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2012 Lyons Family

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2012 Lyons Family - Page Text Content

S: The Lyons Family 2012

BC: I'm a nut, I'm a nut, I'm an acorn nut.

FC: The Lyons Family 2012

1: The Lyons Family in 2012 | Starring... Troy, Angela, William, and Henry | Fall 2011 | Fall 2012 | ~watch the transformation happen~

2: Daddy's Helpers- decorating some dry wall for the garage.

5: Uncle Josh transporting some wood - silly uncle Josh! | One of the few days we were able to sled due to the very mild winter Iowa was getting this year.

6: Crazy Henry Hair

7: Wacky William Hair

8: Before | After | Haircuts!

9: Even mama got a haircut. Sorry no before picture- it was spur of the moment. But believe me when I say this is the shortest I have ever had my hair.

10: Goggles are so much fun!

11: William and Henry save the Caterpillar. This little guy was spotted by Will on our deck one January day and well it was just so cold, he had to come in :)

12: Sunglasses

13: January with a high of 58 degrees. Pretty nice!

14: An even warmer January day. High of 61. | Cool Dudes!

16: William- 2 years old Henry- 6 weeks Jan 2010 | A Look Back | Henry- 2 years old Jan 2012

17: Miscellaneous January

18: William's Artwork- 4 Years Old January 2012 | February 2012 | William drew a pond for daddy

19: Misc February

20: Making Heart Cookies

22: Valentine's Day! Treats from Mommy and Daddy | Dinner out for Mommy and Daddy thanks to Grandma K and Grandpa Howard

23: Daddy's Pancakes | Mommy's Sesame Chicken | Out to Eat!

25: Spring Burning

26: William and Henry's friends, Kendall and Adelyn

28: Henry James

29: William Martin

31: Daddy

32: Our Cousins in Kansas City | Bike Time

33: Cousins

34: March 2012 | Uncle Ben

35: Isaac-7 Silas-5 William-4 | Madeline-2 Henry-2

36: Ivy is not sure about William and Henry

37: Should we do these dishes?

38: Sir WIlliam | Dress Up Time | Lions and Tigers and Dragons, Oh My | Cowboy Silas

39: Swim Time

40: Play Time

41: Maddie

42: Kite Making

43: Kite Flying

45: March Misc.

46: A trip to the park

48: First egg hunt of the season!

49: Dying Eggs

51: iPad | Car Art by William April 2012

53: Ronald Martin Anderson | Karen Kathleen Innis | Howard William Innis | + | Angela Dawn Lyons | Joshua Scott Innis | Benjamin Jacob Innis | + | Troy Clayton Lyons | WIlliam Martin Lyons 4 yo | Henry James Lyons 2 yo | + | Leah Elizabeth Innis | + | Ona Gloria Anderson

54: Trying on Easter Outfits

60: Easter Sunday at Grandma Mary and Grandpa Bill's

62: Easter at the Lyons' House

63: Catching Butterflies!

65: Bass Pro Shop- Kid's Day! | William Crocket | Henry Crocket | Tying Knots | Ride 'em Cowboys | Nerf Archery

66: Uncle Josh's Fort Uncle Josh made a fort half the size of his basement especially for William and Henry's trip to DesMoines.

67: Baby Shower for Leah!

68: Hanging out at Uncle Josh and Aunt Leah's House

69: Aunt Leah and Uncle Josh introduce us to Orange Leaf

70: Misc. April

71: Waiting to go to the Circus! | May

72: Our Neighbors Crystal and Andrew

74: Planting the Garden

75: Flowers in the Yard & Our Tree Frogs (Fatty and Skinny)

76: Henry Loves his Bike!

77: Misc May

78: Luke Nicholas Innis Born May 29th at 5:18 pm 7 lbs 2 oz, 19.5 in

80: Meeting Baby Luke | 4 days old

81: Cousins

82: Uncle Josh teaching the essentials for playing Pac-Man.

83: Baby Luke with Mommy and Daddy

84: Brothers | My farm boys helping daddy with the tractor. | Little Budda

85: William's Creations | Henry's Creations | Volcano | House | His very own Computer

86: North Liberty Blues and BBQ

87: June | Ice Cream

88: Black Raspberry Picking in the Woods | Black Raspberry Sauce for Ice Cream Yum-Yum

89: Sprinkler

90: William made Peewee a swing! | Sleeping baby! | Bite the baa baa sheep.

91: Father's Day! | Date Night! Theater in the Park- Shakespeare's Merchant of Venice

92: Our new Kitties! William had a long list of names. Rosie, Princess, Flower, PeeWee 2, Rose Princess-see left. He finally decided on... Bella

93: And meet Ollie Apparently if you have one cat you need a second. Originally Ollie, short for Oliver, was decided as a name. Upon finding out Ollie was a girl, we tried changing her name many of times but decided it would be Ollie, short for RosieOllie (Rosalie).

