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Trail of Dreams

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FC: 'TRAIL OF DREAMS' Jurupa California Stake July 2011 | written by James Arrington, Marvin Payne and Steven Kapp Perry

1: "We outlived the trying scenes - we felt contented and happy - the songs of Zion resounded from wagon to wagon, from tent to tent; the sound reverberated through the woods, and its echo was returned from the distant hills; peace, harmony, and contentment reigned in the habitations of the Saints. The God of Israel is with us. And as we journey, as did Abraham of old, to a distant land, we feel that like him, we are doing the will of our Heavenly Father and relying upon His word and promises; and having His blessing, we feel that we are children of the same promise and hope, and that the great Jehovah is our God." -- John Taylor Millennial Star, Vol. 8, Nos. 7 and 8 "Amen!" -- Cast & Crew, Jurupa Stake 'Trail of Dreams'

2: Fill in the blanks: "I tried out for the 'Trail of Dreams' production because __________________________." | Something was drawing me to it, like I should be there. I truly didn't intend to try out nor be in it. | I wanted a challenge, and to prove to myself that I could be part of a play, even if it is a small part. | I loved being in the play 'Savior of the World' and I was hoping to have as much fun and gain yet another amazing experience .... by the way, it's already been topped. I'm having a blast! | -- Donna Hall | -- Sarah Aebsicher | -- Beth Houghtaling

3: Sarah: "I was sent to a tin shop to have a handle soldered to a quart cup." Tinner: "So, you want the handle soldered to your cup, do you?" Sarah: "Yes, sir." Tinner: "Why, you're a Mormon girl, aint ye?" Sarah: "Yes, sir." Tinner: "Then why don't you have faith the cup will solder itself, and surely it would be so. (he laughs loudly, as do those who have surrounded the scene.) Haven't you the faith to heal your cup?" Sarah: "No sir, I haven't faith that I can mend my cup; but if you will put the handle on good, I have faith that it will stay on." | The part where Jedediah Grant's wife (Caroline) dies. She asked him to make sure she gets to Zion. He is looking for wood to make a coffin for her and uses the wood of his wagon. As he's preparing her for the coffin, this is what he says/writes ... "And who would have thought that a box just this size could hold all the dreams in her eyes." I fell apart totally and am tearing up again writing about it... | Being in a play of this nature can be inspiring. What is your favorite line/quote from the play thus far? I love the following exchange in scene 9 between Brother Bingham/the Tinner and Emma Harris/Sarah Staker: | -- Anne Humpherys | -- Donna Hall

4: It is kind of cool to search and find out information on the characters, isn't it? I printed off pictures of Jens and Elsie and have them on the back of my script binder. It's really great if you can find pictures of the characters. It also has made me look up the trek history of my ancestors. It's all there on LDS.org! | Just found out something really cool about my person in the play. She was born in Rotherham near Sherwood Forest where the Robin Hood stories take place .... I think that's super cool. | -- Gregg Fry | -- Beth Houghtaling

5: We went camping on vacation last week and it made me think of the pioneers. All three nights my baby would cry if I laid him down. I didn't want him to bother the others so I ended up sleeping with him in the truck every night (super uncomfortable). The pioneers though didn't have trucks to put their loud babies in, and I'm sure crying kids kept the other pioneers up. I wonder if they got irritated with each other about things like that, or maybe it was nothing to them considering everything else they were dealing with. | I thought the same thing while we were camping in Wyoming! In one of the movies it talked about how the children were so hungry that they cried themselves to sleep every night. I can't imagine what that would have been like....not only to be so hungry, but the noise of all those children crying late into the night with no sound barrier. Then to be woken up by the bugle so early the next morning.....DAY AFTER DAY AFTER DAY. It made me think about the chief grumbler's line about needing sleep more than prayers. I know how irritable I get when I am tired, hungry, sick or cold ... but they had ALL OF THOSE THINGS AT ONCE....yet they had to just keep on moving. | -- Heather Snow | -- Kim Loudon

8: I look forward to every practice, and just working on the songs I feel the spirit of these wonderful pioneers and some of my own ancestors that crossed the plains. We pay tribute to all of the pioneers who sacrificed and gave up all they had, even their lives, for this ever inspiring Gospel. May we never forget. | "Come away, come away! Down the trail of dreams tonight! Feel the sun, face the wind, ford the rivers, find the height of your dream." | My husband had invited an inactive sister to the play and she went last night and then texted him saying, "Thank you for inviting me to the play ... it renewed a spark inside of me." | -- Angela Hopewell, scene 1 | -- Sandy Foust | -- Heather Snow

