prayed for cool weather and rain so the beach would close ...and the paycheck still would come. Your zest for life builds families that give. Your caring ways helped Nana through Grandpa's early passing. You learned at an early age how to help people fill the empty spots in their lives. You have always made time in your busy schedule for visits and visits and more visits! You are often the catalyst for cousin get-togethers. You found a way to include Kari in your cheerleading both in AL and Augie. You make a point of keeping up with the lives of Brett and Brad, and you always seem to have the latest cousin information long before it is ever revealed to the parents! You had a natural talent for being inclusive long before it became fashionable. You seriously care about all of us, and this has made it so easy to love you so completely! It is fun to watch you as a parent--you are an example of how it should be done. You are a strong link in our family and such a valuable member. For forty years you have wowed us. We look forward to what's next. Happy, happy birthday, dear Tara! We love you so much! ~Bec and Ger

13: You have been such a positive influence on so many peoples' lives it is tough to put into words, but we are truly thankful to have you as part of our family. Without you, I would likely never have been exposed to the wonderful deliciousness of Rocky Rococo and Cossetta’s pizza – a gift that I have in turn passed on to many of my friends over the years. I had the unique privilege of spending the summer with you during your “Baywatch” years and I can remember what a fun time it was that we had together. The positive attitudes, perpetual enthusiasm, and genuinely caring spirit of your children is inspiring. No doubt they have you, and Scott, to thank for that. Hope this birthday is the best one yet! ~Brad | Growing up, we always looked up to Tara. She was the type of person who was never too busy to take the younger cousins out on the town for a slice of pizza. Tara was our lifeguard mentor, our arts and crafts expert, our chocolate cookie maker, and our friend. Today, we still look up to Tara. Her parenting skills are off the charts, and she always puts family first... no matter how miles it puts on the car or how many states she must pass through to meet up. And she still manages to surprise us with phone calls on our birthdays with the kids and herself singing "Happy Birthday." Tara - you inspire us and have a heart of gold. ~Brett, Theda, Beckham and Baby

14: Growing up one often looks up to older kids in school, the newest pop sensation, and, on occasion, older siblings. When I was asked whom I looked up to, I always responded with either the most popular pop artist or an older kid that I thought was just so awesome. But looking back to my childhood and all the memories that I have, some of my fondest moments originate with someone who I have always respected, loved, cared for, looked up to, and laughed and cried with. Whom do I speak of? The eldest of the Missal clan, cousin Tara, of course. To tell all the stories of hanging out in snow banks (because of two wheel drive), sleepover’s, driving to Cossetta’s in the summer in the Volvo, or just putting lemon juice in our hair while at the North Oaks' beach to try to highlight our hair while listening to Billy Ray Cyrus’s ‘Achy Breaky Heart" would take more than just a few paragraphs. So if you were to ask me again today whom I look up to, it may not be the top pop artist on the charts, or any other answer I may have given when I was a child. But I can say without doubt that Tara is #1, an individual that I have always admired and looked up to. ~Kari

15: First of all, Happy 40th Birthday to you, sweet cousin! I hope this year is filled with miracles, joy, and peace for you! I want to tell you what you mean to me... Ever since I was a little girl you have been such a role model to me! When I was in middle school and high school, I remember wanting to hang out with you all of the time! I remember looking forward to going to Albert Lea just so I could see you and look in your awesome room. You were always SO cool to me. I remember times when my family would come visit, and you and I would brush each other's hair. I loved that! We also used to listen to your music. Then, later in life, I wanted to be just like you. I even attended Augustana College... in part, because you went there! I imagine that being the first cousin and the oldest sibling wasn't always easy, but it sure has made you into one fine woman. Now, and when I got to know you during college, I still think you are one of the coolest people I know! I appreciate your friendship, support, and unconditional love! When we talk, I always feel like you understand me and can relate to what I say. It is so much fun to share this yoga teaching experience with you, and to laugh about our shared insecurities. Anyway, you are just a phenomenal woman, and I'm so glad you are in my life! Your kids are lucky to have you as their mama! I look forward to the next time we can be together, and I miss you. ~Lydia | So many wonderful memories! Monopoly at the cabin in Clear Lake, hanging out at PM park, watching "A League of Their Own" at your apartment in Sioux Falls and eating Little Caesar's Pizza for the first time, playing off your fear of snakes (sorry about that!), all the wonderful times we have spent together, "holidays, Okoboji, waterparks." You are such a wonderful cousin, and we all love you so much. Have a wonderful birthday. ~Sam | First off, Happy Birthday! I hope today brings you great joy as you celebrate life once again! Secondly, I am amazed at the energy that you and your family have. It has been incredible to watch all three children grow over the past 5 years and have been blessed to be able to see you once in a while (I know it isn't as much as we both would like, but considering the circumstances, we don't do that bad!) I love being able to visit while the kids play basketball or soccer and cannot fathom how busy they keep you. I am always amazed! While you are reading this book, take a minute and relax. You deserve it! After all, it is your birthday!! Happy Birthday! ~David

