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50th Wedding Anniversary (Copy)

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50th Wedding Anniversary (Copy) - Page Text Content

S: Celebration of 50 years of Marriage

BC: Made with Love by Belinda October 2009

FC: Our Wedding was many years ago. The celebration continues to this day! Grow old with me, the best is yet to be..... Frank & Barb Married 17th October 1959 celebrating their 50th Wedding Anniversary 17th October 2009

1: A Celebration of 50 years of Marriage for my Mum & Dad Frank & Barb Muggeridge who married on 17th October 1959 at St John the Baptist Catholic Church Enoggera With Love Your daughter - Belinda & with help from your family & friends.......

3: An Anniversary is a time to celebrate the JOYS of today, the MEMORIES of yesterday, and the HOPES of tomorrow . . . . . . . . . . | Our Anniversary is a time to look back at the GOOD TIMES and a time to look ahead to live our DREAMS together!

5: Lord God & Creator, We bless and praise your name. In the beginning you made man & woman, so that they might enter a communion of life & love. You likewise blessed the union of Frank & Barb so that they might reflect the union of Christ with his Church. Look with kindness on them today. Amid the joys and struggles of their life you have preserved the union between them; renew their marriage covenant, increase your love in them, and strengthen their bond of peace, so that (surrounded by their children) they may always rejoice in the gift of your blessing. We ask this through Christ our Lord Amen by Father Paul Chandler Cathedral of St Stephen, Brisbane

6: Love bears all things, Believes all things, Hopes all things, Endures all things, Love never ends. Corinthians 13:7-8 The best and most beautiful things cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt within the heart Helen Keller I look into your eyes and I see the greatest miracle given to me. You are the joy of everyday. Your smile guides my way. Shelley Howington

7: This day shall be a love day.... If you live to be a hundred, I want to be a hundred minus one day, so I never have to live without you...... Winne the Pooh Where there is love there is life... Mahatma Gandhi Love is a moment that lasts forever..... Julie Wittey There is only one happiness in life, To Love and Be Loved....... George Sand To love a person is to learn the song that is in their heart, And to sing it to them......

10: "The best thing about me is you." ~Shannon Crown

12: "You're nothing short of my everything." ~Ralph Block | Love is a Gift.....

13: Here we are at last, suddenly the pieces fit All at once, I make sense of this crazy world Loved you for so long, now your hand is holdin' mine It's like we're standing still in time. This is our moment, this is our night A new beginning of the rest of our lives With every heartbeat, with every kiss Let's always remember that love is a gift. With each passing year, we will keep our love alive I will be here by your side forever Looking in your eyes, I believe in destiny I believe in you and me. This is our moment, this is our night A new beginning of the rest of our lives With every heartbeat, with every kiss Let's always remember that love is a gift. The rarest thing we have on earth Is so special there's no measuring it's worth This is our moment, this is our night A new beginniNg of the rest of our lives With every hear beat, with every kiss Let's always remember that love is a gift. It's a gift Lyrics to Love is a Gift - by Olivia Newton-John



16: You were blessed with 5 children Bradley Joseph Patrick John Matthew James Daniel Paul Belinda Mary | There is nothing like a child's smile to make all the chaos worthwhile Four small sons to hug good night Four small sons to grow up right For small sons with love to give Four small sons to have fun with! Little girls are the nicest things that happen to people...they are born with a little bit of 'angelshine' about them. And though it wears thin sometimes, there is always enough left to capture your heart

19: YOUR

20: F

21: C

22: Family is..... Everlasting Love.....


28: Dear Nan & Pop, Wow, 50 years - what an achievement! It takes patience, happiness, strength of character, an most of all a deep and enduring love. You have both enriched the lives of those around you, and I would like to take this opportunity to thank you both for your love and patience over the years. Congratulations on the half Century, and I hope that there's many more happy years to come. Love you, Em & Bren xox

