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Year 17 2008-2009

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Year 17 2008-2009 - Page Text Content

S: Darren & Julie's 17th Year 2008~2009

1: Sept 18, 2008 - September 17, 2009

2: Hot Air Balloon at Valley View Rachel's teacher got to go up in the basket, but none of the students. Rachel & Camilla Skinner 18 September 2008

3: Rachel | Purple Ponies Fall 2008

4: Sarah in 4th grade w/Dixie Kotter & Angela Edwards

5: Rachel in 1st grade w/Amy Jorgensen

6: It has been a challenging few months. We sold our house, survived the nomad life for just over three months & then finally (9/26/08) got an occupancy permit for one of the homes we have been building (lot 601). We moved in that same day. Such a joy to eat & sleep in a house again – especially as it still has a lot of work to be done.

8: Farewell Party for Scott & Natalie and their family as they move to Arizona 10/13/08

9: Bride getting ready photos | 10/25 @ Cheryl's

10: Witches Night Out @ Gardner Village | R w/Trinity | R | R Nov '08 | 10/17/08

11: Moving into a new house is fun. Especially when there is cool storage (aka play places) | Rachel Oct '08

12: Rachel * Audrey Brown * Sarah 10/29/08

13: Rachel 1st Grade Halloween Program 30 Oct '08

14: Universal Studios 1 Nov '08

15: San Diego Zoo | 2 Nov. '08

16: 10/31-11/8 | High School Musical 3 | 11/3/08

17: California Adventures | 6 Nov '08

19: ~ Disneyland 4 Nov '08 ~

20: Another day at Disneyland,... With the Herrons. | Lucky timing! | 7 Nov '08

21: Sea World | 8 Nov '08

22: Activity Days Thanks for pampering me, Sarah | 15 Nov '08

23: Laura Duncan & Sarah | 22 Nov '08 | Merlin's Dream by Ottwell

24: 11/21/08 | From the Mountain Man Rendezvous at school, Sarah brought home our first pet: Swishy the fishy. The next day, Swishy was joined by two friends, Spazzy & Sprinty. But the very next day, Swishy departed this life.. RIP. Oh the tears! Ah, to be pet owners.

25: Keaton, Brecka & Kaidrie with Sarah & Rachel 21 Nov '08

29: Rachel

30: Darren | lot 601

31: moves to Connecticut December 2008 | D2J 11/08 | S Readers Theatre | 12/30 | R 11/15 | 12/18 | D2J 9/08 | S

32: S2J 11/13/08 | Jacob Godard 10/22/08 | Grandma, Nadine Tate, made this doll for me. I am passing it on to Sarah. She loves having a special handmade gift from her Great Grandma, via her own mom. Precious. | Kate Christensen 1/15/09

33: 30 November 2008 Questions about mom/wife 1. What is something she always says to you? Rachel (age 6): I love you. Sarah (age 9): I love you. Darren (age 42, married 16 years): I love you. 2. What makes her happy? R: When I giggle. S: When I obey her and do what I’m supposed to do without her asking. D: The gospel. 3. What makes her sad? R: When I make a bad choice. S: When I disobey her; or if she has to keep asking; and if we (Rachel & I) argue. D: Unthoughtful people. 4. How does she make you laugh? R: Asks weird questions. S: Says something funny. D: Funny stories about life. 5. What was she like as a child? R: Poor S: Beautiful young girl D: Tomboy 6. How old is she? R, S & D: 35 7. How tall is your mom? R: 5 feet S: 5’8” D: 5’8” 8. What is her favorite thing to do? R: Play with her family. S: Do physical things with the family – like hiking. D: Spend time with friends and family 9. What does your mom do when you're not around? R: Go shopping. Cry. S: WORK! D: Cry. 10. If she becomes famous, what would it be for? R: Being a pop star. S: Her kindness. D: Motivational tips. 11. What is she really good at? R: Smiling S: Cooking D: Being a mom 12. What is she not very good at? R: Frowning S: Keeping up with scrapbooking D: Saying no 13. What does she do for her job? R: work at home S: takes care of us D: homemaker 14. What is her favorite food? R: Strawberry Waffles S: She has A LOT of favorite foods D: Candy 15. What makes you proud of her? R: when she ran a marathon S: that she’s really hard working D: eternal perspective 16. If she were a cartoon character, who would she be? R: Sleeping Beauty S: Super Woman D: Mrs. Incredible or Wonder Woman 17. What do you do together? R: play S: read D: family activities 18. How are you the same? R: both have blonde hair S: hobbies like reading and scrapbooking D: Family is the most important. Committed to each other. Want a simpler life. 19. How are you different? R: my mom’s a mom & I’m a child S: she’s really hard working. I am NOT! D: she likes to travel more than me. 20. How do you know she loves you? R: She treats me wonderful. S: She says it every minute of the day. And she hugs me and kisses me. D: She’s still with me. | "Mom" by Rachel 12/08 | D2J 12/16/08 | R 2/09

