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Ten Years After

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Ten Years After - Page Text Content

1: This was us just 10 years ago. Just the two us of but we were happy. This is us now. 10 years later with 2 mokongs who drive us happily crazy. This was our 2011.

2: Ha | At Peter and Jonah's wedding in Tagaytay. Little Mokong Hadrien did not have "walk-down-the-aisle" fright having had lots of practice from previous wedding duties. Bible, ring, coin bearer, you name it, he's done it)

6: Swimming With A. Gigi

7: At Serendra

8: Simple pleasures ruled the day as the kids flew kites, rode (or pushed) the bike around the farm and watched people move houses - literally!

11: Amadeo 3.13.11

12: moving up!

13: baby no more | His teachers say he's ready for big school. But I'm not. If only I could stop time and Hadrien could remain a seal or a koala or a giraffe forever. He's happy to move on. But I can see that it was a bitter-sweet moment for proud teachers Celine and Nixie. Much like it was for us.

14: Grade 1 Araullo | AN INVESTIGATION ON

15: What they learned: Baz's class learned about the origins of the Philippine jeepney, the different kinds of jeepneys, how jeepneys affect the environment and the different expressions used when riding a jeepney. They also visited the Sarao factory, rode on a typical and an e-jeepney, interviewed a jeepney driver to learn the trade and even composed a song about jeepneys. | JEEPNEYS

16: Daddy Turns 41 Baz took the lead in putting up our traditional birthday wall for Daddy. Then it was off to Antonio's for Mommy and Daddy and dinner at Terry's with the whole family.


20: Happy 8th Bday car & space addict BAZ!! Thank Goodness you're still TOO young to drive!!

21: At the car show with Daddy, Gramps and Hadrien

22: Aaaahhhh... First time back in Cambridge after 10 years. Walking through the halls of HLS and throughout the campus made me feel nostalgic. It was good to be back in the place I called home for a much- too-short one year.

23: Car packed, camping gear loaded, coffee in hand and ready to hit the road...and we're off! The kids didn't sleep a wink last night, they were so excited about the trip they stayed up helping Dad pack the car. We've been looking forward to having some time together and I think this was just the thing we needed. A long, long drive. | Colorado Here We Come!

25: HLS' graduation ceremony was held in front of the steps of the Langdell Library. I attended my Corporations and M&A classes here. | My Corporate Finance class was in Austin Hall - one of the older, if not oldest, HLS buildings. Hardwood floors & antique chairs contrasted with the Macs that lined the corridors for students to check their email. | Harkness Commons or the law school cafeteria has changed so much in 10 years. I remember many panic attacks while snacking before class! | The first event I sat in was a talk at Austin Hall about law and the economy. All around were mostly men - for some, this was their 25th or 50th reunion!

26: My Italian class was in Sever Hall flanking Old Harvard Yard. The mad dash from the law school in freezing temperatures was not easy, but had to be done. | Memorial Hall was built to commemorate graduates who fought in the Civil War. Lucky undergrads get to dine in Annenberg Hall inside everyday. | Harvard Yard's 25 acres boasts 13 freshman dorms, 4 libraries and 5 classroom buildings. Walking through the yard always made me grateful for the chance to be there. | Half of Matthew Hall's income goes to financial aid for tuition and boarding. Matt Damon lived here! Too bad, he was long gone before I got there.

27: Harvard Square T-Stop was the perennial meeting place for students and visitors. It was also my first and last view of the university campus. | The view of the yard near Coop just after Cambridge Commons. I still remember almost slipping after stepping off the curb after the snow had melted one fine snowy day. | No tour would be complete without a shot in front of John Harvard's statue - also known as the Statue of 3 Lies. Make sure to rub the left foot for luck! | Holworthy Gate, one of the many gates leading to the Old Yard. This was the quickest way from HLS to Sever Hall.

29: We all had a blast at the 4th of July beach party in San Diego this year. Kelly won the watermelon eating contest and Parker experienced fireworks for the very first time. It was great to spend time with so many wonderful friends. We can't wait to do this again next year.

30: We had a Thanksgiving this year. The whole family came over and I prepared my very first turkey and it was a success! This year we thought it was important to give back so after dinner we all went to serve Thanksgiving dinner to those less fortunate. This was the best part of the day. We all decided that serving the homeless will become a new family tradition. | Strolling Through Boston A Decade Later After the farewell brunch, Andrea, Ka-Wei and I met up with Zhanna and Fabio for a walk through Boston's Quincy Market, Beacon Hill, Back Bay, Newbury Street, Boston Commons and North End. After hours of walking, a lousy sense of direction, faulty memories and no map or gadget to guide us, our legs were literally numb! But they were still good enough for the long queue at Giacommo's and then for canolis at Mike's. It felt good to be back!

