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70 Years Well Documented!

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S: Judy Louise Krohn. Helgager: 70 Years Well Documented!

BC: Compiled and designed with love by your daughter, Betsy Lou Helgager Hughes 9/24/2011

FC: Happy 70th Birthday Judy | "A compilation of heartfelt, humorous, and adoring messages and photographs from your family and friends."

1: "70 Years Well Documented" | Judy Louise Krohn Helgager | Daughter | Sister | Wife | Mother | Friend | Grandmother | Advocate

2: Our

3: Family

6: Dearest Judy, You were covering the desk at the women's dorm back in 1962, and I was returning from a date. After I dropped off my date, you and I chatted for awhile. You were witty, cute, passionate and intelligent, and I was won over immediately. You may say it was lust followed by love. From that point on we became fast friends and lovers and now 49 years later here we are still together. Judy, you continue to wow me with your wit, passion and intelligence, and you are still cute! Now that you are 70, I can say without question, you continue to make

7: life worth living and fun! I celebrate our life together and want nothing more than to hang out with my best friend, lover and wife. As we move into the new decade, I look forward to enjoying more films with you and experiencing the fun and enjoyment we will have discussing them. Analyzing the Rays baseball team with you has turned out to be the most indepth discussion I have had with any man. In fact, we often talk about you as a woman/man because you can talk "man" and "woman". Ha! Let's not forget politics, Judy, you have some definite opinions about our political system and in particular its affect on women. I have always had the greatest respect for your passion when it comes to these beliefs. I have learned much from these experiences . . .

8: So, as we age and move into this new decade together, my hope is that you will continue your passion for life and enjoy those things that please you most. It will be a great trip for me, I am sure. I would like to close this message with a poem I wrote to you some time in the mid 60’s. The quiet morning brought to mind how peaceful life can be, and the love we share so fully, as if we have resigned from the loud cry of reality. It brought to mind, too, that I will love you sweet, beyond the boundaries of time. For you are mine, and I am yours, as long as there is eternity. With Love, Dave | Love

9: Happy 70th Birthday Mom! I can’t believe your almost 80! (ha ha, inside joke). I hope you enjoy this monumental birthday and have the time of your life celebrating it! It’s hard to believe all these years have passed by. We have experienced quite alot and have had many happy and fond memories in that time, so many things have changed too! I'm glad we are still able to see each other often even so. I hope you have many more birthdays and make many more great new memories in the future. Love, Aaron

10: A mother tries to provide her daughter with insight into the important things in life in order to make her life as happy and fulfilling as possible.

11: When I told you at my wedding That you’re my foundation I couldn’t say it more clearly Or with more elation. The woman that you are Interesting and complex, Made me strong and independent And very proud of my sex! You had me marching in white For women’s rights and the ERA Almost before my Very first ever school day. You’ve also taught me the art Of protesting with grace And that I should never have an issue Identifying with my race.

12: The Afro that you gave me When no one else had one Made me eventually grow fond of the natural look And now I’m rocking one! You’ve made me more astute You’ve enforced guys AND gals Eliminating the negating language Spewed by so called “pals”. You’re a film aficionado Who has a passion for the field You break down the meaning of movies To no avail or yield. And finally and most importantly You’re devoted to your spouse The love you share with each other Translates into me making a happy house. | Thank you for your love And thank you for your mind Thank you for being uniquely you And thank you for your time. Hey, hey, what do you say, Happy Birthday To You Today! Love, Betsy

13: Grandma, It’s wonderful spending time with you. You do alot for me and alot for others. Well it’s time for us to give back to you. You are a great grandma and a great person, especially to me and to your family. You’re always there for us when we’re in need. You take time to go to | my basketball games, buy me things that I want/need, give me awesome advice for future references. You’re just a perfect grandma and a perfect person. Happy Birthday and I hope there are a lot more to come. Love, Jeffrey Aaron age 15

14: Grandma, Thank you for everything you have done for me. I really appreciate it. You’re a pretty hip to the groove Grandma! I love you very much. I love doing stuff with you – it’s always so fun! You’re very nice, fun, awesome, amazing, and SOOOO much more! You’re the best grandma anyone could ever ask for! NO JOKE! I really, really, really appreciate everything you and Grandpa have done for me. Without you two I wouldn’t have a phone, an I-pod. I wouldn’t have you! You’re a perfect grandma and I just want both of you to know how much I love and care for you. That’s just a little, very little portion of what you mean to me! I <3 YOU. Dakota Marie age 12

15: "Sophia, you need to write Grandma a 70th birthday message," said Betsy. Sophia responded, "Okay, how do you spell Love?" She continues, "70 - that's how old Grandpoo is. So they're the same age? No way!" She finished with, "You're a great grandma. You're like a fairy...you can fly. I love you." Sophia Louise age 4

