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1946 Moyer Children Diary

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1946 Moyer Children Diary - Page Text Content

S: 1946 Diary of Sylvia, Brian and Glen

FC: 1946 Diary of Sylvia, Brian and Glen by their mother Doris Moyer

1: Mother – Doris Catherine Bishop Moyer I remember Mama as a beautiful woman who from her childhood was driven by spiritual hunger. She once told me she saw Jesus in the clouds as a four-year-old. Her human side revealed she learned early to take charge of any given situation, evidenced by the time when her kindergarten teacher had to inform her that she, the teacher, was in charge of the class, not five-year-old Doris. Doris Bishop grew up a romantic with dreams. As a young woman she | Father – Lawrence Willard Moyer Looking back, I wonder if Daddy ever had a childhood or if he was born with a grown-up heart that prepared him for the day his mother told him he needed to quit high school and go to work at the age of sixteen to support her following the deaths of his father and older brother. He complied by becoming a messenger boy at Proctor and Gamble in Kansas City, Kansas, and finally retiring from a career where he had worked his way up to Supply Foreman. | I remember Daddy would at least take us kids on his lap and tell us stories about his imaginary purple alligator. And he made us laugh when he stood by a doorway and allowed this mysterious (his) hand to reach around his throat and pull him back behind the door. We loved it when he opened a cigar box full of cotton batting with what appeared to be a paling gray and bloody finger resting in the fluffy cotton. It was okay once we realized he'd made a hole in the bottom of the box and inserted his own iodined finger. | cont. in back | drew designer clothes on beautiful models and wrote stories that I found after she was gone, ones that I am sure revealed her secret thoughts and dreams. She became a transformed woman at the age of thirty-nine when she found the relationship she'd so earnestly desired with Jesus Christ. She talked about the Lord as naturally as she breathed both at home and everywhere she went, including as a Gray Lady at the hospital. She imparted to each of us children an unquestioning faith in a powerful loving sovereign God Who cares about every detail of our lives. She spoke passionately on missions in various churches and | cont. in back

2: TUESDAY, JANUARY 1 Over to see Grandma at Ruth’s in morn. Played with Tony. Sylvia took great-Grandma an orange. Took naps. Daddy took all three sled-riding in afternoon – Glen's first time. He cried when I brought him in. Took pictures. Daddy made new chart which we tacked on kitchen wall. Glen cried when put to bed, as he has past few days – his teeth bothering I think. S. complained of headache and tired – to bed at 8 after I read new Xmas book “Noah’s Ark.” Brian talked to Dad and I until 8:30, when he went to bed – but not to sleep, the mickey. WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 2 Sylvia back to school. Glen has fresh cold. He got into everything all day long. One hour nap. He climbed from playpen for first time., landing on his head. He popped up and took off. Sylvia played football with him when she got home. Brian waved the flashlight back and forth on the ceiling and said it was a train coming fast. I thought it showed perception. Sylvia worked on her new ABC jigsaw in the eve. Brian worked on his “jigsaw” – two boards which had letters punched out. He replaces the letters. Glen cried in bed again. | THURSDAY, JANUARY 3 G. such an angel about staying in his pen all morning while I wash. He broke a glass and the handle off his cup today. His new white shoes came today, size 4. Sylvia dressed him up in the aft., so I took his picture standing in the door. It will be cute if it's good. Neither Sylvia or Brian got many stars on their charts tonite. Brian played “Button, Button” with his Daddy tonite while I made Glen a new blue striped sleeping bag. Every time Daddy failed to guess the right hand, Brian told him he got a “U”, like Sylvia always gives him when they play school. FRIDAY, JANUARY 4 Glen and Brian puttered around while I ironed. G. so proud of his new white shoes – would stop and pat them every now and then. He likes to watch the rain, which it did all day and nite. B. played with “Julius, the Galloping Engine” a lot. He spit on the hall table after all the warnings he's had about spitting, so I paddled him. In the aft. he spit all over sewing machine and my poetry book, so I really spanked him with hairbrush. G. was surprised at his new sleeping bag. B. and S. drew pictures in eve. to send Grandma Swihart as usual. Let. G. stay up til 8 since Friday.

3: MONDAY, JANUARY 7 Sylvia to school. Brian and Glen both had nice naps. A man from Ray Miller Studio around at four so had him take all three children together. I think they'll be good – all smiled. Glen helped Sylvia off with her leggings this aft. as he has seen Brian do. He's eating pretty well today. In the evening Sylvia went to Dr. Daley with me and had two upper front teeth pulled. She's always so good, even when he puts the needle in. On the way home Brian was unusually affectionate. He kissed me several times and sat on my lap. Mama gave him a big apple! TUESDAY, JANUARY 8 Sylvia to school. Brian and Glen puttered about in morning, took short naps in the aft. When Sylvia got home from school, Alice Calderwood called her and asked her to come down. She was so thrilled she could hardly talk – her first phone call. She was to stay til 4:30, but it was raining then so she called me herself and asked if she could stay til Daddy came after her. She and Glen to bed by seven, Brian at 8:30. Brian’s cough seems worse. WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 9 Sylvia to school. Brian and Glen good boys while I did some washing. Brian played with his trains, blocks, and blackboard. Glen sat in his pen and puttered. Sylvia asked Alice down after school, but she called and said she couldn't. | SATURDAY, JANUARY 5 Children stayed at Ruth’s while I shopped, Tony in bed with cold. Had to make Brian sit on a chair before he'd take a nap. None of them had a very long one. Glen would scarcely touch his lunch or supper, but seems to feel fairly well. His cold may be deeper. B. and S.’s coughs seem worse today. Sylvia read Brian a story in the evening. Glen cried when put to bed, and finally had to be taken up. He laid in Daddies arms for a long time, then cried himself to sleep in bed. I wish Glen wouldn't waken us at 6 on Saturdays and Sundays. SUNDAY, JANUARY 6 Brian and Sylvia to Sunday School. She led class in prayer. When I got home from church I found she had picked up house for me. Looked fine. She's a dear little helper. Brian wouldn't take a nap – played and made noise, so I made him sit on a chair for an hour. He was very naughty all afternoon and spanked three times. He's such a darling. I hate to have to do it. Glen wouldn't eat lunch and very little supper again but seems alright. Cried himself to sleep again in eve. Sylvia stayed up til 8, but Brian had to go to bed at 3:30. One of the things Brian got spanked for was sprinkling powder all over my bedroom. | ~ ~ ~ “Mother, he looks terrible! Is he going to die?” Sylvia, Jan. 17 ~ ~ ~

4: THURSDAY, JANUARY 10 Sylvia to school. Glen has bit more cold. Brian climbed out of his sleeping bag all night. Glen so very affectionate after his nap. When his daddy came home, he held him in his arms while he kissed me, then Glen reached over and kissed me too, right on the mouth. S. had head- ache when she got home. None of the children feel too well. Colds, I guess. Don't like Brian’s cough. FRIDAY, JANUARY 11 Sylvia to school. Brian coughed all night so steamed him this morning. Glen has a deep cough, hoarse, so I steamed him all eve after he went to bed. Both had good naps. Glen likes to play with B’s building blocks – put together with pegs. Sylvia has taken her apron to school the last two days, as they are painting houses. Brian got the snapshot album out in eve and looked at them. SATURDAY, JANUARY 12 Sylvia doesn't feel too well; Brian still has deep cough; Glen's cold very deep, but he's so very good. Sylvia and Brian played together all day. Both took very short naps – Brian under protest. I opened some little places on a scar on Sissie’s knee with a needle. Glen found a pin on the floor a bit later so he took it and stuck her on the knee with it. She did her first embroidery in outline stitch today without my even showing her – nicely too. Steamed Glen again in eve. All tired tonite. | SUNDAY, JANUARY 13 Brian and Sylvia to Sunday School. They cleaned the house for me again while I was at church. Brian’s cough still bad, and Sylvia is catching more cold. Poor Glennie is still miserable, and is beginning to cough. I’m steaming him as I write tonite. He's wanted Daddy to hold him a lot today. Sylvia and Brian failed to take naps. We drove to folks for a few minutes in late afternoon which pleased them very much. Brian told me tonite that he had to stand in the corner at Sunday School because he squealed. I don't know if he's making it up. MONDAY, JANUARY 14 S. to school til 1 when she got off because of someone's funeral. Kept Brian in bed with hot pad most of morning as his cough was terrible. G.’s nose still streaming – he's coughing, too. He slept hr. this aft, Brian and Sylvia none. They fussed together all aft. Both worn out by too little sleep. Put them all to bed at six-thirty, but it took them an hour to get to sleep. Brian is always playing he's someone or other – when he is, he calls me Doris or Mrs. Moyer, then. TUESDAY, JANUARY 15 S. to school. Brian’s cough very bad, so put him under vaporizer one hour. Glen coughed so hard at 4 A.M. that I put him under the vaporizer, and again for nap, and again tonite. He's so patient with his runny nose and cough. Wanted to be held this aft. B. little nap, he coughed so hard. Sylvia got invitation to party at Jackie Bell's Saturday. She drew lots of cute pictures today – she has such clever ideas. Put them all to bed at 7. They're dear little tykies, all three.

5: WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 16 S. to school. Steamed Brian again. Glen coughed some in night, but I think he's a trifle better. Sylvia got an invitation to Susan Faler’s birthday party Friday. She got her grade card today – all B’s and S’s, same as each time. She's so cross lately – she doesn't get nearly enough sleep. She's had no nap for two weeks and is awake at 5 or 6 in the morning. THURSDAY, JANUARY 17 S. to school. B. dogged my footsteps all morn. I believe he and Glen are some better. After S. got home from school, we walked down to the hi-way as it was nice and sunny. Brian fell while I was in the store, and punched a little hole and raised a bump on his forehead. Blood was all over his face. Sylvia said, “Mother, he looks terrible! Is he going to die?” He was so good, and didn't cry. I put him in our bed when we got home and took him his supper. It tickled him. FRIDAY, JANUARY 18 S. to school then to Susan Faler’s birthday party til 5. Took her some dress print. Brian’s cough still bad. Glen about same. Tonite Brian sang “Nice, nice, nice, that's me, that's me.” He's a cutie. He's learning to color nicely. S. can do almost as well as I. They all went to the folks a bit in the eve. while I went to Ketz’ and the library. S. a tired cookie. Her grandma gave her two pkgs. of Valentines tonight. | SATURDAY, JANUARY 19 Ch. listened to story of “Jack & Beanstalk” on the radio. B.’s cough so deep – it worries me. Glen has an eye tooth. S. to Jacqueline Bell's birthday party 2-4; took her bubble-bath. She is really tired out – no naps for 3 weeks. Glen played with B.’s train a lot today – has learned to hook them together. I played “Little Black Sambo” and Nursery Rhyme records for them this eve. When I put him to bed tonite, Brian told me his ear hurt. I asked which one and he said “All of them.” Poor darling. It's after10, he's still awake. ~~~ “Nice, nice, nice, that’s me, that’s me.” Brian, Jan. 18 ~~~ SUNDAY, JANUARY 20 Brian and Sylvia both coughed so much in the night that I kept them home from S.S. I steamed Brian. While he was under it, he said “I’m getting greasy.” I said, “You mean perspiring?” “No, I mean greasy – I’m cooking.” Sylvia cleaned for me again while at church. Both had a nice nap in aft. Glen heckled his Daddy all aft. Charles, Helen, Uncle Arthur, and Carol Jean over in late aft. And ch. had nice time playing with her. I hope Sylvia can go to school tomorrow.

6: MONDAY, JANUARY 21 Sylvia home, kept her in bed most of morn. Coughed a lot in night. Glen and Brian some better, I think. Glen so good as usual while I washed. B. and S. had no naps, so put them to bed at 7. Sylvia's temperature was 101 at 4. Gave her her supper in bed. She painted with paints this afternoon, and did a fair job. TUESDAY, JANUARY 22 Sylvia's temp. 102 all morn, going up to 104 at 5. Not eating. She's so good. She slept from 5:30 to 7:30, and temp dropped to 100.5, but now (9:30), the darling is crying with a sever earache. I used amalgam and had the hot pad on it. Brian a trial all day. I guess he's not used to S. being the center of attention all day. Glen a pretty good boy, but wish he'd sleep longer than an hour in the aft. I’m to call Dr. Medean’s in the morn if S. isn't better. WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 23 Up all night with Sylvia – ear and stomach hurt so. Larry got off work and took her to Dr. Medean’s at 11. Her temp. 103 this morning. He says it's an infected ear. Gave prescriptions for sulfadia-zinc tablets and ear drops, and nose drops with penicillin. She's so weak and thin – she hasn't eaten since Monday. She's so good and patient in her suffering – she cried occasionally, but only when her ear gets very bad. Her temp. 104.5 this aft, 104 tonight. Her ear a little better tonite, I believe B’s cough bad, and he looks peaked. Glen a good little fellow. | THURSDAY, JANUARY 24 Up a lot with S. again. Her temp, 102 again, but didn't get any higher all day. 101.7 tonite. Brian woke up with an earache and stomach ache this morn, so started him on all S.’ medicine. He's crying one minute and bouncing around the next, but kept him in bed. Grandma out for a little visit, and she played records for them. S. definitely better tonite, but so weak and still not eating. Colored a bit. Brian vomited in bed while ago, little darling. Hope we all sleep tonite. Glen as cute and sweet today as I’ve ever seen him; did so many cute things. Hope he doesn't get sick. FRIDAY, JANUARY 25 B. had restless night, in bed with us part of the time. He is all right today, but kept him in bed and on soft diet. Sylvia's temp. 100.8 this morn, 100.1 tonight. Both quite chipper. Sat up in bed and drew, read, colored, etc. Both slept 12:30-5 this aft. Not Glen – he slept less than an hour. He's a good little fellow tho – so cuddly and sweet. He says his little blessings now – he folds his hands, bows his head, and goes – aaaaah. Sylvia's lost 5 lbs. I thank God that they're getting well now. S. missed her school program today. | When I put him to bed tonite, Brian told me his ear hurt. I asked which one and he said “All of them.” Jan. 19

7: SATURDAY, JANUARY 26 Up with B. some again in night. He seemed fine in morn, so dressed him, but his ear started again about 11, and continued most of aft. and eve. He keeps crying with it now. S. much better. Her temp. 98.4 this morn, 98.3 this aft. She's eating lightly now. Her daddy brought her a Snow White puzzle this aft., so I helped her work it in eve. It's 300 pieces, a bit hard for her, but she does fine. He brought B. a shovel. G. seems to have a trifle more cold. S. got a get-well card from Grace Dixon. I hope B. sleeps tonite. SUNDAY, JANUARY 27 B. cried some again in nite, but seems better today. Giving him sulfa tablet every 3 hrs. He worked some jigsaw puzzles tonite for first time and did fine. S. better, and eating some. She was up some today. She worked the puzzle all by herself. Glen has an awful cold – can't breathe, nose streaming, and cough. Poor little man has such troubles. After I put Brian in bed tonite, I found him whimpering. When we investigated, he said he was playing like he had an earache, the mickey. Glen is awake and playing peek-a-boo thru the bars of his bed as I write – and coughing. MONDAY, JANUARY 28 Glen kept us awake most of night with his coughing. He has a wretched cold. Even the vaporizer didn't help much. B. and S. better, but I’m still keeping them in bed. Mrs. Pritchert brought S. some paper dolls and B. a book. Daddy bought S. another Disney puzzle with the quarter she got at school for Xmas. G. into everything today, finally broke coffee table glass! S. complaining some of ears again. Brian worked his puzzles most of day. G. played with his colored nesting plastic blocks a lot. | TUESDAY, JANUARY 29 Glen coughed again most of night. He is so miserable, and has temperature. He went to sleep again 8-11:30, and 1-4, then to bed at 6:30. He's so patient and good. Brian and Sylvia better, and up some. I helped S. work her new “Tortoise & Hare” puzzle. Both had naps, and ate at the table tonight for the first time. We all worked jig-saw puzzles in the eve. G. woke up again at 8:30 and Daddy had to hold him an hour – so cuddly. I’m afraid he's going to cough all night again. B’s cough is very deep. He looks perfectly awful – dark circles, white and thin. God grant they may soon all be well. WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 30 Glen awake quite a bit in night, but good. He laid in sort of a stupor most of day; ate nothing. Called Dr. Medean’s in aft. and started him on sulfa. He's restless tonight. Brian slept til 8 this morn, S. to 8:30. I dressed them today for first time. They look better, but B.’s cough so deep. He's still awake as I write this, at 11 P.M. Glen keeps crying and it is like a little furnace. I stuck the thermometer in his mouth a second today and it registered 103 in a shot. THURSDAY, JANUARY 31 G. cried most of night, but finally woke at 8 A.M. after a short nap, his fever broke. Much cooler, and played around bed a bit. He drank some milk and ate a bit during the day. He played around house after his nap. He's a bit wobbly and pale and cross, but all right! S. to school today. Tired, but felt alright this eve. B. a mickey, and no nap, so both to bed at 7. He still has a deep cough. I thank God that my babies are recovering.

