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50th Anniversary

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50th Anniversary - Page Text Content

S: Dan and Nancy Roberts - 50 Years of Memories

FC: December 31, 1963 - The Beginning of... | Forever

1: This book is dedicated to: Dan & Nancy Roberts, our loving parents, in-laws, & Grandparents | Happy 50th Anniversary

2: Dad, remember always go up and snuggling mom when she did the dishes and kiss her neck and she would act all irritated and say " Dan STOP it" but that only encouraged Dad. Dad you just loved flirting with Mom in front of us all the time. And WE thought it was disgusting. -Tami

3: The first memories I have of mom is standing next to her in the car when she was driving. I remember that she’d buy me treats a lot when we went to the store. -Ken

4: The first memory I have with Dad is riding on the motorcycle with him. -Ken

5: Dad, my favorite 5 words you would say ALOT " I'll buy if you fly" and we all knew that meant ICE CREAM RUN. -Tami | Another tender experience is our family being sealed in the Salt Lake Temple. I remember Aunt Bonny and Uncle Fred and Scott and Mark were there with us. Scott, Mark, Tami, Ken, and I hung out in the baby-sitting room. Actually, Scott and Mark were in the ‘big’ boy’s room playing chess or checkers. When it was time, we were dressed in white and taken to the sealing room. I remember being in the sealing room kneeling around the alter as a family. That was one of the most important and special times I will always cherish in this life -Tim

6: -One year for Tami’s and my birthday, Mom was sick. It didn’t help her mood that the cake didn’t cooperate, falling apart. We didn’t care. We were just happy to have cake. -Tim

7: -I have always had fond memories of living in Salt Lake City. I was but a wee lad, younger than the age of 5, but those memories remain in my mind vividly. One experience that stands out more than most is of Mom playing with Tami and I in the back yard. I remember the back yard being big, maybe because I was so small. I remember thinking how remarkable it was that my mother would actually make time to play with me. I don’t remember what we were playing or doing, but it has stuck with me through the years. It has helped me realize how important and what we mean to each other. -One memory that sticks out with Dad in Salt Lake is when he built a snow fort in the front yard for us. We had a plastic doo-hickey that would mold the snow into bricks about a foot long. I thought that was so cool how my dad was building a snow ‘mansion’ for me (and Tami). Some neighborhood boys came by and threatened to do harm to it. Dad's rank of hero went up a notch when he scolded them. I just thought that was so awesome that he would stick up for my snow fort. -In Orem, I remember Mom taking Tami and I (and probably Ken by this time) to Utah Lake to ice skate. Mom and Dad bought Tami and I some ice skates and we learned, through the help of Mom, how to ice skate. The ice skating was fun, but being with Mom was the icing on the cake. -I loved Provo Canyon. We would go up and see the falls and the fall leaves. Several times with Mom, we hopped aboard the Heber Creeper at the falls and rode it up the canyon to Heber and back. | -Tim

8: Oh my, there were so many early morning snow shoving days , but looking back makes my heart happy. Once again Mom and Dad were teaching us to work hard. WE HATED IT SO MUCH AT THE TIME THOUGH :) -Tami | Todd Daric Roberts | Timothy Allen Roberts

9: Kenneth Bruce Roberts | Tamara Jo Roberts Scott

10: Mom sewed most all of my clothes, growing up I didn't appreciate it. But know I can't even imagine how she did that with all the many many others things she did for all of us. Mom worked full time, came home and worked til late at night, always had home cooked meals, breakfast lunch and dinner. Helped with homework, cleaned the home, ran us kids all over the place. I never remember Mom just sitting idly by doing nothing. Mom and Dad were very strict with us helping around the home. Each of us had jobs we were in charge of and I am so grateful for that. One of my favorite dresses Mom made for me was my 8th grade graduation dress. It was white with emerald green ribbon on it and it was long and flowy and beautiful.

11: Dad remember that time when I was at Ricks College and I was having a very hard time and I really just needed a father's blessing but I thought I couldn't receive one because you were in Montana and I was in Rexburg, ID. But you said you could do it and I was so happy and that was one of the most special blessing I received from you. It gave me so much Comfort that you held the priesthood and honored it and I always knew after that blessing the even though the miles separate us I can always have a Father's blessing. Thank you Dad for that. | - Tami

12: One experience I remember when living in Helena is when Mom went with me to help me on my paper route. The temperature was around 30 below zero. We left the house around 4 a.m. I remember she wanted to help me because the conditions were so extreme. She didn’t need to do that. She worked full time and took care of us at home, doing laundry and meals and kitchen work. But she wanted to. That was another testimony of how much my blessed mother loved and cared for me.

