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2008 - Page Text Content

S: 2008

1: so many | Each memory we keep with care means future happiness to share.

2: This Valentine's we stayed close to home and had a carpet picnic. We made Bruchi's style sandwiches and enjoyed doing something out of the ordinary. | You'll always make my heart skip a beat!

3: Clowning Around with Laina

4: It was February, snow covered the ground. A

5: Laina boarded her second plane trip to Cleveland to see her Uncle Jason and Aunt Leah and then continued onto St. Louis to see Great Grandparents. | What is down there? Are those ants? | Laina Harless Return to Uncle Jason

6: It was great to finally see where Jason and Leah live. They were actually in the process of moving so we spent time house decorating. Jason made some exceptional coffee and was practicing his coffee art.

7: Laina learning about the dogs and the dogs learning about Laina was probably the most fun part to watch,

9: It was great watching Laina interact with Grandma and Grandpa. Laina even got to use a highchair used by my aunts and uncles long ago.

10: Friends Gathering

11: Matching Socks | Aunt Leah sent Laina and I matching Easter Socks. It was a lot of fun sharing this with Laina.

12: We had a quiet Easter at home this year The weather was bad so Laina searched for eggs around the house. | You will notice that Laina has started doing a smile for picture "face". Quite cute. She also had her toes painted for the first time.

14: Our Beautiful Flower

16: Spring is sprouting.. | sunny days

17: spring is here!

18: The month of May was one of the hardest and most emotional to date. It began at the end of April when Laina got very sick. She had a high fever and was having a hard time breathing. She had a chest x-ray done. No pneumonia, but a very sick girl. The doctor even said, that she was a very sick girl. It would just take time. After almost two weeks of misery she was finally feeling better and a good thing because she had eye surgery planned to open up her tear ducts. The day before her surgery we decided to go for a walk because it was a beautiful day. We got about a half a mile away from home when Laina started crying uncontrollably. Pete and I were looking all over trying to figure out what was wrong. Finally I spotted blood on her finger. Somehow, somewhere her finger had been pinched in the stroller and her fingernail was literally falling off. Pete and I both started to freak out a bit and didn't know what to do. We turned around and headed quickly back to the house. I tried calling my mom, my go to for all questions, worries and concerns. No answer. Pete was going a bit crazy and not helping the situation. We finally made it home after what seemed like the longest walk of our life. We washed it out a bit, but it looked bad and painful. We decided to take her to urgent care. Laina had stopped crying, but it was very difficult to keep her finger from hitting anything. After a long wait we were finally called back to see the doctor. The doctor said there were two options. Wrap it up as best we could, a difficult task on such tiny little fingers, or numb her finger and take the nail off. We went with the first choice. Let me tell you, it was so hard keeping the bandage on her finger. It would just slip off no matter what I tried. I think I tried about 10 different ways of wrapping it. The doctor also sent us home with a prescription for an antibiotic so that her finger wouldn't become infected. That night I called the eye doctor t see if it was still okay to go in the next day for her eye surgery. They decided it would be fine so surgery was still on for the following morning. The drama didn't end there...

20: Poor Girl

21: We took Laina in the following morning for her surgery. Pete had to go to class so he dropped us off. There we were in the waiting room already looking beat up impatiently waiting to have even more damage done. I know we looked quite a sight. We were finally called back to prep for the surgery. The doctor and the anesthesiologist came in and asked all of their questions. I tell them all about the day before and the antibiotics she was on. We were good to go. As I was getting Laina into her gown I notice a small, but very evident rash on her back and a bit on her stomach. Come to find out, Laina is allergic to the antibiotic she was put on the day before. After conferring once again with the doctor and anesthesiologist they were confident that it was okay to move forward with the surgery as long as I call the doctor from the day before to change her antibiotic. I started to become quite a bit emotional at that point, but tried to stay the confident mom for my baby girl. Everything was finally ready, the nurse came in, wrapped a warm towel around Laina, I said my tearful goodbye and I watched as Laina's sweet face was taken away and back to surgery...without me. While in surgery I was a wreck, but was trying to talk normal to the doctors about getting her antibiotic prescription changed. Again, after what seemed like forever the doctor walked out and said Laina did great, the surgery went smoothly and she was waking up right now. I was then allowed to go back to sit and hold her while she recovered. There was no better feeling at that moment than to sit with her, hold her, kiss her and comfort her. I then was so relieved to be going home. We took with us an antibiotic gel to be put in her eyes and the new prescription of the oral antibiotic. I thought we were good to go and life would soon return to normal. I was wrong about that...