8: FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 1 S. to school. B.’s cough so deep. Glen kept us all awake til 10:30 last night. He chattered and laughed without ceasing. It made us mad but he was so cute we had to laugh. He's himself today – some cold, of course. Brian worked S.’ ABC Mother Hubbard puzzle twice today, all by himself. I didn't dream he could. I made him a new sleeping bag today. S. got a stack of birthday cards in the mail today, also a hankie from Chas. And Helen. SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 2 Sylvia's 7th birthday. She received cards and many presents. I baked her a devil's food cake with chocolate icing, decorated with pecans and 7 blue candles. Ch. had fair naps, after listening to radio program in morn. Grandma came out at 3, bringing S. tiny Anne and Andy and pretty rag doll S. promptly named Ruth. We had a fried chicken dinner, after which Grandma and I helped B. and S. to work two of her new Disney puzzles. B. wanted to play with S. new modeling clay, but told him not til after S.S. | SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 3 B. informed me he didn't feel like going to S.S., then went to bed with bed table and modeling clay. It dawned on me, so I told him he couldn't play with it til S. came home. He got well then and went. He took L.’s Bible; was so proud. S. dropped her 7 pennies in. All had good naps. Carol Jean out a bit in aft., and we saw our Xmas movies. Barnett’s over in eve, and 11 yr. old Barbara. She worked jig-saw puzzle with the children. Had popcorn and ice cream. All still have some cold. MONDAY, FEBRUARY 4 S. to school – so warm she didn't have to wear leggings. B. and G. so good while I washed. They couldn't sleep after lunch, so I took them out for awhile. G. loved it, especially a white cat in our yard. He really made over it. B. wanted to be afraid, but I wouldn't let him. They stayed at Ruth’s while I went to Dr. Daly in eve. They had a chocolate cone after. TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 5 S. to school. Miss Gaudin called; said S. said I wanted her to come home at noon to rest. I told her the day she went back to do that if she was too tired. She said this aft. that she had a headache was why. B. and G. slept all aft. B. had haircut after supper. S. wrote her Grandma Swihart on her new paper. G. such a good boy, and so sweet. B.’s still awake as I write (10). Wish S. would sleep more. She's so high strung. I love all of my babies so. | I steamed Brian. While he was under it, he said “I’m getting greasy.” I said, “You mean per-spiring?” “No, I mean greasy – I’m cooking.” Jan. 20

9: WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 6 S. to school. Brian and Glen played with orange building blocks most of morn. G. took short nap. Brian didn't sleep at all – cried most of afternoon with an earache. Sylvia went down to Geraldine’s for an hour after school. Put them all to bed at 7. Glen was extra cute today. When I took him out of his pen to bathe him this morn, he put a hand on either side of my face and patted it. Tonight when the children undressed, he wanted his shoes off, and he brought them in and tucked them under the bed, then got his nightie out of the drawer. THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 7 S. to school. Brian looks peaked. Gave him a sulfa tablet last night as he felt so hot and was whimpering. G. tired today, wanted to be held a lot. He's always a good boy, though. He and B. played together in bubble bath this morn and had more fun. Sylvia cranky after school – she must sleep more. She printed letter to Grandma S. all by herself tonight. Brian looks bad again. When he saw me dressed to go to show tonight, G. quick ran to closet and reached for his coat. I’d planned on putting him to bed, but then I let him ride down to hi-way with us. FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 8 S. to school. Brian watched me clean cabinets in morn. Kept Glen in his pen. B. had no nap, G. short one. They all enjoyed watching me make doughnuts later in aft. G. kept sticking the balls back in the holes. S. wrote a cute letter to John in eve all by herself. She spelled mirror “mear,” and monkey “mockey. Put them all to bed early. | SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 9 Gave Sylvia a machineless permanent. She was so patient – it took several hours. I hope it took well - it’s still done up tonight. B. and G. had short naps, then they all went to Ruth’s while I went to Dr. Holter. They ate supper with Tony in kitchen. Ruth fried drumsticks for them. Glen ate his Daddy's whole piece of cake – he grabbed it and went after it at fast as he could. All were tired little piggies tonite. SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 10 Sylvia and Brian went to Sunday School. She looks darling with her curls. She went to Geraldine’s after S.S. til church was over. All the children had fine naps. We all went to Ruth’s afterwards to take great-grandma some lovely pink snapdragons from the church. Had a late supper – the children made their own sandwiches and enjoyed it. They worked on some new puzzles Ruth gave them for a while, then to bed at 9. MONDAY, FEBRUARY 11 S. to school. Miss Gaudin absent. Brian and Glen good as usual while I washed. B. worked puzzles and G. played in pen. B. failed to take nap, and G. only a short one. G. pushes a train around and goes “ooo-oo!” for “toot-toot!” Spent two hours in aft. addressing valentines for ch. to send.

10: TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 12 S. to school, very sassy first. Don't think she feels too well. G. has diahrea, and made one mess after another all morning. He feels miserable, but is so good. Stayed in his pen while I washed his diapers and cleaned. B. worked his jig-saw puzzles, and helped Daddy and I on one in eve. He's amazingly good. Washed Sissie’s hair after school and did it up. Addressed her school valentines in aft. WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 13 S. to school, took her valentines. She's catching cold – I hesitated about sending her out in the snow. G. is better today, but a little cross. B. worked puzzles in morn – failed to take a nap but was quiet. In eve his daddy made a snowball and brought it in and gave it to Glen. He promptly dropped it, but was fascinated by it. THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 14 S. to school. All children have fresh colds. All got lots of valentines; Sylvia especially, at school. She made us a nice one. She's hopelessly cross and sassy lately. I don't know whether it's a phase or she doesn't feel well. B. was helping me with a puzzle in the evening, and when I found a difficult piece, he said, “Why, you little shorty-pants!” just so cute. Glen loves the balls from dough-nut centers. | FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 15 S. to school. Kept Brian in bed all morning as his eyes and nose were streaming and he was sneezing. Glen is the same way – they're miserable little boys. B. worked puzzles all morn. We got our snaps back today of the ch. in the snow, S. birthday, and G. all dressed up standing in the door. S. had fixed him up. Geraldine down after school. G. and S. to bed at 7, B. at 8:30. He helped me with my puzzle. I hope he can go tomorrow. SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 16 Sylvia went to Dividend Day Program at the Granada with her Daddy. B.’s cold was too bad to go. S’s name was read over the radio on the birthday bell program. G.’s cold bad too. S. brought B. home a toy turtle and sprinkler as consolation. Grandma sent him small broom. SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 17 Sylvia to Sunday School and church. I kept Brian in bed til late aft. because of his cold. Glen's bad, too. He didn't sleep long enough and was so cross all afternoon. I was wondering how it happened that the milk man left a quart of ice cream this morning, and S. announced she'd put a note out telling him to. Is she growing up! MONDAY, FEBRUARY 18 S. to school. B. and Glen's colds some better, but plenty loose. I’m upset tonight and can't think of another thing to write.

11: TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 19 Sylvia to school. Brian and Glen still have plenty of cold. Glen fell out of pen while I was hanging out clothes, so Brian took care of him loose while I finished washing. Both had nice naps. Geraldine down to play after school. She and S. drew in number books and read. Brian “washed” all his dishes. Brian has such a deep cough tonight. I’ll be glad when warm weather comes. He's such a sweet little fellow. WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 20 S. to school. Steamed Brian for an hour – his cough is awful. He took care of Glen for me while I washed again. Glen still has cold too. Brian didn't take a nap, so I kept him in bed with the hot pad. All to bed at 7. Had to leave Brian’s sleeping bag off as he ripped the zipper out. Put his robe and socks on him – hope he stays under the cover with his cough. P.S. – He didn't – stuck him in all night. THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 21 S. to school – spilled her milk all over front room rug first. Steamed Brian an hour then kept him in bed with hot pad rest of the morning. He worked puzzles and was very good. Glen still has quite a cold and is a little fussy. They all went out for a bit at 4, but wind was too chilly. They had their Xmas wheel-barrow out for the first time. Glen thinks it's just for him to ride in. | FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 22 S. to school. Brian and Glen perhaps slightly better. B. worked puzzles; Glen got into things and played with trains while I ironed. Both had some naps, then we all walked to hi-way after S. got home. Glen is so good in the store. He just walks around by himself and looks at things while I shop. Daddy picked us up and brought us home. SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 23 Brian and Sylvia picked up their room. Then we went to town and left them all at their Grandma's – she's back in her own house. Uncle John was there, came today. Glen and Brian had a nap this aft., but Sylvia went to Beth Ewert’s birthday party in Fairway. She took her a book. It was from 2-5, and she was really a cross, tired, girlie. G. has a fresh cold, and B.’s cough is deep, so steamed both in eve. B. burnt his fingers on the steam.

12: SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 24 Brian and Sylvia to S.S. Wish Glen would sleep later on Sundays. Woke us at 6; 5:30 last Sun. All had fair naps. Sylvia and her Daddy took short walk while B. still asleep. G. is certainly Daddy's boy. He has lots of cold, and B.’s cough still deep. This eve. Larry said, “Who did that?” and Brian pointed to me and said, “That little woman over there.” It sounded too cute. Steamed Glen in eve. B. worked puzzles after S. went to bed at 7. Be glad when they can play in sunshine. MONDAY, FEBRUARY 25 S. to school. Donald Hudson pushed her off top of sliding board, hurt her knee. Brian and Glen still have colds. It's hopeless, I guess, till warm weather. We walked over to Schlich’s house after school. B. was so afraid of their dogs. Daddy picked us up. All tired. S. catching fresh cold, I’m afraid. Don't know whether I should let Brian go tomorrow or not, with his cold. He's so excited about it. TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 26 S. to school. Brian to Lawrence with Uncle John for his first train ride – there on a steam engine, back on a streamliner. While waiting at station in Lawrence, John notice man guarded by 5 state police and 2 plain-clothes men. While explaining his identity of policeman, Brian calmly walked up and walked away with one of the man's bags. A plains clothes man retrieved it from him. John discovered the distinguished man was Lord Halifax, who was highly amused. The plain-clothes man was from Scotland Yard. Brian really had a nice time. Glen extra good. | WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 27 S. to school; has fresh cold. Brian and Glen about same. Both were good as usual while I washed. Had fair naps. Sylvia got grade card – 2 A’s this time, in reading and writing. She was awfully cross after school. Brian had tummy ache tonight. Last night he called “Grandma, Grandma!” I went in and he said, “Grandma, I have to go to the bathroom.” Tony had his tonsils out today. THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 28 S. to school. All children have fresh colds. Glen played in ch.’ room while I ironed – made a grand mess, but had fun. While I was feeding him his lunch (I always hold him), I was singing “You Made Me Love You.” All at once he laid his little face against mine and loved me. Now every time I sing it he does the same thing. It's too cute. We took a short walk, but it was too windy. Sylvia cries so easily, and has circles under her eyes. She's so tired and high-strung. She bought a fudge-cicle with one of the nickels she got for her A.’s. | the Topeka Rocket

13: FRIDAY, MARCH 1 S. to school. All still have colds. Glen and Brian good. Gave Glen wooden beads to string, and he played with them all day. He sorted all the red ones into one pile. He strings pretty well, too. Sharon Bingham, a new girl down the street, played with the children 3-5. She seems nice. Glen is eating like a piggy lately. I do hope he starts gaining. He still does his little trick he learned yesterday. S. is so very cross and sassy. I’m worried about her. Sent her to bed at 6:30. SATURDAY, MARCH 2 Brian and Sylvia cleaned their room, then went out to play rest of morn. It's a lovely day. They didn't take a nap. When Glen awoke from his, we went to town and bought B. a new blue coat and cap. He looks darling in them. We bought S. new brown oxfords. They stayed at their Grandma's while I went to Dr. Holter. I put them all to bed at 7. All still have colds. SUNDAY, MARCH 3 Brian and Sylvia to Sunday School. S. cleaned up the boys while I was at church. They didn't take naps again – and S. needed one so badly. All of the children tried themselves this aft. Glen was so cross. Mama says when Sylvia saw their neighbor's canary at their house, thinking it was theirs, she exclaimed, “Grandma! Did the canary get his head burned?” he has a dark head and theirs has a yellow one. She says she was so concerned! | MONDAY, MARCH 4 S. to school. She smelled like smoke when she came home – there was a field fire across from the school. She can read the 150th and 23rd Psalms and the Lord's Prayer from the Bible. Brian learned to print his name today. Glen was cross again. Both had short naps. S. had a small one after school. They went to Grandma's in the evening while I went to Dr. Daly. They were dirty, tired little piggies when we got home at 9:30. TUESDAY, MARCH 5 S. to school. Brian and Glen puttered around in morning. Both had good naps. Grandma gave S. Howard's Bible with a zipper last night, and she’s so proud. Brian opened the Bible to where she had a paper marker at the 150th Psalm, and said “Praise to the Lord.” Glenny is getting so plump again. He ate a big plate of lamb stew by himself tonight, and was so proud. WEDNESDAY, MARCH 6 S. to school. Brian and Glen both good while I washed. Glen had fair nap, Brian none to my knowledge. Sylvia cut out Raggedy Anne paper dolls. Glen gets into everything so, now. Brian used my lipstick while I was washing. Every time the children's door is left open, Glen tears out for it – it's his promised land. He's in heaven there. If you tell Sylvia how to spell a word once, she remembers. | ~~~ “Grandma! Did the canary get his head burned?” Sylvia, March 3 ~~~

14: THURSDAY, MARCH 7 S. to school. Brian and Glen heckled while I tried to cut out and sew a dress. In fact, Glen spent a good share of the day in his pen because he insisted on doing everything he shouldn't. Both had fair naps. S. and B. went out to play later, but B. came in soon, as the white cat came over again. Glen has a bit more cold, I believe. FRIDAY, MARCH 8 S. to school; snowing this morning. Brian helped clean his room. Played “taking Sally, Anne and Andy to Lawrence on the train.” Last night Glen was bothering him, so he called to me, “Mother, come get your son.” Glen points today out of his window and says,” Boof!” Sylvia said she didn't feel well when she got home, so laid down awhile. Brian drew on blackboard in eve. He's till awake in there and it's after 10. Wish we'd all sleep in the morning. | SATURDAY, MARCH 9 Glen woke up at 6 and woke the rest of us up, as usual. I was so busy all day that I have no idea what the children did. Sylvia had a good nap, Glen some, Brian none. B. and G. had a bubble bath together in the evening, and Glen really had fun. Sylvia got to stay up til 9. She played with paper dolls and read her Bible. I washed her hair, too. SUNDAY, MARCH 10 Sylvia and Brian to Sunday School. All three had good naps. We drove over to Grace's after dinner for few minutes and they played with the Klein children who were there. Brian’s cough isn't frequent, but it's so deep. He climbed out of the covers all night long, Glen enjoyed having his Daddy help him turn somersaults in the evening. MONDAY, MARCH 11 S. to school. Brian colored and played with trains. Glen very sweet all day. Both had fair naps. S. brought her first two library books home today. We all walked down to the hi-way to get Glen's hair cut. It was warm, but windy!! G. screamed most of the time the barber was cutting his hair, but he looks cute as a bug's ear. We walked back, too. B. played train most of the way there and back. S. read her library books, and after she and G. went to bed, B. heckled his Daddy and I as usual. He's sweet, though, and says such cute things. | Brian in his new blue coat and cap

15: TUESDAY, MARCH 12 S to school – very cross. Glen cross all day – unusual for him. I think his other stomach tooth is bothering. Brian and I really cleaned their room, and changed his bed around. Both had good naps. Sylvia went to Geraldine’s after school. Sent her to bed at 6:30 to see if sleep would improve her disposition. She's a sweet little girl, and I hate for her to be sassy. Brian colored in eve. WEDNESDAY, MARCH 13 S. to school. Glen and Brian out while I hunt out clothes – it makes G. so happy. Glen had a nap, but not Brian. Both went out again in the aft., S. also. Glen a little cross again. THURSDAY, MARCH 14 S. to school. Brian and Glen played out for an hour and a half in the morning – in the dirt, mostly, but they were good, and had fun. I think their baths were wasted this morning. Both had some nap, Glen puttered with a box of little toys. He opened the hall door and walked in and out this eve, so peaceful days are over. He'll really need watching. His cheeks are rosier already from fresh air. Told Brian “The Three Bears” tonight, and held him awhile. He played he was Daddy smoking too. | FRIDAY, MARCH 15 S. to school. Brian helped clean his room. He and Glen played out from 11-12:30. Nice and warm. They played in the dirt, mostly – I’ll be glad when they get a sandpile. Both slept late in the aft. Sylvia home at 2, due to P.T.A. She brought a library book, as she has every day this week, and had finished it by supper-time. She only had to ask me one word. SATURDAY, MARCH 16 Daddy took care of the children while I got a permanent. All had short naps. Took G. to Dr. Medean’s at 3:30. Screamed all the way up the elevator. Was vaccinated and had Schnick test, 33” high, 24 lbs. they all went to Grandma's while I went shopping. Bought S. and G. a box of crayons each. Bought an orange balloon on the way home – the first Brian or Glen had ever seen, and S. didn't remember them. Brian told me my new curls very pretty – also my coat and hat. SUNDAY, MARCH 17 Glen cried out several times in his sleep. Brian and Sylvia to Sunday School in rain. Both have bad coughs. All had naps. We went to Grandma's after dinner for a bit. Saw Stafford and Martha. Glen will say words better the last day or two. His vocabulary consists of “Mama,” “Dada,” “Hello,” and “Tickle” – his newest. | He says his little blessings now – he folds his hands, bows his head, and goes – aaaaah. Glen, January 25

16: MONDAY, MARCH 18 S. to school. Brian helped clean his room. Glen is getting terrible to watch since he opens doors. He insists on being in this end of the house. He had a nap, but Brian didn't, as he heard Mrs. Klepinger’s voice talking to me. Geraldine came down after school, and they all colored. Brian had a haircut after supper. All three to bed at 7. TUESDAY, MARCH 19 S. to school. Brian decided to stay in bed all morning with the hot pad on and work jig-saw puzzles. Argued with Glen all morning over playing in the children's room. He persisted in going back no matter how often I brought him out. He's such a cute pudding, tho! He and B. had short naps. Their new cousin, Marilyn Ellen, was born this morning. WEDNESDAY, MARCH 20 S. to school. Brian answered door several times and took care of things while I washed. He and Glen took naps, but I woke Glen by coughing when I went in to cover him, and he woke Brian by going into his room. S, was so cross after school, and had tummy ache at dinner, so sent her to bed at 6. | THURSDAY, MARCH 21 Brian cried off and on with stomach ache most of night; finally vomited at 4, then was alright. S. to school. Glen drew on blackboard in his pen while I washed. Both had naps, then out for a bit although chilly. S. slept two hours after she got home. She and I to the Dickenson to see “State Fair,” and “My Name Is Julia Ross.” She enjoyed them but was a tired little girlie. FRIDAY, MARCH 22 S. to school. Brian and Glen out most of morning - nice and warm. Jimmy, Johnny, and Linda over also. B. and G. took fair naps, then out again. I got the wagon down and does G. love it. Took some snaps of the children. Brian pets the white kitty all the time now. S. so disappointed – we'd planned to go to Grandma's, for dinner, but Dr. Daly broke my app’t., so we didn't. | with Jimmy and Linda

