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60 years

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60 years - Page Text Content

S: Happy 60th Birthday

1: To | To Mom - For giving 60 glorious years

2: My Loving Wife You've been there with me To laugh with me To cry with me To be proud of me And to be happy for all the good things in my life.... You've shared my disappointments And listened and helped me through difficult times You're the most important part of my life And you always will be. I Love You I give thanks to God for you A very happy 60th birthday Your loving, Victor

3: Only a daughter whose great Only a daughter will lend you a shirt Help you get moved, share a dessert Not say a word, unless asked for advice (almost!) Only a daughter so nice Only a daughter will cover your butt Stand up for your rights, tell you what's what! Offer a thoughtful and smart point of view Be the person who keeps coming through Someone you just gotta love And I do. Only a daughter like you, Happy 60th Birthday my child, God Bless you! Love & Prayers, Mom

4: Dearest Mom, Thank you for being there in the good times and especially in the bad times. I know I can count on you, no matter what. I'm truly blessed to call you, 'Mom' Even though, I may not say it often, I love you very much, and hope you will always know that. A very happy 60th Birthday, and wishing you a wonderful retirement life. Looking forward to celebrating your 100! Lots of Love, Glen | Dearest G-Mom As you look back today In all you've seen and done, In your 60 years I hope you find yourself saying What all of us are thinking this weekend.... WoW!! Wishing you a spectacular 60th Birthday! 60 is only 40, with 20 years of experience!! Cheers! Lloyed

5: Mom, you' have so many roles to play and shoes to fill, its amazing to watch you live. You are a sister, daughter, caregiver, wife, friend, and for me, I have the blessing to be able to call you 'Mom'. You along with Dad, have raised three children into adulthood, and you did it well. Growing up, we never had anything less. Through the years, as you nurtured us into well rounded individuals, you often sacrificed your own desires and time for our benefit. Your love is boundless and your energy is unmatched, and we cannot thank you enough. You are a source of inspiration to more people than you will ever know. You are a huge reason why all three of us siblings, have received all the education, and are independent and self supporting; you expected nothing less, and we did our best to make you proud. Your support and encouragement, willed us through the countless years of school and more school. Beyond our professional success, we are good people, with good intentions. And that, we learned from you Mom, 'be good' always prefixed 'study hard and do well'. And although at times we have strayed, I pray that we did not let you down. No matter what life threw at us, you were always there to take the edge off. We always knew we were safe and home, when we heard your voice and smelled your pie. We love you Mom, more than you will ever know or have heard, and will continue to love you forever - and a day! Happy birthday to the best Mom in the world, and thank you for being the incredible person you are! Gary

6: My ever so dearest Mom, We've been struggling, to find a way worthy enough the celebrate your big day. Not just because, you absolutely deserve it, but despite all the countless birthdays, graduations, festivities and celebrations we've shared in the family...We could not remember a single time, when we celebrated something just for "you" But that selfless nature, is just part of why are you are so magnificent. You have played the biggest part in who I am today. From when I was a toddler and looked forward to your bedtime stories at 7pm, when you tucked me in, even though you just got home from work, to the times in Mysore, when I missed you so much, but looked forward to your weekly call by the phone, and countless letters, To my pre-teen years of daily homework, tuitions, copy-writings books, summer craft projects, to countless music, dance, singing classes, to fancy dress competitions, and dance practices. To the more "troubled" early teenage years (for you!) of heartaches, ungratefulness, and rebellious times when I moved to the US and learned to deal with change. To going to college, coming home to good food, clean laundry, and constant praise and encouragement to study well. And to the last few years, through some of the toughest times in my life; not once Mom, not one time did you not come through, did you not patiently stand by my side; teaching me, encouraging me, advising me, catching me when I fell, and most of all loving me to the fullest - the only way you know how. Be it your husband, children, mother, siblings, nieces, nephews, god children, neighbors, friends, colleagues - I wanted you to truly know just how magnificent you are in so many lives. This book is clearly a testimonial to your amazing grace as you live by it each day of your life. It was no surprise to me, that so many people had such wonderful and memorable stories of you, and all hold you dear in their hearts. So please Mom, take the time to celebrate you, your wonderful 60 years of life, that I have had the greatest blessing and privilege to be a part of in such a special way as your daughter. With lots of love always, Your one and only Viveta

