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40th Anniversary Album

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FC: 40 years of Being Together ... Happy Anniversary

1: A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person.

2: "When you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible."

3: Like branches on a tree, our lives may grow in different directions yet our roots remain as one. | 22nd January 1973

4: Love is marriage Marriage is friendship forever Friend ship forever is being with that person along time Love to Marriage to Friendship forever is everything to me

5: Great Grandparents | Becoming a Part of a Bigger family

6: From Behna

11: There is no more lovely, friendly and charming relationship, communion or company than a good marriage. ~Martin Luther

12: Welcoming the First Child June 22nd, 1974 | Making a

13: Completing the family with the 2nd one November 23rd, 1977

14: Building a Life Together

17: Making a House a "Home"

18: Our most treasured family heirlooms are our sweet family memories. | From Guddo


25: I am bereft of words for a lady who has not only been my sister but my inspiration in my life. If I recollect my childhood I have to be frank and tell you that it was she who taught me how to study. Till class 5 I never used to study much, just reading my lessons and giving exams. I passed my classes but always failed in a subject called ‘nature study’ but thanks to my parents, they never scolded me for in those days, parents never got after the life of a child for not studying really studiously. It was Neeloo didi who took me to task for my failure and when I confessed that I never understood the subject ,just read and went for exams , she did not reprimand me but guided me how to study, learn and write and thanks to her in class 6th I secured a7th position in my class. She meticulously guided me and I followed her footsteps. She was very methodical , laborious and very neat in her work specially in drawing biodiagrams. I used to look at awe at her and was impressed by her friends especially Ranjana didi. Both used to talk for hours glibly and I used to feel timid in front of her. Once they allowed me to accompany them when they went to a movie called ‘Dil ne phir yaad kiya’ . They criticized the movie especially the hero and the heroine running round the tree but I could not fathom what was wrong in it as every movie was good for me. I admired her boldness in revealing her love for jeejaji to papaji as I was scared of him. I learnt to be bold and daring like her though many a times I faltered. I recollect she had prepared a song to sing on her engagement day ‘hamne dekhi un aakhon mein mehakti khushboo’ (Khamoshi) and to dance on a song ‘ghadi,ghadi mora dil dhakee’ if asked to do and fortunately she did it. I was very weak and anemic in class 10th. She was studying in Lady Hardinge and I went and stayed in her hostel for a whole week. That time I realized the fun of hostel life though I never stayed in hostel . She got me checked up and I witnessed a live operation in a operation theatre for the first and last time . She smuggled me in as a first year student.I was introduced to jeejaji first time then at Rajinder bhaisaheb’s place . My sixth sense said something was fishy and he became my Jeeja later. He looked interesting and caring. Later she guided me when I wanted to marry Brij though Guddo helped me more as she was with me. But whenever in difficulty I always turned to her for help and advice. She has always been my IDEAL and a mother figure. Fortunately I did my Ph.d also under the guidance of Prof Sumita Parmar who was her close friend. Even today, whenever I need advise and help I turn to her and after talking with her I feel satisfied and contented. Today she has been a great help in offering her services to be with Shobhit and Priti for a month in April .She is a gem and you should feel proud to be the children of such lovely parents .I love her and wish her health wealth and prosperity to both of them on this auspicious day and the years to come

26: Prabhat Narayan Tandon or my brother in law is the youngest and most lovable member of our family. When i got married and entered this house then he passed 12th.I too was young. My brother in law had gone to visit my another brother in law and father in law used to go to the shop early in the morning. Then we used to have a blast. Prabhat's friend also used to join us. And we used to play cards and enjoy. Then he fell in love with a girl named Nalini. My father in law was an orthodox man. He was very upset unknowing of the fact whether he will agree or not he rang me up.We somehow made him agree for the relation. My sister in law is a very nice and cultured lady. She bestows love and respect on all of us. I pray for a happy journey of life for both of them. | From Badi Bhabhi