17: SATURDAY, MARCH 23 B. and S. cleaned room, but S. kept lying down. She wanted to go to Grandma's this aft., so wouldn't admit she felt badly. Took her temp. at noon – 102.5, and 103 at 2. Mouth broken out some inside, so thought it was measles, but her temp. down to 99.3 tonight, and she feels better. Quite a cough tho. Glen's vaccination looks like a boil, but he's good. He and Brian had fun in a bubble bath tonight. Grandma sent S. books and Easter things. SUNDAY, MARCH 24 Sylvia coughed entire night, and often today. Temp. 99.3 this morn, but 102 now (101. M.). Slight rash, not much. Brian to S.S. He and Glen played out after their naps. Glen has bit of cold. Sylvia worked puzzles and colored. If she has measles, I wish she'd hurry and break out. Dale, Altheda, Richard, and Lanora were out, but of course I warned them not to come in. MONDAY, MARCH 25 S. coughed most of night again. Temp 100 this morn, 101 this aft., almost normal tonight. Some rash on face and back of ears. Feels pretty well except for that awful cough. Hard to keep Glen out of her room. All had good naps. Daddy took Glen and Brian to Dr. Medean’s after work. Had examinations and made globulin shots. Hope they help. Had ice cream for Sissy. Let all stay up a little later! Poor Sissy coughing steadily again. She's such a patient little girl when she's sick. | TUESDAY, MARCH 26 S.’ cough not quite so constant, but she doesn't feel well. Temp 101 - 102. Little more rash on face. She's so dear and patient when she just has to lie there. All had nice naps. B. and G. out for bit after. Glen extra laughing and cute and chubby this eve. I cant bear to think of he and B. maybe being so ill next week. Tonight I told B. not to say something, and he said, “I will if I want to,” then immediately said, “Now I’ll slap myself,” and proceeded to do so, hard. He's a mickey, if there ever was one. WEDNESDAY, MARCH 27 S. temp. up to 104 by aft., but she feels fairly well. Still mostly her face broken out. Brian and Glen played out both before and after their naps. Brian fell and cut his wrist on a broken bottle in the aft. Both went with their Daddy to the hi-way in the eve. for ice cream for Sissy. Both still have a little rash. THURSDAY, MARCH 28 S.’ temp. 99.3, but felt badly. Slept most of morning. She's really broken out now. She's so dear and uncomplaining. Brian and Glen played outdoors most of morning, and again after their naps. Both are so rosy. Glen said “kitty” and “out” today. So tired I put him to bed at 6. S.’ pansy that lived thru the winter bloomed today. Her temp. up to 102.5 tonight. I hope my little sweet girl is better tomorrow. | B. was helping me with a puzzle in the evening, and when I found a difficult piece, he said, “Why, you little shorty-pants!” February 14

18: FRIDAY, MARCH 29 S.’ temp. 100, and she felt pretty badly all morn. Her body really broken out, but her face is better. Her temp. 98.6 at 3, and she felt much better. She enjoyed rolling my strips for me. She's eating this aft. and eve, too, at last. Brian and Glen out morn and aft. – they really get dirty. Brian thrilled because he stayed out til dark. Glen insisted on taking his kitty doll to bed tonight - the first time he's ever done so. Their last snaps, taken playing in back, came back today, and are good. SATURDAY, MARCH 30 S. much better; temp 98.4 in morn; 98.8 in aft. still spotted on body, but better. She tore and wound my strips for me. Brian and Glen played out morn and aft – some cooler. Daddy put up balloons home from town, a whistle, and ice cream. I forgot to mention that yesterday S. asked me what came after million. I told her “Billion,” then “Trillion.” She said “That sounds like Spanish to me!” SUNDAY, MARCH 31 S. better but kept her in bed. She's so good about it. Eyes look better. Kept Brian home from Sunday School so he wouldn't expose others. He and Glen still have slight rash all over – have had since Tuesday. Don't know if it's measles or not. Both were out most of day. Dirty as pigs. Glen's cheeks as red as apples. While Brian was in his bubble bath, he exclaimed – “Look, Mother, the water's turned blue!” It was dirt. | MONDAY, APRIL 1 S. better. She played records most of morning, and again after her nap. Her first day up. While ago she got a terrible coughing spell – thought she'd never stop. Brian and Glen played out most of morn and aft. again. They're really enjoying this summery weather. Wish they'd play with something besides dirt, however. Glen really tries to repeat words after you now. It's about time. He's so very lovable. TUESDAY, APRIL 2 S.’ eyes don't look so well; bothering her, too. Made her lie down most of day to rest her eyes. I do hope they're not damaged. Brian and Glen out almost entire day, from 9:30 till dark, except for naps. Needed no sweaters today. Glen got absolutely black in eve – couldn't see his face. I had to wash him before I bathed him. They must have had the measles, or else they're missing them. WEDNESDAY, APRIL 3 S.’ eyes bothering again. I made her bandage them while lying down, and wear smoked glasses when up. Washing them in boric acid. Brian and Glen out quite a bit, but much cooler today. Brian had no nap. Daddy blew up balloons with tire pump for them in eve. I do hope Sylvia gets better. She coughs so, and her nose is all stopped up. Poor darling – she hasn't been able to use her eyes in over a week. Not many could be as good about it.

19: THURSDAY, APRIL 4 Brian broken out some on body, so kept him in bed, tho’ he feels alright. He worked puzzles and colored, and after their naps I found some old transfers of mine in the trunk in the attic. They had more fun taking them off. S. still wearing glasses, tho I believe she's bit better. Glen cross, but sweet. Said “doll” today first time. S. so high strung. I love my babies so much I must make their lives as happy as possible. FRIDAY, APRIL 5 S. dressed for first time in 2 weeks. B. is broken out now, but seems to feel alright, although his temp was 101 this aft. Eats well. He and S. made paper chains most of day. B. also worked puzzles. G. amused himself by heckling everybody and spilling four different things on my clean kitchen floor. He's cross – I suppose he'll break out soon. He tries to say the words you tell him now – the chubby rosy darling! SATURDAY, APRIL 6 Brian still broken out, but feels fine. Kept him in bed. S. cleaned her room. Glen still fussy, but not broken out. B. didn't take a nap. Sylvia and her Daddy to town in aft. to look for toy for B., but all they found was a top and sticker pictures. They went to Grandma's too. She sent B. a little train book. Had butter toffee ice cream – G. especially loved it. He's awake now, at 11; laughing and playing peek-a-boo. | SUNDAY, APRIL 7 G. fussed a lot in night, and cross today, but not much broken out. Let him go out in aft., it was so warm. Sylvia went to Sunday School. She has a small sty. Brian better, except had cough occasionally. Both had good naps. Let Brian get up afterwards. S. went out for a bit, but it turned cooler. Wish I knew whether she should go back tomorrow. She seems rather frail and tired to me. MONDAY, APRIL 8 Sylvia back to school – bus didn't come til 9:10. She took Miss Gandin a bunch of violets and lily-of-the-valley. Brian dressed today – few spots, but seems well. Glen not so fussy today, but broken out slightly. Sure he has them. Had fair naps. Sharon down to play with S., but sent her home because of B. and G. S. cried. All 3 tore around til dinner. S. hungry first time in ages. Popped corn for them in eve. B. and Glen made pigs of themselves. | This eve. Larry said, “Who did that?” and Brian pointed to me and said, “That little woman over there.” February 24

20: TUESDAY, APRIL 9 Sylvia to school – sneezing quite a bit. While I was hanging out clothes, I heard a sweet little “he- no”, and there was Glen walking out the back door – he'd climbed out of his pen. I left him out with Brian to watch him the rest of the morning – in the house, I mean. Both had short naps. All three played nicely then. Glen more his sweet self. They made a clothes pin track all around the living room. WEDNESDAY, APRIL 10 S. running temp. and quite a bit of cold, so kept her home in bed. Poor darling, it's always something. Brian coughed deeply in the night, and is at it again now (11 P.M.). Glen fell against our dresser yest. aft., and his tooth went thru his lower lip. It was all swollen this morn, but he was so good about it. His appetite not too good. I really think I should open a hospital. THURSDAY, APRIL 11 S. started crying at 1:30 A.M., and scarcely stopped til 9:30. Her ear, and felt awful all over. B. and G. played with clay. Daddy off work to take S. to Dr. Medeans at 11:30. Her temp. 104 then, and in aft. and eve. He says it's same as in January only both ears infected this time, and throat bad. Her tonsils have to come out in June. Cried most of aft. and eve, and still awake at 10:30. Poor sweet has such troubles. B.’s cough bad tonight, and G. very cross all day. Hope they don't both get it again. Giving S. sulpha again. | FRIDAY, APRIL 12 S. slept all night, and her ears don't hurt today, outside of being tender. Her temp. 101. Glen fell asleep on the hard floor of his pen while I was washing. All had good naps. Glen still cross. Sylvia, looking at a picture of Cinderella and the Prince, said, “I’ll bet he said “Hubba, hubba”, when he saw her!” they went to their Grandma's while I went to Dr. Daly, as I had a bad tooth. S. stayed in bed there. Not home til 11. SATURDAY, APRIL 13 We all slept til 8:20 – first time. Sylvia much better – temp. a little sub-normal. She got up after her nap, and is eating well. She enjoyed hearing “Kids’ Bible Class” on the radio for first time. Glen is catching bad cold and is cross, but sweet, too. Brian learned to spell his name aloud today, and is so proud. I should take time to teach him more. Daddy ran the streamliner for them all after supper. SUNDAY, APRIL 14 S. better, but pale. Poor Glenny struggled to breathe all night, and is again tonight. Has very bad cold, like his mommy. Hung on his Daddy all day. Brian to Sunday School. He didn't take a nap. I got a box of my old paper dolls down from the trunk for Sylvia, and she was so thrilled. B. comes up to me and says, “How do you spell Brian? – B-R-I-A-N!” | When Sylvia saw their neighbor's canary at their house, thinking it was theirs, she exclaimed, “Grandma! Did the canary get his head burned?” March 3

21: MONDAY, APRIL 15 Kept Sylvia home, tho she's better. Kept Brian in bed with hot pad all morning, as he still coughs badly at night. He didn't take a nap again. Poor Glenny is no better – neither am I. He's not eating well, but is pretty good, considering he can't breathe. Sylvia made paper dolls most of the day, and I helped her in the evening. She does very nicely. Glen picked up a purple crayon out today when he saw B. and I using one too. TUESDAY, APRIL 16 S. back to school. She coughed all night, so I had her stay in at recesses. Mrs. Gamber was her teacher. B. and G. extra good while I washed. G.’s cold still bad – steamed him in middle of night. Both went out a bit in aft. – hope they didn't catch more cold as it was chilly. S. asked Darlene over after school til 4:30. Daddy put pedal wheel on kiddie car tonight. WEDNESDAY, APRI 17 Sylvia to school. Had class picture taken. Brian and Glen still have colds, but I let them play out in the sun, even tho it was rather cool. Hope they didn't catch more. Both had naps, and S. took one after school. In eve we went to library, and Daddy played tag with all while I chose books. Then we went to Grandma's to see Uncle Gordon Bishop. Glen's first time. B. thrilled because he's an engineer. | THURSDAY, APRIL 18 Sylvia took her lunch to school for first time. Brian and Glen played over at Linda's most of morning. G. likes the little chair swing, and B. likes “Hubba”, the cocker puppy. We all walked to the hi-way in the afternoon. S. and B. picked out 3 prs. anklets each at Grace's. all three have bad colds now, poor darlings. Steaming Glen now. FRIDAY, APRIL 19 S. had holiday. All three played out most of morn and aft. To Linda's in morn. All have colds, and all got sunburned – Glen is beet-red. Had short naps. In eve they went to Grandma's and stayed while I went to Communion with her. Afterwards we all dropped by the Kriedler’s. They hadn't seen them for a long time – since Glen was tiny! SATURDAY, APRIL 20 Brian and Sylvia cleaned their room. All still have colds. They played out in the sun most of the morning. Linda was over. Brian and Glen took short naps. Sylvia went to a S.S. Easter party and egg hunt at Mrs. Burdine’s from 2-4. She won a box of modeling clay for finding the most eggs. I let them open Grandma Swihart’s gifts. A basket of candy for S, a pull toy for B. and G. and candy and chewing gum. | Brian opened the Bible to where she had a paper marker at the 150th Psalm, and said “Praise to the Lord.” March 5

22: SUNDAY, APRIL 21 Brian and Sylvia hunted eggs before breakfast in the backyard, and opened their nice Easter present and baskets. Both went to S.S. – B.’s dept. had a little party. Grandpa, Great-grandma, and Grandma over while Daddy and I went to church, then stayed for dinner. Daddy finished sand pile in aft. Sylvia wore hr rose lace dress, B. his sailor suit today. All still have colds. G. enjoyed the porch today. MONDAY, APRIL 22 Sylvia to school, although she had a degree of temp. Brian and Glen played with Linda in their sand pile until it started raining near noon. Had nice naps. Sylvia to bed for nap after school. In the evening they all went to Grandma's while I went to the dentist. Glen played with Jeffrey while his parents went to see little Terry who is in the hospital for observation for polio. TUESDAY, APRIL 23 Sylvia to school. Brian coughed after breakfast so he said, “Oh, oh, that means the hot-pad.” He went and got it and climbed in bed for 2 hours, working puzzles. He and Glen went on the porch later, while I hung clothes. It as too wet out. S. went down to Geral’s after school. B. and G. played in yard after their naps. S. to bed at 6:30 – tired out. G. cried in bed from 7-8. Must have had a tummy-ache, as he never cries. I’d pat him, then he'd start in as soon as I quit. | WEDNESDAY, APRIL 24 Sylvia to school. Brian and Glen played on porch for while, then out in yard with Lynda and Jimmy. They had short naps, then out again with same til dinner. Took snapshot of all in sand pile. S. got her school picture and grade card. A’s in spelling and mathematics. G. said “Hubba” today –“hub-bub-ba”. THURSDAY, APRIL 25 S. cried in sleep. Broke thermometer this morn. She went to school. Brian and Glen played out all morn, and again after naps. We walked to the hi-way after school for groceries. Glen was fine as usual, except he started running in and out of the store. He's fussy today, don't think he feels well. B. watched Daddy dig the garden in eve. Stevie over to play this eve – sent him home. | Roesland Elementary School 1945-46 Sylvia Moyer's 1st grade class

23: FRIDAY, APRIL 26 S. to school. Brian and Glen played with Lynda in our yard in morning. Had naps. We walked to hi-way, or rather got a lift. Brian had haircut all by himself; 60 now for children. All of the children still have their colds. Glen has running-off from all the dirt and sand he eats. SATURDAY, APRIL 27 Glen woke us all up at 6. Daddy put more sand in sand pile, and all enjoyed it. Sylvia to a party at Sharon Bingham’s 2-4. Took 4 books. Won prize for pinning on tail – a coloring book, and got balloon too. Mr. Purle bought all three a cone in aft. – Glen's first. S. was also invited to Sharon Shutler’s party this aft. Bought pansies for S. in eve. She and G. to bed early. B. heckled while we planted flower seeds. | SUNDAY, APRIL 28 Brian and Sylvia to Sunday School. Helped Daddy plant their pansies afterward. Glen had short nap, Brian none, and Sylvia a short one after Brian’s removal. Glen insisted on sitting in Daddy's lap most of afternoon while Mother was gone. Brian and Glen to bed at 7, Sylvia at 8. I wish the sties on her eyes would go away. MONDAY, APRIL 29 S. had earache in night, but went to school. Nurse brought her home at 1, ear aching badly, temp. 102.3. Started her on sulfa again. Cried most of aft. Bit better this eve, but temp. 104. Ear hurting again now, poor darling. G. cross again this morn. All had fair naps. B. has that deep cough again. He talked all night and climbed on top of the covers. G. still has running off. Ate out of garbage can and Hubba’s dish today. TUESDAY, APRIL 30 S. much better. Temp. 99.6, and no earache. Kept her in bed, tho. She read and looked at pictures. Brian has a bad cough, and Glen is still awfully cross. They had to play inside today as it was rainy. All had very good naps. Sylvia drew some cute “secret pal” cards for me this eve. She put “made in U.S.A.” on the back – she said they always do. | Tonight I told B. not to say something, and he said, “I will if I want to,” then immediately said, “Now I’ll slap myself,” and proceeded to do so, hard. March 26

24: WEDNESDAY, MAY 1 S. alright, but kept her home. Up quite a bit. Glen still cross. He had short nap, others pretty good one. Sylvia was so happy that it was rainy so they'd postpone her school picnic. I found out tonight they had it anyway – she'll be so disappointed. Geral Greene has the chicken pox – broke out Monday, and they were with her Sunday. I suppose they'll all have chicken pox now. B.’s cough no better, and he cries easily. THURSDAY, MAY 2 Sylvia up most of day, although she sneezed a lot during the night, and she had a little earache after her nap. Brian was so hoarse today he could hardly talk. He went with Jimmy and Mrs. Holdsworth to visit kindergarten in the afternoon – was he thrilled! I hate to see my darling start – we've been so close. Glenny cross again. He talked more today then he ever has. S. wrote a letter to her Grandma Swihart in eve. FRIDAY, MAY 3 S. back to school, although it was raining. It didn't seem to hurt her, and she just has two more weeks. Glen so cross again – I wish I knew what the trouble is. Both he and Brian had short naps. All three tore around after S. got home. Put all to bed at seven. They're as sweet a little brood as anyone ever had. They sang happy birthday to me several times today – practicing up for tomorrow. | SATURDAY, MAY 4 The children sang happy birthday to me. B. wakened me at 5:30. They cleaned their room, then Grandma came over for awhile in the morning. It made them very happy. G. took very short nap; B. a medium one; S. a long one. B. and G. played in sand pile for awhile. In the eve. John and Marjorie McMahen came over for dinner. All of the kids to bed at 8. G. spilled ink on my lace cloth. SUNDAY, MAY 5 Brian and Sylvia to Sunday School. Sylvia and I went to a Mother-Daughter Tea at church from 3-4:30. We went out to Mount Hope cemetery and put flowers on Aunt Golda’s, Uncle Harold’s, Grandpa Moyer’s, and Grandma Barr’s graves. Then we went to Grandma's for dinner. I think Brian finally understands more or less about what happened to Aunt Golda. They all had fun rolling down the lovely grassy hill by her grave. They were 3 tired little pumpkins tonite. MONDAY, MAY 6 All three children have colds. Sylvia went to school. Brian in bed with hot pad for awhile. Glen's nose ran all day. I got their toy furniture down from attic, and they enjoyed it. Both had short naps. They drove me crazy with their fussing when S. got home. I’ll be glad when it warms up and stops raining so that I can send them out. I made B. a red seersucker robe, and started a red seersucker play suit for S

