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2012 Family Yearbook

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S: 2012 Tyler Family Memories


FC: Paul, Tina, Parker, & Payton | 2012 The Tyler Family

1: Family | Love | Favorite moments | Parties | Birthdays | Vacations | Zoo Trips | Adventures | Sea World | Swimming

2: Parker wasn't so sure about riding a horse made of hay. | Days

3: For Valentine's Day, Parker made heart shaped cookies for each classmate. He had fun playing with the cookie cutters. | Parker with his teachers, Ms. Janet and Ms. Lisa on the last day of school | Parker really enjoyed going to Parkhills MDO. His teachers were so nice and loved Parker so much. His friends in class would ask for him by name and Parker was always the first kid to help a friend if they were sad.

6: Parker's Artwork 2011-2012 School Year

7: Payton's Artwork Summer and Fall 2012 .

8: Planting a Garden | with Daddy | Parker had fun helping daddy dig the trench for the seeds. Payton had fun trying to dig up the seeds they planted. | Parker was careful about placing the seeds in the ground and then helped cover them with soil. | When she wasn't helping daddy "plant" the seeds, Payton had fun burying herself in the dirt.

9: Daddy dug a big hole in the ground for the new plants. Parker thought it was funny to stand in the hole. He also liked "feeding" the new plant soil and water. | After the garden bloomed, Parker helped Daddy pick the tomatoes and bring them inside the house to eat.

10: Fun at the Park

11: The kids love to be outdoors. They have no fear and will climb anything, tackle any slide, love to swing high, and enjoy exploring. When it was too cold to go outside, Parker would get his jacket and Payton would bring mommy a blanket refusing to take no for an answer. When we couldn't go out, they would stare out the window crying, "Outside."

12: Outdoor Fun!

14: Bath Time | The kids love to take baths. They have fun painting, splashing, swimming, telling | . | secrets, and laughing. One of their favorite activities is playing with glow sticks in the dark. They also love bubble baths. Payton enjoys washing Parker's hair and back for him. Parker doesn't seem to mind.

16: Parker made his cupcakes for his birthday party | He mixed all of the ingredients | He inserted the foils | He poured the batter into the tray | Parker's Second B-Day!

17: He watched them bake in the oven | Perfectly Cooked | He loved frosting the cupcakes | But he loved eating the frosting even more | Cupcakes Yum! | Parker had a blast making his Cars cupcakes for his birthday party!

18: BIRTHDAY | HAPPY | nd | Grandma, Grandpa, Mimi, Pops, Melissa, Josh, Amanda, Mark, Brenda, Wyatt, Mama, Dada, and Payton were all there to celebrate. Dada cooked out, Wyatt wore his Cookie Monster shirt for Parker, and Parker got a lot of fun toys!

19: Mark told me that this picture, "better not end up on FB." No worries Mark, I put it in our family memory book instead.

20: CELEBRATE | Parker enjoyed his new bike and helmet | The caped tablecloth crusader! | Parker was sweet to let Payton help open the gifts

21: Parker Loved His Cars Themed Party | Lightning and Mater are members of our household! | 2 Years Old

22: Papa gave Parker a cool construction birthday card | I think the balloons were his favorite part! | The kids love coloring at their Cars table

23: Balloons, Cars, Trucks, cupcakes, fajitas, and more! Parker had a fun day! | Grandma and Grandpa brought Parker a Hawaiian outfit from their trip

24: Easter Hunt at Nana's Work and Easter Family Reunion at Tia Sylvia's Ranch. Parker loved the Tractor (No big surprise, LOL) and they both enjoyed petting the animals. Parker even grabbed the goat by its horns- no fear this child. The kids loved spending time with their uncles, aunts, & cousins. | Easter 2012

26: Happy First Birthday Payton | Payton was Abby Cadabby for her 1st birthday. She loved the tutu, wand, and head bow.

27: Aunt Manda bought her an enormous Elmo balloon that lasted for four months. They loved it! | 1st

28: It's Party Time!

29: Family spoiled her by giving coloring books, stickers, art supplies, drums, an Abby doll and wand, and so much more.

30: Time For Cake! | Payton and Parker had fun devouring the chocolate and strawberry cupcakes. They were on a sugar high the rest of the day!

31: It's Party Time!

33: Family | Family is an important part of celebrating

35: Thank Goodness they have learned to eat with a spoon and fork. We are so over the messy eating! Although, they look like they were having a blast! ................ .