13: And I will never forget the time that I went into the MTC. When it was time to say our good-byes, Dad cried like a baby. There was at least 2, if not 3, inches of moisture on the floor. Besides the time when he became a bishop, I’d never seen him cry so hard in my life. I knew those tears weren’t just because he was going to miss me for two years. They were from the feelings of joy. -Tim

14: Oh who could ever forget this memory....The classic "TAMI TRAGEDY OF ALL TIME"....No one that lived in Montana City will EVER forget. Dad this one's for you. So I wanted to go see my boyfriend and asked Dad to borrow the car. He said yes, but I needed to put $5 of gas in it and he made GOOD AND SURE that I COMPLETELY understood that it takes DIESEL NOT REGULAR. After about 5 minutes of relentless nagging I FINALLY got to leave. On the way to the gas station I was so irritated that Dad didn't trust me, I mean goodness sakes AM I STUPID OR WHAT???? So I pulled into the station and park right in front of the DIESEL pump, put $5 in gas, went in and paid the tenant, walked back to the car feeling VERY, VERY, VERY proud of myself!!! As I neared the car DEATH PASSED BEFORE MY EYES....THE CAR HAD MOVED..........it was no longer sitting in front of the Diesel, it was in front of REGULAR...........it JUST couldn't be!?!? I KNOW for certain I put the right gas in. I began to feel nauseous, I could feel the blood leaving my face and pooling at the bottom of my feet, I was sweating, light headed, and frozen with fear. Dad is LITERALLY GOING TO KILL ME TONIGHT....my life as I knew it was OVER. I must have not been too concerned because I still wanted to see my boyfriend soooo I drove to Tim's work because he still had a couple hours and traded cars, figuring that he could figure out what to do cause HE IS A GUY and that is what guys do. I had a great time with my boyfriend and returned home by curfew. Mom and Dad were already in bed so I figured ALL IS WELL and Tim hadn't got home yet but I felt like everything would be okay. Soooo I got all nicely tucked into bed and fell comfortably asleep and was in a deep slumber when all of a sudden I was AWOKEN by the FIRST MOST HORRIFIC SOUND......the PHONE.

15: The next sound I will never forget for as long as I live.....Dad's FEET HITTING THE FLOOR, (I slept in the far corner of the basement opposite of my parents bedroom which was upstairs) I just want everyone to understand the magnitude of what I next experienced. As I lay there huddled under my covers (AS IF THAT IS REALLY GOING TO SAVE MY LIFE) I HEARD EVERY TERRIFYING STEP HE TOOK across the floor. Then he approached the stairs and my room was at the bottom, by now my heart feels like it may explode and I can barley breathe and as he is ascending down the stairs the weight of each foot as it hits each stair is like a THUNDER BOLT. Then the THIRD and WORST sound I heard was COMPLETE SILENCE.....then actually the WORST sound was Dad hand grasping my bedroom door knob and opening the door........then he entered and stood there SILENT for what seemed like a THOUSAND YEARS......................................he proceeded to ask me with his teeth gritted and breathing very heavy and with a scary deep voice....." Tami, DO.......YOU.....KNOW.....WHY.......THERE IS........SMOKE.........COMING........OUT.........OF........THE...........TAILPIPE........IN.......THE.....CAR?????????????? Well DUH?????? (That’s what I thought) of course I did not say SAY that. Then I started crying my little eyeballs out and explained everything that happened, and yes that phone call was Tim stuck at work because the STUPID car was smoking when he started driving, thanks for nothing Tim.....So Dad went in to town the next morning to siphon the gas out of the car. Kinda glad I had this experience so we could add it to our many funny funny memories and as we all know I lived to tell it, Thanks Dad for not Killing me that night. haha

16: Dad and I were driving back from a ski trip late on a Saturday afternoon and I was driving. Dad always owned a ‘fuzz buster’ I was driving. I was traveling way over the speed limit, which Dad was well aware of, and we came up over a hill and the ‘fuzz buster’ lit up like a Christmas tree. I didn’t have my driver license and told Dad at this point. He told me to pretend that I was looking for it when the officer asked for it. Dad taught me that whenever I got pulled over to ask the officer what I was getting pulled over for. I had a lot of practice by this time with getting pulled over. So when the officer came up and asked for my driver’s license, proof of insurance and registration, i looked at him innocently and asked him why I was being pulled over. I’ll never forget the look the officer and Dad gave me at the same time. They looked at me like I was a total idiot. The officer ended up giving us a warning even though I didn’t have my license and let me continue driving. He told us he was looking for drunk drivers coming back off of the ski slopes. He must have seen that we were a father and son out enjoying the day together. -Ken

17: Dad taught me how to drive in all conditions. One night I was at the church for mutual and Dad was just finishing up doing Bishop’s stuff. He asked me if I wanted to race home. He had the Celica and I had the Thunderbird. The Thunderbird was a big car with a big engine and the Celica was a little sports car that was real quick. We lived about 10 miles outside of Helena in Montana City. I was in front of Dad going up the mountain. There was a little snow on the road and I was ahead of Dad going up Saddle Mountain Drive. I was swerving a little to keep Dad from passing me. Then he went in the ditch on my right side to pass me. It was unbelievable. Talk about driving skills. Anyone else would have gotten stuck, but Dad was able to pass me and when we turned onto Star Route Drive to go into our subdivision I was trying to take him on the outside. He made me swerve into the side of the cattle guard and knock it over. He sped off to the house and I pulled over to look at the car. I was pretty scared that he was going to be upset because there was a little dent in the front. When I pulled up into the driveway he was standing outside the car waiting for me. Got out of the car and told him what happened. He wasn’t upset at me, he just laughed at me and said that I needed to work on my racing skills. Every time he got a new car he’d let me take it out for a spin first thing. I would take them up on the dirt roads behind the house and see what their cornering abilities were and how fast they could go. I’m pretty sure he knew that’s what I was doing each time. -Ken

18: Our most treasured family heirlooms are our sweet family memories.

