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50th Anniversary

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50th Anniversary - Page Text Content

S: Our 50th Wedding Anniversary

BC: 50 Years and counting....

FC: Our 50th Wedding Anniversary

2: August 11, 1961

3: August 11, 2011

4: Honeymoon in Yellowstone | Home Sweet Home

5: Awards in Young Farmers and Ranchers

6: Through The Years

8: Family | Bill, Nellie, Kristi, Julie not pictured, Joyce, Lenn, Bob and LaRue

9: September 2000 | December 2008

10: The Johnson's | Lindsey, Marion, Bill, Amanda, Mackenzie Bob and LaRue not pictured: Megan and Casey

11: Memories Bill remembers the visits when they lived out of state. Another favorite memory is when he owned his truck accessory shop and he would fix up Dad's trucks. Marion: I'll always remember the day Bill proposed and what a big part the family played. The vision of Dad's airplane coming towards us with a huge banner saying "Will you marry me?" was so amazing. And Mom and the kids were watching from the living room window. Everyone was so excited over the commotion. Mom and Dad made it such an awesome experience. Amanda: I remember all the 'lies' Grandpa told us as children, three in particular! First was when Grandpa would be working on a goat or cow and he would ask us kids, "see the star?" and then he would spray us with warm, yucky milk from the udder. | Second was when he had had enough of us crawling all over him or standing in front of the television, and he would say, "your Mother wants you." I would run to Mom and ask what she wanted and she would say "nothing". Ah, fooled again! The third was the infamous 'blanket show'. I believed until probably 11 or 12 years of age that if I would just be good and go to bed when I was asked to, one night I would climb under the covers and magically see some kind of wonderful cartoon. So much for the 'blanket show'. Grandma is a good cook, but my most memorable and favorite dish required almost no preparation whatsoever-Spaghettios with hotdogs! At first I was hesitant to try it, but it turned out to be the one thing I would

12: Casey: I remember spending many great times at Grandma and Grandpa's ranch. We were always encouraged to play outside, else we were called 'house plants'. Whenever Christmas would come around, us grandkids would dress up in sequin covered garb and reenact the Christmas story to Grandma's particular delight. One particular memory I have of Grandpa is when he and Grandma joined are family in Kimberly for an event and Mackenzie and I slowly coaxed him in singing Bobby Fuller's 'I Fought the Law' in a very deep and monotone voice. The rest of my memories are too numerous to count, I love you guys. Mackenzie: We would all be sleeping downstairs and Grandpa would open the door and yell, "rise and shout, the cougars are out." | Megan: Grandma and Grandpa took me and Karess to Nauvoo one summer to see all the church sites. It was so much fun! Karess and I wrote a song about all of our adventures on the trip. We would sing it over and over and drvie Grandpa crazy, but they both helped make the song so it was there's too. They could have taken a nice relaxing trip by themselves but they let us come and it was an amazing experience. | ask Grandma to make again and again. My very best memory of Grandma was how patient and kind she was with me when I wanted to play dress up. My favorite was the blue silky dress, which was far too long for me so I drug its train around the house. I put on her pink lipstick in the bathroom, used her comb on my hair, and gaze over and over at her extensive nailpolish collection in her closet. Dress-up was my favorite thing at Grandma's house, and it was kind of her to indulge me.

13: Lindsey: My favorite memory of Grandpa is when I spent a day at my friends house and my Mom came to pick me up. Grandpa was in the car with Casey and Kenzie The kept telling Granpa to say "I fought the law and the law won". So when Grandpa said it, his voice was deep and cravely and he said it with a really bad drawl. It was really funny. | Megan, Karess and Grandpa | Grandpa, Philip and Casey | Amanda and Grandma | Grandma Earley, Megan, Grandma and Karess | Amanda and Grandpa

