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80 Years!

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80 Years! - Page Text Content

S: 80 Years! The Link to Our Past and the Bridge to Our Future

BC: ~1931~ It was a very good year!!

FC: 80 Years! The Link to Our Past and the Bridge to Our Future

1: "Our most treasured family heirlooms are our sweet family memories." This book is dedicated to the most wonderful parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents that any family could hope for! It is written with love, by your family, for all the things you have done and for the wonderful people you are. Happy 80th Birthdays! | 2011

2: Mom & Dad, Thank you for all you do. I love you. R. K.

4: deep sea fishing trip (now I've tried lake fishing and I did not enjoy that. I was bored.) R.K. says its fishing, not catching... lol...well, anyway, once we went out I was hooked instantly! Thank you, M.I.L. for recommending I try something I would normally not do. I've always been able to call her at anytime of the day to talk, cry, vent my frustrations and she never says anything--but listens to me. I really enjoy that relationship I have with her. I've never had that with my mom so I value that in her very much! I am very thankful to have her in my life as well as my girls’! She is an amazing grandmother and mother-in-law. | A wise woman once told me a few years back, “You need to find a hobby you can both do and enjoy doing it together.” So I took her advice. | One day RK had invited me to go on a | I love you both very much. Thank you for making me always feel so welcome! | ~ Gloria ~

5: Thoughtful, Caring, Loving, Understanding" This is what Mom & Dad Smith are to me. | What can I say about F.I.L. I always look forward to his random, out of the blue calls to say hello. My favorite is when I say, “Hi, what are you up to?” He responds with, “6'0 and shrinking.” lol.....I've learned to stop asking that question. I love that when he calls he seems to always have a different joke. I maybe slow at getting them but they always make me smile & laugh. I also love that when we are coming over, or going on a vacation, he always has some kind of baked goods. He knows I love my baked goods! He is an amazing grandfather and I'm happy that he is my F.I.L.

7: Grandma & Grandpa, I Love You! ~Keylee

9: When I look back on my growing up years at home some words define what a mom is: Nurse Decorator Chauffeur Cook Maid Cheerleader Drill sergeant Seamstress Bodyguard Rollercoaster Buddy Confidant Hairstylist/Makeup Artist Every morning you got up with me for seminary and dad for work. You would take dad orange juice while he was shaving and fix us breakfast. You’ve been a chauffeur taking me to dental school and making sure I had a clean white uniform. When I didn’t think I could keep going--you encouraged me to go on. I loved what I was doing and glad I continued as this has helped my family throughout the years. You’ve given me support I need and courage to carry on when I didn’t think I could. I remember coming home from having my sonogram done, just barely pregnant and Tyler being 8 months old, holding the picture with a blank stare on my face. You asked me what was wrong (besides the fact we were having another baby so close after Tyler). I started crying and showed you the picture of our two babies’ heads and said that we're having twins. You jumped up and down for joy, ran in the other room to tell Nanny, who was also super excited--I stood in the doorway still in shock. You told me everything will be okay; that Heavenly Father doesn’t give us anything we can’t handle. You’re always willing to give your opinion and help on decorating. Even jumping in the car to drive 2 1/2 hrs to Bakersfield and spend the weekend figuring out yardage, sewing drapes, then enduring 19 painful hours of painting stripes. In High School, when picking out a pattern for my prom dresses, you were always willing to put two or three patterns together to give me that unique dress and make me happy. Even if it was being hemmed as I was walking out the door. Hmmm, who’s doing the same thing to her own kids now???? | When I got frustrated at the never ending housework, piles of laundry, crying babies, dirty diapers and not being able to do the things I wanted to do, Mom used to say to me, “I know it doesn’t seem like it now, but there is a time and season.” I appreciate her bringing this to my attention. When the kids started into school, the days were never long enough to get the important things accomplished amongst the soccer and baseball practices. We began taking time to have family prayer on a regular basis, study the scriptures, have dinner as a family and have Family Home Evening. I knew time left with them, before leaving home for college and missions, was very valuable. I believe my kids are responsible and well rounded adults because mom told me that simple little phrase. I now miss those crying babies and am grateful for those words of advice. I love it when mom is talking about something and telling a story, she will often insert “that’s what they say” when she doesn’t remember who said it. Mom is a trouper and doesn’t want to miss out on any of the fun, even if she isn’t feeling well. There are numerous times she has come to Sea World, Knott’s Berry Farm and Disneyland with our family--not to mention Six Flags Magic Mountain where she is the reigning roller coaster riding Grandma Queen. I am grateful for being sent into this wonderful family and having you as my mother. I hope that when I turn 80, I will look as beautiful as you and be able to teach my grandchildren the important things in life. One of them will be, of course, going to Disneyland when it first opens and not leaving until the gates lock at night. I love you with all my heart and more. | ~Michelle | Mom

