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The Handmaid's Tale

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S: The Handmaid;s Tale

FC: The Handmaid's Tale | The Daily Handmaid | http://www.patriciamorehead.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/11/handmaid_large.jpg

1: By: Taylor Coker, Lauren Kersey, Pressley Arnold, Breann Bridges, & Whitney Mixon

2: Do you agree with the choices that the women in "the club" make? -No. As a woman, I believe we should have more self respect for ourselves than that. Though I do understand that they just want to get away. | Can you predict what would happen if you tried to escape like Moira did? -I would probably be end up on the wall, along with all the others that have done wrong. However, most that ended up on the wall had done no wrong at all... | What do you believe happened to your husband, Luke? -To be honest, I have no idea. He could be anywhere. Every time I go to the wall, I always look for him. But I've never seen anyone that looks like him...I'd like to hope that he escaped to somewhere, that was our dream afterall. | Taylor Coker

3: Character Interview: | Offred | -What is your opinion of the outfits the handmaid's have to wear? -I think they are awful! Who would want to wear such things anyway? | Can you justify your actions when you decided to sneak off to see Nick every night? -It was love, or I thought it was. I liked the feeling of being wanted by someone. It was something I had not felt in a long time... | http://webspace.ringling.edu/~emcguire/illustration/handmaid2.jpg

4: Do you think it was right of your mistress to ask you to be with Nick so you could get pregnant? -No, I don't necessarily think it was right. But it did lead me to freedom. Or at least it got me out of that house. | Why did you risk being with the commander in his office when you knew that room was forbidden? -Because I go through the same routine every day; when the offer came to switch it up some, I took it. Plus, I was scared not to go because he is my commander afterall. | Taylor Coker

5: How did you feel when Janine was giving birth to her daughter? -I felt pain for her, because I knew that she would not be able to keep her long. Also, I knew from experience that pain that comes with having a child, & getting it taken from you. | Why was it so important that you saw Moira in "the club"? -Because I knew that she was still alive and she always had some sort of information to tell me about. | How did you feel when you saw the new Ofglen? -I felt confused because I didn't know what had happened to her or if she had done something wrong, or even if she was sent to the colonies.

6: Advice Column | Offred: I went to the doctor today and he tried to have sex with me what should I do or should I go tell my commander. I am so confused can you please give me some advice. | Whitney Mixon

7: The advice giver: I am so sorry to hear that your doctor tried to have sex with you. For me I would sit and think what would I do if it happens to me? Well you have to think what would your commander think? Would he think that you are lying or that you just want to go to a different doctor? Only thing I can say is that just ask your commander if you can go to a different doctor and try to explain to him what happened and why you want to go to a different doctor you never know he might understand and take you to a better doctor.

8: Articles | The New Trends Girls- Today I saw two girls wearing long dresses that came down to their ankles. They hand this big white hat on their head. This one girl had these pair of white wings blocking her face so I couldn’t see if she was wearing any make-up or not. Guys- I saw this guard today. He was wearing an all dark green suit. They weren’t allowed to smile all they could do was let those girls into that place. They had to keep their faces down and were not allowed to look around.

9: Giving Birth Janine was about to have her baby. They took her to the birth place; every girl that was a handmaid was there. They had to watch the birth and become as one to feel the pain of have a baby before they even get pregnant. They would whisper chants and start to sway back and forth. They would feel the pain. Secrets Offred sneaks out of her room to go meet the commander in his office which was the forbidden room. She sneaks around to go and meet him to play scrabble. Te girl knows something about the leaders and the commanders. They want to tell Offred but they don’t know if she is trustworthy. | Breann Bridges

10: Lauren Kersey

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12: Obituary | http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio4/womanshour/media/handmaids_tale.jpg | Taylor Coker

13: Ofglen She was mostly liked by all; she was a good handmaid and a good friend. She was paired with Offred, who walked with her to to town every day. Her death was unfortunate, she hung herself because she was going to be killed. No one knows the real reason for why she was going to be killed. She will be missed by all.

14: Dear editor, I think the commander should not have taken her to the club. There was no real reason for her to be there. It seems as if the only reason he took her to the club is to have a nice laugh out of it. The only reason any man would ever bring a girl like her into the club was only to get a kick out of it or to make a joke. Also, I think that the commander was being very thickheaded and insensible. While at the club, Moira tries to get Offred to work at the club with her, but she will only have three or four years to live. Offred is disappointed to hear the fatalism in Moira’s voice. I think that Offred is disappointed for the fact that Moira has lowered her standards in life and that she is no longer trying.

15: Letter to the Editor | http://www.timtim.com/public/images/drawings/large/Envelope.gif | Pressley Arnold

17: C O M I C S | Lauren Kersey

18: Whitney Mixon

19: Photographs | http://plastasso.com.br/polaroid-frames-vector&page=4

20: Doctor's Office | Whitney Mixon

21: T H E B A R

22: Author: Margaret Atwood Living or Not?: Living Facts: She is the daughter of a forest entomologist, She studied at the University of Toronto, then took her master’s degree at Radcliffe College, Massachusetts, and her first book was The Edible Woman 1969. Awards: The Blind Assassin was successful for winning the Booker Prize for fiction in 2000. She also won the Los Angeles Times Fiction Award in 1986. The latest prize she has won was the Nelly Sachs Prize, in Germany in 2010.

23: Margaret Atwood | http://gal.darkervision.com/2009/10/12/margaret-atwoods-wide-stance-on-sf/ | Pressley Arnold

24: I think this book is a very good book. They give great detail about some things that you might not want to know about but it has very good descriptions. | 1.I like this book because it leaves you thinking. 2.It gives very good descriptions of the place, Offred, and any other thing in the book. 3.It tells you every day dream she has and what she is thinking about while she is day dreaming. | Book Review | Breann Bridges

25: This book is about a girl who gets taken to an old high school at the beginning of the story. She is raised there and taught to be as one with the birth of a child. The main reason for this is because their population where they live is starting to decrease and they need young women that can have babies, get pregnant and make the population increase. They have nothing to do but sit around on a fixed schedule. They have to do things at a certain time and go place with a buddy because they don’t want them to run away or try to at least. You cannot trust anyone because you never know who is an ear for the commanders. She grows up in this environment and has a child that she is not even allowed to see. She likes to day dream all the time about Luke and her child wanting to be with them and longing for his touch. At the end of the book she goes to this club and see Moria there, talks to her and asking her plenty of questions so she can figure things out. | Summary

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