16: Judy, We’ve come a long way since meeting for the first time in December of 2003. We’ve had our ups and downs but I think we have found a “happy place”. I’ve enjoyed our unique traveling excursions together - the coast of Portland, Victoria, Canada and Daufuskie Island to name a few. I enjoy your passion for cinema and your Grandmotherly ways with Sophie Lou! I’m happy that Sophia has her Grandma in her life. Also, thanks for giving me a wonderful friend, partner, lover and wife in Betsy Lou!” Happy Birthday!! Enjoy your day! Geo

17: The Wisdom of Amazing Grandparents | Happy 70th Birthday Judy! Our wish is for good health now and in the future. Enjoy this special time in your life. Sincerely, George & Evelyn

18: Could I be looking at the first swimmers ever in my family's history? Maybe! OR: Wonder if there is room in that pool for the a fourth REALLY BIG KID? | Happy 70th Birthday J, Well it looks like you are now the SENIOR in the lineup, STAND proud! Wishing you health and happiness as you continue along the trail of life. Birdie Ann

19: A generational picture taken in the true Fandry tradition by our favorite aunt, Margaret.

20: Judy, You always have a way of making visits special and memorable, whether it was a summer stay in Springfield or Charleston, a trip to sunny Sarasota, or one of | your treks up to Wisconsin. It was always something I looked forward to -- and still do. Thanks! Kevin | Good Times In Kohler!

21: Christmas 1967 | Dear Aunt Judy, Greetings from Laguna Beach on your big 70! Thanks for all the great childhood memories I had during those summers I spent at your house. Thanks for being the best Aunt/ Godmother I could ask for. Cheers! Kent

23: Hi Judy! Happy Birthday! I just happened to have an e-mail sent to me the other day that had you put in the year of your birth and it brought up a fun list of things, people, etc., from that year. So, in 1941, 70 years ago... The favorite movie that year was Seargent York with Gary Cooper The best selling book was The Keys of the Kingdom by A. J. Cronin (was that the same Cronin that was one of Mae Helgager's favorite actors?) - The short subject, "Elmer's Peter Rabbit" brought the 2nd appearance of Bug's Bunny - On the radio was "Key Biscuit Time," and - Artie Shaw's hit song, "Frenzie" made the scene in 1941 | - When you were 8 year's old there was the hit movie, So Dear to my Heart - And at 9 the movie Beauty and the Devil - At age 15 Dean Martin had a hit with "Memories are Made of This" and the movie, The Searchers was the one to see - In 1941 the comic book character, Captain America was popular as well as the famous song by the Blues Brothers, "Born in Chicago" I’m sharing a couple of pictures from California, 2007. That was a fun trip. We planned it well - remember the fires in Orange County right after we left?

24: I hope you and Dave will visit us again in Minneapolis. We still have the Rooster picture-platter you purchased for us at the garage sale we stopped in on the day we all walked around the local lakes. We can hit Famous Dave's Barbeque if you're up for some ribs and brew! Of course Betsy and George's wedding was a great highlight. The wedding was beautiful and everyone enjoyed the happy celebration and the chance to get together. We were lucky to be able to travel around Florida and sight see a bit, and have a feast or two of grouper. You have a beautiful home - I love your pool. | That's right, we watched the Oscar's at your place the night before we left. The Oscar winning movie was The Departed, and so was the winning director of the same movie, Martin Scorsese. Helen Mirren won best actress for The Queen and the best actor was Forest Whitaker in The Last King of Scotland. (I looked all that up :-) We wish you all the best. Have a wonderful celebration, and may you have many, many more! Love and Best Wishes, Barb and Mark

25: Dear Judy, I remember our first meeting well. Dave brought you to meet the family in Hurley. I think that was nearly 50 years ago. At the time we were living in the apartment above Ben's Market. I must have been just beginning high school, but I could tell this cool girl was the one for my big brother! Have a wonderful birthday! Love, James Dear Judy, Life seems to have led the Helgager brothers to live very far apart in this big country. Two of them had the sense to choose sunny coastlines but unfortunately on opposite coasts. On the occasions we have had to spend some time together, I have so enjoyed your company, your fine mind and sense of humor. Happy Birthday, sister-in-law! Love, Dagmar

26: Dear Judy – We love you, and you are one of our favorite feminists. I cannot believe you are 70! You have NEVER acted a day over 40. Thanks for all the great movie reviews. Love, Jennifer Cohen & Rhonda DiFranco

27: Friendship

28: Happy 70th Birthday Judy! The one with just you was taken in June 1992 in Englewood. We had just had lunch and it was the last time I saw you for several years as I moved to Missouri. I made the keychain you have in your hand as a little goodbye gift. The other two are pictures of when you hosted my 50th Birthday party with my Florida friends in Oct 1998. Laura & Conrad Seibel