36: Sibling Rivalry Love | {Is there any other kind?} | Laughter is contagious | __________________

37: Like any other siblings, Payton and Parker love each other one minute, (laughing, playing, hugging and kissing,) and hate each other the next minute, (fighting, screaming, biting, and shoving.) It has been fun to watch their personalities grow over the year. Payton is a little mother hen; constantly trying to brush her brother's hair, wipe his nose, and even wipe his butt when he is being changed. She also likes to wash his back and hair in the bathtub, she cleans up after him by putting away his clothes, and tends to mimic his moods and actions. Don't misunderstand though, she is her OWN person. She either likes to take care of Parker or she thinks he needs taking care of, we are not sure which yet. Parker is equally fond of his sister. He is protective of her when we are out and when they are at school. If he loses sight of her while we are playing in the backyard he will call out her name to make sure she is OK. He also loves to give her hugs and kisses. He will pucker his lips, knowing she doesn't like to be kissed on the face, and kiss her shoulder or arm while also making a kissing sound. So sweet. The two of them love to wrestle. In the past, Parker would win hands down, but lately Payton has been winning her fair share of the matches.When one is gone somewhere else (sleeping, at home sick, etc.) the other will ask where they are and call for them. They are at the age where they like playing together and they are so much fun!

38: What? He's not eating it. | Where's my 3 wishes? | Huh? What? Us? Um................Nothing. | We be jammin

39: We are going places! | Hugs Kisses | Gotcha! | No, you don't | Yes, I do | No, really, you don't

40: Parker and Payton love to help clean. Payton's favorite jobs are to help sweep the floors | and to wash the dishes. She routinely asks for a towel in order to help wipe up a mess.

41: Parker loves to vacuum. He is at the age where he can dust bust a mess up on his own. | Both like to help Daddy in the yard. Parker cannot wait until he is old enough to mow.

42: Popo bought everyone season passes to Sea World. We had such a great time! It was so much fun watching the kids experience Shamu, Sesame place, and feeding the dolphins for the first time. Their eyes were big, excited, nervous, and happy all at once. Parker had no fear feeding the dolphins. He fed the sardines to the dolphins like he had done it before. He even tried to pet one. | Sea World

43: At first both kids were unsure about the Sesame Street characters. Parker would only take a picture with them if we were holding him. Over time he got braver about approaching them for hugs. Payton loved Shamu. She kept saying, "More, More!"

44: Payton loved playing in the water. You would have thought she owned the place! Both kids enjoyed climbing the nets and chutes. Mommy and Daddy got into the action too. | Sesame Place

46: San Antonio Children's Museum | The first time we went to the Children's Museum we went with Nana and Popo. Parker loved the machine that shoots paper through a tunnel, sitting in the trolley and the plane, and milking the cow. Payton enjoyed the Little Kids room with the lava lamps, play gym, and music. They both loved the bubbles. Especially when Nana made a huge bubble around herself.

48: Petting Zoo | The kids had fun at the petting zoo in PaPa's neighborhood. Parker really enjoyed saying, " llama," and chasing the geese. The train ride was a little bumpy and the lawn mower pulling it went a lot faster than it looked!

49: Always a New Adventure

50: The San Antonio Zoo

51: Parker and Payton love the petting zoo. Parker likes to brush the goats and pigs. Although, he needs to learn to stand to the side rather than directly behind the goats. Payton likes to pet the goats as long as someone is holding her. Although, lately she has been braver about walking up to a goat on her own. One of their favorite animals are the elephants. Parker can stand there forever just watching them. He also likes to feed the elephant statue which cracks us up. Another favorite stop is the Hippo area. They love watching the hippos, the fish, the crocodiles, and the snakes. We love the hippo area because it is air conditioned! The kids also like the birds at the zoo. And not just the ones on display. They like to chase the black birds that walk around scavenging for food. Another favorite activity is feeding the fish and ducks. They have learned that you don't need a quarter to buy the food, rather they enjoy picking up all of the fish food people drop (there is a lot of it). Saves us money and adds to the kids enjoyment.

52: Hippos are magical.

53: Hippos and cool fish are awesome.

55: We have been to the zoo for Mother's Day, Father's Day, with friends, and as a family. Going to the zoo never gets old. Payton knows the bears (her favorite) are right after the flamingos, then comes the Kimono dragon, then the big snake, and then the monkeys. They never miss a chance to sit on the Kimono dragon statue.

56: The kids love watching the monkeys swing through the air. One day a monkey landed right in front of them. He put his hand on the window right where Parker's hand was- it was so cool. The monkey would turn away and then quickly turn to look at them, I swear he was playing peek a boo with the kids. | The butterfly exhibit was fun. We all had fun spotting the butterflies in the foliage and watching them fly around our heads.

