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2010 - Page Text Content

S: 2010

FC: Memories With the Weavers 2010

1: { | { | My favorite part of 2010 was being able to say twenty-ten, taking Akira to 4-H,and hanging out with my friends. -Taylor | Shooting my buck was very exciting and I liked going to Skyview Ranch church camp. -Brady | Sledding and ice skating is fun with friends. Especially best friends. And we were able to do a lot of it this year. -Matthew | My favorite parts of 2010 were getting Patches, the Christmas play, Sea World, and the water park in TN. -Gabrielle | I had fun playing in the snow from the blizzard and I like visiting Uncle BJ, Aunt Lisa, and Brianna. -Alexandr | I liked seeing the dolphins at Sea World and riding the "Atlantis" ride. I liked being in the Christmas play at church. -Raisa

2: ANNIVERSARY | Rainforest Cafe | Melissa met George and the Man With the Yellow Hat. | DeWayne survived an encounter with Jaws | We got to see the bird from "Evan Almighty" | Universal Studios | It ended up being just as cold in Florida as it was back in Ohio! | DeWayne and I went to Orlando, Florida for our anniversary.

3: Grandpa and Grandma Taylor watched the kids while we were gone to Florida. Mansfields came out for some sledding fun. | Pizza Party! | Alexandr, Raya, and Gabrielle

4: Blizzard of 2010 While DeWayne was in Utah skiing we had a blizzard in Ohio! We were trapped in the house for 3 days until Gary Oldham came to dig us out. | God's beautiful handiwork | Brady and Matthew dug a very large snow tunnel.

5: Gabrielle and Alexandr | Matthew dwarfed by the drift. | The drift in front of the garage. | After we were dug out.

6: Happy 6th Birth- day, Alexandr Alexandr had grandparents over for cake and ice cream and then we went Bowling at Blue Fusion in Marion. | Alex got a Spiderman suit that he wore for several weeks. He also got Great Grandpa Taylor's remote control truck.

7: Blue Fusion Bowling

8: The kids helped bottle feed three lambs this spring. A set of twins and a little guy with a broken leg. It was fun but they sure were stinky! | Teddy Bear Park in Lima held Maple Syrup Days | How maple syrup was harvested from the Indians.... | modern day processing. | Spring is almost here! | Home school field trip

9: Happy 44th Birthday, Daddy!

10: TKD | Did I do something wrong? | We sit through this every three months and it is always the same boring thing! | Taylor and Simon Grey | This is the last time all three are in TKD together.

11: March 2009 More forms, more self defense, more boards to be broken, and more sparring. Brady has come to the end of his journey in TKD, Taylor is just beginning, Matthew is somewhere in the middle, and the rest of us go on sitting through more testing. | Wow! I can beat him up without getting in trouble! | Matthew and Austin Harp

12: Happy 14th Birthday, Taylor!

13: Taylor took Lydia and Mercedes to the Franklin Park Conservatory to see the butterflies. To our surprise the Chihuly glass exhibit was there. We then went to Olive Garden and finished up with Graeter's ice cream.

14: 5th | The tongue does help! | McDonald's Playland

15: Gabrielle & Alexandr hard at work on their rain sticks. | The big kids get into the craft basket while the younger kids play. | Camera girl, Taylor | How many kids can we fit in this tunnel?

17: EASTER | happy | Spring Time

18: We took a coach bus and stopped to eat at a rest stop. | The Youth stayed at an area church overnight and then headed home after services. | Taylor and Lydia | Kearston, Kylie, and Mercedes | Morgan, Travis, Jared, & Kaleb

19: The Youth Group took a trip to PA to the Sight and Sound Theater to see Joseph. | "The friends we meet on the path of life make the trip worth while." | The show was biblically based and a wonderful production all the way around! | Miss Kerri and Mr. Brett (our ornery yet wonderful youth leaders)

20: so many | Each memory we keep with care means future happiness to share. | Mrs. Hess's Piano Recital

21: Elaina Helser, Brianna McKinley, Aubree Linhart, Gabrielle, Lizzie Helser, Kelcie Couch, Alyssa Wise, Hannah McKinley, Sarah Keefer, Taylor, Lydia Mansfield | Daughters of Hope Dance Recital

22: We took Aurora to Blue Fusion for a day of fun and then Cole Dearing came over later for a sleep over. Grandma and Grandpa Taylor came over for cake and ice cream. | Happy 10th Birthday, Matthew! | Best friends! | I challenge you, Daddy!

