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2010 Book 2: July - Oct

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2010 Book 2: July - Oct - Page Text Content

S: A Year In Review Volume II July - October 2010

BC: 2010

FC: A YEAR IN REVIEW Volume II | July - October 2010

1: TEA TIME | We put on a brunch for all of the aunts and grandmas at mom and dad's house on the morning of April 3rd, 2011.

2: The boys ran by for some leftovers...

3: One of the many fun days/evenings at Moose Lake!

4: Sam & Annika's House

7: Kiersten and her rings n things:) It was hilarious watching her ride the horse, with a ring on every finger.. SO cute!!!

8: George getting his horse ride!! | The boys getting corn on the cob for us to buy

9: Driving lessons 101...starting young!

10: Shirley Meredith's Funeral | August 2, 2010 | Ron & MaryAnn | Our Family

11: Shirley was a volunteer for many years at the MN Zoo. All the relatives and friends spent the day at the zoo in memory of her after the funeral. | Karla & Lily | George

12: Wright County Fair | Ina feeding the deer. One bite for you, one for me...! | George, Kyler, Colton, Kiersten, Mom (Ruth), Kambria, Ina, Lily, Kristen, Berlyn, Trisha, Savannah, Taysia & Kallista | August 5, 2010

13: Coin Toss | Feeding the animals | Ina

14: Ina pulled a night stand over on her and sliced open her forehead. Savannah and Lily ran to get butterfly bandaids from Great Grandpa & Grandma R's house and we applied Myrrh Oil. It healed awesome! | Trying to get a group picture... Aug. 10, 2010

15: Fishing Lessons at Moose Lake | August 14, 2010

16: Lily

17: Catch! | Savannah | George | Ina

18: Chefs in the making!

19: Brittany's Birthday at Cokato Lake August 15, 2010

20: "There is only one happiness in life, to love and to be loved."

21: I love you not only for what you are, but for who I am when I am with you. | August 15, 2010

22: Kaylee's 5th Birthday | Leila called us to meet them at Prairie Park one afternoon for Kaylee's Bday.

23: The Peppermint Twist In Delano, MN | It's a beautiful day, don't let it get away.

24: Taysia enjoying her ketchup:)

25: The girls have been having a blast playing wedding lately!

26: We went on a walk from Temperance Corner to check out how the church project was going...

27: August 20, 2010

29: Pictures taken at a Fairhaven Farm

35: Reception...

36: George was the lucky boy to get to come with us to the wedding and sit with dad. . We left the rest home with a babysitter because I was videoing.

38: We can never keep enough cucumbers in the house... the kids LOVE them for snacks, or a meal, or a treat...

39: Getting ready to walk to the house Trisha and her kids are staying at just a few blocks down the road!

40: Gift Opening at Bryce & Brittany's apartment in Dassel. They're renting the opstairs of a home, down the road from Marrit & Justin Siltala. They went to the North Shore for their honeymoon!

41: Playing Wedding | Ina

42: The kids have been stuck in wedding mode for a while now! They love dressing up and posing, telling me to take pictures!

43: Kindergarden Open House! | Walking to her room | Finding her locker | ... | I got it open! | Finding her cubby | The kids were thrilled with all the toys!

45: Savannah was so excited for her first day of school. The night before we got most of her stuff ready, but made a list of things we had to remember in the morning. She didn't have school until the afternoon shift, so it was a LONG wait in the morning!! She was up early, waiting and waiting to go. As the time got closer, it seemed that maybe she got a little nervous. She was hugging everyone many times and seemed excited but maybe a little anxious. We all walked her to school (the kids and I). I was shocked as could be that when she went around the corner into the school, tears came out of nowhere and ran down my face! I can't believe the feeling of our oldest child in someone else's care now for many hours a day! It was kind of hard to get used to for the first many days, but now we're in the schedule and getting used to it! - Mom

48: Walking to school... | Walking to school... | Lily not so sure she's liking the idea of her other half being gone from home for a couple hours. These girls have been glued to ea. other since Lily was born!

50: When Savannah met Lily walking home from school, Roger said they hugged for about a minute. She immediately attacked Ina for a big bear hug when she came in the house too. Oh, they missed each other SO bad, being she had been gone for a grand total of about 2 1/2 hours. Haha! | Heading off for her 2nd day of school. This time on her bike!

51: School is going good! Many mornings I have walked to school with Savannah. I love the quick morning walk and she loves when I go with her! | I almost died when we went shopping for tennis shoes for Savannah for school. I had asked the lady to get a certain pair from the back for her. She asked what size, I said prob. 13 or a one. She asked if she should measure her foot, so I said sure. They measured her foot and said she needs a size 2 to 2 and half!! I couldn't believe it!!! Poor girl, on the way home she was telling me "MOM, I can wiggle my toes in these shoes!"

52: Salsa | George cutting peppers | Dad was cutting onions... His eyes were watering so bad that he decided he would try an old "wives tale" of putting a piece of bread in his mouth... It didn't work!! | Ina was happy to help in the production!

54: Our Secret Salsa! | The Meredith's | BUSTED in the act! Ah! Better wash hands...again!

