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2012: Adventures with Jay

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FC: Adventures with Jay | 2012

1: December 12, 2012 Dear Family & Friends, I can't believe another year is almost over. This year has been a very busy one for us. I started school in January, Jay is now in daycare, and Jared is a General Manager at Domino's in Galesburg. Over the past twelve months, Jay has grown so much. Like any two year old, he is full of energy, extremely curious, and always on the go. Everyday is a new adventure for our family. Jay can talk now, and he is a very outspoken little boy. Recently,Jay has developed a love for all things related to pirates, "Cars" (the movie), school, fish, and big trucks. If we are not watching a TV show or movie about one of these things, we are playing with toys related to them. He loves to spend time with his two wonderful aunts and all of his grandparents, and he especially enjoys visiting our friend's farm, where he helps feed the animals and gather eggs from the birds. Between all of the wonderful family and friends we have in the area (and school of course) Jay has learned so much this year, and shared his Joy for life with everyone. Of course, his curiosity, energy, and love of adventure sometimes result in hilarious stories and pictures, if I am lucky enough to have my camera with me. Much of what I have captured on "film" the past year has a funny story behind it, and it is difficult to just post these pictures to Facebook. So, I invite you all to flip through this digital scrap book and share in the "Adventures with Jay". I hope you enjoy the story of our year as much as we have enjoyed experiencing it. Love, Heather

2: Recipe for: A Boy Named Jay | Warning: You may become overwhelmed by Love as toddler wraps you up in a world filled with Joy & Wonder | Ingredients | 2 c. 1/2 c. 5 lg. 200 1/2 tsp 3/4 c 1 T 5 tsp 1/2 c 10 lbs | Dirt Worms Tonka Trucks Legos Trouble Curiosity Stubbornness Attitude Skinned Knees & Scrapped Elbows Laughter

3: Made in the Home of: Jared & Heather Thrapp | Procedures | Mix trouble, curiosity, stubbornness, attitude and laughter in large mixing bowl until well blended. Pour in "Jay" mold & bake at 98.6 until tender. Your finished product will now: Toss Tonka Trucks and Legos in path of unsuspecting mother; Eat Dirt & Worms as necessary for growth; Wrap father neatly around pinky finger; Fall down on occasion, getting Skinned Knees & Scrapped Elbows; Get into more mischief than either parent could ever imagine; Destroy house with puppy. Say "I Sorry" in the most adorable voice, making it impossible for mommy & daddy to stay mad.

5: anuary

6: January 8, 2012 Today we celebrated Jay's birthday. He will turn two and start daycare on Tuesday. I can't believe how fast he has grown. It seems like just yesterday when I was still pregnant with him. In the last year he has learned how to walk, and he has started talking. He loves reading books, playing with cars, and watching "Caillou". January 30, 2012 We aren't even a month into my first semester back at college, and Jay already has my routine figured out. He got my coffee cup, keys, and wallet from the kitchen table tonight while I was working on a paper, came into the living room and said "I ready go." When he realized that we weren't going anywhere, he started playing with the stuff in my wallet. I asked him if he was going to pay the bill he picked up and he handed it to me and said "here go". Thanks kiddo!

7: February 12, 2012 It finally snowed today. I think this is the first time Jay has ever gotten to play in the snow!! It was crazy, this morning it was almost 50 degrees, and by two it had dropped to 32 degrees. The ground wasn't frozen though, so the snow didn't stay around long. I think we got to enjoy it for about half an hour before it was all gone. Jared and I participated in our yearly snowball fight while Jay ran around with Jingles. When he saw us throwing snow, he ran to protect his daddy, yelling at me to "STOP". I can't believe it: the parent he chooses to protect is Daddy!! Anyway, when we explained to him we were having fun, and showing him how to make snowballs, he joined right in. Of course, I was ganged up on by BOTH Jared and Jay. Jingles played with us also, running around and trying to bite the snowballs out of the air. Jay caught on to her antics pretty quick and started throwing snowballs at her too. All in All, it was a GREAT DAY.