22: Seeing my precious baby in pain was the hardest thing I had ever experienced

23: It was like two days after Laina's eye surgery when she began to get a fever. It progressively got higher and she began to breathe really hard. I called the doctor that saw her about her finger andI called the eye doctor to see if it was related to anything that she had already been through this week. All said to just keep an eye on her. What does that really mean? I also thought it was crazy because Laina was already taking an antibiotic. Later in the day I even called an ER nurse to talk to her because all her symptoms were still getting worse. She said the same thing as everybody else. So while Pete went to work I nursed Laina along through a terrible, terrible long night. I was holding her in my arms watching her fight for a breath and burn up. I could literally see the part of her lower neck sink into her body as she breathed. The next morning she was breathing a bit better, but you could tell she was still working hard and her fever wasn't going away. I decided we were taking her to urgent care. We had already waited too long and something was not right. After getting in the nurse did all the normal tests plus her breathing. They gave Laina a breathing treatment to see if that would help. It didn't. Soon after the doctor walked in and said, "So you know we are sending you to the ER, right?" He said there was nothing he could do there and Laina needed more tests run. They had already called the children's ER at Sacred Heart for us and they knew we were on our way. So we packed up and headed to the ER. After being admitted Laina was hooked up to an IV and put on oxygen. They also did another chest x-ray to see what was going on. She just wasn't getting enough oxygen. Mom and Dad promptly showed up to be with us in the ER. The ER doctor then walked in and said, "You know your being admitted and spending the night, right?" What is it with these doctors? I don't know anything about medical stuff. I think I am an aware parent and I was still surprised at the severity of the situation. What happens to the kids whose parents aren't aware? My parents went home late that night, Pete slept on the floor and I on the visitors couch. The crib Laina was in seemed like she was in jail and seeing her hooked up to tubes was the worst possible feeling. After a long night of oxygen and mending from the doctors Laina began to perk up the following morning. We were able to go home that day with a nebulizer for more breathing treatments. There was never an official diagnosis for what happened. All I knew was that Laina was finally starting to mend and finally this saga did come to and end. We gave her breathing treatments for the next week and she was good to go.

24: Happy 40th Birthday Pete!

25: In between the craziness that was May, Pete and I did take a trip over to Seattle to celebrate his 40th birthday. Laina stayed with Amma and Papa. We even picked up the first night on a minutes notice and decided to go see a movie. It was great having that freedom. Monika came and met us at Pikes Market. It is always fun seeing her and getting caught up. Of course we also had to take a trip through Ikea. I think that is one of my favorite stores. It is probably a good thing I have to drive 5 hours to be near one.

26: I don't remember what Laina was eating here, but it looks like she liked it.

27: More Please!

28: Daddy and Laina playing in the park.

29: Thinking of you is like the Spring, You bring love and joy to everything.

30: Fun in the Sun!

31: This is the first time Laina really did this on her own.

32: For Father's Day Laina and I made daddy a picture book of things they had done this year. She also took her first ride on the carousel downtown.

33: Happy Father's Day

35: "A perfect summer day is when the sun is shining, the breeze is blowing, the birds are singing, and the lawn mower is broken" - James Dent

36: Summertime!

38: Matt and Anna moved into he Perry District. There was a little fair going on so we joined.

39: It is always so much fun watching Laina try new things.

41: Livin life to the fullest

42: Nothing better than making a mess with paints.

46: Brooke came for a quick visit with Bralyn.

48: Hit one out of the park! | BASEBALL The Quesnell Family had extra tickets to the Spokane Indians game so Laina got to attend her first game. She actually was very interested and did a great job.!

49: GO TEAM | BASEBALL | Just Hanging

54: Building a much needed patio.

55: Thank goodness for all the help my family gave. It wouldn't have turned out without them.

56: L

61: Instead of ghost hunting we went pumpkin hunting.!

62: BYOP Bring Your Own Pumpkin Party

63: Happy Halloween

67: Fall is here!

68: Baking Pies Together

71: This great daddy is going to be a daddy again!

72: It started to snow and didn't stop!

75: The snow has fallen. Time to decorate. It is so much fun with a little one.

77: J O Y

81: There is nothing more precious than a baby girl and her papa.

84: It seems that the last couple of times my family has had a "good" time I have been pregnant. So I got to watch all the fun. Oh well, it was a great New Year's Eve.

85: Even my parents were having a few shots. The last time that happen was at Jason's Wedding.

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