57: First time on the Zoo Train | Parker and Payton were both excited to ride the zoo train. However, during the ride they were emotionless; just taking everything in. We were not sure if they were having fun until we exited the train. Parker didn't want to get off and was determined to ride the train again. It is a challenge to walk past the train to get into the zoo without them wanting to ride. | Choo choo

58: was a fun trip. The animals are not afraid to come up to the car. In fact, one zebra had Tina so scared that she used her body as a shield to protect Payton as she climbed onto Paul and Parker's laps. We also had an Ostrich attack our car with his beak trying to get more food. The kids had a blast feeding the animals, seeing so many different kinds of animals, and they loved the petting zoo. | Natural Bridge Caverns Animal Park

60: Parker took six weeks of swim lessons with Diana Perry. He was terrified the first three days and screamed, "mama," throughout all three sessions. On the fourth day, as Diana predicted, Parker dashed to the water and decided he was never coming out again. He loved the feeling of the water on his face and skin. Each day he became braver and began to venture out into the water when it wasn't his turn. He quickly learned that swimming without permission equals no air. He loved diving to the bottom to pick up Mater and Lightning off the bottom of the pool. He overcame his fear of jumping in from the side and learned to swim across the width of the pool. He also loved being thrown high into the air and then swimming on his own to the steps. He passed his swim test by being thrown into the water, locating the nearest wall, | Parker

61: and then climbing out of the pool on his own to safety. He had so much fun in the water that Diana said he kept laughing out his bubbles under water. By the end of the six weeks he looked like a little Hercules. The swimming also unlocked something in his speech center that allowed his language to start to blossom. Payton took four weeks of swim lessons. She too screamed at first and then fell in love with swimming. Grandma and Grandpa were a big help and came to the classes. Grandpa even got in the water with Payton for several of her lessons. Payton's feet were constantly kicking the entire time she was in the water. We had a hard time getting her to take breaks. Payton passed her swim test with flying colors! The kids can't wait until next summer so they can swim with Diana again. | Payton

62: Family fun in the sun!

63: 2012

64: September 2012 Beach Trip The kids had so much fun at the beach this summer. Parker LOVED playing in the sand, digging holes and filling them with water, and chasing the birds. Payton LOVED the water. We had to watch her closely because she would just take off running into the waves. She also enjoyed sitting in the "hot tub" that her brother dug. These kids were made for the beach! Grandma, Grandpa, Mimi, Pops, Papa, and Amanda joined us.


68: "The entire ocean is affected by a pebble." | Blaise Pascal

69: "The entire ocean is affected by a pebble." | Everyone played hard, and then like on all good vacations, everyone rested. | Mustang Towers Room 601

70: We love how he makes different car, truck, and tractor sounds for each of his vehicles; how he knows the names of every construction vehicle and how he corrects mommy when she call an excavator a grater; how he acts out his favorite part of the Cars movie (Mater honks and Lightning revs his engine to cause the tractors to tip over); how he says, "On your mark, get set, go;" | things that Parker does to make us smile

71: We love how when he does something he is proud of he claps his hands and says, "yea," or "awesome," or "high-five" while putting his hand in the air; how he studies things intensely to see how they work; how he plays Jenga; how he puts his train tracks together in ways we wouldn't think of; how creative he is;

72: We love how he carefully approaches his sister to give her a kiss, puckered lips and sound effects included; how he will put both hands on a person's face to give them a kiss;

73: We love how when he sees a baby he carefully bends down to eye level to say hi and pat the baby's feet or head; how empathetic he is towards others;

75: We love how he will look away from us and then slowly look back while making a wide-eyed lizard face, just to make us laugh; how he covers his eyes with his hands and then yells boo; how his laugh is so contagious; how he is such a good big brother;

76: things that payton | does to make us smile | We love how she pats her daddy's face and says rough and then pats her face and says smooth; | We love how she follows her brother around brushing his hair, wiping his nose, and cleaning up after him;

77: We love how she helps wash her brothers hair and back in the bath; how she backs up to sit in your lap to be read to; | We love how she stands under the shower blowing bubbles in the water stream; how she will dance to anything, even the sound of a rocking chair; | We love how she likes to play the guitar, piano, drums, and even the spoons;

78: girl | precious | We love how after mommy clips her nails, she files her toenails and mommy's nails

79: smile | We love how in the car she sings, claps, and dances to her children's CD; | We love how independent she is and yet how much she wants to be where we are; how she listens and responds; | We love how she giggles and laughs; how when she colors she hums to herself;

