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2011 - Page Text Content

S: Hawkins Family 2011

BC: our best year to date...

FC: Hawkins Family 2011

1: 2011 Table of Contents PAGE EVENT 2-3 MEXICO 4-5 Winter time\ 6-7 Graduation & Snowbird 8-9 Spring & U2 Concert 10-11 Summer & 4th of July 12-13 Growing Belly week by week 14-15 Maternity pics 16-21 Felicity Ann Hawkins 22-23 Newborn pics 24-25 Meeting Family 26-27 August 28-33 Happy Birthday Maximus 34-35 Letter from Mama to Max 36-37 Baby Blessing 38-39 September 40-41 Fall time 42-45 This is Halloween 46-49 more Fall fun 50-51 5 generations & Growing baby 52-53 Thanksgiving 54-55 We are a happy family 56-57 All things Felicity 58-68 CHRISTMAS 69 More baby 70 New babies 71 The end...but not really

2: After we lost Maximus, a friend offered us buddy passes to anywhere. We decided to go to Cabos San Lucas Mexico. We spent 6 days there playing on the beach, snorkeling (just Kyle) trying to find some good food to eat (impossible since Whitney was pregnant). The highlight of the trip for both of us was on the last night when we went on a sunset dinner cruise. We saw some whales, ate a good dinner and had some pretty amazing entertainment. At the end of the trip we decided Mexico would definitely not be our first choice for our next vacation. Kyle was missing the fantastic snorkeling in Hawaii and Whitney was miserable with morning sickness (she was 8 weeks pregnant!)

4: Winter 2011 *January 10 - Kyle started his new job at WGU. *January 21- We put a sign on Max's grave to announce we were pregnant (12 weeks) *January 25- Kyle turns 26!

5: *March 8 - find out baby is a GIRL (17 weeks) *attended RSL game against LA Galaxy and David Beckham *We got our first piano (digital!) Whitney is so happy!

6: May 6, 2011 Bachelor of Science in Human Development and Family Studies

7: Fun at Snowbird May, 2011

9: On May 24th we were lucky enough to score some amazing seats to the U2 360* World Tour, Our friends had a hook up and got us tickets for $20. We were on row 17 The concert was up at Rice Eccles stadium. It was A-MAZ-ING! We had so much fun, They had an amazing stage called "The Claw" it was huge and had the largest screen ever made, This made it so that every seat was good because everyone could see perfectly. It was the LOUDEST concert we had ever been to, Our ears were ringing for days! Bono, the lead singer, is amazing, He is quite the entertainer- full of energy! Our favorite songs performed were "Sunday, Bloody Sunday, Where the Streets Have no Name, With or Without You, Mysterious Ways and Zooropa," It was incredible. We feel extremely lucky for having the opportunity to go to the concert. We loved it! Hopefully baby girl comes out a U2 fan! | <---------Jon, Cassie, Alex and Ashleigh

12: 4 weeks | 8 weeks | 9 weeks | 10 weeks | 11 weeks | 12 weeks | 13 weeks | 14 weeks | 15 weeks | 16 weeks | 17 weeks | 18 weeks | 19 weeks | 20 weeks | 21 weeks | 22 weeks | GROWING BELLY

13: 23 weeks | 24 weeks | 25 weeks | 26 weeks | 27 weeks | 28 weeks | 29 weeks | 30 weeks | 31 weeks | 32 weeks | 33 weeks | 34 weeks | 35 weeks | 35 weeks | 36 weeks | 36 weeks 3 days (day before delivery) | WEEK BY WEEK

15: 7/22/2011 | Maternity pictures by: Ashleigh Butler

17: July 22, 2011 (taken from Whit's journal) What a day! We woke up at 5 am to call the hospital to make sure our scheduled time was still set. I was so worried our time would be pushed back- but it wasn't! Hooray! We packed up and right before we left Kyle offered a really sweet prayer. Driving to the hospital was so surreal and nerve-wracking. Anxiety levels were extremely high. We got into the hospital and got put in our room (turns out it was the room next to the room we labored with Maximus). I was immediately hooked up to IV's and being prepared for the surgery. Kyle and my mom dressed in scrubs. The anesthesiologist came in and talked to me. I told him my concerns about how I felt the last c-section, he calmed my nerves and made me feel a bit better. I was supposed to go back for surgery at 9:30 but did not get taken back until about 10:45. They took me in the OR alone and gave me the spinal. I was shocked how quickly it worked. My legs immediately went numb. They began cutting at about 11:10 and my mom and Kyle were brought in. It was so much better this time. I felt NO pain! Kyle stayed by my head encouraging me the whole time. My mom actually watched as much as she could of the operation. It took awhile for them to get her out. Apparently she was stuck! The one time kyle looked he said he saw them pulling her head out while another doctor was pushing on the top of my belly. He said her face was blue. It freaked him out. After much tugging and pulling they finally got her out! At 11:31 am FELICITY ANN HAWKINS was born weighing 10 pounds 3 ounces and measuring 20 inches long. Kyle and my mom immediately rushed over to the baby. At this point she hadn't cried and I was alone. I was freaking out a little bit! Fortunately, after what felt like hours, she finally cried! It was the most beautiful sound my ears had ever heard! I have never felt such relief and happiness before! The anesthesiologist came and sat by my head and kept me informed of what was going on. Next thing I know they were wheeling the baby out- without me getting the chance to even see her! They put me back together and wheeled me back to labor and delivery- overall a MUCH better experience than the last time- physically and emotionally!!