94: TrekFest Riverside, Iowa 2012 | Parade | Candy | Kylie and Taylor

95: The garden gets started! Note the very nice fence and posts protecting it from the deer. Troy is quite the handy man! | The first veggies of the season!

96: Grandma Mary and Grandpa Bill's Farm!

97: Fishing at the pond! Isaac caught the most fish, Silas got the muddiest, Henry was the grumpiest and IT WAS HOT!

98: Nobody's getting out of my jail!

99: The kids love Uncle Adam and Aunt Anna. Playing jail and swinging in the hammock are great fun!

100: All Dressed Up!

101: Uncle Adam gets Henry to try the sprinkler

102: Baby Luke Meets Uncle Ben and visits Fairfield for the first time!

103: Henry Loves Baby Luke!

104: Water Fun with the Uncles!

105: Uncle Josh's Water Balloons!

106: T-ball with Grandpa H

107: GRANDMA K'S POPCORN MAKER! | Helping Grandpa H make popcorn | Waiting for the first kernels to pop. | The suspense builds! | Success! The kernels are popping!

108: Cousins!

109: Headed to the park with grandma and grandpa! | Cuties! | Hello! Anybody there?

110: 4th of July at Aunt Anna and Uncle Adam's House | Getting rides on Pete's Tractor

111: Garden in July!

112: Baby Luke comes to William and Henry's house!

113: Water | Balloons

114: Vacation Bible School Adventures on Promise Island

115: VBS Program This was William's first year at VBS. He was a little timid but did great

116: Cousin Camp

117: Grandma Mary and Grandpa Bill had a great time having all 5 grandkids for a few days!

118: Shaving with Daddy | July Misc. | Bella and Ollie | Curious Kitties

119: Minnesota Trip! Aunt Kathy's House | Everyone wants a turn holding baby Luke! | Second cousins-Say Cheese! William, Avery, Alex, and Henry | Sad faces Silly faces | Potato Head Henry

120: The Conservatory

121: The Sparky Show! | The Zoo

124: This was a really neat exhibit.

125: Planet of the Apes!

126: Pool Party at Uncle Dave's!!

127: The amazing fort at Uncle Dave's. Cousin Bryan went above and beyond to create such a masterpiece. | Henry loves baby Luke!

128: Our trip to see The Dark Knight Rises ending up being very eventful, for Angela at least. About 1/3 the way into the movie, she had a severe vertigo attack and had to leave and was sick for hours and not right for a few days.

133: The Mall of America! | Coloring at the Disney Store | The boys loved Lego Land | William gives the shark promoting SeaLife five. | Everyone loves an Icee | Peeps & company was fun! Hot Tamales galore!

136: Relaxing in Great Grandma's Back Yard

137: The pool at the hotel! | Swimming with Grandpa H. | Traditional IHOP breakfast before we depart.

138: July Garden Harvest

140: Ollie | Bella | "Ant Race" William - Age 4 | William's Art - Age 4 | Luke - 3 Months | Tricks with the stools! | August!

142: Target Field

143: Happy Anniversary to us!

144: Joe Mauer Sideburns night | #7 = Joe Mauer Catcher

145: #33 = Justin Morneau 1st Base

148: St. Anthony Falls | We checked out bikes for the afternoon using Minnesota's Nice Ride system. Worked out pretty well to see the river and get around.

149: Stone Arch Bridge | Boom Island Park | Spoonbridge and Cherry in the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden

151: The Berger Fountain in Minneapolis is also known as the “dandelion” fountain. It is located in Loring Park.

153: T | Twin Cities In Motion-Fifteens 5k Troy's first road race! | We started at the Viking's Metrodome and ended at the Twin's Target Field.

154: Our family vacation to DesMoines!

155: The boys loved the water slide and would have kept doing this with daddy and Uncle Josh for days!

157: Iowa State Fair Little Hands on the Farm

158: Iowa State Fair We watched part of a horse show and the boys really thought that was neat.

159: Henry was really excited to see the butter cow.

160: Grinding corn, Pie Contest, Chocolate Moose, Nap

161: Supper at the Machine Shed! Tractor ride included. | On the way home. William was exhausted. Henry's power nap kept him going.

162: Camp Out with Daddy!

164: The Sand Box

165: September! Labor Day Weekend!

167: William did great going to his first day of preschool. We had a celebratory McDonald's supper. And he was exhausted at the end of the day. | September 4th, 2012

168: Legos

169: Riding bikes at Grandma & Grandpa's house

170: Go Hawkeyes!

