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2012 - Page Text Content

S: Baker Family 2012

BC: 2012

FC: of change

1: A Year in Review

2: January

3: New Year's Eve Cousins stayed the night and helped us prepare for our new year celebration. Amidst play, we were crafty, too. Lizzy would've preferred playing all day long, but she reaped the benefits of our craftiness later. Although the calendar shows the winter season. It didn't feel like it. We had temperatures in the 60s and sometimes the low 70s! Nail polish, plays, babies, and "Lizzy's Park" were on the agenda of fun.

4: New Year's Eve | Lick, I mean, scrape the cream off the Oreos. | Drop melted white chocolate on the cookies. Sprinkle Pop Rocks candy. | Sandwich the cookies together, remember the stick! Cover in chocolate and... sleep?

5: Week in Review We tried to make our own confetti poppers. They were supposed to explode when we pushed a balloon air pump in the end and pushed. Since that was unsuccessful, we just blew with our mouths (the original balloon air pump). | New Year's Eve

6: Warm & Cozy

7: New Year's Eve Our Feast: pizza, buffalo wings, bread sticks, & sparkling cider The kids fell asleep around 11:00. At midnight, we woke everyone up. Some were happier than others. Grandpa and Daddy went out and shot guns into the air. Lizzy loves it when grandpa picks her up and touches her head to the ceiling. Lizzy was also very excited to drink out of a fancy cup!

8: Zachy-boy tries to help Daddy read the scriptures. | Lizzy and Mommy went to the dentist. Just like Mommy, Lizzy gags on the barriers the hygienist puts in her mouth. She has always been a big girl at the dentist office! | Bath time is a fun time for playing and splashing. Getting toys is frustrating for Zach. It's a good thing Daddy is close by to help.

9: January 1-7 | We tried a Science experiment. The temperature was below freezing, so we blew bubbles. They were supposed to turn to ice and break as they hit the ground. I guess it wasn't cold enough! | Lizzy is getting so big! She is making some of her own snacks and lunches. This is her eating Ants on a Log. Zach loves to play with the barn and little people. Lizzy enjoys helping him whenever he cries out for help.

10: January 8-14 This is the earliest we have ever taken the tree down. Lizzy was a big help this year. Zach was kept occupied with his toys.

11: Physical Education Lizzy started her first p.e. class this week. The YMCA doesn't have kid size equipment, but Lizzy does her best. Coach Patton tries to help out when he can. Lizzy and Hadley became fast friends. They are inseparable.

12: Philbrook has a wonderful event every second Saturday of every month. January was a snow theme. Lizzy made snowmen sculptures. She also drew with oil pastels and stamped snowflakes with watercolors. We always do a scavenger hunt through an art gallery. One of the questions was to find a painting of a person you would like to meet one day. Lizzy chose a picture of Jesus. It made Mommy very happy. Zach watched and tried to eat anything that got near his mouth.

13: The first snow of the season wasn't much, but it was fun. Lizzy ran around and made tracks. She tried to make a snow angel, but ended up with a mud angel. Zach froze. He seemed to be fascinated by the snow. We didn't buy a coat for Zach, so we bundled him in many layers. He had pajamas, pants, a sweater, 2 pairs of mittens, socks, 2 hats. I still don't think it was warm enough. We were only outside long enough to take some pictures and let him experience the snow.

14: January 15-21 Lizzy loved playing with Nana's nativity set. Now, it is Zach's turn to enjoy the handmade nativity. | Cleaning the Church Lizzy has always played in the nursery while Mommy and Daddy cleaned, but she had lots of fun helping. She cleaned the sinks, changed the trash bags, and helped clean out the refrigerator. Zach slept through the first half of the cleaning. We each took turns entertaining him through the last half.

16: Zachy finally gets to eat something other than milk! Lizzy (and everyone else) was very excited. She made the cereal and stood close by to observe every spoonful. Zachy LOVED his rice cereal! He was sad when the food was gone. | January 22-28

19: January 29- February 4 | Garrett Johansen and Arabella Johnson joined us for a day at the zoo. Garrett, Bella, and Lizzy read maps, learned about the animals, and enjoyed each other. Zach enjoyed the view from the stroller, but it was a little colder than we thought it would be. Bella lost her stuffed puppy. We retraced our steps. When it was looking dismal, Lizzy prayed desperately. She almost cried. Goots, Bella's mommy, was touched. Our prayers were answered when we found the puppy in Bella's bag. Lizzy always has such great faith.

20: Daddy Daughter Dance February 11, 2012

21: Every year the Tulsa Oklahoma East Stake puts on a Daddy Daughter Dance around Valentine's Day. This has become a special tradition in our family. Even though we are no longer in the East Stake, Lenora and Fred always invite us to go with them. | Daddy and Lizzy only danced to a couple of songs, but the most important thing was Daddy being out with his favorite daughter. Lizzy was absolutely thrilled to be going out with her Daddy. She loves spending time with him on daddy daughter dates. The Daddy Daughter Dance is the most exciting event for her every year.

23: There were lots of fun-filled activities for Lizzy and Daddy to do together. Lizzy enjoyed playing in the room filled with balloons and bubbles being blown everywhere. There was also a room of exotic animals, like a big snake, turtles, and lizards. Daddy talked Lizzy into petting the snake. She didn't like that much, but was a good sport. Spending time with her cousins was enjoyable, too. She even made a necklace for Mommy and brought home a fabric corsage for Mommy.