19: Remember my bad attitude I had toward Mom for a couple years in High School. Dad and I had many lunch dates at the top of the hill by the stairs at the school, " and these were no social hour lunch dates". I got to spend 30 min with Dad lecturing me about respecting and " Honoring thy Father and the Mother" and I didn't just get to have lunch dates with Dad I ALSO got many many many many more evening, morning etc, etc, etc., lecture dates as well. Dad quoted " 1 Nephi 17:55 on EVERY...SINGLE...TIME we | got together. I finally got it when I went to college the first year, that's when I realized just how much I loved my Mom and I haven't disrespected her ONCE since about 18 years old. Thank you Dad for loving Mom so much that you would not stand by and watch me mistreat your sweetheart. -Tami

20: The Twins

21: When I was little, our family consisted of Dad, Mom, Tami, and me. The logical conclusion for me at that time was that dads have boy babies and moms have girl babies. -Tim

22: We got a lot of snow every winter and didn’t have 4 wheel drive, snow blower or snowplow. Mom and dad would get us up early in the morning to shovel the driveway that was about 40 yards long before work and school. They taught me how to properly shovel snow by creating a path down the middle of the driveway, and then scooping it off to either side of the driveway. I learned what kind of snow shovels worked well and which ones didn’t. I also learned that there were different types of snow, some were easier to shovel than others. This was another way that Mom and Dad taught us how to work hard. -Ken | Dad spent a lot of time fixing things around the house and I remember spending a lot of time helping him. I learned how to work on cars and fix a lot of things by spending time with him and helping out. -Ken

23: Dad taught me how to be a 100% home teacher. I don’t recall ever missing a month when I started home teaching with Dad. He had a lot of compassion for the people we home taught. Some of them were older and lonely and just needed someone to talk too. It used to drive me nuts that we’d stay for a long time at some of these homes listening them go on about things. Dad was a great listener with them and was there to do whatever needed to be done. There was a woman in a nursing home that had pretty much been abandoned. She couldn’t talk or communicate because of Alzheimer's, or dementia or something like that. Dad and I went over there every month. Dad was so tender with her and tried to get her to talk. After about a year he was able to get her to respond. The nurses there said that was pretty amazing and that it was probably due to the fact that she was getting attention and love from someone. -Ken

24: Mom, remember the time I split my head open from running into the corner wall in my friends house in Sugar House? If I remember correctly, you passed out when you saw me because my face was covered in blood. -Tami

25: I loved going camping at Park Lake with Dad's work. We went every summer for many years and it was such a great time. -Tami | I miss the three gardens that we grew, but I didn't appreciate them as much growing up because we had to weed them and it was a lot of work. The gardens were huge. We had one just for potatoes, one for veggies and one for strawberries and raspberries. It was yummy food that we lived on all throughout the year. We canned a lot of the food for food storage. -Tami

26: -At the end of each summer and the beginning of every fall, we’d all go out to Magpie and get wood for the winter. Our goal was to get 10 cords of wood before the first snow came. It was about 1 hour to get to our area to start cutting wood. A typical cord of wood was 4’X4’X8’. Most men would haul their wood out of the forest in 8 foot lengths stacked 4 feet high and 4 feet wide. Dad built a rack for the back of the truck that made the height 4 foot tall. He cut all the wood up into their normal 18 inch length and we stacked the wood into the back of the truck until the rubber mallet on the bottom of the frame of the truck was 1 inch from the axle. This meant that the back of the truck was piled 5-6 feet high. Some Saturday s we’d leave early in the morning in the dark and get 2 loads of wood. When Tim and Tami left for college and a mission, it was Dad and I that got the wood. He taught me how to work hard which was one of the most valuable lessons I learned while growing up. -Ken -Dad was the manliest man I ever knew while I was growing up. He was the strongest man I ever knew. I don’t think there was anything he couldn’t physically do. He was my hero. He taught me how to backpack and how to canoe. He taught me how to play football and be quite good at it too. I only remember disrespecting mom a couple times and Dad put me back into my place real quick. He always told Tim and I that if we were getting to big for our britches, he fight us on the front lawn for 15 minutes and see who won and he guaranteed that it wouldn’t be us. I totally believed him and still do. -Ken | Dad served in the bishopric for many years and was gone a lot with that and work so Mom held the fort down.I really appreciate all the hard work Mom did to make up for Dad being away. I also never felt neglected by dad. When he was home he made every minute count with us kids. We may not have had a lot of time but the time we did have was definitely quality time. I’m sure Mom and Dad were exhausted much of the time but they never showed it. -Tami

