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Years to Remember

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S: A Trip Down Memory Lane

BC: "A Mother's Prayer" by Mary A. Loberg Help me dear Lord, as a mother, I pray And bless these hands folded in prayer today; May they be ever strong as they guide, as they teach, Being never too far for a child to reach. May they never, with selfishness, try to dissuade, Nor too quickly punish, nor too slowly aid. May they point out the pleasures in laughter and song, And may they show, wisely, the right from the wrong, So that one day I'll know that I've helped all I can To make her a woman, to make him a man.

FC: Years... to remember...

1: \Through the eyes of child... We knew your love, Your touch and concern... Through the eyes of an adult We know your genuine compassion, Love of life and values. Through the eyes of a friend, We LoveYou For the Beautiful Person you are!

2: It's the little things that make life beautiful... | Sue and I met each other in high school and eventually became best friends. Mary and I were in the same class Sue and I ended hanging around together, especially after Rog left for the service. We had a lot of fun together. I remember in particular the church youth group that was in that little church by her house. She even sang the solo, Silent Night for the Christmas program. Was that church the one she got married in and was it built by Grandpa Crawford??? The old Crawford family homestead was their wonderful farm house I think. Wow, it has been so long ago, I wonder about myself! They had a St. Bernard that growled at me every time I went over to visit with Mary and Sue. I felt like a real cowgirl though riding their little Welsh Pony...have you ever ridden a horse in short shorts??? I remember picking green beans during the hottest summer we ever heard of (103 in the shade) was quite the experience and we were ordered out of the field because of the extreme heat! We just went back to Sue's house and hung out in the heat! Go figure.. ha ha!

3: I will never forget the exciting time we had ice skating on our lake in the dark one very cold Saturday Night with our own “designed skating skirts.” We thought we were pretty cool but actually we were quite cold! We went in the dark because we didn't want to be laughed at for skating in the freezing cold with bare legs, I felt pretty fancy that night though! Ugly skirt, but who could see it. Driving around in that really cool light blue truck was probably the frosting on the cake. We got a lot of attention because it was filled with girls of course. Sue was such a pretty driver. Those probably were some of the best days I experienced while young. I felt grown up, accepted, loved and respected which was pretty good! | Sue thanks for that! God is so good isn’t He? Love, Carol | Sue, thanks for that! God is so good isn't He? Love, Carol | I love you Sue! Love, Laurel

4: The part I love best about Sue is the part I could never figure out. We both enjoy doing different things and all I can say is, “It's been a real trip!” What a WIFE! I love you Sue! Love, Rog

5: The best thing about me is You... | I love you!

6: MOne of the best times I had with Mom lasted about 6 months. We moved to Kentucky and Mom was not working at that time. So, she was home before, during and after school. It was a great time. We (Kendra and I) were enrolled at St. Camillus Academy in Corbin which was a Catholic school. We were not Catholic and Kendra informed a nun that she already had two sisters she did not need anymore. Needless to say, it was a very interesting time for us to be in the South all of a sudden, making new friends. Then one day our whole bus stop of kids (about 8) got kicked off the bus for egging cars. Which I found out later... eggs would remove paint from cars..who knew? Side note: Kendra and I did not throw any eggs, we just watched. So the remainder of the school year we had Mom's full attention, since she had to drive us back and forth each day. During the day mom would be keeping the house spotless (OF COURSE). Mom had one hanging plant that she was trying to get to hang in the living room. Well that plant must have weighed a ton, because everyday we came home, it would be in the floor. Mom would clean it up, give it another chance to hang, and the next day it would be the same thing. (I don't know what ever happened to that plant.) It is very hard to narrow down one story, but this one I do tend to repeat every time I have a friend get the opportunity to stay home with their children. I always tell them how much it meant to me, and I encourage them to stay in the moment, and stay home with their kids and make memories. I love you Sue Crawford (Mom) Love, Amy

7: "The more you laugh the longer you live" | The times we share are the best there are...

8: My Dear Friend, Sue Who is this gal?... You are an inspiration to so many of us. You are classy. You are an evangelist. You are a devoted wife. You are a “Super Mom”. You are an involved, loving Grandma. You always wear a smile. You enjoy a deep, personal faith in God.

9: You love the golf course. You take time for others. You laugh easily and often. You are lovely and vibrant. You are my dear, special friend and for that I am grateful. With admiration and love! JoAn

10: Good times are even better shared with... | "Friends are Flowers that Never Fade" | Being Mom's older "other" daughter (the milkman's or postman's, not sure which), I had just found out the first time I met her at Kerry’s home in Arizona (Sis). I found this lovely, bubbly, funny person one that you could not help but be drawn to. When Kerry said that she was her mother the joking started about being her “other” daughter and such.

