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Years to Remember

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Years to Remember - Page Text Content

BC: of 2011-13

2: A FRIEND FROM ABOVE I prayed for you before we met, Not knowing who you’d be. I asked the Lord to send a friend. One chosen just for me. I asked that she’d be Godly, With wisdom of His ways. A friend to help and guide me In the troubles of these days. So often in life, we need someone To listen while we talk. Someone who will not condemn or judge, But encourage us as we walk. The narrow road we choose to follow May sometimes make us stumble, But to have a friend to catch our fall, Teaches us to be humble. When I asked the Lord to send a friend, Though many came and went, He gave much more than I ever asked, For you are the friend He sent. (though you are no she) ------Deean G. Strecker

3: "Families are like fudge mostly sweet with a few nuts." ~Author Unknown

4: ...End of Institue | So begins the hardest part of our commitment!!

5: Beginning of Induction... | We just graduated, now back to school again?? | Lunch Time

7: It's the little things that make life beautiful.

8: Best Friends!

9: BB King Concert in Indianola...and to think that a month later you'd move down the street from the museum. Life has so many surprises!! | The Best Summer!

10: FRIENDS ARE ANGELS SENT BY GOD Have you ever found a friend That makes your heart glow Someone who is wonderful You feel honored to know Someone to laugh with perhaps even to cry Someone whom you love no matter what they do Someone who looks up to you when you don’t know why Someone who just seems to understand you Someone that you think of day and night Someone you pray for as you go to bed Someone who shows up when the time is just right Thoughts of them are always in your head Someone who shares with you all your ups and downs Someone who appears when ever there is a need Someone you share smiles with replacing all your frowns Surely you must know, God planted that seed These seeds God has planted here on earth Were planted deeply in our friend’s heart They cannot be measured by earthly worth Only by God’s values placed here from the start Value those friendships, honor their decisions Respect their feelings, never make demands Never try to make their dreams your revisions Hold their love tightly in your hands Never get angry if you don’t talk to them each day Trust in friendship, send them a piece of your heart For a heart can still feel loved even tho it’s far away This is how God intended love to be from the start Place their memory in your heart and mind See them for what they really are Continue to love them no matter the time Friends are Angels Sent By God from afar ------Editha

11: THANKS FOR BEING MY FRIEND! Once in a while you find a friend Who loves you right from the start, And the friendship is so true and right It warms your deepest heart. Once in a while that friendship lasts A whole long lifetime through. Once in a while it happens like that, Like it happened with me and you! Thanks For Being My Friend! -----Marsa

12: Ground Zero...wish Morgan Freeman was there... | Unforgettable Nights!!

13: So you think you can dance??

14: Friends, Fun, Food and Fireworks

15: "Home of the free... Because of the Brave" ~Author Unknown | Let's Celebrate! | OOOOOOooooo! Aaahhhhhh! Ohhhhhhhh!!!

17: "The more you laugh the longer you live" | I lost count, who won the most games?? Lol

18: I THOUGHT OF YOU TODAY As I went about my daily routine a thought came to mind: You’ve always been a support to me; something so hard to find. We have shared so many moments together; laughter, joy, and sometimes even rough weather Yet you have always stood by me. You have been a teacher, a guide, a pillar of hope, you’ve made me smile; helped me cope. As long as time continues, I know you will always be a close friend. Through all of life’s ups and down friendships like this never have end. So just to let you know, I had to stop and say As busy as life may be I thought of you today. Thank for being such a great friend! -----Editha

19: LET'S BE FRIENDS FOREVER Let’s always be the kind of friends we are today. Let’s always be there for each other, no matter what. Let’s promise to be friends when we’re eighty and have just as much fun then, as we do now. Let’s promise to always make time for each other, even when we have lots of things we have to do. Let’s always share the laughter, tears, and celebrations of a lifetime Let’s be friends forever. ------Brenda


21: Who can forget those delicious dinners that would make institute fun and worth the headache??? | Delta's Finest & Brightest!!

22: Random pics with friends...gotta love 'em...

23: "Friends are Flowers that Never Fade"

24: The random trips and places...

25: "The more you laugh the longer you live"

28: THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING You are a friend to me, and so much more. I've always prayed for someone who I can entrust my whole heart to. And in no time at all God has answered it. And added a little something else. A friend who builds up my confidence, And someone who listens to my heart. He granted me a special gift, That gift is no one else but you. Thank you for everything. ----Joey

29: FRIENDS FOREVER People come and go Through our lifetimes, year to year Our paths may cross, we find a friend and hold our memories dear. Then sometimes, while not looking, They have chosen their own way You ponder what a friendship is Please hear these words I’ll say I may not be the perfect friend, or always be right there, but often times I think of you Please know I’ll always care Your friendship means a lot to me While near or far apart When I’m caught up in my own world, I hold you in my heart. I hope that years on down the road we’ll both look back and say we’re still the same two friends we were, for here we stand today -----Donna Patri

30: Yours truly.....

