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waking up in afganastan

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FC: waking up in Afghanistan

1: This is dedicated to the men and women throughout the world fighting for the protection of this country, and to those who have had their life taken for this country.

2: Another day, another dollar they say. With me its more like another day, another chance to see someone get hit in the head with an AK or to see the end of an AK barrel. Being a ranger captain can be difficult at points. Physically even training camp was hard on me, but mentally my mindset is “get in do your duty, and get out”. My platoon is alpha 10, I'm cpt.lampski. at first I wanted to be a sniper. When I got out of ROTC I thought to my self it would be epic to be a sniper! but that was when I was fresh out of college too. I finished and passed sniper school (I have the tab and the dead eye to prove it) but when I found out that ill be staying back at base just giving out orders to the snipers I said to my self forget that. So I then hopped on a plane for jump school and then off to ranger school. I was one of the few to pass thankfully. Now I hear gunshots, bullets whizzing past me, and occasionally the terrifying sound of an IED exploding. Ill light my camel cigarette every night thinking what am I doing here? Then suck it up and receive the order from the colonial to run into this village and scout it out, or infiltrate the taliban in this city. Its not easy and I wasn't expecting it to be.

3: When I received the orders to go into the town of kamali to scout it out so infantry can go through safely. I thought it was going to be an easy one. But like my dad said before I went to high school nothing ever is. I ordered my men to do an inventory of their supplies and roll out at 0600 hours. At 0800 hours we rolled into the town, I was nervous, sweaty, tired, and hungry but ranger school taught my drop some hot sauce in your eye, chew some sunflower seeds and be ready for battle.

4: we rolled into the town when right under the leading Humvee a IED fired off. I quickly leaped out of my Humvee with my m4 in my hands everyone else followed. I checked out the leading vehicle and all that were in it were killed in action. A gunshot from the left went off when another from the right I commanded my men “take cover and fire back!”. Bullets are flying, I her one man is also killed and same with another. I crawled over to 1st Lt. Jackson to tell his group to head out to the west to check it out while 1stLt Simons to head out east. Sgt. Williams, ssgt. Bransond, and I went into a vacant building to get a better view of the area. We saw 3 men with AKs up in the top room. I told sgt. Williams to stick it here for security while Ssgt. Brandson and I took out the men with the guns. “fire” I told Brandson. Gunfire and gun smoke filled the room. All we saw were 3 lifeless bodies. “lets move” I told the staff sergeant. We looked out the window and saw a attack spot where the leaders were at. “Simmons come in over” I commanded over the radio “sir” he replied “move your men out to the northeast area of the city ill meet you and Williams there.” “yes sir”. I commanded lt. Williams the same thing an moved out.

5: bullets flying over my head, RPGs exploding, even a towel head ran up to me with a knife to attempt a stab. he was shot dead by my rifle. we cut through an old diner on the corner to get through a block. sgt.Henderson yelled out at me "sir! grenade! 6-o-clock!" with a strong leap i moved out of the way o avoid it. firing back i was noticing gunshots from a window. "Williams your in charge until i get back." "yes sir but where are you going?" i ran off into the building. i did learn 3 things in sniper school. 1.never forget your rifle and ammo. 2. no matter what you are in the army, don't forget your equipment. and 3. unless its your commanding officer, don't tell a soul where you'll be. hurriedly i pulled out my M24, loaded in the mag, and ditched my ranger portion of my ruck sack to go to my shooting position. I saw my enemy sniper from my window when my | bi-pod first opened up. "pewf" my suppressed .300 WIN MAG cried out one sniper down. thats when out of the corner of my eye was another sniper on top of the roof 2 blocks down.

6: quickly i gave myself the coordinates. "wind speed... 13 miles per hour, distance... 200 yards away, calculate in the pathagreom theorem... alright... fire" I whispered to myself. "pewf" shot out another bullet. scouting out the area one more time it was all clear. i ran down the stairs to where my ruck was, loaded up my sniper rifle and equipment bag and ran down one more flight of stairs to meet up with my squad. "alright lets move out!" i ordered to my men. we were cutting corners, seeing families where the mother was covering 2-5 children and same with the eldest son or the father. I thought to my self 'its horrible for them | to see crap like that at their age.' 1st lt. Williams was waving his arms under a old truck "captain!" we all met up with his squad and pulled off an attack. thats when i noticed a man with a black beard, a beard braid to his hip, a tattoo in Arabic saying "death to those who don't believe." i remembered back to a mission a couple back saying that we have to take out a drug trader. he wasn't to be found in the area so HQ told us to bring it all back. but i remembered his picture in the operation folder that i was received before the mission started.

