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40 Years of Matt MacGyver Whitmore

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40 Years of Matt MacGyver Whitmore - Page Text Content

S: 40 Years of Matt "MacGyver" Whitmore

BC: The End

FC: A gift from the True Appreciators of You | 40 Years of Matt "MacGyver" Whitmore

1: This book is dedicated to: Matt Whitmore Although 40 years has gone by, you continue to embrace your inner child. For this you are adored by many. We love you.

3: I don't think I could ever narrow down to one or two greatest moments with my wonderful husband. After 16 1/2 years every new day is a great moment with you. I love you with all of my heart. You are a great husband, loving father and a hilariously fun friend. I love you.

6: Our Wedding Day

8: #1 Daddy!

10: Best Buddies!!!

11: ~Chloe Whitmore | I love Daddy because we have so much fun having tickle fights.

12: Baby Matt!

13: Matt's 1st Christmas!

14: Grandma & Grandpa's Anniversary

15: Hi Grandpa!

16: Happy Birthday Matt! A mother's love is forever! I love you so much, Mom

21: ~ Dawn Chambers | Date: The July 4th Weekend of 1995 Time: All night and the next day Place: Creepy's Games being played at the kitchen table. Games played in the garage. Music playing throughout. Now, I don't know if I caught it the next morning or if it happened while rafting (I wasn't there for that), but it was LOVE. By the end of one of the best party weekends, my good friend Julie and some guy named Matt who came to the party, were for evermore known as Matt and Julie, one of the most awesome couples I have the pleasure of knowing.

24: From the girls..."happy birthday Uncle Cookie” From Krista... “ Happy Birthday! First time I met Matt he said “ I’m just an asshole take it or leave it” well he is one of the nicest assholes I know..LOL From James..."To a friend that has always been an ear, a heart , and an old fart.....I love you man!” Cheers to 40! May we stagger stagger walk walk for many more! ~ Love the Robinsons

25: Mullet Men!

26: The Boys!

27: ~Dan Delosantos | The first time I ever heard about Matt, James E. Diction was calling him Bruce Hornsby because they both had curly hair and looked the same...although I have been told Bruce Hornsby plays piano better than Matt. What a jerk huh? I remember when I really wanted to try acid for my first time. James and Mick were hesitant for me to try it. Plenty of my friends had the ‘I had a bad trip so I took all my clothes off waiting to die’ which really sounded scary. But Matt never had a bad trip. I was amazed. So who did I go to for acid advice? Matt. He told me he’d do it with me. Take acid with me that is. Not have sex with me. That’s another story. Anyways, I thought it was cool...and we never really did it. Though I'm sure we partied plenty both frying balls. I remember one time he gave ME an Anal Mucus t-shit for my birthday. That was pretty cool and when Anal Mucus got back together to play Acemas, Matt let us practice at his house. What a champ! I also thought it was so cool that he loves me sooo much that he decided to get married on MY birthday. Happy Birthday Bruce Hornsby!!! Let that Mandolin Rain fall down on your beautiful face.

28: Santa...I want to be adorable forever!

29: Done!!!

30: School Days!

32: Matt and I where four years apart and in kids years that is huge. He wanted to come play with us but we ran with different groups. So I am not sure what to write. When we lived in Brentwood we would be allowed to go play but only to a certain street. I would try to sneak past that street and go do whatever I wanted to do but Matt well he was more of a "Rule Follower" Probably because he was so young. If I dared try to pull something he would tell on us.. He was a lot like Chloe.. Shy and not really sure about trying new things .

33: I remember we took a trip somewhere and they wanted to take a family picture of us. In that picture Matt him behind mom. This last Christmas when Chloe was doing the same thing I thought " Hummm Looks like her dad" LOL As adults I wish we could do more things together because then I would have more of these memories to write. I think we should try to make it a point to spend some more time together . We have years to make more memories and to grow old and annoying together LOL | ~ Shawn Whitmore

34: I have only been around for a few years. I think I just met you and Matt in late 2007. As you already know I really did not know what to expect when I met you guys. Shawn never talked much about his family and to be honest that scared me. I had pictured some sort of dysfunctional version of the Simpsons . Of course I met Mom first and she was just lovely and welcomed me with open arms. She sent me birthday cards and even accepted Carlee as if she was a blood relative. Then it came time to meet his brother Matt. I knew Matt and you lived in town and I even knew where but somehow we had never met. I had to wonder Why?? Did he do prison time?? Crack dealer?? Wife beater?? Yup I was scared..LOL For some reason Shawn decided to randomly drop by your guys place in Oakley with no warning to either me or Matt. Matt opened the door and I could tell he was every bit as nervous as I was. He damned near tripped over himself to make me feel welcome. To this day it makes me smile to remember the expression on his face when he opened the door. You where not home and he had a beer or 6 and I am sure that after we left he had another. He showed me the house and never stopped talking. He was instant family.