25: TUESDAY, MAY 7 B. and G. coughed in night. S. to school. Glen’s nose running and has such a tight cough. He broke the reflector in the floor lamp today – his first time. Brian did it several times when he was smaller. They had good naps. We walked to the hi-way after school. Brian and Glen tried my patience terribly today, but they're so very sweet that I can't blame them too much. S.’ play suit looks darling on her. WEDNESDAY, MAY 8 Used vaporizer on Glen several hours last night. Poor mite has a dreadful cold. Steaming him again now. He broke two eggs today – one all over the stove, the other in the l. room window and all over my curtains. He and B. played out a lot today. S. to school. She has same cold, and Brian still has that awful cough. Made up my mind I’m going to read to them every night – it’s terrible how little of it I’ve done. I read “The Engine that Lost It’s Whistle” tonight. THURSDAY, MAY 9 S. to school. I believe both Brian and Glen are slightly better, but G. still has plenty of cold. Brian spent the entire day riding around on his little pedal car; also pretending he was John. John mailed him a train book today and was he thrilled! They had to play inside as it was cool and raining. Glen carries his little box of furniture around, dumps it out, picks it up. Sylvia got her “Susie Book” that she sent for today. I read them “The Willagarumpus” from a magazine tonight. They like it. All to bed early as B. had no nap. | FRIDAY, MAY 10 S. to school. Brian’s and Glen's colds about the same. Brian rode his car again most of the day, while Glen was in /out of everything. These rainy days! G. had very short nap, Brian a good one, and S. had one after school. They all went to Grandma's in the eve. while I went to Dr. Daly. They tore the house down, I understand. It was 10:30 before we got home. S. says her throat is sore. G. was one tired little turtle. SATURDAY, MAY 11 S.’ throat still a little sore. G. is coughing more, and B. still has his. They played around all morn, then had fair naps. Poor Sissy was to go to a party at Donald Hudson’s, but I kept her home because of her throat – it’s very chilly today. Daddy got them each a popsicle to make up for it. Washed their hair this eve. Read them “Three Bears” and “Gingerbread Man”. Steamed G. tonite. | S. asked me what came after million. I told her “Billion,” then “Trillion.” She said “That sounds like Spanish to me!” March 30

26: SUNDAY, MAY 12 All of ch. have colds, B. especially. Sylvia and Brian to S.S. he made me a book mark, S. a card. She made a very nice card at school, too. The three of them gave me a box of face powder and a lovely card. G. had a nap, then we went to Grandma's for the aft. Came home after dinner in the eve. All of them so tired, and Brian seems unwell to me. I’m steaming Glen again. My little darlings – I wish it would get warm! MONDAY, MAY 13 S. to school. Brian cried and talked in his sleep, and he had a little temp., so I kept him in bed. I steamed him, too. His eyes look bad and they hurt him, even tonight. He got up after his nap. Glen a cross ornery little mickey, but I believe his cold is some better. He grabbed my hand today and kissed it over and over. Sylvia went to Geraldine’s for an hour in aft. if we could only have some warm sunshine! Rain again. TUESDAY, MAY 14 S. to school. Ch. puttered in morn, had fair naps. They went out for while in aft. for first time in ages. We walked down to hi-way and had G.’s haircut. He didn't scream for the first time, tho’ he certainly had injured look on his face. We drove by to see two fires occurred last nite, and this aft. Glen fell and cut and bruised eye – over a rug. I discovered B. on our walk behind me with a cigarette stub in his mouth. All some better, I believe. | WEDNESDAY, MAY 15 S. to school. Brian’s and Glen's colds a bit better. Played out while I washed. Had fair nap, then out again. They were tickled – they've been shut in for so long. Now it's getting chilly again. They enjoyed lamb chops we had for dinner, then gave Bill and Ike the bones. They “wrote” Grandma Swihart. I read them “The Engine that Lost It's Whistle”. THURSDAY, MAY 16 S.’ last day of school. She received a special certificate for “excellent reading”. Brian and Glen played out most of the morning, and again after their naps. Still a bit cool. Brian stays so hoarse, and Glen's nose still runs. Lynda has gone to Colorado for a week, but her grandma is there, and she invited B. and G. over to play this morn. She gave them each some cake. | Four generations: Sylvia Moyer, Emmaline Bishop, Sylvia Bishop, Doris Moyer

27: FRIDAY, MAY 17 Rain. S. to school for grade card, home at 10:30. She and Brian cleaned their room. All three fussed and cried all day; couldn't settle to playing. Disappointed because Dr. Daly broke my appt. and they didn't get to go to Grandma's. Had pop in eve, G. loved it. He's plumping up, and is cute as a bug's ear. I was just in to see ch. I threw B. a kiss, and he threw me one in his sleep, then kept on throwing them. SATURDAY, MAY 18 Glen woke us all at 6. Nice and warm, for a change, as they all lived outdoors – no sweater. Geraldine down awhile in morn, then we walked home with her for a bit – S., B., and I. Glen had short nap, S. and B. none. They are still trying themselves, it seems. I guess S. hasn't adjusted herself to being home from school. They all fussed and cried again. SUNDAY, MAY 19 Sylvia and Brian to Sunday School; S. stayed for church and sat with Barnetts. Glen tore his sleeping bag during night and kept getting tangle in it and crying. We had little sleep. Finally got up at 6. All had fair naps. We moved the vanity and chest from their room to the attic, and the white dresser down. Sent some of their toys up, too. I went to see if I can't make their room prettier. Short ride in eve. All wore new shoes today. Sylvia spelled words all eve. | MONDAY, MAY 20 I cleaned the children's room thoroughly, and hung new white curtains. They're so proud of it – if only it would stay the way it is. Glen is so proud of his new white shoes. He says “oosh”. He burnt his finger on the iron today. We drove into the library, where they played on the lawn, and then Grandma's for awhile in the eve. I wish it would get warmer, so that they could play out. TUESDAY, MAY 21 A bit warmer, and sunny. The children played out most of the morning. Jimmy and Johnny over a bit. They all live in the sand pile. Glen and Brian had short naps, Sylvia none. Out again in the afternoon. Had cake with chocolate sauce for dessert, and Glen went wild about it. Out again after dinner ‘til bath time. Was the tub full of sand after each one! WEDNESDAY, MAY 22 Brian called out in his sleep twice last nite – “Where's the meat!?” Poor Sissy has the chicken pox today. She feels fairly well – has a degree or so of temp., and is breaking out quite a bit. She's always so good when sick. Brian and Glen out all morn, aft. and eve, except for short naps. They're wild about Mrs. Tooker’s four baby kittens. S. started learning to play jacks. | While Brian was in his bubble bath, he ex-claimed – “Look, Mother, the water's turned blue!” It was dirt. March 31

28: THURSDAY, MAY 23 Sissy broken out a little more, but she feels pretty well and was up most of the day. Brian and Glen played out from 8 A.M. on, except for naps. Sylvia played records all morning. In the evening Brian went with me to the Dickinson to see his second show. He was very good, tho he got a little tired. To bed at 10:30. FRIDAY, MAY 24 Brian slept til 8. Sylvia has no new spots today, and her others are beginning to dry up. Outside of one on her nose and a few at her hairline, her face is clear. The boys played out in the morn. All had very good naps. Mae Freeman was out in the aft., and brought S. paper dolls, B. coloring books, and Glen 2 cars. They talked her to death. S. dressed after her nap. They went to Grandma's in eve. while I went to Dr. Daly. SATURDAY, MAY 25 Took Sylvia and Glen to folks; Brian to town with us. Bought Glen a car and 2 cups; Sylvia a Donald Duck puzzle, and Brian a train book. Glen fell down part of front steps and bumped his head at Grandma's. All had fair naps. Brian and Glen “helped” their daddy wax his car. Sylvia cut out paper dolls. She and Brian played in the evening, tearing around. | SUNDAY, MAY 26 Brian to Sunday School. Poor Sissy wants to go out and play, etc. She worked on her new puzzle some. B. had no nap, G. some, and S. a long one. Brian and Glen played out, and Sylvia on the porch. We took a ride after supper, and bought some black walnut ice cream. Brian does so want to play with other children. Glen slid down his first sliding board at Roesland – liked it. MONDAY, MAY 27 Children played out all morning – Sylvia on the porch. They all ate their lunch outdoors at their little table. Had fair naps, then all outdoors again. Hope Sylvia didn't play too hard. Geraldine brought her down a bouquet of flowers this noon. Sylvia and Brian worked new Donald Duck puzzle in eve. Read them Raggedy Ann story. TUESDAY, MAY 28 Children played out all morning. Geraldine down for awhile. All had good naps. I popped some corn, and all lined up on the settee in the yard and ate it. They looked too cute. Glen seemed to have a little temp. and cold this morn, but alright now. Brian went down with his Daddy for a haircut. WEDNESDAY, MAY 29 Children played out all morning, and looked with yearning eyes at Linda's new merry-go-round. We're going to try to get them a sliding board Saturday, even tho’ we can't afford it. They had good naps, then out again. I filled each of their baths extra full tonite as a slight recompense, and they enjoyed it. Started reading “Winnie the Pooh” to them.

29: THURSDAY, MAY 30 Children played out in morning – warm for a change. When Daddy came from cemetery he brought S. a doll, G. a kitty doll, and Brian a sweater and ball, all from Grandma. The sweater was one Aunt Golda started, and Ruth finished it. S. and I to Dickinson in aft. to see “Our Vines Have Tender Grapes”, with Margaret O’Brien and “Masquerade from Mexico” with Dorothy Lamoure. She loved the former. Brian on porch with us in eve. FRIDAY, MAY 31 Children out all morning again. Glen swang? all by himself today, with B. or S. pushing. All had fine naps, then out again. After dinner Mrs. Chumley called them over and let them ride on the merry-go-round while Lynda was gone. They were thrilled. To Grandma's then, to see Uncle John. Bob Smith was there, too. Home at 10. SATURDAY, JUNE 1 We all went to Sears Roebuck in the morning, and bought the surprise we promised the children – a sliding board. Are they thrilled! Daddy put it up after their naps, and they played on it awhile but it was too chilly to stay out. Glen and Brian are both starting to break out tonight, and are a trifle feverish. Sylvia worked on a 3 verse prayer to say Children's Day. | SUNDAY, JUNE 2 Brian is well broken out, but Glen barely shows any. Sylvia and I went to Sunday School and church. She sat with Mr. Barnett. She and Glen had short naps, Brian none. I let Sylvia go out for bit on sliding board, but it was quite chilly. Poor Brian wanted to so badly. We went for a short ride in late aft. Sylvia worked on her prayer in eve. MONDAY, JUNE 3 Brian a mess, but Glen still has just one spot, plus running of some. Geraldine over in the morning for bit, then Sylvia to her house after her nap. I let Brian slide a few times, other-wise kept him in. Sylvia loves it. Glen out some, but it was cool. Put him to bed at 6:30; he was tired. S. and B. noisy all eve. Read “Ten Little Colored Boys”. TUESDAY, JUNE 4 No new spots on Brian, but Glen is breaking out some now. All played on the slide most of the morning. Good naps. G.’s eye red for three days now. Out again in aft; G. cross. Went for ride to look at house in eve, then by Grandma's. She gave Sylvia and Brian each a pair of magnetized dogs. All have a little cold. WEDNESDAY, JUNE 5 Glen cried all night til after 4 A.M. Don't know what it was. His eye was worse, so Daddy took him to Dr. Carbaugh when he got home. He said it’s pink eye. Pink eye and chicken pox! Poor angel. All played out most of day. Had good naps. They still are thrilled to death with their slide. | ~~~ I love my babies so much I must make their lives as happy as possible. Doris, April 4 ~~~

30: THURSDAY, JUNE 6 Glen's eye about the same. How he fights the treatments! I kept him in the house or on the porch all day, and he was so good about watching the others play out. Susan Faler came at noon, and they had a picnic outdoors. Then they played til 3:30 when she left. They were tired, filthy, sunburned pigeons tonite. Washed all their hair. Brian’s eyes pink tonite – I wonder! Used Argenol on his too. FRIDAY, JUNE 7 Glen's eye about same. Brian’s eyes better. Took Glenny to basement while I washed – still keeping him in out of sun. Brian and Sylvia played out on slide all morn, then again after their naps. Glen climbed out of bed six times before he would stay and take a nap. He got into everything afterwards! Read “The Little Choo-Choo” to children in eve. We had our first iced tea, and Glen really went for it. SATURDAY, JUNE 8 Glen's eye not much better. He seemed to have a temperature all day, and didn't eat or do much. Put the little tired darling to bed at 6. Brian and Sylvia lived on the slide again. They were tickled because it was warm enough to wear swimsuits. They played at Faler’s for a bit while Mrs. Faler and I decorated the church. Sissy knows her piece. They both talked to Uncle Howard this morning. | SUNDAY, JUNE 9 Glen's a little better, I think and his temperature is gone; but he has been so cross again, and isn't eating well. Sylvia said her little poem prayer at Children's Day Program, and forgot part of it, but she did fine, anyway. She was so sweet. Had fair naps, then played out. They enjoyed eating dinner on the porch. In eve, Brian “hoed”, and Sylvia earned a nickel weeding the yard. MONDAY, JUNE 10 Glen played in basement while I washed; others in back yard. Glen's eye seems a bit better, and he wasn't so cross. Sylvia and Brian were. I don't believe they're getting enough sleep. Fair naps. They went to Grandma's while I went to Dr. Daly. Uncle Howard and Millie were there. It was the first time they'd seen him since last August. He brought us all souvenirs from Japan and China. TUESDAY, JUNE 11 Glen's eye much better, but he was so cross, and not eating. Wish I knew the trouble. Put a sun suit on him this aft., first time this summer. Sylvia to Geraldine’s in morn. Fair naps. Sylvia and I to Dickinson in eve to see “Captain Kidd”, and “Enchanted Forest”. She loved the latter. It was about a boy and an old man and animals living in the forest. Brian wanted us to bring popcorn, and woke up enough to ask for it when we got home. | Sylvia, looking at a picture of Cinderella and the Prince, said, “I’ll bet he said “Hubba, hubba”, when he saw her!” April 12

31: WEDNESDAY, JUNE 12 Glen cried most of night again. His eye is better, but I guess it’s diarrhea now. He is very sore. All wore sun suits today. Had good naps. Brian really got a sunburn today. Glen was so fussy this aft. and eve. He kept getting out of bed tonight for two hours. Sylvia prayed for some much needed rain last night and was very pleased when we had a light shower this aft. THURSDAY, JUNE 13 Glen much better, except he isn't eating much. He's learned to slide by himself, by holding one leg over the side to slow his progress. Wonder what they'd do without their slide, now. All slept til 4 this aft., so let Them all stay up later. They played out in front awhile while their Daddy worked on the car. It’s a treat for them. FRIDAY, JUNE 14 Glen his little sweet self again. Got a sunburn today, and Brian acquired more, too. They had good naps again, then we walked to the hi-way and got groceries. Charlie Dixon bought each of them an ice cream cone. We went to Grandma's after supper – also to the library, where they played on the grounds, as usual. Home at 10p; tired babies. | SATURDAY, JUNE 15 Brian and Sylvia to hi-way with Daddy most of morning. All had good naps, then took a shower outdoors, as it was over 100. Glen was in ecstasy: it was the first he could remember. Lynda came home today, and they all played together this eve til after 8. When I bathed them all and tucked them in. I made S.’ yellow organdy formal today, and she looked too sweet in it. Tonsils out July 12. SUNDAY, JUNE 16 Brian and Sylvia to Sunday School. Glen was awake at 5, permanently at 6. He had a short nap, others none. Howard, Millie and Grandpa were over for dinner at 5, and the children really enjoyed them. I let them stay up til nine, and they were so tired.

