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2013 - Page Text Content

BC: of 2013 | 1-13 Football 1-23 Vegas 2-9 Storm: Nemo 2-13 Superbowl 2-14 Valentine’s Day 2-25 Wrestling With Jacob 2-25 Sophie’s Birthday Party 3-2 Chocolate Walking Tour 3-16 Ava’s Birthday Party 3-24 Dan’s 50th Birthday 3-31 Easter 4-7 Kitchen Renovations 4-12 Azores 4-27 Mom’s 50th Birthday 5-4 Baseball with The Bettencourt’s 5-20 Grayson’s Tree Dedication 5-25 Jacob’s Birthday Party 6-1 Summertime 6-15 Anna & Sophie’s Birthday Party 6-21 Sam’s 8th Grade Graduation 6-22 Dance Recitals 6-23 Bettencourt Birthday Party 6-24 Baseball with The Bettencourt’s 7-4 Maine Vacation 7-13 Aimee’s 1st Half Marathon 7-20 Greg & Liz’s Wedding 8-3 Holland Birthday Party 8-10 Mudroom Renovations | 8-24 Bathroom Renovations 8-25 Picnics At Roger Williams Park 9-7 Brimfield & Camping 9-8 Food Truck Festival 9-14 Football & Cheerleading 9-15 Welcome Cersei 9-21 Gram’s 90th Birthday 10-4 Baltimore 10-13 Breakfast with The Crew 10-31 Halloween 11-2 At The Bettencourt’s & Anna’s Play 11-2 Ryan & Lauren’s Engagement 11-3 Bow Shop 11-8 Loyola at Holy Cross 11-10 More Home Improvements 11-10 At Mom’s House 11-23 More Home Improvements 11-24 Thanksgiving at Gram’s 11-28 Thanksgiving at Home 11-30 Bruins 11-30 Dighton Tree Lighting 12-8 Decorating For Christmas 12-12 Sophie’s Skating Expo 12-15 Laur & Ry’s Engagement Party 12-24 Christmas Eve 12-25 Christmas At Home 12-27 Ben and Afton’s Party 12-28 Christmas at Lauren & Ryan’s Cakes, Cakes, and More Cakes

1: "We tend to forget that happiness doesn't come as a result of getting something we don't have, but rather of recognizing and appreciating what we do have." FREDERICK KEONIG

2: Happy New Years!

4: Mario Time! | Cheers! | A little drunken Wii Resort...

5: You boys are pretty lucky!

10: Vegas by day... | Sushi Samba

11: Vegas by night...

18: Paris

20: NEMO | 22" of snow, and drifts over 5'! We didn't loose power - but Rehoboth did - so we had a mini stay-cation with the Bettencourts!

21: SUPERBOWL 2013


24: Happy Birthday Sophie! Chuck E Cheese Party Feb 25th

25: Boston Walking Chocolate Tour | March 2ND

26: Happy Birthday Ava

27: Perfect princess.

28: The Princess's Castle

29: "The perfect shoes can change your life." - Cinderella

30: DAN | the big

33: Sao Miguel, Azores April 12th-16th

34: Random cool architecture | Day 1 Ponta Delgada

35: Day 1: We arrived in Ponta Delgada at 7am local time Saturday morning. After a quick power nap, we decided to do some exploring on our own. We were surprised to find most places closed on a Saturday, but there was still plenty to see! Top left & continuing clockwise: 1: Independence Park 2: A cool house for sale at the end of Independence Park 3. Random sideway mosaic; all sidewalks are decorative, constructed using basalt (volcanic rock). 4. Bird of Paradise 5. Random store with handmade lace 6. Brian standing in front of the public library.

36: More basalt sidewalks - why can't all infrastructure be this beautiful!

37: We then walked down to Portas do Mar. We went into Loja Azores looking for Sao Miguel cheese - we found the store owner whose family lives in Dracut, MA. He was very helpful and very politically outspoken! We looked at some handmade local crafts, bought 2 types of Sao Miguel cheese, 3 types of Cuajadas, and got dinner recommendations. He pointed to a restaurant on the lower level of the port, Cervejaria Docas.

39: View from the Anfiteatro Ponta Delgada - looking back towards Ponta Delgada | “Portas do Mar” was inaugurated on July 5, 2008 with the purpose of requalifying Ponta Delgada’s seafront by converted it into a space of leisure, comfort and into an attractive location on the island of San Miguel. -http://www.portasdomar.pt | Anfiteatro Ponta Delgada

40: More pictures from the Portas do Mar, inluding a fish scale craft from Loja Azores.