8: ebruary

10: Thrapp Daily News | Last night, while camping at Twisted Creek Farm near Colchester, IL, a young child sat on the wrong dog. Jay Thrapp, age 2, of Blandinsville, IL was camping with his parents, Jared & Heather Thrapp, and the owners of Twisted Creek Farm, Buffy Hart and Michelle Anderson at the time of the incident. | Reports claim that Thrapp was playing with his family dog, Jingles, and Hart's dog, Ellie while the nearby adults prepared supper. It appears Thrapp decided he needed a break, when he sat on Ellie. Parents stated that Thrapp often sits on Jingles to indicate to her that he is done playing. Jingles apparently understands this signal, and, not minding Thrapp's body weight, usually responds with kisses for the boy. | Adventures with Jay | Watch Out! That's Not Your Dog | Ellie Hart Picture Provided By Buffy Hart, owner of Twisted Creek Farm

11: March 18, 2012 | Boy Sits on Wrong Dog, Surprises All Involved. | Thrapp, also surprised by the unexpected turn of events, ran to his parents crying because his "doggy run away". Parents were quick to reassure the boy. Calling both dogs to their side, they discussed the similarities between the two border collie sisters, born just a year apart. They also instructed Thrapp to look carefully before he sat next time. No one was hurt at the time of the incident. Witnesses report that a good laugh was had by all at the startled reaction of dog and boy. | Hart's dog, unfamiliar with Thrapp, did not understand this signal. Startled by the unfamiliar weight of the two year old, Ellie jumped up, looked at the boy, and ran to Hart's side. | Jingles Thrapp Picture provided by Jared & Heather Thrapp, Parents of Jay

12: March 18, 2012 We had so much fun camping this weekend. Chelle and Buffy are great friends, and Jay loved hanging out at Twisted Creek Farms. Buffy took him on a little tour around the farm, and Jay loved seeing all of the animals, he couldn't stop talking about the deer, ducks, chickens, and bunnies when we got home. Of course, Jay wouldn't go to sleep when it got dark last night. I tried putting him in his play pen, but he kept climbing out of it, unzipping the tent door, and coming back to the campfire.. I couldn't believe he could get out of that thing, so I had to sit at the door and watch through a little space I left open to see how he did it. He is soo smart; he would literally flip himself out over the edge. It's amazing he didn't land on his head. By the time we all went to bed last night, it started storming. According to Buffy and Chelle it got pretty bad. Jared, Jay and I slept through it all. We are all home now, and Jay is so tired that he is taking a very long nap. (He's been asleep for almost three hours!) I think that I need to go wake him up so he will sleep tonight.

13: Here, fishy, fishy, fishy Here fishy, fishy, fishy Bite! We like to fish, As much as we can Spending all day On the lake Waiting for the tug Jerk back, reel in If we are lucky There's a whopper on the line Fisherman's Code Early to Bed Early to Rise Fish Like Crazy and Tell Big Lies

14: pril | A | Fishing with Mom

15: Easter

16: April 29, 2012 Wow, so much has happened this month that I don't even know where to start. The weather has been absolutely beautiful all month and we have spent a lot of time outside, playing. Easter was so much fun, Jay really got into it this year. We went up to the park for the town Easter Egg Hunt on the 7th, and then we went to Uncle Buck's on the 8th for an Egg Hunt and Easter Dinner. At Uncle Bucks' Aunt AJ helped him find eggs, and they had so much fun! At the park, they had a petting zoo. Jay and I climbed into the pen to pet the lambs, but once we got in he wasn't sure what to think. No amount of coaxing on my part could get him to touch those things. He was entranced by the Llama's though, and kept reaching out to pet their noses whenever they got close to him and Jared (who was holding him up to get a better look). Oh yeah, grandma and grandpa's "train" was up at the park too. I think he must have ridden in that thing ten times before I finally made him get out.