14: Kassie, Alex, John, Nellie, Lilia and Ellianna Bob and LaRue | The Brown's

15: John: One memory I have of LaRue is that she was always willing to travel to come visit, braving various dangers. One involved a bust of Michael Angelo's David. I'd had this bust since I was a teenager. When Nellie and I were first married and living in Orem | Nellie: I am grateful for all of the support and help you two have been for me and my family. Dad, I remember you working on my vehicles, helping John with plumbing issues in Spanish Fork, getting us a loan so we could buy the Spanish Fork house, etc. I also appreciate the time you have spent with my girls. They still remember eating Cheetoes in gazeboes with you, helping you feed calves, and tagging along whenever you would let them. Thanks for being a fun grandpa to them. They would squeal about the shaving cream, but they still remember when you would chase them with it. You and Mom also supported me financially through school, going to Hawaii, and on the trip back East in school, and on my mission. I didn’t appreciate what a lot you did. Thank you for that. I remember all of the places we went together – riding in the 15 passenger van to New York, exploring Northern California, Ohio, driving to Nauvoo, going to Winnipeg with Mom, the Grand Canyon, Lake Powell, Southern California, etc. We had a lot of good times. Mom, thank you for coming to help with my babies. You gave them their first baths at home, and let me get sleep. I appreciate that. Thanks also for letting us come and stay for weeks while we were living out of state. I hope we were more help than bother, but I know it must have been a burden to have us stay so long. We did play some wicked hands of Mormon Bridge and Hearts then. Thanks for all you’ve done for me and mine.

16: we put it in our entertainment center. LaRue came down to visit and while we were watching TV, she kept remarking on "that man" and "could I move it." When it came time to sleep, we made her bed in the only place to sleep in that apartment which was right in front of the entertainment center. Again she remarked on his gaze. Nellie and I laughed and went to bed. In the morning we woke to find the bust was turned around completely and a towel had been thrown over the top. When we asked about it, LaRue said "I just couldn't sleep here, not with him looking at me." Another danger braved were the insects of Ohio. She and Bob came out to visit. We made their bed up on a mattress in the living room. When I turned down the bed, I uncovered the biggest spider I'd seen. And it wasn't some spindly thing. It was as big around as a quarter and thick-bodied. It reared back on its hind legs and made an aggressive stance. I killed the spider and they climbed in bed. Pure bravery. I mean, if that had slipped under the covers, what else might be there? It was also in Ohio that we purchased a dessert for Bob—triple chocolate brownie with chocolate and penuche frosting. We enjoyed some after dinner then retired for bed. Bob and LaRue were sleeping on the main floor, just a few feet from the kitchen. Nellie and I were upstairs. In the morning Nellie and I came down and discovered a sizeable portion of the remaining brownie had disappeared. I remarked that it appeared LaRue had been having a late night snack. She denied and immediately accused me. Town mouse, country mouse. The truth is I did not wake up and come down. Over the years, the mystery has remained. But I think I know who did it—Bob.

17: Was the brownie not purchased for him? And did he not sit back and egg on the fight between LaRue and I? Surely he did. But we've found him out at last. A memory I had of Bob was when Nellie brought me up to visit with them after I'd asked her to marry me. I'd only met them once before. We were sitting around the kitchen table discussing our engagement. Nellie tells me her dad isn't one for showing many tears. But when I told him I'd take care of her, his eyes teared up, and I knew here was a man with tender feelings for his daughter. Alex: A memory I have of Grandpa is haying in the tractor with him. I wanted to jump out and save all the flowers, but grandpa said the cows liked 'em. We sang 'the unicorn song', drank coke (Mom forbid), and argued about who was full of baloney. I couldn't have been because I didn't even have baloney. I ate lucky charms! A memory I have of Grandma is when I was little. I'd just heard of a trick where you pull the chair out from under someone and watch them fall. I couldn't wait to try it out, so when Grandma sat down to dinner, I pulled her chair out from under her. Thankfully, Grandma forgave me. Also, almost everytime I came to Grandma with a treasure I'd found, she'd give it to me! My favorite was a little doll I called Ivy Ether. I hope to be as giving. You guys are amazing. Kassandra: I remember in Ohio when Ellianna was born, Grandma and Grandpa came out to babysit us. We decided that we wanted to go to Amish Country and drove off. We went to Eddie Bauer's and Grandma bought me some boots, then when we got to Amish Country,