7: Dearest Gladys Happy 60th! In Mangalore we call it "Saxty Purthy" Thank you God for allowing me to be a part of the Monteiro family. Socrates once asked a simple old man, what he was most thankful for, he replied, "That being such as I am, I have had the best friends." There is no more valuable possession in life, than a faithful and good friend. Gladys you are such a friend; ever caring, thoughtful, disciplined, loving and prayerful. You are truly blessed with the life you've had for 60 years. Like Mary, your soul magnifies the Lord, because he has done such great things for you. With that, I join Victor, Glen, Gary and Viveta in wishing you a very happy birthday. With love, prayers, and all the good wishes. Rev. Fr. Johsn Alex Pinto OCD Calgary, Canada

8: My Dearest Gladys, I bless the day I met you in 1987, at the Settlements Department of KFTCIC. You molded me to the person I am today. you lovingly always corrected me to improve in the office, and gave me the confidence to climb to greater heights in my career. You created a family atmosphere with all the colleagues at work, that until this day, has lasted. You introduced me to the Legion of Mary at Church, that continues to keep me inwardly strong at heart. You also showed me the importance of extending ourselves to help others, in whatever way we can, even in our busy lives without expecting anything in return. You got me involved in service through social groups like the GWS, and gave me the confidence to be of service, and help organize many events - be it birthdays, anniversaries or picnics. You always remembered my birthday, my children's birthdays and my anniversary - your call or email wish was promptly there on time. You always remembered us, and often send gifts, whenever someone traveled from the US. The great 2010 US & Canada trip I made with Christo, was solely because of your unending efforts. From guiding me to apply for a visa, prior to leaving KIC, to my trip, that was filled with surprises each day I stayed with you. Your ever smiling face, despite being a person with so many responsibilities including taking care of your elderly mother, and your family - you never once made it seem like a burden. You planned our trips to Las Vegas, and California - neither of which I'd have been able to do alone. Because of your love and advise, we made the most of our time in the US - even watched the Lion King on Broadway, while you wasted your time shuttling us back and forth to New York. Who else would do so much for me? Only a wonderful person like you. You have been a mother, sister, friend and mentor to me. Wishing you many happy returns of the Day. May God always bless you, and keep you in good health, so you continues to spread his love and care to others. Hugs & kisses! Rachel & Family. | Since I was born, I did not really know my God-ma. The first time I saw you, was when I was baptized, but did not really remember you then, not until last year really. You dragged Mom and I to the US, and I was really excited to meet you. So were on our way to visit the US and Canada, all the while, Mom would tell me stories about you, and how you'll were in the Legion, and work together, and how close you guys were. Then, finally the day came when I met you in the car, but I was so busy looking at all the big buildings, but I remember you sitting in the driver seat, looking all happy. I remember I was so excited, and Mom was so happy, and our trip was great, you even surprised us and made us go to the West coast, which was awesome! If I had to describe you, God-ma Your strong, awesome, organized, one of a kind, forceful (in a good way!), kind, loving, caring, joyful, smart, motivational speaker, influential, generous, and a 21st century kind of person! Love & Regards, Christo

9: Dearest Gladys, Heartiest Congratulations on your very special day! I still remember the time, that as the secretary of the Curia, you would not sign the agenda for the meeting, the reason being you did not want your signature to be thrown in the dustbin! Thank you for all your service while you were in Kuwait. May Jesus bless your future existence, keep praying to Jesus many times. You will always become better and better. Thanking you, Gratefully yours, Fr. Dominic Santamaria Papal awardee Pro Ecclesia et Pro Prontifice Kuwait

10: My very dear Gladys, Warm and affectionate wishes on your 60th Birthday. May the Lord shower his choicest blessing on you, and may the heavenly mother be your guide. I have known you Gladys for 40 years! I remember you as one of the first catechist, with me, and I was also present for your wedding in Kuwait Cathedral. I would also see you with your children in church. When Viveta was admitted to Carmel School, you and Victor always made it a point to attend all the functions and especially encourage your daughter. After the invasion, when your sons were admitted you both continued to attend all the activities. Even after you left Kuwait, you continue to keep in touch, and I know we always will. Thank you for your love and concern for me, May Jesus bless you abundantly. God Bless you! Carmen Mary, A.C.

