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2009 - Page Text Content

S: Family Memories 2009

BC: The End

FC: Family Memories | 2009

1: Life brings simple pleasures to us every day. It is up to us to make them wonderful memories. CathyAllen

3: Laina's First Skiing Experince

4: Loves to Read

5: Whenever and Wherever

6: Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow The snow just never quit this winter. I can't remember how long it has been since I saw this much snow.

8: Cozy Winter Wishes

9: Winter Fun | It snowed so much this winter that roofs were falling in all over town. While Jason was in town they climbed up on the roof and cleared it of all the snow.

15: Make a Wish! | We had a monkey 2nd Birthday.

17: Grandpa Norm sent a handmade baby bassinett for the girls.

18: To bring back the good old Great Harvest days, daddy taught Laina how to make bread into a teddy bear.

25: Before I got too big an couldn't do anything we made a quick trip to Seattle with Ted and his girls.

26: Life has many wonders. It is so much fun watching Laina experience the little things in life.

27: Wonders of the world.

30: sunny days are here again! | Rolling with Uncle Matt

31: Getting close to baby | Picnic in Finch Arboretum

33: New Friends Laina has a new friend. Some friends of the family came over for a BBQ at my parents house. Garrett and Laina laughed and played all evening long. They were adorable to watch and listen to. Everything is so literal in conversations between two year olds.

34: Amazing Fun on the Fourth

35: There's a whole lot of party going on

37: hanging out

39: Laina realized today that she could lay on her back in her little pool. She laid there forever moving her arms through the water and splashing her legs up and down. The smile never comes off her face when it is pool time.

40: Squawking Like A Bird Marin can squawk!! It is a very piercing, scary squawk. She doesn't do it that often, but when she does it literally sounds like bodily harm has been done. I have never heard anything like it! When she squawks it makes you take a step back wondering what you did to cause such a sound. | Untied Often times while in the car Laina "must" take her shoes off. Well today Laina took it to the next level. Upon arriving at our destination Pete opens up the back door to get Laina out and hear, "LAINA!" I quickly look over concerned as to what has happened. Laina has completely unlaced her shoe and was playing with the shoelace. To say the least we had to take a few extra minutes to relace her shoe before we could continue on with our day. Sorry for the quality of the picture, my phone was the only picture taking device I had at the moment.

41: Oh motherhood, what fun it is...especially now that Pete has gone back to work. Marin - The last couple of weeks we have spent a lot of time visiting the doctor's office. From the get go, Marin decided she wasn't going to gain weight. So she has been on a weight roller coaster since day one. As of last Thursday she was still an ounce away from her birth weight. I am hoping and praying we get through two visits with a weight gain come Monday. She is on her third formula, this one being the most expensive and most stinky! Why make things easy on mom and dad? Laina...has been a rascal. Her personality, trying to see what she can get away with and her smarts are shining through. This morning she was trying everything she could. While running errands this afternoon Laina responded to a conversation we were having with, "You are mad at me, Mommy." I responded with, "I am not mad at you Laina; I was just frustrated because you were doing a lot of no, nos." She said, "Yeah, 1, 2, 3 no nos. I did 3 no nos," and then proceeded to tell us in detail the three things she got in trouble for. She is way too smart for her britches. Me - I ended up in the ER on Wednesday night. I had been feeling feverish for about five days, but nothing that knocked me out. Come Wednesday I progressively felt worse. By 3:00 I had a 101.5 temp and by 4:30 it was up to 102.4. I called my doctor's office because at this point I was becoming concerned. When I called I asked to talk to a nurse. The receptionist said, "Sure I will write a nurse a note to call you. What is the problem?" I told her and she responded with, "Uh...can you hold on for just a minute." Next thing I know the nurse is on the phone. I told her the story and after another hold she told me to go to the ER to get checked. After five hours of waiting, urine tests, blood tests, a cat scan and some more waiting they concluded that I did have an infection deep in my incision. Needless to say I am now on antibiotics and feeling better. Pete is back to work as I already mentioned and loving it. :) Lucky Pete gets to deal with work and then comes home to an emotional wife, a daughter continually asking, "What are you doing?" and trying his patients and another daughter we get to get up several times throughout the night to feed. Where is the sanity? Other than that we are missing Jason and Leah who had to go home last Wednesday. It was so much fun having them here and I miss my Laina entertainer. Leah, you are amazing! I do think you spoiled her while you were here. As my dad says he always had to "retrain" us after visiting the grandparents from being spoiled. I think we have to do the same after you leave. I wouldn't change it for anything though.