18: we browsed through a store and Grandma bought us some little dolls. We got hungry and stopped at a resturant to eat. I got dessert and got angry when Grandpa tricked me and stole some of my ice cream. I had so much fun that day! Luv ya! Lilia: My favorite memory of Grandma is when we'd go over to her house to stay the night, every morning we'd want lucky charms because we'd never had it at our house. She was always stocked with it. My favorite memory of Grandpa was when he visited us in Ohio. He would chase me around with the shaving cream. One time he locked me in my room on the inside. The door knob was too slick with shaving cream for me to get out! Ellianna: My memory of Grandma is that I always had fun at the Easter egg hunts at her house. Grandpa always tricks me to looking away so he could steal my food, but then he would give me cow tales and other treats. | Grandpa, Lindsey and Lilia | Grandpa and Alex

19: Grandma, Kassie and Alex | Grandpa, Alex and Kassie | Nellie, Grandma Earley, Grandma Alex, Lilia and Kassie | Alex, Lilia, Grandma and Kassie | Ellianna, Abby and Grandpa

20: The Pinter-Ellis Family | Becky, Kynlee, Miles, Kristi, Warren, Bob, Karess, LaRue, Zoee and Bracken | Not pictured: Philip

21: Kristi: I remember Dad carrying me clear to the hotel after being stung by a sting ray. I even had poison going up my leg. I also remember how much support you have both shown to my kids. Driving bus and not having to worry about kids Warren: Remembers installing a new fridge and after tearing out a wall and making room for the frdige LaRue said, "I might take this back in the morning". Miles: Going to the Rockies game in Denver. The girls all went shopping with Grandma. The boys went to the game. I can’t tell you who won, or even who they were playing. I do recall, however, that grandpa won $18 at the end of the 6th inning gambling with several of the gentlemen seated nearby. I distinctly remember Grandpa saying, “I wonder what Balch would have to say if he saw this!” And I’ll just leave it at that. During a routine branding, one frisky red animal known today as the Mad Cow decided it had faced its last hot iron. The frenzied animal went through four fences, and ran over, through, or around all of the help. Upon seeing the devastation, Grandpa took up the battle cry (“Hellamighty!”) and went for the nearest pitchfork. Never before have I been witness to such grace and precision, as Grandpa sidestepped several of the beast’s charges, parrying them with deadly thrusts of the pitchfork. The confrontation resulted in a broken hip for the beast and an untucked shirt for Grandpa. It goes without saying that we ate Mad Cow Meat about every other day for a year. Staying at the ranch as a youngster, I used to get up every morning and ride the bus with Grandma on her route to the school. As the afternoon rolled around, she would come find me, and we would again board the

22: Blue Bird and bring the kids back home. A very long time ago, the government changed the design of the hundred dollar bill. I remember this because Grandpa had the very first one. Some time later, I accompanied Grandpa, Philip, and Sim Weston as we hauled steers to Fort Collins. I remember weeks of endless driving as Philip and I stared at each other in the sleeper. I even woke up one day, and we were driving through Scottish highlands. We stopped there and picked up more cows. And finally, one-night, we returned to Colorado and dropped the cows off at a Death Star-like facility. As we made a run for the border the following morning, we were picked up by a Colorado Highway Patrol, and Grandpa was forced to give him the hundred dollar bill he had brandished so proudly. During the holiday season many years ago, Karess, Amanda, Megan, and I all had the opportunity to Logan with Grandma. The occasion was nothing incidental, as Kurt Bestor had come to town! We were filled with anticipation as the Buick navigated the canyon, and said pianist didn’t disappoint. After several hours of fine music, we exited the theatre, and, for the return voyage, Grandma broke out the chocolate oranges – the keystone to any lasting memory. During one of the routine ranch visits, my siblings and I happened upon a grand stash of goodies the likes of which I have never since witnessed. We feasted on candy bars, chips, and all manner of fine food, washing it down the finest of beverages. We indulged for what seemed like days, with grandma and grandpa watching with noticeable twinkles in their eyes. They waited until the last wrappers were emptied and every bottle was dry, before their faces became contorted with sinister grins. Realizing then that something was very much amiss, I inquired as to their pleasure. As Grandma began to cackle, Grandpa calmly asked, “How did you like the