35: Sarah | Team: Mighty Dynamite

38: 12/27

45: 12/29 | Baby Shower

46: merry | * Amy, Eric & Kaeli Strong * Lauren, Elizabeth, Mitchell & Drew Christensen (Curtis & Stacie) *Levi, Adam, Kirsten & Jarom Hoelzer (Erich & Susan)

47: * Jacob, Callie & Ethan Arbuckle (Aaron & Amy) *Tiffany, Treydon & Ryan Strong * Brynna, Nicole & Dirk Roberts * Brigdon, Craig, Kieran, Debbie, McKayli, Brecklyn, Megan & Kassie Godard

48: * David, Ryan, Patti, Alan, Michael & Lindsay Evans with Michelle, Jacob & Jon Maginot * Tree by Sarah *Jackson, Lindsay, Macey, Kevin, & Ellie Strong

49: * Robert, Sandra, Hunter, Ashton, Christian, Elisabeth & Madison Flynn | Sam, Emma, Tom & Joe Cochran (Brent & Katie) | McKell, Jeremiah, Brayden & Matthew Petersen (Matt & Kerri) | Lexi, Jamie, Kris & Tatum Johnson | Fillmore Family

50: Mayfield Family | Jeremy, Heidi, Austin & Trinity Herron | Lauren, Kenzi & Cameron Hess (Dave & Stephanie) | Chad, Crystal & Wendy Moon

51: * Paige 6, Claire 10, Maria, Gary & Ellie 9 Pettit * Santa R2S *Debbie & Paul Anderson Family *Alan & Ronda Strong *Nobuaki Irie & relatives *Karlee, Christie, Libbie & Floyd Killen

54: Bringing in the New Year with the Petersens Darren, Jeremiah, Julie, McKell, Sarah, Brayden, Matt, Matthew, Rachel (& Kerri)

56: 1/1/09

57: R as Nanny McPhee | 1/4/09 | 1/10/09 | 2/09 | R | Sarah @ Jazz game w/D & basketball team 2/1/09 | S 2/6

58: Rachel 1/10/09 | Sarah swim meet

59: Painting the girl's rooms 1/17/09

60: Happy Birthday, Danielle 1/31/09 | Ogden, Utah Temple

61: Sarah 2/09

62: Madsens on Ice 2/3/09

65: 1st Grade Field Trip to Treehouse Museum in Ogden 2/4/09 | Rachel

66: Rachel | 2/6/09

67: R Class Valentine Party | S Class Valentine Party

68: Helaman Eric Strong 2/11/09 | baby shower 2/7

69: Kellen Howard 2/15 | R 2/14 | S 2/14 | 2/7 | S 2/1 | R 2/1 | 2/16 | 602 2/15 | R 2/16 | S 2/16 | Sarah & Angelica | U of U Gymnastics | Ellie, Rachel & Olivia | 3/6/09