23: The Many Faces of Matthew

24: Life brings simple pleasures to us every day. It is up to us to make them wonderful memories. ~Cathy Allen | Alexandr recited "The Swing" by Robert Louis Stevenson | Gabrielle reported on weather | Raya would not get up to recite her poem. | May 2010

25: Home School Exposé | Taylor tells about electroscopes | Brady made catapults | Matthew & Thumper on rabbits | "I've got it, I've got it!" | "Where did it go?"

26: There was a new polar bear exhibit with an underwater viewing area. | Someone did not read the sign that said "Do not feed the animals".

27: We saw lots of baby animals that were new to the zoo. | Columbus Zoo

28: Wilderness Lodge | Raya became our little fish | Alex loved the slides

29: We went to Tennessee with Ross and DiAnn. They invited everyone down to stay for their 50th wedding anniversary. There was a water park in the resort. We all had fun in the lazy river, slides, club house, and the wave boarding. | Now you see him... | Now you don't! | Maneuvering Matthew | Dad, the Wave Master

30: The Titanic Museum | We were each given a boarding pass with a person's name and biography on it. At the end of the museum there is a board where we looked up our "names" to find out if we had survived. It was a really neat experience.

31: This was Taylor's last year of Theater camp. Brady, Matthew, and Kearney went as well. The theme was "The Green Machine". | Theater Camp | Taylor, Brady, and Matthew all received Best Actor/Actress awards!

32: Summer Weiner Roast (For Melissa's Birthday)

34: We went to Red, White, & Boom! on the 3rd and Sauder Village on the 4th. | The older kids were at church camp | Portia, Aurora, and Brett, Kerri, Cody, and Chloé Schlatter joined us this year | Kearney and Sam got to come for the first time this year | We ate a picnic lunch and then toured Sauder Village enjoying the history and artistry of the different shops.

35: We also had a bee swarm come our way again this year. I think this is the third time we have seen one at our house. The bees always decide we are unfit for their hive which is o.k. with me! | We were able to watch butterflies hatch from their chrysaliss this summer. It was neat to see the butterflies work their way out, watch their wings unfurl, and then take off in flight. One of God's amazing creatures!

36: Lake Erie | They had just dredged out the channels and left huge sand piles to jump off and play on.

37: There was a pile of sand in the middle of the water. Whoever was not on the boat either swam or played on the "island". | We had a campfire and made s'mores with monster marshmallows. Delicious!

38: Out on the boat the older kids learned how to water ski and knee board. They also went deep lake fishing and even caught a few "very large fish" to eat.

39: The younger kids learned how to stand on the sled being pulled behind the boat and loved it!

40: "Friends are like fudge ... mostly sweet with a few nuts." | Climbing, hanging, and flipping | Brianna & Gabrielle | Uncle BJ helps Raya catch a fish | The kids loved fishing in the pond behind Thomsens house | Matthew found a new friend!

41: MAKING MEMORIES | Aunt Lisa took some of us to the state park near their home. | I am too cool for this jungle gym! | Matthew enjoyed taking lots of pictures with my camera. | Raya goes Weeee! | Matthew got 2nd place at the fair for this picture.

42: "Hey, do you know how to play this thing?" | Roar like a polar bear! | Digging for dinosaur bones

43: Indianapolis | Indianapolis Children's Museum | We were able to visit BJ and Lisa Thomsen in Indiana. We went swimming, to a huge dairy farm, a museum, state park, and fished. Fun! | DeWayne and BJ (with help from the kids) built a patio outside their back door.

44: Happy 8th Birthday, Gabrielle! | Gabrielle got her ears pierced

45: Gabrielle had friends (Grace and Olivia Hattery, Samantha Lowe, Aurora, Astacia Collier, Chloe Schlatter,) over for butterfly crafts, flower cupcakes, and games in the yard. We then went to boyscout lake for a picnic and to play on the playground.

46: Hardin County Fair | Taylor won fifth place in beginning showmanship her first year showing Akira and Grand Champion for her stained glass angel. Brady won Grand Champion for his catapult and Reserved for his woodburning. Alex won reserved champion for his clay snake.

47: Gabrielle, Alexandr, and Raya had fun showing in the Kiddie Showmanship and even more fun eating their free ice cream! | Matthew and Gabrielle each won ribbons on woodworking and photography.

48: We went three places for vacation this year. First stop: Orlando, Florida!

49: It is not a trip to Orlando without going to Downtown Disney. The kids love the Lego Store and all the Disney stores. Fun window shopping!

50: Sea World

53: Next Stop: Edisto Beach, South Carolina

54: This bush was full of butterflies | View from our balcony | We had a cook out overlooking the beach

55: The wild life was amazing! We saw fiddler crabs, horseshoe crabs, hermit crabs, herons, gulls, dolphins, snails, alligators and many more creatures. | It was so relaxing just spending time at a secluded beach watching all the wild life and wild kids running, splashing, playing, and having a wonderful time!