23: bus food?” I was overcome with sickness at the realization of what had just occurred. We had been conned! Hoodwinked by those we trusted most! And the night was filled with unceasing retching. But I would have my vengeance It happened on a cold night in January. I was at the ranch during Christmas break. It was nighttime, and we were going through the routine motions before attending the infamous Blanket Show. My siblings had all bedded down for the night, but I had more mischievous designs. As we were sleeping in Lenn’s old room, I snuck out. I crept past Grandma in her room, through the den, and into the bathroom via the sewing room. I looked through the darkness and beheld Grandpa gazing out the window whilst warming himself next to the stove. I knew my chance had come. Silent as a mouse, I made my way back to the living room and into the kitchen. As I avoided the last of the known soft spots, I came to hide just around the corner from where Grandpa was perched. He must have heard me, because he turned suddenly and began making his way toward me. He scratched his belly and declared in a kingly voice, “That fire shore is a’rorin’ isn’t it mom?” Time seemed to freeze. I knew that it was now or never and so I leapt from concealment, screaming like a wild banshee just loosed from some hell and set upon the world. And to my sheer delight, I looked upon Grandpa and beheld pure terror as I have never before bore witness. Vengeance was mine. But as I started to rejoice in my success, I realized something was wrong. Something was very wrong. Grandpa stood before me convulsing and clutching his heart. It wasn’t supposed to happen like this. I never meant to kill anyone. I started to reach out. I wanted to tell Grandpa that it was just me and everything was alright. I never had time to form the words, however. I heard a crack! And a blow to my ribs brought me back up to the speed of things. I realized, just in time, that Grandpa

24: had the broom in his hands and he meant business. I evaded the second blow and retreated back into the living room. To my complete and utter delight, I realized I was laughing hysterically. I managed to catch my breath and let out another hoot as I capered back to my sleeping quarters, Grandpa hot in pursuit. I climbed into the loft and up to safety. Grandpa stopped in the doorway and stood clutching a broken broom handle. In the most menacing voice he could muster he declared, “I’ll get the last laugh. Just you wait.” But I’m pretty sure I ended up with that though, as another giggle escaped my lips. I learned a valuable lesson that day: Revenge is a dish best served cold. Becky: One memory that was really cute I thought was when we went to Philip's graduation, Bob was showing several people from the community a picture on his phone of his "new great granddaughter" since she was only a couple days old. It was really cute since at the hospital he told us he didn't want to hold her until she was bigger but was so proud to show her off :) . With LaRue, she brought over some pictures of Jesus and President Thomas S. Monson to our house to put in place of a goofy picture of a strange man Miles found at Wal Mart. Every time she'd come over, she would put one of those in front of Miles’ picture which always made us laugh. Kynlee’s fondest memories are Grandpa’s never ending treat pocket and Grandma’s birdie song she made up for her. Karess: One of my favorite memories of Grandpa is when he'd come to Kemmerer for high counsel meeting and always stop and give us Reese's

25: Pieces. I always felt important because he'd be speaking and he always had treats in his suit pocket. I also loved going to their house and having Grandma teach me how to cross stitch. She always had pillowcases for me to sew and she always played dress-up with me and went walking down Manhead Road with me. I will also always remember the sparkly vests she made me. I love my Grammie and Grandpa! Philip: I always remember how Grandma called us her little blessings and I always thought it was wierd, but now I think I understand a little bit better why she said that, thanks grandma. And for grandpa just the example he has set for me, in spiritual things and as well for being a hard worker, and how he encouraged me to be better, even if it was so I could beat him at golf lol. I couldn’t have asked for better grandparents. Thanks and happy anniversary! Bracken: My favorite memory is during golf season and Grandpa would come watch me. The rule is people watching would have to be at least 15 feet away but Grandpa would always be right by my side helping me with every shot and every putt. Grandpa is my favorite golfing partner. There is nothing better than golfing and laughing. Zoee: Grandpa would always trap me in between his legs and always say "go tell your Mom she wants you". And always go on tractor rides and I was always thirsty. Grandma always sent me candy for my birthday and one time she was watching me and I would always fall asleep in the tractor with her.