24: February 12-18, 2012

25: First Snow The first "real" snow of the season didn't come until February. Zachy sat still most of the time, but occasionally tried to eat the snow. We took off his mittens at one point to let him feel the coldness, he was not too keen on that idea. Lizzy tried to help Zachy make a snowangel and build a snowman. She had to do most off the work, though. She tried to clean off the car, too. We only got a couple of inches, but it was enough to have fun, get wet, and freeze. Mommy was extra worried about Zachy staying warm, so she bundled him up layer after layer. Other than his cheeks being rosy, he was pretty toasty and loved being outside. | 2012

26: Valentine's Day was very eventful in 2012. First we went to a Valentine's Party with other LDS Homeschooling families at the Broken Arrow chapel. Then, we went to Lizzy's P.E. class in Jenks. We were on our way to see Daddy at his T-Mobile store in Owasso when we were in an accident. Mommy was telling Lizzy about highway signs when a car in front of us came to a complete stop. Thankfully, Heavenly Father provided a way to get across three lanes of traffic without hitting anyone else. | We were blessed to only have damage to the car and no damage to anyone else. Lizzy was perfectly calm, Zachy slept through the whole event. The lady involved in the wreck was very nice. We had our car fixed within a couple of weeks. It was as good as new. We had to get new carseasts. Lizzy was excited to try out her new seat. Zachy was interested in other things.

27: Daddy got Mommy a fancy Silhouette Cameo. It cuts all kinds of fabulous shapes from paper, fabric, and vinyl. Lizzy got Mommy an OU bracelet. She was very thoughtful in her gift. Lizzy received a Crayola dry erase set. Zachy got an adorable teddy bear. Daddy got a Date Box. Lizzy and Mommy Mod-Podged Valentine paper to the outside and filled the box with date ideas. We ended our night with bath time, the time of night everyone enjoys thoroughly. | Valentine's Day February 14, 2012

28: February 25 Daddy graduated to Brown Belt Level 3. After almost two years, Rob is getting closer to receiving his Black Belt. At the next graduation he will have a black belt. He has worked very hard and dedicated many hours to fulfilling this goal. He is always thrilled to see his family come to his graduations and watch his growth.

29: February 26- March 3 Lizzy learned all about bubbles at the library with other homeschooling friends. Hadley Dixon is one of her favorite friends from this group. Lizzy built polygons with cool bubble rods. She colored bubblewrap and made designs. She was able to dip the 3-D polygons into a bubble solution and make 3-D bubbles. Blowing bubbles was fun, too. Her favorite activity was building the polygons. Zachy had fun watching his sister, but he fell asleep on Mommy's comfortable shoulder. Hadley's mom, Brett, was nice enough to take a picture.

30: Lizzy's 6th Birthday

31: Lizzy had a special birthday party just for family on her birthday. She also had a party with friends a few days later. Lucky Lizzy was loved by many! She was so excited to open her presents. Daddy got her a new bathroom set for her dollhouse. Mommy made her a doll highchair to match her doll bunkbed. Nana and Grandpa got her all kinds of decorations for her dollhouse that is kept at Nana and Grandpa's house. Zachy loved the boxes and envelopes. Mommy made her cake, white cake with purple frosting. We were all surprised to open a gift left in our mailbox. Darlene and Bill Westmoland gave Lizzy a Precious Moments collectible. Lizzy loves the Westmolands. We are always happy to see or hear from them.

32: February 25- March 3 Fun in Bed! Every morning Zachy wakes a little early. Mommy feeds him and puts him back to sleep. Daddy loves his cuddle time. Sometimes Lizzy even comes in and snuggles with her cute little brother and her favorite Daddy.

33: Real Food! Zachy had been eating cereal since he was 6 months old. He finally got a taste of what we eat. Mommy made him green beans with a fancy machine that Fritz and Sheree Fabian gave them. He didn't like the flavor of the green beans, but eventually he grew to enjoy them. Lizzy was very concerned about him and wanted to help him eat.

34: Lizzy loves the story Pinkalicious. So everything was pink. She had lots of pink food, pink decorations, and pink cupcakes. The cupcakes looked just like the ones in the book! Lizzy had lots of fun with all her friends. She invited Madison from dance class, Georgia, Andrea, Jack, Arabella, and Kaylee from church, and Hadley, Eliza, Blake, and Alea from P.E. She had a great time playing the Pinkalicious game and passing out Pinkalicious books and other pink party favors. Hadley and Eliza even brought a gift for Zachy. He thoroughly enjoyed his present.

35: February 28, 2012

36: Sometimes, we all fall asleep on the couch together without ever making it to our beds, except Mommy. She is always ready with a camera. Zachy loves to play with anything that belongs to Lizzy. He likes paper and Lizzy has lots of paper from her schoolwork. | March 4-10 | After our car accident we needed to have our new car seats installed properly. We went to the Owasso Fire Department. The firemen were very nice and installed the car seats for us. They also gave Lizzy a tour of the fire station. She received a special hat for the safety skills she learned that day.

37: March 25-31 Sleepovers with cousins are always lots of fun. Bethany, Becca, Jared, and Lizzy always enjoy putting on plays, especially with the Tooth Fairy theme. All the Slatcher cousins love to hold Zachy. Daddy loves his cuddle time with Zachy.