28: Eagle Scouts

29: It was in Orem that I really gained a testimony of prayer. Dad and Brother Orton took Mike (my best friend) and I to the Father and Son’s outing - maybe up Spanish Fork canyon or by Payson somewhere. Mike and I rode in the back of our truck under the shell. Thinking we had arrived at our ward’s camp, the men got out of the front and we boys got out of the back. We soon realized that we were separated from our Dads. When we went back to the truck, it was gone. Our dads didn’t realize we had gotten out and finding out that we weren’t at the right place, they went on. Mike and I decided to pray. We each said our own silent prayer to know what to do. The spirit whispered to us that we needed to stay put. Soon our fathers realized our disappearance and were back to get us. I will never forget that special experience. -Tim

31: -One of the funniest memories I have (sorry Brownie) is of a cocker spaniel that we had in Orem. That dog obviously wasn’t very smart because he was very scared of Dad. He must not have learned from any of his mistakes because he kept getting into trouble. In a way, he kind of got payback to Dad in the following story. One day when Dad came home from work, Brownie was not only on his bed, but on his pillow. Now I’m sure that Dad had told Brownie never to lay on his bed because when Brownie saw Dad, the fear of death came over him and he peed all over Dad’s pillow. Sad thing, I have no memories of Brownie after that day. -Tim

32: One thing I loved growing up is family dinner at the table every night, looking back it was so nice to eat and visit with each other. -Tami | Dad, do you remember teaching me how to fly fish up at Park Lake? I just wasn't getting the hang of it but ended up catching more fish then you HAHA -Tami

33: Mom do you remember the time we were camping at Park Lake and for some reason you and I had to take a trip back down into town and we ended up getting a flat and neither of us could figure out how to get the spare tire released from inside of the back of the car, we were there forever and it got to the point of us laughing our heads off cause we couldn't figure it out. And I still can't remember how we got ourselves out of that mess but it pretty funny. -Tami

34: I remember night's Dad would get home and go and play catch with me, it was fun one on one time with Dad -Tami

35: -One lasting memory for us kids is of Dad kissing Mom in the kitchen. Mom would be working in the kitchen and Dad would go in and start kissing Mom. It was always, “Dan, stop! Dan, stop it! The kids are watching.” To which Dad would just smile at us as we got a good laugh out of it -Tim

36: Mom you always went out of your way to make every holiday so special, especially Easter. I really miss your Eater baskets. -Tami | I always loved your cooking Mom, especially when you made Christmas goodies like fudge, german stolen bread, rice krispy treats but the fudge was the BEST in the whole world. Also you made the best homemade bread ever. The only thing I HATED was that STUDID STUPID spanish rice that the guys loved and it seemed like we had it all the time. -Tami

37: There is nothing cuter then Mom's giggles and laughing. Sometimes she gets going so much she starts crying and it is hysterical. -Tami

38: -We had a few experience of the ‘Don’t tell your Mom’ and ‘Don’t tell your Dad’. Mom would like to take us kids to the store after church to get some sweets. She would say, ‘Don’t tell your Dad’. On several hikes, Dad dropped the camera in the lake/river/stream/whatever. He would say, ‘Don’t tell your Mom’. -Tim

39: Dad do you remember marking the shower in your bathroom. You drew a line so we wouldn't go past it and use too much hot water. You know what's so funny, I never ever minded you on that...HAHA -Tami

40: Dad always made time for me. We played catch with the baseball in the back yard. We played basketball in the front yard. We played ping-pong downstairs. We went on back-packing trips, camping trips, fishing trips, and canoe trips. I have many fond memories of those times. -Tim | These are the pine trees on the Montana property

41: Provo Canyon

43: -When Mom was pregnant with Ken, near the end of her pregnancy, a cat had gotten in our house in Orem. It was crying and sounded like a baby. I thought, “Wow, Mom had the baby already.” I thought that was pretty cool that I went to bed and the next morning she was home with Ken. Unfortunately, I had to wait another week or two. -Tim