9: So, I came home from my meetings tonight to find the cloth spread out and the candles burning bright. I love my wife! This whole experience has been amazing! Thank you everyone. | "We can spread out the cloth when we sit on a Sunday and the candles are all burning bright. Every one of us there -- gathered safe by my side. Yes, those are my plans, those are my schemes; a box that's just big enough for dreams." | What I love most about the play is not only are the characters real people, but the people who played the characters are as amazing as the characters they played, and also very real. How wonderful for your family to have gone to Rocky Ridge and how wonderful for your family to have candles and a special cloth for your Sunday tradition. Someday perhaps someone will read the Loudon family journal and start their own family tradition! | I started crying in Sacrament Meeting today when the speaker mentioned Robert Pierce in the play. I've felt like these characters are real, and I know they were, but hearing/singing in this experience for so long just makes it even more so. Now you can enjoy those candles burning bright, and do it for those pioneers because I know they would want you to. | -- Corine Poetschlag | -- Laura Aebischer | -- Eric Loudon | -- Caroline Grant, scene 3

10: "Come try your luck with the oxen, boys!" | "... with a GEE! .... and a HAW ...!" | "Mmmmooooooo!!" | I feel we can now give voice and song to the pioneers' tribulations. It's a small sacrifice for us to pay them this tribute. In the car today as Caroline sang "A Box for My Dreams" I cried, knowing she will give up that box for a coffin for someone else's child. | I just have to share that the music goes on in my head still, even when I'm sleeping. I just want to thank all of you for the opportunity I had to be in this wonderful production. I will always remember what a wonderful group of people I was able to share this experience with. I'm still amazed at all the time of service and dedication that went into the "Trail of Dreams", and to know that lives were touched and testimonies strengthened. I am so grateful. | ... tell the cast I said salute to them all ... the music was wondrous and the children ... WOW, they were fantastic! Yippie! | -- Sandy Foust | -- non-member friend of Donna Hall | -- Corine Poetschlag

11: "Angels before us, and angels behind; angels were promised, but so hard to find. I look on my left hand, I look on my right ... Where in the world could the angels be hiding tonight?" | "Come to the valley that lies beyond dreams, walk through the gardens all scattered along the streams. Rest by the fountain where mornings are born, come hold each day like a rose without thorn. Come to the valley." | I'd be lying if I said I hadn't felt this same way a time or two in my life ... not lack of faith, just human nature, I guess. | "Come, come ye saints ... no toil nor labor fear; but with joy wend your way." | "I've written a song!" | "I'm a plucky little thing .... !" | "I've written a song!" | -- Jean Baker, scene 11 | -- Angela hopewell, scene 10 | -- Anne Humpherys | -- William Clayton, scene 13 | -- John Brown, scene 10. | -- Robert Pearce, scene 13 | "There was a good omen. I heard a whippoorwill this evening ..."

12: "... there was a box placed in the center of the room, similar to many lotteries I have seen. Tickets within envelopes were placed in this box ... so many marked to die and so many marked to live ..." | Elizabeth Jackson | Margaret Dalglish | William Whitaker | "... Rolling on into the wilderness that soon will be our home!" | "... The first night out the mosquitoes gave us a hearty welcome." | "Circle! | It was an honor to give a voice for those pioneers, and their stories and struggles are now forever imbedded in my mind. I'll never think of Pioneer Day again in the same way. We as cast members are the recipients of the strongest witness. If the audience even experiences a fraction of what we have from this, it will be the sweetest testimony. | -- Corine Poetschlag | -- John Brown, scene 15 | -- Company, scene 15 | -- John Watkins, scene 14 | --Mary Ann Hafen, scene 15

13: "And all of the heroes are just in disguise. They're ordinary people with extraordinary lives! And all the explorers who ever set sail had not one bit more courage than these ordinary people on the trail!" | Leaving practice Saturday I had the sound of the "Rolling On" song playing in my head. It sounded like I had the car radio on very low. I heard it all evening in my ears. Sunday morning I woke up to hearing "Ordinary People" being sung in my head. It's a real nice cozy feeling to have. | "But oh! that bugle, that awful bugle." | -- Corine Poetschlag | -- John Brown, scene 16 | -- Solomon Chamberlain, scene 18

