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2011 - Page Text Content

S: The Pistorius Family 2011

FC: The Pistorius Family 2011

1: NEW YEAR | Drew got these 2011 glasses from his teacher at school today! Dilan gave us a great New Year's gift - she said her first sentence! On New Year's Eve, we actually ventured out to Chili's for dinner which is somewhat crazy with three kids, one who's not 2 yet, and a 2 month old! Dilan said to David, "coat, coat," when she wanted to put her coat on before we left the house. David tried to convince her that it wasn't cold enough for her coat, but she demanded it and said, "I need my coat! Need my coat!" It was too funny and very cute. I could have told David he wasn't going to win that battle with her but him challenging her made her say her first sentence. She is definitely putting two words together often now, and I guess we'll expect more three-word+ sentences in the new year!

2: ANNIVERSARY | David and I celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary January 6th. We hired a babysitter for the first time since we've lived here and went out on a date to the Melting Pot. To be fair, we took Drake with us so it wasn't a total date night, but it was the closest we were going to get. Getting ready for the date, and waiting for our table went well, but Drake would not stay asleep, and he was very tired. We were disappointed because we ended up leaving before dessert, which everyone knows is the best part of the meal, but all in all we had some time together. I give us all the credit in the world for trying to celebrate our special day and there will be many more times we can try again. But for now, being the parents of three small children is the best way to mark 10 wonderful years together!!!

3: { | { | Drake | 3 months old

4: Snowy Days

6: Dulles Air and Space Museum | On a day off from school, we visited the air and space museum and saw flight suits, the space shuttle, Enterprise, the inside of an airplane, "the airplane with teeth," and the control tower.

7: Drew's school invited parents to attend a special night with our student. Drew wanted me to go with him so I happily went and had some "Drew and Mommy" time. We were able to experience a P.E. class where the kids showed off their jump-roping skills, an art class where we made fish hats, and a wonderful music class where the kids sang. Drew loved showing me what he did in each class and his favorite part of the evening was music class.

8: Natural History Museum | My mom came for a visit for Dilan's birthday so before the festivities, we took a trip to the Natural History Museum. We saw T-Rex, Stegosaurus,a dinosaur that looked like the one in the movie, Jurassic Park...

9: ...the Ocean Room, the Mammal room, and the beautiful Hope Diamond. Walking back to our car, we passed the wax museum and we were greeted by Whoopi Goldberg!

10: Dilan's 2nd Birthday Party | Dilan's 2nd birthday party was at Chick-fil-a where we invited some friends to join us. She loved the balloons and playing with David in the play area. She also did great blowing out her candle on her birthday cake. At first, she blew it out before we sang to her so we lit it again! Then, we all sang to Dilan with her smiling the whole time, and then she blew out her candle once more. It really was a lot of fun, and she truly enjoyed herself.

12: Dilan's 2nd Birthday | On Dilan's 2nd Birthday and she opened her presents from all of the family. She was wearing her Elmo birthday shirt from Nannie and Uncle Lars the night before at her party, she got a potty doll and new Barbie jeep from us, dress-up shoes from MawMille and Popo, a soccer ball and goal from PawDee, and a softball tee and bat from Uncle Damon and his family. | Dilan modeled her new dress-up shoes. She loved wearing them around the house and hearing them click everywhere.

13: Drew helped David put together Dilan's jeep the night before her birthday. | We gave Dilan a potty doll with hopes that she will be potty-trained this year!

14: Early one morning, I noticed a bump on the back of Drake's neck. I took him to see the doctor and at 3 and a half months old, Drake was diagnosed with a hemangioma. It is a cluster of blood vessels close to the skin and considered a benign tumor. Drake also had an ultrasound to confirm the diagnosis. The hemangioma may continue to grow until Drake is about 1 year old and then most likely go away on its own when he is 2 or 3. Fortunately, it is not impeding his head growth or shape and so they will just monitor it from now on. | The rest of MawMille's visit was spent being with the kids: helping with Drake, walking Drew to the bus stop, and taking Dilan on walks.

