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2010 Tolman Family

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2010 Tolman Family - Page Text Content

S: 2010 Tolman Family

FC: Life with the Tolmans 2010

2: "Families are like fudge ... mostly sweet with a few nuts."


4: 2010 | Cameron- Turned 13 in May. Making his way through 8th grade, not loving his honors classes even though he's doing great in them! Loves all things electronic and gets especially excited when he finds amazing deals online (we're so lucky to have our own personal internet shopper). He loves to read, learn new instruments (currently has 3 band related classes, we don't know where he gets it), will have his eagle by his next birthday, has had a great year running (cross country and track), and is an amazing help and example to our family. Nathan- Turned 1d0 in January. Enjoying 5th grade, especially loves reading and recess! Doing great in scouts (received his "20 pin" patch and arrow of light in Weblos), Loves to play all sports. Has discovered a love for books and can often be found reading way past his bedtime! Favorite book- "Hunger Games", movie' "The Lost City of Atlantis", food- cold cereal. Colson- Turned 8 in February. Excited to use a one hand keyboard for his 3rd grade assignments, lets his competitive side loose in the classroom, recently decided that his prosthetic hand is really cool. Love to ride bikes, swim, play sports (especially soccer), and read. Very excited to have been baptized exactly on his birthday. Brock- Turned 7 in September, loves 1st grade, legos, playing with friends, playing sports, riding bikes, watching movies, swimming and making us laugh. He's getting much better about not losing his glasses, (only once this year). Favorites: movie- "Hulk", game- "lego star wars", food- watermelon. Judy- Continues to serve as Primary president (hoping to never leave), very busy with the daily tasks of mother, in addition to starting a company! Just finished the first year of Panga Swimwear and is happy with the success so far. Loved "training" for a race with the boys and was so proud of them. Thankful each day for her family. Jared- Recently changed from Mission Leader to High Council, loved spending 10 days in China and showing Judy just how well he can still speak Mandarin, coaching football, soccer & basketball, working hard for his family, having fun being the unofficial "ball boy manager" for the ISU men's basketball (all 4 boys were the ball boys), enjoying each day.

5: "And in the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years." - Abraham Lincoln

6: Jared & Judy spent 10 days in Shanghai, Hangjou and Ningbo. It wasn't the best time to leave, but we had already paid for our tickets and we needed to solve some problems we had with the swimsuit manufacturing. We enjoyed the chance to be together, and were glad to come home to the USA! | CHINA

8: COLSON DAVID TOLMAN | BAPTISM DAY | The room was filled with the warmth of the Holy Ghost as you entered the waters of baptism. By special permission you were able to be baptized exactly on your birthday, Sunday February 7th, so that your Grandma Leslie could be there. Talks by Aunt Anabeth and Grandma Sandy, music by cousins and brothers, prayers by Aunts Kathy and Susan | Baptized by your father, Jared Ellis Tolman and confirmed by your grandfather, Corwin Ellis Tolman

9: 2.7.2010


11: { | { | LOVE | We had our traditional family Valentines Day meal at breakfast this year so mom could spend the evening helping Grandma get ready for one last Sweetheart's Ball

13: Preston, Jaren, Blake, Sawyer, Cameron Nathan, Abby, Leslie, Jackson, Sheldon, Shelby, Dillon Colson, Carter, Lexi, Luke, Brock, Layla

14: LESLIE | ROMRIELL | 4.15.47 3.28.10 | Pocatello, Idaho | - | Ann Streeper

15: Our year began much like all the others, but soon took a dramatic turn. | We felt blessed to be able to have these pictures taken with Grandma Leslie just 5 days after her diagnosis | Barbara Streeper Taylor, Steven Streeper, Jeff Streeper, Joan Streeper Hansen Anna Nielsen Streeper, Leslie Streeper Romriell