14: I woke up this morning after having the song "One Step Ahead" playing in my head in my sleep!! I don't think I'll ever hear the word 'difference' again without also hearing it said 'differ-inch.' " LOL | "We can do anything, if we have enough sticky-ta-tooty!" -- Jens Nielson, scene 5. One of my favorite lines from the play. | What is meant by sticky-ta-tooty, and I agree they are a great couple. I like how they make us love the personalities of the pioneers. | It was a favorite saying of Jens ... it means you can do anything ... "if you stick to your duty." That is according to his ancestors' biography of him online. | "But I have wings to fly that nobody else can see. Yes, I have wings to fly and someday I will break free!" | Elsie: "They said to find the ships so we could build a fire." Jens: "Ships?" Elsie: "Buffalo ships!" | "A Tactical Meeting" | -- Corine Poetschlag | -- Anne Humpherys | -- Corine Poetschlag | -- Gregg Fry | -- Elsie & Jens Nielson, scene 22 | -- Robert Pearce, scene 23 | "Angela!" | -- John Brown, scene 23

15: I went to breakfast this morning with a friend who saw the play and LOVED it. She raved on and on saying everything about it was terrific, and how her non-member friend (who came and also loved it) teared up as well as she did. Also my inactive son brought his girl and they loved it too, saying they especially teared up at the wolf scene and a few other scenes. I'm so glad he was touched by the spirit. Many members recognized him and came over to say hello to him. He hasn't set foot in church for the last six years. Thanks to everyone. | "I dreamed that I came to a tremendous mountain of snow and saw that my pathway was hedged up. But someone said, 'Take one more step.' I replied, 'But that will be the last.' However, I took that step, and then my guide said, 'Do you not see that there is room for you to take another?' When I had taken another, my guide told me to take still another in advance; and there was a passage all the way through. So it will be with us." | "Snow!" | My daughter has heard me practice my lines about needing a box to protect my baby from the wolves. Today she was carrying around a box and I asked her what was in it. She showed me her baby doll inside and said "the box is to keep her safe from the wolves." | ....choked up during the baby funeral with the wolves threat, and during "Rolling On/Come, Come Ye Saints" ensemble .... | It's a special feeling, because you know these experiences were true, and you know being a fellow mom what agony and heartwrenching feeling it would be to leave your baby's body behind subject to a wolf, for heaven's sake, among other things. The list is endless .... | E-mail from a lady with a non-member (or inactive) hubby!: "YES -- we went Friday night -- I even got my husband to come with me and guess what? He was the first one on his feet to give you a standing ovation Thank you SO much!" | WOW ... hardly captures the incredible experience of these last few days. Thank you for your influence on the Harris family ... | -- Heather Snow | -- Corine Poetschlag | -- Tammy Harris | -- Corine Poetschlag | -- Donna Hall | -- John Young, scene 27 | -- Caddie Grant, scene 27

16: "It began with a dream I believed in, when my vision was clear and my strength unspent. It began with the joy of the journey, trusting the trail wherever it went. Then we came to the plains and the rivers, and we fought through the mud and the dusty lands. Will it end in the peace I planned, or will I end with blood on my hands?" | "I shall call upon the bishops this day, I shall not wait until tomorrow, for sixty good mule teams and fifteen wagons. Also twelve tons of flour and forty good teamsters. The Gospel has been preached to those who are now on the plains; they have believed and obeyed it, and are doing all they can do. You may now stand up and give your names ..." | "Digging deep in the dirt for my Margaret -- digging deep in my heart like a rusty knife." | "Will I picture her tiny face in this lonely place the rest of my life?" | I had two or three people stop me and tell me what an amazing job we did, and how the play has just touched them and made their week or life. (And that's saying something since I don't see many people on Sunday, being in Nursery.) Plus, Katie was getting compliments and apparently someone was telling my other sister that we did an amazing job, including her in it. I think it was her teacher, but he must have been so amazed he didn't realize that she wasn't in it! | We had invited our neighbor of the past 20 years to the play. My hubby was an usher and saw them come, but never saw them leave. He assumed they may have left at intermission. Last night he came over and thanked us for the invite and he added that he heard me singing in the Rocky Ridge number, which I knew was in Act 3. Normally this guy is a salty, wise-crackin' kinda guy, but I could see he was somber and rather touched. But still true to form he quirked, "I still don't get why you Mormons settled Vegas." We explained it wasn't casinos then, plus we settled San Ber-doo and Redlands. We had a nice conversation | -- John Brown, scene 28 | -- Brigham Young, scene 29 | -- Jedediah Grant, scene 30 | -- Megan Swanson | -- Corine Poetschlag | -- Caroline Grant