11: We wish you Gladys a very Happy 60th Birthday, today 4/10/11. We would not have existed if you were not with us on our Engagement Day, this same day in 1979, and on our Wedding day on 20/11/79. You were like a mother to us those days, and helped us when we did not even have a home of our own. We thank God for giving you this day to celebrate with your children. We know that you have helped many like us, joining hands with Victor. May God be with you in the days ahead, and enjoy the future with your children, and grandchildren. Cheers! Love and Prayers, Pascal, Leena, Ryan & Rochelle Mangalore, India

12: My Dearest Pudding Aunty Gladys, We all wish you a very happy birthday, and many more happy ones to come. You have always been a wonderful Aunt to me, and I am blessed to have you as an Aunt. From......leaving your hand in church when I was about 6 years old, to mowing your front lawn at 44 years of age. I know God has blessed me to have your presence in my life along with all my uncles and aunts. I also want to note that my grandma, Maria Fernandes is special to me, and you are instrumental in taking care of her through the winter seasons of her life. I thank you for that. Once again, we all wish a VERY special happy birthday! Love, Rogers D'Souza & family | Hi Godmother! Just wanted to wish you a very happy birthday and many more to come. Hope all is well. Have a delightful birthday! Please keep in touch! Sincerely, Linda D'Souza

13: Happy Birthday Gladys !

14: Dearest Gladys, A few funny memories from the years, I remember, when you could not say "geography", but instead pronounced it "jeo-gry". When you were first ready to start your first job in Kuwait, we knew friends, who could set you up as a typist in Commercial bank. But for formality sake, you had to take a typing test. Normally, they allow you to practice for 5 minutes before you take the test. When I asked my friend, how you were faring, they said they would have to pay for the damages done to the typewriter. The paper had fallen out, and you continued to type on the roller bar, without realizing it! But, you've come a long way from there! Today, Remy and myself, wish you a very happy and healthy 60th Birthday! May you have many more happier ones, and half a dozen grand kids! Love, Louis & Remy

15: Dearest Aunty Gladys, I just want to thank you for all the love and patience you have shown the D;Souza family. It is much appreciated, that you speak with Dad on the phone every day, and assist in the aide of our beloved mother. We appreciate how to always keep in touch with Mom, and for the love, you, uncle Victor and your family have shown her through the years. Thank you for the care and love, you, uncle Victor and the Monteiro Dr's, have shown Granny through the most difficult years of her life. YOU ROCK! Your family Rocks! Thank you for everything. Happy 60th Birthday! Lara

16: Dearest Gladys, Warmest Wishes on your 60th Birthday and Always! Today is your special today, and so this greeting brings, the warmest wishes ever, for life's happiest and brightest things! And when your birthday is over, may you find that all year through, there will be much more happiness and joy in store for you! Love, Melvin, Lillian, Serena & Anthony

17: Dearest Gladys, Happy 60th Birthday! Hold on to the sweet memories of the years past, and we wish you much joy as you experience new ones! Love The Gracias ones | Gladys is your name so dear Loving, Caring, Daring, Having no fear Always willing to lend a helping hand Dedicated wife, mother, daughter, sister and a true friend. You are God's gift to all who come in contact with you. Special sister, will never forget the day, you were our fire fighter! Lots of Love Always, Haxel & Familiy