38: March 18-24 Grandpa and Daddy went out to add blue dye to the pond. The dye helps prevent algae and cleans the pond. Lizzy wanted to take a trip around the pond with her Daddy. Then we searched for fish and watched them come to the surface to eat.. | While Grandpa and Daddy were rowing around the pond, Zachy and Lizzy enjoyed playing in the rocks. This was Zach's first time to play in the rocks and dirt. Lizzy was eager to show him how to do it right.

40: March 25-31 Cousin sleepovers always have a Tooth Fairy play.

41: Snuggling with Daddy

42: April 1-7

43: Aunt Lenora was in nursing school and needed to observe a young child. She bought Lizzy a tooth fairy pillow to put together. Lizzy worked very hard sewing her pillow. Zachy got tangled in Lizzy's thread. She was actually able to use the pillow just a couple of weeks later when she lost her first tooth.

44: Draven and Ammon Brianna and Lizzy Jesse and Mchael | Bethany Slatcher and Lizzy Jaren, Brianna, Lizzy, Shyine Gabby, Ammon, A.J. Becca, Russel, Cynthia and Bethany Jared and Lizzy | Cathy, Adrian, Jesse, Brandy, and A.J. | Cousins and Easter at Grandma Owen's house

45: Family and Love | The little kids started hunting for easter eggs right before the heavens opened and poured rain upon us. The temperature turned cold, too! Zachy and Lizzy got lots of loving from everyone.

46: Easter at Our Home

47: As soon as the kids were dressed, we allowed them to check out their easter baskets. Lizzy's favorite toy in her basket was her lego set. She learned how to read the directions and assemble the structures. Zachy's favorite toy was the easter eggs. He would put them in the basket and out, over and over. He enjoyed transferring them to different baskets, too.

48: April 20, 2012- Kansas City Temple Open House

49: We took the opportunity to go inside a temple as a family. Lizzy thought it was very beautiful She was a little sad to know it would be dedicated soon. She wanted to go back as much as possible. The Kansas City temple was awe inspiring. Regina Acosta and Bill Westmoland were able to make the journey with us. Nana and Grandpa came along and made the trip even better! Going through the temple with our two little children was a wonderful opportunity. Lizzy knows how peaceful she feels in the temple and how beautiful it is. She wants to go back lots of times.

50: Families are Forever | Spending time with family is one of the most important activities we can do on this earth. Family, friends, and knowledge are the only things we can take with us into the eternities.

51: Three generations of Bakers at the temple as an eternal family | Nana wasn't feeling well, but she sacrificed a lot to be with us at the temple. We were thrilled to have her in our company. Grandpa took care of everyone, just like he always does. He always looks out for everyone.

52: We visited Liberty Jail after our trip to the Kansas City temple. We saw a replica of the gold plates that Joseph Smith translated into the Book of Mormon. We also learned about the conditions of the jail and prisoners when Joseph Smith was at Liberty Jail.

53: Kennedy Nubel (and other family members) came to watch Dad's Tae-Kwon-Do graduation. Good times before bedtime. Zachy was getting his first two teeth when Lizzy was losing her first tooth! We found several Spiny Elm caterpillars and watched the life cycle process in our living room. | April 22-28

54: The Spiny Elm caterpillars emerged from the chrysalis and became beautiful butterflies. Lizzy was sad to let the butterflies go, but happy they would have their needs met. | Several times during the spring we walked outside and found LOTS of butterflies fluttering around. They would land on everything, the car, Lizzy, the stroller, and mommy's bum! | Mommy came home with Kennedy Nubel from our "park" and found this copperhead slithering across the kids' art table. Kennedy ran to get Daddy. He came back and cut off the snake's head with Mommy's bread knife. The knife was thrown away after that! | April 29-May 5

55: Lizzy adores her baby brother. She is always so helpful. She especially loves to feed him and push him in the stroller, although she has a hard time going straight. | Lizzy and Zachy are always excited when Daddy comes home. They clap their hands and shout for joy and climb upon his knee!

56: We met Walt and Jodi in September 2011. We were asked to go over and see what we could do. They needed help with horses. We went to their house after church one Sunday and became quick friends. They all adore Zachy and Lizzy. Lizzy and Kennedy, who are about 9 months apart, are the best of friends. Walt and Jodi decided to get married after 5 years together. They married in our barn. Carol Redden transformed the barn into a romantic wedding spot. | The Wedding

57: The Guests | Jean & Brad Baker | Daddy, Lizzy, Mommy, Zach | Shyann Floyd & Levi Lind | Cooper and his dad (Cooper was in Mommy's class in 2010-2011nhbz | Vicki Richardson, Joyce Mitchell, Debbie Hardee | Madison Lind, Zach, Bethany & Becca Slatcher | Miranda, Alfredo, Brianna Barcenas | Carol Redden & Bonnie Lind | Fritz Fabian, Walt, & Zachy | May 5, 2012

58: We went swimming with Lizzy's homeschool p.e. group. Lizzy was afraid to swim in the beginning, but she remembered quickly. | Zachy was scared the entire time we were in the pool. The only time he was happy was when we put our hands under his feet. He felt more secure then. | May 6-12

59: May 13-19 | Cousin Austin Burgess came to visit! We don't usually get to see him very much.