31: ............................................ | 6:12am ~10lbs ~ 9oz ~ 14in

33: 6/12/12 | Dear Baz, I'm standing right in front of your future school (knock on wood)! It's a great university filled with lots of smart people, just like you. I can't wait for you to see it. Mommy | PS: I miss you all so much! | ps, again; I thought you'd find this sculpture interesting : | Lucas Sebastian F. Khan 123 Rizal Street Ayala Southvale Village Philippines

34: My favorite New Yorkers: Maribel, Benjie and Vickie's Teo and Luna and Kate and Ponti. Visited the Museum of Arts and Design, dinner at Le Cirque and window shopping in Brooklyn. I spent some alone time taking pictures at the Metropolitan Museum, High Line, the Cloisters and the Meatpacking District.

36: The High Line.

37: Different takes of the same view from The High Line.

38: The few meatpacking shops at the Meatpacking District.

39: Below the High Line.

40: NYC;s subway - eerily deserted. Opposite page: The Cloisters

43: The highlight of SRMO's 2011 annual trip was winetasting in Napa Valley. On other days, Raffy and I explored on our own. In SFO, we discovered the Ferry Plaza Farmers' Market. On other days, we visited family, Carmel, Monterey and Big Sur and went shopping in IKEA.

44: Shh... This little boy is also fondly called BOGART!

45: We visited Ling and Tim in Los Altos and also got to see PARC where Tim worked in nearby Palo Alto. In San Ramon, we met Lingget and Jerome's JC (aka Bogart) and were surprised by how much Maddie had grown. We were glad to see Tito Beb looking healthy. Curious Gavin reminded us so much of Baz. While spunky Grace was just like Hadrien.

46: Bride getting ready photos

47: 12 years later, we found ourselves doing the seventeen mile drive again. Definitely worth coming back to!

49: Bride getting ready photos | BIG SIR in BIG SUR

53: In 2001, Raffy and I attended a wedding at the rustic and quaint Carmel Mission Basilica. Such a beautiful place deserved another visit. With no kids to berate us about having wine, we sat down to a really really good 3-course meal. I can still remember seafood lemon and fennel pasta I had. I don't know if Raffy knew this but Casanova is Carmel's most romantic restaurant. Or maybe he did? Haha!

57: Beautiful Big Sur. We didn't quite make it this far the last time so we just had to go back. Each turn made us want to stop and take a photo. Too bad we didn't have a tripod!

61: the little | mokong | turns

63: After the traditional picture-taking-by-the-birthday-wall-in-our-just-got-out-of-bed-look and an artsy breakfast spread of fruits and champorado, Hadrien spent the day with Daddy and Baz at the air and space museum then swimming in Southvale. We had not moved yet but the boys were already making full use of the neighborhood pool!

67: Where work takes us | during the hot | Mommy had to work in Cebu. So we just had to join her and hit the pool and the beach. Don't you have to go back to Cebu again?

68: An infinity pool, with water canons in the middle and kayaking. What's not to like? Well, if you are Hadrien, it's kayaking! The little mokong was worried each time the kayak rocked. And rocked a lot it did, thanks to Raffy and Baz.

77: Red Letter Day | The Meralco men arrived to connect the house to the electrical grid. This was the only thing we were waiting for. Finally, we could move in! And we wasted no time after waiting so long!

79: What trip to Taipei would be complete without a view of the city from this iconic tower? It was a stormy and windy that day so we didn't get to go to the very top. But we got to see the Damper which keeps the building earthquake-proof despite its height and being just 600 feet away from a fault line. Oh, and Hadrien got to send mail to family, friend and/or lover. Which is it, I wonder... where | TAIPEI 101

81: While Mommy was shopping the boys were ...

82: The storm followed us from the Philippines to Taiwan. Still, it did not deter us from exploring Taipei Zoo (also called Muzha Zoo). Anteaters, camels, pandas, penguins, baboons and oranggutans were just some of the animals we saw that rainy day.

83: Chilling with the penguins!

86: Taiwan's National Palace Museum

87: Taiwan is a food haven. Even their street food did not disappoint. Oyster cake, black bean "ginatan", fried dumplings and milk tea! Take me back to eat in Taiwan anytime. | Without a doubt, we xiaolongbao It took awhile to get into the hang of biting into the buns and immediately sipping the hot soup inside. I think each of the Mokongs had at least 8 buns. To cap it off, we had yummy black bean buns! Yum! | We loved it so much that we ate at Din Tay Fung twice! Long lines? Who cares?!

88: Most Improved Swimmer | Baz's Swimming Culminating

89: T E N N I S @ | S O u tHVALE

90: Mom and I spent the day together shopping, dining, and getting pampered which was all wonderful, but I'd have to say my favorite part of the day was when we just sat and talked for hours about past memories and dreams for the future. This was the best Mothers Day gift I could have received. I will always remember that day and hope we will get to share many more together in the years to come. | Hadrien's Culminating Activity

92: Baz's Culminating Activity

93: Hadrien's Culminating Activity (again!)