15: Drew's Valentines' Day Party | Drew had his Valentine's Day party on Monday afternoon. Unexpectedly, David came home for a late lunch as Dilan was sleeping and I was rocking Drake. So, I took full-advantage and chose to go to his party by myself. 20 minutes of one-on-one time with my oldest son was well worth it. We had time to make a craft together and for me to pay all of my attention to him. Love this boy!

16: Chick-fil-a had a mother/son date night. David noticed the flier a month ago, and I made a reservation for 7 p.m. just for me and Drew. They sat us at a special table that had crafts to do while we waited. They came to take our order, and had a man making balloon objects. Drew chose a blue "ray gun" and he talked about how it could shoot things and people and that it was just pretend. We even got our picture taken and given to us! After our dinner, we headed to the play area. We really enjoyed our time together on our special date night!!! | Chick-fil-a Date Night

17: David did not go with us the first time we went to the Dulles Air and Space Museum so this time we took a Saturday morning to go as a family. David loved it as much as the kids did! He knew the names of most of the planes there. | Dulles Air and Space Museum

18: Pajama Dance Party | Jump Rope for Heart raising $ for the American Heart Association | Drew's class jumped rope during P.E. and parents were invited to attend. Drew took command of his little group telling them what they would do next on the ropes. By the end, the kids were so tired, no one wanted to jump rope anymore. | Drew's school had a dance party where you could wear your pajamas. I wore my most colorful pjs, and Drew told me they were pretty.We saw Drew's teacher, Mrs. Putonen, his best friend, Bree, and other friends too. We bought chocolate chip cookies, sang out loud, and joined in some line dances too. Even though most of our dancing included jumping up and down, we danced our hearts out. What a night to remember.

20: Keely and Lars' Visit to D.C. | Riding the Metro into D.C.

21: Capitol Building | Washington Monument | Feeding the ducks on the mall | World War II Memorial

22: Vietnam Memorial | Lincoln Memorial | Names are not in alphabetical order, instead they are in order of dates the soldiers died. The thought was that they would want to be listed by their comrades they died with.

23: Dilan couldn't quite say, "Uncle Lars." Instead, it came out, "Clars." | Keely and Lars brought Drew a Longhorn football that we threw around on Sunday. From hands freezing to many catches and misses, and Keely falling down once to get the ball in the ditch, we laughed and laughed. Drew was so sad when they left that the tears flowed. | Drake Eats Rice Cereal | Drake is 5 months old and ready to eat rice cereal. He wasn't sure at first but then finished his bowl. Dilan asked for a bite and upon tasting it, wiped her tongue off! I guess she won't be asking to share Drake's food again.

24: Cabin John Miniature Train Rockville, Maryland | This is Porky, the litter eater. When you throw something away, he burps! | It was a cold morning but we all bundled up! | Drew was in a trance on the train taking it all in even though the train whistle was really loud!

25: Cher ry | Blossoms | Tidal | Basin | D.C.

26: Soccer

28: Drake Sits Up | National Zoo | We enjoyed seeing the lions, elephants, orangutans, panda bear, and sloth bear.

29: Tire Park | We visited the Tire Park and then headed to the Dutch Market to get fresh homemade pretzels and bread.

30: Drew is a pro at coloring eggs. He colored each egg a pretty pastel color. | Dilan used her hands putting the eggs in the dye and taking them out over and over again. My favorite part was that she kept calling out the colors she was putting her eggs in and right now the color orange is "juice" because she associates it with orange juice. Her hands were a nice greenish color afterwards!

31: EASTER | happy | Spring Time | Easter morning, the kids found their baskets on the front porch. Dilan downed her chocolate bunny and didn't much care for the rest of the stuff inside her basket whereas Drew took one bite of chocolate and couldn't wait to discover what else was in his basket. Pajamas, movies, books, bath toys, candy, and more!

