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50 Years Anniversary - Bal Krishan & Indira Jinsi

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50 Years Anniversary - Bal Krishan & Indira Jinsi - Page Text Content

S: Bal Krishan & Indira Jinsi 50th Wedding Anniversary

FC: Bal Krishan & Indira 50 Years' Anniversary

2: Srinagar July 17, 1961

5: Dearest Mamaji & Neena Bhbahi, Thank you for being a part of my childhood and giving me some of the fondest memories to cherish forever !!! I remember how I made you run me back to my home in the middle of the nights !!! Thanks ever so much. With Love Neeroo Guruji

6: When you look at your life, the greatest happinesses are family happinesses. ~Joyce Brothers

7: Early Days in India

8: Kashmir 1974 | Dear Bhaiya and Bhabhi, God has been so extra kind by giving us such lovely elders as the two of you. You are our bench-mark for love,care and affection. The way the two of you live as life partners is an example for all of us. If we can emulate even a fraction of what you do,we will consider ourselves as extremely fortunate. We pray to God that you have a long life-full of Health,Harmony and Prosperity. God bless you both! Jinsi Family-Gurgaon July 2011

9: Uncle & Aunty, Our warmest wishes for many more healthy and happy years ahead. Mini, Vijay, Shaun & Shray | To Bhaiyaji and Neena Bhabhi, 50 years of togetherness-sharing of joys and sorrows. You are an example. We all aspire to follow you. God bless and have a ball. Subash, Nalini, Kunal, Zafran

11: Back in Ommoord

12: Growing Up in Europe

15: Dear Indira & Bal Krishan, We like to wish you both all the best on your Golden Wedding anniversary and many more anniversaries to come. You both have brought up Sundeep and Nikunj in a great way and must be very proud of them and so are we. Indra & Bal Krishan we know you for over three decades. You are a modest, “simple” couple and very reliable, affectionate friend. Our friendship is base on a mutual understanding and it is a very dependable entity. Let us keep it up. May God bless you all. Savi & Dev

16: Dear Indira & Balkrishan, Congratulations on your 50th Anniversary! Fifty years of togetherness calls for a celebration and it is a pity that we cannot be in Holland to celebrate with you. We have had the pleasure of knowing you for over 30 years and have always enjoyed being with you. We fondly remember the good times together and consider ourselves lucky to have good friends like you. Wishing you all the joy in the world Shalini & Anil | Once one our Indian friend, planned a Golf day in Antwerp. It is a very nice golf club. In the invitation there was no mention of dinner afterwards. We went there together but did not carry our dinner dress with us. After the match we were asked to change our dress for the dinner. Both of did not have our dinner dress with us, We explained our position and were asked to attend dinner in our golf dress. Result of the game was to announced soon after. To our surprise Bal Krishan got the first price and I happened to get second. Every one surprised. | Best wishes on your 50th Wedding Anniversary Hinda & Ram Singh

17: Dear Indira Aunty & Bal Krishan Uncle, Best wishes for the 50th anniversary ... Both of you will always remain very special to us and to all the Moharir families. I still remembers with great fondness the parties we had at your place and Indira Aunty's great cooking. Both of you were a great role model to all of us growing up in Holland. With best wishes and continuing good health for the next 50th anniversary ... VikaSharmilAamiRohit

18: Some Things Did Not Change Over Time

19: Ladies' Sangeet

21: Dear Indira and Mr.Jinsi, Congratulations on reaching this glittering milestone in life. Kartik and Ashwin join us in wishing you both many more decades of happiness together with perfect health. We are so lucky to be living so close to you and you have truely been a great inspiration to us in all respects. With lots of love, Vasanthi and Kumar