32: 50 YEARS FOR BETTER OR FOR WORSE On the 17th of October 1959 a man & woman unite to be together for better or worse, They start to plan a life filled of love & commitment so share with 5 children of course. They built a strong rock solid family with Brad, Rick, Matt, Dan & Belinda, And finished at that cause anymore would of made the budget even thinner. Frank worked like a Trojan to keep us all well fed, clothed, happy & together, He would be working hard & long on the road no matter what the weather. Bar would make us all love one another & keep us all on the straight & narrow, Although us boys would fight & play & keep that wooden spoon budget very shallow. As it would fly continuously in & out of that drawer so quick so fast & so God damn often, That we would all cringe at the sight of it except for Matt who always made it broken. And there there was Belinda to contend with 4 older & stronger brothers, But we all knew that no matter what, she always would have the support of our mother. But we really did all love each other no matter what we all had said or done, Between Rugby for us boys & dancing for Belinda as a family we would all be one. Now 50 years on, we are all grown & have lives filled with great & beautiful children, And it is all because of how we were raised by our fantastic parents that we were given. I am proud to say & sure I speak on behalf of my dedicated & loving siblings, The qualities that we were shown have been implanted in each of us to pass on for giving. Now if it were not for the overwhelming love & support that our parents did bestow, Then where we are today would be somewhere else as we all would certainly know. So 50 years have come so quick but with so much of life's enjoyment, love & fun, Now the next 50 begin with all those necessary qualities we were given from Dad & Mum. Well the 5 of us all LOVE you both more than you could possibly have known, But I am sure the qualities we pass onto our families will show you how we have grown. The next chapter must now begin as this one is about to come to an end, And I know that the next chapter of our lives will continually grow stronger again and again. So here's to the next 50 years as I raise my glass & do loudly give some cheers, You are the BEST parents any kid could ask for and do look forward to the following years.

33: I personally want to thank you for being the best parents a child could ask for & the support you have given me is more generous than i could ever hope for. you both are the best................ With love to you both always, Rick xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox | Thanks for being there for us Love Jaic Thanks for looking after us Love Gabby We both Love you very much!

34: Well that's how it started and from that point on, who would know what lay ahead. In the wake of 50 years of marriage, the memories are flooded with great experiences and life-long learnings that will last generations. Mum with a gregarious and cheerful attitude to whatever life sends her way. An attribute clearly inherited from Nan. A bright light in any kind of day, always welcoming and vibrant to loved ones and strangers alike. An expert conversationalist and able to show interest and contribute to any topic. Dad as the foundation, anchoring the family and providing guidance with a gentle hand. Believing in us enough to allow us to stretch ourselves. Though, if I never have to be shown how to hold a shovel or dig a hole, I'll be glad of that, and somehow still think of it when I pick-up a shovel. Together a force of one, presenting a united front that not even brooding children could successfully play one parent off against the other. And this advice you passed on when I was marrying Colleen; Always present a united front. It is simply stated, not always easy to live by, but one of the fundamental points in any marriage that I will be glad to pass on to anyone who will listen. And for me, I do my best to use these attributes in my everyday life. So many memories it would require a tome. There were the countless days of sitting on sidelines as we played footy. The trip home in the car was so much fun as we recounted the game play-by-play, tackle-by-tackle. We'd often stopped at the local pie-truck to pickup lunch. Then there were the big games we'd all enjoy on the sidelines at Ballymore, so close to the big players you could almost touch them. The games were followed by a quick Mass at South Brisbane which ultimately became the parish that Married me to my lovely Colleen and later christened Adam, Jaimi and Steve. | At high-school there were the many nights that you would pick me up late at night from the Griffith library after a day of study. The support and advice Dad gave me when presenting at the Lion's competitions. One of the biggest moments in my young life at the time, was when I delivered the Captain's speech at the end of year Mass. I was, naturally, quite nervous. And you know, the one thing that kept me on track and brimming with confidence, was knowing I had your unrelenting support and knowing that once again you were in the audience. Always there and always loving. Then there are the quirky memories, that seem like nothing in a fleeting moment, but have long-term and lasting effects. One quirky memorable day was at the footy. Oddly enough, it wasn't the footy that was memorable. This was the day that gave birth to so many pigeons in our neighbourhood yard. After spending some time with a mate and his pigeon collection, I remember we had just sat in our grand-stand seats when I asked you if I could own pigeons. Those pigeons and their pigeon house bore many great memories and experiences. Memories of camping vacations, chasing away sharks, beach driving, gorges, day-long hikes, and on and on. There were so many great things that filled our childhoods with so much fun and joyful adventure. And most recently, the trip of a lifetime, as Dad and I prepared for and ultimately achieved... a double-crossing of the Simpson Desert and experiencing Australia's Red Centre together. It's such a rare thing, firstly to experience such an adventure and secondly to experience with my Dad. We are blessed to have you both in such a strong and loving relationship. A 50 year union that even today continues to grow and strengthen. Happy 50th Anniversary! | M A T T | Gee Mum and Dad, thanks for getting married and having me!