72: 2892 S. Lewis Park Cove | 2/15

73: Maddie Jenkins & R 2/20 Kearsa Hodgson, S & Sarah Gould

75: 2/16/09

76: 2/21/09

77: 2/21 | Spy Action | 2/22

78: 601 | 602 | R 3/19 | 3/10

79: Rachel & Daxton Reese 2/27/09

80: Sarah (Laura Duncan's Recital) "Jumping the Hurdles" by Brown 3/7/09

81: Celeste in "Seussical the Musical" 3/21

82: Sarah

85: Rachel

86: Baking Gingerbread for EASTER... | ...ya, we're awesome like that! | 3/23

87: 3/28

88: Love our girls! | Rachel's birthday poster. | R Brecka S 3/28 | Helaman's blessing day 3/29 | R | Sarah

90: Started a blog: I'm Really Going To Do This 4/1/09 Several friends have been bugging me (for years) to join the blogging world. I've had good intentions, in fact, I've had this blog address for over a year. I keep waiting for a big chunk of time to get the blog set up just right or some super clever story to start with. Well, neither one may ever materialize... welcome to my life. :) Can I help you? 4/2/09 Darren took Rachel & Brecka (her cousin) with him to Home Depot. As they were loading things in the cart, an associate asked, "Can I help you find something?" Without any hesitation, Rachel replied, "Yes, could you help me find an "N"?" Bewildered doesn't quite cover his reaction. Don't they cover the ABC game in employee training? I am such an amazing cook! 4/3/09 Rachel has been turning almost every conversation back to her upcoming birthday for months now. One night I made a scrumptious new dinner. Everyone agreed - even the girls. Hooray! I don't know why (maybe because I was being grumpy) everyone just kept oohing and aahing & complimenting my fine culinary skills. The grand finale was Rachel: "You are such a great cook! You are amazing! I love this meal. You are the best cook ever." Slight pause & then she continued, "Let's talk about my birthday. For my breakfast I want DAD to make strawberry waffles. Mom, you can make ramen for lunch. And then I want DAD to make his delicious grilled cheese sandwiches for dinner." The compliments didn't break my funk, but this cracked me up. I'm glad that my impressive cooking has earned me the honor of making ramen for her highness on her special day. LOL Healthy Self Esteem 4/21/09 One of our favorite car games is “Guess Who.” It started with one person thinking of someone (a member of the family or extended family) & others asking yes & no questions until they could figure out who the person was. It’s been a fun way to talk about family members we may not see very often. Over time it has evolved into the person (who is it) giving clues one at a time until someone else guesses correctly. A recent game made me smile: Julie “I’m thinking of someone who is kind.” Rachel “Is it me?” Julie “This person is smart.” Sarah “Is it me?” Julie “She is good at sports.” Sarah & Rachel (in unison) “Is it me?” Julie “She is a great reader.” Both girls “Me?” Julie “She loves to sing and dance.” Rachel “That has to be me!” Sarah (at the same time) “It IS me, isn’t it?” Should I turn myself in? 4/23/09 So, we are heading into the store & Sarah knocks my shoe off. No big deal, right? Well, I was already uptight for several dumb reasons. So, I snap at her - Not major but certainly more than the situation warranted. I apologized within a couple of minutes and everything was dandy. A little later she says, "Mom, you reminded me of a woman on a movie." "Really? What movie?" "I don't know the name, but we saw it at school. It was about child abuse." "Come again?" "You didn't hit or hurt me like the woman in the movie, but you yelled just like her." ~SILENCE~