41: Miscellaneous pics from around Sao Miguel

42: The Portas da Cidade (English: Gates to the City), the historical entrance to the village of Ponta Delgada. These impressive arched gateways were built in the 18th century and form the entrance to the city from the port and harbour onto Praca da Republica (Republic Square). Ponta Delgada became the capital city after the island's first capital city, Vila Franca do Campo was destroyed by an earthquake and subsequent flood of water and mud on October 22nd, 1522. Igreja Matriz de Sao Sebastiao This is Ponta Delgada’s main church among the many places of worship this city is endowed with and its high tower - the only one in the city, which has a clock – can be seen from far. The parish church of So Sebastio is centrally located, at the Largo da Matriz, near the Portas da Cidade, and is often referred to only as the ‘Matriz’. Built between 1531 and 1547 on the site of a small chapel dedicated to the first patron saint of the island, this originally Gothic structure also shows Manueline-style traces, typical for the Portuguese architecture in the 16th century, on its exterior, particularly to be seen on the magnificent portal of its main faade.

44: Ermida da Me de Deus at the top of the hill | The Colegio Convent, One of the many religious sanctuaries constructed during the 15-16th Century when Ponta Delgada was a stopover on important commercial routes between Europe and the New World | Jardim Antero de Quental Antero Tarquínio de Quental (18 April 1842 – 11 September 1891) A Portuguese poet, philosopher and writer, whose works became a milestone in the Portuguese language, alongside those of Cames or Bocage.[1] | A view of Jardim Antero de Quental from Rua Dr. Aristides da Mota

45: Praca da Republica We took a horse drawn carriage tour around Ponta Delgada | No matter what happens, travel gives you a story to tell. -- Jewish Proverb

46: Pictures taken from our horse drawn carriage tour...

48: Our day with our personal cab driver / tour guide. Definitely the way to go! | 1st stop

49: The Arruda Pineapple Plantation

50: Good times | Making memories. | 2nd stop | vila franca do campo

51: Igreja Matriz de So Miguel Arcanjomore

52: Ermida da Senhora da Paz (Our Lady of Peace Chapel), an authentic Marian sanctuary constructed on a hill provides an excellent view of the village and of the islet.

53: The "Ilheu" (Islet) of Vila Franca do Campo, protected as a Natural Reserve, is approximately 1 km from the coastline. The "Ilheu" is also a great swimming hole.

54: Next, Brian asked about the fishing industry... So our tour guide drove onto the dock - how else can you see what he's talking about!

56: Next, we stopped at Hotel Bahia Palace, Praia de Agua d'Alto, Vila Franca do Campo, Although the beach was vacant that day, our driver explained that mid summer you can't see the sand in between all the beach blankets! Also, some random pictures taken from the car window... The landscapes were breathtaking! Fun fact: There are 2 cows for every 1 person on Sao Miguel

57: With our day half over, it was now time for lunch. We asked our guide for a recommendation, and invited him to eat with us. He had errands to run, but gave his business card with our waitress - so she could call him when we were finishing up! The restaurant was right on the dock, and the only items served were caught that day.

61: Beautiful just doesn't cover it!

62: Our last stop. A military lookout with beautiful views

64: All & all an amazing trip! It was cut a little short, but we will definitely return some day. Other random memories: Brian ate Portuguese steak every night, the best being our last night at a restaurant recommended by our cab driver; and I had fish - a little backwards from the ordinary - but always amazing. House wine was always less expensive then soda. If you ask for water, they'll ask you "gas or no gas", meaning seltzer or tap water. We did get to see the health care system at work. The ER was quite efficient, even though they didn't take our insurance, or believe in HIPAA. And the 24 hour pharmacy was a different experience then a CVS stateside. There were ice cream vending machines everywhere, including in our hotel bar. The bread plate for room service breakfast was definitely a Portuguese portion! The hotel fire codes weren't very up to date, but that's probably true of most hotels in the Azores. We spent our last 100 Euros on the plane change fees. Who knew you could pay cash for a plane ticket! Not in the states, that's for sure.

65: Our next adventure: The Kitchen - before photos

67: Day 1 | Day 3 | Day 9 | Day 12

68: Day 14 | Day 16 | Day 43

69: Day 46

70: Our side project - the "sometimes" table

71: our final results!

72: bathroom -mid project & mostly done | new mudroom | these pictures are from later in the summer, so it's a little out of order chronologically

73: Happy 50th Birthday Mom | April 26th, celebrated April 27th

74: baseball with the bettencourts may 4th | a couple of cute kids!