11: To be honest sometimes I do wish she was, not that I didn't love my own mother and father. The love that I have for Sue and Roger is different. Sue is what angels are made of. All My Love, Lori (Your best kept secret)

12: Dear Grandma Many memories we've shared together involve food Which is odd, considering neither of us have too big of an appetite, or love for sweets Christmas cookies, surprise BBQ birthday ribs, the ever-popular refrigerator rolls. Now I’ve grown to have a knack for cooking, like you; but the best part is getting to catch up on things, be silly, and taste test together. One particular day I recall with you always makes me smile. You and I went golfing at White Oak. I remember on one hole I kept chipping over the green, and over, and over and over. I easily surpassed a bakers dozen and you told me to just cap it off at ten. My lack of patience never improved my short game. I believe the day was more of an excuse to zoom around on a golf cart together, eat snickers bars, and get lunch at the clubhouse. I know all of us granddaughters share an ongoing memory from you. Charm bracelets. Every birthday and Christmas we never knew what was

13: The ribbons of your love are woven around my heart | up your sleeve. An animal, something sports related, or just something plain cute. Each charm means more than you know. It's hard to pinpoint particular memories with you because honestly every time I see you, you do something meaningful. Whether it's picking out a pair of PJ’s to wear on our visit, or having snacks and coffee in your sun room. Also, there isn't much better than when I know you and I are thinking the same thing and we shoot a look at each other from across the room. It happens more than not... Great minds think alike, or so I'm told. I love you so so much Grandma, and I can't wait to give you a big bear hug next time I see you. XOXOXO Danielle

14: There is a story that immediately comes to mind when I think of Mom. It took place up on the White River on or about 1974. It was a picture perfect Fall day with a bright blue sky and beautiful autumn colors. In our group was Grandpa Holm, Mom, Dad, and I. We were out on a drive in the woods near the cabin and ended up on a bluff that overlooked the White River. The river formed a shallow bend beneath the bluff and had a gravel bottom. On this particular day the salmon were running in that section of the river and were putting on quite a show in the shallows. It was not just a few salmon... there were a lot of salmon!

15: "Fishing Fever" took hold of us, so we went back to the cabin and grabbed nets and binoculars. Grandpa and Dad stayed on the bluff and were the spotters. Mom and I hiked down to the river and were the netters. What a day! We chased salmon all over those gravel beds. There was a lot of splashing, fish everywhere, and generally a lot of hooting and hollering. The nets were old and dry rotted, so despite our best mending efforts, the nets always tore. We didn't land a single fish, but it wasn't for a lack of trying. None of us had ever seen a sight like that before and I doubt if we ever will again. But what a day we shared ... it was nature at it's grandest with people I treasure. What a special day! I love you Mom! Roc | I love you Mom...

16: A little remembering of fun times with my mother in-law ...Where to start as there were "so many" fun times! I know, how about a trip to Laughlin, NV? I need to preface this story with a hot tubbing, “beer!” yelling, cigar smoking, steak BBQ we all had the night before. This prior evening is where the great idea of a “road trip” was concocted. This story began after a late start (night before influenced) and an afternoon of a long, but well “stocked” ride. After the 4-hour trip we finally arrived to our hotel in Laughlin, NV, revved up and ready to go for round two. With great expectations we all had grandeurs of hitting the "big" payout, so there was no delay getting to the casino floor. Dinner was usurped by the ever-so-near big jackpot. | Races...

17: Family, fun & travel... | Get 'em Rog... | Well, as the night grew longer, and the so-called “free” cocktails were flowing without end, coupled with the payouts not hitting as planned, we accidentally missed the closing of the restaurants. So, what could be better than some ice cream to fill the voids? Well, much to our chagrin, the ice cream parlor was also closed. In fact, the only thing open was the bar – go figure in Nevada. Off to the bar to belly-up for some food! The bar tender was kind enough to set us all up a gourmet snack, which served as our dinner. Dinner was fantastic! I cannot remember when olives and maraschino cherries ever tasted so good. Needless to say, breakfast the next morning was a hit! Love, Scott | World Series... | Hunting...