17: Having a difficult time learning "Rocky Ridge." My heart aches as I wrap my head around what that company of pioneers went through, and yet what great courage, faith and trust they had. It's hard not to get emotionally involved long enough to learn the words. | I think emotion is what the audience deserves to hear on behalf of those good pioneers. | I tear up at some point every rehearsal, and I think it's great. | "Rocky Ridge, Rocky Ridge, oh the memory haunts us yet. Rocky Ridge, Rocky Ridge, those who crossed it can't forget Rocky Ridge." | I just wanted to say thank you to all of you! My children and I had an amazing time during our journey on the Trail of Dreams! We already miss seeing all of our cast family members. I hope all of you have a great summer end. The Spirit and the blessings that surrounded being involved with this production were absolutely immeasurable! Thank you everyone! | -- Gracie Wilcox | -- Danielle Robbins Imes | -- Heather Snow | -- Corine Poetschlag

18: "I feel joyful!" | -- Company, scene 36 | "... Come and Dream!" | -- John Brown, scene 34a | "There is a land of peace called zion where we cast down our every care ..." | My non-member friend who came said that it was phenomenal! She said it was almost like seeing a Broadway performance. They were very impressed with the lead characters. | -- Heather Snow | I think the ENTIRE cast and crew did a phenomenal job! We all depended on each other (like one does in a family!) and brought out the best in each other. We're all just ordinary people and this extraordinary event brought something special into our lives. I miss everyone so much! | -- Rene Mowrey | "I cried at the point (where they said a little girl got run over by a wagon and died the next day) and the audience said sadly 'oh no', and you could feel the sorrow of the people's spirit, especially when it comes to kids. All I know is the people had drive and determination, then hope -- faith for a better life and future. I love the people and I say wherever they rest, thank you for paving the way for others ..." | -- comments from a non-member friend of Donna Hall

19: I wanted to take a moment and just let you know what a special experience this has been. With the blessing of playing John Brown I was amazed as I learned about the footsteps of faith taken in the face of fear, trials, illness, harsh weather and many, many sacrifices while overcoming obstacles that had never been foreseen -- and this was just as I witnessed the cast and crew of this play! Singing on stage for the first time, dancing on stage for the first time, memorizing lines, learning choreography, children being willing to submit to long hours, costumes, and strangers babysitting them! Soooo many "glacier hours" that were put in behind the scenes and the rest of us only saw the tip of all that was done. Building, painting, lighting, sound, directing, props, costumes, cleaning, feeding, etc. Borrowing from J1 & J2 otherwise Eastvale would perish altogether! Thank you all so much for letting me see Christ in your works! Thank you for sharing your testimonies through your good deeds, words, songs and sacrifice! I'm thankful to our Stake President for the inspiration and expenditure of Church funds to allow us to have this privilege. Souls have been touched, the gospel has been preached, new commitments have been made, lives have been changed. Among them all, I am the greatest recipient! | I wanted to write down my feelings so that I wouldn't forget them, and it ended up being a letter to you all, so I thought I would share it with you. This calling (role), for me, has been THE most important and precious use of the talents the Lord has blessed me with. I have always been grateful to my Heavenly Father for the gift of music in my life, but never have I been able to use those talents for such a great purpose. Through this play Heavenly Father blessed me to be able to see through His eyes (of course as only an imperfect person can) , and to be able to see things from the heavenly perspective. I got to see each and every one of you with new eyes, and because of that have grown to love and admire you all so much. I feel now that I understand what it must be like for our Heavenly Father to have to watch us go through trials and hardship, feeling our pain with us but knowing how it will end. My testimony has grown so much through this experience and I am so grateful to all of you for making that possible. After the last show I have had to experience my least favorite part ... separation! It really has been difficult to be separated from my 'family!' I can't wait to see you all again ... and again, I am so thankful for this experience; words cannot adequately express! | I'll never forget you! Thank you again!!! | To my Pioneers - | -- Love, Angela (Erika Jackson) | In the words of John Brown ... | "I could sail across the sea, I could roll across the plains, I could find the farthest valley, And the picture of your face(s) still remains ...." | -- Carl Harris