29: Judy, Happy 70th! I remember how energetic you have always been and willing to be a great hostess with the mostest! My visit to Florida in 1981 was fun and I experienced some new seafood flavors, and enjoyed our visit on the beaches. Many happy returns. Kathy Lilly

30: Welcome to Our Eighth Decade Happy Birthday to my friend and neighbor, A woman with a conscience and a heart. Put down your burdens; cease all heavy labor; Put up your feet. The party soon will start. You’ve earned a break, a restful change of pace. Before you pleasing prospects now expand. It’s time to smell the flowers, leave the race, Relax, enjoy the wonders close at hand. Travel –– unashamed pursuit of pleasure –– Holds great promise too. You’ve long deserved Delight and deep contentment beyond measure After all the years that you have served. You mustn’t feel you ought to act your age. TO YOU the time has come to dance –– offstage. ~ Roger Trefethen - 9/24/11 | To Another Born in 1941 Doubtless in the rush to honor mother A serious omission has occurred. Verily we should include another, Even though he might think it absurd. His steady stream of fiscal contributions –– Indomitable, solid as a rock –– To clients offer budgeting solutions –– Sure to keep his family out of hock. Earning much respect and gratitude –– Venerable now –– he’s reached the phase Every person with a wholesome attitude Needs to enjoy as seen through Wisdom’s gaze. To end your seventh decade in good health You should be feted grandly –– not by stealth. ~ Roger Trefethen - 8/25/11

31: JUDY JUDY A poem for Judy Judy: So much to write about you woman for all seasons, Of that there is no doubt. A worker for good causes, a friend to those in need, a thinker and a doer— a Humanist in deed. A film aficionado, a feminist to the end, a grandma, wife and mother— Some herstory, girlfriend. Seven decades on the planet You’ve left your mark, my dear, So keep on having birthdays and we’ll celebrate each year. Best, Karen | Richard Dawkins writes in The God Delusion, "We are all atheists about most of the gods that humanity has ever believed in. Some of us just go one god further." Best Wishes, Keith

32: Happy 70th Birthday......Judy Helgager.......The Fondy Flash It is Judy Helgager, now 70, who, after 53 years still holds the french kissing record in the parking area in Fond du Lac near the famous lighthouse. According to police records, and several other reliable sources, Ms. Helgager kept her tongue extended into the mouth of Herman Schultz, age 15, without coming up for air, for a total of 3 hours, 18 minutes, and 24 seconds, thereby breaking the record held by Mary Margaret O'brien from St. Mary's Spring Academy who had her tongue stuck in the mouth of some cheesemaker's kid from Campbellsport who remains, to this day, unidentified. Way to go Judy......and kudos to you......french kissing, as you know, is like smoking in that it shortens your life because of all of the transfer of the many germs which congregate at the south end of Lake Winnebago. You are superwoman, my friend, my idol, and someone who has helped us thru some difficult years. If there is anybody on the face of the planet Kay will still recognize, it will be you. Sadly, you guys did not have that much time together.....but there is no question in my mind that you two were evil twins beyond compare. You knew long before most others what was happening in her head and you stayed the course. That is just one of the many great things you have done in your 70 years on this strange and wonderous planet. Thanks and Happy Birthday. Prindy

33: Happy "70"th Birthday Judy. Love, Leo and Caroline

34: Happy 70th birthday to an intrepid woman and a consummate feminist. Charge on, Judy! Love, June | Happy 70th birthday to an intrepid woman and a consummate feminist. Charge on, Judy! Love, June | Seventy is good! My seventy year old birthday was July 18. We had a big party at our lake cottage with family and friends. Sorry Holly and I cannot make it for your Sept. 23 event. My brother and his wife are having a party in Jacksonville that evening to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary. We will find a time to get together with you and Dave in the near future. Congratulations on your birthday. Les Downing

35: To Judy, one of the most beautiful, brilliant, cinephiles, a fascinating and funny feminist, great, in short, a happy, intelligent, jolly, kind, loving, marvelous, open, nutty but pretty sweet and thoughtful, very wonderful, woman. It has been a delight co-chairing the Film Forum with you at our Unitarian Universalist Church of Sarasota. You have taught us a great deal, opened our eyes when we go to the movies, and made us appreciate more than we were possibly able in the past. I know that I have a long way to go but I’m working on it, thanks to you. Your insight and knowledge has been a great gift to all of us and, although you may not believe it all of the time, you are greatly appreciated. Please keep up your good work! I apologize for the photo because it is from 2008 which means my old age. I’m sorry that I didn’t meet you years ago and then there would be a terrific photo of us from out of the distant past. Oh well, my best wishes to you for many more years of Happy, Happy Birthdays. Love from Louise King | Judy, We hope for you a wonderful birthday day and night, and many more to come. You are a light in HUSBAY and we are grateful for you. Jacqui & Ernie Kinnie