18: Dearest Gladys, On your 60th birthday, wishing you a day as special as you are! We wish you much pleasure and joy, We hope all of your wishes come true. May each hour and minute be filled with delight, And your Birthday be perfect for you. We feel blessed to have such an extraordinary friend, Someone who brings happiness to everyone, "GLADYS" who is giving and generous, Loyal and lovely, amazing and admirable, Dedicated and dignified, youthful and sincere. Memories go back 36 years ago, when we first met, And friendship grew into a bond of sharing and caring. You touched our lives with your spirit, wisdom, strength, Your infinite kindness, love and encouragement. We cherish those moments of togetherness, Happiness at all special occasions Be it Marriage, Baptism, Birthdays, And both our 25th Wedding Anniversaries, But most of all your smile, your radiating positive happy energy that infect all who know you. We pray that this beaming light and joy continues to grow forever. Congratulations, Love and God Bless. Your friend, Jovin & Arthur Toronto, Canada

19: We were blessed to have neighbors like Gladys and Victor Monteiro for ever a decade late 80s and 90s. Gladys was the soul of that neighborhood. The love and care she showered on her neighbors and the initiatives she took both for church and society along with Victor are memorable and with so much energy and gusto coming out of Gladys, it caught onto phlegmatic neighbors like us, the impetus we got from the Monteiro's especially Gladys was a boon to us in all aspects of our existence in Kuwait which was sometimes devoid of many such activities. Gladys even though you look like a 40ish dashing lady, this Birthday does belie the 'murmuring' magic you have touched by the Grace of God. We pray you be blessed many more wonderful years with children, grandchildren, friends and relatives! Did I forget Victor here? Of course not! With Victor, smiling always, as he admires this great persona in his life! Happy Birthday Gladys! Our love and affection growing abundantly as we fondly remember your grace that surrounded us with your presence. God Bless you! Renny, Betty, Rohin, Reuben and Rebecca Kuwait

20: Dearest Gladys, Wishing you a very Happy Birthday - Ad Multos Annos da Vida. Recalling our close association in the past for the cause of our beloved Goa and Goans, besides our good old relationship as family friends, on your 60th mile of your life. You had always been instrumental in putting your tireless efforts even at the cost of depriving your own family your precious time and efforts just as in the case of others in the forefront. You have been one of the best sources of inspiration for me as well as other to handle the multi tasking of affairs as part of the Goan Welfare Society (GWS) many times with great risk for all of us and particularly me being the president in that part of the world - Kuwait. Surely and certainly those days will not come back but we joining our hands together have made the history and gone the extra mile. Due to the charisma, dedication and sacrifices of each and every member of the strong managing committee, we have been able to achieve laurels for Goa and Goans. It was GWS that brought each and every Goan football Club/Village club under one banner organizing Goa Day for the first time in the history of Goa and Goans in Kuwait and elsewhere in the world from where the World Goa Day took its root. You have been a great silent worker, well organized and with professionalism at all times. There was always a difference in what you did for GWS. One had to just give a little direction and the jobs were done, with your inborn creativity, to the full satisfaction with perfection. Organizations do need such strong arms to work with honor and dignity preserving our rich cultural heritage left behind by our ancestors. You had left no stone unturned to ensure the success of every function that we hosted in Kuwait and in service to the Community in times of their need. May God Bless you and give you the courage to carry on such a herculean task at all times as our ambassador in the land of your adaptation, i.e. New Jersey - USA. Remember that at the end of our journey on this planet, It is only the actions of just that always smell sweet and blossom unto their dust. Love, Wilson Coelho & Family Kuwait

22: Gladys, There are some people that enter our lives and change it for the better. Those people bring joy, happiness, friendship, and trust to everyone around them. it was the year 1999, when you entered my life at a party hosted by Melvyn, a friendship grew that I never expected. Each day I thank God, for you, because you truly are God sent. You have continuously been my support and advisor, and I am truly blessed to have you in my life. You have always been nice to me, and was always by my side to help me fix my problems. When I did not know where my life was going, you were there to help me make decisions. You are truly my shinning star, its incredible, but 'That's what you are' "Some people, no matter how old they get, never lose their beauty, they merely move it from their faces into their hearts" - Martin Buxbaum. Gladys, I wish you a very Happy 60th Birthday, May God shower His blessings upon you and may you always be happy and at peace. Marilyn & Family