23: Dear Indira and Bal Krishan, We met for the first time some 39 years ago. We had moved from Oss to Krimpen aan den IJssel in 1971. At that time, we hardly knew any Indian family in this part of Holland. One fine morning in the summer of 1972, I got a call from a very friendly sounding lady talking in Hindi. I was thrilled. A couple of days later, I invited Indira to our house for a lunch. There I saw this very beautiful young lady welcoming my sister in law, Bharati, and me. Vijaya Pandav and Sarala Banati were also there. Our friendship goes that far with Indira. Of course, a little later Bal Kishan and Pramod also joined us. I recall a number of occasions in the distant past, where Indira and other ladies participated. Around 1975, Indira was asked by the Indian Embassy to work at the Bijenkorf, Rotterdam for 10 days to promote Indians things, for the first time in Holland. They needed one other person and Indira asked if I would like to assist her. We used to go in freezing cold in our colourful saris to Rotterdam. At another occasion, the famous Indian actress, Vaijanthimala, came to Holland and gave a dance performance together with her group at the Doelen, Rotterdam. We had to make a lot of Indian food for them, but we were thrilled being so close to Vaijanthimal. Once, the Indian ladies hockey team came to play in Holland. In those days, the Indian Hockey Federation did not have much money to put their people in hotels. So, they stayed in different houses around Rotterdam. Indira had to make a lot of parathas, but despite (or perhaps because of) the paratha meals, our team lost all their matches. After some years, you started moving to exotic places in the world and we did not see each other until they came back to Holland. In between, Indira had some ups and down with her health problems, but she remained a very brave person. Presently, we enjoy together in the Maitrikul group, monthly dinner meetings and occasional bridge games. Talking of bridge, I will be honest to confess that Indira is a much better player than Bal Kishan. This is certainly not a surprise. In my humble (Pramod says biased!) opinion, Nimmi, Sanyukta, Beena and I do decidedly better than Badri, Ram, Dinesh and Pramod, respectively. Once again, our greetings and best wishes to you all on the occasion of the Golden wedding anniversary. They have a lot to cheer as they are blessed with two superbly caring sons, daughter-in-laws and grand children. Have a quality time together. Lots of love, Mukta & Pramod Saxena

24: Dear Indra and Balji, Yesterday Nikunj told me that he and Sundeep are involved in putting a scrap book for your fiftieth wedding anniversary, if I would like to share some my memories, I have had with you. After hanging up the phone, the first thing that came to me was meeting the entire Jinsi family for the first time, at the airport (on my way to NY), forty years ago, July 1st, 1971. We drove back to your apartment in a Renault it had a weird gear shift on the dashboard, L shaped. Having had stopovers in Karachi, Kuwait, Lebanon and Frankfurt I was tired and wanted to go to bed right after dinner, but the sun did not cooperate, 10.30 pm and it wasn’t dark enough for anyone to go to bed. Next day we all went to Amsterdam, took a boat ride, ate french fries (patas), and a sausage from the vending machine that turned out to be horse meat (that was the first and last time I had horse meat). The third day we drove to Brussels, Belgium. We ate in the park, and late afternoon arrived in town square, waited for the coo to come out of the clock and headed back home. On the way back we stopped at the word fair building (looked like a globe), it was on the other side of the highway and we walked across. We also saw a forty story building and I was told each floor was built in a day. Finally, we reached home little after midnight. It was a great outing, full of wonderful memories. The next two days we all got a well deserved rest. Sundeep was happily playing with his air plane and occasionally complaining “Nikunj is bothering me”, Nikunj was mostly smiling either from his mother’s lap or from his crib. During all this time while Nikunj always had a smile, he did not allow me to come near him. Sixth of July was time for me to head to New York, we all left home around 11 a.m. Before leaving, you guys gave me thirty dollars and I had eight (that was all we were allowed to take out of India). This was the most valuable thirty eight dollars I have ever had it covered all my expenses for the month of July which included; lodging and food. After waving good bye, I left for New York without having held Nikunj he was always with his mom. I am sure many of your friends and family members will remind you of similar fun times they had with you, that may have included your children and perhaps your grand children. Fiftieth anniversary is a time to reminiscent of all those good times you have had with each other and with your family members and friends. I wish that your future anniversaries be blessed with good health, great memories and enjoyment in life. Wishing you both a happy 50th anniversary and for many more to come. Ravi