27: I remember the incident day when i was doing my graduation. I went to Delhi to my uncle's home for some competition exam. In the morning when i went to take bath suddenly the new soap bar cell from my hand and got flushed in the pot. I was very scared. When i returned back to my home in Bareilly. I wrote a letter go my aunt and apologized or that incident. That was the funniest moment that i remembered upto now. I pray to god that the couple may remain happily together for years. | From Devna

29: Didi & Jijaji bought second hand Ambassador Car DLV 7138 (1969 model) in the year 1977 at a rate of Rs.11,000/-. Later, I bought this in 1987 at Rs.25,000/-. Then I sold it to my staff for Rs.18,000/- in 1998, which is still running at Jaipur. Your mummy's fastest friend Ranjana, whenever used to visit Delhi, her husband, used to ask Jijaji for car for their personal use. Once Jijaji got irritated, and when they came to pick up the car from S'Jung residence, he deflated all the four wheels. You can imagine the situation of my didi. | From Rajiv

31: From Mahesh Bhai

33: A person who selected me for his niece and with time this relationship converted into sweet, helpful bonding and today i can say i can share all my view with chachaji for their honest advise, sometimes i feel for some decisions such types of bonding are very much needed in life. I will try to honour this honest relation. A god faring educated dedicated towards relations soft spoken lady. My daughter took first sip of coke with the initiation taken by her choti nani. I m waiting eagerly for their 50th wedding anniversary party at our central meeting point (H58A saket) along with their complete family. Best wishes for their wedding anniversary. From Ajai Shalu and Taru. | From Ajay & Shalu

34: I have always loved meeting them and found them such a sweet couple, few lines from my side- She is amazingly friendly and scintillating, He is admiringly sober and good-hearted and together they make an awesome couple.HEartiest wishes on the occasion of celebration of 40 years of their companionship. May God bless them with tons of true love for each other forever-regards | From Charu

35: My dear Neelu didi and jija ji happy anniversary after so long time aaj bhi kuchh kuchh pul ankho ke samne aa jate hai jaise apka ladies sangeet mey Dance(ghudi ghudi mora dil dhadke) ye song aaj bhi aapke naam ke sath juda hai ur jaemal ke time dulhun ke roop mey by god aap bahut pyari lug rahi thi,itna time bitjane ke baad bhi lugta hai sub kul ki hi baat hai bhagwan isi tarah aapka Ur jija ji ka sath banae rahe hurpul khushiyo se bhara rahe again happy annivarsary | From Madhu

36: Dear Neeloo & Prabhat, I feel very proud to have you as my bhabhi & bhaiya. A Perfect Couple.. "Ek Duje ke liye" Neeloo - you are sooo versatile!!! nWhat a lovely amalgamation of a "professional" and a "home maker" . How you bind the whole family , its really remarkable !!! We have found a sincere friend in both of you. We always look forward to spending some evenings together. We Wish you both all the happiness & helath in the times to come. Many more Happy Anniversaries for you two. Love you always !!! Rama | From Rama

37: Dearest Mamaji and Mami, Congratulations on reaching this big milestone of togetherness. May you continue this journey to golden and diamond in the years to come. We always feel blessed in receiving your love and affection and also having discussions with you, be it over a glass of wine or a cup of tea. Look forward to those, please visit us again in San Diego soon. With lots of love and regards, Mili, Kumar, Mishti and Rohan | From Mili

40: The marriage of didi jijaji is the first marriage I attended I was very young at that time and have very faint memories of the occassion, I only remeber that all the kids enjoyed the whole event and just played for all those 3-4 days. There have been two occassions when myself and Roopali got an oppertunity to closely interact with didi jijaji once when we stayed for a night at Saket in 1993 and second when they stayed with us in our Ambala home. We fondly remember the love and affection shown by them. They are the Senior most couple we have known. They share an interesting Chemistry and are the most lively couple we have met. Dear Didi Jijaji may God bless you with Good Health, happiness and many more years of togetherness." Sunit Roopali | From Sunit

