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The Traveler

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S: Our Wedding

FC: By: Jacob Rodgers | The Traveler

1: Made in 2009 | for my parents

2: The village of Jelani is festive and sparkling. They dance, sing, and honor the serpent of the lake, treating him as the god of life. When things go fine for the village they honor him with wonderful riches and celebrations. The people of this village love this serpent as if he was like God, always praising him so that that year would be a high-quality harvest. But this year was different; the rain that constantly comes to show that the harvest is will be good did not come.

3: The villagers were quite terrified at this that they went to their chief for the answer. “O’ great one, why has the rain not arrived”? They all yelled. but the chief said” the rain has not fallen because we have upset him”. Then the people asked” how have we upset him”? he said” we have upset him by not giving him enough gifts and celebrations, and some people do not believe in him”. “Surly it is not I” all the people cried out.

4: But one man in the crowd yelled out“it is I who does not believe in him”. This man’s name was Jesus. “Do you really believe that a serpent has done all of this for you, brought you to this world, let you live and give you the things you have”? “Why yes”, all of the citizens replied. “Fine, he said, if I bring you a sign from my God you have to believe in him for all eternity, but if I fail you, you must kill me how ever you please”. People thought for a while; no one has even seen the serpent, he shall surly fail. So the people decided he shall go on the quest. Jesus then packed his bags, feed his donkey before his journey and said goodbye to his closest friends. On his journey to the lagoon were the serpent lives he must cross the Dead Sea and the Octavian desert.

5: Just before Jesus walked over the brige to no mans land he ran into a Troll. "hello there mr. troll" said Jesus. "no I say the first words" said the troll. "but I wanted to start a conversation and if you yell at people if they just say hello people will noit want to talk to you on their way back." said Jesus. "But no one has talked to me in years, all i get from them is your ugly or dont talk to me creep." said the troll. "but I wanted to talk to you and i think that you are as normal as them." said Jesus. "oh, well thank you". said the troll. "can you promise me something, said Jesus, will you be the man to welcome people in Heaven?" that sounds like a swell idea" said troll. "well i have to get going and i will see you when i pass this brige again". saif Jesus. "ok, see you later". said the troll. and Jesus crossed the brige and was on his way to the Dead sea.

7: after crossing the Bridge he saw alot of new people: shepards herding their sheep and cows, farmers feeding their animals and other people walking on the road. the journey to the Dead sea was amazing with the long walks in the fields, watching the sun rise and set and look a the tall hills with animals walking over it.

8: Jesus entered many cities and many towns with new people. most people were very generous and let him stay in their homes. but one of the cities was different. the grass looked dead and the road was destroyed. all that was left was an arch. most of the stones were gone and it looked like it was going to fall any second. but Jesus had to move on to find the serpent.

9: as he entered the town he saw a family about to be killed. so Jesus rushed into the crowd and yelled "stop"! and everyone went silent. he got to the front of the crowd and said "why are you going to kill this family?" we had orders from the king to kill them because they beleive in something called God." said a guard. "why do you kill people for what they beleive in? they deserve to live." said Jesus. after saying this everyone in the crowd started chanting "let them live, let them live"! "ok fine, said the guard, i will let them go but the king will hear about this." and then the guards left down the road.

10: after the family was untied from the ropes they invited Jesus to have dinner with them. when he got to their house they came outside and said "thank you outsider, our lives are now in your hands and we will serve you until our death." said the family. "i saved your lives because you bleieved in the only God and you kept following him even in the most hardest times." said Jesus. well we thank you and you may be able to say in our home for the night to rest." said the father. "well thank you."

11: that morning Jesus awoke very early to get to the Dead sea and fiond the Serpent. he said his last goodbyes to the family and was off walking through the flat grasslands, over hills and seeing new animals that he had never seen before. he is coming up to the last town he will face before death.

12: when he came to the entrance of the town he felt like he was surrounded. but he kept on walking and as soon as he walked through the arch and soldiers came and arestted him. he could not beleive what had happned. he was arestted and their was nothing he could do about it, all he could do was except what he has done.

13: when he got to the city he was throne in jail for saving a family when they were suppost to die and beleive in God. he waited in jail whating for his death when the family he ahd saved came to his cell. "i am sorry for what i made you go through, if there is anything I can do for you just say it." said the father. "can you go back to my homeland and tell them that God has sent them a sign." "i can do that". said the father. and then the family left. then Jesus went to sleep, hoping that someone he knows will come and watch his death.

14: The next morning Jesus was awoken by a guard. he was taken outside and was put on board with a hole for his head and was forced to walk up a hill. as he was walking up the hill the troll that he talked to ran down the hill and lifted him up and walked him up the hill. "thank you for coming today Mr. troll." said Jesus. "i got a sign that you were going to die so i rushed down here to see you." said the troll. "well i thank you." said Jesus and then he was dead. the troll was not sad about the death but happy because he knows that Jesus is now in heaven sitting next to God.

15: weeks pass and when the troll got back to his home under the brige he said hello to everyone that passed by him even if they sad bad things about him he still said hello. the family that Jesus saved went to his homeland and told the people that the death of Jesus was the sign that God sent them. they then from now on belevied in God and the family traveled around the world preaching God's word and telling the story of Jesus' journey

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