91: We belong to the house of... 4/30/09 You may have heard of the house of Dan or the house of Asher... Well, we are of the house of JUMP - Jump rope that is. Forward, backward, side to side. Chants, rhymes, songs. Morning, after school, after homework, after dinner, before bed. There is serious jump rope passion in this place. CD Player 5/2/09 Another car game we love to play is "CD player." One person picks a song then acts like the CD player by singing the song. The rest of us give commands like: play, stop, fast forward, rewind, fast, slow, pause, etc. The CD player has to adjust the song they're singing to the commands. In the middle of a recent game, Rachel, the CD player, just stopped. When I asked why she wasn't going fast like I asked her to (I think she forgot the next line of the song), she replied "The CD has a scratch." LOL Finding the lucky in unlucky 5/12/09 Unlucky: Got a rock chip from a passing car. Lucky: Had fifteen minutes to stop & get it fixed. Unlucky: Guy said it would probably split across the windshield when he filled it. Lucky: It didn't. Unlucky: Have to pay money for these things. Lucky: His machine was down, so he did it for free! Brilliant 5/13/09 The other day amidst a discussion, Sarah said, "I've got an idea," while simultaneously . turning on the light to make her point. The girl cracks me up. :) Headick 6/3/09 Rachel kept complaining about her headick. J: "Why do you call it a headick & not a headache?" R: "Because it doesn't hurt, it feels icky." Lovin' Every Minute 7/9/09 I knew June was going to be crazy: Babysitting relative's & friend's kids; Sarah's 10th bday; Big work project due on the 11th; Family in from out of town; Showing our houses; Adoption meetings/classes; Out-of-state family reunion; Visits from out-of-state friends, healthy habits contest, extra-curricular activities, etc. Before school even got out, I was prepping the kids for a crazy June. Then, June 7th I was called to be 2nd counselor in YW. Add to my month: Youth Conference, lessons, activities, 15 Beehives at Girl's Camp for a week, and making arrangements with 19 different people to cover my own girls while I was gone. The word 'crazy' doesn't cover it! But what's the word for: happy, crazy, fun, sleep-deprived, exciting, incredible, total blast, giggling to tears, joy, busy, laughter, insane, grateful, and satisfied? Whatever that word is, that's my word for June. Welcome to my life :) Love it!!!!

92: written on a kleenex | R 3/09 | Brandon Mull @All Tucked In 4/16 ~ author of Fablehaven ~ When reading is your passion, there is no celebrity like your current favorite author! | oops | 601 | 602 | S Arbor Day | Lauren Ridling & Grady Brimley 3/7/09 Logan Temple

93: Wyndham Flagstaff April 3-10 | Nice ice cream bowl | Lowell Observatory

94: The Grand Canyon | Rim Trail & Bright Angel Trail

95: Brecka Keaton Julie Sarah Kaidrie Natalie Scott Darren | 4/4

96: 4/7 | South Kaibab Trail | The Grand Canyon

97: Happy 7th birthday!!! | 4/8

98: 4/9 | Sunset Crater Volcano | Bonita Lava Flow

99: 4/9 | Wupatki Pueblo

100: 4/9 | Citadel Pueblo * Nalakihu Pueblo * Lomaki Pueblo Box Canyon dwellings *Wukoki Pueblo | Lomaki

101: 4/10 | Walnut Canyon, AZ | Walnut Canyon, AZ | Montezuma Castle

102: 4/10 | 4/10

103: Christensens Curtis, Stacie, Mitchell, Elizabeth, Drew, Lauren, Kate | 4/11 | 4/10

104: 4/11

105: 4/11 | Fun at Scott & Natalie's in Gilbert, AZ

106: Sarah | 4/16 | Indian Legends

107: Sarah | Rachel & Kayla | Sarah & Rachel joined the Tsunami swim team in October. At the winter championship swim meet (4/18), where their team took 1st place, Rachel swam Freestyle, Backstroke & Breaststroke. She got a personal best in all three! Sarah swam the 100IM, Breaststroke and Freestyle. She earned ribbons in all three!

108: Gift bags * Freeze dance * Treasure hunt * Jump rope * Gift game * Cake & Ice cream

109: Rachel * Maddie Jenkins * Liz Hayes * Emma Hughes * Rebecca Coleman * Trinity Herron * Sarah * Nina Losee * Katerina Graham * Savannah Purcell * Camilla Skinner * Taylor Rees * Gracie Gibson * Ellie Stark * Ellie Strong * Olivia Madsen * Lydia Petersen * Catherine Petersen * Annie Petersen * Elena Siddoway * Laila Welch * Sammy Ensign * Heather Kofford * Olivia Campbell * Bella Sanders * Chloe Blotter * Kayla Ralph * Sydnee Didericksen *

110: Celeste Sarah Rachel Olivia Angelica 4/25 | Helaman, only 2 months old, & already a charmer with his big, quick smile & attentive eyes that follow and respond to things you do. We were lucky to get him for an afternoon while Eric & Amy celebrated their anniversary. After 10 years of trying to get a little one, they are hesitant to give him up. | Rachel loves hosting tea parties complete with *Friends (of course!) *Teacups, saucers, spoons, etc. *Teapot filled with warm water . *Sugar bowl filled with hot choc mix *Platter of cakes, cookies, crackers, chips... whatever mom will agree to... Tea party? Fabulous! Cousin time? Not enough! | While their parents enjoyed a staycation, we got a couple of days of fun with our Madsen cousins: Rachel thought it was essential to introduce them to afternoon tea.