42: Pom Pom Animals | With the afternoons getting so hot the last week we needed some activities to do inside. Today Laina and I made Pom Pom Animals. She was very proud of her animals. In the final picture Laina was singing to her animals. After making the animals I was really glad we did them. She got so much more out of it than I originally thought. We practiced counting (she is up to 5 in one-to-one correspondence), colors, and telling the difference between small, medium and large.

43: Flower Power...a day at the park for Kids Day | Today Laina and I went down to Riverfront Park for Kid's Day. We walked around, got a lot of free little toys, did a few craft projects, painted a flower on her face and bought her a purple crown (because Daddy loves purple). It was nice to get out with just Laina and have some quality time.

44: Boys Will be Boys

46: We did something a little bit different tonight. Laina got to experience her first s'more. She loved it and made the biggest, stickiest mess, as you can see. We then had to do clean up duty.

47: Look what walked through our neighborhood I walked into the kitchen to make Marin a bottle when I looked out the window and couldn't believe my eyes. A moose in my neighborhood! How did he get here?

48: Harless “Reunion” Two of Pete's sisters came to town this weekend so we had a couple big gatherings. On Sunday we had the largest group of people we have ever had at our house over for one of those gatherings. I think it turned out great. We ate, talked, played badminton and my dad came and took family pictures.


52: Laina got a new bike and helmet. She has been so excited for weeks talking about her new purple bike and helmet that were coming in the mail, thanks to her Aunt Leah and Uncle Jason. She was all smiles as we walked out to ride. Her new bike is special! It has no pedals. It is suppose to be a natural progression to learning how to ride a bike. At first you walk the bike and as you get better you push with your legs then lift them up and learn to balance and glide. Check out the video of her first ride.

53: Gramma Nancy came to visit all the way from Iowa today. We had a wonderful day playing in the park with Marcus. We then got to have a delicious spaghetti dinner with all of the Harless clan from in town. It was great to introduce Marin to Gramma and spend some time visiting. Laina was hamming it up as usual. We missed you Norm, wish you were here!

54: We are in the process of getting new carpet. A much needed item in the house. Today was moving day. We had to move everything from the three bedrooms into the living room, kitchen and laundry room. Tomorrow after the carpet goes into the rooms we will move everything back and clear out the living room for carpet. We did find out there are hardwood floors under the carpet, but they are in pretty bad shape. I would love to have hardwood floors throughout, but this job would be too hard. There are boards cracked all over, tons of screws and a huge strip of plywood running through the girls' room. I will update with new carpet pictures later this week.

55: New Carpet | The carpet is finally in and almost everything is back into place. It feels like we moved but stayed in the same place. It has been quite a last couple of days. Pete, Laina and Widget had to spend the whole first day out in the backyard while the carpet guys worked. I guess in the end Laina was crying saying she was done playing outside. Not to mention they were hungry. We forgot to leave food out of the kitchen. The only thing within reaching distance was bread. So they ate bread for lunch. We are happy with the way the new carpet looks. We have also tried a couple new arrangements in the bedrooms. I like the girls' room, but I am not sold on our room.

56: Laina, Marin, my parents and I all boarded a plane, well three planes, to make our way to see Uncle Jason and Aunt Leah in Cleveland, Ohio. The girls did awesome on all three flights, I was so impressed. While there we went apple picking, went to a block party and mom, dad and Jason fought over who was going to sit in the back of the car (because we didn't have enough room...shh, don't tell). We enjoyed our visit and helped Jason and Leah get settled into their new house. We watched Jason and Leah race in their first cyclocross race of the fall. It is very fun to watch because you can see racers from all angles going up and over crazy areas of the park. Both Jason and Leah did well. Leah came in first for the women and also surpassed many of the men. In the park next door there was some sort of kite fair going on. We stopped and took pictures. The kites were so big and amazing.

59: After leaving Cleveland we moved onto the St. Louis area where all of my relatives live. Laina met so many aunts, uncles, cousins, friends and grandparents. Well, she has met them before, but doesn't remember. We spent a lot of time hanging out with her great grandparents. Laina and Marin have some very proud great grandparents. Both girls also did an awesome job in the new environment. I was very proud of them both.