32: Easter | Egg | Hunt

33: I was, "Silky," a 1928 lounge owner. Come to find out my lounge was actually a brothel, and I was technically a madam. That provided a lot of laughs throughout the night! I rented a 1920s dress from a costume shop that came with pearls and gloves. I bought fish-net stockings and pinned my hair up. David was "Ernie" G. Ambler and he was a high-rolling gambler. He went everywhere with his Cuban cigar so we got a real cigar for $2, and David played it up very well. David wore a zoot suit jacket, a colored shirt and tie, drew in a 1920s mustache. and slicked his hair over to the side. At the end of the night, I ended up being the murderer! | Murder Mystery Party | HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY! My mother's day was wonderful! I got a 90 minute massage on Saturday, booked and already scheduled, and lunch at Cafe Rio. On Sunday, I woke up to all of my kids crawling in bed with us, and I was showered with homemade gifts from Drew. My absolute favorite was a booklet he made at school: My mom is special because "she is great." I like it when my mom "laughs." My mom can do many things. I think she is best at "reading." My mom has a pretty smile! I like to make her smile by "tickling." My mom is as pretty as "Dilan." My mom is smart! She even knows "how to ride a bike." I think the best part of this mother's day was how excited Drew was to celebrate me, his mom. It was truly a special day. And thanks to David for the uninterrupted sleep, the yummy omelet he made me, and the fantastic grilling he did for dinner.

34: Pennsylvania | Our first stop was Hershey's Chocolate World where we rode the tour ride 3 times! | Hershey's Chocolate cookies and chocolate milk!

35: Hotel Pool Swim | The kids loved swimming and staying in the hotel. It is one of the best parts of vacation!

38: Milk Run | Drew's school hosted a fun run where Drew and David ran the 1 mile. Their goal was to not stop but to run the entire thing, and they exceeded expectations as Drew ran the race very fast and kept up with a lot of the older kids. He loved receiving his medal and eating a banana afterwards. Our family chose to wear Texas shirts as a team, and the event was a lot of fun with a live DJ and vendors everywhere!

39: Philly | The "Father of the American Navy" | Our first stop in Philadelphia was Tony Luke's for a yummy cheese steak as seen on the Man v.s. Food show. Then, we headed over to Independence National Park to see the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall where the Declaration of Independence was signed. | Tony Luke's | Independence Hall

40: MISSIONARY PRIMARY ACTIVITY Dear Elder Drew Pistorius, You have been hereby called to serve as a missionary of The Quince Orchard Primary of the Seneca Maryland Stake. You are assigned to labor in the Latvia Riga Mission. It is anticipated that you will serve for a period of 2 hours. | Drake at 7 months old | Drew pretended to fly on a plane to Latvia, learned the word, Labdien, which means, "Good Day!", ate some good food, and learned about being a missionary. | Field Day Drew had his first field day. Gone are the days of actual competition but instead a very long day of P.E. He loved it though!

41: Swim time | Bath time | Beach Day | Drew had so much fun on Beach Day at school. He made a lei that he gave to Dilan, a fish photo frame, and a personal journal that he decorated himself. Snacks and time at the brand new playground made it even better.

42: Six Flags America in Maryland | Carousel | Goal! | Splash Park | Antique Cars | Train Ride

43: Roller Coaster | Thomas and Friends Ride | Canoe Ride | Cranky the Crane | Riding Thomas the Train | Harold the Helicopter

44: Drew's 6th Birthday | Drew woke up to dozens of light blue balloons in his room the morning of his 6th birthday! He opened family presents in the morning before school getting a Nintendo DSI, Mario games, and a Thomas pillow. My mom fixed his favorite breakfast of scrambled eggs and biscuits too. | Then, we brought him Chick-fil-a for lunch along with his favorite cookies, also light blue. Drew's name was mentioned over the announcements at school, and he received a birthday crown from his teacher.

45: Drew had a miniature golf party where they played a round of golf, ran around the golf course like it was a playground, had pizza, cookie cake, and Drew opened all of his presents. | Drew's 6th Birthday Party

46: After the party, the big balloon accidentally floated away. Dilan was devastated, and Drew simply waved goodbye!

47: On Father's Day, we showered David with cards, gifts, singing, breakfast in bed, and breakfast for dinner too! | Last Day of School We celebrated Drew's last day of kindergarten with a Chick-fil-a cookies and cream shake!

48: Drew's Family Party We traveled to Texas only days after Drew's birthday so we decided to have a family party at Chick-fil-a. Drew had so much fun with his grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins. It was a joy to be able to celebrate with them. We even had a cookie cake with a train on it!