23: Dearest Gladys, Our friendship is like a tree. It is not measured on how tall it could be, but its on how deep the roots have grown over the years. Through this adventure of life you have been there for us and our family. As you celebrate 60 wonderful years, I would like to honor you dear friend for being the wonderful person that you have been in our lives. You have been a friend that acts instead of talks, that steps forward and gives the best of yourself, and measures success by touching lives along your journey. Our lives that have taken us in so many different directions since we first became friends, and yet our friendship has remained a lasting bond that keeps us from drifting apart. Welcome to being 60 as you have accomplished many wonderful things along the way. Take a moment to enjoy the blessings received and look forward to the many more ahead. Happy Birthday dear friend! Love, Sheila & Wilson | Dear Aunty Gladys I can't believe that you have embraced 60! That means I have finally grown up...I am not sure about that, but back to you turning 60...Wow...Wow...WOW indeed, for you share a youthful spirit and a way of doing things in a manner that no one else can. I would like to take this moment of time to honour the wonderful person that you are and the friendship and love that you have shared with our family over the years. You are truly one in a million and it is a comfort to know that angels like you exist who simple find a way to do what they can to make this world a brighter place. As you begin a new chapter in your life, may the pages unfold with many heavenly blessings and treasures just for YOU. Dont forget to make that wish, as we wish with you for it to come true. Happy Birthday! Cheers! Sheena & Elino | Toronto, Canada

24: Dearest Gladys, When we were younger and we became friends, I knew our close friendship would never end. Now when you reach a milestone in your life, We celebrate a person who brings happiness to everyone. Someone who gives more than she gets, And fills our lives with joy and fun. So Happy Birthday, and many many more to come! We hope you make it a 102, because we always need YOU in our midst. In Joys and sufferings of this life alike. So lets give a cheer for you, hip, hip, hooray! Loads of Love, Cheers and hugs, Silvia, Arthur & family Mangalore, India | Dearest Gladys, My best wishes to you on your 60th Birthday. I am fortunate to have a friend like you. Thank you for your guidance and strength during my moments of difficult times. In the years to come, may the Lord bring many good things in your life. I will treasure the long phone calls we have and I hope our friendship lasts until we are both 100! Have a wonderful Birthday! Love & Best Wishes Alba & Family

25: G - Gladys 60 years ago, God chose and named you L - Made you Lovable, Kind, Gentle and Helpful A - You are Admirably Afectionate indeed!! D - Dedicated to your family, committed to your relationships Y - Young may you look, Joyful may you always be S - To be simple is thy motto, simplicity, the hallmark of your life. These are my loving wishes for your 60th Birthday, my dear friend. Today is the day of days! A unique day in the life of a unique person. You are special, precious and un-repeatedly unique! You are worth celebrating dear Gladys, May He turn your diamond into Platinum, and lead in the annals of your life. God Bless you! With warm and loving embrace, Your long standing friend, Terry | Gladys, you are such a special person in my life. Down to earth, always helpful, very forward. I remember back in 1992, when I was sick, just had my major surgery, how you dragged me for a healing service to church. This is one of the reasons that helped me recover. Then this happened when we moved to KIC - I changed by way of dressing , I stopped wearing dresses and I stuck to churidas. So you encouraged me to wear pants. I cannot forget the first day I wore pants to the office, and you came in early as usual, and I was hesitating, and not getting up from my seat. A few minutes later, the manager came by, and looked at me up and down for 5 minutes, smiled and walked by! Since then I' always wear pants. This is your nature, giving encouragement where it is needed. Everyone knew in the Accounts dept, that whenever you visited Accounts means there is going to be some collection request to help someone in need! I wish you all the best. May God Bless you with good health and happiness. With Love, Maria & Family Kuwait

26: Wow Gladys! You do not look a day older than 30! Brings me back to good memories of old sharq when you were dating handsome Victor. Toady you are the mother of 3 beautiful kids, and a husband that adores you! May God bless and keep you happy always! Your caring and loving nature, will never go unwarranted. Cheers to a long and healthy life! Mrs. D'mello, Ayres, June & Diana Toronto, Canada | Gladys, Good friends are rare like jewels, Difficult to find, and impossible to replace. That's what you are Gladys. May your troubles be less, Your blessings be more, And nothing but happiness come to your door This birthday and always! Lots of Love, Luck and Happiness Always Celebrate in style and have a great 60th blast! Prayerful wishes, Claude, Otilia & Family Mumbai, India