36: You've come a long way, Baby!!!! Do you remember this 8th grade picture? The more recent pictures are from our great trip to New York - one of you and Carol Lange outside of Tavern on the Green in New York on July 23, 2006, and the second picture of you and Carol at The View on July 24, 2006. My camera was acting up (my pictures turned red) so only a few turned out. Although we were friendly in school, we never "hung around together". In fact, for over 40 years, we had no contact with each other so it has been very nice to re-connect with you again. Pat

37: Judy, thank you for making my trip around New England and New York a memorable one. This was my best ever. I wish you a very happy birthday and 70 more in good health! Hugs, Sandie | We are delighted to be a part of your special day! You are seventy and sensational. Here's to many more celebrations. Happy Birthday Judy. Don and Sara

38: Happy 70th birthday to an intrepid woman and a consummate feminist. Charge on, Judy! Love, June | Judy – How dare you look so good at 70!! And Dave too, the stinker! Ellen Cone | Dear Judy, Happy 70th!! There's NO WAY!! We have had some memorable times with Dave and you. Especially loved our holiday brunches! I will always remember (with a smile) the first day on my job at Sarasota Memorial Hospital. You had the pleasure of being my mentor. I remember that you gave me a stack of patient charts and told me to contact you if I needed help. I do appreciate the confidence you had in me! You are an amazing lady and an inspiration to all social workers. May the next year bring you much happiness, health, and love. Barbara (and Richard) Kistler

39: They call her Judy, great smile, great laugh. I think she's a beauty Bops around in her Prius A movie fan a lady of "NOW" and HurRAY, hurRAY For the RAYS!!! CORK HASSELL | Dear Judy, Whether belly laughing during dinner out, discussing the play we have just seen, joking and goofing with the crowd at Wednesday lunch, getting the skinny on the latest movie, cheering at a Rays' game, watching you dress in your burka, kayaking in Tampa Bay, or just hanging together, you are one of our favorite people. All the very best on this auspicious milestone. David C. and Susan S.

40: Judy--- You were the cutest chick in Charleston UU, back in my day - long, long ago. Now I've been in the newspaper biz so long that the staff made this picture of me. Hang in there - Jim Haught, soon to be 80

41: An old man once said ...There comes a time in life, when you walk away from all the drama and people who create it. You surround yourself with people who make you laugh, forget the bad, and focus on the good. So love the people who treat you right, pray for the ones who don't. Life is too short to be anything but happy. Falling down is a part of life, getting back up is living.~ My Dear Judy, on your birthday I would like to share this proverb I live by! Our lives have been such a great journey but one thing I remember is that you and Dave have always been there for the important moments of that journey which means you are "MY VERY TRUE FRIENDS". We still have a long way to go in that journey but I want you to know that I will always be there holding your hand, every step of the way. We are not getting older but wiser - Happy Birthday my dear friend! Much love, Norma, Carla & Normarie

42: I first met you about eight years ago at a Sarasota-Manatee NOW meeting. After the meeting, several of us went for coffee. You talked about accepting one’s self image as you aged. You said you were OK with grey hair and questioned why women felt compelled to “look younger.” That was a life-changing discussion for me. I quit dying my hair and started to accept my aging body. Since then, I have grown to love you as a special friend. I love your wit, your frankness, and your ability to size up the situation and come up with fresh ideas. I love our walks, our talks, and our goofing around. Once special zany moment, at your urging, a carload of NOW members returning from lobbying in Tallahassee stopped at an adult toy store. This was a first for me. We laughed at the thought of us liberated women checking out the goods in this store. Judy, have a happy 70th birthday. You are special to so many people, especially to me. Jane Blanchard Photos contributed by Dennis Blanchard

43: We have known you for only a few of your 70 years, but during that time have enjoyed your friendship and appreciated your compassion for others. You have headed the Caring Committee for HUSBAY and have been willing to undertake other responsibilities | for the organization.We greatly value your many qualities and will look forward to many more years of continued friendship with you, for we know that your best years are yet ahead. Ursula and Noel

44: Dear Judy, As you may imagine, I won't be able to come to hug you on your special day! I know you will have fun! Mechtild | Oh, how I wish I could make it. I know it will be great. Happy 70th, Judy! You've caught up to me! Carol Lange | GO JUDY! Wishing you at least another 70 - in good health and surrounded by all your loved ones! Love, Joyce & Joe

45: We look forward to a wonderful evening with special people! Happy 70th to Judy!!! Lori & Pete | It will be our pleasure to be with our dear friends. Happy 70th! Aida and Larry | Judy, I'd recognize you anywhere. You were adorable then, and you still are! Susan Shucker

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