26: Philip was serving in the Texas, Macallen mission at the time of the 50th anniversary celebration. | Grandpa, Casey and Philip | Kristi and Mom | Grandpa, Miles and Amanda | Grandma Earley, Grandma, Zoee and Karess | Bracken, Grandma, Grandma Earley and Alex

27: Julie and Olivia

28: Julie: We went to Cedar City looking for housing for my Fall quarter of school. I found a place and mom found a place and at the end of the day, mom told me that she had secured housing for me. I had my own ideas of where I wanted to live and was told no. I inquired about my new "first time- out the home digs" and mom assured me that the local "bar owner" lived upstairs. I had a fight with mom getting my stereo loaded and then headed to Cedar City. When I arrived I met some really nice girls and they showed me my shared room. They kept referring to the guy who lives upstairs as "brother" and I was finally bringing in my last box. I inquired of one of the roommate's, why she kept saying "Brother Garff", and I asked if he was her brother, and she replied, "No, he's the College's Seminary President." I always remember loving riding and chasing cattle with dad. He would always call me in sick on branding days. I worked hard herding cattle and I wish I would've had an hearing aid to assist me as dad would yell, "STRAY", in the early day's when it was a matter of separating all of Dallas, Larry, and Dad's cows, actually being able to hear which one! There was a triangle down by the river that we would cut them out. Then on the way back, dad would play the "Pick Up Man", where I would yell and scream in an attempt to avoid him reaching over and lifting me off my saddle onto his horse. I also remember having a birthday that mom and dad told me the sheep where out and that, even though it was my big day, I needed to go get them in. Very frustrated, I went to the corral to get my horse and there was a new brown and white paint for my birthday!! I turned back with the halter in my hand in disbelief, as I heard the words "Happy Birthday".

29: So cool. She was the mare that gave me Frisky, and then Jekyll, and I know dad has a fond memory of him assuring Jekyll's final days at the ranch. It as awesome having a colt to raise, lead, play with, and eventually ride. Olivia: Grandma and Grandpa down to see Olivia's clogging performance at the Festival of Tree's at the Sandy Convention Center. Grandma also came to her school choir performance. And alway's reminds Olivia to put "on a hat" when she is at the ranch and going to play in the sun. Grandpa will ask how her "skinky cat's" are doing. Grandpa will take her on the motorcycle around the ranch taking care of tasks and in the tractor to feed the cows. Olivia also became a "Goat Rider" at the age of 4, holding on to the goat's horns and having Grandpa with the leash. She loves coming up and spending time with the animals and family. | Grandma Earley, Grandma, Julie and Olivia

30: Olivia with Grandma and Grandpa

31: The Hardy's | Crew, Ian, Parker, Ryan, Noah, Joyce, Cambell, Bob and LaRue

32: Joyce: The most memorable times of mom and dad are when I was younger. I will always remember Dad as a very hard worker. I also remember how he could always fix anything that was broken. I never feared when Dad was around. Even in 45 below zero cold and a jelled engine. I remember walking a ways one Christmas Eve with him. The only time Dad disappointed me with his braveness was when we were remodeling the house and bats got in. He was the first to run and hide. Dad always supported and helped me become better when I played high school basketball and he hardly ever missed a game. Dad never complained about writing out checks for expenses or made a fuss about how much make-up was in the shopping cart. He always provided and took good care of us. I am forever appreciative of Mom and her willingness to make up for my lack of newborn mothering skills. She was always at home when we welcomed a new baby. It was a huge comfort. She also had a talent for making cute baby blankets to welcome them home in. I still remember working on the ranch with mom; feeding bum lambs, hauling hay, and most of all moving pipe. All I will say is that she was a good, but slow, sport. She, too, was always supportive and a good person to talk to when I needed to talk. I am very proud of Mom and Dad and their accomplishment of 50 years. Thanks for the example and for the love over the years. May there be many, many more. | Parker, Grandpa, Bentley, Grandma and Noah