27: The best thing about you Gladys, is you are the only true friend I have from CBK days., who without fail sends me a Christmas Greeting every year. Not sure, if that has anything to do with the facet that I made your bridal bouquet! Anyway, for a good friend like you, who has kept in touch for so many years, only the very best can be wished for your 60th birthday! May the Lord shower you dear Gladys, with all the very best in life. May he shower you with love, laughter,happiness, good health, and above all peace. Since Oct 4th, is also the feast of St.Francis of Assisi, may he always bless you. "Make me a channel of your peace" is a favorite song of mine, and I wish the same for you as well. May God Bless you in good health, and cheer! Love and Prayers always, Nancy & Paul | Gladys, Happy 60th Birthday - With Love! The Gift of Heart is LOVE There's a gift that each of us can give, Which we have an abundance of... Its a gift that Blesses, Warms, and Heals Its a gift of our hearts...Our Love. Its a gift that comes right back to us The minute we give it away, And the more we give, the more we receive to bless us day by day! May you begin the year ahead with bright anticipation, & all the joy it might hold for you. Then may you find your every happy hope and expectation will turn into a lovely dream come true... With tons of Love, Hugs, Warm wishes, and God's blessings on your great day. Mike, Regina, Melissa & Rohan Toronto, Canada

28: Dearest Aunty Gladys, A 60th birthday is a wonderful occasion. You have crossed several milestones, but life just keeps looking for more challenges. Enjoy the bliss of sixty; enjoy the fruits of your labour. Surround yourself with your children, grandchildren, family, and friends and tell them tales of yesteryears. Relives the magical moments of life even while you look forward to new experiences. They say, age is a matter of feeling, not of years. May you always stay healthy and fit, in all the years to come, Happy Birthday. Lots of Love, hugs, kisses and prayers, Jossie, Jenny, Jessica, Jaime & Joelene | On this beautiful day, as you cross another milestone....turning to 60 years, We wish you life's best, joy, happiness and good health. May the good Lord shower his blessings on you today and always. Happy 60th Birthday! Veera, Vincy, Ovieta, Rohit, Lareina & Family | Wishing you Health, Wealth & Happiness on your Birthday and in the Years to come! Have a Sensational 60th Birthday! Lots of Love & Kisses, Nelson, Sarita, Daniel & David

29: Dearest Aunt/Grand Aunt/ Great Grand Aunt, Birthdays are days to dance and sing, They are days to count all your blessings. They are to be enjoyed with family and friends, So enjoy your day the fullest till it ends. May God bless you with good health & happiness in the years to come. May he fulfill all your wishes. We wish you a very Happy 60th Birthday. With lots of love, Rony, Annette, Ryan, Nimmy, Peter & Chris Mangalore, India Abu Dhabi

30: Wish you a very happy 60th birthday, and 60 more to come. I have known Victor, since childhood, and while I did not know you well in Kuwait, I'm glad that we do here in the US. One of my oldest memories, is that you gave my cousin Archie who got married in 1977, a rose that Victor had worn just a few weeks earlier. I had come to your home in Kuwait to pick it up. Here's wishing you a great day! Milan, Laverne, Gareth, Sharda & Granville | Happy Birthday, you are 60 years young today dear Gladys. We will always remember and cherish your helpful nature, hospitality, enthusiasm, and the little gifts, which are always ready. Thanks for everything. Enjoy the future with great health, and wonderful life ahead. Happy Birthday, Love, Austin & Lira Kuwait | Gladys Aunty, Thanks for all your love & support throughout the years, and for being there for me. Wishing you a very Happy 60th Birthday! Jatin Los Angeles, California