61: We came home from church and Lizzy spotted a little, yellow chick in front of Nana and Grandpa's house. Lizzy is always such a good Mama Goose to the babies. It was fun to watch Zachy's response to the cute, yellow ball of fluff. He loved the goslings very much, just like Lizzy. | May 13-19

62: Lizzy woke up one morning with an extremely loose tooth. Mommy told her to watch out, it will probably fall out while she is eating. Sure enough, while she was eating her muffin, out popped her tooth! | Lizzy and Zach love to be like Mommy. Whether they drink out of her water bottle or help vacuum, there is so much Mommy does. | May 20-26

63: Zachy and Lizzy love to play with the baby goose. Unfortunately, the goose did not live long. We found her lying very still one morning. Lizzy was extremely sad. | Zachy is learning to write. He will use anything he can find. So far, markers are safe. He can't get the lid off. | Laughter is always good for the soul!

64: Lizzy was very excited for her dance recital, but nervous. She didn't want to stay in the staging area by herself. But, all her friends, coloring, puzzles, and fun was in the room. She quickly became comfortable and enjoyed herself. Zachy kept himself busy during the recital by crawling up and down the stairs. We were all so proud of Lizzy and her effort in her performances.

65: Tap | Ballet

66: Zachy, Grandpa Brad, Daddy, Grandma Jean, Arlana Kneib and son, Bob Bell | Sherrolyn King, Zachy, Grandpa | Sheri Fabian, Bonnie Lind, Hepsi, Darlene and Bill Westmoland | Walter Kneib and Hugh Hardie | Mary and Steve Snider, Kelly Knight | Mommy, Alice, Aunt Lenora | Memorial Day Barbeque

67: Brandon King, Lizzy, Jared Slatcher | Kennedy, Lizzy, Walt, Jodi | Shyann and Brian Floyd, Jordan Slatcher, Alice's son and daughter, Madison Lind, Michael Slatcher, Morgan Floyd | Walt Nubel, Becca Slatcher, Morgan Floyd, Jodi Floyd, Kennedy Nubel

68: Zachy eats pancakes for the first time! He also plays with the Winnie the Pooh car Lizzy had when she was that little. Mommy and Daddy dance at a wedding. Zachy learns to talk on the phone. Daddy and Lizzy build a castle with a little "help" from Zachy. | June 3-9

69: Zachy is becoming independent. He feeds himself and is learning to write. Mommy learned to keep pens away from Zachy after he wrote all over her.

70: June 10-16

71: Kennedy and Brian are usually taken care of by their older sisters, Morgan and Shyann. Mommy wanted Morgan and Shyann to be able to go to church Girl's Camp, so she offered to take care of Brian and Kennedy for the week. We had lots of fun, but Bounce U was the most fun. The kids also had a great time building Marble Runs.

72: When Lizzy was a wee, little girl, Daddy created the Tickle Monster. One morning, Lizzy wouldn't go back to sleep. The Tickle Monster came out whenever she opened her eyes. As long as her eyes were closed, she was safe. Tickle Monster has been in our house for many years. Mommy found a book with gloves perfect for the Tickle Monster. Lizzy and Zachy were fascinated with this newly, invented Tickle Monster. Daddy enjoyed reading the story of the Tickle Monster. | Father's Day

73: We played Daddy Land (a version of Candy Land) to celebrate Father's Day. The idea was to get from the beginning all the way to the end. Along the way, Daddy received special treats. Some of his favorite treats were Sour Cream & Onion Pringles, Twix, Ferrero Rocher, Brownie Fudge ice cream, and brownies. Lizzy loved playing the game with her Daddy. Zachy tried to play, too. He enjoyed playing with all the colorful papers! Mommy was excited to take pictures to create forever memories. | June 17, 2012

74: Bubble Blowing Art- Jack Stephens demonstrates how to blow the bubbles using a straw. Lizzy, Bryce Juby, Garrett and Brent Johansen, and Colby Juby demonstrate how to put paper on the bubbles to get a print. Kaylee and Lizzy make an aquarium from construction paper with a handprint fish swimming. They glued gravel to the bottom of the aquarium and beads to make bubbles. Patty came up with such wonderful balloon relays, but the wind was not cooperative. Paper Plate Balloon Juggling was a canceled event. Jack Stephens watches his balloon fly away. Zander Cruce, Miles Antry, Andrea Stephens and Brent try to catch the balloon. Madison tries to restore order and peace. Garrett, Lizzy, and Georgia aren't too interested in the balloon. Sadie Davis is having much more success. Kaylee watches with delight as the other balloon flies higher and higher. Riley Cruce, Jonathan Davis, and Colby wonder if they will be as successful as Sadie.

75: Lisa Davis helps Brent, Garrett, Jonathan, & Levi | Patty Juby and Goots Johnson | Emma Davis and Lizzy eat under the table. | Lisa, Katie, and Garrett helping with pizza | Colby, Emma, Zander, Riley, and Andrea making the aquarium craft. | Addie Stephens eats with George, Sadie, and Jack | The little primary kids were going to have a fun summer of activities at the Johansen house. However, Alicia Johansen had complications with her pregnancy and was put on bed rest. Patty Juby thought it would great to get together a couple of times during the summer for a fun/craft day. The day was a huge success. The kids made their own pizza for lunch. Mommy made the individual pizza crusts and the kids chose their favorite toppings. After a little heating in the oven, everyone enjoyed delicious pizzas! | June 20, 2012

76: We went to the library for bat day. Lizzy made a bat necklace from her handprints. She also made a bat cookie. Of course, Zachy wanted everything she had. He looks up to his big sister and wants to be just like her.