95: That Played against All-Boys varsity Teams | The Co-Ed PE team

98: Our first guests and Southvale playdate (with Vico & Patris)

99: House Blessing a n d Malou' s BIRTHDAY SURPRISE

106: Our first halloween in our new home brought excitement to all of us. We decorated the house with bats, bats and more bats, and then some gigantic spiders. Baz went as Darth Vader with a mask that growled "I am your father, Luke". Hadrien dressed as Anakin in a borrowed costume that was much too big for him. There was a pesky teenage mutant ninja turtle who got a scolding from his grandfather for annoying the boys. There were games and lots of treats, including "taho" and "dirty ice cream". The boys and yayas had a great time going from house to house bringing home more candy to ruin their teeth with. Raffy and I, on the other hand, were savoring each moment of our first halloween at home.

107: The Mokongs and I trekked to Amadeo for some fresh air and good old-fashioned fun with Mama and Papa. The boys learned to make gata and got to savour the fruit of their labor - ginataang monggo! There was a lot of pretend-playing. "I'm the king of the rocks!",said Baz as he reached the top of a gravel pile. Then it was time to tie Hadrien up to a post. Before we went home, Hadrien presented me with a bouquet of flowers he picked himself. I'm definitely their favorite parent (and the author of this photobook!)

108: hello pretty | Rachel meets the Mokongs

109: KEYS-IMPOSED Parol-Making Tradition

111: Keys Christmas Program | Keys Christmas Program

112: 10 years , 2 kids and about 20 pounds (most of them on one who will not be named) later, we decided to celebrate this milestone. We didn't have the heart to tell the kids that it wasn't really their wedding anniversary. Besides, they've added so much joy to our married life that it only felt right to celebrate with them.

115: The 2 little mokongs almost didn't make it on the trip. The night before our flight, they both fell ill. While we couldn't figure out what was wrong, we couldn't leave the 2 excited mokongs home. 2 days later, and while enjoying Angkor Wat, Raffy and I came down with the exact same symptoms. That's "in sickness and in health" - family style!

116: Bride getting ready photos

117: We stayed at the beautiful Hotel dela Paix in Siem Reap, just a stone's throw away from the Old Market. The scent of lemongrass and the chilled face towels offered to us at the door was soothing and gave us a glimpse of the oasis we would call home for the next 3 nights. Were it not for the temples of Angkor Wat, we would have been perfectly content just to stay in. The Mokongs gasped upon seeing a terrazo tub that could easily fit them right in the middle of the room. Then, they asked us why someone would think of filling the tub with rose petals. Within minutes, this made it among the Mokongs favorite hotels.

118: Our first stop was the Bayon Temple in Angkor Thom. The Bayon's most distinctive feature is the multitude of serene and massive stone faces. The heat, humidity and the bug lovingly passed on by the boys finally hit us that we decided to head back to the hotel for lunch and a nap. Sokna, our guide, must have thought we weren't too impressed.

121: This page: Angkor Wat temple gates perfectly reflected on the surrounding moat. Angkor Wat is said to be the largest religious monument in the world. Opposite page: Bayon Temple.

127: How many elephants do you see? At the Terrace of the Elephants - We just had to go back since we didn't get to properly explore it the day before. Don't ask why.

128: It would have been unforgivable to miss Preah Khan, the temple complex named after the sacred sword. It was originally a Buddhist monastery and school which engaged over 1,000 monks. We approached this huge complex through the west side crossing a bridge lined by stone giants holding nagas.

132: Welcome to Banteay Srei where Baz nimbly jumped over obstacles while looking for his parents and brother who were hiding from him. | AFTER: | BEFORE: | All smiles and ready to explore yet another temple complex.

133: Built of fine-grained rose-pink sandstone, Banteay Srei is the most elaborately decorated of all Angkor’s monument. Its walls, false doors, lintels and exotic soaring pediments all richly embellished with floral motifs and Ramayana scenes. Even the most "templed-out" traveller will find Banteay Srei captivating. Banteay Srei was about an hour's drive from our hotel. The drive gave us a chance to see many of the typical house on stilts along the way, visit a market and learn about life under Khmer from our tour guide-slash-driver. | Visibly upset after his scare. Bad parents!

145: Vietnam

150: Our first Christmas in our new home.

154: Kinect | showdown

156: How many kids can say that they have their own space rocket, with all the bells and whistles, and smoke that spews on cue? These 2 can! And they get to spend every christmas with it. Thank you, Papa!

157: On Raffy's side of the family, it's a race to produce a female grandchild. So far, no one has claimed the prize. But no one is complaining with 5 uber-hotties - 2 of whom bear the Khan surname. See all 5 of them on the left :)

163: Boom! | Papa was trying to recreate the good ol' fashioned cannons from his youth for the boys. Several blows into the bamboo pole later, we heard one boom... and then perhaps another. In keeping with tradition, we enjoyed the fireworks all around us - the neighbors' fireworks.

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