32: Gladys Your birthday is a celebration of your life. Those of us who know you, want to share the happiness of this day with you - for you are a pleasure to know and your life is worth celebrating ' You are wished a very Happy Birthday Wish each moment reminding you of just how special you are Have a Wonderful Day Happy 60th Birthday Love, Barbara, Mario & kids | Happy Birthday Mrs.Monteiro! Hope this birthday wish from the Fernandes family in Dallas finds you happy and healthy on your special day. The events that come to mind thinking of you and your wonderful family are the many Christmas parties in Kuwait and your good work alongside my father with theKuwait Goans. You have been very kind and generous to me. Thank you and I hope the years ahead have great joys in store for you and yours. Sincerely, Melvyn & family Dallas, Texas

33: Dear Gladys, Turning Sixty means looking back the choices you've made, the places you've been and helped you become - YOU It means wearing your confidence like a smile and striding through your life - regret-free, fearless and purposeful. It means appreciating just how far you've traveled, yet realizing th best of the best is yet to come. It means wrapping yourself in happiness and celebrating every minute of being Sixty as if it were the best time of your life - because it truly is. You've experienced so much in your wonderful life - weathered some changes, and been touched by great joy. And now you've arrived, rich with memories at Sixty remarkable years. Warm Congratulations on all you've accomplished, all that you've earned - and every good thing that's yet to be yours. Happy 60th Birthday! Wishing you lots more birthdays filled with exciting surprises. "The best kind of Birthday is the one, that's special right from the very start and one that fulfills all the hopes and dreams, that are so dear to your heart." May God Bless you now and always! Life is a book in which every year begins a new chapter." With lots of love on your 60th Birthday! Joseph, Elvira, Joel & Myra Kuwait / Virginia | Many people can walk in and out of my life. But your friendship has left footprints in my heart. I'm Blessed to have you as my friend. Thinking of you and sending you warm wishes, to make your day special and beautiful, today and always. Love Always, Dorothy, Alex & Family Goa, India

34: Dear Gladys A very happy 60th birthday to you. Our Lord has kept you in good health and blessed you with a wonderful family. may you continue to live your life in abundance and may God bless you! Love, Godfrey & Olinda | Dear Gladys, Welcome to the 'Sexagenenarian's Club - its a pretty exclusive one! As a 7 year member I can tell you that it can get tiring! But since you display such energy at your daughters wedding, we have no doubt that in 4 decades you will be in the Centenarian's Club! Love, Winsom & Michael Alvares | Dear Gladys, Congratulations on this 'mile stone Birthday! Our wish for you - May you be loved more today & less than tomorrow. Older the brew, higher the price!! Keep Smiling, and the world will smile with you. Edgar & Joan Lobo | Dear Gladys, Melvyn & I would like to wish you a very happy 60th birthday and God's choicest blessings for you today and always. We are very lucky to share a friendship with you and your family since the famous Darwaza Abdul Razzak days - that is a long time! Good luck & all the very best! Love Mona & Melvyn

35: Dear Gladys, It seems like just a few short years since we met in Chatham. I did not know it then, but I would come to gain a colleague and very good friend. Someone who enlightened me on topics of religion, faraway place she knew well and things like how tea grows! We worked together and I learned how organized you were and also how competitive in a quiet gracious and very effective way (always making or surpassing your sales goals). Through your supportive communication with your family, I came to know Victor and the children before I met them. You were the heart of the family - encouraging them in all that they did and proudly sharing their accomplishments with me. The very best for a Happy, Healthy and Blessed 60th Birthday. You are in my thoughts and prayers always for the many ways in which you enriched my life. Love, Marjorie | Dear Gladys, The Goan Association has been a special kind of extended family to so many of us. When you "burst" up at the scene, it was without much fanfare but a dedicated and committed sense of loyalty to everyone on the committee. You became a family member and were warmly received into the group because your loving and caring nature expressed itself so visibly in all that you do and continue to be. We do not think we have ever heard the world "No" in your vocabulary, as you eagerly delve into each project with enthusiasm and optimistic fortitude. Besides, your sense of humor is a great compliment as well! We wish you all God's blessings on your birthday and petition the Lord to grant you a lifetime of joy, happiness and the best health. Of course, we expect many more years dedicated to our Goan NJ family! It is such a joy to know you and count upon our friendship. Love and birthday blessings, Chris & Dianne Nunes