20: How has "Trail of Dreams" changed YOUR perspective on life, death, and the trials we face in between? | I can't believe how much the pioneers sacrificed so that they could go to Zion ... so it makes me think twice when I go through smaller trials ... and the whole experience greatly strengthened my testimony. | I have two answers. What first comes to mind for me is how much my heart aches for them and their trials from burying their children, starvation, sickness, the list can go on ... I have a newborn love and respect for them, and I will never, ever think of Pioneer Day the same way again. Second, it makes me want to hang in there, and be stronger towards my challenges. Often this week I've thought of staying positive towards my daily concerns due in part knowing how these dear people held their heads up with enormous faith in the wake of their trials. I feel I owe it to them - or perhaps we all do, to live our faith better, mainly because I feel they suffered and sacrificed for all of us whether we're related by blood or not. | It changed my perspective on life and made me very happy and grateful for what I have. | I learned that the pioneers obeyed the prophet and had faith in God; and if we do that, then no matter what happens on our journey here, "all is well." | I have had my mind go to the pioneers of our modern day ... I know I have stated that in this play we had many pioneer moments of using many talents for the first time, etc. But just think about what we have to endure that the former pioneers did not ... evil communication targeted to our children glamorizing the use of drugs, immodesty, unnatural affections, etc. The strategy of subversive messages, open rebellion against the family unit, the destruction of distraction ... I say these things only to point out how much I have come to not only appreciate the hardships and challenges of our pioneers, but how much more resolved I am to carry the load and push the handcarts of today's trail of dreams knowing that future generations are counting on us just as much as we retroactively depended on our pioneers. I so appreciate today's mothers who stay at home; today's fathers who remain true and faithful to their wives and children; today's sons and daughters who stay away from spiritual crocodiles found in texting, smart phones, Internet, and the like; today's pioneers who adhere to the Word of Wisdom when a pill can cure any issue but gives you 1,000 side effects; today's leaders; both Sisters and Brethren who follow the past, endure the present, and have Christ's vision for the future. I guess I'm just so thankful for what this play has represented and how it has stood out for me as a standard bearer for what trail we have and do dream for the future! Sorry to preach, but this topic evoked some feelings. I'll now take off my John Brown boots with "lifts" in them and come down to earth! | -- Carl Harris | -- Heather Snow | -- Beth Houghtaling | -- Corine Poetschlag | -- Kinsey McElhaney Mellark | -- Kim Loudon

21: This play was a life-changer for me because it was something that really made me see things from the perspective I have needed for many years. My younger sister passed away at 13, about 11 years ago now. At the time I felt like the only one who wasn't completely altered by the experience. Her death was sudden and unexpected and it affected every member of my family in a seemingly negative way except for me, I felt. The spirit came to me immediately that morning and let me know that all was well, but it has taken 11 years for that to start to be felt by my parents. I never understood why it was that I was the only one to get it. Through the months of rehearsal for this show, I was able to have many conversations with my mother who is now as of this week starting her battle with lung cancer. We have been able to talk about what is to come because of this show and she shared with me that our conversations have helped her to deal with it. | It really helped me to realize that the trials we face don't plan out our future, we do. There is no better time to push along through the mud, dust and death than now. Life can only get harder from here, the pioneers knew that when they traveled but they kept going. It basically inspired me to fight and stand up for what the pioneers, Joseph Smith, previous and present prophets and leaders, and my ancestors, have worked to build up and sacrificed to keep safe for us .... there's a reason for everything. | Bishop Harris, when I drove the trek I couldn't understand why the pioneers say when we get to the other side they will kneel before us because of what we had to endure. I felt like I was only a 'pioneer' because of being the first, and I am sure only, LDS member in my family in my lifetime. I know it's rough out there, but I hadn't considered what you mention that does pertain to me. I guess pioneer status evolves as times progress toward the end. I guess the refiner's fire will always be lit until we are all free. I have had deep admiration, respect and tearful gratitude for the pioneers since driving the trail and camping along the way, because without them and their sacrifices, I would not be making it into the kingdom of heaven because I personally couldn't find the right trail to take in this mortal life until the Lord sent the missionaries to me. I am no longer scared of nor confused about death, because THAT will be reaching the valley-o, to me. | I have learned that I can endure the trials I am given because of the great examples of the lives of these pioneers in this play and my pioneer ancestors - the great faith they had through each step they took in their journey. I will always keep in my heart the love and sacrifice they made for this wonderful gospel I am a part of. | Of all the music, one line keeps coming back to me ... from "'Come, Come Ye Saints': "Our useless cares from us to drive." The pioneers went through tremendous physical hardship, but that was their refiner's fire. By the end of their journey they were pure gold. The useless distractions were gone and all they had left was their faith in Christ. I think back on my day and all the useless things I let myself get wrapped up in. Every day I strive to let go of one more useless care in the hope that when my time is done, I too will be left with nothing but my faith in Christ. | -- Donna Hall | -- Karlyn Mahnken | -- Aubrey Dabbs | -- Erika Jackson | -- Sandy Foust