35: 50 years - Congratulations! So many memories that you have shared together and quite a few that I have had the privilege to share with you both. Family BBQ's, Christmas festivities, nights around the campfire and many many laughs over a few glasses of vino to name but a few. Each occasion shared in the loving atmosphere that you both create tor not only your immediate family but also your extended family and friends. Wishing you both many more years of wedded bliss. Love Colleen.

36: To Nan & Pop, Congratulations on 50 years of marriage - I don't have a lot of experience in this kind of thing but I would imagine if you can make it through 50 years of thick, thin, ups, downs and in-betweens you must be doing something right! Of all the memories I've shared with you the time I spent at the house in Sunnybank stands out the most - whether it was playing in the garden, splashing in the spa, eating macadamia nuts at the bar, or running around the front yard and under the verandah; I always had a ball add to this the seemingly endless supply of Quik strawberry milkshakes expertly whipped up by pop and various excellent kids movies generously recorded by Nan and you've got paradise for an 8 year old. Congratulations once again on reaching such a milestone - here's to 50 more years! Adam

38: Dan, Jeanita, Sophie, Lauren & Ella

42: My Nan & Pop.... I find it funny how me and Pop are both colour blind, both have messed up knees and that he is the only one on either side of my family who has blue eyes as well as me. I love the way how Nan always seems to make me something for birthdays or christmas that I always use every single day. Happy 50th Anniversary - Congrats on half a century!

43: Nan & Pop, There are many different types of love in life, but the one you have given me since the day I was wrapped in a blanket till the day I am standing over you watching you read this and for forever more is the most special kind of love anyone could ask for. The love that you have given me is the special kind of love we share. The love we share together is the type of love that you put into a jewellery box as you build it all for me and embroidering my name into the front of it. The type of love where you would take me out to your shed and show me how to make a toy car with wood and all those fancy machines. The kind of love when you take your Grandchildren to the zoo and take them forward and back to the same cage 100 times just so they can see their favourite animal again and again. The kind of love where you make the most special and precious blanket for me and handstitch every little girl on it and add a special one that shows half her face. The type of love where you can sit on your Grandparents lap for a cuddle and not say a word, just remain in silence as you listen to the birds and the wind as you hold that intimacy towards eachother. Nan and Pop, I love you so very much and all these memories will never be forgotten as they remain in one of the safest and most special places in my heart. And as you keep on sharing these memories you create more, like today on your 50th Wedding Anniversary. Love your Puggle / Little Charlie

47: F | a | m | I | L | Y | orever & ever | ngels in disguise | eant to be | will always | ove | ou. . . . . . . . . . . .

50: Barbara May & Francis William, How can I say what you two mean to Paulette & I? You were the example for us to admire when we embarked on our journey of married life. Barb you were the one who took me to school at St Jimmie's on the tram when I first went to school in the City. I went from a class of 8 to a class of maybe 40 or 50 so it was a comfort to have you as my guide. What an eye opener going from all Nun teachers to all Brothers. Very scary. It was you who convinced me that I should take dancing lessons when I was 16. Dn't know if it did any good. But maybe it was my dancing style that landed me with the love of my life. It was Frank who invited me to play tennis on Friday nights. Was this to be an early lesson in life through the eyes of Booby Green and co? That experience sure opened my eyes Frank. NB. The Alderley train crossing and Ewen McDonnell experience cannot be remembered as a highlight of my early years. Thank mate they were great times. We have many many great family memories and I only hope that as we grow in body and mind that we have numerous more opportunities to re-live our great memories, even if the details become fuzzy and slightly exaggerated as time passes. We both have great children and grand-children to help re-live our memories and to remind us of great times together. Congratulations on your exceptional marriage and we look forward to inviting you to our 50th on the 22nd May 2014 (Put it in your book now just in case you forget). Love always, Pat & Paulette. | Dear Barb & Frank, It was an honour to be one of your bridesmaids 50 years ago. I remember that it was a happy wedding day for two wonderful people. You have both earned your 5 years of happy marriage and you have both achieved the most important thing in life. You have created a loving and caring family. Barb I have often told you what a lovely man Frank is but I don't think that I have told you that you are a lovely woman. Wishing you both a happy & loving 50th Wedding Anniversary and all the best for the future. Maureen