49: HAPPY BIRTHDAY | Kinsey and Keely turn 35! We had our birthday dinner at a hibachi grill in Pearland and everyone was there but our husbands! But we had a great time celebrating with all of our family and especially with each other. The next day, Keely and I went to the Houstonian to get facials at the day spa. We were treated to fancy plush robes and slippers, time in the warm bubbly spa, and drinks and pastries. It was so nice and relaxing - perfect for our 35th birthday!

50: Summer Time! | We went to Buna to visit MawDee and enjoy a crawfish boil with the Woods'. Then, we headed to the lake and rode on Dad's new pontoon boat.

51: We visited the Lucas family, David's grandmother, and unfortunately, Colleen broke both her arms while we were in town walking Wendy's dog.

52: July 4th | 8 months old | Boiled crabs | Drew took swim lessons at my mom's house and learned how to swim this summer!

53: Sea Center | Congratulations to David on his new job at Southwest Airlines. The Pistorius family moved to Dallas, Texas!

54: Firecracker 4 4 mile Run July 4th, 2011 Lake Jackson, Texas | Amy and I ran the four miler. My time was 38:20 and I placed 5th in my age group (30-39). Drew ran the kids' race and placed second in his age category. He ran so fast and was determined to do well. This kid is a definite runner!

55: 9 months old | playing trains in our new place

56: Southwest Airlines We visited David at work to see his office, watch the airplanes take off and land, and eat lunch in the cafeteria. We even got fancy name tags and there was plane memorabilia everywhere! It was fun for the kids to see Daddy's new place of work.

57: Meet the Teacher, Mrs. Baker! We met Drew's first grade teacher, Mrs. Baker, and she was very nice and friendly. Drew was able to sort his school supplies, pick out his cubby, #15, for his backpack, and sign up for his "assessment." We took Drew and the kids to eat mint oreo blizzards at Dairy Queen afterwards. | Breakfast at Waffle House the last Saturday morning before school starts!

58: On the first day of first grade, Drew woke up at 6:30 a.m. He was ready by 7 a.m. and waited for the bus to arrive. But after 15 minutes of no bus, I gathered up the kids and took Drew to school. We parked and walked him in so I could make sure he knew where he was going. Drew was so excited that he felt like he was going to throw up but he didn't. He also expressed sadness over his breakfast because the last week of summer had to end. But I reminded him about how much fun school is and the friends he was going to meet. I think Drew was ready for the first grade at Cottonwood Creek Elementary!

59: On, the second day of school, Drew successfully rode the bus to and from school. We also went to visit him for lunch the first week of school too.

60: Irving Splash Park

61: Labor Day Weekend A visit from Nannie | 10 months old | Nannie came to see us and while she was here, she visited Drew at school for lunch and took the kids swimming too!

62: Yankees | Drew played for the Yankees for his first baseball season. He was an excellent hitter and his favorite part was running the bases. Drew sprinted, nearly running into the kid in front of him, running from base to base. He practiced fielding grounders and throwing the ball to first base.

64: For Labor Day, we had a picnic at the park. We ate lunch and played at the playground. Drew had so much fun, he was asking when we could do it again.

65: Dallas Temple Our Primary had an activity at the Dallas temple Friday evening. The kids sat on the steps of the foyer and sang, "I love to see the temple." It was beautiful to hear and quite a special moment for the kids to be inside the temple and meet the temple presidency. As we went outside to the grounds of the temple, things changed quickly. The kids began running around and it was hard to get control of them. We took a few quick pictures and then we went to eat dinner at Chili's with some new friends!

66: Fort Worth Zoo | Yellow Rose Express

67: Abby the Guinea Pig | Abby is the first grade pet at Drew's school. We signed up and got her the first weekend she was available. She ended up being a lot of fun for the kids. Abby came in a big cage with a lot of supplies, and we purchased new bedding for her. We created some great memories which included feeding Abby lots of lettuce and carrots.

68: Special Friends Lunch | We picked up McDonald's happy meals especially for the school picnic. | MawMille and Popo came for Special Friends lunch at Drew's school. He was completely surprised and didn't even know how to react. He was so happy that they were there just for him.