22: As I ran through the long list in my mind of things I want to say and share with you all, I have determined that there isn't enough time, or paper for that matter, to include it all here. So, let me give you the "Reader's Digest" version and hopefully I don't leave anything important out. Let me begin by thanking everyone for allowing my wife and I to be a part of such an amazing experience in the Jurupa Stake. It was not lost on me that we were/are "outsiders" (soon to be fixed, I hope) from another Stake. We definitely came in with the understanding that we were visitors, but it was incredibly difficult to maintain that mindset with everyone treating us like we belonged. The outpouring of love and support we received from EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU was incredible. We definitely feel like we are part of the Jurupa family now and are missing all of our "family members" tremendously. I cannot thank you enough for the lasting impression you left upon my little family. The examples you set and the Spiritual lessons you have taught will stay with me forever. I know this doesn't even begin to cover it, but THANK YOU! Most of you may already know, or could probably have guessed, but "Trail of Dreams" was not the first production that I have been in; however, along with "Savior of the World", it was one of the few times in my life that I have felt like I was utilizing my talents to the fullest. What I mean to say is, I felt as though I was actually inspiring others through sharing my talents and testimony. I strongly believe that it was because of you all that I was able to do this. Without the constant love and support from ALL of you, I don't think I would have been able to pull off such a difficult role and calling. Portraying a person as profound and determined as Robert Pearce was, proved to be the most difficult and fullfilling role I have ever done. I can only hope I have done him proud. I will force myself to close, as I could ramble on for hours, but I would like to add one more thing. Each and every one of you brought such a sweet, gospel centered, spirit to the characters that you portrayed, and I truly believe that is why the "Trail of Dreams" was such a resounding success. Nowhere else, than in this great gospel, can you experience such a wide variety of emotions ( i.e. joy, gratitude, fullfillment, sorrow, exhaustion, charity, friendship, love, happiness, peace and much, much more) and still feel closer to your Heavenly Father than ever before. Once again, thank you for allowing me and my family to share in such a wonderful experience. I miss you all soooooo much. | Gratefully, Brian "Robert Pearce" Jackson | Treasured Cast and Crew,

23: I took my 4 boys out to dinner tonite. Two year old Ezra stood in our booth and sang "Come Away" at the top of his lungs practically the whole time. I tried to stop him but I couldn't... so I gave up, cause really... coming from a family of all boys, he could have been saying something much more inappropriate. I'm grateful for the opportunity my family had to be a part of something so wonderful, and for the chance that I now have to hear my boys continue to sing the songs. | -- Emily Nelson | For some reason I feel like I need to share this ... on the night of the first performance on Thursday I was not supposed to be there -- I was supposed to be at a volleyball camp in Long Beach. But as I began my day I felt like something was wrong -- stomach turning, mind in the clouds, and not playing volleyball so well -- so I said a prayer to myself basically asking that I would be calmed and (just in general) know what to do. Within a few seconds, "Rocky Ridge" came into my head, then "A Box for my Dreams" and "Come Away," and just song after song popped in! I went to my mom and told her where I needed to be and we asked my coach and I was able to attend. I was filled with joy and peace that I was going to go and join everyone in the performance! And when they talked about sacrificing things for the right reason you are blessed, I felt like I had been blessed to just be in the room and then to later sing along with so many people who have such great spirits! | -- Aubrey Dabbs

24: Beautiful

25: Murals | This amazing artwork was painted by Francisco Rivera.

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