32: MONDAY, JUNE 17 Glen fussed in night again, up at 6. All played over at Lynda's awhile, then she, Jimmy, and Johnny came over here and played on slide rest of morning. Glen got an awful sunburn on his back and shoulders. Fair naps. To Grandma's after supper while I went to the dentist. They saw a little fire in next block. Home at 10 with 3 tired babies. TUESDAY, JUNE 18 Glen still crying in night and not eating well. All played over at Lynda's all morning. They enjoy the merry-go-round. It started raining at noon, and they all had fair naps. They played out on the porch the rest of the aft. and eve. because of the rain. Kenneth and Margaret Cramp were by a bit and thought they'd grown so much. WEDNESDAY, JUNE 19 All children slept til 7. Sylvia and Brian played dress-up; Glen tore up the house. Had them all put their boots on at 11 and sent them out a bit. They had fine naps. Sylvia and Brian played cards together in the evening. Glen at a bit better. THURSDAY, JUNE 20 Chilly, but I let them all go out part of the morning. Lynda came over. Johnny and Jimmy for awhile. Jimmy poked Brian on the cheek. I made them all come in finally, as I was trying to sew. Had good naps. Glen into everything today. Cut his lip with the scissors. Daddy played outdoors with all of them after supper. | FRIDAY, JUNE 21 Glen screamed from 10 til 1 last night. Don't know what the trouble was. All played at Lynda's for awhile this morn, til they got in trouble for pulling onions. Glen had short nap, others none. Sylvia had to climb in Mrs. Klepinger’s window to open the door – she locked herself out. They played out again til I put them all to bed at 7. I hope Glen sleeps tonite! SATURDAY, JUNE 22 He didn't. He started screaming again at 3:30. L. finally kept spanking him til he quit. Brian went to town with us in the morning. Sylvia and Glen stayed at Grandma's. She pulled her own front tooth, so I got her an Oz book at the library. All had good naps. We took them to the carnival at Overland in eve. S. ad B. rode ferris wheel and merry-go-round; B. little cars. Had cotton candy. Washed all their hair tonight. | ~~~ B. comes up to me and says, “How do you spell Brian? – B-R-I-A-N!” April 14 ~~~

33: SUNDAY, JUNE 23 Brian and Sylvia to Sunday School; she stayed for church. She got her year pin today. I curled her hair and she wore her new white shoes – she looked so sweet. All had short naps. Daddy trimmed the trees and shrubs this eve, and they all enjoyed playing with the branches. Brian is such an affectionate little fellow. Glen was some better today. MONDAY, JUNE 24 Glen screamed again from 2 to 3, in spite of repeated spanking. Took him in bed with me then and he fell right asleep. Rained in morn. Glen flooded bathroom floor tonight and tore wrapping from Howard's wedding present while I washed. Fair naps. Played out til they went to Grandma's in eve while I went to dentist. TUESDAY, JUNE 25 Glen screamed again from 2 to 3. Stormed and Brian afraid of the thunder. They played out with Jimmy and Johnny in morn. Fair naps, then Sylvia went to Geraldine's a while, and Brian and Glen went next door to play with Lynda and 2 little boys visiting her. WEDNESDAY, JUNE 26 Glen screamed from 2-2:30. He's improving. They played with Linda, Bill, Dickie, Jimmy, and Johnny, first in one yard then in Purle’s all morning. What bedlam! Glen didn't get to sleep til after 2 this aft. – kept climbing out of bed. All slept til almost 4. Sylvia and Glen slept til 8:15 this morn! they all played around in our yard til bedtime. | THURSDAY, JUNE 27 Glen slept all night! They played at Lynda's a bit, but I made them come home as Glen kept turning hose on. When I put him to bed for his nap he emptied my new bath powder in middle of his bed. Fair naps. Glen ran away to 53rd St. this aft. – Mrs. Purle brought him back. Jean Faler stayed with them in the eve while we went to the bridal dinner. I came home at 10 to 3 dirty, sleepy piglets. FRIDAY, JUNE 28 Glen slept pretty well. Hems more himself and is eating better. They played at Purle’s for while in morn. Sylvia down to Sharon B.’s for while. Grace here for lunch and aft. Ch. had good naps. In eve Sylvia and her daddy went over to the wedding rehearsal at Western Highlands. She's so excited. SATURDAY, JUNE 29 Glen dirtied his bed in night, so had to wash. Rainy, so they all played in. good naps. To Howard's wedding at 4. Sylvia lit the candles, and was wonderful. She looked beautiful in her yellow organdy formal. Everyone raved over her. All of the children were so tired in eve. Glen was shy, and practically choked his Daddy during the wedding hanging around his neck.

34: SUNDAY, JUNE 30 Sylvia and Brian to Sunday School. Geraldine came home and played with them. They had short naps, then we went over to Sutherland's to see the wedding presents, where they played with Carol. We had ice cream and cake for supper, which pleased them greatly. They played on the slide til bedtime. Sylvia's flowers from the candle are still fresh. I wore them in my hair today. MONDAY, JULY 1 Children played in yard alone most of morning, as I washed. Buddy was over a bit before lunch. They had nice naps, then over to Lynda's for a bit. The boys went home this noon. | TUESDAY, JULY 2 All of the children played in the house most of the morning, though it was lovely out. They had good naps, then played out. Glen got a blue coverall from his Grandma Swihart for his birthday. Daddy bought fireworks in eve, and lit some of the snakes for them. Brian liked them so when he was two. To Grandma's in eve, while I went to the dentist. Home at 10:45; sleepy babies. WEDNESDAY, JULY 3 Children played in again most of morn. Mr. Lane was by for a half hour, and when he left, Brian informed him he had stayed too long. Sylvia and Brian planted a few onions. Small naps, then played out some. Daddy burned some snakes again in eve. Sylvia threw dirt on Brian, so I made her get ready for bed. They all get so dirty these days. THURSDAY, JULY 4 Glen woke us at 6, as usual. They played around and watched me clean rugs outdoors. Sylvia and I went to the Dickinson in the aft. to see2 pictures and 4 Bugs Bunny cartoons. She got tired. Glen and Brian had naps. I let Sylvia and Brian stay up later to watch the fireworks. They enjoy them so. We saved a fountain so that Glen could see it some eve. 10:30 and Brian is still awake

35: FRIDAY, JULY 5 Sylvia slept til 8. Played out all morn. Jimmy, Johnny, and Lynda over later for bit. I told Mrs. Purle about Inez and her lies. Glen and Sylvia had fair naps; Brian none. Lynda and children played in aft. Mrs. Purle gave Glen Lynda's old little tricycle. Kitten next door scratched Glen. Put all to bed fairly early. Hot tonight. SATURDAY, JULY 6 Brian and Sylvia straightened their room. They all played out the rest of the morning. Had fair naps. Were to have gone to Dr. Spake, but he had to leave early and Daddy worked. We went to town in eve to buy new sandals for Brian. Got two balloons, and bought a storybook to give Sylvia when she has her tonsils out. SUNDAY, JULY 7 Brian and Sylvia to Sunday School, then played out. Had short naps. Sylvia played bride and dressed up. Brian watched his Daddy work on hot water tank. All had a shower outdoors, really enjoyed it. Glen so sweet and good today, though he missed playing with Daddy. MONDAY, JULY 8 Glen awake at 5:30, as past 3 mornings. Chas., Helen, and Carol Jean over at 10 to take pictures of Sylvia in her formal; also one of all. Rode to hi-way with them and had B. and G.’s hair cut. Glen screamed again. He walked home for first time; did fine. Fair naps. Took Sylvia to see Dr. Spake at 5; all arrangements made. Having to heat water for baths is no fun – hot water heater out. | TUESDAY, JULY 9 Brian slept til 7:30. All played with Lynda til 10, when she got so fussy we separated them. They played in the rest of the morning. Glen had a short nap, others none. Played out rest of aft. In eve, Sylvia rode over to church with Daddy to take papers, and played with Klein children awhile. I spanked Glen this noon because he kept climbing out of bed, and he smiled at me and threw me a kiss. He laid in bed an hour tonight and sang to himself. WEDNESDAY, JULY 10 Glen still waking at 5:30. All played out in morning while I washed. Glen had nap, others none again, due to Brian. Went to band concert in eve – children's first. Ed’s quartet sang. Sylvia said they sang like they were in trouble. Ed really laughed. Glen got restless. Bought ice cream on way home. They really enjoyed that. To bed at 10:30.

36: THURSDAY, JULY 11 Children played out all morn. Took fine naps – slept thru tank installation. Mrs. Klepinger stayed with B. and G. while I took Sylvia to Univ. of Kansas hospital on bus. In room 517 with a Mrs. Schwartz from Baldwin. She's very nice, and her husband teases life out of Sylvia. I left my girl eating her dinner and happy as a lark. Brian and Glen played over at Lynda's on her new swing in eve. Brian sleeping in S.’ bed. FRIDAY, JULY 12 Brian to Purle’s for day at 6:30 A.M. Took Glen to Grandma's. Operated on my brave little Sissy at 8. Slept most of day, crying fitfully in between. Felt a bit better at 4, then worse again when came home at 6. A bit better now; ate ice cream. Brian had a happy day; took 2 hr. nap. Grandma said Glen was fine; also had a good nap. Charles and Helen brought the pictures by; they're darling; glad my girl's home safe. SATURDAY, JULY 13 Sylvia feels better, but still not eating. She played in bed all day, and was so patient and good. She got cards from Mary P. and Geraldine, and a card and $2 from Grandma Swihart. Mrs. Klepinger brought her a flower book. All had nice naps. Brian and Glen were good little boys. Brian watered his onions in eve, and both got wet with the hose. Sylvia had a strawberry malt in eve – part of one. | SUNDAY, JULY 14 Sylvia slightly better. She ate some mashed potatoes this eve, her first solid food. Brian to Sunday School. Geraldine down afterwards to visit Sylvia. All had naps. Daddy is building some steps for them, and Brian and Glen helped him. They had ice cream in evening. MONDAY, JULY 15 Sylvia much better. Eating quite well. So terribly hot today, tho all played in most of morn. Sylvia wrote her Grandma Swihart – a cute letter. She got 3 more cards from Tony, and both grandmas. Fair naps. Took Sylvia in to see Dr. Spake. They were at Lynda's a short while in eve. Tried to buy bananas for them but they were 35 lb., or 6 for 73! TUESDAY, JULY 16 Sylvia better but cries easily. Brian fell out of bed last night for second time in week. Played out in morn. Glen into everything, and threw his tomato juice on the floor. All slept all aft., so I let them stay up til 9. Daddy finished their new climbing steps tonite, and they played on them most of eve. Sylvia got another card from Grandma B. WEDNESDAY, JULY 17 Sylvia better. Got cards from both Grandmas again. She wrote Grandma Bishop. They played on their new steps a lot. Glen had some nap, others none. 102 today. Had ice cream in eve. Daddy bathed and bedded them, as I had to go to choir practice. Brian spends hours with a can of water and an iris leaf, painting cars, houses, etc.

37: THURSDAY, JULY 18 Children played out til 10, then inside as it was so hot. 103 today. Fair naps. To Grandma's in eve while I went to Dr. Daly. I put Glen in panties today, and he did real well. He's such a cute little tykie. Sylvia got cards from Susan and Grandma Swihart today. Brian talks in his sleep so much. FRIDAY, JULY 19 Children played out in morn. All had some nap – S. a good one. She got another card from Grandma Swihart. Much cooler this eve. The children played especially nicely together, pulling each other in the wagon. I finished embroidering their Raggedy Ann Quilt tonight – a job. Let S. and B. stay up til 9. SATURDAY, JULY 20 Took Sylvia to Dr. Spake at 9:30. All well. Brian and Glen to drug store with Daddy; bought them pop corn. Glen a short nap, others little or none. Played out in aft., then over to Lynda's in eve. Sylvia got another card from Grandma Swihart. | SUNDAY, JULY 21 Sylvia and Brian to Sunday School. Geraldine down afterwards to play. Had short naps, then we drove over and took Grandma riding. Played with Tony and Lanora afterwards. Had ice cream and cake when we came home. Had sparklers after dark. MONDAY, JULY 22 Brian slept til 8. He and Sylvia played in house most of morn. Glen got spanked several times as usual on wash day. Had good naps. Mr. Klepinger gave us lift to hi-way, and Daddy brought us home. Played with Buddy here til dark. Had sparklers before they had bubble baths, and to bed at 9. Put S.’ Raggedy Ann quilt in frames tonite. TUESDAY, JULY 23 Children much intrigued by the quilt. They hadn't seen one in forms before. 102 today, so they played fairly quietly. Glen slept 40 minutes, others an hour or so. Fussy in aft. then Brian to Lynda's for short while. They helped Daddy dig weeds in eve. WEDNESDAY, JULY 24 Sylvia played with her doll clothes and “Louise” most of morn. Glen was a better boy today than he’s been lately; he was extra sweet in aft. and eve. Had fair naps. Played out again in eve. Glen is talking so very much more lately. He pointed to a picture where some animals had fallen in the water and said “bath”. He showed me the teddy's “hands”, “foot”, “eye”, “ear”, “tummy”.

38: THURSDAY, JULU 25 Much cooler today. Mrs. Purle called and suggested we keep all the children apart because of polio scare. Glen climbed into tree from sliding board twice. Glen and Sylvia good naps, Brian none. They all enjoyed playing out today. Brian stumbled and hurt corner of his eye on dining table. Brushed Glen's teeth for first time. FRIDAY, JULY 26 Brian almost has a black eye today. He and Sylvia played Santa Claus in morn. Glen had nice nap, Brian and Sylvia none. B. really has circles under his eyes. Worked puzzle and played out in aft. Put Brian and Sylvia to bed at 7, so they didn’t get to be up to see Mae and Henry when they came. SATURDAY, JULY 27 Brian woke us all at 6:30 playing with train. He has a black eye from bumping night before last. Had to wear sweaters today it was so cool out. All had good naps. We went to Charles and Helen's for dinner and they really enjoyed Carol Jean. We saw Howard's and Millie’s wedding pictures (movies) when they came by later. Glen was so good except he wouldn't eat. He fell and cut his leg. SUNDAY, JULY 28 No Sunday School today or til school opens, because of polio epidemic. Howard and Millie and Mrs. Klein came for dinner at 1:30. Glen had short nap, but let Sylvia and Brian stay up. They always enjoy Howard and Millie so much. Millie played dolls with Sylvia. Brian’s eye green now. Had ice cream, then gave them all baths, and had them in bed by 7. Tired darlings. | MONDAY, JULY 29 All children slept til 7:45. Cut Sylvia's hair with bangs. She looks just like I did now. She helped me with washing. Fair naps. Glen certainly doesn't mind well – but he's so sweet. Washed Sylvia's and Brian’s hair in eve. Mae and Henry by in eve and brought Sylvia a jumping rope with plastic handles. I laid it in her window to surprise her in morn. TUESDAY, JULY 30 Have a time making the children play out these days for some reason. I really like Sylvia's hair; so does Daddy. All had fair naps. Had orange pop. Daddy played out with them for while in eve. Sylvia and Brian decided to trade beds for tonite – Brian is still awake now, at 10. | Howard and Millie with Glen

39: WEDNESDAY, JULY 31 Neither slept well last nite. Sylvia finally woke me at 4:30 whimpering because a thousand-legged bug was on her curtain. I took her back in bed with me, and neither had much more sleep. Had fair naps. Mr. Klein over for dinner. Grandma Swihart sent Glen some little birthday gifts, and S. a pair of socks, and each a balloon. THURSDAY, AUGUST 1 Children played in most of morning. Glen enjoyed holding hose to fill the wash tubs. Fair naps. Sylvia and Brian played Mama and son rest of afternoon and had fun. To Grandma's in eve while I went to Dr. Daly. She thinks S. looks cute with her haircut. First time they've been out since Great-Grandma went to Bethany Hospital yesterday. FRIDAY, AUGUST 2 Children played in again mostly – it’s so hot. Glen and Sylvia short naps, Brian none. Sylvia and Brian “painted” with water rest of afternoon. Put Glen and Brian to bed at 7:30, Sylvia at 8:30. The tub's always full of sand and dirt after their baths these days. SATURDAY, AUGUST 3 Brian fell out of bed, Glen fussed a lot in the night. Tagged around after Daddy while he was home, both morning and afternoon. Fair naps. At about 5, Great-Grandma died. Both Sylvia and Brian said they were glad she was with God, and wouldst be sick anymore. All to bed at 8. | SUNDAY, AUGUST 4 Brian and Sylvia helped Daddy paint Brian’s “car”. Short naps. In eve went by Gibson's funeral home to see `Grandma. Glen's face crumbled, and he hid his face on Daddy's shoulder. Brian looked at her a minute, then in rather a frightened voice, he said “Let's go back to the car.” We took Mama and rode around the airports, then got cones. John came in later. MONDAY, AUGUST 5 We all sang “Happy Birthday” to Glen, then he sang “Hap’ Bir’” so cute. He got 2 new suits, 5 boats, a jeep, a ball, a quarter, a big truck, and 11 cards. The children all stayed at Clara Hill’s while we went to the funeral; then at the folks, where they had dinner, while I went to doctor. Home at 8:30. Glen went wild over his toys. I bought Brian a tool set, with which he is engrossed, and Sylvia a spade. | Great Grandma, Emmaline Bishop

40: TUESDAY, AUGUST 6 They played in front yard all morning while Daddy worked on car. Very short naps. Uncle Frank came for dinner and the first time they or I had seen him. Sylvia whispered to me, “Mother, I just met Uncle Frank and I love him already.” Went for short ride. Glen so unusually cross and cranky. Put them all to bed at 8. Had marble cake with choc. icing and 2 blue candles for Glen. WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 7 Children hounded me while I washed, as usual. Had short haps. Rest of aft. and eve they “helped”?! Daddy get car ready to paint. Glen runs into street so badly. Brian wore his new seersucker suit, his first to be kept up by a belt. He has a time. THURSDAY, AUGUST 8 Children played in house while Daddy painted car. Is hot today. Short naps. Sylvia a big help to her Daddy and I. she complained of a bad headache after dinner and doesn't look well. Temp 99. Hope it's not --! FRIDAY, AUGUST 9 S. alright. They all played in back while Daddy painted car and swing posts. Mother to town to show, so Daddy got lunch. Brian wouldn't sleep, so Daddy put him on divan, where he took a short nap. I brought Sylvia “Peter Pan” and yo-yo, Brian “Three Bears” and coloring book. Daddy painted their ladder in eve. Nice and cool for change. | SATURDAY, AUGUST 10 Daddy finished painting car. The children played on ladders most of morn. Daddy fixed lunch as I walked to hi-way for groceries. Short naps. In eve took Lanora 3 books for her birthday, and Richard garden tools and boat set. We stayed and watched them open all their presents, then went to Grandma's for bit. John gave Brian a tiny plastic train – really cute. Home at 10 – Glen asleep. SUNDAY – AUGUST 11 Children played out in morning. Short naps. Picked up Grandma and drove to Leavenworth. Glen climbs around so when riding – drives Grandma and Daddy crazy. All tired when we got home at 8. Had baths, then ate. Brian and Sylvia crazy over muskmelon. Glen doesn't get enough. MONDAY – AUGUST 12 Rainy and cool. They played in most of morn. Glen fair nap, Brian and Sylvia til almost five. Made first fudge in two years in eve. Brian couldn't remember it, and Glen had never tasted it. Glen to bed at 7:30, then Brian and Sylvia stayed in kitchen and played cards while Klepingers and we played in front room. I never saw Brian so wound up he was this evening. To bed at 9. TUESDAY, AUGUST 13 Rainy; children played in. Grandma and John out for lunch. Had fair naps. Children all wore John out, they romped on him so hard. Grandpa out for dinner. Glen always has to copy what the older children do. Brian complained of a headache before the folks left and said he wanted to go to bed.