111: Crazy Girls

112: Rachel #1

113: Because I know you... I have been changed for good! 5/2/09

116: Teacher Appreciation Week at Valley View Elementary

117: Healthy Habits Contest Thanks Biffy for the inspiration | 5/4/09

118: Mother's Day Program | 5/7

119: 5/10/09

120: Rachel

121: Darren/ Sarah/ Rachel (3/27/09) I’m really good at: Problem solving/ Art & reading/ Singing & dancing This really bugs me: Out of control government spending/ When Rachel yells at me/ When Sarah gets mad at me My family: Is awesome/ Rocks/ Is the best My hobby: Sports/ Reading/ Playing with friends My friends are: Fun/ Kind/ Fun I think a lot about: Life/ Fairies in my stories/ Fairies Makes me happy: Spending time with my family/ Reading/ Enjoying my momma & my friends My best subject in school is: Math/ Math/ Reading & recess I like people who: Respect others/ Are kind/ Are kind Something I hate to do: Pay bills/ Owe money/ Get in trouble What really scares me: Polar magnetic shift/ Spiders & heights/ Spiders One thing I’d like to improve on: Not being so busy/ Playing with Rachel & not yelling at her/ Remembering What really makes me sad: A Godless world/ When Rachel & I fight/ When Sarah gets mad at me I think school is: Important/ Awesome/ Fun If I could change one thing about the world: It would be education/ I would invent a car that runs on pollution/ There would only be one month of winter | Lot 601 | view from 601 & 602 | S brought home an injured painted lady butterfly from school | "Flower" 5/19

122: Rachel

123: Sarah | Forest Green by Alexander | Laura Duncan's Recital | Sarah 6/1/09

124: 2920 S Lewis Park Cove (lot 602)

125: While enjoying our fondue, we played a version of the 'newlywed' game. Let's just say: the longer we're married the poorer we do at games like that. Question: What is your favorite hobby? Darren's answer: Hobby? I don't have one anymore. Sad, oh well. We had some good laughs (laughing so hard I cried, but at least I didn't pee my pants :) And it made for some great discussion later. Thumbs up!

126: Bountiful City Sidewalk Art 5/17/09

127: Sarah Garr Ranch/Antelope Island Field Trip May 21 Adobe, Masonry, Wood Working, Grinding Corn, Rock Art, Archeology Dig, Shearing Barn, Lean-to Exhibit, Ranch House Tour

128: fudge stripe, Reeses PB cup, roasted marshmallow, & fudge stripe = . Ultimate Smores

129: Memorial Day 5/25 | Grandpa Didericksen, the king

130: Rachel

131: Dry Ice Fun thanks to Soccer Treats | Using bowls, spoons, hot water, and cold water, they made the dry ice sing, 'boil', smoke, and spin. | They also made ice shells & created all kinds of ice treasures.

132: Maddie * Rachel * Liz | 5/28/09

134: Tall Tale Festival May 28

136: Trey's Turtle Farm | 6/5/09

137: Air show at Hill Air Force Base | 6/6/09

139: Rachel | 6/13 | Treydon 6/12 | 6/8 | 6/8 | "Mingle" | Library 6/10

143: Helaman & Rachel 6/17 | Brecka Keaton Rachel Sarah Kaidrie 6/16

144: Happy 10th Birthday, Sarah!