33: Ryan: I remember the first time I met Bob was at one of Lenn's football games. I went and sat down by everyone and since I was new and didn't know quite what to say to anyone in Joyce's family, I somewhat kept to myself. Some one offered me a bag of pistacios and without quite thinking aobut it, I ate most of them. Just then Bob comes down the steps from the top of the bleachers and after seeing his almost empty bag of pistacios asks "who the hell ate all my pistacios". I timidly raised my hand and he snorted and walked back up the steps. I figured that was the beginning of the end and that this girl I really liked, her Dad now hated me. I remember all the traveling and seeing places with Bob and LaRue. I remember calling myself James as I chauffered (drove) the car around in San Diego. That same trip we went to Tijuana and how LaRue was working me over to work out a deal with the vendors in spanish. I really remember traveling up to Livermore to see John and Nellie and there was limited places to sleep and how when Joyce and I crawled onto one of the queen matresses, LaRue jump on the bed right in between us and made herself comfortable for the night. I will always remember when LaRue accompanied Joyce to Queretaro, Mexico while I was working down there. I had bought this giant sombrero to give to here. It was painted with several bright colors and had writing on it in Spanish. It was so big, she was embarassed to wear it, but I lied and told here that Miguel our driver had bought it for here and he would be offended if she didn't wear it. She dutifully wore it threw the entire airport, the whole time I watched as most of the travelers in the airport (especially those who could read spanish) laugh at the Gringa wearing the giant sombrero.

34: Parker: One of the things I remember most about Grandpa is that he makes the best eggs. They are so good I eat almost a full plate. One of the things I remember most about Grandma is that whenever we have lunch at her house we have mac-n-cheese and Dino nuggets. She makes the best mac-n-cheese. I remember once when my family were about to head home. We were in our pj’s and getting in the car when Grandpa asked if we wanted to go give the cows salt. We got to go. It was fun because I got to spend time with Grandpa. One of the things I remember about Grandma and Grandpa is they watched us for a week when my parents went to Texas. Grandpa didn’t have very much Mountain Dew after we left. Noah: I remember when Grandpa and I went to Lagoon and went on Wicked and after felt really, really sick. I remember when Grandma babysat me when Ian was born and she would slide down the stairs. It was the best week in my life. I remember when Grandpa let me ride on the baler while he was baling and he let me drink Mountain Dew. I remember when I tried Grandmas chicken noodle soup, it was the best soup I had ever tasted. I remember when Grandpa let me ride ‘dirt’, it was so fun until I fell off and hit a rock. I remember when Grandma and I went to get eggs from the chicken coop on our way out a chicken got loose. Cambell: One of the things I remember most about Grandpa is that he lets me ride on the hay bales when we feed the cows.

35: One thing I remember about Grandma is that she always lets me and Abby play on the computer. One thing I remember about Grandma and Grandpa is that they watched us when Crew us born and then stayed for Halloween. Something I will never forget is when Grandpa always tries to steal my cow but never gets away with it because Grandma helps me get it back. I remember when Grandma and I would always go get the eggs and we would have a contest against each other to see who cold collect the most eggs. Dear Grandpa and Grandma; Crew and I just wanted to let you know how much we love you! We are the luckiest grandkids in the world! Thanks for being who you are, and for loving us the way you do. Grandma, thanks so much for being there the first time each of us were carried into our home. We will always have proof of you being there with us, repeatedly burping us, rocking us, jigging us to sleep with that firm wrapping to our bottoms, and proudly, with much experience and professionalism, giving both of us our very first bath. No one ever could scub our cute "big" heads the way you did. Thanks for introducing us to our first sense of a grandparents unconditional love. Grandpa, thanks to you, we are always on guard to lovingly, tormentful (is that a word?), fun. You are the best! We will always have a special place in our hearts for you and always look forward to being on our toes when you are around. We love how you show us how much you love us by wanting our attention, and the fun and playful ways you get it. We both look forward to many more years of watching and learning from you.