51: THE WILKES GIRLS | It's not a funny story but one of my favourite times ever was when you guys lived in Newcastle and we all came for a holiday and there was 14 of us living in your house. It was crazy - 8 of us kids running amok and having an absolute ball. Danny was the cheekiest of all if I remember correctly !!!!!!!!!!! Terri

52: I would like to wish Barb & Frank a Happy Anniversary. Some of my best memories are hanging out at your house over the school holidays, pretending Belinda and I were twins, swimming in the pool (or should I say being dunked by the boys) and joining in on all the revelry going on. Deb



56: Congratulations to you both for your lifelong relationship. 50 years is just amazing! All the best for the future. Love and best wishes, Patsy & Glenn

57: A quote from your Wedding Day spoken by Barb's Mother...... "This is such a Happy Wedding" . And indeed it has been. She would have been so proud to be there on your special Day. Love Jan

58: Friends for Life.......

59: Text here | C

60: If Friends were flowers, I would pick you...

67: "Thankyou for being a friend" Travelled down a road and back again Your heart is true, you're a pal and a confidant. I'm not ashamed to say I hope it always stays this way My hat is off, won't you stand up and take a bow. And if you threw a party and invited everyone you knew You would see the biggest gift would be from me And the card attached would say "Thankyou for being a friend" If it's a car you lack I'd surely buy you a cadillac Whatever you need any time of the day or of night And when we get old together with walking canes and grey hair Have no fear even though it's hard to hear "Thankyou for being a friend" Extract from the song "Thankyou for being a Friend" by Andrew Gold Calendar Girls (1978)

68: Frank & Jo Leeson

69: Frank & Frank were best friends when they were young, worked in insurance, played basketball and tennis together, were on the Catholic Tennis Social Committee together and helped organise an Australian wide carnival in Brisbane. Frank might like to remember a lass from Western Australia they were pretty close for a week, and Frank L. just kept an eye on them. Surfing days at the coast were pretty good. Does Frank remember coming home very late one night? He was out with a girl and we were staying at Nancy and Don's (Frank's sister) place and we set out saucepans, tins and lids - whatever would make a noise across the doorway just to welcome him home. Then our beautiful girls came on the scene and from there it is history with so many memories and wonderful times with both of our families growing up together. Barb will probably remember that I am the younger of the two by 3 weeks and she has much fun calling me a "bitch" when I remind her of it, which of course is every year. I, Jo have felt very close to Barb and I have always been able to talk to her about everything, she is a wonderful friend and I love her dearly. We have had such good times together and still do. We wish them both every happiness on this special day and congratulation them on reaching 50 years. We pray that God will bless them and keep them safe for many years to come. Love Jo & Frank xoxoxoxo

70: I have some wonderful memories, but won't write an essay. Barb & Frank (who were known to me as Auntie Barb and Uncle Frank when I was younger), were part of our family. Family BBQ's, First Communions, Christenings (which we had plenty of) they were right there beside Mum & Dad. They are two wonderful people who love to laugh and enjoy life and would do anything for you. Barb & Frank, Congratulations on 50 years of marriage, love you heaps, have a wonderful day. Love Mary-Jo | I've known Frank & Barb for as long as I can remember, and yet there are only a couple of things that really stand out in my memory. I remember laughing constantly at both of them - Frank due to his pushing me on our swing set higher than any of my siblings could (or would for that matter), and for allowing us to cause him physical pain by punching him in the stomach as hard as we could (something I was privileged enough to do again last year at Mum's 70th)...while his stomach was still rock hard, the impact was slightly different to that of a child. And Barb due to her never being able to come to our house without spilling her wine or breaking her wine glass. I don't recall her EVER being able to do that. Congratulations on your last 50 years, and here's to 50 more!!! Love you both - Diana Leeson

