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75 Years Young

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S: 75 Years Young Barbara Belyea

FC: Barbara Belyea | 75 Years Young

1: Barbara Belyea | June 18th | Pink | Volunteering | Extrovert | Risk Taker | Love in the Time of Cholera | Hometown Glory - Adel | Pride and Prejudice

3: ..............................................

8: To My Mom on her 75th Birthday, How do I put into words all that we have been through and how much you mean to me? I know raising me was not an easy task and we had some rocky paths along the way. Mark Twain said, "My mother had a great deal of trouble with me, but I think she enjoyed it." I'm not sure you enjoyed it but we had some wonderful times on those rocky roads. I love Christmas time! I think you might have had something to do with that. Christmas times were always a wonderful time in our house. I remember the year my dad was on a business trip during the time when we normally went and reserved our live Christmas tree, so You, Becky and I went and reserved a tree, It was a beautiful tree out there on the tree farm. Dad did not think so a couple of weeks later when he went to pick it up. When he brought it home to put it up he had to cut about 4 feet of the trunk off and we still had to put it in the middle of the living room where the cathedral ceiling was so it would fit. I heard some words that day I don't think I ever heard when he tried to get it to stand in the tree stand. I also remember the table you used to set-up to wrap gifts for us. You had a sheet over it and we were not to peek at the presents beneath it. I remember one year I couldn't resist and I peeked and saw I was getting a baton. That Christmas was not nearly as fun and I never peeked again. Thank you for instilling in me

9: a love of not only Christmas but all the special days we celebrated as a family. You made sure we knew how important family was and we celebrated the love of family often. You instilled in me a love for adventure and travel! I'm not sure Greg appreciates this passion as much as I do. I remember so fondly all the trips we took as a family. I still remember how much Becky hated the showers she had to take in the Aljo trailer; I think she preferred baths at home. You or dad had her lathered up and were about to rinse her off when she took off and slipped and slid the length of the trailer on her stomach like a seal. Whether it was a trip in our Aljo trailer or a train trip across the country, you instilled in me a love for adventure and an appreciation for this great country God has made. I know you were never really comfortable around babies, and that is what made it all the more special when you agreed to come stay with me the day after we brought Steven home from the hospital. Greg was pretty new at UCR and could not take the time off so you came over and spent the day with me and helped me. I remember you helped me give Steven his first bath and as I was washing him I was talking to him and said something like "and now let's wash your pee pee". You being the nurse said to me, "Nancy that is a penis." No surprise to Dale or Greg, you also took me and my newborn baby

10: shopping at Target that day. Dale always said you and I did a good job terrorizing the malls. I think that is another passion that Greg wishes you did not instill in me. Erma Bombek once said. "When your mother asks, 'Do you want a piece of advice?' it is a mere formality. It doesn't matter if your answer is yes or no. You're going to get it anyway." Thank you mom for the parenting advise you gave me whether I wanted it or not, but thank you most for making it ok to make mistakes as a mom because I made plenty. Thank you also for the love of reading you gave to me. I still remember sitting beside you after I had my bath and was in my pajamas. You would sit and read "The Secret Garden" as well as other books to me. Steven and Caleb are both excellent readers and I like to think the love of reading you gave to me, I passed on to them. When Steven asked me to send him some of my fondest memories of you I had, I could not think of just one, but there were as few funny ones that still make me laugh. The first was on one trip to Oak Glen. I loved our trips to Oak Glen with you and Dale, Becky and Carl and their kids as they came along and Greg and I had our boys. I loved picking apples and pressing cider and our picnics. One year I remember sitting at a picnic table that was on a small hill. We were finishing up our lunch and each of us was gradually getting up to dump our trash and when the last person got up on the opposite side of where you were sitting the table and you flipped! There you were lying on the ground with the table on its side, We made sure