10: You often here “Roger” yelled from across the amusement park to help get mom out of a ride when she is stuck, or R-o-g-e-r when you're telling a joke, that she disapproves, of to the grandkids. But to me you're Dad, someone I can always count on to give me the latest Laker news and scores, advice on life or listen when I just need to vent. Dad will call for no reason and brighten someone's day by telling them a tidbit or a quick joke. He calls the grandkids to see how their “studies” are going in High School and College - or sends them a trivia question that keeps them guessing. Dad keeps track of all of us and worries himself sick about his family. I know this is part of being a parent - you'll do anything for your kids and help when needed. I've seen Dad do this for us. I loved growing up in the house in LaVerne where we had the pool. Only disadvantage is that R.K. and I, mostly me, had to vacuum and clean it. You always taught me that you appreciate something more when you take care of it. Well, when I went to the beach every weekend with my friends you didn't understand why. Ummmm hello, do we have boys in our backyard? Pool equipment has come a long way since then and the pool vacs don't require man power so I truly love and appreciate having a pool now and live for the summer time where I stay home on Saturdays and declare it “pool day”. Dad has always had an immaculate yard and I hated getting up Saturday mornings to help cut the grass but I know he was teaching me to work. I know that has carried on into my life and work now. I am a hard worker just like Dad. Showing up early, leaving late, doing work that isn't mine along with my own, and not wanting a pat on the back. It's just who we Smiths are, and that's how he raised us. He also taught me the importance of eating lunch during the “lunch hour.” I loved going with Mom down to meet him in Long Beach, then Rosemead office and eating in the cafeteria, but my favorite place was in Whittier. We would go to his office and pick him up, then walk to a little shop around the corner that served the most delicious pastrami sandwich with a dill pickle. Mom always wanted to go see her favorite jeweler in town but dad always made an excuse for him not being open that day. Hee hee hee I looked forward to going on the camping trips with the Marxs, and Withers to Mission Bay San Diego, Pismo Beach, Sequoia, Butterfield, dirt bike riding, El Cajon, Lake Cachuma and many others. We didn't always go to Sea World, Hearst Castle or do extravagant things while at these places but it was the time we spent as a family. You continue camping and making those memories but have extended them to my children who call you and ask you to plan the next family, or should I say Grandkid only, vacation in the motorhome without telling me. At least I have Quartzsite every year on my own. I'm so glad that I was taught by a loving father who honored his priesthood, and by doing this created a home life for me that was safe and secure. I'm grateful for this and glad that you're my dad. I love you forever and always. | ~Sam

12: Mom Happy 80th Birthday! Another milestone with many more to come. You are greatly appreciated and deeply loved. Thanks for all the advice. Things like, “You know what they say” and “Watch out for that wall“ as we back down your driveway, are a couple of my favorites. Thanks for being a wonderful example of a caring Mother, Grandmother and Wife. For being involved in your children’s and grandchildren’s lives, especially to celebrate their achievements. I am always amazed at your creativity and ability to involve everyone in the family: from gingerbread houses, musical pipes, Easter Egg Hunts, Thanksgivings, Christmas’ and Christmas Eve traditions to Rose Parades in the rain. We have all had some wonderful experiences that we will never forget. Thanks for all you do. Happy 80th with many more to come. Luv ya, Russ