41: I just want to say about chacha chachi that they are d softest in nature among all the relatives. My mummy told three things about chacha 1. When he was not in a good mood he use to practice math sums on the back of bus tickets. She said this was d best thing about him. 2. Whenever he fought with my mom he would get angry and use to sit in other room. 3. Now how it started between your mom and dad. Neelu chachi use to come to dariya ganj's house. One day my mom ,dad and rama bua just pushed chacha forward to speak to your mom by saying "tujhe to tabhi maanenge jab tu isse baat kar ke dikhayega " and instantly he reached your mom's college. Then he asked her to had a cup of coffee she agreed. In this way it all started. | From Iti

42: It was mid-1980s, when we moved to Saket. That was the year my dad introduced us to his very good friend from Indian Airlines Mr P N Tandon and his wife and their lovely two little daughters. All through the years that I have known Tandon uncle and aunty, they have always been around for my family. | As neighbors, family, friend, both families have been there for each other through thick and thin. There have been times, when my mom needed aunty’s help as my mom is very fragile in health, aunty was always there even if it meant middle of the night. No questions asked, for that I am very grateful to them. If there was any crisis, uncle will say “Dada things will work out, relax.” Few years ago, they visited me and uncle knew I have not been to India in years, hence miss my parents. To my surprise, he went back to India, made a small movie on my parents and sends it to me. I have no words to Thank you UncleTears rolled down for his generosity, always trying to make people smile and laugh. I remember uncle and aunty always together whether it is morning walk or evening walk, or just to the market, cheerful, happy no matter what. Today is your 40th wedding anniversary, a special milestone in your married life. On this occasion I would like to say “May the treasure of the past and good times of the present become the cherished memories of tomorrow. Wishing you both lots of love, joy and happiness today and always.” | From Sumana

43: I have known Tandon for almost 42 years now. Have many memories but will share two incidences on this happy occasion. On the reception day of their marriage ceremony, few colleagues of Indian Airlines including myself were present. Somebody asked me “where is Mrs. Tandon”. I asked Mr. Tandon about Mrs. He replied “she is in my heart, you all can’t see her.” we all laughed. Another time when Tandon was promoted to Engineering Manager “Quality Control”, he occupied a huge room in our third floor, with big table, sofa etc. Once I went to his room and shouted as usual “where is Tandon?” He immediately replied, “I am here having lunch.” Nobody could see him from the door; he was smaller than the table height we both laughed out loud. Mutual confidences, trust, love and respect is the essence of successful marriage. Mr. and Mrs. Tandon is the best example. God bless them of such a happy occasion and always. | From B.N. Sett

44: Dearest Masi and Mausaji MAY GOD SHOWER ALL HIS BLESSINGS ON YOU BOTH AND GIVE A HAPPY AND PROSPEROUS MARRIED LIFE TO YOU BOTH ON YOUR 40TH WEDDING ANNIVERSARY. My first remembrance of spending quality time with you both takes me back to the year 2000. I was in a transition phase (stepping into a professional college education) of life. You both have always taught me to keep trying, to hold on, and always believe in myself. I was struggling hard, trying my best to achieve new heights but I was advised to keep my head high and most importantly, keep smiling, because life is a beautiful thing, and there is so much to smile about despite failures. Priti and I have countless memories of sharing beautiful family moments both in India and USA – be it Smoky mountains, Deep Creek Lake or Caves in Kentucky. Time has passed by and we still share the same bond of love and respect. We are very thankful that you will be visiting us during April 2013; we definitely look forward to sharing our best upcoming moments with you. A very hearty welcome and a BIG thank you from both of us. Wish you both loads of happiness and a life time of togetherness. Regards, Priti & Shobhit. | From Shobhit & Priti