18: Mom... You are a very special friend and lady! I do not even know where to begin to tell you how much you mean to me or how much I have enjoyed our one on one time over the years, as well as our family time together! What definitely comes to my mind as a great time was your and Dad's last visit to Michigan. What an absolute blast! We fished, swam, walked the piers, chatted, ate Perch and went to bed late. Not to mention the laughs along the way... | With midnight suppers often consisting of nothing more than crackers, cheese and a little fruit we were still able to get plenty of rest and jump up ready to tackle the next day's adventures with ease. | I love you Mom! Love, Kerry

20: I was trying to remember when I first met Ms. Sue. I believe it was about 10 (or add a few more) years ago at Christ Our Shepherd Church... My mind is slipping. I really didn’t know Sue personally but I do remember seeing Sue and Roger at church and remember Sue’s dark sparkling eyes and her beautiful smile.... and maybe also they attended some of the Go-Getters functions that were so well planned by our friend, JoAn Morris.

21: Then in 2003 three ladies and I decided to form a Red Hat Chapter... it was the going thing back then and everyone wanted to get in the act.... We had a meeting and decided to go through Christ Our Shepherd's membership list and invite ladies that we thought would enjoy being a Red Hatter and of course Sue was on the list.... she joined and thats when I really got to know Sue.... What a lovely lady and back to her eyes ...they just seem to sparkle when she smiles... and what a sense of humor! I remember at one Red Hat event Sue was wearing a “Purple fur” ring ...she went to the bathroom and returned to the table with a very droopy looking ring.... All wet of course from her washing her hands...we thought it was pretty funny... Sue said, “It will dry.” I remember Sue and Roger’s 50th Wedding Anniversary a few years ago and getting to meet the children...a lovely family. I enjoyed having Kerry as a member in our Red Hat Chapter also before she moved ...she was a pink hatter. I don't get to see Sue as often since I left Christ Our Shepherd, but Sue is still a Red Hot Peach and I get to see her at our monthly meetings.... A wonderful friend...Love you Sue ...God Bless You!

23: My Grandma and me... | The apple of my eye... | You're An Amazing Grandma! By Angela Lewin You’re a special kind of friend On whom I can depend. To always cheer me up with a song And help me learn right from wrong. So many memories we have and will share Our days, hours and minutes we fill with love and care. You’ll watch me jump in great big puddles And we’ll warm our hearts with lovely cuddles. You really mean so much to me; I know thatI’m so lucky. A big special part you will always play. I love you so much more than words can say. Love your Granddaughter, Angie XOXO God Bless You! | and of course, Grandpa too!

24: Memories | Love

25: I have so many favorite memories of Mom it is hard to just pick one, but I think Mom will know which one I will pick. It was a beautiful summer day and my favorite month of the year. The month was July and we lived in Michigan. Mom decided to have a special day with just me . She packed up a picnic basket, a stick and took my hand and told me we were going on an adventure. It seemed like we walked for hours and when we finally reached our destination, it was on an old log bridge in the far corner of our yard, next to the witch hut weeping willow tree. We were going fishing!! We sat on that bridge and Mom made my fishing pole out of a stick and a string. We ate our food and had a blast!! Mom was due to go in the hospital soon to have my younger sister Amy. I have to admit I was a bit jealous since I felt I had squatters rights. I am very happy she came along and Amy always reminds me she was my birthday present, since she was born 2 days after me! It was a great time that I will always remember! I love you Mom very much and thank you for being the wonderful Mom you always have been and always will be!! Love Ken | Adventure

26: One afternoon, while Grandma was in town, the two of us decided to go to a store together. We set out from Planterra Ridge to the intersection of highway 54 and 74. At the intersection I directed us to continue straight through and our destination should only be a few minutes down the road. We drove several miles down the road when something told me we were headed the wrong way. Fortunately, the intersection wasn't too far away, and our store should really only be a few minutes down the road. We doubled back and took a right down highway 74. Several miles passed and I began to get that suspicion that we were again headed the wrong way, but this time I urged us forward. Grandma trustingly continued to drive. Eventually, we approached the exit for the Atlanta airport. | What are little girls made of? Sugar & Spice and everything nice....

27: At this point, we both knew I had again led us the wrong way. Once more, we doubled back towards the 54/74 intersection. I can't recall how many times we drove down 54 and 74 in either direction that day, but eventually, we reached our destination down the original direction we had tried. That day taught me a couple of truths. One, that my future in cartography was a dim one. Two, that I had a very patient Grandmother who, despite the U-turns, I could always have a great afternoon with. Love you Grandma! Amanda

28: "Good times are even better when they are shared" | I loved it when Sue was able to finally go with me to Sweden. Kerry and Danielle were able to go as well. Kerstin came and picked us up and we went for a stroll in downtown Malmo. When we got out of the car in Malmo Sue took off her shoes. She wanted to touch Swedish soil. It was at that moment I realized she was as proud of Sweden as I am. We then had our first soft serve ice cream. We spent the next few days walking around in Lund, eating at everyone's homes and driving around in the country.