145: pull aparts..."UP" @ theater taco salad..."Ever After" video

146: Val Verda 1st Ward Youth Conference 6/18 & 19

148: Ultimate Slip n' Slide in Hyrum w/Petersens | 6/19/09

149: Love my Beehives!!! | June 2009

150: Bear Lake Milkshake Breakfast | Jenny Lake

151: Kevin Ellie Jackson | Cascade Canyon | 25 June '09 | Macey

153: 26 June '09 | Crystal | Rachel Olivia Ellie Trinity

155: 26 June '09

157: Disc Golf at Grand Targhee Resort 27 June '09

158: Swimming at 'home': Grand Targhee Resort in Wyoming 27 June

159: 27 June

161: 27 June 2009

162: Last night in Grand Targhee Lodge at Grand Targhee Resort

163: = Late night game playing! 27 June 2009

164: Wendy & Chad's new home | Idaho Falls Cemetery | 28 June 2009

165: Tammie Hosman | Levi Adam Sarah & Jarom Hoelzer | Rachel & Kirsten 19 July | Rachel 7/16 | Sarah 6/13 | Sarah 7/16 | Rachel 6/13 | Darren 6/10 | Grandpa Tate & Champ | R | Hiyashi Chuka 8/3/09 | Beehives 7/1

167: Hike to Elephant Rock | 6/29/09 | Rachel 7 Keaton 7 Sarah 10 Brecka 5

168: While J @ YW camp | R | Jared Dorrough 3/29

169: International Dance Festival Bountiful 8/5 | Drew Shumway & Kassidy Christensen | Bountiful Temple 8/6/09 | S

170: June 30-July 3 Val Verda 1st ward Camp Piuta, cabins 12-14 | Laurels: Riley Christensen, Casey Bingham, Emily Bean, Diondra Ensign, Kim Tran, Amanda Davis | Miamaids: Shalese Gallagher, Chelsea Barker, Katlyn Phillips, McKenzie Gibson, Shelby Christensen, Erin Bingham | Long Lake

171: Beehives: Tiffany Bean, Analia price, Rachael Hosman, Jessica Tolman, Whitney Romney, Jessica Clarke, Aurora Siddoway, Riley McBride, Lauren Goodrich, Annie Giles, Lauren Gibson, Kaeley Clements, Kelsey Gallagher, Jordan Hinkle, McKensie Gilbert | Leaders: Cherie Leavitt, Tammie Hosman, Julie Didericksen, Angie Romney, Tracie Gallagher, Julie Grubbs, Shannon Box (camp director)

174: Sarah & Rachel | pass Learn to Skate | Level 2 | 8 July 2009

175: S inspired by activity days 10 July '09

176: Sarah 16 July '09

178: Started at Crystal Lake trailhead, hiked past Lily Lakes, Wall Lake, Twin Lakes, the Notch, Lovenia Lake, and Ibantik Lake. | Set up camp at Meadow Lake. The girls swam in the brrrr cold mountain lake.

179: At dusk (setting up camp) the mosquitoes & biting gnats hovered in swarms. Building a fire helped.

180: At dawn the bugs were out full force. | We enjoyed breakfast in the tent. Then we got prepped to make a quick exit...

181: As dawn turned to day the bugs declined we enjoyed the hike back out. | 5 miles in & 5 miles out... Sarah & Rachel are TROOPERS!

