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The Divine Secrets

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FC: The Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood

1: June 30, 1993 Dear Mama, I know your still furious with me. But I need your help. I will be directing a musical version of Clare Boothe Luce's The Women in Seattle and I have no idea where to begin. You know everything about female friendship. You've been bosom buddies with Caro, Necie, and Teensy for over fifty years. You are the expert. And your innate sense of drama is unimpeachable. It would be enormously helpful if you could send me ideas, memories - anything about your life with the Ya-Yas. If your don't want to do it for me, do it for the American theater. Please. Love, Sidda


3: Hail, bright Star of all the oceans, Hail, Mother of the Flowers, Shower us with the sweet fragrance Of your love and compassion, You who carried in your womb Him who heaven could not contain!

4: December 14- no! December 15, 1939 2 o'clock in the morning! Dear Necie, Girl, girl, girl! We have just gotten home after the most exciting day that I ever had in my life. Girl, there were already people on the streets of Atlanta out walking around in their Civil War finery and antebellum dresses. We had on the car radio and they were reporting everything like it was FDR himself coming to town. Oh, it was so crowded; I mean people were eight and ten deep. And then the parade started. Necie, there must have been fifty or sixty cars, with stars sitting in the back of convertibles, looking like royalty. Clark Gable himself was there! Honey, I am not kidding! I saw him with my own two eyes, and I swear to you. Necie, he looked right at me. Teensy and Caro are still trying to act like this did not happen, but they are just jealous. I'm telling you the truth: Clark Gable looked right at me and smiled. Scarlett-ly Yours, Viviane

5: Later 10:45 P.M. Dear Countess Singing Cloud, I don't know how to put it all into words, but I will try. We have just come from the premiere of the greatest movie ever made. I take back every single thing I ever said against Vivien Leigh. I love her. I adore her. Vivien Leigh is Scarlett. I want to live in the movie, Necie! This is the kind of drama I was born for! Let me tell you as much as I can get down. I am still so excited and so tired from crying and clapping. But don't worry. It is worth it to get everything down. Oh! These huge titles crossed the screen like the wind was blowing them, and there was this music that had me crying even before the credits stopped rolling. And after that I don't think I breathes for hours until Scarlett was out in the field with that turnip swearing she would never go hungry again as God as her witness! And the music got louder, and pretty soon the intermission lights camp up and everybody was clapping like crazy, and the movie was only half over! At intermission the three of us held hands in the lobby and could hardly talk. We had trouble getting down the refreshments that Uncle James handed us because we were still back at Tara. | How could we drink punch when Scarlett was starving? Oh, Necie, I just can't write anymore. I'm so tired and I start crying all over again when I start thinking about it all. I am going to sleep now after the most exciting day of my life (I was wrong before. I can't imagine having a more exciting day as long as I live.) Fiddle-dee-dee and a kiss, Vivian

9: December 31, 1942 332 Compton Street Thornton, Louisiana Dear Mother Superior, I want to write a mother's letter to you about why you must take my daughter, Viviane Joan Abbott, into the academy at midterm. I am not a writer, Sister, but with God's and our Blessed Mother's help, I will do my best. My daughter has gotten in with a fast crowd of hooligans. The pack of girlfriends she runs with just encourage her vanity. She pays no attention to me, her mother. Vivi and these girls are thick as thieves, Mother Superior, and bad influences on each other. They smoke and curse and flaunt themselves and have no shame. An d the public high school treats them like pagan princesses. These girls put their friend ship before their love for God the Father. I fear for the loss of my daughter's soul with all the popularity that has been heaped on her at the high school. I beg you, Mother Superior, in your wisdom, please allow my daughter to enter the academy as soon as possible. If I do not remove her from the temptations of the world, she will die before she has had the chance to bloom in spirit. Yours in the name of Christ through the intercession of the Blessed Virgin, Mrs. Taylor C. Abbott

11: Beautiere Cosmetics Line | Consultant: Lizzie Mitchell

12: Lawanda the Magnificent

13: When the Deep Purple falls, Over sleepy garden walls, And the stars begin to flicker in the sky, Thru the mist of a memory You wander back to me, Breathing my name whit a sigh. In the still of the night, Once again I hold you tight, Tho' you're gone, your love lives on When moonlight beams And as long as my heart will beat Lover,we'll always meet Here in my Deep purple dreams.

14: April 2, 1963 Dear Mama, Nobody will give me your address. Teensy said I can give my letters to her and she will get them to you so I hope she does. Mama, I am so sorry we were bead, and you got upset. Buggy said we are too much for you. She said we can only write you cherry letters. Please get well soon. I am sorry we were bad and you got upset. I am taking good care of the others. Sunday night we stayed at Buggy's. Then Necie came and got me and Lula. Little Shep and Baylor went to Caro’s. Daddy is gone. I don't know where he went. I wish I could stay at Teensy and Chick's so I could swim in their pool. When I asked Necie where you are she said you are out of town getting well. Are you in the hospital, Mama? Are you visiting friends? I watched The Little Rascals and Superman on TC, and me and Lulu played Barbies with Malissa and Annie. We slept in Necie’s attic guest room. I am Sorry. I will write you again soon. Please write me and come home soon. Love, Sidda | May 23, 1963 Dear Mama, We are all staying with Necie now. Please come and get us. Necie’s house is too loud. There are eleven kids here now, and I don't have any room to myself. I can't do my homework. You need to come home now, OK? Lulu is chewing her hair again and I can't make her stop. The other children miss you too bad. Little Shep got in a fistfight. HE gave Jeff LeMoyne a bloody nose and the nuns punished him and made Caro come pick him up from school. Lulu won't wear her uniform to school anymore, even Necie can't make her. Baylor is acting like a baby again, Mama. He is talking baby talk and spitting and everything. So you need to come on back now, OK? We miss you. I am being so good you wouldn't recognize me, Mama! Come on back, you won't believe how sweet we are. I am sorry we made you mad and made you get sick. Please, Mama. Love from your oldest daughter, Siddalee Walker

15: June 6, 1963 Dear Mama, You didn't write me. I thought you were going to. I don't think it's very nice to leave and not write me. I am not writing you one more letter. School is out and you aren't home. I hate you. Sidda | June 7, 1963 Dear Mama, I’m sorry for my last letter. I’m sorry for everything. Everybody here misses you and wants you home. You would not recognize me, Mama. I am so good. Please come home. OK? Necie is going to take us to Spring Creek but I don't wanna go without you. Pretend I never wrote that other letter, OK? I love you. Your loving daughter, Siddalee

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