13: Dad From the uniquely wrapped Christmas presents for Grandma to your wide variety of costumes for every occasion, and especially your ever growing repertoire of politically correct (or not so correct jokes), you have entertained and inspired all of us. In fact, your influence has changed the meaning of even simple things, like Public Parking. You are loved and revered by all and we always appreciate your wisdom, patience, and fun-loving personality, not to mention the grilled steaks, chicken, tri-tip, and likely thousands of Mt. Dews you have generously provided over the years. Hotel Smith is always one of our family’s favorite places to stay (even with the Christmas plumbing problems). Thanks especially for spending time with your grandchildren, for making special summer trips with us and taking the girls to Quartzsite. You have been, and always will be, a great influence in their lives. You are a great example of a righteous priesthood leader, patriarch, father, husband and grandfather and we enjoy being around you. Thanks for all you have done and continue to do. Love ya, Russ

14: G'ma used to sing these lyrics, every time she held us kids, to try to calm us down when/if we ever got fussy. I still hear/see her doing that now... I get emotional/teary eyed typing this... She'd take us and throw us in between her chest and just sing away 'til we all got sick of it and finally calmed down. ~Aubre | Sing, sing a song Let the world sing along Sing of love there could be Sing for you and for me. | Sing, sing a song Make it simple To last your whole life long Don't worry that it's not good enough For anyone else to hear Just sing, sing a song. | Sing, sing a song Sing out loud Sing out strong Sing of good things, not bad Sing of happy, not sad.

15: I'm slightly disappointed when G'pa doesn't surprise G'ma with a sentimental/gross present on Christmas morning. I still remember/regret my front row seat when G'ma handed G'ma the two carrot diamond earrings, in the heart of an animal. One year, for school, I remember my teacher giving us a bunch of weird puzzles to figure out for a homework assignment. I was so confused just looking at these puzzles, and knew I wouldn't be able to figure them out on my own. Mom and I knew just the person to call--GRANDPA figured them out right away! I wish he could still walk around the block with me on his shoulders, and put me to sleep. I know I'm getting older but your sense of humor and silly jokes will never get old. | G'pa always makes me laugh. Whether I ask for it or not, he always tells me a joke of the day. Most of the time, I don't understand the joke. He used to tell me I was his favorite 14 year-old granddaughter and I used to think I was so cool. Then I realized I was his only 14 year-old granddaughter. Now, he just tells me I'm his favorite (however old I am) granddaughter and I know he loves me just the same. I'll never forget the day I found out Grandpa had his heart attack. I wanted to stay at that hospital with him every day. I remember my mom talking to me saying the doctors weren't sure if he would make it, so my only thought was to write him a letter telling him how I felt. I hope someone still has that letter. . . Grandma???

16: GMA: I remember last Christmas (2010) that all of us cousins received hand-made beanies, hats, etc. from you, Grandma. I remember thinking: “How much time and love was spent making all of these for us?” And how much time do you spend calling us, checking up on us, seeing how we are doing, and just being there for us. From that moment on, I had a different state of thought; I wanted to be like you. I wanted to dedicate my time and thoughts to something more precious and better thought out and meaningful than my previous years. You are my role model, Grandma. I love all the times we spend together, all the wonderful camping trips, Thanksgiving memories, Christmas memories, and all the times in-between. I'm glad to be able to spend an eternity with a family raised by you. Love you, Grandma. ~Kelsey~ | All the cousins with Grandma’s creative and cute hats on Christmas day | Camping in the motorhome, I remember doing it since we were little and still doing it now with the Grandparents. Great times! | Great memories camping in the motorhome with the Grandparents | GPA: I love your jokes; you really know how to brighten up the mood (and in most times it's a whole room). I love the text messages that you send...it makes me know that you care and think about me. I remember all the good times we would have in the motorhome, from the beach to camping in the woods. It was always great to get to connect with you and Grandma. I always looked forward to those events and times when I would see you both. Love you, and keep the jokes coming. Thanks for keeping me smiling and thinking with all those crazy, goofy, and funny jokes! ~Kelsey~ | Grandma and Grandpa try to make it to every important event, even the small graduation from Junior High. Thanks for always being there, you both are so supportive in everything I do.