45: Respected Neelu Masi and Mausaji, Heartiest congratulations to both of you on successfully completing 40 years of marriage. May god bless you and give many more happy years of togetherness. You are a great couple having a positive influence and spreading good vibes all around. Always cheerful and smiling. In addition, you are a perfect manifestation of “simple and practical”. Although we have not spent much time together, it does not take long to gauge your practical outlook towards life and your way of keeping things simple. It was prominent on ‘Pat Phera’, when Massi walked us through her experiences after marriage, as well as in all other initiatives when you both have pulled our family out of difficult situations. Both of you are lovable souls oozing confidence. One feels secure in your presence and always look up to you as a mother(Maaasi) and father. | From Shobhna & Ankit

46: Growing Up.....

48: Growing the Family ....... | From Pankaj Dear Papa-Mummy It has been an incredible journey, knowing you as my parents' close friends and neighbors when I was only 4 years old and then as family. Wish you both another 40 fun filled years with each other and with all of us! May you always be an inspiration for all of us. Love, Pankaj. | August 21st, 1997

49: From Parag Dearest Papa and Mummy, How can one begin to understand 4 decades of love and sharing ? Perhaps one can do so by observing the family that surrounds you – by the wonderful siblings, children and grandchildren that share with you occasions of sorrow and joy, periods of happiness and togetherness and life events that reinstate the fact that we are all part of a family through the vicissitudes of life. And in doing so we all celebrate your glorious past, present and future. Your lives together is an inspiration to all of us. Here’s to many such wonderful decades. Love Parag. | February 17th, 2003

50: Becoming Grandparents | Neha ...December 10th , 2002

51: Shaunak ... July 17th , 2005

52: Idika ...April 22nd, 2009

53: Anika ....August 13th , 2011

54: The Places touched and traveled in the footprint of time

56: Every road traveled, every stone touched adds to the story of our lives!

59: Memorable Moments over the years

60: Extended Family

61: So many People who are a part of your lives

62: Some Wishes From Friends

63: TMyself and Tandon were batch mates at I.I.T, Kgp.We passed out in 1968, after which we never met. I came to know about him through facebook only a year back. I still cherish our student lives in I.I.T, Kgp and I still reminisce his image i had during our studies, and it gives me lot of joy at the fag end of my life. At the 40th year of marriage anniversary of Tandon and his wife I wish many many such anniversaries in years to come and pray to God let them enjoy a very happy and prosperous conjugal life for many more years to come.Needless to say that God has given him a precious gift (You) for which he should feel proud of. I salute you for your project and wish it all success. Ajit Kumar Chattopadhyay | It has been privilege to know your mother, though she was quiet senior to us, one incident I know very vividly she was posted in ESIC hqtrs ,she was angry with me for submitting WHO application late but she was kind enough to forward my application. Aseem Logan

67: Dear Mummy-papa It takes becoming a parent to realize what a parent does for their child. You have given us a beautiful childhood - a home so full of love and laughter and memories that its hard to match. We strive for the same values in our homes and work - the values of hard work, dedication, family dinners, service to the extended family, excellence and true companionship in a marriage. Wish you lots more happy years and happy times together today and always - as best friends and companions to each other and as an amazing inspiration and source of strength for us! Love you always, Geetu | Dearest Mummy & Papa, You have been the most amazing parents in this whole world and you have made me who I am today ... given me security, confidence , love, hugs and so much support. But most of all you gave me the best example of a good marriage - love,. friendship and respect for each other, I have such wonderful memories of a beautiful childhood and I saw you support each other through thick and thin... jobs, sicknesses, family matters, finances... all the things that are so mundane but so important. You both are my inspiration - whenever things get difficult I tell myself to just keep going like you did and it will be alright. Wishing you a very Happy 40th Anniversary and wishing you many,. many , many more to come... I love you and Thank you for everything ... Guriya

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