77: More geese hatched! Lizzy named these two Princess and Pretty. Every morning Lizzy and Daddy would clean out the bucket. Sometimes, we gave them a bath in the bucket. Mommy didn't want the geese to poop in the bathtub. Usually, Lizzy held on to the two geese outside while Daddy put in clean papers. | June 24-30

78: The Nubels invited us for a mini-vacation at Frontier City in Oklahoma City, We had fun swimming in the hotel pool and hot tub. Daddy and Mommy thoroughly enjoyed the humongous bed at the hotel. Lizzy loved having her own room, with a gigantic bed. She built a pillow fort around her to keep her safe. We ate at Spaghetti Warehouse. We had a good time taking pictures. Rob was strong enough to hold up an entire building! | Frontier City

79: The weather was hot and sunny at Frontier City, but thankfully, there was plenty of water to cool us off. We rode on a few rides in the park, then, we spent most of the day at the water park. Lizzy found rides that she LOVED and rides that she never wants to go on again! Zach found his favorite ride, the wagon! The favorite part at the water park, was the enormous bucket of water that dumped down on everyone standing in the way. | July 1-2, 2012

80: Zachy's favorite toy is his big, red barn that the Slatchers gave to us. We decided that would make the perfect cake for him. Our friend Selena McJunkin designed and made the cake. She made a cupcake haystack that Zachy really enjoyed devouring. | Daddy grilled hamburgers with a homemade sauce. Of course, we had chips, potato salad, corn, and lots of cake! | Zachariah's 1st Birthday

81: Nana, Grandpa, Lizzy, Mommy, Daddy, the Slatchers, and the Nubels helped Zachy celebrate his first birthday. Aunt Kelly brought his shiny, new, red sports car earlier in the day. Mommy and Daddy got a tool bench for Zach. Lizzy picked out a construction set with construction vehicles. The Nubels got an alphabet apple, and a steering wheel. The Slatchers blessed us with a ton of hugs and kisses. Nana and Grandpa gave Zach the cutest church clothes. | July 20, 2012

82: Lizzy and Zach enjoyed cleaning out he geese's pin. The geese loved Lizzy. They thought she was their Mama. Sometimes, we see lovely wildlife around our home. This bunny was in front of our house. Opposite page: Jordan loves to babysit. Zach and Lizzy love having their cousin over. Zachy loves to help Daddy and Lizzy loves to dress Zachy in her things.

83: July 22-28, 2012

85: Aunt Lenora graduated from Nursing School. We were so proud to be a witness to this wonderful event. Don and Susan Lipke were present and excited. Grandma Owen was very proud of Lenora's accomplishment. Opposite page: This was the first day the geese went swimming in the pond. They were nervous around the water, especially after the rest of the geese bullied them off the pond. Eventually, they relaxed and swam. | July 29-August 4, 2012

87: We love spending time with the Slatchers. They invited us to go bowling and we couldn't refuse. Lizzy and Zach had lots of fun. She managed to win quite a few prizes from the arcade. | August 4, 2012

88: We let the geese go. First Daddy put bands on the ankles so we can identify the geese. Then we watched as they adjusted to their new home. The geese even followed Lizzy back to our house once. Lizzy was very sad, but happy she could see them everyday. | August 5-11, 2012

89: Zach loves shoes, Lizzy's cups, and anything else Lizzy does. He tries so hard to be like her. Daddy loves cuddling with his sweet angels. We had Alfredo, Miranda, and Brianna Barcenas into our home for missionary discussions. Brianna and Zach tried to play together. Sometimes it worked and sometimes it didn't.

90: We love supporting Daddy in his Tae-Kwon-Do graduations. This is how the kids keep entertained so Mommy can take pictures and videos.

91: August 11, 2012 Level 3, Recommended Black Belt Mr. Gibson, Mr. Buckendorf, Mr. Randal, Mr. Baker, Mr. Davis,(front)Miss Saul, Miss Carol, Mr.Davis, Mr. Velez, and Mr Davis

92: Zachariah's First Haircut Lizzy and Mommy got haircuts, too. Zach did such a good job, but Julia had to finish the cut with him sleeping on Mommy. Bethany and Becca came along after a fun sleepover the night before.

93: Our Beautiful Life Zach and Lizzy provide such joy to us. We are so grateful to have them in our home and in our lives. Zach loves eating cereal from the container. He falls asleep in his highchair. He loves wearing any kind of hat. Lizzy loves the rain and her geese. | August 12-18, 2012

94: The Wall Every youth wanted to try their strength against the wall. It did come down little, by little. Eventually, the wall came down with a good kick. The youth helped the Lind family clean up their new homesite. The previous structure was a house that burned down a few years ago. Grandpa and Nana acquired the land recently and rented it to the LInds.

95: The Lind Family Home Service Project- Mommy works with the Young Women and helped initiate the service project. The task was to clear as much rock as possible. The Youth: Zander Cruce, Cody Cruce,Kerstin Richardson, Madison LInd, ShyAnn Floyd, Colby Juby, Bubba Cruce, Bryce Juby, Emma Davis, Morgan Floyd, Levi Lind, and Devon Feemster | August 22, 2012

96: Homeschooling can be super fun. Lizzy painted paper and then cut pieces to make an elephant. Lizzy LOVES painting! Zach finds all kinds of things to do while Lizzy has Mommy's attention. Another day, Lizzy was learning the cardinal directions. She placed cards outside for the directions and then took shapes to the right direction Mommy told her. She LOVED this game.