69: Texas State Fair | We went to the Texas State Fair which is held on the grounds of the Cotton bowl. We saw Big Tex, and he spoke to us and waved his hand back and forth. We played a lot of games and rode several rides too. Drew won a big sword and David won stuffed animals for all the kids. We ate "corny dogs," visited the Railroad Museum, and rode the sky high! | Railroad Museum | Corny Dogs | Big Tex

71: Sky High Ride | Dilan loves to swing so we thought this swing ride would be fun for her. Once it started, she immediately hid her face in her hand. When she got off the ride, she told us it was "scary!"

72: Drake had his first birthday party on TX/OU weekend. With a longhorn theme, he was given a toy lawn mower, a lady bug toy, cookie monster, and much-needed fall clothes and pjs. | Drake liked the ice cream more than the cake!

73: Drake's 1st Birthday Party

74: We also celebrated David's 34th birthday and ended our October family birthday celebrations with a push into the pool, clothes and all! | On David's actual birthday, we took him to Cheddars for dinner, and had friends over for his traditional Baskin Robbins ice cream cake. David bought himself some new running shoes, and we gave him his first discovery flight at a local airport! | The airplane on top of David's cake represented his job working for SWA.

75: On Columbus Day, Drew was out of school and I couldn't resist taking all three kids to a pumpkin patch in Flower Mound. We had so much fun playing and being surrounded by orange pumpkins. It was cloudy and muddy from the rain the day before, but the kids didn't let that stop them. | PUMPKIN PATCH

76: The kids loved the hay ride, the maze,the bounce house and slide, and especially seeing all the fun characters. They had Thomas the train and Strawberry Shortcake!

77: David's birthday gift was a Discovery Flight at Monarch Air in Addison, TX. The weather was so beautiful for his flight and all went well. The pilot let him fly for a good portion of the flight too. David's favorite part was "that he didn't die!" | Discovery Flight

78: Our community puts on a festival celebrating the big oak trees in our area and they call it OakFest. It is free but the lines are a bit long. We went with good friends on a beautiful evening, and it was well worth it. | Oak Fest | First, we rode the train and then got balloon animals. Drew got a blue elephant, Dilan got a pink puppy dog, and Drake got an orange giraffe.David also bought an old-fashioned root beer that tasted SO good.

79: The theme was Cinderella where they had different pumpkin houses like the fairy godmother's house, Cinderella's kitchen, and the castle. Dilan got her face painted for the first time too. She chose a pink butterfly and loved it when she looked in the mirror! | Dallas Arboretum

80: Petting Zoo | Texas Pioneer Mud Hut and Covered Wagon | Kindermusik class

81: Library Halloween Story Time | Scare Crow Parade | At Drew's school, the whole first grade dressed up like scare crows and put on a parade. From his plaid shirt, to the "hay" everywhere, and the hat, what he loved the most was finding the black crow to put on his shoulder.

82: Drake's First Birthday

83: Drake celebrated his first birthday at Chick-fil-a. This time he ate the cake and liked it! But he did eat too much icing as it came back up afterwards! | Drake rode in his new car seat and faced forward for the first time!

84: Drake got a new toy helicopter from us and his brother and sister. We also enjoyed Colleen's visit from reading to the kids, going to lunch at Drew's school, buying Drake his first pair of shoes and Drew a new mattress for his bed, staying up really late to make my strawberry costume, and eating at the Waffle House!

85: Ward Trunk or Treat | Our Trunk or Treat was great this year and David was one of the organizers. He also MCed an event which was fun. From the chili, cobbler, games, and trunk or treating, it was a lot of fun. The best part is when you hear your child say "trick or treat" but then say "thank you" with even more gusto. Dilan and I won runner-up in the costume contest with me being a Strawberry in Strawberry Shortcake's strawberry patch!

86: Pumpkin Carving | Drew did the design for our pumpkin and upon David carving it, some of the teeth came out. With the help of some toothpicks, we put them back in!