11: O U R F I R S T K I S S | you were ok before we all burst out laughing, including you. Thank you mom for teaching me not to take myself to seriously. That has really come in handy having Greg as my husband and two sons that liked to use me for comedy material. The second funny incident I remember fondly was a time you came out to Moreno Valley for the day to spend time with Steven and myself. Steven was about 5, I think, and he wanted to go bowling. We had bowled a couple of frames and you went up to take your turn. The only problem was that you had stepped in something sticky so when you went for your release, your foot stuck and you when down the alley with your ball. It reminded me of a cartoon. Again, Steven and I made sure that you were ok before we burst out laughing. Mom, thank you for making time for your grandsons. Even though you worked full-time you always made sure you supported your grandsons and spent time with them. If it was hot or freezing cold you made sure you went to baseball games for Steven, Brian, Caleb and Robert. Even if the acting was bad you went to Steven and Caleb's plays. Even during your busy times you went to see Robert test in Taekwondo. You went to grandparent's days and graduations, ice cream, movies, Disneyland, Knott's Berry Farm and of course bowling. The pride and love you have for your grandsons is so evident in not only your words but your actions. It has been said "Being a mother is learning about strengths you didn't know you had, and dealing with fears you didn't know existed." Being a mother now myself I can see how much you had to

12: . | overcome; during a difficult fist marriage, a rebellious daughter, your recovery from alcoholism, breast cancer, and seeing Dale through a lengthy illness. Your faith, love and strength are an inspiration and comfort to me. Many times you have apologized for not being a better mother to Becky and me. Mom, I know now you did the best you could. Just like Becky and I have done the best we could as mothers. I like the quote from Alice Walker, "Yes, Mother. I can see you are flawed. You have not hidden it. That is your greatest gift to me." Mom, you have let me see your flaws as well as your strengths. I know you have spent plenty of time on your knees praying for Becky and I and I want you to know the Lord has heard your prayers. Your prayers, love, wisdom, comfort and confidence in me have helped to form me into the women and mother I am today, flaws and all. So mom, as we celebrate you on our 75th birthday I want to tell you how much I love and respect you. You are an amazing woman, teacher, mother, grandmother and friend, and I hope I can be as caring, giving, active and silly as you are at 75. To quote the TV show the Golden Girls "It's not easy being a mother. If it were easy, fathers would do it." You have done it well. Happy Birthday mom, I love you. Nancy

14: Having known Barbara for over 30 years, there are a number of events and situations that I could point out that were funny or special. Some of my fondest memories are the annual trips to Oak Glen for apple picking, cider churning, and apple-crisp eating (my personal favorite)- including the time Barbara and Dale forget the lunch meat and we had vinegar-dressing sandwiches (yum) for lunch. Instead of that, however, the thing about Barbara that impresses me the most is her personal growth over the years as she has been recovering from alcoholism. When I first met her, Barbara was really struggling with her identity and was not always the easiest person to be around. She was really trying to start over in a new way of living, and this sometimes led to conflict with those she loved, and dealing with some hurt feelings along the way. But as she grew in her new life, things gradually started to change. God brought her a husband who really loved her, and as she experienced his love, she began to express this to those around her as well. About this same time, she took advantage of the opportunity to teach nursing at Saddleback College, and I think truly found fulfillment in developing nursing students into the professionals who take care of all of us today. Finally, in the last few years she and Dale were both able to discover God, if not for the first time, at least in a new and fresh way, as they developed their own personal relationships with Jesus. This really added to her contentment and helped her discover her true identity and meaning in life. As someone who had prayed for her and her family for many years, I cannot begin to tell you how happy I am to see her experience God's grace and peace. So Barbara, happy birthday and congratulations on 75 years of tears and pain, and joy and peace, May God continue to bless you and guide you in His love and grace. Love, Greg | ..............................................

16: Grandma B has always been a major part of my life. Every summer, Brian and I used to spend a weekend at her house. She would always take us to the pool, the park, and an Angel game. I remember her letting Brian and I play imaginary baseball in her living room for hours and hours. For that weekend, we got to be big league players. My favorite memory of Grandma's house is when Brian and I rearranged all of the furniture in the downstairs portion of her house while Papa Dale sat and watched. Her reaction when she came downstairs was unforgettable. One thing I can say about Grandma B is that she always made time for her family, and she made that time extra special. Sometimes she went above and beyond the call of duty. For example, She once sacrificed her hamstring to participate in the family softball game. She always went the extra mile to

17: make sure we knew we were loved. Whether it was trips to the Mum Festival at the Wild Animal Park, Christmas Eve dinner with the whole family, or watching her beloved Angels, Grandma B always made every event special. I consider myself lucky to have had such a Grandmother in my life. She has taught me to strive to go above and beyond for the benefit of others, but she also taught me how to laugh at myself when my attempts fall short. And learning two things so important from one person is, to quote the book of Barbaraisms, "covering two birds with one stone." Love, Steven