35: Later he honored us by standing up with Shawn at our wedding. I am sorry but most of the pictures I have of him are from that day. Shawn does talk a bit about Matt and he growing up. Mostly how he was stuck with babysitting him when they lived him Brentwood and how Matt cramped his style. I guess to hear Shawn tell it Matt never wanted to venture too far from the house and if Shawn did anything wrong Matt would rat him out. When Shawn talks about this it reminds me of my baby brother Bryan and how he used to drive me and my friends nuts and how I would try everything under the sun to lose him and never managed to succeed. Even though we have not managed to spend very much time together he is still my family. I know that if we ever need anything he would bend over backwards to try to make it happen. I know he has a huge heart and I really am blessed to have him as a brother n Law. Happy 40th Dear Brother N Law | ~ Camile Whitmore

37: Big Brother's wedding Day!

40: A Fine Mad Hatter!

41: Matt loves Halloween! I remember the year Matt dressed up as Adam Ant. I loaned him my 80's androgynous big white shirt and helped him with his makeup. Eyeliner was easy but when it came to the distinctive white bar across his face what to do? Since it was Halloween night and there was no time to shop for makeup, we used my watercolor paints. Matt, you were great Adam Ant! Matt MacGyver Thank you again Matt for the best housewarming gift! Changing the locks to our new house meant so much to us...and the whole security thing. And you did it over the phone! All you needed was some numbers from the new lock packaging to make new keys. When you showed up to install the locks, the keys fit perfectly! MacGyver has nothing on you! | ~ Cathryn and Walt

43: ~ Nicole Hughes | First off, I'd like to say that picking one favorite memory with Matt is very hard- for instance, there was the time I was deemed "Tolerable", going to Tahoe to see snow for the first time, and the time Matt helped me move. My favorite memory happened back in 2000 when my "boyfriend" dumped me. I was taking it really hard and tried to call Julie for some girlie talk, but she was working that evening. Hearing how upset I was, Matt called Julie and asked if he could go hang with me. Of course it was o.k. so Matt came over the see the hot mess that was me. I made us dinner (mostly a liquid dinner of vodka), and Matt let me spew about what a jerk my ex was and how my feelings were hurt. He even made sure I didn't vomit in my hair- and that is a true friend! I have always found it truly touching that he did that for me and will always be thankful he was there for me.

44: Pinkies up!

45: Buttwiper! | One of my favorite Matt Memories is when we went to Napa with the girls. On the way, we passed the Budweiser plant. The next thing I know, Matt is yelling "Buttwiper! Buttwiper!" at the top of his lungs. For a long time. We had a great time that day with lots a great wines shared with great friends, but to this day, Matt still sometimes yells "Buttwiper!" - and the memory always comes back. Another great memory is going to the snow on my Birthday, and hanging with Matt and Julie. They made my Birthday weekend special. | ~ Chris Hughes

46: Sweet... | and he cuddles!

47: Too Much Fun! | Snow Day!

48: Oh My! | Happy Birthday to Me!

49: I'm not crazy! | See....I am very serious!

51: I first met Matt in 1996 when his then-girlfriend, Julie, became my coworker at Cost Plus World Market. Right away, I knew that I would be friends with both of them for a very long time. Matt is someone who makes friends easily, who is so much fun to be around and knows how to have a great time no matter where he is. As the years progressed, it became even more and more clear that he was an amazing guy with so many wonderful qualities, and that he & Julie were made for each other. That was never more apparent than July 4, 2000. Our little group of friends had gathered at Diablo Valley College in Pleasant Hill to watch the fireworks. We were standing around just talking when Matt and Julie joined us. The first thing I noticed was the large, beaming smile on Julie's face. I had never seen her happier than in that moment. She excitedly told us all that Matt had proposed to her, and that they were engaged. Then I looked at Matt, and he was so filled with pride. When they were married in 2001, I knew that these two people - dear beloved friends of mine, people who were so perfect for each other - would be together forever, and it made my heart smile to know that my friends had finally found the life they'd always wanted and dreamed of. Since that day, I have seen Matt progress into an incredibly loving husband, and the best father to his little daughter. He doesn't know this, but I've secretly always wanted to find a man just like him, with all of the wonderful qualities that he possesses. I think we should all have someone like Matt in our lives - hardworking, honest, sincere, caring, supportive, funny, and simply the best friend that anyone could ever wish to have. :) | ~Michelle Tuel