16: As you celebrate your 40th birthday, we hope you enjoy this big occasion ( but also remember that 40 is the new 20!!) We have so many great memories of you, even though we wish our busy lives would allow us to spend more time together. This is to summarize some of the attributes and characteristics we love about you: T - Teacher You are the perfect teacher, engaging others to learn and enjoy the process along the way. A - Animals We respect your love for all creatures and the passion you possess for trying to have all living things be treated with love. R - Respect You treat others with the respect, kindness, and attention they deserve. You are always fully engaging with everyone you interact with. A - Attitude Your natural disposition is a smile. A genuine, warm smile that tells everyone to enjoy the day and treat it as a gift. Happy 40th Birthday to a great sister-in-law! The best is still yet to come! We love you! ~Mike and Amy | Dear Auntie Tara, Happy 40th Birthday! It's a BIG birthday and we just want to let you know how much we love and appreciate you! You are such a fun, kind, loving and creative person who I can say anything to. Of all the great memories that we share, aside from Christmas and other family gatherings, cousins' weekend is by far my favorite! Whenever I look back at those times, I remember making cool dinners like pizza with faces, and other cool unique recipes. I remember Hobby Lobby and all the cool jewelry that was there and that we'd all do a cool craft. I remember a time when we were painting lock boxes and got paint all over the sidewalk ( and us!) so we all finished painting in our underwear! I also remember making those pictures of Nash for his baptism. Another fun thing that we always do together is take that piece of paper and hunt around Sioux Falls for certain statues. We also lifted that car there! Whenever I look back at our memories I always remember them as happy, fun, exciting and energetic times. Thank you so much for being such a great aunt and such a great person! Happy Birthday and many more, FAVORITE AUNT! ~Quinn and Calvin P.S. Can't forget the trolley and the naked boy!

17: Tara has always been innovative, and an organizer. In Albert Lea, sports teams often get together the night before the "big game," for a spaghetti dinner at one of team members' homes. I remember one instance where Tara was a cheerleader, and she volunteered to have the dinner at her house. Just happens, it was the football team, so Jim and Vicki served spaghetti to about 70 people that night. Tara has a flair for style. At her high school graduation open house, she looked especially cute. She was wearing a white outfit cinched at the waist with a great belt. I mentioned how sharp she looked, and she said it was her Nana's outfit that she had modified and accessorized. We think Lily inherited Tara's fashion genes. What fun it has been to watch you grow up over the years! Happy Birthday, Tara. ~Jim & Marilyn Burns | Special memories of Tara: How much she loved that monkey when she was little. Celebrating her 5th birthday at the Happy Joe's in Fort Dodge (she stood on the chair so that everyone in the place could see her when we sang Happy Birthday). Another special memory is when she went to the drive-in with Mike and me. She slept in the backseat of our little VW and then in the middle of the movie took her pillow, propped it between us, climbed into the front and said "Okay, guys, now what?" Her special imaginary friends Harvey and Carvey Junepepper. I used to have a friend record cassettes for her with some of her favorite music and we would take walks at Christmas or Thanksgiving listening to that music because she had a special adaptor so that two sets of earphones could be attached to her "Walkman." :-) Cool. ~Aunt Deb | We remember Tara coming over to our house when she and Scott were “just friends.” We remember how comfortable we were with Tara right away and how bubbly and energetic she was. Then all of a sudden, Scott asks her to the river dance at St. Thomas, and they were suddenly more than just friends. We are so happy that Tara is part of our family. What a good wife she is to Scott, and what a good mother she is to our grandchildren! Scott, Noah, Lily and Nash are so fortunate that Tara is the tremendous person she is, and that she is such a role model for them to see. I’m sure that the teachers in the kids' schools talk about the wonderful job of parenting that Tara and Scott do, and how really fortunate they are to have each other in their lives. Tara might still have a problem proving that she is 40, when she may still get carded to see if she is old enough to have a glass of wine!!!! ~Gar & Cheri