18: I was pretty much a wreck when I got back to the room with no baby- Kyle was with her in the NICU. After they got me off all the IV's the nurse and my mom rolled my bed into the NICU to see Felicity. My first sight of my precious baby girl was not the greatest. I could not see her very well because I was laying down and she was covered in tubes. It was traumatic seeing her hooked up to so many machines. (she was a little "grunty" when she was born so they had her on oxygen.) I cried and cried as I looked at her. Kyle was consoling me that she would be okay. From what I could see she was the most beautiful sight I had ever seen! They then took me to the maternity area to recover. We had a social worker come in and tell us to plan on Felicity being in the NICU for 1-2 weeks. I lost it I was so frustrated at that point that I hadn't held my baby girl. My dad came up and helped Kyle give Felicity a blessing. Kyle stayed with her the whole day and most of the night. Any visitors who came were allowed to go back with him to see her. I was told that I would get to hold her the next morning (she was off the oxygen)! My goal was to be up and moving by 9 the next morning (it took me a couple of days with Max). I did it! Kyle was able to wheel me in a wheelchair to go see Felicity. I got to hold her for the first time and it was amazing! The best feeling in the world!! She is so beautiful! She has a full head of black curly hair. I had never seen so much hair on a baby before. It is beautiful! She is so sweet and makes the sweetest little sounds. At this point she was in the NICU to regulate her blood sugars. Every 3 hours they had to poke her feet to draw blood. It was so sad! Every three hours they would also do her "cares" which is when they take her temperature, change her diaper, and feed her. Kyle and I were able to go to these cares and take her temp. and change her diaper. I LIVED for those moments. In between those 3 hours I was trying to catch up on sleep (not!) and pump. Nursing was a struggle at first so they had to put a feeding tube down her nose. It was important that she eat so that she could regulate her own blood levels. Tuesday the 26th I was discharged from the hospital. At this point we were still being told best case scenario would be 1-2 more weeks. We finally accepted that and rented an apartment in the avenues. There was NO WAY I was going home without a baby again. NO. WAY. Tuesday was my first night away from Felicity.

19: When we returned on Wednesday I cried my eyes out. I had missed her so much! When the docs made their rounds that morning they had lots of good news. Her blood sugar levels had been stable long enough that they didn't need to poke her anymore (yay!) they also told us the results of her EKG (ultrasound on her heart) they said it looked good! There was a small hole but that is normal and should close up over time. The bad news was that her jaundiced levels were up so she went from a nice little "bili blanket" to having to be under the lights for 24 hours. They put these little goggles on her which was so sad. She didn't seem to mind though, In fact, she looked like she was sunbathing under the lights. So cute! After the rounds, a social worker came to talk to us. She asked if we would be comfortable moving Felicity to the intermediate nursery. We were thrilled! This was a step up. We were also able to get a "twilight room" which was a small room just down the hall from the nursery. Much better because I could go to all her feedings and work hard on nursing (the last big hurdle we needed to overcome to get her home). Thursday Felicity continued to progress and was taken off the bili lights and also had her feeding tube removed! Friday, July 29 at 7 days old we finally got to take Felicity home! The doctors were concerned about her weight...she was down to 9 lbs. 11 oz. but let us go with the promise that we would have her weighed that weekend. We brought Felicity Ann home at 3:30 pm. It was the greatest feeling in the world- walking into our home with our sweet girl in our arms! A very surreal, scary, and exciting feeling! Less than a year ago we never would have imagined we would be bringing home a baby girl. It is amazing how life happens so unexpectedly!! WELCOME HOME FELICITY ANN!!!

24: Meeting

25: Family

26: August 2011

27: Adjusting to life at home with a new baby

28: September 2, 2011 | MAXIMUS

33: 1st B I R T H D A Y

34: Dearest Baby Maximus, One year. I can't believe it has been on year since I held your sweet, perfect body in my arms. I think about that moment all the time but today it is especially fresh on my mind. I can still feel the weight of your body in my arms. I can still see your sweet face, smell your sweet smell. Gosh, I miss you! I can't believe I made it through this last year. The Holidays were tough. It was so soon after your passing which made them so hard. I dreaded each new holiday. It was just another day without you in our arms. Surprisingly, we made it through. Each day a little better and a little easier than the day before It was a tough year. Each new thing was supposed to be your "first." Your first Halloween...your first trip to Disneyland...even at the "Happiest Place on Earth" I was sad beyond imagination. You only would have been two months old, a little young to actually enjoy it, but what I would have given to take you there! At what would have been your first Thanksgiving we asked our family and friends to give small acts of service/kindness to others in honor of you for your Christmas present. It was an amazing act that carried me through what would have been your first Christmas. I graduated from college this year. That was a bitter-sweet moment. Who knows if I would have finished had you stayed. I've now learned that being a mommy is full-time work- not a lot of time to focus on school. I can't believe I did it!