41: WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 14 Children helped me wash, and played out some. Brian had to wear his slippers while his shoes were at the shoe-shop. He's so hard on them. Fair naps. To Grandma's in eve while I went to dentist. Sylvia so thrilled over doll clothes Grandma's making Louise. When Daddy came home from playing golf, Glen said “Here he is.” THURSDAY, AUGUST 15 Brian said his prayer in his sleep, ending – “Help my finger get well and make Daddy look at me.” Sylvia heard him, too. They all played out most of morning. Glen a good nap; Sylvia and Brian none, so didn't take ride to Swope’s as planned. Ordered some school clothes for B. Daddy fixed them a little tent to go under when it sprinkled. Washed all their hair and had them in bed at 7:30. FRIDAY, AUGUST 16 Children helped me wash again. Brian kept them from taking naps again, so no Swope’s again. Glen had fair one. All of them so cross and irritable rest of aft. and eve. Brian and Sylvia still awake at 9, although I put them to bed at 7:30. They're sweet babies, even tho they sorely try my patience sometimes. | SATURDAY, AUGUST 17 We drove to Charles’ to take the spray gun back. Stafford was there, so we took him and Carol Jean for ride with us thru Swope and on east. The children really tore around in back seat, but had fun. All had fair naps. They played out after dark as I didn't start bathing them til 8:30. They enjoyed it. SUNDAY, AUGUST 18 Children played out in morn. Sylvia and Glen took short naps; Brian none. They played out again in aft., and again after dinner. Brian and Glen to bed at 7. Last night Sylvia neglected to kiss me and again tonite. They never forget to kiss their Daddy, tho. MONDAY, AUGUST 19 Drove over to Grandma's for a bit in morning. Sylvia thrilled over “Louise's” new clothes. Brought some of John's old Navy “blues” home to make up for Brian. All had short naps, then played in yard before and after dinner. Sylvia and Brian are wearing a couple of sailor hats of John's. They look cute. TUESDSAY, AUGUST 20 Children all fussed with each other or heckled me all morning. Sylvia got her Sunday School papers in the mail. All had fair naps. Brian’s school shoes came, and he wore them this aft. They all played in yard til after dark again. It's dark by 7:30 now. They do enjoy it. | Brian coughed after breakfast so he said, “Oh, oh, that means the hot-pad.” He went and got it and climbed in bed. April 23

42: WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 21 The children “helped” me wash – S. is really quite a help. They were all very good today, except Brian didn’t take a nap. S. misunderstood what I said about taking a bath tonite, and when I scolded her, she started to cry. I asked her why and she sobbed – “You always get so mad at me!” Poor darling. I loved her then, and I’m going to try to be more patient. She does try hard. THURSDAY, AUGUST 22 The children all played out in morning. They had a little party with iced tea and pretzels. Glen slept til 4:30, Sylvia til I woke her at 5, and Brian – not at all. I bathed him at seven, intending to bathe Glen later tonite, but he undressed himself, as I usually do them together, so I went ahead. S and he played out in dark til 8:30. FRIDAY, AUGUST 23 Children played by fence with Lynda most of morning. She gave each of them some cups of candy, and S. made her a thank you card. Sylvia and Glen fair naps; Brian slept til woke him at 4:30. He's so proud of his suspenders. Sylvia learned to play game with black pegs and she's pretty good. Played all eve with it. Glen likes to put the pegs in, too. Let Brian stay up til 9:30. | SATURDAY, AUGUST 24 Sylvia and Brian to Grandma's 11-4. Glen puttered with poker chips before and after his nap; good boy. Grandpa bought Sylvia (with John's money) record of “Stars and Stripes”. Grandma sent “Louise” home in my renovated old doll trunk with big new outfit of clothes. S. thrilled. B. and S. rode a pony at Lynda's when they got home – so thrilled. G. wouldn't ride – afraid. SUNDAY, AUGUST 25 The children played out while their Daddy weeded, although it was chilly and damp. Sylvia dressed and undressed Louise all day and eve. Glen and Sylvia had some nap but Brian none. We had our first watermelon this summer tonite. Glen's first – he liked it. MONDAY, AUGUST 26 Children helped me wash some; played out. Sylvia very cross. Had to spank her and Brian to get them to take a little nap. To Grandma's in eve, while I went to Dr. Daly. Grandma redressed Nancy into a boy doll for Brian – now called Jimmy. She and John were gone tonite – Daddy and Grandpa kept them. Home at 10 with three tired dumplings. TUESDAY, AUGUST 27 Cldy and cool, but they wore sweaters and played out most of morn. Glen fussy. He had fair nap – others too. Played out again in aft. and for awhile after dinner. I went to show this eve – just got home. Brian got up to go to bath, and tho half-asleep, he wanted to know what the cartoon was. | ~~~ Brian called out in his sleep twice last nite – “Where’s the meat!?” May 22 ~~~

43: WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 28 Cldy. and cool again, but children played out some. Glen had short nap, then wakened Sylvia and Brian. We took a walk west in late aft. Tied rope around Glenny, and he was so good, and enjoyed it so. S. picked wild flowers. Daddy not here for dinner. Glen kept calling him while we ate. He wore the blue cover-alls Grandma Swihart sent for his birthday, and looked too cute. THURSDAY, AUGUST 29 Very chilly, but sunny, and children played out most of day. Fair naps. In eve, had a fire in the fireplace, and they looked like a picture lined up before it. Glen especially fascinated. Sylvia and Brian awake late watching Daddy and the new fire truck up at the corner. I thought they were asleep, but there they were, peeking out their window. FRIDAY, AUGUST 30 Children played out most of morn and aft. Fair naps. Glen dumped his Daddy's tobacco all out on rug. Sylvia was so cross, and seemed so sleepy all eve. I do hope she's well. She went right to sleep at 8. SATURDAY, AUGUST 31 Played out all morn. All had nice naps. Coral and Arvilla Hoffman, their first cousins twice removed, came for dinner. They enjoyed them very much – also the folks, and especially John. Grandpa brought a great box of caramel corn for them. Glen stayed up til 8:30, the others til 9:30. | SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 1 Children played out in morn. Lynda had pony again, but children didn’t get to ride it, so after their naps we took them down to pony ring. It was Glen's first ride. Brian made Daddy go around with him. Ruth and George out in eve. MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 2 Glen woke us at 6 – gave us four hours sleep. They were all so excited because we went to Grandma's to spend the morning. She gave Sylvia a lot of sweaters and other clothes from rummage – nice ones. Short naps. Played in garage while Daddy worked. I was cross in eve, so to make it up to them I read “Little Engine that Could”, and fixed buttered puffed rice. S. heard “Our Vines Have Tender Grapes” on radio – so pleased. TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 3 Children played in basement while I washed, and outdoors. Sylvia and Glen short naps, Brian none. Walked to hi-way, Sylvia and Brian have both been so disobedient today. Brian and Glen to bed at 7, Sylvia at 8:30. She plays with Louise almost constantly. WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 4 Rain. They played on the porch til it got too wet, then brought their wagons and cars in and played in here. Also acted out different stories; did fine. Sylvia and Brian sneezed all day, and S.’ nose ran. Daddy took them to try out fire plug on corner, then down to buy ice cream cones themselves with their own money.

44: THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 5 Poor little Brian and Sissy have miserable colds. Noses and eyes streaming. Clear and warm, so played out all morn. Fair naps. Mrs. Faler and Susan by for awhile. Brian was still asleep. Glen sneezed some this aft – supposed he's next. Washed all their hair tonite – hope I didn't do wrong. I hope it's only colds, and I hope they're better tomorrow. FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 6 Sylvia much better, Brian some. Rainy in morn. They played with dishes. Brian stayed in bed some. Fair naps, then outdoors some. Rained again after supper. Sylvia enjoyed talking to new boy Bobby over back fence. Glen crying out in his sleep so much lately. SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 7 Glen sneezing, but all seem fairly well. Tagged Daddy around, helped me wash. Fair naps. To Grandma's while I went to town. Bought B. corduroys, tan seersucker suit, 3 pr. Socks. Bought S. Raggedy Anne comic book and Brian sand pile set with their own dimes. Glen a little car. Had waffles tonite at Brian’s request. All ate them like piggies. SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 8 Sunday School postponed again. Children helped Daddy carry grass to pile as he cut the yard. Glen pushed and dumped the wheelbarrow – so cute. Poor darling is miserable – eyes and note streaming, but so good. Good naps for all. Bought ice cream. Played in yard til dark. Warm today. | MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 9 Brian and Sylvia played out all morn. Bobby Anberam, in back, over bit for first time. Glen some better, I think. He played in front room with blocks and dishes the entire morning, all by himself. He was so good. To Grandma's in eve while I went to Dr. Daly. She was gone, but left a “party” for them. Home at 11 with 3 sleepy dumplings. All had good naps today, tho. TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 10 Played on porch til grass dried, then went out. Glen in and out all morn – cross and felt badly with cold. He cried for “Da-Da” every time I displeased him. He says “Bad boy” to S. or B. when they make him mad now. All had short naps, then out again. Bobby over for bit. He regaled S. with bits of scientific information – such as “the sun reflects the moon”, etc. S. learned prayer to say mornings, tonight. WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 11 S. said she said her morning prayer. Played out all morn. Sylvia and Glen a fair nap, Brian none. Walked to hi-way to get Glen's haircut. He screamed and refused to sit in the chair. I tried to bribe him with an ice cream cone, he still refused. After hour, the barber picked him up and plunked him down; started cutting his hair without neck cloth or anything. He calmed down then and was good – the little brat.

45: THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 12 Children “helped” me wash, played out. Worried, as there are 2 cases of polio down the block. Brian called me a “peppermint”, and when I pretended to cry, he put his little face to mine, and said, “I called you peppermint because you're sweet.” He didn’t take a nap, and Glen and Sylvia little. They went after gas with their Daddy in the eve. Brian and Glen bed at 7, Sylvia at 8. FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 13 Children played out most of morn. They played “radio” with Bobby over the fence. All had long naps in aft., so I let them stay up late. They played outdoors til dark. Brian and Glen played store with their canned food. Glen plays “hoppy-toad” so cute. He's growing up all of a sudden, and talking lots more. | SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 14 Rained in nite, so children played in this morning. Fair naps. Had watermelon and corn on the cob for dinner – favorites of all of them. Played on library grounds while I did a little shopping, then out to Grandma's to say hello to Howard and Millie, just in from Manhattan, and Goodbye to John, who leaves for Purdue again. SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 15 Sylvia and Brian to Sunday School for first time in weeks. Only 68 there instead of usual 130 or so. Played out with Bobby afterwards. Fair naps, then played out again. They all enjoyed the chicken we had for dinner. Had strawberry ice cream later. Sylvia and Brian so excited about school tomorrow. | Kansas City, Kansas Library

46: MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 16 Over to school in morn to enroll Brian ana Sylvia. Rode over and back with Inez. Took Glen, too. Brian is 47” tall, weighs 49 lb. Played in yard rest of morning. Fair naps, then out again. Bobby came over in eve til dark. TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 17 Sylvia to school in morn. Miss Jeffers her teacher. Brian in aft. – waited for bus from 11:30 – 12:50. He seemed impressed most with the bottle of milk he received. Wish he didn’t have to have Miss Farrar. They played out til dark. Brian and Glen rode to Fairway with Daddy, while S. played with Bobby. WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 18 Sylvia to school. Brian and Glen played out some. Brian to school in aft. – bus came at 12:20. Glen had short nap. Brian didn’t get off bus with Sylvia – he rode on past a block. They played out then. Sylvia so very cross already from lack of naps. Had them all in bed before 7. THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 19 Sylvia to school, took raincoat. Brian and Glen played out some. Glen has diarrhea, some. Brian to school in new raincoat and hat – bus came at 12:07. Glen had good nap. Raining when children came home – Brian got off bus carrying coat and hat in wad under his arm. He got spanked with hairbrush in eve for scraping paper and plaster off liv. room – dining doorway with screwdriver. Our poor house! | FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 20 Sylvia to school. Chilly and wet out, so Brian and Glen played in all morn. Bus came at 12:07 for Brian. Both took naps when they got home. Went to Grandma's in eve while I went to Dr. Daly. All of them worn out on way home. When Glen asks me for something now, and I refuse, he says “Pease!” and I promptly succumb. SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 21 Children to Grandma's in morn while I to town. Had fair naps. Sylvia and Brian with Daddy to Procter’s picnic at Swope Park 3-6:30. Clowns, magic, ice cream, pop, cake, etc. S. got jump rope in grab bag, B. a fire engine. Tired but excited, all they could talk about. G. lonely. Daddy just tucked Sylvia in, and she screamed, frightening him as much as he did her, I guess. SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 22 Sylvia and Brian to Sunday School. She has a cold. Short naps. They get so restless when shut in by rain, and I was cross today, I’m afraid. Glen wore the new brown shoes we bought yesterday. Daddy put them to bed, as I went to the show. | Went to band concert in eve – children's first. Ed’s quartet sang. Sylvia said they sang like they were in trouble. July 10

47: MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 23 Sylvia to school. Brian and Glen played in, as it was chilly. Brian to school on bus at 12:05. Glen had good nap. Walked over to Barnett’s after school, but they weren't home. Played with Lynda, Jimmy, and Johnny in front til Daddy came home. Sylvia and Brian to bed before 7, as so tired. All have some cold, Sylvia especially. TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 24 Sylvia to school. Brian and Glen played with blocks most of morn. Brian to school – so slow with lunch almost missed bus. Grandma over in aft. Glen good nap. Bobby and some “Ann” over to play after school. Grandma brought Brian some pads of paper, and Sylvia a big story book. Grandpa out for dinner, too. WEDNESDAY,SEPTEMBER 25 Sylvia to school. Brian and Glen played with trains awhile, then in sand pile rest of morning. Brian to school. Glen had very short nap; less than hour. All played in sand pile after school. Bobby over, too. THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 26 Sylvia to school. Very warm today – Glen and Brian played out most of morning. Brian to school – said he and Jimmy had to sit in their chairs for going out when they weren't supposed to. They all played out after school and again after dinner. Sylvia so cross I made her come in earlier. Glen woke everyone at 5:30 this morn with his chatter – “Ba-ad boy!” etc. | FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 27 Sylvia to school. Very warm again. Brian and Glen played in yard while I washed. Poor Glenny has awful cold again – nose streaming and sneezing. Very cheerful, tho. Brian to school. All played in yard from after school ‘til dark, except for dinner. Steaming Gen tonite. Sylvia so cross these days. SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 28 Glen wakened at 9:30, and stayed awake til 2. He was a good little boy – listened for toot-toots. He just couldn't breathe. Finally fixed him some cocoa at 1:30. Seems a trifle better today. Sylvia and Brian played over at Bobby’s most of morning. Fair naps. Chilly in aft., so played in house then. They enjoyed the watermelon Daddy brought for supper, tho’ Glen not eating well. To Grandma's in eve. Enjoyed watching automatic toaster. SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 29 Steamed Glen all nite. So miserable, but seems to feel fairly well. Brian and Sylvia to Sunday School – Promotion Day. All wanted to play out but it was too cold. Glen little nap, Brian none, Sylvia good one. They get restless penned up. Brian and Glen to bed at 6:30, Sylvia at 8. Glen having a struggle breathing again – I hope we don't have to use vaporizer again. MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 30 Glen slept til 7. He seems bit better. Sylvia to school. Brian and Glen played out, although chilly. Brian to school – took magazine to cut out pictures. To hi-way after school. Brian had haircut. Bought Glen a set of cards and dots, and he's so thrilled with them. He had one hour's nap today – that seems to be all he takes anymore.

48: TUESDAY, OCTOBER 1 Glen seems better. Sylvia to school. Brian and Glen played in most of morn – B. with blocks, G. with dots. Brian to kindergarten. Brought home a picture book he made himself. Glen had very short nap again. All played out after school. Bobby and Buddy J. came over. We ate without Daddy tonite, as he went to a dinner. I had more time to spend on them, and they enjoyed it. They're so sweet. WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 2 Sylvia to school. Brian and Glen played out most of morn while I washed. Glen pounds with a hammer by the house. Brian to school. Glen takes shorter naps every day, if possible. He was such a good little boy this aft., tho. He tasted some peanuts first time tonight, and went well. Kept saying “More, More!” All played with Bobby in aft. Sylvia dried dishes for Daddy tonite. THURSDAY, OCTOBER 3 Sylvia to school. Brian picked up room, then he and Glen played out rest of morn. Brian to school. Glen took better nap than in weeks – til 2:30. All played out after school. Sylvia so cross – made her bathe and go to bed at six – and she fell right to sleep, poor darling. She was awake at 5:30 this morn. Brian played telephone lineman today. FRIDAY, OCTOBER 4 Sylvia to school. Brian and Glen played out all morn – warm. They played in the dirt. Brian caught a moth and put it in a bottle, the way S. has been doing with grasshoppers all summer. He went to school. Glen had fair nap. He's such a sweetheart. They were all thrilled because I had candles on the table tonite in honor of our 15th anniversary. | SATURDAY, OCTOBER 5 Sylvia and Brian cleaned their room, then played out rest of morn. All had short naps. All intrigued because we moved piano and cleaned living room furniture around. In eve I took Sylvia and Brian to the Dickenson to see “Pinocchio”. They were thrilled beyond words, except Brian got awfully tired watching another picture first. Both just dropped when we got home at 10:30. Glen his Daddy's pal today. SUNDAY, OCTOBER 6 Sylvia and Brian to Sunday School. Glen shadowed Daddy as usual. Sylvia fixed a little bowl of flowers and a card to surprise me while I was at church. All had naps, then played out again – still quite warm. Brian drew a picture of the whale in “Pinocchio” on his blackboard tonite, and it was astonishingly clever. MONDAY, OCTOB ER 7 Sylvia to school. Brian and Glen pounded big nails into boards most of morn. They're enjoying this warm weather. Brian black from head to toe when he came in to lunch – spanked him, as I’d told him to stay out of dirt. To school. All played out afterwards. Glen had fair nap. Brian didn't eat too well – think he's either worn out or has a cold. Glen a good little boy today. TUESDAY, OCTOBER 8 Sylvia to school. Brian and Glen played out most of morning. Brian to school. Glen had nice nap. All played out after school. Lynda came over. She bit Brian on the arm so hard it’s bruised. She doesn't know how to play at all. Children always to bed by 7 on school days.