97: Lizzy and Zach love each other so much. Sometimes, it is hard to share, but they really do enjoy being together. Cousin Jordan Slatcher was playing in a football game in Owasso. We went to show our support. We sat right by the band in the stands. Jordan was happy we came! | August 26- September 1, 2012

98: We had many adventures this week. We had silly hat day with Nana, bouncing fun at Bounce U, swinging with Brianna Barcenas, and relaxing in the san. | September 2-8, 2012

99: Our solution to prevent Zachy from destroying the kitchen. He wasn't a very big fan of the new obstacle. | Lizzy's first day of dance in the new year. She was excited to see which friends were returning and who her new teacher would be. | September 9-15, 2012

100: We froze at a Skiatook football game. We were watching ShyAnn Floyd perform with the Skiatook color guard. Mommy made OU and OSU curtains for Michael and Jordan Slatcher's bedroom. Zach decided to play with the fabric. Zachy and Lizzy love the rocking horse that Great Grandpa Snider (Jean's dad). Lizzy and one of her many cute hairstyles ready for dance class. | September 30- October 6, 2012

101: October 7-13, 2012 | Zachy loves to cuddle! We invited Miranda and Alfredo Barcenas to hear the missionary discussions in our home. Brianna loved playing with Lizzy. Even Alfredo got into playing with the kids. Lizzy and Zachy find creative ways to play while Lizzy learns. On the wall, she was demonstrating oblique lines. On the floor is horizontal lines. Lizzy shows frozen balls of colored ice.

102: The branch Halloween party became a Halloween Primary party. For the second year in a row, rain drenched our party. Most of the games and events had to be cancelled. We moved the party into Mike and Susan Anderson's garage, kitchen, and patio. We still had fun and stayed dry. Brianna Barcenas loves to play with Zach and Lizzy. The chairs on the patio were the best place to play. There was plenty of good food to eat and friends to visit. Garrett and Kaylee Johansen were among the Halloween party goers. Zach and Lizzy had fun painting Mommy's face. They even painted each others' faces! | October 13, 2012

105: First Degree Black Belt Mr. Gibson, Robert, Mr. Randall, Mr. Velasquez One of Rob's many board breaks The Barcenas family and Grandpa Baker came to cheer Daddy onto success. Mr. Randall, Mr. Davis, Mr. Bukendorf, Mr. Lehman, Robert Zachy and Lizzy found many ways to stay occupied and quiet. | October 13, 2012

106: We attended a home school field trip at Shepherd's Cross in Claremore. Lizzy made a couple of new friends and met up with a few old friends. Hadley, Eliza, and Blake Dixon made Lizzy's day when they arrived. There was plenty to do Zach fed the goats pumpkins. There were lots of games to choose from and water is always a big hit!

107: A hayride, animal petting area, making a scarecrow, a hay maze, and pumpkin hunt were among some of the fun activities. | October 14-20, 2012

108: Every year we attend the Trunk or Treat at the Broken Arrow ward with the Slatchers. This year, Lizzy was a beautiful mermaid and Zach was an adorable lion. Zach and Daddy had fun sword fighting after the party as Uncle Fred refereed.

109: Daddy Time | Halloween Dance Class ???, Abby, Sadie, Addison, Savanna Lillian, ???, ???, ???, Melanie, Lizzy, Miss. Alicia | October 21-27, 2012

110: October 28, 2012

111: Sunday Dinners with Nana and Grandpa Grandpa always brings nachos. Daddy always makes baked potatoes and brownies. Mommy and Nana take the night off from cooking and enjoy being surrounded by our beautiful family. Everyone gets to cuddle and everyone gets attention. We play games, listen to stories from family, and laugh. We love our Sunday evening tradition.

112: November 3, 2012 | Daddy-Daughter Date turned Daddy Day Lizzy wanted a special day with Daddy at the zoo. Mommy had a youth conference to attend with the young women from church. Lizzy was happy to let Zach come on her Daddy-Daughter date. | Lizzy is always so helpful. She loves pushing the stroller, holding up Zach so he can get a better look, or showing him how to feed and pet animals. The petting zoo was a highlight, especially for Zach. He was able to get out of the stroller and touch the animals. Lizzy has very fond memories of this day. She says she always wants Zach to come on her Daddy-Daughter dates at the zoo!

113: Zachy really looks up to Lizzy. He loves everything about her. She likes to teach Zach about everything she knows. They are such cuties! The big fish snuck up to Lizzy without her knowing. When she turned around, she had quite a surprise staring back at her. Daddy thought it was hilarious! Everyone is tired by the end of the day. Too much excitement and fun was had by all!

114: Lizzy was 6 years old, so we thought she should be able to ride her bike without the training wheels. Mommy found a great idea to teach riding a bike. She tried to take off the pedals, but they are not easily removed. Balancing seemed to be the most difficult part of riding the bike. | Zachy found every way possible to "help" Lizzy ride her bike without training wheels. He tried to get on the bike, he wanted to be held, and he would chase after Lizzy. | Eventually, we just let her practice on her own. We told her all we could. Even Grandpa came out to offer advice. Mommy used to think not having a sidewalk would hurt Lizzy learning to ride her bike. Now, she realizes the soft dirt was a lot easier to fall on than concrete! Lizzy fell a lot, but she kept getting back on the bike and trying again. Mommy and Daddy were very proud of the effort she made. She continues to practice, but isn't able to stay balanced, yet. | November 4-10, 2012

115: Playing in the house! | Mommy was worried that Lizzy and Zach were too far apart in age to interact and play together. Boy, was she wrong!