17: The rest of this month, I have enjoyed the beautiful weather by fishing as much as possible. I was finally able to convince Jared to go with me today, which meant that I got to take Jay on his first fishing trip. Of course, that meant we had to go to Wal-Mart first and get him a fishing pole, tackle box, and tackle. Jay and I had so much fun fishing. The kid is a natural fisherman, we spent four hours on the lake, and he was ticked when it was time to go home. The only problem is that he won't touch worms. Oh well, we will just have to keep working on that. We took Jared's step-brother, Joe, with us to the lake. Jay and I didn't catch any fish, but Jay sure had fun watching Joe catch a decent sized trout. Then, Jay insisted that we take his fake fish off his line and put a hook on so he could use worms "li Joe". He spent the rest of the time we were on the lake pestering me because he wasn't catching any fish. Can't wait to take Jay fishing with my dad when we are in Branson next month.

18: ay | Riding Papa's Bike | "I Done" Ready for a Nap At the Butterfly Palace

19: Star of the Show | Driving the Duck

20: May 18, 2012 Yahoo!! This semester is finally over. "Gramma" Carol & "Papa" Bill are coming back here for the weekend, and Jay and I are going to ride back with them. We will be there for two weeks, visiting, and then Jared will come pick us to before summer classes start. June 3, 2012 We finally got home from Branson early this morning. We had a pretty fun trip. Jay went fishing with "Papa" Bill and I, and "Papa" Bill got him to touch the worms, and then taught him how to "eat" them. Dad was teasing Jay, pretending to eat a piece of worm he was holding, but he was really just hiding it in his hand after he pretending to put it in his mouth. Jay caught on pretty fast and repeated after my dad. Jay came over and said, "I eat worm, Mommy", and showed me how he ate the worms. He was so good at hiding the worm in his hand, that I thought he really had eaten it. I made him open his mouth right away, but there was nothing in it. Then, I had to force him to open his hands and show me the worm.

21: While we were in Branson, we also rode the "Ducks" on and around Table Rock Lake, and Jay got to "drive" while we were on the water. Then, we went to the Butterfly Palace, which is a giant aviary and science museum type of place. By the time we got to the Aviary, he was ready for a nap. We made it to the middle of the aviary when he sat down and started crying. Katie picked him up and we made a speedy exit. We went back for the night "glow". Jay LOVED walking the Maze of Mirrors under the blacklights, until he thought he saw the door out, took off running and smacked into a mirror before I could grab him. After that, we went upstairs to the aviary. Before we went in to the Aviary, Jay & I made a glow-in-the-dark bug (which we brought home with us). In the Aviary there was a talking frog sitting in a tree under the black light that really scared Jay. There was also a pretty dancing Fairy who gave the kids orange scarves to spin under the black lights with. I had a hard time getting Jay to leave the fairy so we could go back to mom and dad's in time for supper! It was a fun two weeks, but I am so glad we are back home

22: Riding the Frogs At SDC | Sleeping while Mom & Dad Shop At SDC

23: une | J | Heritage Days

24: Summertime Summertime is so much fun We stay out all day, playing in the wonderful sun The bubble machine runs on full blast Jay jumps around trying to pop the bubbles as they float lazily past Jingles keeps him on the go Bringing the ball over and over she patiently waits for Jay to throw Papa Jerry brought a swing and slide The sandbox was quickly forgotten after the first downward ride.

25: July 15, 2012 Jay has watched me get ready for school way too many times this year. I was sitting at the computer working on homework this afternoon when Jared hollered at me to come look at him. Jay had gone to the kitchen, grabbed my coffee cup, keys, and wallet from the table, and stood in the doorway saying "I ready go." When he finally realized that we weren't going anywhere, he started playing with the stuff in my walled. I asked him if he was going to pay the bill he had picked, and he made a dirty look as he handed it to me and said "here go mommy." Thanks kiddo, paying the bills is just what I wanted to do!

26: uly | Going to Work

27: And Payin' the Bills

28: Looking out the Window at new Daycare while I fill out paperwork | Getting Ready to Leave, Excited for School to start!