45: Mom, remember the trip we took to see Aunt Lois, Grandma and Uncle Bert. We stayed with Aunt Lois. We dropped off our things real quick and headed out to eat with Aunt Lois. We didn’t have time to notice the situation in our living quarters. Aunt Lois had to work that night so we were going to be on our own that evening. We returned to her home later that evening and as soon as I opened the door and walked in the kitchen I thought I saw a mouse run across the kitchen counter (which you couldn't even see because there was so much stuff on there...I mean really there was no counter space). As we made our way into the house it got worse. There was dust, stuff, ash trays, ash from the cigarettes, etc, etc, etc. It was deplorable, and ANYONE who knows my mom, knows that she is a TIDY FREAK. We went into Lois’s room to get settled in for the night and noticed that she hadn’t washed the bedding. This would normally be fine....Mom and I are not that anal about needing clean sheets but Lois SLEEPS with her dogs. We’re thinking “Okay, whatever, we can survive this.” We started getting ready for bed when we both heard a noise in the other room. It startled us and we tiptoed over to check it out and we were kind of holding each other. Mom opened the door to the spare bedroom slowly and all we saw were tons and tons of bags and more STUFF. We started listening quietly and then Mom picked up one of the bags when suddenly, something moved inside of the bag...HOLY COW...we ran back into Aunt Lois's bedroom, screaming, and slammed the door. We decided that it must have been a mouse. As we were sitting on the bed laughing and talking about what just happened I looked around the room and noticed that there are mouse droppings everywhere that has a flat surface. It was about 11 pm by this time and we are realized that there was no way we could stay there. We called Dad to get some moral support and see if it was okay for Mom to spend some money and get a hotel room because I didn’t bring enough money with me. I was sure Dad would be there for us because I’m his little sweetheart and Mom is his lady, but..NOOOOOOOO, he thought we were exaggerating and being ridiculous. I was thinking “ARE YOU KIDDING ME DAD...THANKS FOR NOTHING.” We got off of the phone and decided that we were strong enough to handle this. We thought that we might not survive the night but we’d give it a shot. We hurried and turned off the lights and jumped into bed. I was on the side that was right next to the computer table which was 2 inches from my head and there were MILLIONS of mouse droppings. Mom and I threw the covers over our heads and laid completely still for a minute. Then I heard Mom breathing hard and I started laughing hysterically and asked if she was okay. She said she couldn’t breathe very well under the covers but was too afraid to put her head outside...HAHAHA, by now, I couldn’t breathe very well either so we decided to open the covers just enough for a hole to breathe through so we would be safe. By the way, there were dropping on the headboard too. As we were laying there we were trying to be silent so we could listen for anything we occasionally hear rustling in Lois’s bedroom. Every time we heard something, we both started hyper ventilating. Surprisingly enough, we made it through the night. The next day mom went on a cleaning spree. This is my funniest memory with Mom and I am so glad we stayed there so we could have this fun memory. I do have to say I love my Aunt Lois very much in spite of her hygiene habits. -Tami

47: For me one of my favorite memories was getting wood at Magpie every summer. Two loads every sat. It was hard work but Mom and Dad made it fun. I remember we would always check under the truck to see if the axel was about an inch away from the pipe thingy so we could be done. And we would yell at Dad that it was time to finish up BUT Dad always had to see for himself and he ALWAYS ALWAYS made us put more wood on. And Tim Kenny and I belly ached about but Dad wasn't listening. I will never forget the sound of the saw and the smell of fresh cut wood and wood chips all over, I loved those senses that stay with me. The best part of the whole day was on the way back we would stop at the bottom of the mountain at this little grocery store and everyone got to pick out their favorite soda and we got a big bag of chips to share on the drive home. The worst part of the day was the road, it was terrifying, a complete drop off to the abyss and only wide enough for one car but it seems like we always ran into another vehicle and I thought most days we were going to die on that mountain. And I swear Dad loved driving as close to the cliff as he could. -Tami

50: One late fall day, we were on top of the mountain near Canyon Ferry Lake for our ritualistic wood-cutting event. It was cold and snowing and everyone but Dad didn’t want to be there. The four of us sat crammed in the truck attempting to call his bluff on a wood-cutting boycott. It didn’t work. Dad got out and proceeded to cut wood. After ten or fifteen minutes, the rest of us felt guilty and we got out to help him. -Tim

51: I loved winters in our home because we always had a fire upstairs and downstairs and it was so cozy and warm. I would love sitting and watching the fire for hours just mesmerized. -Tami

52: -On the first hiking/camping trip Dad and I took (and maybe Ken), Dad had bought a tube tent. We tied it up, but Dad decided he didn’t want to sleep in it. He wanted to sleep under the stars with nature. He soon got his wish. With it pitch black out, Dad felt breathing in his face. The first thought that raced across his mind? Bear? Yep. That’s right. He thought there was a bear in his face. Being the wise man that he always bragged he was, he had put his flashlight inside his sleeping bag and zipped it up so only his face was sticking out (for a bear to breathe on). He fumbled to unzip the bag, but it wouldn’t unzip fast enough. Then he fumbled to find the flashlight, but couldn’t find it fast enough. Finally, with his flashlight shining up, he discovered a deer standing above him. I don’t remember him sleeping under the stars after that. Hmmm. -Tim | Time Well Spent

53: Another experience I remember was one trip Dad and I were the only ones that went up to get a load of wood. For some reason Mom and the boys couldn’t make it. Dad woke me and asked if I would go with him and I was so irritated and I think I said "NO" at first but I changed my mind. Anyways it was the hardest load we ever got. When we got up there we found a spot that was down hill so we would be carrying uphill. Well Dad decided to cut the wood in lengths instead of small pieces.....I thought he was trying to kill me.....It was super hard, the wood was very heavy and walking uphill over branches and rocks and plants but I learned something that day thanks to my Dad. " I can so hard things" Such a great memory. -Tami

54: Dad was a very busy man when I was a kid. He was a service manager at a calculator/computer company called Monroe Systems for Business. He was also in serving in the Bishopric and then as a Bishop at church. Whenever I went into his office at work, he stopped whatever he was doing and I became his main focus of attention. -Ken | Dad made it to every single important event that I had going on as a kid and as an adult. I was involved with a lot of sports and other events and I could always count on him being there. This is pretty amazing because a lot of these things took place during his working hours. He has always been encouraging and supportive of my different activities. -Ken