55: Ready for the birth of our 5th child!! As I tried to sleep throughout the day, Savannah and Lily wanted to play the piano, sing to me and bring me food. It was so cute!!

56: On the phone with the Hospital & updating our Doula... Getting ready to head into the Hospital! I was trying to wait until midnight, but left around 7p.m. I think it was...

57: Our little girl was born about 25 minutes after we got to the hospital!! | Onnika MaryAnn Meredith | Jill, our Doula | Dad mixing up my oils pain capsule

58: Our little Love

60: Preparing to head home... | Dad was working in WI for the rest of the week, so Kambria & Savannah came and picked us up. MaryAnn had come and taken George & Lily to Rogers house for the week, Grandma R. had Ina. Savannah went there on and off for the next week and half.

61: This birth was close to a dream come true!! The actual birth went amazing, quite quick once the contractions were too strong to keep silent. I was pain free within 10 min's after the birth with the oils and felt amazing! Mark went and got us muffins and fruit from the grocery store and we chowed down and just visited about how shocked we were it was already all done! When I got home, I came to a quiet house which was a first in a long time and such an amazing treat!! Charlton stopped in to meet Onnika. Savannah decided she wanted to stay the night with me to help with the baby. I was glad she did because she was a big help and Mark was not home. She got up in the morning and made me breakfast and delivered it to me. It tasted delicious! She had made toast with peanut butter, bananas & cinnamon and refilled my ice water. It was so darling!

62: Savannah stayed with me on and off being Mark was gone in WI working. She was such a big helper... She woke up early and made me breakfast, refilled my ice water and etc. Of course she wanted to log in plenty of time holding Onnika also. It was so cute.!!

63: Ron, MaryAnn and Anna stayed at Rogers house for the week with Lily & George after Onnika was born. They came to bring them home on Wed. when Onnika was one week old. George had brought Onnika a big blue ball that he thought she would like and Lily had brought a balloon:) A little before they left to go back to MI, Anna asked me if I would like them to bring Lily and George with them for a couple weeks. I had to think about it for a little bit, I wasn't so sure about them going all the way there without Mark or I... However, I decided that there was NO way I could handle all them home already when Mark was in school until 10p.m. so I let them go. They really were excited to go, so that helped make my decision easier. | Caleb wanted nothing to do with the new baby. He would only wave to her a couple times but didn't want to go near. It was kind of funny! | Meeting the new baby sister | Sept. 22, 2010

64: We quickly packed stuff for Lily to head to MI. Anna said George could borrow Kaleb's clothes and etc. So, I ran around the house trying to find stuff for Lily and realized even though I was nervous about them going so far by themselves, I was so thankful they were going because I was already so shaky and tired out just from the couple hours of extra commotion.

65: Not sure.. Right on time:)

66: Cute as a Button! | eorge had brought you this big blue ball and Lily brought you a balloon when they came to meet you. It was so cute!! | Savannah taking every chance she could to be with Onnika. | Ina came home from Grandma & Grandpa R's when Onnika was a little over one week old... Savannah introduced her to Onnika:) | Ina waiting to meet Onnika... | Sept. 24, 2010

67: Ina LOVES her little sister. She would cry and cry when I would lay Onnika down for a nap because she wanted to hold her. When she woke up, Ina was ready and waiting on the couch to hold her again!

69: - Savannah's first book she read, "I Can." - Ina loves animals like the rest of the kiddos!! Every time she gets a chance to hold one, she takes it! She was happy to share the food with Grandma & Grandpa's cat also:)

70: We took a drive out to mom and dad's one evening to enjoy the awesome weather outside. Ina was happy to scoop the cat some cat food with a litter box scooper and then share the meal! At least she's not a picky eater huh?!:) | Savannah had been begging to have a garage sale, so one day I told her she could. She set out stuff by the road and her friend, Hayden that lives down the road came and sold with her. I felt so sorry for them sitting out there, it was freezing cold but they didn't want to quit. I think she made $10. She was totally thrilled!!

71: Welcome Home!! | Dad drove to Elbow Lake to meet Ron & MaryAnn to pick up Lily and George. They didn't get home until late at night and of course had slept much of the car ride here, so were WIDE awake once they pulled in! They were so excited to see Onnika, but had so many stories to tell me about their time in Michigan. It was clear they had spent much time together bonding, they were hugging and being extra nice to each other. It was cute, but I was so tired! I think we ended up going to sleep and just letting them play until they fell asleep because we couldn't keep our eyes open anymore! I was totally into a good routine though with Onnika and felt fully rested, so it made a HUGE difference having a nice break before having them all home again. I felt like I could handle the change of another one in the house no problem..

72: Having a test run of taking pictures of the kids again... | October 4, 2011

73: Many great attempts...

74: Oct. 5, 2010 | of | Preschool/ (speech) | A school van comes and picks up Lily every Tues & Thurs. morning to go to speech for 25 minutes. She usually liked going, until about half way through the school year... Then we had to use the reverse psycology method to get her to go...

77: LOVING the fall weather...

78: Yoga Time

79: 2010

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