16: We knew mom was suffering from short term memory loss and her balance was off, but she didn't consent to see a doctor until after Christmas. It was sad and ominous when she couldn't complete her phone number or her social security number. Finally the day came that I took her for an MRI, it was a brain tumor. A second and a third opinion confirmed that she had a glio blastoma multiforma primary brain tumor, and she wouldn't live more than 3 months. The news was crushing. Our beautiful and loving mother and grandmother was only able to walk for 6 more days, then was confined to a wheel chair. Her speech was already gone when the diagnosis came. She lost abilities before our eyes, It all started on the right side of her body, the drooping smile, the limp hand and leg. She was amazingly calm and at peace through it all. It was therapy to spend time with her. Feeding her, getting her dressed, getting her ready for bed. One thing that she never lost was her warm and loving spirit. You could see it in her shining happy eyes, and you could feel it in her countenance. She saved every ounce of focus and strength for her grandchildren who she cherished more than life itself. When a grandchild would walk through the door her face would light up and she would smile her beautiful half smile and nod to them, and give them the only thing she could, her love. Everyone felt it, her love could not be clouded by the tumor. The Lord blessed us with an amazing mother, and we were blessed to be able to take care of her for the last 3 months of her life. How thankful we are to our Heavenly Father for carrying us and strengthening us through those days and weeks with his tender mercies.

18: Mom's earthly struggles ended on a Sunday morning. Each of her children felt her comforting presence that day in private, individual moments.

19: The day of the viewing all of Leslie's children gathered at the Idaho Falls Temple. It was the first time every one had been together in the Temple. And there was not doubt that she was there. Her loving presence was strongly felt The line at mom's viewing went from the chapel doors, through all the halls around the gym to the other chapel doors, then out to the sidewalk. Many people waited for 3 hours to say goodbye to their friend. A tribute to the Christlike life that she led. Each of the hundreds of visitors had a story of caring, mom had touched each of their lives for good and would never be forgotten.

20: Grandpa Greg had all of the grandchildren ride in the limousine with him, I think they enjoyed that.(Even poor Colson who had an ear infection)

21: Goodbye for now | Laid to rest at the McCammon Idaho City Cemetery

22: Before Grandma Leslie died Mom was trying to easy Grandpa's burden by working on their other home which renters had left in a mess. | The boys spent countless hours every weekend and after school working on the house. The date was set for people to come and help on Saturday the 3rd

23: We had no way of knowing that it would also be the day after Grandma's funeral | As tired as we were, we carried on with our plan. The kids were amazing! Working so hard. There were even a few of Grandpa's friends who came to help. Thankfully, the children would be rewarded with an Easter party from their Aunt Annabeth!

24: 2012 | Because Grandma Leslie's Funeral was just two days before, our cousins were all in town Saturday, and Aunt Annabeth planned an Easter party for all of the kids! We had fun with all of her games and the Easter egg hunt in the snow was especially memorable! | Easter Sunday was also Judy's birthday., and General Conference! The relatives had all gone home, but Judy's sisters left her a gift of a new outfit and a delicious ice cream cake! How thoughtful! It made finding a mildew and stinky leak in the basement that day not quite so bad!

25: Some Bunny's Having An Easter Egg Hunt | It seemed that all the General Conference addresses were meant just for us. Such comforting words of the Atonement, the Eternal Plan of Happiness, and the hope we have in our Savior.

26: Happy Birthday to You | Hooray For Birthdays | Colson, 8 years old! | Cameron, 13 years old! | Nathan, 10 years old!

27: Look At All These Presents, I Can Handle This | Brock, 7 years old! | Dad, 38 years old! | Mom, 36 years old!

28: It was emoti0nal to be back at Grandma Leslie's grave for the first time since her funeral | We started the day with Grandpa Greg at the neighborhood breakfast he organized | We ended the day by visiting the Toman home in Chesterfield, and cheering the kids up with

29: From Pocatello, to McCammon, to Chesterfield. We spent the day thinking about the heroes we've loved who have passed on. What a blessing to be able to have hands to hold on these days. | memorial day | At "field of heroes" in Pocatello with our Tolman cousins | ice cream from an old fashioned shop!

30: A family is pieced together with hope and faith. A family is quilted and bound with love and grace.

31: Relay for Life We walked the track for Grandma Leslie. Our thoughts were of her as we lit candles and walked with others who have been touched by cancer. | Cameron wasn't here because he was at Ceadar Badge

32: Family, Fun, Food and Fireworks

33: "Home of the free... Because of the Brave" ~Author Unknown | Let's Celebrate!

34: On our way to pick up Cameron at Cedar Badge we stayed a night with the Maynards in Island Park. We had some funny adventures! The kids were exploring the upstairs of the cabin when a little black bat flew by inches from their heads! I'm sure he was just trying to say hello! Then later the power went out! So, we just played games to the light of the cell phones til the batteries died! We've had lots of great memories with our friends, sometimes the crazy experiences become the fondest memories!