64: Our little bat flew all over town Hallorween night trick-or-treating. As she flew down the street tricking she was yelling, This is so much fun!"

65: Happy Halloween

68: Getting Bigger Our baby is already getting so big. Take a look at her observing, grasping and grabbing and sitting up. How does this happen?

69: First Rice Cereal Marin has tried rice cereal now a couple of times and as you can see she is not that fond of it yet. I don't think I captured her faces well enough.

73: Marin was so excited to have laina reading to her. What great sisters!

75: Reindeer Cookies The snow has fallen so this afternoon was dedicated to Christmas. We put up the tree (which I am not too happy with), Pete put Christmas lights up outside and we made reindeer cookies. Pete was a hard worker and very serious about the cookie making. It was such a fun, happy afternoon.

76: An Attempted Gingerbread House This is our sorry attempt at a gingerbread house. We are so happy that Aunt Louise said she wants to start this tradition with Laina next year because her parents are not patient enough for this activity. It started out ok, but as soon as things started going wrong, they just kept on going wrong. By the end Pete was globing on frosting everywhere and there was no reason or patterns to the candy. Laina had fun getting messy though so I guess it was worth it. As you can see, we were also trying to feed Marin in the middle of house decorating. She started off really well with the rice cereal over a week ago, but has now decided she doesn't want anything to do with it. This time she opted to not even try and went straight into a massive crying fit. Oh, the joys!!!

77: Dear Santa, I can explain... | Santa Laina and Marin both sat on Santa's lap for the very first time today. My school was having a craft fair and lunch with Santa so we decided to be involved. Both girls did great and Laina was so excited to tell Santa what she wanted..."Fishy finger puppets". I don't think he was even listening to her, but we have already made contact with Santa ourselves and he already has them loaded in his bag on the sleigh ready to go. We have a closer picture that we paid a dollar for that is on the fridge. I was going to take a picture, but I took my camera out and quickly found out that I forgot to put the card back. So an acquaintance took the picture for us and e-mailed it.

78: Dear Santa, I want one of everything | One evening we boarded a boat on Lake Coeur d'Alene with the Quesnell family minus our youngest. Morgan and Marin stayed home because of the cold, plus it was something special for Landen and Laina. The boat took us around the resort to look at all the beautiful lights and took us across the lake to the North Pole. On the way we enjoyed a cup of hot chocolate. When we got to the "North Pole", Santa's house was so grand and lit up. There were lights shining up into the trees behind the huge house that made it look even bigger. Then Santa appears on out the dock and starts talking to everybody on the boat. He pulls out his nice list and calls out every name on the list. He miss said Laina's name and when he got to the end of the list Laina said, "Santa didn't say my name." It broke my heart. She got over it quickly though because we sang Jingle Bells and then after following Santa's directions a huge light tree lit up and blinked to music.

79: We went out for a drive to find Christmas lights. We saw a couple of good houses, but we were not really impressed. About 3/4 of our way through, Laina proclaims from the backseat, "I have to go pee on the potty!" She has never said this statement and meant it. I told Pete I think she may mean it this time. So we pull into the closest gas station and Laina was successful. We were so excited to have a bit of success in an area we have been working for so long. We left the gas station much happier and what happens to come upon us but the jackpot of Christmas lights. Two long streets with the majority of houses decorated. I guess it pays off to be in a better mood around Christmas.

80: Christmas Stockings On Christmas Eve morning our tradition is to fill up each other’s stockings and open them at our house before we head out to Amma and Papa's to spend the night. It is so much fun with Laina getting older and understanding more. We had just begun opening when Widget walked across my stocking and it began to ring. He turned around made it ring a couple more times by batting at it. It was pretty fun to watch him discover this mysterious sound. Turns out it was a snowflake key chain that lights up and rings. The girls both got their Christmas pajamas and wore them for the next two days.

84: 2009

85: The MAC was open to anybody who had First Night buttons on New Years day. So we took Laina down there for a little bit of culture. We got there just in time to take a quick walk through the Campbell House and see Laina inside of a bubble. On New Years we actually went out on the town. We joined the hundreds of people at First Night. It was actually really neat. Places were open all over downtown with performances of all kinds. There was comedy, music, dance, and a snowboarding competition to name a few. We went out with Matt, Anna and a couple of their friends. We saw a film competition, Celtic music and dance, and juggling comedians. We brought in the new year with a few drinks and fireworks. Laina and Marin spent the night at Amma and Papa's.

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