52: One of my favorite memories of you, Matt is the first time you met Dave. It was in the Bay Point condo, you guys hadn’t lived there very long, and you could still see some of that God awful green paint through the fifty layers of primer and white paint that had been used to cover it. Julie and I had decided that you and Dave would be good friends, you had so many of the same interests and a similar twisted sense of humor, we couldn’t wait for you guys to meet. However, both of you thought having a “play date” was a really stupid idea. We come over to the condo, and tried to get you guys to talk, but it was a rough go at first.

53: You both sat on opposite ends of the couch not saying a word, drinking Coors light from cans. But beer continued to be consumed and as the night continued on, the two of you slowly inched closer to each other fast forward to 12 or more Coors lights and you two were sitting next to each other talking about music and cars and laughing about God only knows what. I suppose the lesson in this is that you should just listen to your women, a lesson I know you and Dave have both learned well by this stage in the game. | ~ Gina Tonti

55: I just wanted to tell you, Matt, that I love you very much. You are one of the kindest, most patient, understanding men I have ever met. These are qualities that I truly admire! Your ability to just let go, have a good time and find humor in any given situation draws people to you naturally like a magnet. I know that Dave and I are lucky to have you and Julie for friends, and know that you are friends we will keep for the rest of our lives, no matter the distance or the length of time between visits. I wish you a very happy birthday, and look forward to wishing you many more! | ~ Gina Tonti ~ Dave Brown (Artwork)

57: You are a wonderful Son in Law~ we love you very much. Thank you for providing a safe and loving life for our daughter and grand daughter~ we know you will always put them first. Happy 40th Birthday to a great Man. | ~ Kelly and Debby Sandefur

58: The Big Hair Years

61: ~ Mike Spier | Kindness is defined on Wikipedia as the act or the state of being kind, being marked by good and charitable behavior, pleasant disposition, and concern for others. Matt Whitmore is not a kind person. He is a super kind person. And I love him for it. Matt is a wonderful friend. Over the years, I have always experienced genuine friendship, the kind you can trust and count on when you need it. All the crazy things you have been through he’s been through too. He just gets it. He’s funny as hell, his laugh makes you laugh, and his smile is more familiar than any other expression he has. One time, I’s feeln bad, I’s feeln real bad not even feeling safe in my own home. a time when I was struggling with many insecurities you know, the 90’s. Anyway, Matt showed up in a big way that I will never forget. He took time out of his day to come by my house and change out all the locks. Now, this might not seem like much to you but, what it said to me is everything’s gonna be alright. What a guyright?!? Thanks Matt for locking in our friendship! Love ya. Happy Birthday

62: Disneyland....Here we come!

63: Hola...tu esta a qui? Oh so los chicken oh, oh sos los chicken! Oh, tu esta a qui chicken/ Where chicken? Chickie chicken....Where the chicken at? Chicken, chicken, chicken, chicken, Chickeeenn! Where is the chicken? Where is the......Chicken? Chicken! Chicken...chicken...chicken! Hello? Damn you guys! Y'alls Effed up!

64: ~ Kenny Kendrick | Matt I have only known you for about two years, but you have become more of family than a friend. You have treated me nicer than my own family. I really thank you for every thing that you have done for me. You have made the holidays much easier on me, because you treat me like family, and I thank you for that. I love you like a brother.

66: Matt, I have been trying over the last 2 weeks of making this book for you, to figure out how I can express how much I love you. It isn't possible to put it into words. You are such an amazing person~ everyone loves you. You are more than my husband and the father of our child- you are such a great and treasured friend. We basically grew up together. When we met we were kids~ I was 21 and you were 23- we really were just KIDS!!!!! We partied, laughed, cried, bought a house, sold a house, bought a house and then lost a house. Then we had a child and made a home that is forever a home because we are together. Thank you for being my friend, my love and my soul mate. Thank you for being the father of our beautiful little girl, my shoulder to cry on and an all around wonderful person. You are smart, loving and kind. You the love of my life and the man of my dreams~ and you know what sweetie...... Wild horses couldn't drag me away.

68: Our Happy Family!

69: I hope you know how much you are loved and adored after reading this book. You touch people's lives everyday~ you are a such a great guy! Happy 40th birthday Matt!

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