36: We will always cherish our play time with you. We know there is always room in the tractor for us, and that it is never to early or late in the day for a ride on the 4-wheeler. Thanks for always letting us tag along. We are very small now, but look forward to the day when we are bigger and stronger so we can help lighten your load and work just as hard as you do. Grandma and Grandpa, thanks for always being with our family at all the special moments and occasions that have occurred so far in our lives. We look forward to you celebrating many more milestones with us as we grow. May we grow very slowly so we can cherish the time we have to make memories and bonding relationships that will last forever. We love you so much! Thanks for being great examples of true love and sacrifice. Happy 50th Anniversary!! Love, Ian and Crew Hardy | Grandma, Crew and Ian | Ian, Grandma, Crew and Owen | Cambell, Ryan, Grandma, Grandpa Parker and Noah

37: Grandma Earley, Grandma, Grandpa Noah, Bentley and Parker | Ian, Ryan, Grandpa, Noah, Parker, Cambell | Grandma, Parker, Noah and Grandpa | Grandpa and Crew | Grandma, Grandpa and Crew

38: The Johnson's | Abby, Gayle, Bob, LaRue, Lenn, Owen and Bentley

39: Lenn: I remember as a kid all the trips that I was allowed to go on. San Diego, St George, Lake Powell watching dads beard turn different colors, to Logan to watch the Aggies play, climbing parleys trying to debate to get out and walk along side to turn in the hubs going to the allstar game, windy trips across Wyoming in the semi, floating the Colorado river, trips that normally take one person but we both went and made Mom mad, getting the “yahoo” from the door of my room signaling another morning of pipe, witnessing the head scratch with his hat time and time again, best of all getting to be around Dad on a daily basis. I remember Mom giving me cod liver oil and orange juice, and thinking it might kill me, the trips to Logan with Grandma Earley, the time I needed kindergarten shots and it took the nurse and Mom to catch me with my pants around my ankles, ended up with a sore behind. Gayle: Some of my favorite memories are playing cards when someone would come and visit. We would get together and stay up late to laugh and play cards. Other memories would be the work. I never minded branding but now that I have had house duty with Owen I am not sure you will get me back! Another memory is taking lunches down in the hayfield afraid that somehow I would get lost. One that will always make me smile is if you don’t hug LaRue right she will throw your arms around her and pat your back until you pat back. I will never forget the love and service you showed our family after Owen was born. You took in Bentley and Abby and cared for them so we could be with Owen. Thanks for always being there. Congrats on 50 years and Happy Anniversary.

40: Bentley: I have more than one favorite memory with Grandpa: shooting his pistol, cake and milk for breakfast (when Owen was still in the hospital), Mountain Dew, treats, driving tractors, 4-wheelers, and the truck. He lets me drive almost anything. He has also taught me to be a hard worker. My memory of Grandma is that she always chases me around the house for a kiss before she leaves after waffles on Sunday’s. Abby: Grandma, I loved it when you taught me how to knit. Grandpa, I like it when I feed the bum calves with you. I will always remember playing ghost in the graveyard with Grandma and Grandpa when the Hardy’s were up staying. Owen’s favorite memories are probably the love you have always showed him, Grandpa even defended his red hair when he was a baby. Grandma is always tender and loving while Grandpa is always playing and teasing. He loves you both very much | Grandpa and Abby | Grandma Earley, Grandma, Abby and Lenn

41: Parker, Grandpa, Bentley and Noah | Grandma and Owen | Grandpa and Owen | Grandma and Abby | Bentley and Grandpa

42: Getting ready for the big day! | We won't even ask what Ryan is doing! | Crew, Ian and Nellie | Bill and Mackenzie | Nellie and Miles | Miles and Lenn | Amanda and Marion

43: Pictures...everyone's favorite | Alex, Kassie and Nellie | Crew | Bracken, Miles and Karess | Grandma and Zoee | Alex writing her memory

44: Games... | Lenn, Bill, Grandpa and Miles | Karess and Warren | Parker, Noah and Bentley | Lilia and Zoee | Bracken and Bill | Human Foosball...

45: The cheerleaders Kristi, Becky and Grandma | Dodge ball.. | Football..

46: Just for fun | Grandpa, Karess and Grandma | Cambell showing some love! | Zoee | Kynlee LaRue, the first great grand child | Becky, John and Nellie | Where did Kristi come from?

47: Lenn | Lindsey and Zoee | Joyce and Crew | Grandma and Karess | Ellianna | Crew, Ian and Kynlee | Abby, Alex, Lilia, and Cambell

48: The Cake | Happy 50th Anniversary

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  • Title: 50th Anniversary
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  • Published: almost 8 years ago