87: Strawberry Shortcake, Big Thomas and Little Thomas | I dressed up as a strawberry and David dressed as a pirate which his group at SWA dressed up as for their Halloween party. | Trick or Treating at Mrs. Baker's house

88: Trick or Treat | On Halloween, we went to a friend's house in our ward to trick or treat in their neighborhood with a few other families. Drew was so fast that Dilan chose to take her time, hang back with Dad, and hit each house methodically. It was a great Halloween, lots of candy, lots of fun, and staying up way too late. Still my favorite part of Halloween is hearing my sweet kids say "thank you" enthusiastically when they get candy from people. And the kids loved that we chose to dress up with them!

90: Drew's school did a Fun Run, and Drew was so excited to participate because he loves to run! This event was a lot of fun, good exercise, and a great experience to set a goal and accomplish it. In this Fun Run, the kids could run up to 36 laps (2.25 miles) in 30 minutes, and Drew finished well before the time was up. He never slowed down, kept a steady pace, and when all the other kids were walking, he was running his heart out. Way to go Drew! | All Star Fun Run

91: Thanksgiving Feast Drew had a choice to dress up as a Pilgrim or a Native American for his Thanksgiving Feast at school. He chose to be a Pilgrim and we made his costume including his hat, cuffs, bib, and belt buckles for his shoes. He also wore all black with long white socks. I told Drew to turn his shirt inside out so his clothes were all black when it was time to get dressed, but he didn't want to and ended up being a skeleton pilgrim!

93: We spent Thanksgiving break in Houston with our family. Our fun included watering the plants, bubble baths, time with cousins and a visit with David's grandmother, black Friday shopping, and Texas beating atm in the final annual football game. Of course, we had a great Thanksgiving at Damon and Amy's home with very delicious food! | Cancer-free!

94: Bass Pro Shop Picture with Santa | The kids dressed in their Christmas best and we went to the Bass Pro Shop in Grapevine to take a free picture with Santa and ride the free carousel. Drew told Santa everything on his list and was so worried he would forget something. Dilan would not sit on Santa's lap but she stood beside him once he offered her a candy cane.

95: Drake didn't love the carousel ride. | Suzanne, Julie, and I went to experience Christmas at the Gaylord Texan Hotel. We drank hot chocolate and enjoyed the views. | As a family, we went to the Stake Nativity display which was beautiful, and Drew sang in the chapel with the Primary.

96: Ward Christmas Party Our ward hired a professional Santa and Mrs. Claus! I was most impressed with the backdrop more than anything but we were one of the first families to sit on Santa's lap and take some pictures. Afterwards the kids got candy canes and as always, Drew gave his candy cane to Dilan and she ate both of them. Now, every time we see Santa Claus without Mrs. Claus, Dilan asks where she is? | Drew's 1st Grade Holiday Party Drew's school has a tradition where they dress their best on the day of their holiday party so Drew wore his Christmas tree tie. He was the most handsome guy there and the teacher even made a comment about how nice he looked. | They enjoyed a lunch from Chick-fil-a, made a holiday card, and played bingo. Dilan ate multiple candy canes, Drake pulled things off the wall, and Drew simply enjoyed us being there. In fact, when I asked him if it was okay that we leave, he didn't want us to quite yet. So, we stayed a bit longer. | Santa's nice list

97: We thoroughly enjoyed our tradition of riding a Christmas train each year. The North Pole Express had fake snow falling as we boarded, Christmas trees everywhere, Santa Claus giving out bells, entertaining singers, hot chocolate, and each person was asked what they watned for Christmas. Dilan said "presents," Drew said, "Thomas trains," we answered "more teeth" for Drake, I said, "new boots," and David said, "a new gun." | Dilan was so sad because she could not hold Drew's hot chocolate ticket, she could only hold her own. | North Pole Express

98: Dilan's First Dance Recital

99: Dilan had her very first dance recital. She dressed in her recital costume, and we put her hair up in a bun. She looked absolutely beautiful! Dilan loves her dance class and she added some funny moments as she chose to show us what "not to do" by kicking her legs up and stomping on the ground when the teacher was asking them to do it quietly. Also, when one friend tried to get closer and closer to Dilan, Dilan finally told her to stop, and Dilan moved to a different spot on the floor.Overall, she did really well and participated in everything. She loved doing the stretches on the floor and twirling around in her dress. She tiptoed quietly across the floor with her hands on her hips and when it came time to do her "teddy bear" dance, she paid attention and did a great job of following her teacher. We are very proud of our little girl! | Sea Center | We visited the Sea Center in Lake Jackson and the kids were introduced to the state shell of Texas called the lightening whelk. Also, Dilan went up to the aquarium glass and a fish with teeth came up to her. It stayed there as long as she did!