18: Where do I begin??? I always think back to almost 13 years ago when I was just a "young girl" with a brand new baby, sitting in a Baptism class at church. The whole "new Mom" thing had me so stressed out, and I did not have 1 friend who had a baby. I remember looking at you at the class thinking, "I could be friends with her!" Thankfully you came up to me after the class and started talking to me. I remember looking at each other's babies and exchanging phone numbers. From that point on, we have talked everyday since! (even if it was a message!) I feel like God had a plan for you to come into my life at the time I needed a Mom friend to bond with. You have a been a blessing to me ever since. Tara, I do not know anyone like you! You are the most selfless person I know! When we first met, I remember you were so caring and giving to me and my kids. To this day, you are STILL that person. Your genuine heart has shone through so many times in my life... whether it was coming to the hospital right after I had Miah, being the first person to call me when my kids are sick, bringing Mitchel treats after his surgery, taking my kids after Jay's Mom died, giving me a Valentine treat, and ALL of the other great things you have done for me and my family. Your acts of kindness do not go unnoticed. You really do have a HEART OF GOLD!! As you celebrate your 40th Birthday, I want you to know that I love you with all of my heart! I honestly don't know if I would have survived my journey as a mother without you to share it with. I also thank you for being there as a true friend through the crazy journey of life. I treasure our friendship more than anything. Here is to many more years of friendship and memories! Happy Birthday my dear, sweet friend! ~Kim

19: Happy 40th Birthday! You are truly beautiful inside and out! What a privilege it has been for me to be a part of your life, watching you grow and define yourself. You have a quiet strength and the biggest heart of anyone I know. Your love for human beings draws people to you. You and Scott continue to inspire others to put family first and to live each day to the fullest! Our friendship has meant more to me than I could ever put into words. We have been side by side through each stage of our lives. The memories are plentiful and wonderful, and I know the next 40 years will be filled with many more. Thanks for your amazing friendship and for always encouraging me! LOVE YOU WITH ALL MY HEART! ~Sara | I am so thankful for you. You inspire everyone around you to be a better wife, mother, and friend. You have an amazing gift for making people feel special and loved. God is using you in so many ways as you seek Him and what he has planned for you! I love you Tara! I look forward to many more wonderful times together in the future. STUCCO GIRLS FOREVER! ~Steph

20: TO TARA, WITH LOVE, Wanted to send our love and let you know how very special you are to each of us! We love you, your beautiful family, your kind, gentle, fun, sweet way ----- we shall always treasure the memories we have made throughout the years. I will never forget..... The first time I met you --- this sweet little baby belonging to Vic and Jim ---- who would ever guess that we would become best of friends! Our summers together when young with Verla and Don ---- Forest City swimming pool; picnics at Pilot Knob; teasing Tim as he was painting; waiting for Bec and Ger to come home; ice cream dates; carnival comes to Forest City; State Fairs; you had the coolest family ever (and still do)!!!!!! As we grew older, our Noah and Sammi became true soul mates. Lily’s b-day at Vittorios. Nash and toys in garage. Scott and laptop at Starbucks. Noah’s Bagels. Morts. Laker games. Steven Spielberg and Scouts Derby Days. Crashing Spielberg’s party and chatting with Kate. Praying for sunshine!!!!!!! Malibu and the Keys. And some of my favorites .... Sleepover at the Fishers --- mentos and diet coke???? Amazing weekend at Beaver Creek ---- totally awesome --- skating; snow in Aug; fear of heights (yikes – me!!); great condo .. and the best company!!!!! Your BEAUTIFUL graduation book for Jeff, which is still prominently displayed, and for which we still receive so many compliments (and I still sit and look at with smiles and tears) And last, but certainly not least, all of our lakeside moments at Vic and Jim’s --- bonfires, boat rides, tubing, eating, sharing memories (especially of Verla and Don and Lou), and therefore, sharing a few tears. IT’S BEEN A WONDERFUL RIDE! NOW HERE’S TO THE NEXT 40!!!!! We love you to pieces ------ Happy Birthday!!! ANN, ADAM, JEFF, SAMMI AND KRAMER