35: I hope you were proud of me. The biggest event this year was the birth of your younger sister Felicity. She looks so much like you Max. I wonder if Heavenly Father did that on purpose? To give me a little taste of what it would be like to have you around. I think of you often when I look at her. When she cries, I hear you cry. When she smiles, I see your smile. And although I never saw your eyes, I have a feeling she has yours. I miss you so dearly that it still hurts every part of my being. My arms are full cuddling your sister, but still ache to hold you. My heart is full of love for her but still breaks from losing you. I am still sad baby boy. But then I look at your sister, Felicity, who would not even be an idea in our minds had you stayed. I look at her and I can't be sad. I know you had a hand in getting her here. Thank you for that sweet boy. I may not understand why she gets to be here and you don't but I know someday I will. Thank you for paving the way for Felicity. Thank you for being our forever. Not a day goes by that I don't think of you. Please continue to watch over our family. I will continue to strive to be a better person in order to hold you again. "I'll love you forever I'll like you for always As long as I'm living My baby you'll be" (literally!) Love you! -Mama

36: September 4, 2011 Today was Felicity's special day. We had her blessed. She was blessed in the same dress that her Mama wore almost 26 years earlier. Felicity Ann Hawkins was given a name and a blessing by her daddy. Those in the circle were: Grandpa Butler, Grampy Evans, Andrew, Alex, Jon, Chad, Rob Souza, and Great Grandpa Cummings., as well as our bishopric. Kyle did such a beautiful job and it was the perfect blessing for our sweet little Felicity. Afterwards we had a luncheon at the Butler's home.

38: September 2011

40: Conference Sunday we took a drive up Big Cottonwood Canyon to Silver Lake to check out the beautiful fall colors. It is breathtakingly beautiful up there this time of year!

42: Gardner Village to see the WITCHES!!

43: the Pumpkin Patch

45: We dressed Felicity up as Elvis Presley and we went as his bodyguards. Her costume was a huge hit! She won "BEST COSTUME" at Jenn and Loni's annual Party | and she won "cutest costume" at the Hawkins Snowbird party



50: 5 GENERATIONS | Felicity is lucky enough to be able to meet her great-great grandma Cummings. We could not pass up the opportunity to take a picture of the generations. Great-great-grandma Cummings, Great Grandpa Cummings, Grandma Butler, Mom, and Felicity.

51: Felicity has grown right before our very eyes | In November she turned 4 months...what a big girl!!

52: We had Thanksgiving at Jenn and Paul's house this year. It was great and we had some delicious food. Felicity was an angel as always. She helps us recognize we have SO much to be thankful for | These yellow flowers are from Max's grave from Memorial day. They barely started poking through. We thought it was cool that among all the dead, brown flowers they stood out so strongly. We recognize Max's presence in our lives when we see little reminders like this

53: Baby's First Thanksgiving

54: I love daddy he loves me | we are a ha

55: we love mommy yes sir- ee | ppy family

60: Santa Baby......

61: been an ANGEL all year!

63: It is very important to us to spend time visiting Max during Christmas. We decorated his grave with a tree, lit luminaries twice, visited the "Christmas Box Angel, and lit off a floating lantern on Christmas Eve (following page) his cousins Mason and Ian made cute giraffe ornaments for his tree. We sure do miss Max. Especially at Christmas time!

65: Christmas eve was spent at the cemetery first celebrating with Max. We then headed over to the Evans home for a delicious dinner with Kyle's family. There are 6 girls aged 2 and under so we had to snap a picture of all 6 in age order. They are going to have so much fun growing up together.

67: Christmas day we woke up bright and early to open our gifts as a family. We then headed to church, the perfect way to celebrate the birth of Christ. We spent the rest of the day with the Butler's. The kids all performed the Nativity. Felicity was baby Jesus and she was perfect. She didn't even make a peep. Brea and Lily enjoyed kissing her while she was in the manger. We then had a gift exchange and a delicious prime rib dinner.

70: Ainsley Kate Allred July 21, 2010 (accidentally forgot her in last years book) | Emma Sue Nichols February 8, 2011 | Leila Mikelle Hawkins September 8, 2011 | 7 lbs. 6 oz. welcomed by Mat, April, Thatcher, and Luke | 7 lbs. 11 oz. welcomed by Loni, Brandon, and Autumn | 8 lbs. 3 oz. welcomed by Chad, Brittany, and Kelsey | NEW BABIES 2011....

71: After a rough year in 2010, 2011 was a breath of fresh air quite possibly one of our favorite years and although there were still struggles and we still miss Max we have been blessed beyond measure with the safe arrival of Felicity. She has made our world a much brighter and happier place to be. We can't wait to see where the next year will take us here is to 2012....

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