7: just as i was about to pull back out my m24, BAM. something sounded like paper being punched, and it felt like a quick jab you'd get from one of your friends fingers after you sounded like an idiot. My head fell along with my torso and legs, i looked down to see my blood flowing out of my hip. all i hear is 1st lt. Williams yell out "commanding officer down!" and Sgt 1st class "requesting pararescue I repeat requesting pararescue"i pulled in the lt. close and said. "Get him for me. and if push comes to shove you know what top do." "yes sir" he knew if either one of us died. back at the main command center in both of our foot lockers. we have a note and some other things to give to his girlfriend and for me my wife and son. we both agreed to do this when we were still back in Arkansas. for the entire time i was bleeding out i kept thinking of my life, my mom, dad, grandparents, my sister, my wife, but what gave me the will to go on is the thought of my son growing up without a father. how he would be, his friends he would hang out with, what he would do with his life. I couldn't take it. i grabbed my tape, wrapped it around my wound with a patch on it, dropped a drop of Tabasco sauce in each of my eye and jumped up with my M24 on my back and my M4 in my hands.

8: running down alleyways and buildings just to get to my target. i had to stop once or twice to catch my breath and to suck up and brace the stinging pain of a 7.62x39mm round lodged into my kidney. continuing to run my fingers started to fall asleep, my eyes were spinning like the floor was on the ground, i knew what pace i was going as i ran but the ground was moving faster. my first thought was don't back down, my second was drop the rifles, grab your pistol. it was my grandpas .38 revolver. i remember when i first got it. it was a bright sunny Arkansas day. i just graduated with a major in agriculture and a minor in tactical command. i saw my family all so happy to see me. my mother was crying mumbling "my baby's graduated college". thats when i noticed a box that my grandpa had for me. it was an old wooden box still good condition from the 70s. "here son i want you to have this" my grandpa said to me as he handed me the box. the lock made a weakly loud click as it opened. there it was, the well polished blued single action revolver glistened in the sunlight. my grandpa told me "when your in battle about to give, i want you to wild this strongly in your hands and have that make you never give up. from that day forth, i have never pulled it out, until now when the scorching hot metal of that smith and wesson warmed my courage and fired up my bravery to where i will not and shall not back down. the bulled in my body was nothing, along with the blisters on my feet, the calis on my hands, the dusty sandy air in my nose, it was nothing.

9: Thats when he was noticed.the hammer of my revolver made a loud but calm click as I pulled it back. even when I'm off duty the gun still has 6 new federal premium .38s. I lifted my arms, closed my left eye tightly, and took a nice long breath exhaled slowly and BAMN the bullet shot out of the barrel flying through the air at precisely 950 ft/second. I saw a red mist where his back was. SoI dropped to the ground of that sidewalk. I was laying lifeless on the ground, cold, even in this burning desert heat. my hands were completely numb, my feet felt like they weren't even close to being there. I closed my eyes to rest after a full day of fightingthe last thing i heard was the screaming noise of a b-52 soaring above my head and the noise of parachutes flying out of the backpacks. I woak up the next morning in the USAF head base in Afghanistan having my wounds wrapped up to heal. "ah there you are captain" said brigadier general sanders. "congrats on the assassination of your last target. and on your 1st Lt's job on clearing out the town" "where is Jackson?" "hes here with his men." "his men?" i asked confused "hes been promoted to captain. and same with you major" the general said with a smile."your actions out there were one for the history books" "thank you sir. but on e question" "yes?" "how was my the rest of the mission once i was un concious?" i asked "well once the PJs jumped in, 1stLT Jackson was giving orders to cover the pararescue and to also make a safe landing zone.

10: once they hit the ground they immediately went on the search for casualties and KIAs. lucky you tho one already found you. he carried you to the central command area and at precisely 1600 hours the black hawks came down and flew everyone out of there." "well where are my men at sir?" "there waiting for you in the common area" he replied with a smile. I hopped out of the hospital bed, pulled on my new major cammies on, and headed out of the medical wing. thats when i passed by the corner. my men who died were already in their coffins. I gave them a strong salute for a minute and with a hesitant move i walked into the common area. there they were enjoying some beer, talking about what they'll do on leave, how to properly clean a m-16, the usual stuff. spc. Henderson waled up to me with a bottle of shiner a pack of camel cigarettes and said "come join us sir. wont you?" i reached in to my pocket pulled out my sniper tab lighter and that was my signal for yes. the next morning we were on an airplane heading back to the homeland to be off leave. once we landed my men and i were escorted to 3 hummers. passing though Washington, I knew where we were going. the vehicles came to a stop at the military cemitairy over in Washington. there we saw a long table with duty boots side by side, rifles pointed up, and the dog tags neatly hanging off the muzzle. there i saw my wife and son, along with other soldires' wifes, families, kids the usual. a man in a dark red kilt was playing amazing grace on the bagpipes, and right beside him i saw 7 coffins above

11: 7 holes, 6 feet deep. burying my own men was hard on me, worse that sniper school, jump school, and the ranger academy all combined.i finally fell to my knees and prayed for these men and their families. my wife walked up to me and said in her beautifully soft voice "lets go home" i looked at her, then my son, and got up to walk to my truck.

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