36: Gladys, I can't believe you will soon be 60! You look wonderful! What a wonderful person you are - inside and out! All who know you are truly blessed to have you as a friend because you are so warm, caring and giving of yourself. I know that from my own experience - you befriended by sister, Marilyn when she lost her husband and was there for her every step of the way, offering her love and support when she needed it the most and that love and true friendship has lasted all through the years to this day! And of course, no mean achievement when you think of the part you have played in the upbringing of 3 wonderful children whose achievements in the field of Medicine and Biomedical engineering can be traced to you behind the scenes with your dedications and sacrifice all the years in Kuwait and then here, once you immigrated to this great land. What more can I say? I am just so happy to consider you my friend, and I wish you a very Happy 60th!! With showers of blessings on this day and always. We wish you god health, happiness and many many more birthdays to come!! Fond Love, Merlyn & Joey | Dear Gladys, Wishing you a glorious birthday. You are a pillar of strength & faith, and are an inspiration to us all. Wishing you a world of happiness & health for the years to come. May God Bless you and may your have many many more blessings than you wished for. Best Wishes, Louella, Bromin & the girls. | God bless you for your Simplicity & Kindness Happy Birthday Gladys! Cedric | Congratulations Gladys on your 60th BIrthday. We wish you all the best and may all dreams come true. Love & God Bless! Neil, Jackie, Richa & Rajiv

37: I'd like to take this opportunity to wish Gladys a very happy birthday and many happy returns of the day. Surely, I will pray for you in a very special way on the 4th of October, as that day is very dear to us, as we celebrate the feast of St.Francis of Assisi, our patron of the Congregation. Happy Birthday dear Mrs.Gladys! Wish sincere love and gratitude, Yours in Christ, Sr. Rita Vas UFS | Gladys, I can remember all the wonderful times I shared with you in CBK, the recepies and laughter! You are a lovely person. I wish you all the best. May your have many many more great birthdays with your beloved family. Happy Birthday Gladys, God Bless, Ruby | Dear Gladys, Enjoy the last decade of your life driving faster than your age. When you get to the 70's, 60mph is way too fast!! Your top speed and age is in your 60s! Happy 60th Birthday! Relax. I think you will be able to drive faster for a lot longer - you do not even look 50! A Great milestone! May your turning the milestone of 60 make you feel more relaxed knowing that your life troubles are all but temporary, and you still have much time to enjoy the places and people you love. Happy 60th Birthday, a great milestone!! Love, Felix, Vera, Angelica, Angelique

38: Here's wishing you a Happy Birthday And many many more to come May all your wishes come true Have a great day and year ahead Love Always, Merwyn, Sharon & Courtney Missouri City, TX | Wishing you a very happy and memorable 60th Birthday, Aunty Gladys. Love Always, Syra, Samson, Sherine

39: Happy Birthday Gladys, May you enjoy many more years of good health and laughter, surrounded by the love of your family and friends. You are such an inspirational person to all of us - such a pillar of strength, a fierce and supportive Mama bear, a loving wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend. Your practical, no-nonsense attitude cuts out hours of debate, and together with Victor, your strong faith shines out as an example to your children, and all those who know you. Love Always, Teresa, Jude (from heaven), Nigel & Alison. | Dearest Gladys, I want to wish you a happy and blessed special birthday! I have known you for many years now. While we worked together, I came to know just how strong you are coming from Kuwait, how honest and truthful you are, and how everyone who knows you, can always count on you! From our conversations, I learned about your young children - their hopes, aspirations and accomplishments. You spoke about them with such love and I love hearing about them. Gladys, you are a wonderful person, and more than just a friend to me. You are like a sister, and helped me through a very difficult time in my life. You called me everyday, around the same time, with cheerful messages, or helpful tips on how to make it through the day. What more can I say about you, except that in our house - we love you and your family. So, Ozzie and I wish you a very very happy birthday! Love, Lucy & Ozzie

40: Happy Birthday

41: Happy Birthday

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