77: The kid's friend's birthday party (Jules)

79: In Loving Memory of Grayson Anthony

81: Celebrating Jacob's birthday, and the unofficial start to summer!

82: Celebrating Jacob's birthday... without him

83: Summer days 6-1-13 Dighton Cow Chip Festival

84: Pool Day June 9th


89: 8th Grade Promotion | Congrats Sam! June 21st

90: Bettencourt Dance Recital 6-22

91: Happy Birthday Anna, Sophie, Isabelle, & Jason!


95: More baseball with the Bettencourts

96: Too much fun for just a few pages...

97: So we made a separate book all about our Maine Vacation!

98: Aimee's 1st half marathon

99: G | L | 7.20.13 | +

105: Aidan & Dylan's Birthday Party 8-3-13

107: mudroom weekend 8-10

108: Picnic at Roger Williams Park 8-25-13

110: grilled bagels, awesome food, no air mattress

111: Inspirations from the Brimfield Flea Market | Coffee tables, terrarium vase, exterior corbels, laundry room hooks

112: Natick Food Truck Festival

114: Cersei Born June 21st, Adopted Sept 15

115: Gram's 90th Birthday Party

118: Gram & her friends | Ryan, Lauren, Brian, & 3 of Gram's friends | Uncle Mike, Aunt Fil, & Norma | Chuck, , Linda, Helana | Kevin, , , , Mary, Elena, Michael

120: Surprise!

121: Baltimore - 10/4/13

122: inner harbor | Brian, Lauren, and I drove down Friday night - arriving late. We met up with Uncle Dave, Aunt Kathy, Gram, & Elena at Ryan's Daughter's Pub. The decor was beautiful and the crab dip out of this world. Brian & I surprised Elena & Uncle Dave - Lauren surprised everyone! Saturday morning we had a pastry sampler for breakfast then went to Charm City Cakes. After we met up with everyone in Inner Harbor for a stroll. That afternoon we attended Elena's volleyball game. Loyola won! And we got to see Elena play. Uncle Dave treated everyone to Gia's Italian restaurant for dinner - more amazing food, including seafood ravioli with curry cream sauce. And Sunday we completed our culinary tour at Miss Shirley's Cafe with crab cake Benedict and real buttermilk pancakes.. It's a good thing we all love food...

123: The Inner Harbor is a historic seaport, tourist attraction, and landmark of the city of Baltimore, Maryland, USA. It was described by the Urban Land Institute in 2009 as “the model for post-industrial waterfront redevelopment around the world.” The Inner Harbor consists of the end of the Northwest Branch of the Patapsco River and includes any water west of a line drawn between the foot of President Street and the American Visionary Art Museum. - Wikipedia

126: Breakfast with the McKnights | followed by bowling, smoked food, drinking & cards, football & cheerleading, Indian food, Monkey Joe's, and Roger William's Pumpkins - not necessarily in that order

127: Mac's favorite game!

130: B | O | W | L | I | N | G

131: Halloween at Phil's

132: Wine & Playdough... Just another night hanging out with the Bettencourts!

133: Anna's 1st play with Triboro Youth Theater

134: and I couldn't resist bringing my camera... on a side note - later in the week I informed Jacob I had gone to the bow shop with Uncle Brian - this is how the conversation went: Jacob: Girls aren't allowed at the bow shop Auntie Elyse: They are when they're paying a bill Jacob: You don't pay for Uncle Brian's bow Auntie Elyse: Actually I am the one who writes the check Jacob: That's because you steal all of Uncle Brian's money, just like mommy steals daddy's money - that's a sin against God!

135: More Cersei

137: Home improvement weekend, 11-10-13 Prepping for Thanksgiving Brian & Tony worked on the bathroom, I did a little candle making Cersei was also very helpful!

138: Celebrating Lauren & Ryan's engagement @ mom's house

139: Celebrating Lauren & Ryan's engagement @ mom's house | keeping it classy as always...

141: The Proposal

143: Trip over love, you can get up. Fall in love and you fall forever. ~Author Unknown

145: Thanksgiving @ Gram's House 11-24-13

147: Our 1st time hosting in our new kitchen | Brian Elyse Andrew Sam Lilly Tony April Dan Tony Vovo Vova Mike Diane Chris Michelle Lauren Ryan

148: Black Friday 2013! | Then Bruins!!! with Jack Edwards... NBD...

151: Christmas decorating with Gumbo 12-8-13

152: Sophie's Skating Expo

153: Lauren & Ryan's Family Engagement Party

157: Siblings | Parents | The Boys | The Girls






167: JOY


171: This year's cakes

175: ONTO 2014!

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