71: MEMORIES FROM THE LEESON FAMILY.......... I remember being in the lounge room (wearing only a pair of speedos) watching Trevor Chappell bowl the underarm ball. I ran downstairs to tell the two Franks who were at the bar they had with all the coasters and beer labels stuck on the wall. When I think back now, it was a bit of a spin out. - Paul Leeson Carmel - I remember how Frank would flex his tummy muscles and the kids could punch him as hard as they could, they still remember he even did it with them at our Mum & Dad's 50th last year. A couple of times that they were at our place at a party, Barb broke a glass so when she came again they took great delight in making sure she had a plastic cup. - Carmel Leeson Brendan - I often ask the old man about Barb & Frank to make sure they are well and I hope you are. Every time your Dad was around it was no trouble for him to go out of his way and talk to any of us and it was always a good and worthwhile conversation. A lot of times you try to get away or look for a way out of the conversation but with your old man you were always looking for a stool so that you could get comfortable. All the best. Barb & Frank. - Brendan Leeson Frank - the Man with iron guy! Any child under the age of 13 could have a free shot (punch) at Frank's iron gut and more often than not walk away with a sore hand and write after giving their all. If the child wanted to have a crack after the age of 13 the agreement was that Frank got to have a free shot at you as well. There weren't many who tried after the age of 13. Barb - She broke a glass during the speeches at a Leeson's 21st Birthday party and has copped it ever since. Certain children from the Leeson clan would politely remind her of this every time they saw her - greeting her at a party or BBQ and handling her a plastic cup! CONGRATULATIONS, You always know you will have a laugh with Frank & Barb - Matt Leeson

72: Hi Barb & Frank WOW - 50 years - and they said it wouldn't last! I remember how we met, in September 1968 - that's 41 years ago. We had just moved into Tarling Street and I was pregnant with Sarah. Barb came bouncing over the road saying "Hi, I'm Barb Muggeridge, if there's anything you need just let me know". What a wonderful welcome that was and I'm happy to say, the start of a long friendship. What great times we had in Sunnybank and Holland Park when our kids were all little and (mostly) great fun! We continued having good times with the Muggeridges over the years, and the Downs kids, I'm sure have many happy memories of their times with your kids. Now our kids are all over 30 and are still great fun, and we are all enjoying our Grandchildren, and the Muggeridges are still great friends - how fortunate we are. Happy 50th Anniversary Barb & Frank. I hope there are many more to come. Love from Bernhard & Kate Vanderstelt


74: Well Barb is my Godmother - so naturally she and Frank liked me a lot more than my twin brother Luke. Luke & I are naturally quite competitive, so it was great to have that over him! Frank & Barb were always quite diplomatic about their favouritism towards me however, which is why Luke could never believe that they did in fact like me much more than him. But seriously, my memories of Barb and Frank are great ones. They were always so happy and welcoming and your house was soooooo much fun to go visit - drum kit, pool table, pool, kids everywhere and I also recollect that one of the Muggeridge kids had tomato sauce on ice cream - which I though was not necessarily appetising, but waht a wonderful thing to grow up in a house that permitted that! Please widsh them all the best for their anniversary and thank them for the good times and fond memories. Regards - Sam

75: I haven't seen Frank & Barb for a long time, but I remember them always smiling. Barb was always full of energy and remarkably resilient given the mad house she was looking after. I remember her yelling at Ricky once, then turning to Sam and I and giving us a cheeky wink... Your house(s) were like a theme park, pool tables, swimming pools, stacks of games. I was particularly intrigued at Frank's batlike hanging contraption. A steel pole fixed to a door opening. Frank would then fit a couple of braces to his ankles and hang upside down, then pull himself up in a verticle sit up. After doing about 20 of these he gave us a go. It was fun hanging upside down, but we couldn't do a sit up. He then offered my Dad a go...Dad, politely declined Frank's kind offer (no doubt his abs were not quite up to the task). In short though, Sam & I were always excited to visit the Muggeridge's house. It promised fun, adventure, love, good times and the real threat of personal injury. Happy Anniversary Frank & Barb! Xx Luke

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