25: Dear Balji & Indraji: We send our Heartiest Congratulations to you both as you celebrate 50 Glorious and Happy years of having embarked on life's journey together. Our very best wishes on the very happy occasion of your 50th Wedding Anniversary, and we wish you many more happier ones ahead. We have such fond memories of our times together. You were both so gracious and kind to welcome Mummy and Papa Qazi into your home in the Netherlands, when they had no other contact in Holland. They were so touched by your kind hospitality, as were Dhruva and I when we visited you in 1978. Your loving, warm nature won our hearts and we shall always have very fond memories of those times. Melissa was so fortunate to have experienced your hospitality, generosity,warmth and love when she made your home her base during her sojourn in Europe two years ago. Melissa was touched by your love and affection for her and we felt so comforted by the fact that she was with you. You made her feel at home, welcomed her with open arms and gave her such a fantastic and wonderful time. Balji and Indraji .....we are honored to be a part of this special occasion and send you loads of love, good wishes and many blessings for a long and healthy life. Dhruva, Melissa and I feel truly blessed to have you in our lives and send you lots and lots of love. You have been blessed with two lovely and charming young sons, two beautiful, caring and loving daughters and very special and delightful young grandchildren. We wish for sunny skies, sunshine, laughter and happiness in your lives in the years ahead!!! Have a great journey and enjoy the moments!!! God Bless You! Dhruva, Mala and Melissa

26: Please convey our wishes, " Wishing you all the very best for the great memorable Golden Anniversary.May it bring immense Happiness, Good health and prosperity to both of you." Regards Sanjeev,Shobhit,Samvit and Sunita.

27: Message from all of us in Nottingham May you both have a glorious anniversary with all your family. May the Lord bless you with happiness, peace and good health. Lots of Love and Nalmuts Deeksha, Siddharth, Jyoti and Sunil | Family Wishes

30: You Make Me... Dear Babaji and Touthi, You make me smile You make me laugh For a long, long while You make my tummy Feel so full With food so yummy You make me feel So welcome By a great deal I love you both So much This is my oath I wish you A happy day A day anew I hope that your Anniversary is the best It would make me happy Even more than the rest Of the things that I’ve said Your Loving, Gaia

31: Holland I just came off the plane when I saw Babaji walking towards us. He gave us hugs and kisses and we got in the car. Holland is a beautiful place. I want to live there forever. Feeding ducks, riding bicycles, and even getting ice cream. I remembered when I was really young; I would wake up my parents at 3:00 am to see the “horsies”! I would beg them to take me so after a lot of whining and crying they did. I wonder how they survived with me. Well, I still do love seeing the horses or should I say horsies in Holland. Well, like I was saying, it is a beautiful view from the car. My only wish is if we could come during the spring so we can see the tulips bloom. I especially want to see them from the plane. My dad told me some farmers make it in to designs or pictures. Of course we couldn’t go in spring because of school. When we goto Babaji’s and Toothie’s house, it felt like paradise. It isn’t a mansion but it is a house that breathes love and that I always wanted. It is near a fun playground, a pond of ducks, and a horse place. Well, the days in Holland are great and become better and better each time we go there(especially for my parents because I was growing up so no more waking up in the middle of the night to see horsies!). Each day is not the same as the other but when it is time to leave and say good bye the house was in tears. I remember each moment of Holland and how I love being with my grandparents. Holland is a great place of memories and happiness. I love my grandparents and wish Babaji and Toothie all the love and congratulate them on their 50th and Golden wedding anniversary. I hope to celebrate mine one day! Yours Loving, Omisa

34: You are a very brave couple. Your story started in India and you began a new life in Holland, where you live till this day. Holland is a very special place for us. It is a place we are always excited to go, because we know that we are staying with you, making more and more special memories. | It is a long distance between Holland and Brazil, but even so, we make an effort to see each other. When we land, you are always there to pick us up. When we reach Holland, we always have a hard time to fall asleep, because it stays light until very late. So, we always have a snack in the middle of the night and because of the jet lag, we wake up late. By the time we wake up, the day is half over. But you don’t mind.. Nicholas | Victor

35: Holland is a place full of good memories. We feed the ducks, we go to see the windmills, we eat lots of good stuff like speculaas, stroop wafels, dutch cheese, vlaai and patat. I remember we used all the paper in the house making paper airplanes and filling the living room with them. We love to go to the kinderboerderij, although now we are getting a little old for it. I remember the roses that Taethi was taking care of in her garden and then when we play soccer in the garden, all the roses got destroyed. But you did not mind.. Aisha | You raised us to exceed our limits. You raised us to take care of ourselves, but not forget about others. You raised us to value family and friends.

36: Our most treasured family heirlooms are our sweet family memories.

37: Down Time With the Grand Children

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