182: Crammin' in as much FUN as possible 7/25/09 Not only is a picture worth a thousand words, it also triggers the memory a thousand different ways. Unfortunately the camera doesn't always come along & even if it does, it still may not get used... So, lest we forget some of our SUPER SUMMER FUN, here are two of our favorite kinds: * Water: our stream, RAGING WATERS, squirt guns (of the firefighter variety), water balloons, the hose, the sink, water bottles... oh how I could go on... * Game Nights: Food, fresh fruit, BBQs, burritos, tacos, salads, Chinese, Italian, grilled salmon, grilled chicken, grilled anything, icecream, popsicles, etc., Friends/Family (aka friends that are just like family & family that you like as friends :), AND Games: Slide 5, Pound the Table, Shanghai, Tikal, Carcassonne, Settlers of Catan, Pinnochle, Make a Million, Uno (4 Rachel :), fireworks (although not technically a game, still goes great with food & friends :), It Came to Pass, Ticket to Ride, Mexican Train, Blokus... Tough Decision 7/29/09 One of Rachel's friends invited her to Lagoon for the same time we were going to the temple. I heard her saying, "Well, I want to go to Lagoon. It would be fun... but I REALLY want to go to the temple. I've been looking forward to seeing the temple for a loooong time. " She didn't actually have a choice, but the fact that she was debating impressed me. Oh, THAT Explains Things 7/30/09 I have been so exhausted... just absolutely dragging. I couldn't decide if I was depressed or what because all I've wanted to do is lay around. I've had no motivation to do anything. Really. Knowing summer is quickly winding down made me feel guilty but not enough to get up and do anything about it. Then, last night, while sleeping... I stopped breathing a couple of times. SCARY. Went to the Dr. first thing this morning. I have MONO. Thought that came from kissing around. Guess not. Apparently my throat, uvula, etc. were so swollen that while lying on my back I was literally choking myself. Got some steroids, swelling is down... drinking lots & not feeling guilty for laying around. Sorry girls, have fun playin' by the stream... but please be safe because I may not wake if you slip in... j/k Big Move The last week of August we moved... Next door. We rented out our home @ 2892 s. Lewis Park Cove (lot 601) and moved into another one of our homes @ 2920 s. Lewis Park Cove (lot 602). Both homes are beautiful. Darren did an excellent job building them!

183: I love to see the temple | Oquirrh Mountain LDS Temple w/ Lauren Goodrich 7/29/09

184: Escape to Liberty Park 30 July 2009 Too tired to want to move... but it's summer for cryin' out loud. Solution: A couple of friends (Elaine Nielson & Maddie Jenkins) for the girls, a blanket, a camera and snacks.

185: I found a nice, central location, got comfy & used my camera zoom to keep an eye on the fun. Very restful for me & super fun for the girls. Plus the snacks encouraged occasional check ins. Ahhh, the sweet success of a simple plan.

186: Child date is a monthly tradition where each parent takes a child on a date. In July Darren & Rachel built a 'fort' in a Chinese Elm above the stream. Really it's more of a platform, but it's been the best thing ever. The girls have had a blast playing in, on & around it. | 7/31/09

187: Rachel & Camilla Skinner Fairy Camp 8/6/09

191: Gateway Fountains 8/4/09 w/Alison Jackson & Liz Hayes

192: 8/6/09

193: Lisa Prestwich helped us to make matching mother/baby bracelet sets for stillborn babies. Precious. 8/4/09

194: Hyrum Dam 8/7

195: Brayden Sarah Rachel McKell Matthew Jeremiah 8/8

198: YW River Float 8/11 @ Perception Park

199: Lagoon 8/12

200: 8/13 | Bountiful Rec Center

201: 8/15 | R 8/14 | D 8/22 | R 8/30 | S 8/30 | Rachel's rendition of her class rules | S 9/10 | R 8/15

203: 2892 Lewis Park Cove

204: Cherry Hill 8/18

205: Sarah & Rachel's campout Bonfire included 8/22

206: Apple Pecan Waffles Front Runner WX to Ogden Lunch to go Ogden to SLC SLC library Doughnuts Happy Adventure

207: 8/20

208: A New School Year | 5th Grade Miss Aimee Brown

209: 2nd Grade Ms. Tina Halverson

210: Sarah & Rachel & Max & bat & ball. S, focused on Max, hit R with bat...

211: Amy & Jessica Clarke teach the Beehives how to make bread | 1 September 2009

212: Great Basin Nat'l Park | 9/5

213: Camping by Snake Creek

214: Hummingbird Feeder | 9/6

216: Alpine Lakes Loop Trail | Stella Lake & Teresa Lake | Bristlecone Pine

217: Glacier & Bristlcone Trail

219: Lehman Caves | 9/7

222: 9/10 | Sarah

223: Rachel

226: 9/12 "Girl Power" Activity Day | Mother/Daughter hike to Ensign Peak

227: S homemade candy bars 9/11 | All about Rachel - sharing her favorite book with her class 9/16 | R & Maddie Jenkins 9/10 | Junk Swap 9/12

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