29: A | ugust | Seriously Mom!? | "I'm too hot and tired for this"

30: August 10, 2012 School starts soon, and I can't wait. I am not sure when the last time Jay went to sleep at a descent time and slept all through the night! | September 3, 2012 Jay and I spent the whole weekend sitting next to the Wormhole in Colchester trying to sell our "junk". Or, at least that's what I was trying to do. It kept raining, so I didn't sell much, but Jay had a GREAT time. There was a huge mud puddle in Buffy & Chelle's drive way, and Jay made the most of it. I think I must have changed his clothes fifteen times this weekend before I finally gave up and just let him stay muddy!

31: September wasn't very exciting, since I was pretty busy with school work and Jared has to work at night now that he is a manager. I didn't take any pictures this month, and I don't really remember anything exciting happening. So, I have decided to use this months page to put in a "film stip" of pictures that Jay insisted I take this year. Every time he sees my camera or iPod out, he says "Take my piture, mommy. Pleeeeaaaasssseee!!" And I do, because he is just too cute to resist. As you will see when you turn the page, he usually ends up sticking his tongue out for the pictures, which drives me nuts.

32: S | ep

33: tember

34: September 22, 2012 We went to the WIU Homecoming Parade today. When we were getting dressed, Jay begged me to let him wear his dog costume that Gramma Carol got him for Halloween. It was so cold out (and it's a bulldog, which is Western's Mascot) that I thought, "why not". As soon as I got the jacket on him, he was trying to roll over and "shake, shake, shake" his tail. I had to pin him down so I could get it zipped off. While were waiting for the parade to start, Jay kept standing in front of Jared and I and saying "I SUPE" (I'm Super). It was so cute, and I was lucky enough to have a video camera with me. I even got him to "Shake" his tail for me again so I could video tape it. If you haven't seen them already, check them out on Facebook! Just let me know if you can't find.

35: October 22, 2012 We carved pumpkins last night. Jay refused to help me scoop out the "guts". I really thought he would like playing with the new texture, but he wouldn't even try touching them, so I wiped them on his hand. This ticked him off, and he was completely done with the whole thing. Jared and I finished carving the pumpkins on our own. November 1, 2012 Jay had so much fun trick-or-treating last night. When we first started, he wouldn't say anything to anybody, and acted really shy when we went up to houses. He even made me knock on the first few doors. By the end of the night, he had figure the whole Halloween "thing" out. Every time we would go past a house with the light on, he would yell "treats". As soon as I could get the truck parked, he would be trying to jump out. Then, he would run up to the house, knock on the door and say "Thank You."

36: ctober | "Ha! I got the tootsie roll open and I'm eating it."

37: "I'm NOT touching that!" | Cute Puppy

38: Uncle Josh | The Bell Family | Papa Bill - This totally explains where Jay gets it from! | Gramma Carol | Aunt Katie

39: N | ovember | The Thrapp Family | Uncle John, Papa Jerry, Jay, Jared, Gramma Kris, Aunt AJ & Heather

40: November 11, 2012 Jared and Jay threw a "surprise" party for me today, and it snowed on my birthday. Jay could have cared less about both the snow and birthday ice cream cake though, because Jared fried fish for supper. I can't believe how much fish that boy can pack away!!

41: December 12, 2012 It's almost CHRISTMAS!!!! I am so excited for Christmas this year. Jay is really getting into the whole Santa thing. He even sat on Santa's lap at the PACT "Christmas for the Family Night" last week. On the way home every night I have to slow down so he can see all of the Christmas lights. Every time he sees a house covered in lights he says "WHOA". It's the same houses every night, but it's so funny to hear him get excited, like he hasn't seen them before. | November 25, 2012 We have just returned from Thanksgiving with my parents in Branson. While we were there, Jay refused to eat any real food, and he subsided on donuts, crackers, and coke. (At least he ate something I guess). He loved spending time with Gramma, Papa, and Aunt Katie, and was upset when we had to go. He kept telling me to "go back Gramma's"

43: D | ecember

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