18: First Anniversary | I haven't had the pleasure of knowing Barbara for as long as most, but in the few years that I've known her, I've learned two very important things. First, I have learned that the Angels are the best baseball team. And second (and probably a bit more important) that Barbara loves her family very very much. It is due to Barbara that I am an Angels fan and not a Dodger fan. I remember one trip to Angel Stadium. Steven was trying to convince me to be a Dodger fan while Barbara wanted me to be an Angel fan. I told the family that whichever team I owned a

19: pink team shirt for, was the team that would become "my team". Upon hearing this declaration, Barbara sneaked off to the Team Store and bought me a pink Angels shirt before Steven could buy me a Dodger one. Thanks to her I'm an Angel fan (and even get the scores/ plays sent as text | messages to my phone). This shirt also resulted in Steven switching to being an Angel fan first and a Dodger fan second. I've seen many ways that Barbara shows her love for her family but Barbara makes you feel like part of the family even when you aren't. Most of my time knowing Barbara was before I was an Artman. In this time she demonstrated her love and care by including me in family events, sending cards on special days, and going to musicals with Steven and I. I also remember the way she passed down "marriage advice" from her generation at my bridal shower (I've failed miserably in having dinner ready for Steven when he gets home from work). She also cross-stitched a beautiful design on an apron for me. How time consuming! Knowing the time she took to make that and was thinking of me and my life with Steven, touches my heart very deeply. Barbara, I'm blessed to have you in my life and I am proud to have married into the family that you have nurtured. Happy 75 years!! Love, Katherine

21: Grandma is always willing to go the extra mile for me. When I was in Elementary school I was always sad on Grandparents Day because for the most part it was inconvenient for either of mine to make it, except for the one year that Grandma B and Papa Dale made it out to my school and brought me lunch for Grandparents Day. That day is still one of my favorite Elementary School memories. - Caleb

22: I first met Barbara about 30 years ago, when her daughter, Nancy, and my son, Greg, started planning their wedding. Since then we became "best" friends- have many memories, funny sad, etc. The Pinochle games were always fun and once in a while we were able to win a game (we were always partners.) We went to many Angel games (Barbara was always dressed like an Eskimo until the 4th of July and then she shed her gloves and hat.) We have a tradition of shopping every Black Friday (not sure she always enjoyed that day) after our Thanksgiving dinner together with the family. My daughter and I are always included at all her family functions and are treated like one of the clan. I could go on but really want to say "I love you Barbara and a very Happy Birthday!" ~Carolyn Artman

24: From Becky, ~ I was always very proud to have my mom as the leader of my Girl Scout troop and in charge with the cookie distribution. I was excited for the troop meetings knowing my mom was going to be there and was the leader. ~Wearing my mom's wedding gown at my own wedding is a very special memory for me and something I will always look upon with pride. ~We look forward to the tradition of picking out our live Christmas tree with mom every year and then helping to decorate her tree together. ~We enjoy going anyplace with mom as she is great company and great fun. Angel games, Disneyland, San Diego Zoo, the La Brea Tarpits, Los Angeles museums, Sea World; these are all regular places we visit and always go with mom as it just wouldn't be the same without her. Since she is a native Southern California Girl, we enjoy hearing her stories and memories of these places from when she was young, and we build memories with her each time we go. ~I am very proud of my mom and brag about how active she remains and impress others that she continues teaching | nursing, going to casinos with friends, and traveling whenever opportunity arises. I hope she is blessed with her continued energy for years to come

28: From Brian: Grandma and Papa Dale got me into baseball and I enjoy watching the Angels with Grandma in her seats. I like talking to her about the games and about the current and future Angels. I also like talking to her about sports in general whether it be about basketball or even some hockey. I thank her for getting me into baseball and for helping and taking an interest in my playing of the game.

30: From Robert: Grandma is a great companion to go to Disneyland with and it just isn't the same without her. I also liked when she took me to the Discovery Science Center for my birthday last year. It was a great offer and I loved going there with her, my mom and friend Rachel. We went to see Wreck It

31: Ralph movie together, and I enjoyed that time together. I love going to the San Diego Zoo with grandma and the La Brea Tarpits and Los Angeles Natural History museum. She makes these trips more memorable. She also makes Angels more enjoyable.

34: Good Times


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