31: "Friends are Flowers that Never Fade"

33: The Many faces of Kennard Speed....

34: Getting Back To Nature

35: Always a New Adventure...never a dull moment with you

36: Valentine's Day Dinner.Will you be my Valentine??

37: The best thing about me is you.

40: MADNESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

41: "Flowers have the sun, children have their mothers." ~Kay Andrew

42: Random Birthday Moments. Notice the background??

44: May our friendship last forever; May I sail upon your sea. May we go through life together; May there always be a “we.” May I be your endless sky; May you breathe my gentle air. May you never wonder why Each time you look for me, I’m there. May we be for each a smile Like the warm, life-giving sun; Yet when we’re in pain awhile, May our suffering be one. May we share our special days, The happiness of one for two; And if we must go separate ways, Let my love remain with you. .....Saraj | May Our Friendship Last Forever

45: My Dearest Kennard, I don’t even know where to start. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so what do these pictures tell you? I sit back and think about every moment represented here and I can’t help but be in awe. I see so much fun, so much joy, so many challenges and a great deal of changes that I don’t think either one of us anticipated undergoing or experiencing when we met on June 8, 2011. When I joined TFA, making new friends wasn’t really something I thought about; learning new life lessons was far from my mind. My only focus was the classroom and how I was going to teach and change lives. It never occurred to me that MY world was going to be the one dramatically shifted and that I was going to be the one learning and that MY life as going to be the one changing. There is so much that I want to say, so forgive me if my thoughts are a bit scattered. Before moving to Mississippi, I ran away from so much. I had so many walls, so many scars, so much disappointment that I was ready for a fresh start; A new place, a new life and a radical change. It would be so easy to say that I was so passionate about change and education that I moved away from everything I know and love to make things happen. And while that would all be true, there is a part of that story that is never told; the uncontrollable need to escape my demons and what became a constant reminder of pain once experienced. I don’t know what it is about you that made it so easy to trust, especially in that period of my life; why it was so easy to get close or why I had no problems opening up to you. I will never understand it. So many people try to get close to me and THINK we’re close and they know me, but there’s a select few who can honestly say that; and you’re one of them.

46: Allow me to be vulnerable for a second and tell you some of the things I’ve not been able to express. You have shown me how to trust, how to believe that everyone isn’t out to hurt me; that it’s okay to open myself up and take risk; that it’s okay to be bold, fierce and opinionated. It is also from you that I learned to love without reserve, without fear, and without putting up insurmountable walls that do much to protect the heart but add very little contribution to living a fulfilled life. I’ve been in love before, but I cant honestly say that I’ve opened myself up to be loved, to feel vulnerable, to take off all the masks and facades, and to full pure, unadulterated love and joy like when I’m around you. For that I will be eternally grateful. Thank you for bringing me out of my shell, loving me, supporting me through some of the most difficult challenges in my life, and just taking part in my world and making it a better place; Thank you for making me a better, braver, stronger yet meeker me. I know that sounds contradictory, but it’s true. While you always pushed and challenged me to be true to myself, I also learned how to take the back seat. I learned how to not always be in control of everything; how to let go and Carpe Diem and take risks. All of this I learned from you and you didn’t even know you were teaching me these lessons. You really are a great teacher Mr. Speed! You know what words come to mind when I think of you? Wonderful, amazing, perfect, nurturing, trustworthy, courageous, meticulous, talented, brilliant, dapper, handsome and special. That’s what you are, special; in so many ways. I see so much in you. You wonder why I stare? There’s your answer. You are God’s give to the world. I hope one day you will see in yourself all that I see in you; all that God has made visible to the world. You have so much potential just waiting to be unleashed. You think you’re on the path to greatness now? Imagine where you will be with God. If there is one thing I desire for you, it is that you not only hear his voice, but that you also heed to it and surrender completely to what He is asking of you.

47: There is no doubt in my mind, heart and soul that God has something GREAT in store for you. There is a reason why all you do prospers. He’s waiting for you. He’s waiting on you. Nothing you’re holding on to will ever compare to what He wants to give you. Nothing in this world is worth your soul. I know that’s pretty heavy, but when you love someone and consider yourself a friend, you’re honest and you want what’s best for them. I will forever be grateful for the two years we’ve spent. For the amount of time and energy you’ve invested in me. For the tender moments shared. For the memories created. For the sentiments expressed explicitly and implicitly. For the tears, the joy, the fun, the jokes, the trips, the weekends, dinners (out and in), breakfasts, phone calls, texts, pictures, advice, lesson plans, tricks for the classroom and everything unsaid. No matter where life takes us and who else God puts in our lives, I will always cherish these two years. In my memory, it’ll be stamped as “Years to Remember.” I can only hope that I’ve had some impact in your life. The world may never know . I love you, I adore you, I admire and respect the man that you are, I cherish our friendship, and wish you nothing but the best in all your endeavors. All my love, Candy

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