55: We had 3 large gardens in Montana. 2 of them were behind the house and we grew corn, potatoes, carrots, peas, cucumbers, tomatoes, and several other vegetables. On the side of the house we grew strawberries and raspberries. We always planted the rows just narrow enough that the roto-tiller wouldn’t fit in between, so we have to use a garden hoe and our hands to get the weeds out. In the strawberry patch we’d have to weed in the middle of all the strawberry plants. One day I told Dad that if we planted the rows just a couple inches wider, we’d be able to fit the roto-tiller in between and get the weeds out much quicker and easier. Dad turned to me and told me that he wasn’t really growing gardens, he was growing kids. -Ken

56: Congratulations on being married for fifty years. -Tyler

57: My favorite memory of Grandma and Grandpa is when I went to Nebraska to watch a football game. When I look back at when I was there I realize that I was a real brat. But as bad as I was you guys were patient and made it a good experience. I remember when you let me and dad shoot your BB guns. That as a six year old was awesome. Thanks a ton for being such great grandparents, -Tyler


60: Grandma & Grandpa's Home | One of the things I remember best about Grandma and Grandpa is how excited I would be to go visit them when I was little. I loved how huge the yard was, the horses in the back, the squirrels and all the birds that would come to the bird feeder and the fireflies. It all seemed so magical, and I was always sad to go back home. I haven’t been in such a long time, and I can’t wait until I can chase fireflies and play tag on a warm Nebraska night. Love you, Grandma and Grandpa, and I’m so happy for you guys on your 50th anniversary. Here’s to another 50 for you! Love, Ashlee

61: Trip to Nebraska | One of the things I remember most about Grandma and Grandpas house is, every morning I would wake up and see the chipmunks up in front of the house in the trees playing. I also remember the wet grass and going on Grandpa’s mower and sitting on his lap. Grandma and Grandpa are so much fun and they care a lot about everybody all the time. I also remember the horses and us having to walk all the way out on the wet field to see the horses. Us driving up to see you was very tiring but also very exciting. I hope that we can do that again sometime whenever we can. I love you Grandma and Grandpa very much and I’m so thankful that you guys are apart of my family I love you guys very much! Love, Breanna

62: INCREDIBLE | Mom and Dad I appreciate you both supporting us kids in all that we were involved in. It was so nice to look over and see you guys sitting there cheering us on. -Tami | Josh heads off to college!

64: One of the many things I have always admired about both of you is your complete devotion to your children. Your level of sacrifice to be at the special events in the lives of your children and grandchildren is inspiring. It's also very much appreciated. -Nancy

67: FAMILY IS EVERYTHING | Its funny looking back I realize I was in trouble A LOT. I really was a good kid growing up I promise you. I do not HOWEVER remember Tim EVER EVER getting in trouble. So does that make him the GOLDEN CHILD? And we all know who was the SPOILED ONE......haha KENNY. So since there were only three of us and Tim is the Golden Child and Kenny is the Spoiled Child....what does that make me " THAT CHILD" haha -Tami

68: LOVE You've been together For almost forever Love never breaking Or even shaking 50 years, my what a long time, 50 years, your love divine Though it was rough Not all was tough 50 years have you been Together Through lots and lots of good Weather I'm glad your love is still Together For ever and ever and ever and Ever. -By Emma Roberts | Tribute to Our | Grandparents

70: Translation: I love you Grandma and Grandpa SOOOO much because you are so nice!! And you brought your dog and I love that dog!!! -McKenna Jo Roberts -age 6

71: Dear Grandma & Grandpa... LOVE YOU! -Aftyn Age 2

72: Cousins

74: One of my favorite memories is when Tyler and I were about 5 and 6 years old and Grandpa took us to the Provo Mall. In the mall there was a roller coaster simulator and Grandpa took us for a ride. At first we didn't know what is was, we just hopped in and the lady closed the door. Soon the contraption started going up and down and a movie showed on the big screen in front of us. Grandpa didn't know that Tyler was afraid of semi-dark closed in places so about 8 seconds into the 5 minute ride Tyler starts bawling and climbs into Grandpa's lap. Throughout the ride Tyler keeps hollering "We're all gonna die!" I went home feeling pretty proud of myself for being so brave and I made sure everyone knew how big of a baby Tyler was. Grandpa sure was laughing when he told my parents about our little adventure at the mall. Whenever I think of roller-coasters or pass that spot in the mall I think of grandpa. -Kaylie

77: grandfater grandmother Roberts Iloveyou Lovetaylor (Taylor typed this on his own with no help!)

79: Grandma and Grandpa, I wrote this card for you because I love you really much! I love you because you come to our house and because you are really nice. -Daric, age 4

81: "Good times are even better when they are shared" | I'm grateful for all that you done. You done wonderful things. You're nice and happy. You bring your dog and I'm so happy that you got McNalley. And I'm so happy that you are my Grandma and Grandpa. And I hope you have a good anniversary. And I hope your days are well. -Todd Daniel Roberts -age 9

82: WE LOVE YOU Grandpa!