116: Slatchers, Kings, and Bakers gathered as usual on Thanksgiving Day for a feast. This year Kelly Knight and Mommy prepared most of the food. They each prepared delicious, golden turkeys. We always have such a wonderful, peaceful feeling on the holidays. Everyone can relax, talk, and play together. Steve and Mary Snider (Nana's brother and sister-i-law) joined us, as well as, a few friends from Aunt Kelly's work. Kumi and her boyfriend Matt brought Spring Egg Rolls,and Sushi. Daddy thoroughly enjoyed the Japanese food. | Aunt Kelly was thrilled to have her son, Matt White, home from military duties. Sarah McCleary also made her mother very happy by choosing to be with her on this holiday. Nana was grateful to be with her brother. We were excited for Zach and Lizzy to spend time with extended family. | Zachy pins Michael and Michael enjoys every minute of it. | Thanksgiving Day

117: November 22, 2012

118: Family Game Night | November 25- December 1, 2012

119: Zachy loves the same bear Lizzy played with when she was tiny. Zach the firefighter!

120: December 1, 2012

121: Lizzy always enjoys decorating the Christmas tree. She helped decorate ours, then a few weeks later she decorated Nana's and Grandpa's tree. Zach even got into decorating the tree. He was allowed to put a few nonbreakable ornaments on the tree. He loved digging in the boxes to see what he could come up with. When we were finished decorating, Lizzy and Zachy decided to try out new shoes.

122: This year we made a gingerbread train. Daddy started by gluing the pieces together with icing. | Eating the gingerbread train was delicious! It didn't last very long, but was definitely fun to create. | Mommy iced the rest of the train as Daddy and Lizzy decorated with candy.

123: Yummy Icing | Zach became angry when he couldn't eat all the candy. | December 2-8, 2012 | Double icing bags are even better than a single bag!

124: The primary had a short, five minute play. Emma Davis sand The Nativity Song from the Primary Children's Songbook. As she sang the words different groups of the Nativity would enter. Lizzy got nervous and ran to Mommy crying. She didn't sing with the other kids. The program was beautiful, though. Later, She had fun with Kennedy making an ornament and decorating cookies. Aunt Dana Weatherford snuck lots of sweets to Zachy when Mommy wasn't looking.

125: Cousin Devon Feemster giving Zach a piggy back ride. | Mommy, Zach, and Lizzy decorating cookies. | The Cast of Angels Kennedy Nubel, Georgia and Andrea Stevens, Kaylee Johansen, Lizzy Baker | Zach savoring his iced cookie. | December 8, 2012

126: Zach and Lizzy play together. Zach is just the right size to fit in all the baby doll equipment, the stroller and the baby bed. Lizzy made a little bed for him on the piano bench. He plays along with her very well. His pretend name is Jakey and Mommy is Nana. He gets confused when she tells him they are going to visit Nana. He thinks they are really visiting Nana. Zachy not only imitates Lizzy, he also imitates Mommy. He folds laundry, sits on the couch covered with a blanket, and likes to sweep the kitchen, too.

127: December 2-8, 2012

128: Happy Birthday to Mommy! Daddy, Lizzy, and Zach did a great job making Mommy's birthday a great evening! Daddy brought home steak for dinner. Yummy! Then, we ate lemon raspberry cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory. That is one of Mommy's favorite treats. Zach and Lizzy helped Mommy blow out the candles. Lizzy wanted Daddy to buy a blue scarf with red, sparkly diamonds. The closest Daddy could find was the white scarf, gloves, and hat with sparkly, silver glitter. Lizzy loved the present and was very happy to give them to Mommy.

129: A handsome, stylish boy! | Zach loving on Lizzy's bear. | Such a beautiful girl! | He does love her! | Where's your noses? Honk, Honk | Zach drinking milk. Lizzy using the camera. | Mommy found this on the bathtub. She loves reminders of a little baby in the house. | Daddy's First Degree Black Belt, Level One Graduation | Zachy loves hanging out by the Christmas tree. He went through the diaper bag and found a great selection of books. | December 9-15, 2012

130: Zachy's Adventures in the Living Room Zach loves to play with Lizzy's dolls and do school just like she does. He loves our Christmas decorations. The Christmas Mouse is his perfect size. Mommy and Daddy have been working on building this cabinet since May. Daddy finished off the cabinet just in time for Mommy's birthday. Zach and Lizzy have found many uses for the cabinet. Hiding and sleeping in the cabinet are just a few. It mostly holds our DVDs, music, Zach's toys, and Lizzy's school books. It is our central hub for all entertainment items. It is truly an entertainment center. | December 16-22, 2012

131: November 16th, Mommy and Daddy discovered a possible baby coming. On December 1th, the prediction was confirmed. However, we quickly discovered there were TWO babies in Mommy's tummy! We made the announcement at Christmas Dinner. Everyone was surprised and elated! Lizzy was super excited and gives Mommy's tummy lots of kisses, one for each twin. They are due on Zach's birthday. Hopefully, he will be excited, too! | We received a Scout Elf from the North Pole this year. Lizzy named him Elfie. His job was to report on Lizzy and Zach's behavior to Santa. While he was in our home, he found ways to keep himself entertained. He loved hanging out with the Christmas Bears from the Christmas tree.