29: We all decided that our favorite outing was the sheep farm Lena took us to. Her sister single handedly took care of 200 sheep and gladly showed us around. I still can't believe she did not have running water on the farm and had to bring it in daily. I just felt so proud showing off my relatives to my friends in Sweden. We had so much fun, ate so much good food and had plenty of” Fika” everywhere! It couldn't have been any better than this Love, Lilly

30: When | When I think about Grandma I think of the sweet lady with her pink princess crown. She is so much fun and makes me laugh whenever I am around her. Even when picking out cantaloupe. I Love You Grandma! Love, Heather XOXO

32: I love the winning, I can take the losing, but most of all I Love to play...

33: Winning isn't everything, but it beats anything in second placeI

34: "Grandma always made you feel like she had been waiting to see just you all day and now the day was complete." | She really loves the Cubbies... I know because I owe her ice cream.. I should know better than to bet against her Number 1 Team! | I have learned so much by just watching, as she always knows just what to say!

35: She is the best Grandma and it's easy to see it will always be this way. I love you Grandma from your favorite Grandson in the whole wide world! | She's the BEST cook in the South.. | Whenever I eat her fried Chicken the flavor just melts in my mouth... | Grandma is like an Angel...

36: Best Friends! | Grandma, I've enjoyed my visits to Georgia and love the pajamas you bought Angela and I. I can't wait to see you soon! Love, Callie

37: The Best Summer!

38: This is one of your Red Hat's friend and neighbor. I have enjoyed the times that we attended our group's fun activities together. It is always good to see you. Thank you for sharing the fresh vegetables from your harvest each year, we love them. Love, Carmen Hunn | When I think of Sue, I immediately think of Easter hat. She always wore a hat at Easter and she wears hats so well. Her varieties of Red Hats are so becoming. But what really caught me off guard was that this petite, poised, pretty, proper lady goes ice fishing and, at one time, enjoyed hunting! I nearly fell off my chair when she shared this with us. How little we know about each other. It has been my pleasure and privilege to know her and to count her among my friends. I wish her many blessings - and warm feet when she fishes - in the years ahead With love, Doris "Trooper" Dahlke

39: Dear Sue, We had great times bowling. Of course, Kerry and I always loved it when we bowled against your team. Love, Marcus, Victoria & Connor | Sue, I have enjoyed our walks in the morning and the friendship we share. You are a very dear friend. Love, Ann | Sue, When I think of you it makes me smile! You’re a cute, energetic personality and that died for hair do that I always wanted to try but knew it would never look as good on me as it did on you . You are one Sassy Mama!! As I look back I see you being that fun loving person that I enjoyed so much being around. You were a friend and someone I looked up to. I hope as you look through the scrapbook you will hear me doing my “War Yell” for you saying, Way to Go Girl!! You Live Life Well!!! Love you and thanks for all the fun times that we have shared together. And I am still smiling thinking of you! Love and God Bless Jackie Wassom

40: When I think back to when I was little, there are many wonderful memories, but few that stand out as much as these... First, I remember when you lived in London and we would fly in for a couple weeks each summer. You always wanted your flower bed to look perfect and that's just what we did, make it look perfect! You would buy, what seemed like thousands of flowers, and we would spend all afternoon planting, what I remember being, beautiful yellow flowers. I was never really into flowers or gardening, but it never mattered to me because it was so much fun just spending time with my grandma. My next best memory was when we would take walks down to the local convenient store to get my, oh so favorite slushy! It seemed like it took FOREVER to walk there, but it never failed, you were always willing to take the journey with us to make sure we were safe.

41: I remember you picking me up in Lexington in your GIANT car and me falling asleep in the back seat because it was an unbelievably smooooooth ride. I remember coloring Easter eggs with you. I remember fighting with you about that, how should I put it, not so flattering shirt you made me wear for our family picture. I think I saw a side of you I never wanted to see again after that day! Ha ha! Grandma, my memories of you and my time spent either engaged in your presence or watching from a distance, could go on forever. You are truly one of the best grandma's a girl could ask for and I thank you for all the love you have given to me, and to all of us, over the years. You are an inspiration and a role model. I will forever cherish the memories we have shared and look forward to many more that we've yet to create. I love you with all of my heart, Grandma. Love, Sarah

42: I love you Grandma Sue!

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