83: This picture of McKenna and Grandpa just melts my heart because I can see love in those two sets of eyes. -Nancy | There is just something magical about watching a grandparent love their grand- children. -Nancy

84: Grandma | I'm still dressing Aftyn in dresses you made for Sydney and Kaylie when they were toddlers. I think of you each time I put one on. Each of those simple acts of love have been a treasure to me. -Nancy

85: Thank you Grandma and Grandpa for all the lessons you have taught me just by your example. You have taught me a lot about charity. Just by your example I have learned what Moroni 7 put so nicely, that charity is the pure love of Christ. Charity is long suffering, kind, and envieth not. Its not puffed up. It's not easily provoked. Charity believest, hopeth, and endeareth all things. I know that you two are full of charity and I can feel it every time I see you. I'm really glad that I read this chapter because I know how to live and how to come back to our Heavenly Father. Thank you for your amazing example. I love you guys! You are both amazing people. Thanks for being my grandparents. -Sydney


88: Getting Back To Nature

89: Always a New Adventure | These are just a few of the many wonderful experiences I have had in my life with my choice parents, Dan and Nancy Roberts. What an incredible blessing, that words can’t fully pen, of having them as my parents. Now I am a parent and I often look back to them in many ways as role models in parenting and I feel like I can never measure up to their greatness. Mom and Dad, I love you. Tim

93: When I was between the ages of 6 and 9, Mom took us kids to the carnival. I was excited to have her go on a ride with me until the ride started going. She had gotten on the wrong side of me. When the ride spun, it forced Mom against me so my scrawny little frame was getting squished to death. Mom felt bad, but she was laughing so hard, there was nothing she could do. I literally thought I was going to die from her and she probably thought she was going to die from laughing her guts out. -Tim

100: Dad and Mom Roberts I appreciate the opportunity to have met you. I really enjoy doing things with you and just talking about the different things in life. You both come across as my 2nd Dad and Mom alot of the time and I feel so close to you that I can come to you for counsel and direction just as I do my own parents. I enjoy every opportunity to be with you. There is alot of times I wish you lived closer to all of us so we could do alot more things together and you could spend more time with your grandson Josh It is exciting that you two have been together this long and hopefully you will last another 25 years together And every year will get better than the last year. Congratulations again from your son-in-law Darren Love you both.


103: Wow that is amazing to think that you both will be fulfilling 50 years of marriage! I haven't even reached that step of marriage but I would love to have that vision to arrive where you both are now. I'm sure that this time has been full of happy moments and sad moments, times of disappointment and times of achievement. I would consider that one of the biggest fulfillments that you both have had is becoming members of the Church of Jesus Christ and making covenants and honoring them that will prepare you to turn these 50 years into a time of inseparation in the eternities and the making of infinite memories. I'm proud of you both and really wish that this time is one of the most memorable. You sure have forged a great path that has helped all your posterity to follow in your footsteps and like it says in 2 Nephi 25 "that our children my know to what source they may look for a remission of their sins". I also think of what Elder Clayton said in the conference of April " that one of the biggest gifts we can give unto the Lord is the quality of our marriage." Despite of the difficulties now and in the future. You have a huge support system here and we are cheering you on that you both may endure to the finish line and obtain the prize. It is an honor to be your grandchild and spend precious moments together. Hope there is more to come. Congratulations again, I love you guys. Josh

104: Dad, I'm sure you remember that very nice meal I cooked for you. I made my first apple pie for you so that I could butter you up to let me go the rodeo with my friends. For some reason, mom wouldn't let me go, but she was going to be gone for the night. I got sneaky and made that dinner for you. It worked and you let me go, but I had a curfew. Of course I broke it and you stayed awake waiting for me so I couldn't sneak in. I was grounded for a month after that one. I NEVER MADE YOU A APPLE PIE AGAIN...HAHA -Tami

107: FAMILY IS EVERYTHING | Dad, do you remember when you said "THIS IS GOING TO HURT ME MORE THEN IT’S GOING TO HURT YOU" right before Kenny and I got a spanking? The funny thing about this is that you were right. It was so hard trying not to laugh; otherwise you’d make sure it did hurt. On the other hand, Kenny always came out of the room BAWLING his little eyes ball out...haha -Tami

114: A family in harmony will prosper in everything.

116: Our most treasured family heirlooms are our sweet family memories. | About 20 years ago, Tim had a discussion with Dad. He was getting frustrated with the dating scene at BYU. He longed to find someone he could spend eternity with. Dad comforted him and told him that the girl he would marry was probably within a mile radius of him. He wisely counseled him to make a goal to go on a date every weekend. A short time later, Tim reported back that he was indeed going on dates every weekend- with a girl from California named LeAnn. “I didn’t mean the SAME girl every weekend!” Dad had exclaimed. Then a short time later, he and Mom were informed that this girl was going to leave to serve a mission. I’m sure they REALLY weren’t sure what to think then. Their son was going to wait for this girl? What if it didn’t work out? What if he put himself in cold storage for 18 months for nothing? Then after waiting for a year and a half, their son proposes to this girl whom they’ve never met the very day she gets back from her mission? And they’re getting married in six weeks? I’m sure they had their doubts about me! However, when I went to Montana to meet them for the first time just a few short weeks prior to our wedding, they embraced me and treated me with kindness. I don’t remember a ton about the trip, but I do remember being out of my mind with nervousness about meeting them. The part I do remember clearly is sitting down to eat lunch with them. Dad said the blessing on the food, and though I can’t remember the exact words, he said something about being grateful that I was becoming a part of their family. I was so moved that I got emotional, so I quickly excused myself to use the restroom (I couldn’t have them thinking their future daughter-in-law was an emotional basket case!). That acceptance and love made all of the difference to me. I continue to be grateful to Mom and Dad Roberts. I’ve enjoyed the times we’ve been able to visit them in Nebraska, and the times they’ve come here to visit. I especially love how they love our children and take interest in their lives. I’m also extremely thankful for how they raised Tim. He learned from example how to be a father who is actively involved in his children’s lives. He was taught to love the gospel, serve the Lord, and work hard. Happy, happy 50th Anniversary to a wonderful couple!! May there be many more years of celebration to come! Love, LeAnn