81: We love how she tickles her dolls feet while saying, "tickle, tickle, tickle"; how much she loves hugs and kisses; how she asks to be tickled; how she tells us, "Bye-Bye," when she needs to poop;

82: Payton

83: We love how her voice goes up as she answers questions with, "Yea"; how she can fall asleep in a drop of a hat; how creative she is; how silly and fun she can be; | heart of gold, smile that melts

84: Daddy | 2012

87: The kids love watching daddy put birdseed in the feeder and mow the lawn. Daddy is always ready to read a book, play outside, and give out hugs. He also makes a good jungle gym to bounce on.

88: Seeing Daddy off to work. The kiddos give him hugs and kisses at the door. Then they cry "Daaaaaaady," as they watch him through the window. Parker then asks if daddy will be home for lunch. Once mommy says yes, the two run off to play. It is both sweet and funny.

89: The Charlie Brown specials have become a Daddy, Parker, and Payton bonding experience. The kids even decorated the window with Charlie Brown stickers.

90: All you need is Love | Mommy, Parker, Payton | Mommy, mom, mama is on call 24/7. She is always on hand to kiss a boo-boo, make a snack, push a swing, tickle a belly, roll on the ground, pretend to be a plane, train, or boat, be used as a jungle gym or as a pillow.

91: Mommy loves to snuggle, give kisses and hugs, and read books to Parker and Payton. She loves to be silly, get dirty, play games, paint, color, dance, and sing with her kiddos.

94: I Papa

95: Parker and Payton love their Papa. Parker will stand at Mimi's front window calling for him until he arrives. Payton and Papa play and take walks together. If you don't know where Payton is, look for Papa and you'll find them together. I'm not sure who has more fun, Papa or the kids.

96: Parker and Payton love to play the guitar with Popo. They also love it when Nana lets them eat from her garden. At dinner, Popo sneaks bites of ice-cream and coco-cola to Parker when Mommy isn't looking. The kids enjoy throwing the ball to Cleo and Payton likes to chase after her. The kids have a blast with Popo & Nana.

98: It is a family tradition to blow out your birthday candles at Art &Velma's kitchen table. Each member of the family has such a picture for each of their birthday's spent at the house. | Celebrating The Tyler Family Birthdays

99: When not blowing out candles, Grandma and Grandpa are the best babysitters. Parker and Payton love to play outside, dance to the radio, eat marshmallows, watch their favorite shows, and play with their toys.

100: Pops + Mimi = Love

101: Pops and Mimi's house is a playground full of tractors, barns, horses, swing sets, toys, pianos, cowboy hats, and lap naps!

102: Aunts | awesome | family

103: Aunts are the best! | Auntie Mel & Aunt Manda

104: Kristen made the cutest, and most thoughtful gifts for the kids. She created a monster book and matching monster blanket and pants to help Parker learn certain sounds for his speech. He ADORES them and even carries his monster blanket to bed. Because his favorite monster is MayMe, Kristen made him a MayMe doll (which also goes to bed with him.) Kristen also sent Parker a second book about Robots with matching pants to help him learn names of places we frequent. Then she made Parker the cutest winter hat. Adorable! The kids also love to play with their P&J game so made, when they aren't using the P&J to "cook" for their dolls/figurines.

105: Payton has hair! Or at least she does when she wears the hat Kristen made for her. The hat was a big hit at school! Kristen also made a book with pictures of Payton to help her learn her colors. The book came with a matching blanket that Payton likes to warm her doll with during nap time. Kristen also made Payton a book about Merry the Fairy to help her learn her prepositions. The book came with a Merry the Fairy doll and pants. Payton likes to give Merry kisses (that is when Parker hasn't stolen Merry to keep MayMe company.) Payton also loves the kitty cat pants that Kristen made. The kids love all of their homemade gifts, but they love Kristen more!!!

106: Arts and Crafts Fun! Parker and Payton enjoy coloring, painting, stickers, playing with goop, using hammers and nails, and sensory boxes. They paint in several mediums; shaving cream and food coloring, ketchup and mustard, paints, watercolors, and with stamps. Parker even used a corn cob on a window to create art.

108: Who needs paper when you can do body art with shaving cream?! | Sensory boxes and texture boards are fun! Both kids love to sit inside the box while playing! We find the random bean in the weirdest places around the house, but it is worth the fun they have!

109: Parker enjoys playing with goop. Payton wasn't sure at first. She spent most of the first day watching big brother make fun colors and shapes. Eventually, she has grown to love goop too!