132: Mommy waited until the last minute to do just about everything for Christmas. The last Saturday before Christmas, Mommy went out at 11:00 p.m. to find a Christmas dress for Lizzy. She loved the only dress Mommy could find in the store. Nana went with Mommy late that night. Macey's and Target were the only stores open for Christmas clothes. On Christmas Eve, Mommy finally took Lizzy and Zach to see Santa. She also finished her Christmas shopping that day. Mommy has resolved to never wait until the last minute again! | December 23, 2012

133: December 24, 2012

134: Christmas Eve Dinner at the Barn Many more people came to dinner, but we forgot to take pictures. The Hardees, Nubels, and Kings all came through and ate Reuben sandwiches with us. | Anyone who dares to lay on the floor gives an open invitation to Zach to tackle them. Zachy loves to wrestle and roll around on the floor. | Christmas Eve

135: Lizzy remembered to get ready for Santa. She poured the milk and put out Oreos for Santa. She couldn't leave them within arms reach of certain little snackers No cookie is safe with Zach in the room. Thankfully, we had a whole lot more cookies to replace the eaten one!

136: Christmas Morning Lizzy and Zach had fun opening presents. Mommy, Daddy, Nana, and Grandpa enjoyed watching them open presents. Lizzy got stacking cups for Zach. Zach got Tinkerbell and Periwinkle for Lizzy. Lizzy was able to pick out the gift she wanted to give Zach and he has loved his cups! Zach needed Mommy's assistance to find the perfect gift for Lizzy.

137: Lizzy helped Zachy figure out how to open presents, then he figured it out quickly. He tried to feed hewy some candy. He swept the floor with his broom. He was so excited when he opened the broom. Now, he had one just like Mommy! Lizzy payed with her Cindrella doll, all day. She brushed, combed, sprayed, and dried. She also dressed and redressed Tinkerbell and Periwinkle. Lizzy started reading her Temple book from Nana and Grandpa immediately. She and Zachy received peacoats that look really great with their Sunday clothes. Daddy and Mommy were grateful for the presents they received, too.

138: Grandpa and Nana | Michael Slatcher, Dana Weatherford, Rodney King, Fred Slatcher, Jordan Slatcher | Lizzy opened a special present from Heavenly Father. Inside she found a photo frame with an ultrasound picture. Everyone was left to their own interpretation. Aunt Kelly and Aunt Lenora were the first to figure out that Mommy was pregnant. Aunt Lenora noticed there were two babies. Everyone was excited and full of surprise, just like Mommy and Daddy were when they found out there were two babies! | Christmas Dinner at | the Knight Home | Jared Slatcher, Ammon Slatcher, Jacob Weatherford,, Bethany Slatcher, Lizzy Baker, Becca Slatcher

139: Zachy's first time sitting on a thick book at a dinner table. He did not want anyone to feed him. He did a pretty good job, too! | Daniel Weatherford and Brandon King | Tiffany, Sherrolyn, Melissa King, and Michael Knight | Terry Feemster, Sabre, and Devon Feemster

140: Christmas Outfits

141: Zachy loves cuddling with everyone. He especially like watching movies or cartoons cuddled with his favorite people.

142: Lizzy never believes it is winter until it snows. When Christmas arrives she starts to give up hope that it will ever snow. Thankfully, since we've started these photo books, we can keep track of when it actually snowed. There was no accumulation, except on the pond, but we went out and played anyway. Lizzy tried to catch snowflakes on he tongue. Zach was just happy to be outside. | December 28th

143: Zach can find a toy in just about anything. His favorite spot to play was behind the Christmas tree. He crawls into Lizzy's baby doll bed a lot, especially to turn on and off the lights in her room. He puts anything he can find in the pans under the stove. Lizzy's musical microphone was a bit hit with Zach. He didn't like to share it very much.

144: Talented photos from Lizzy. We are always ready for a picture (and sometimes we aren't). | Ending the Year

145: Lizzy is developing her talent at picture taking. She is getting pretty good, too. Taking pictures of Zach and her babies is one of her favorite things to do.

146: Morgan, Kennedy, Bryan, ShyAnn, Jodi, and Walt Nubel taught us how to play Indian Dominoes on New Year's Eve. We had a great time. Zachy wasn't feeling too well. Walt noticed a bit of a fever when Zach was riding on the saddle A short while later, while Zach was cuddling with Walt watching the New Year's Eve special on T.V., Zach's stomach couldn't handle anything more. He vomited all over Walt. Mommy gave Zach a bath and poor Walt sat waiting to be assisted in the clean up. Rob and Jodi helped him out and the party continued.

147: Ending the year the same way it began, partying until midnight. This year, everyone stayed up to welcome the New Year. | This was the noisiest we had ever seen the Nubel family. There were even pots, pans, and spoons utilized. | ShyAnn loves the Rockin' New Year's Eve program. | Bryan, Lizzy, and Kennedy being noisy. | New Year's Eve | Rob and Zachy bringing in the new year. This was after Zach had to change his outfit.

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