171: Football

172: Luke's Baby Dedication -Fairfield Nazarene Church

173: Family Picture Time

174: Heartland Block Party

175: My Little Hawkeyes! All dressed to go to the homecoming parade.

176: Kalona Fall Festival!

177: Miscellaneous

178: LUKE

179: October is here and the milkweeds are drying up which makes for great fun.

180: Leaves Oct. 2012

181: I'm an acorn small and round lying on the cold, cold ground. All the people step on me, that is why I'm cracked you see. I'm a nut, I'm a nut, I'm an acorn nut. | A poem William learned at Kinderfarm

182: A nice day for a walk!

184: Rolling down the hill! | Here we go!

185: October Miscellaneous | P90X Ab Ripper X with daddy-doing "bicycle". | Raccoon got into the porch and ate all the cats' food and then started climbing the walls trying to get out. | Fall -decorations -cake pops | Sleeping baby!

186: My Little Bakers

187: We Love Cookies

188: Luke comes for a visit!

189: Run for the Schools! Iowa City | Josh, Troy and I were set out to run our first half marathon. Steph was set to run her first 10k. However, due to severe weather, all races were shortened to a 5k.

190: More random | Redcat

191: Haircuts: Before | Haircuts: After

192: Des Moines Half Marathon | At the start | Half Marathon Stats Registered Athletes IMT Des Moines Half Marathon: 4,751* Finishers: 4,256 Females: 2,735 Males: 1,521 Average Time: 2:16:24 | Demographics Average Age: 37 Youngest: 7 Oldest: 75 Gender: 67% female States: 39 not including District of Columbia, Iowa: 3,663 Countries: 9 including United States, Brazil, Canada, Kenya, Mexico, Poland, Russian Federation, United Kingdom and Taiwan | The Weather was Perfect! 47 degrees and 8 mph wind at start

193: We finished and they fed us well! | The Official Results No. Name Division Overall DivPl SexPl 6.5 (Rate) Rank Time(Pace) 6521 Josh M2529 911 83/207 579/1521 58:01 (8:56) 80 1:53:35 (8:41) 6526 Angela F3034 2794 305/497 1576/2734 1:07:03 (10:19) 217 2:19:21(10:39) | My RunKeeper Results

194: Larry | Nate | Mark | October Fishing Trip 2012

195: Mommy and WIlliam having a special snack at Caribou Coffee- Apple Cider and Popcorn.

196: Work day at Aunt Anna and Uncle's House | William's Fall Schoolwork

197: Lighting McQueen and Mater

198: Halloween at Kinderfarm | Trick or Treat with Ainsley and Kellan | Cousins in Kansas | L U K E

199: Scary Teeth!

200: Five Little Pumpkins sitting on a gate. The first one said-Oh my it's getting late. The second one said-There are witches in the air. The third one said-But we don't care". The fourth one said-Let's run and run and run." And the fifth one said-It's Halloween fun. Whoosh went the wind and Out went the lights and the five little pumpkins rolled out of sight.> | Halloween Poem William learned at Kinderfarm.

201: William's Projects from Kinderfarm

202: Angela's Birthday

204: Clean-up day at Grandpa Bill and Grandma Mary's | Burning old papers was exciting!

205: November

206: William's School Projects | Snowbee | William's homemade cat toys

207: Luke

208: Henry goes to work with Daddy | Working makes us tired...

209: Iowa Hawkeye Basketball | Half time ice cream is the best!

210: Thanksgiving 2012

212: Happy 3rd Birthday Henry!

213: Say Goodbye to the Crib and Hello Big Boy Bed

214: Ivy Visits William and Henry

215: Luke is getting bigger!

216: Fall 2012 | Family Photo Shoot

217: We took our own family pictures this year. As you can see there was usually one that did not always cooperate with the program. But after 3 different sessions and a few fits, we managed upon a few good shots :)

218: William Martin Lyons 5 years old!

219: Henry James Lyons 3 years old!

222: Pin the tail on the pony!

224: Cars Bingo

228: Treats for Kinderfarm | Happy 5th Birthday William!

229: New RC truck!

230: William picks our Christmas tree!

232: Getting the lights ready | William made his own treat plates | Making Cookies

233: Heartland Community Church Children's Christmas Program

234: New shovels!

235: Kylie's Birthday Party at Chuck E. Cheese

236: December

237: Christmas Sunday

238: Christmas Morning at Our House

239: Golf anyone? | How does this go together? | Packing my bags! | Basketball

240: Christmas at the Lyons'

245: Christmas at the Innis'

246: William's December Projects

247: The End

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