110: Both kids love to cook. For Christmas they received a play kitchen. Payton cooks food for her dolls and Parker cooks food for his animals and cars. While we prepare dinner, the kids will stir spices, whisk eggs, blend smoothies, butter toast, and occasionally help at the stove. They are careful and love helping out.

111: 2012 was the year we said good-bye to our friends at ECI. Valerie had been with Parker since he was a month old. Valerie not only helped Parker, but she was a guiding light for us as well. She made us better parents by calming our fears and showing us how to help Parker. Pam and Serica had been with Parker since he was two. Pam worked wonders with helping Parker's sensory issues and fine motor skills improve. Parker would ask for Serica. Although, he thought they were only playing, she taught him life skills that have and will continue to serve him well. | Good-Bye Valerie, Pam, and Serica | We Miss You Already

112: 2012 wasn't all about the kids. Paul and Tina attended the Annual Memorial Day Massacre at Mustang Towers with their friends. They celebrated at Chad & Jena, Emerson and Sarah, and Heather & Don's weddings. Paul played basketball with his friends and even entered a tournament. Tina took her equally geeky friend

113: Christina to see, The Hobbit, for Christina's 40th b-day. Tina also met The Bloggess at a book signing. Paul played in our friend's annual baseball game. He batted a 1.000 and even slid into home plate (and has the scars to prove it.) They also took Coco to be blessed at church during the celebration of St. Francis of Assisi.

114: The kids had fun picking out their pumpkins. We ended up with one big one and three small ones. Payton loved rolling the small ones down the driveway and street.

115: Tyler Tradition Watching It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown | Paul, Parker, and Payton's obsession with Charlie Brown continues. Payton's favorite part is when Snoopy is pretending to be the Flying Ace.

116: Parker and Payton had fun helping Daddy

117: Trick or Treat! | The kids thought the guts and seeds were funny. Parker also kept putting the cut out pieces back into the pumpkins face. | Pumpkin carving

118: We have a three year tradition of our family coming over on Halloween for pizza and treats. I love the line of chairs full of family in front of our house on Halloween. | We dressed up as Thomas,

119: Next year, we need to get everyone to dress up. | Trick or Treat! | Lady Bug, Cleopatra, and Mark Anthony.

120: Amanda Michelle Canales UTSA Graduation December 2012

122: The Magic of Santa

123: Last year only Payton sat on Santa's lap, as Parker did not want to. This year they were both excited to sit on Santa's lap. Parker was so cute. He just sat there, frozen, unsure what to do. For months after Parker would pat his leg and say, "Ho, Ho, Ho," Now both kids call anyone with a long beard Santa- so awesome! | 2012

124: Parker became obsessed with Rudolph, Frosty, Snoopy, and Santa. It didn't help that the neighbors had a giant Frosty and Rudolph in their yard. Every time we went out front we had to go say hello to Rudolph and sit on Frosty’s lap. We had a Snoopy house for our yard, but it ended up inside.

125: The kids loved helping decorating the tree and did a great job of leaving the ornaments alone. In fact, Mommy broke five ornaments, while the kids only broke one. Parker loved smelling the "flowers" and playing with the train under the tree.

126: On Christmas morning, Parker was told he had to wait until Grandma and Grandpa arrived to open his gifts. The kid is very literal, so as soon as he saw Grandpa put one foot into the doorway, he ran, grabbed a gift and started to unwrap it. Very patient of him, very funny too! This was also the year that Wyatt took on our large hill on his skateboard- the hill won. Or more precisely, the turn at the end of the street kicked him to the curb. ER visit on Christmas- what fun! But the kids thought he was awesome! We hosted our third annual Christmas breakfast at our house. So much fun for the kids! Grandma, Grandpa, Mimi, Pops, Papa, Popo, Nana, Wyatt, Zane, Brenda, Mark, and Amanda joined us.

128: Parker | Payton | We spent Christmas Eve at Popo and Nana's. The food was yummy and the kids had fun opening gifts. | Parker loved his tractor and train set. Payton loved her dolls, ponies, and bicycle. They both loved the tinsel.

129: Paul however, was less enthused about putting the gifts together. | The best gift was having the entire family around as they opened all of their gifts. The kids had a blast!

130: For Christmas, Mimi and Pops gave Parker his very own tractor. He gets on it and races down the hill to the pasture. He loves digging dirt, hauling hay, collecting firewood, and trying to knock down trees like Pops. Parker is a great driver too! He's all boy! And the boy is in hog heaven!

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