21: I can remember so clearly meeting you for the first time (13 years ago already?) And believe it or not, I was pretty intimidated by you. You were cute and spunky, so unbelievably sweet and outgoing, positive and welcoming... but you were also the most important "girl" in Ryan's life. You were the sister he had always looked up to, had the marriage he wanted to emulate, and you were the person he would go to first for advice (or to do his 15 loads of college laundry, write his papers, feed him, etc.) I knew if you and I didn't hit it off, Ryan and I would never make it! But from the very second I met you, you made me feel like I was a part of your family. You welcomed me with open arms (while trapping "wild and crazy" Blaze in the back room! ha), and you were like the sister I never had! Over the years, I've looked to you for advice on so many things--- marriage, parenting, friendship/relationships, health, and STYLE (yes, we have always been major fashion queens on a budget!) You've taught me so much about the kind of wife and mother I want to be. You always put your family and friends first. You have strong morals. You live each day to the fullest. You are passionate about the things you love and believe in. You take the time to do small acts of kindness that truly show you care (like sending a special card, calling on an important day, or creating a care package "just because.") You volunteer for anything/everything you can just to help others. You teach your children to be polite, positive, giving, respectful, and gracious. You are one of the kindest, most sincere people I know. So... whether we are in the midst of chaotic family travel, comparing stories of our children's troublesome efforts at pooping, sharing/trading clothes, debating over how many pizzas to order (to assure we get enough), exchanging kids/dogs for a weekend, trying to catch some golden "rays" in our backyards, opening a plethora of gifts in the Christmas/birthday spotlight, staying up late and talking, or scavenging for good deals at Bells-- I enjoy every minute that we spend together! I feel so blessed to have you as a sister and as an aunt for my boys. I look forward to growing older together, and experiencing all the changes, challenges, and joys that are yet to come in our lives! Happy birthday, sis!!!!! ~Brooke | "I love Auntie Tara because she lets me come to her house and play with Nash. I like going to Nana and Bapa's with Tara, too! Auntie Tara always lets Nashy give me toys. And then she got me that one stretchy Spider Man when we were at Disney Land. She's so nice. Tara always makes me good snacks at her house! Like macaroni, and bagels with cheese. It's awesome. And then I get to eat with my cousins. I want her to know how much I care about my cousins." ~Wil (and Jack)

22: When I found out that Brooke was putting this book together - I'm not going to lie, a little bit of panic set in. With Bock still out in Chicago, Scott and Brooke writing their own entries...who was going to help me with mine??? I imagined what Maverick must have felt like going into his first battle without Goose. So...without my "wingmen" at my side, this is what I came up with: Right up front, I need to apologize and possibly blame it on some sort of weird long-term memory loss disease, but I really struggled thinking of "good" memories we had growing up together when we were younger. Some of the things that came to mind were our constant fights in the back of our station wagons during our LONG family road trip vacations, making fun of your "brace face", "sabotaging" your slumber parties with the sounds of Mario & Luigi early in the morning, stabbing you in the back with a pencil at Nana's, and sitting in the "den" with John while the other one finished up their piano lesson with Louisa. But something must have clicked - somewhere around the time that you went off to Augie. I fondly remember a couple of trips over to visit you @ the Stucco with my "non-decisive" high school buddies. You always showed us a good time, and it was so cool to go back to A.L. and talk about "partying" with college chicks. It was also at this time that you started dating Scott, and the big brother I never had entered my life. From that point forward, its only gotten better. Your wedding night was awesome, and one of the most fun nights of my life (partially thanks to Scott's buddies introducing me to Amaretto Sours). The following fall you moved back to Sioux Falls for my freshman year at Augie. I'll be eternally grateful for my "extra key" at "our" River Oaks appt. which always gave me an alternative to the "public facilities" at Bergsaker. The comfy wicker sofa provided me some of the best nights of sleep I've ever had. I was so happy when we continued the Sunday traditions of MN Vikings football and Godfathers Jumbo pizzas at your Center house. I know you were always excited to see me show up the very next night for some intimate time with Vince McMahon and Monday Night Raw. It was also at THAT house that Brooke formed her close bond with Blaze. Thanks so much for putting up with me during those years. I remember the sadness I felt after Brooke and I decided to move to Nebraska. You guys had played such an important role in our lives, and leaving Sioux Falls was one of the hardest things we had ever done. I remember wondering if our relationship would fade with us not being in the same town. Now I can't speak for you, but I would argue that it's only gotten stronger. It's been so much fun watching your family grow over the years. You've got the most amazing kids, and the love that you and Scott share is something special. Thank you for giving us something to strive for. I know I probably haven't told you many times, but I hope you know how much I love you! Happy 40th Sis! P.S. doesn't matter where we're at, or what we're doing in our lives..I'm only a FaceBook message away :) ~Ryan