49: WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 9 Sylvia to school. Brian and Glen played out most of morn. Brian to school. Glen slept 12:45 – 3:45 – longest nap in weeks. All played out til dinner then. Let Glen stay up til 8 – he played with Daddy and a clothespin. Stars falling all over sky tonite, so wakened Sylvia at 8:30 to see them THURSDAY, OCTOBER 10 Sylvia to school. Raining. Brian and Glen puttered around. So long since they've played in they forgot how. Brian to school. Glen slept til 3:45 again. Grandma out at 5 to stay with them while Daddy and Mother went out to dinner and show. They're always so happy to have her. Glen wouldn't eat his dinner for her, tho. | FRIDAY, OCTOBER 11 Sylvia to school. Brian and Glen played in basement while I washed, then outdoors for while as I hung out clothes. Too cold to stay out long. Glen had fine nap, and Sylvia and Brian took one after school, as I’d planned on going to the dentist. He canceled appointment, and were they disappointed at missing Grandma's. all stayed after almost 9. SATURDAY, OCTOBER 12 Left Brian and Glen at Grandma's while I took Sylvia to town for new shoes. All had fair naps. Mrs. Hinze and Marg Ellen over to say goodbye; moving tomorrow. Played out while their Daddy worked around. Cold – I hope they didn't catch any. Enjoyed reading the old “Books of Knowledge” Grandma gave them today. | Roesland Elementary School Roeland Park, KS

50: SUNDAY, OCTOBER 13 Brian and Sylvia to Sunday School; Glen outdoors with Daddy. Sylvia and Glen had short naps, Brian none. Out again in afternoon. Sylvia and Brian played together til he and Glen went to bed at 7, then she read “Alice In Wonderland” in Book of Knowledge. I remember reading it in the same place when I was little. She's thrilled with it. MONDAY, OCTOBER 14 Sylvia to school. Brian and Glen played in basement while I washed, then outdoors rest of morn. Brian to school, where I understand he got put in the “baby class” and he cried after. He had a temperature of 100.2 when he got home, so I put him to bed, but he seems alright. Sylvia entertained him. He enjoyed his dinner in bed. Glen and Sylvia helped Daddy with dandelions and trash in eve. | TUESDAY, OCTOBER 15 Sylvia to school. Brian seems alright; some cold. He and Glen played out most of morning. I got an old tire from Mrs. Hooper for them yesterday, and they enjoy it. Brian to school. Glen a fair nap. All out in afternoon til dinner. Sylvia caught caterpillars in a jar. Glen is coughing in his sleep as I write – hope he didn't catch cold – it was warm, but cloudy and a cool wind. WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 16 Sylvia to school. Brian and Glen tore up house all morn. Brian has some cold, but went to school. Glen had short nap. They really tear things up when they can't go out. Sylvia started acting queerly, then said she had a terrible headache, so I put her to bed at 6 crying. She doesn't seem to have temperature, tho. THURSDAY, OCTOBER 17 Pouring rain all day. Sylvia to school, seems all right. Brian and Glen played on cars and argued all morning. Brian to school. Glen had nice nap, and Sylvia and Brian to bed after school and slept til dinner. Had waffles, and Glen kept asking for “Mo’”. To Norma Dean Freeman’s wedding eve. Left Glen with Grandma. Sylvia and Brian enjoyed it, especially the wedding cake and punch. Brian said nursery rhymes for us all way home – at 10.

51: FRIDAY, OCTOBER 18 Sylvia to school. Brian and Glen played in. Brian to school. Grandma out at 1 to stay while I got a permanent. Glen had fair nap. Grandma brought each a Halloween mask. Glen won't wear his. She stayed for dinner, then we took her home in the evening. Sylvia cried most of the time – so tired. SATURDAY, OCTOBER 19 Rainy and cool, so they played in. Glen cross. He had short nap, others little more. Glen fell and bit his lip; bled some Rode over with Daddy in eve to get some flowers for church. Klepinger’s over in eve. Sylvia and Brian stayed up to see them, had popcorn, then to bed. Brian has quite a deep cold, I’m afraid. SUNDAY, OCTOBER 20 Sylvia and Brian to Sunday School; Glen outdoors with Daddy. All had short naps, then we went to County Lake for picnic with Allen's, Packards, Bishop's, etc. – 24 altogether. Perfect fall day, and children had wonderful time. Threw rocks in lake. Grandma home with us to stay while Daddy and I went to American Royal. Brought sack of peanuts in shell home for them. MONDAY, OCTOBER 21 Sylvia to school. Brian and Glen played in basement while I washed. Glen polished his own shoes with liquid polish. They played out while I hung clothes, but it was chilly. Both still have some cold. Brian to school. Glen fair nap. All enjoyed the peanuts – a mess. Glen choked on some and vomited all over me. None seem too chipper tonite. Daddy bought a pumpkin for a jack-o-lantern – their first. | TUESDAY, OCTOBER 22 Sylvia to school. Brian and Glen played with “medicine” bottles, then outdoors later. Brian to school. Glen had short nap, then we all went walking our “woodsy” road to look for bittersweet, but found none. Played out til dinner. Buddy, Carol, Stephen, Jimmy, and Johnny all over for awhile. WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 23 Sylvia to school. Brian and Glen played with bottles again, and then outdoors. Brian to school. Glen had good nap. Grade cards today – Brian got U in attention and obeying promptly. Sylvia got C in conduct; rest B’s. Went “woods” walk again. Daddy took them all to see the things that burned the last two days in this addition. THURSDAY, OCTOBER 24 Sylvia to school. Rainy and cool, so children played in. Brian to school. Glen had a short nap. It had cleared, so they all went out for awhile, but too chilly to stay long, all have a little cold. Brian just now called “Mama!”, and when I went in to him he started jabbering in his sleep, and grabbed my thumbs. FRIDAY, OCTOBER 25 Sylvia to school, though coughing some. Brian and Glen played in basement while I washed, then outside. Brian to school. Glen had fair nap; also Sylvia and Brian after school. Brian to Dr. Daly in eve for his first filling and was I proud! He never flinched or batted an eyelash. Sylvia is coughing hard tonite.

52: SATURDAY, OCTOBER 26 Children played out most of morn. Buddy over. At noon Brian pushed Sylvia and she fell on driveway, hurting her ear. She cried so much we took her in to Dr. Spake; he said it was congestion from cold. It was 2:30 when they had lunch and naps. Her ear still sore and draining. Had planned to go to folks tonight. Bought Sylvia brown wool hood with yellow flowers today. Her temp. 101.5. SUNDAY, OCTOBER 27 Sylvia better, temp. 99. Kept her in bed. Brian to Sunday School. Sylvia made jack-o-lanterns. She seemed alright at noon, so decided to go with all the folks to County Lake again. Glen enjoyed rolling in the leaves. Tried to keep Sylvia quiet. Brian stepped into lake while going to a little island over stepping stones, got his feet wet. Bathed them, gave them hot cocoa, and bedded 3 tired kiddies at 7. | MONDAY, OCTOBER 28 Sylvia coughing some, so I kept her home and in. All played in basement while I washed, and Brian and Glen out while I hung up. Too windy to be out long, tho’ warm. Brian to school. Sylvia good nap, Glen some. He cried most of afternoon – he still has a cold. Sylvia to Dr. Spake again after work with Daddy, and to Avenue for “Trick or Treats”. Saw Congressman Scrivener and talked to him. Sylvia cross and not much appetite. TUESDAY, OCTOBER 29 Sylvia still has cold, but let her go to school. Had her kept in at recesses. Warm but windy, so kept Brian and Glen in, as they have colds. Brian to school. Glen fair nap. All played in after school, except Brian decided he didn't feel well, so he went to bed and played. I took him his supper. Sylvia sat down to the table and began to cry, saying her head hurt her, so she went to bed without her dinner. | Bishop Picnic c 1946

53: WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 30 Sylvia to school, but had her stay in at recesses again. Brian and Glen played in, as cloudy and cooler. Washed old clown suit of Billy Knight's for Sylvia to wear tomorrow. Brian to school. Glen had fair nap. All played in after school. Daddy made a real jack-o-lantern tonight. Thrilled them all. THURSDAY, OCTOBER 31 Sylvia to school, taking costume. Brian wore his at noon – he went as a farmer. Glen and I went over to visit in the afternoon at 1:30. Sylvia's face shone when she saw me –it really made her happy. Glen had a donut and orange pop in her room. We all rode home on school bus. In the evening daddy went with Sylvia and Brian “Trick or Treating” for the first time. Brought home lots of candy, cookies, and apples. FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 1 Rainy again. Teacher's convention, so a holiday. All played in their room. Brian drew a monkey in a cage on his blackboard for the first time, and it was so good that I thought Sissy drew it. Glen had a very short nap, Brian and Sylvia fair. Walked to the hi-way; Brian got his hair cut. Glen is so good in the store. Sylvia awfully cross this evening – she worries me, I don't think she feels too well. | SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 2 Over to Grandma's while Daddy and I went to town, then we all stayed for lunch. Brian wore a blue mitten on his right hand there, at home, and went to bed with it on tonite. I took to calling him “Mitten”. All had late naps. At dinnertime I discovered Sylvia had a temperature of 101, but she claimed she felt alright. We had some ice cream in the evening. SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 3 Sylvia and Brian to Sunday School. Daddy dismantled sliding board for winter. All had fair naps. Really hard to keep the house straight when they play in all the time. They colored a lot today. All their colds seem some better. Lit Jack-o-Lantern in eve for the last time before throwing him in the garbage. MONDAY, NOVEMBER 4 Sylvia wore heavy coat first time this fall. Brian and Glen played in the basement while I washed, and were good little fellows in the house while I hung out. Brian to school; Glen fair nap. Mary Louise Green, Sylvia's “dearest friend”, came home on bus with her this aft., without her mother's permission. L. had to return her to her home in Fairway after he got home. She's nice enough, and they all had fun together. | ~~~ Sylvia whispered to me, “Mother, I just met Uncle Frank and I love him already.” August 6 ~~~

54: TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 5 Sylvia to school. Brian and Glen played on cards and with jig-saw puzzles. Brian to school. Glen had very short nap. He’s always so happy to see them come home from school – he puts on quite a performance. After Daddy got home they went over to school with us while we voted. Put flannelette p.j.’s with hood and feet on Glen tonite and he's darling in them. Sylvia and Brian both wore the same ones. WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 6 Sylvia to school. Brian and Glen heckled me all morn while I sewed on gray winter coat for Sylvia. Brian to school. Glen had fair nap. Daddy had to work til 7:30, so we ate dinner alone. Had liver, and all the children were piggies over it. Daddy got home before they were asleep, so he got to kiss them all goodnite THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 7 Sylvia to school; wore her new gray coat. Looks nice. Brian drew on blackboard most of morn. To school; wore his heavy coat first time this year. Glen had fair nap; also Brian and Sylvia after school. To Grandma's in eve for dinner. Ruth King, Grandpa's cousin Carl’s wife, was there from El Paso, Ill. Home at 9. | FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 8 Sylvia to school. Brian and Glen to basement with me while I washed. Brian to school. Glen had fair nap. He went out with me to bring in clothes; played with Tooker’s cat thru the fence with a twig. Sylvia to Sharon Bingham’s after school. Daddy had to work again this eve – they miss him. Brian is beginning to draw a great deal. SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 9 Sylvia cleaned their room entirely without my asking her, and did a fine job. All of them unusually good today. All had fair naps. Daddy worked all day and was gone all eve, so they only had glimpses of him. Got Glen a box of little toys and marbles, Sylvia her old doll Gretchen, and Brian a billfold and coin purse down from attic, and they kept perfectly amused all rest aft. and eve. Brian played dolls with Sylvia in eve. SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 10 Sylvia and Brian to Sunday School. Daddy cut Glen's hair with clippers his father used to cut his with. All had short naps. Daddy took them for a ride on the new fire truck. Brian was a little frightened. Glen ate tops from 6 cupcakes I baked when Barnetts came over this eve. MONDAY, NOVEMBER 11 Sylvia to school. Daddy didn't work. Took Brian and Glen to Overland Park, then they played out while I hung clothes. Brian raked leaves. Glen insisted on Daddy feeding him and everything else. To Grandma's after school while we went to town, then we stayed for dinner. Home at 8. | At a family picnic

55: TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 12 Sylvia to school. Brian and Glen played in house. Brian to school. Glen had fair nap. All outdoors for while after school, but chilly. Sylvia and Glen cross – tired from last night. They ate with their Daddy tonite, as I went to church dinner. He bathed and put them to bed tonite. WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 13 Sylvia to school. Brian and Glen played out some. Glen loves to play with Tooker’s cat – it scratched him today on hand. Brian to school; Glen had fair nap. Took nice long walk after school as it was 61, but wind was cool and I’m afraid we all caught cold. Daddy worked late again, but got home at 7 in time to kiss them good-night. Popped corn for them this eve. THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 14 Sylvia to school. Brian and Glen to basement while I washed, then outdoors – nice warm day. Played with the cat again. Brian to school. Glen had fair nap. Played ball with me while I tried to sew. All out after school. Watched men lay sod on Purle’s garden. We ate along again, as Daddy worked til 8, but he called at six to tell them all goodnight. They're such dear little ones. FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 15 Sylvia coughed and sneezed all nite, but seemed alright in morn, so she went to school. Brian also. Glen had short nap; others too, after school. Sylvia to Dr. Daly’s in eve to have eye tooth pulled. She told him his water bill must be $1,000 since he let it run all the time. Brian and Glen saw some movie cartoons at Grandma's that Uncle John had rented. Brian sneezing tonite. | SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 16 Brian catching miserable cold. Sylvia cleaned her room. All were cross and naughty in the morning. Glen and Sylvia had some nap, Brian none. Brian to Dr. Medean’s for checkup; had Schick test and tuberculin without a whimper. To Grandma's for dinner; had nice time, but Sylvia still cross and Glen spilled his cup of milk. Home at 8:30. SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 17 Brian has deep cold, so kept him in. Sylvia to Sunday School. Daddy cut Glen's hair again. The first time this morn, we all sang “Happy Birthday” to Daddy, then each gave him their present: Sylvia 2 undershirts, Brian 2 pairs of socks, Glen one pair. Glen wanted to open his himself. All had some nap. Short ride. Had turkey center ice cream for dinner. Awake til 9:30 – Sylvia and Brian. Glen is whimpering in his sleep – seems uncomfortable. MONDAY, NOVEMBER 18 Brian’s cold deep, so kept him home. Sylvia went to school. Glen's nose running and he's sneezing. They played with their blocks and cars. Both had fair naps. All had a cup of tea and a wafer. They got to sleep late tonite as I had circle meeting, and the noise kept them awake. I kept thinking Glen was asleep, and I’d close his door; then he's yell “Do’ah” like he does, and I’d have to open it again.

56: TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 19 Sylvia coughed in nite, but to school. Poor Glenny’s nose streaming. Brian and he to basement with me while I washed. Brian seemed better, so I let him go to school; but he came home very hoarse. His cough’s so deep. Put him to bed and got doll house from attic for him. Glen had fair nap. Put all to bed at 6:30 Sylvia is coughing hard now. My poor babies. WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 20 Sylvia to school, seems all right. Glen a bit better. Kept Brian in bed all day, as his cough is way down there. He worked puzzles and colored. Both had naps. Glen painted his face and things on my vanity with nail polish and lipstick while I talked on phone. Sylvia and Brian made butterflies. THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 21 Sylvia to school. Brian better, but he decided to stay in bed most of day. Had a degree of temp. Glen about same. One of his days to get into everything; climaxed by spilling India ink all over himself and dining room chair tonite. He had a nap, Brian none. Sylvia cried a lot this aft., and at 5:30 complained of severe headache. Her cold seems deeper. Put her to bed at 6. Tricycle and skates for Xmas arrived today. FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 22 Sylvia to school; coughs some. Brian and Glen played around all morn. Brian to school, as he seemed some better. Glen had fair nap; nose still running. Brian and Sylvia had naps after school; he wouldn't get up for dinner til 6. Didn’t seem to feel well, but alright now. To folks in eve while Daddy and I to dentist. Put screws in box all eve. | SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 23 Sylvia coughed a lot in nite; decided she wanted to stay in bed today. Colored. Brian and Glen into mischief all morn. All had nice naps. In eve we weakened and gave them their Xmas tricycle. It was worth it – they were thrilled to death. Brian’s eyes shone, with pure happiness. His and Glen's colds some better. SUNDAY,NOVEMBER 24 Sylvia and Brian to Sunday School. They spent every possible moment from morning tonight on their tricycle. They all seem to feel some better, tho Glen acted cross, in evening. All had fair naps. Took a short ride. I love all my babies so dearly – I wish they could have everything. MONDAY, NOVEMBER 25 Sylvia still coughing some, but to school. Brian’s and Glen's colds about same. Made Glen a new sleeping bag today, and Brian new pajamas. Brian to school – made a cute little Indian. The tricycle has not been empty a second yet. They live on it. Sylvia wrote a story about a kitten to take to school tomorrow. I’m saving a copy – her first story. Glen extra sweet this aft. after a good nap. | Brian said his prayer in his sleep, ending – “Help my finger get well and make Daddy look at me.” August 15