100: Messina Christmas

101: We met Damon's family in Alvin to ride the Christmas train. We saw the model trains, ate popcorn, and walked among the lights before getting on board. Once we were on the train, the lights were beautiful and the message was centered on Christ. | Christmas Train

102: Pistorius Family Christmas

103: We enjoyed a traditional Christmas dinner at the Lucas' house. David carved the turkey, we ate at a beautiful table, Lisa played the piano while we all sang Christmas songs, and the cousins exchanged gifts. Drew got a Thomas movie and a new train, and Dilan got three new Strawberry Shortcake movies!

104: ChristmasEve | For Christmas, we gave the kids paper jam guitars, rain boots, and playdoh sets. They gave each other new books. From MawMille and Popo, Drew got a new airplane, and his first model steam train. Dilan got some Princess books and DVDs, a Rapunzel who lights up and sings, and a pink Princess watch. From Mimi, Drew got a new train and a Thomas movie, Dilan got a Strawberry Shortcake remote control car, and Drake got a cookie monster microphone. David got a newer and bigger griddle, a camping stove, and golf clothes. I got a beautiful necklace with the kids' birthstones, new knives, clothes, boots, and a new hand-held video recorder. This was the first time Drew picked out a gift for MawMille and Popo. He chose coca-cola glasses because he knew they liked to drink diet coke.

106: Christmas Morning | Santa Claus brought joy on Christmas morning! Drake got a Bumble Bee James train, Cars 2 movie, and the Little People Farm and Noah's Ark. Dilan got a Minnie Mouse scooter, a big Strawberry Shortcake, kissing Elmo, and the whole set of Disney Princesses. Drew got a new scooter, remote control Cranky, 4 new Thomas trains and movie, a new Thomas shirt, and Connect 4 launchers. David got a new xbox game and I got some new perfume.

108: Christmas Day

109: Dad cooked an amazing Christmas lunch followed by opening gifts. Drew got the Smart Fit Park from PawDee and three new Chuggington trains from MawDee. Drew gave PawDee three bags of dog treats for his dogs and a new hand towel to MawDee because he knew she liked to cook. Dilan got Strawberry Shortcake and friends from PawDee and the My Little Pony Princess Celestia from MawDee. PawDee gave Drake a new toy and a new Christmas book, and MawDee gave Drake a piggy bank with big coins to put in it. My Dad gave me a new telephoto lens for my camera and as always was very generous by giving me money. David got a brand new .22 rifle that he loved!

110: The Trains at North Park The week after Christmas, we went to see the trains at North Park Mall in Dallas. So many model trains to see in settings where familiar scenery had been recreated. From the Cotton Bowl and the Texas State Fair to the Golden Gate Bridge, Drew could have stayed there all day long!

111: First Lost Tooth On December 28, Drew lost his first tooth! It's was loose for a while, but he wanted it to come out on its own. Drew had told me that his tooth felt weird. Sure enough, I looked at it and part of it had come away from the gums - it was definitely coming out. So, I just worked it back and forth (mostly back) and it bled a little bit until eventually I stopped. Dinner time arrived and with Drew's first bite, tears came. I took a look at it, and then I pulled on it to see how much farther we had to go. Luckily, that was it! The tooth was out and Drew just looked at me with a mild "ouch" and was surprised to see the tooth was out of his mouth. He was so happy! So, Drew is starting to lose his teeth and Drake is still getting his in! The tooth fairy came and brought Drew's first dollar. | David promised Drew once he learned how to ride his bike that he would get a bike to go riding with him. David took the kids to the park to ride their new scooters Santa gave them and took Drew's bike along. It took about 30 seconds for Drew to take off on his bike all on his own. So, David and Drew went out and bought a bike so David and Drew could go on bike rides together. They are loving it. | New Year's Eve Donuts! | Holiday Bowl Texas 21, Cal 10

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