36: “I see my path, but I don't know where it leads. Not knowing where I'm going is what inspires me to travel it.”~Rosalia de Castro

37: “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing. To keep our faces toward change and behave like free spirits in the presence of fate is strength undefeatable.” ~ Helen Keller | Cedar Badge Cameron spent a week sleeping under the stars and avoiding being eaten by bears! All in all, a great week!

38: Island Park | Idaho

39: The Romriell Cabin was a BLAST! Plenty of water and dirt for everyone!

40: S.L.C. UTAH | we were tourists for a few days with our friend Aman. | Can you tell where each picture was taken?

41: * Lehi Dinosaur Museum *Temple Square | *Bridal Veil Falls *Clark Planetarium

44: Life brings simple pleasures to us every day. It is up to us to make them wonderful memories. ~Cathy Allen | One day Grandma Anna called up out of the blue to invite us to have a picnic with her. Such a fun and thoughtful grandma! No wonder we love her so much!

45: "Your life has been a lesson in love. Because of all the love you share and the caring things you do. It teaches us to reach out and help, to fix what is broken. With love alone you have changed my life and for that I'm truly grateful." | Cherished Moments | Grandma Anna Streeper, Layla & Carter Hall, Brock & Nathan, Susan & Benson Hall, Cameron and Colson

46: Summer Time! | Favorite things about summer, playing with cousins!

47: Abby, Shelby, Jackson, Colson, Sheldon, Nathan, Brock, Lexi, Layla

48: jared, Judy, Susan, Benson, Greg, Anna, Nickole, Matt, Annabeth, Joanne, Jeff Cameron, Dillon, Jaren, Blake, Preston, Sawyer Colson, Jackson, Layla, Brock, Nathan, Sheldon, Shelby, Abby Lexi, Carter, Luke *Steadman's Ranch, Idaho | G & L Romriell Reunion 2010

49: Our 2nd Annual reunion was amazing! We started things off at Steadmans Ranch | Climb! our reunion theme

50: Water slide, zip line, mud football, and so much more!

51: Next stop, Pocatello! Starting the day off right with a breakfast by Grandpa Greg | Every | "If you start with willing heart you can conquer anything. Set your feet on that road and go, GO CLIMB THAT MOUNTAIN!"

52: "Go climb that Mountain, Go climb that Mountain!" | We went on a hike up trail creek (in Pocatello). Before the reunion mom went on the hike and took pictures all along the way. She gave us all the pictures and when we would arrive at the place that the picture was taken everyone would stop and the person with the picture would read the quote to the group

53: "Every time you cast your eyes on that mountain, it seems the peaks reach farther than the sky. But that mountain was made for your feet and there's one who has always believed in your journey."

54: We went to Grandma Leslie's grave to talk about some of our favorite memories of her. We gave grandma Anna and Grandpa Greg a flower for each memory. | It was our first time at Grandma's grave since the funeral, and we were all very teary eyed

55: Grandpa was a sponsor of the Pocatello Marathon, so we ended our "CLIMB" reunion by participating in the races together! | Trust that God has sent you here with the power to conquer things that seem beyond your reach. It's not gonna move on its own but you don't have to do it alone. He is with you, so GO CLIMB THAT MOUNTAIN!

56: A New School Year | Cameron 8th grade at Irving Middle School, Pocatello Idaho | Colson, 3rd grade at Indian Hills Elementary, Pocatello ID

57: Nathan, 5th grade, Indian Hills Elentary | Brock, 1st grade, Indian Hills Elementary

59: "The friends we meet on the path of life make the trip worth while."

60: Trick or Treat

61: We had a busy day! visiting grandma Anna and Grandpa Greg, and trick or treating, then taking candy to the kids at the hospital! | Trick or Treat!

63: A Day to Give Thanks | As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them. ~John Fitzgerald Kennedy | As our year of "firsts" without Grandma Leslie continues, Mom and her sisters decided to make Thanksgiving a big party! And in the style of Grandma, they went all out! We had fabulous food, darling decorations, and exceptional entertainment! What great memories were made. How thankful we are indeed for each opportunity we have to be together.

64: Holiday Memories Warm Even The Coldest Of Days | Family Is The Best Part Of

65: JOY

66: morning

69: 2012 | Grandpa and Grandma Tolman had LOTS of snow! The boys took advantage and built some awesome snow caves, complete with FIRE!

71: Out With The Old And In With The New...This Year Is Going To Be Great!

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