56: Weaver Sand Castle | Barb-B on the Beach | Wildlife Galore

57: Edisto Beach | Gorgeous Sunsets

58: Last stop: Charleston, South Carolina We spent a few days with the Suders before heading home. The weekend was filled with soccer games, the kids playing together, and a stop at Five Guys. YUM! | Sam | Kearney

59: Pine Acres Reindeer Farm Welcomes Jack Hanna | Matthew, Gabrielle, Brady, and Taylor with Jack Hanna | Raya & Alex with Santa | Sleigh ride for two | The most famous reindeer of all... | Snowflake!

60: Home School Group at the Wright Brothers Monument | Field trip to the Wright Brothers Museum The kids got to see a wonderful film about flight, the Wright brothers bicycle shop, where the flying school was, and to the air field where the brothers conducted all their flights.

61: Flying School at the Museum | We saw replicas of the hanger and catapult used to fly the first planes | Taylor & Hannah | Gabrielle and Lizzie | Matthew and Aurora | Matthew & Nathaniel | Gabriel & Raya

62: Happy 13th Birthday! | Brady Weaver | Hickory Grove or Bust! | Brady's new hat | Brady's nerdy brother | Brady's windy dad | Taylor giving the boys a hint | Michael is still stumped | Nathaniel, Scotty, DeWayne, and Matthew

63: Brady had his friends over for some time back at the woods and a cook out. Taylor made up a scavenger hunt that took the boys quite a while to decipher. | Hot dogs and campfire pies, Oh my! | Brady and Michael discuss strategy on how to decode the cypher

64: Trick or Treat | We love pumpkin guts! | Alexandr shows off his bones | Go fetch, Raya! Good girl! | Gabrielle and "Toto"

65: Ohio State quarter back | Matthew turned into his favorite food! | Private Nathaniel | Brady the Strong

66: Pumpkins, Pumpkins

67: DeWayne got my Christmas present early this year. It came in the form of a ball of fluff that looks at me like I am the only human in the world. His name is Patches. Prince Patch to be exact. | Akira's best friend | I told you to put the dog in his cage not your little sister! | Tuckered out! | Don't I look like a prince?

68: Raya | Alexandr | Gabrielle

69: It's The Little Things In Life That Matter | Matthew | Brady | Mattnew | Brady & Matthew

71: Brady's First Buck! | Brady shot his second deer at Grandpa and Grandma Weaver's farm on SR 37.

72: TKD | Taylor tested for her blue belt and passed even though she had to spar with Lydia! | TKD

73: TKD | Matthew tested for his red belt and passed after a few times trying to break his boards. Perseverance finally paid off and he broke one with his hand and one with his foot.

74: Ice Skating at Hafer's Pond | Raya loves to play on the ice | Ice Princesses Molly and Gabrielle | Kayla & Austin | Mercedes, Lydia, & Taylor | Alex strikes a pose

75: We were able to skate early and many times this year due to the long lasting freezing temperatures | Matthew gets into the hot chocolate | Portia | Nathaniel & Brady take a break | Shelly | Doug & DeWayne rest by the fire

76: Daughters of Hope dancing at Night in Bethlehem | Elizabeth, Sarah, Natalie, Hannah, Mercedes, Taylor, and Lydia | Little Elks Christmas Party | It's Christ- mas time!

77: J O Y

78: "Operation Christmas Child" | The church play was set at Fort Faithful and was a spoof on the "Gomer Pyle" show. | Gabrielle sang a solo | Alex sang a solo | Brady played Elvis Presby | Raya had a solo, "Ouch!" | Taylor as Wanda Fullweather | Taylor as Major Minor

80: Grandpa and Grandma Weaver's Christmas

81: Donald and Ruthella Weaver's Family | Ross & DiAnn and all their grandchildren

82: The Taylor Christmas | Raya loves Lassie

83: J O Y | Now I just need two more heads! | Doing!

84: Roller blades, roller blades, I got roller blades! | Brady loves his jewelry

85: J O Y | Taylor's 11 foot present | Brady's "way cool" guitar strap | Raya has lots of bling

86: The After Christmas Zone!

87: Christmas card photo 2010

88: We were very blessed this year and had plenty of presents under the tree. Taylor loved the flower box Brady made for her so much she gave him a huge hug.

89: Raya is pretty in cowgirl pink and Alex serenaded all of us with his new horn. DeWayne wrote a wonderful note on my package which was not a padded toilet seat but a folding, padded floor seat.

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