23: Like branches on a tree, we grow in different directions, yet our roots remain as one. Each of our lives will always be a special part of the other. ~Author Unknown

24: I love my mom for lots of reasons! But here's just a couple things. 1) She's my walking buddy. Whenever I want to go on a walk, she's always first to volunteer! 2) She's always so kind to all the people in the world! Black, white, wide, skinny, tall, and short! 3) Shes the best mom anyone could ever ask for! Thanks, Mom. Happy 40th Birthday! The BIG 4-0!! Love you sooo much. ~Lily | Caring, kind, nice, and generous. Those are just four of the many characteristics of the lady known as Tara, Mrs. Petersen, and Honey. I call her mom. The lady I know - I could go to her with anything. She is always there when I need a hand, and when someone is sick she is right at their side. If there is one thing she isn’t, it is judgmental. You could walk up to her and be white, black, old, young, fat, skinny, etc. Whatever you are she would walk up to you with a smile on her face and say, “What can I do for you?” Even as she starts to age (I am talking gray hair mom! jk) her heart never gets smaller. She would do anything for us. And when I get older, I can only hope to be as good a parent as you are. I LOVE YOU MOM. ~Noah | Why I love my Mom by Nash Petersen I love mommy when she hugs me so much. I love mom when she kisses me so much. I love mom when she loves me so much. I Love to play guys with Mom. I love her when she says "hello" after Yoga. I love mom when she gets me a drink of water. I love mom when she gets to be the teacher at my school. I love mom when she gets pancakes for me. I love here when she says yes to everything. I love mom when she watches Franklin and Caillou with me. I love to snuggle with mama. I love mom when she says nice things to my friends, like "Hi Nic". My friends think that she's Awesome. Mommy makes me feel good. I love mom when she gives Blaze a hug. My mom is the best in the world. | There is no such thing in anyone's life as an unimportant day. `Alexander Woollcott

25: Remember when we had dreams of what life would be like when we grew up together? Well, I guess growing up is a matter of perspective. What do we do if we turn 40 and we're still growing? When so many curiosities aren't yet reality? Simple. We feel blessed with everything that we've built together. That our foundation has prepared us to tackle anything as long as we are together. That we both are invigorated by writing the rest of the rules as we go. And, most of all, that our crazy life makes perfect sense to us. 40? Absolutely. Grown up? I really hope not. I can't imagine life with anyone other than you. Thank you so much for your love and kindness, your friendship, and for our wonderful family. Happy 40th Birthday. I love you so much. ~Scott

26: Family faces are magic mirrors. Looking at people who belong to us, we see the past, present, and future. ~Gail Lumet Buckley | A parent's love is whole, no matter how many times divided. ~Author Unknown | Life is too short... so kiss slowly, laugh insanely, love truly and forgive quickly. ~Author Unknown | All you have to do is look straight and see the road ahead of you. When you see it, don’t sit looking at it... walk. ~Ayn Rand | I don't care how poor a man is; if he has family, he's rich. ~Dan Wilcox | In youth we learn. In age we understand. ~Marie Van Echenbach

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