117: There are so many things that I remember about grandma and grandpa that I can’t tell you all of them but here are some of them. I remember being so excited when we went to go see them. I remember making jewelry with grandma and always doing crafts. I’m so glad that my grandma enjoys most of the things that I do especially planting and doing stuff with flowers. It’s always fun doing stuff with her!!! With my grandpa I remember mowing the lawn with his great big lawn-mower. I never knew how a lawn-mower could move like a car with out anyone having to push it. I was always excited to ride on the lawn-mower with grandpa. I also loved painting the fence with grandpa. It was really fun and grandpa is always fun to be with!!!!! I love going to Nebraska and having fun with my grandparents and getting to spend time with them. I remember being in the basement and eating otter-pops. I hardly ever had them and there were a ton in the freezer. My sisters and I would watch Disney Channel and have otter pops and lay on the mattress. I love watching the animals outside and exploring their HUGE yard. I love watching the humming birds come and petting and feeding the horses. At their house it’s always fun and I love it! I wish I could see them more often then I do! That’s why I think they should move to Cedar City or Enoch. I could see them all the time and spend more time with them like I want to ALL the time. There’s a big nice house being built kind of by us on the hill or there’s also Equestrian Point. Equestrian Point is this place kind of between my dads school and my moms school. It has these really nice, pretty, big homes and awesome farm land and fields that they could own. It’s really great!!!! HAPPY 50 YEARS OF MARRIAGE!!!!!! I love you guys so much that words can not even explain it. I would really like to see you guys more often! You are the best grandparents anyone could ever have! I’m so thankful for you guys and nothing in this whole world could replace you. I love how caring and kind you are. I admire you and when I’m your age, I wish I could be just like you. I love you so, so, so, so, so, so much! You mean everything to me. Love you! LOVE, LINDSEY

118: Because of you... I have my sweetheart. You raised a man who loves the Lord, honors his Priesthood, loves his family, serve others, and always strives to improve and do his best. I am a lucky woman. Because of you...I get to thrill in the role of motherhood everyday. My children are who they are partly because you are who you are. They are a part of you. They are beautiful and unique and a wonderful gift to Ken and I and without you, they wouldn't be them. And lastly, because of you...I have you. You both have been great in-laws to me. From the very beginning you have loved me like a daughter. You have had to deal with my immaturity throughout the years as I have tried to figure out who I am and where I fit in this family. I have not always made things easy, sometimes I've been down right difficult. Even though I have a tendency to go against the grain you both have been loving and kind. I truly appreciate you in my life. You have been a steady rock that we can all rely on. I am so proud of your 50 years together. You are a great example to your children and grandchildren. I love and sincerely thank you both for all that you do and are. Love Nancy | Because of | You...

119: Family | Ken and I started dating in October of 1994, that November he brought me up to Montana for Thanksgiving. I remember feeling that is was SO strange to be eating Thanksgiving dinner with only four people. I had never experienced that before. I was used to big family dinners with cousins running all around. I remember that even though it felt different, it felt very comfortable. | During that same visit I tried to impress Mom and Dad by shoveling the fresh snow that had fallen during the night. I don't know what I was thinking!!! I should have caught a clue when I saw the MANY snow shovels lining the garage walls. Apparently, there was quite a system to the work I had begun and I soon got a lesson from Dad on the proper way to shovel a driveway. It was hard work! -Nancy

120: Amazing Fun on the Fourth

123: Returned With Honor October 30, 2013

124: To end this little trip down memory lane I am reminded of a conversation Ken once had with Dad. In regards to Aunt Lois, Ken asked "Dad, do you ever think Aunt Lois is sad that she never married or had children?" In reply, Dad swept his eyes toward his family members and said "Kenny, who wouldn't be jealous of this?" I say, Amen to that. Mom and Dad look to your right and see what you have done. I repeat, Who Wouldn't be Jealous of That?! YOU TWO DID THAT, and to you both we are each eternally grateful to you.

125: With all our love we wish you the very happiest 50th Anniversary and many more! | Tim | Tami | Ken | Darren | LeAnn | Nancy | Josh | Ashlee | Taylor | Sydney | Todd | Kaylie | Tyler | Lindsey | Breanna | Emma | McKenna | Daric | Aftyn

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