57: TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 26 Sylvia to school. Brian rode tri-cycle all morning. Glen rides his squeaky little car. Brian to school – drew a turkey today. Glen had good nap. Sylvia's cold worse this eve; think I’ll keep her home tomorrow. Jean Faler over in eve to stay while Daddy and Mother went to Skating Vanities. Glenny awake after we came home – so sweet. WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 27 Sylvia's cold worse, but let her go to school for Thanksgiving program. Glen and Brian played in basement while I washed. Brian to school. Glen had short nap. Brian and Sylvia took naps after school. | THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 28 Thanksgiving. Brian and Glen helped clean their room. Thrilled over turkey. Glen had short nap, but others none, as Grandma, Grandpa, and John came over in aft. for dinner. They rode over after them with Daddy. Rode their tricycle outdoors for a while for first time. Howard and Millie over in eve. Glen not sleeping well – his teeth, I think. FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 29 Holiday. Sylvia still sneezing – coughing – stayed in bed most of day. Brian seemed alright, but he vomited all over the living room rug about four. Didn't eat much dinner. Glen had sort of a diarrhea; not eating much. All had fair naps, and all were extra good all day. Sylvia discovered a small fire under the truck across the street tonite, which excited her very much. | Roesland Elementary School 1946 - 47 Sylvia's second grade class

58: SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 30 Children seem better, except Sylvia still has sneezy cough. They cleaned their room and “dressed up”. All had fair naps. In evening we picked Grandma up at the library and left children at home with her while we Xmas shopped. Ordered rest of their Xmas presents from Sears today. Glen extra sweet today. SUNDAY, DECEMBER 1 Sylvia still has a cold, but both she and Brian went to Sunday School. All had short naps. They spent the rest of the afternoon in the basement with Daddy. He tried to cut Brian’s hair in eve, but not much luck. All the children in bed by 8, but Sylvia and Brian acted silly til now – 10:30. They need their sleep, too. MONDAY, DECEMBER 2 Sylvia to school. Brian and Glen played in basement while I washed. Brian to school. Glen had fair nap. Others took one after school. Brian wouldn't eat his dinner – just peaches and milk. I have to force all his meals down. To Grandma's in eve while Daddy and I to Dr. Daly. Home at 10 – tired children. TUESDAY, DECEMBER 3 Sylvia to school. She helped teacher run mimeograph at morning recess. Brian and glen played in basement while I did some washing, then upstairs. Brian to school. Glen slept 12:30-3:45 – Very unusual. All watched us wrap Xmas packages then. Sylvia's new moccasins came – wine with bead-work and black fur trim. Sylvia and Brian to bed at 7, Glen at 8. | WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 4 Sylvia coughing again, but to school. Brian and Glen had a “party” with their little table and dishes. Brian to school. Glen had fair nap. Grade cards today. Brian got all S.’s this time. Sylvia O+ in conduct, A- in reading and spelling. Rest B’s. They ate with their Daddy this eve, as I had to go to bazaar – they had waffles. THURSDAY, DECEMBER 5 Sylvia to school. Brian and Glen played nicely in their room all morn. Brian to school. Glen had fair nap. School lasted til 5 as buses couldn't come til then. Had picture show. At 4:35 Brian came in with frightened look on his face, fell into my arms, and cried. He'd gotten off the bus somewhere way off, been lost, and picked up by Mrs. Stavers, school nurse, who brot him home. Sylvia came 5 min. later on bus, crying her heart out because Brian had disappeared. She has earache this eve some. S. vaccinated at school. FRIDAY, DECEMBER 6 Sylvia better, but kept her home in bed. She fell asleep at 11, wakened her at 11:30 for lunch, then she slept til 2. She was just worn out. She rode tricycle the rest of the aft. Glen's new blue plaid coat came, and he insisted on wearing it out. Nice and warm today. Brian out with him for awhile after school. All to bed at 7:30. Glen was so proud of his coat with the zipper in front.

59: SATURDAY, DECEMBER 7 Sylvia still has cold. She cleaned her room, closet floors, and dusted while I washed. Brian and Glen to basement with me, then out for awhile. All had fair naps. To Grandma's in eve while Daddy and I shopped. Played pinning tail on donkey, and Darbey. John played new records of “Twas the Night Before Xmas”. SUNDAY, DECEMBER 8 Sylvia's cold about same, but she and Brian both went to Sunday School. To fire at frozen food bank on hi-way with Daddy afterward. Brian and Glen and short naps, Sylvia none. Glen very cross rest of aft. Played pin tail on the donkey. Sylvia is crazy about “Blondie” on radio every Sunday eve. MONDAY, DECEMBER 9 Sylvia's cold no better. Kept her in bed all morn with hot pad. Colored and worked puzzles. Brian and Glen played in room with her. Brian to school. Glen had fair nap, Sylvia none again. Brian made lantern decoration for tree at school. I made Santa Claus to pin on whizzers at Sunday School Xmas party. Daddy cracked nuts for them all after dinner. Dressed bridal doll for Sylvia's Xmas tonite. She'll love it. | TUESDAY, DECEMBER 10 Sylvia perhaps bit better. Glen catching her cold now. He laid awake and talked 2 hours in nite. Brian to school. Glen and Sylvia had naps, Brian a very short one after school. He didn't eat much. In eve left Brian and Sylvia at Faler’s to play with Susan while Daddy and Glen and I went to Schliebs. Home at 10. Poor Glenny so miserable. Sylvia chose and typed list of Xmas gifts from catalogue for us at Faler’s. WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 11 Sylvia's cold about same, but sent her to school. Glen has bad cold. He and Brian to basement with me while I washed. While I hung out, Brian cut all Glen's eyelashes off, poor tykie – they were so long and pretty. Brian to school. He was into mischief from when he got home on. Sylvia took little nap on divan. She was telling Daddy she could spell “Elizabeth” and “Eleanor”. Brian hesitated, then said he could spell “B – O”, real deep like the foghorn. THURSDAY, DECEMBER 12 Sylvia no better, but to school. Glen still has cold, but feels alright. Brian to school. Glen slept til 3, then Brian and Sylvia slept til 5. None seemed very hungry tonite. Took Brian and Sylvia to see “Make Mine Music”, a full-length color cartoon by Walt Disney. Didn’t stay for 2nd feature. All had egg-nog ice cream after. Sylvia's sneezing cough a bit worse tonite, I fear. Glen still awake – 10 o'clock. Kissing his babies in bed. | Brian called me a “peppermint”, and when I pretended to cry, he put his little face to mine, and said, “I called you peppermint because you're sweet.” September 12

60: FRIDAY, DECEMBER 13 Sylvia's sneezy cough seems worse, but let her go to school. She got A+ on spelling test. Brian to school. Glen had fair nap, then played with blocks and cars while Sylvia ad Brian took a nap til 5:30. Sylvia listening to “Adventures of Cuddles and Tuck” at that time. They all went to Grandma's while Daddy and I to the dentist. Glen loved their Xmas tree. We bought ours tonight. Brian and Sylvia to sleep at 11. SATURDAY, DECEMBER 14 Sylvia about same. Brian or Glen don't feel too well. We all slept til 8:30! All of us went to hi-way and shopped for gift-exchange presents. All three had very short naps, then we decorated the tree. Glen thrilled, and leaves it alone better than Brian. Sylvia stamped all our Xmas cards. | SUNDAY, DECEMBER 15 Sylvia better, but she and Brian to Sunday School. Brian has acted awfully naughty past few days. Don't know what's gotten into him. He took no nap, Sylvia and Glen short ones. Glen cried a lot in aft. – his teeth and cold combine to make him cross. We drove over to the Plaza in the evening to see the lights. All of them thrilled. MONDAY, DECEMBER 16 Sylvia same, but to school. Brian and Glen played in their room. Brian to school. Glen slept 1 hour. Mrs. Stavers, school nurse, called and said she tested Sylvia's eyes. Her vision is very poor. I’ve been afraid of that since she had the measles. I made an appointment with Dr. Mullen for Saturday for her. Glen broker reflector lamp tonite. Also unscrewed all lights on tree today. TUESDAY, DECEMBER 17 Sylvia same, to school. Brian and Glen played in basement while I washed. Brian to school. Glen had fair nap. Brian said he didn't feel well when he got home, so went to bed and colored. Sylvia cried because I wouldn't let her read her new “Susie” book which came today, poor darling. Her eyes looked bad today. All in bed by 7. Wish Sylvia would get better. | Millie, Howard, Doris Brian, Sylvia

61: WEDNESDAY DECEMBER 18 Sylvia same, to school. Brian and Glen played in room. Brian to school. Glen had fair nap. Awfully sweet today. I peeked in to cover him, and thought he was asleep. I noticed something in his hand, and discovered a small clock. Upon taking it, I discovered he was playing possum – he was wide awake. Sylvia's eyes do look bad. THURSDAY, DECEMBER 19 Sylvia to school. Glen soaked himself 3 times today. I pointed to a bunch of cards, and said, “Where's Santa Claus?” I didn't dream he knew him, but he pointed right to his picture, and Said “Dere ‘tis!” Brian to school. He and Sylvia brought home present for Daddy and I which they made at school. Glen had short nap. Entered Sylvia in Mission Xmas contest today with 368 votes. FRIDAY, DECEMBER 20 Sylvia to school. Brian coughed in nite and has degree temp., but let him go to school because of Xmas parties. They saw Santa, and Sylvia told him she wanted skates and fairy queen doll. She received set of dishes in exchange, Brian a dump truck. Both received cookies, oranges, and Hershey’s from teachers. Glen had short nap. Into everything, including tree lights broke one. | SATURDAY, DECEMBER 21 Sylvia to Dickenson in morning to see show, but won nothing in contest. Brian to Sunday School party 2:30-3:30. Sylvia had to miss hers. Sylvia to Univ. of Kansas Hospital Xmas party at 3, saw 4 cartoons, but had to leave just as Santa came to hand out presents in order to keep her app’t. with Dr. Mullen. All the children ate at Grandma's. SUNDAY, DECEMBER 22 Brian has cough now. He and Sylvia to Sunday School – took “white gifts”. Glen took short nap, Brian and Sylvia none. Had short ride; then Brian, Sylvia, and I to Xmas Vespers at church. Grace gave the children some candy and cookies – and that something we haven't seen for a year – marshmallows! Didn’t eat til 7, then bundled them all off to bed. So anxious for Christmas. MONDAY, DECEMBER 23 All of children to basement while I washed – no school til Jan. 2. They're enjoying the modeling clay Sylvia received as her present at party Saturday – Mrs. Swift brought it to her. Brian and Sylvia had long naps, Glen fair. Sylvia “ordered” from catalogue all aft and eve. In eve Mrs. Faler sent us some popcorn they'd raised, to the children. All helped me shell it. Brian just got to sleep at 11 o'clock. | ~~~ I love all my babies so dearly – I wish they could have everything. Doris, November 24 ~~~

62: TUESDAY, DECEMBER 24 Children played with clay, etc. Brian didn’t take nap, others short one. Brian to hi-way for haircut with Daddy. To folks for tray suppers with Berkey’s, Dale's, and Howard's. Had 25 gift exchange. Brian got book from Lanora, Glen got gun from me, and Sylvia Raggedy Anne coloring books from Grandma. As we were leaving Daddy dropped Sylvia's Xmas present from Lanora – a perfume lamp and broke it. Sylvia's sleeping with Grandma's Santa doll tonite. All hung their stockings – Glen for first time. WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 25 Children thrilled over their stockings. Glen couldn't figure everything out. B. said he woke up when Santa came, and got a peek at his suit, but quick shut his eyes. Sylvia loved her bride doll, and she was on her skates all day. Brian and Glen both loved their tractors. Got so many nice books and toys. Took movies in aft. Had to miss party at Dale's because Daddy and I felt awful. Sylvia likes pin-up lamp we got for her and Brian. Glen played hard all day, and was so good. He enjoyed everything so. THURSDAY, DECEMBER 26 Sylvia lives on her skates. She's taught herself how already. Brian coughed a lot in nite; I hope he's not going to get sick. Glen broke hand on mantel clock today. Daddy spanked him. All had fair naps. They haven't looked at their books yet – just their action toys. Howard over a bit in eve after camera. Sylvia and Brian still awake now at 10. | FRIDAY, DECEMBER 27 Brian had some temperature and slight earache, so kept him in bed in morn. Painted, colored, modeled clay, built blocks. 72 today, so Sylvia out a while in morn and aft. to skate on front walk. She does well. Glen played with Xmas toys. He and Sylvia had naps, Brian none. I let him get up with his robe and slippers on. None of the children ate too well this eve. Sylvia spilled whole glass of milk this noon, Glen tonite. SATURDAY, DECEMBER 28 Brian still has slight temp., but seems pretty well. Sylvia cleaned her room; gave her 3. Brian played with clay, and erector set. All had good naps. Glen spilled his milk tonite. I scolded and his face crumpled up. Then I relented and kissed his arm and it was like the sun coming up. His little face shone. Sylvia and Brian got to stay up a bit after Klepinger’s came in eve. Planned to go to Grandma's but started to sleet. Snowing now. SUNDAY, DECEMBER 29 5 above zero, so kept Sylvia and Brian home from Sunday School as I knew the church would be cold, and they still have their cold. Daddy ran Sandy Andy for them, and built with stone blocks. Glen and Sylvia had short naps, Brian none. Sylvia and her skates! Mrs. Tooker brought over for the children a jar of cherry and one of apricot preserves. They're so scarce, we really appreciate them

63: MONDAY, DECEMBER 30 0. Brian’s 5th birthday. Grandma Swihart sent him “jerkey” and car. We gave him toy village and train. Larry and Terry Vance came over and played all morning for first time. All had short naps. Brian got cards from Grandma Swihart and the Charles Packards. I baked him a pink cake with pink frosting and 5 blue candles at his request. To Grandma's in eve. She gave him “jerkey” and new sweater, and trick dog. John gave him tool set – full size. TUESDAY, DECEMBEER 31 Sylvia cleaned her room of her own accord. Had time keeping children out of living part of house so that it would stay clean for my party tonite. Sylvia and Brian had late naps so I let them stay up til 10 in their room. They were good little chicks. We had some stuffed olives for first time in ages, and Brian said he wanted some “holly stuffed”. Glen took a notion to lock bedroom doors today. THINGS TO BE DONE NEXT YEAR Today, Sunday Dec. 30, 1945, was Brian’s 4th birthday, they didn't believe the tykie at S.S. but finally let him put his pennies in. I baked him a chocolate cake with chocolate icing and four blue candles. He requested we have dinner in the dining room, but we compromised on the m. room with our new peach tablecloth. After all the candles on his cake were lit, he requested we sing “Happy Birthday” to him at the close of which he blew out the candles of his own accord. We drove him to see the lights on Plaza for his first time.

64: TUESDAY, DECEMBER 24 Children played with clay, etc. Brian didn’t take nap, others short one. Brian to hi-way for haircut with Daddy. To folks for tray suppers with Berkey’s, Dale's, and Howard's. Had 25 gift exchange. Brian got book from Lanora, Glen got gun from me, and Sylvia Raggedy Anne coloring books from Grandma. As we were leaving Daddy dropped Sylvia's Xmas present from Lanora – a perfume lam and broke it. Sylvia's sleeping with Grandma's Santa doll tonite. All hung their stockings – Glen for first time. WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 25 Children thrilled over their stockings. Glen couldn't figure everything out. B. said he woke up when Santa came, and got a peek at his suit, but quick shut his eyes. Sylvia loved her bride doll, and she was on her skates all day. Brian and Glen both loved their tractors. Got so many nice books and toys. Took movies in aft. Had to miss party at Dale's because Daddy and I felt awful. Sylvia likes pin-up lamp we got for her and Brian. Glen played hard all day, and was so good. He enjoyed everything so. THURSDAY, DECEMBER 26 Sylvia lives on her skates. She's taught herself how already. Brian coughed a lot in nite; I hope he's not going to get sick. Glen broke hand on mantel clock today. Daddy spanked him. All had fair naps. They haven't looked at their books yet – just their action toys. Howard over a bit in eve after camera. Sylvia and Brian still awake now at 10.

65: Bonus Pictures

66: Mother – Doris Catherine Bishop Moyer cont. invited missionaries into our home. And she loved the house of God. Mother freely gave her alms, strength and time to reach out to others in need. In her later years her compassion for the helpless and needy sometimes took strange forms, such as placing bird seed behind her triple dresser for mice she knew lived in her bedroom closet so neither they nor their little babies would starve. She listened for hours at a time to the heartaches of those whom others ignored. Even a derelict who had wandered off the street into church found a place to rest his head on God's shoulder as she allowed a weary man to sleep on hers during the service. My last treasured memory of Mother was the morning I walked into her room days before she died and the Lord began pouring out words upon her in semi-conscious state, telling her she was going to be with Jesus where He would reward her for all the ways she'd poured into others’ lives. Suddenly she roused and became a radiant young woman with the most beautiful smile as an indescribable glow surrounded her. Then just as quickly she slipped back into her sleep. When we lost our mother, we lost someone who loved passionately and unconditionally. We the children of a godly mother rise up rise up and call our mother “blessed.”

67: Father – Lawrence Willard Moyer cont. Wherever Daddy was, he commanded the respect of others. He was president of his Sunday School class when he met Mother at a Christian Church. One of his closest friends was Murrell Bruce, chief of the Mission #1 Fire Department in Mission, Kansas, where Daddy served for many years as a volunteer fireman. When Daddy suddenly passed away from a heart attack, Murrell called to offer to drive the chief's car in Daddy's funeral procession. Daddy taught me integrity in my teens. I needed him to pick me up upon my return from an outing, so I told him I’d put my dime in the pay phone, let it ring twice and then hang up before he answered so I could get my dime back. He quietly informed me I was going to let that phone ring until he answered so the phone company would be paid for their services. He left me a wonderful legacy! Daddy was a man faithful on his job, in church and above all to his family. He was seldom recognized for all the things he did for others, he never stopped being trustworthy even when no one was looking. After his retirement he developed two passions: The first was monitoring the overseas radio broadcasts his son Brian worked at as an engineer. The second was doing the layout for the Gospel Magazine that Evangelistic Center Church published monthly. Due to a doctor's error in diagnosing his medical condition and prescribing a drug that weakened his heart, he died long before the longevity we'd all expected him to experience. As I argued with the Lord while riding in the ambulance on our way to the hospital, He spoke clearly to my heart the scripture, “Looking not at the things which are seen but at the things which are unseen.” His tombstone prophetically had been inscribed with the words, “Thy will be done.”

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  • Title: 1946 Moyer Children Diary
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  • Published: almost 6 years ago