17: Growing up I always remember the times we would go camping with Grandma and Grandpa in the motor home – I especially remember when Grandpa let us drive the motor home on a trip up to Yellowstone (wasn’t it? So many trips, I can’t even remember the location!). I remember at the time that Grandma had gone to the back of the motor home to lay down for a little bit since she wasn’t feeling that great, and how can she sleep when you’re letting little kids drive the motor home? I remember how much noise that thing made when it went over the line on the side of the road! So many memories within this motor home, so many fun adventures! Looking back I am so glad for the opportunities we had to spend weeks with you guys in such a small environment – it really brought us together! | I also remember that every Christmas and birthday you guys were there for us. Grandpa with a tickle-attack hug and Grandma with a loving hug. I am so glad we were able to grow up so close to you guys and have the opportunity to just go over that “bridge” (as I called it when I was little) to see you guys. I remember spending some Sundays there, and being at your house while Austin was being born. | Even after we moved two hours away, it was such a blessing to have you guys come up when we had events like band concerts (when we were all squeaky and not worth listening to) and graduations. Even though we saw you guys less we still heard from you just as often. I love the phone calls, text messages and emails that you guys send just because! It has been such a blessing to have grandparents that care and keep you in their thoughts. | I love you guys so much! Thank you for all the Christmases, Easters, birthdays, motor home trips and Disneyland adventures. Our family is truly blessed to have loving grandparents who have enough energy to deal with the bunch of us. Love you and thank you for your continuous support in all my endeavors. ~Courtney~

18: Grandma and Grandpa

19: Since I was little, I always remember you both being there Christmas morning when we opened our presents. I loved that!!!! I also remember going to Disneyland a lot with you guys and eating all the delicious food there and going on the rides with you. I loved going, and still do, on motorhome trips with you and the fun times we had. I remember one time, when Grandma was asleep on the bed in the motorhome. Grandpa let each of us steer the motorhome and I remember you saying “Roger” because we were steering off the road to the tire check marks. I also remember you being there at my graduations, for my mission farewell and homecoming, and being there at the airport when I got back from my mission with the “welcome home” signs, and for the support and encouragement you have always given me. Thank you!! Love ya, Tyler

20: Grandma!!!!!!!! You have inspired me so much as I have been growing up right now. Your words of wisdom never disappoint me or others around me. SO, in starting, I want to thank you for being an excellent example to me and many others and I LOVE YOU with all my heart. My favorite experiences with you have to be the times where we went to Yellowstone with you and Grandpa and the rest of the family. I know I probably didn’t remember everything during that time because I was so young and obnoxious but the one thing I remember during our time in Yellowstone is the campfire we had on our last day there. We were playing Skipbo or UNO. I don’t recall which game it was but, anyway, the campfires and games that we always play every time we go camping always remind me of you because you always beat us at every game! Whether its Skipbo or UNO, you always do. Your inspiration to me has inspired me to be the man (boy) you and my parents have always wanted me to be. I love your humor, enthusiasm, and of course anger . HAHA Your anger always makes me crack up. From Grandpa getting on your last nerves, to us, the Albert kids, getting on your last nerves. GLADYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! In closing, Grandma, I want to say that I LOVE YOU so much. Sincerely, Austin Keller Albert Your favorite Grandson!!!!!!!!!!! Don’t you forget it.

21: Grandpa!!!!!!!!!!! Hello, Grandpa. This is the legendary Pill or MUNLY!!!!! And you know what MUNLY means. Mean Ugly and Nobody Likes You or Most Underrated Nice Likable Youth . In starting Grandpa, you probably inspired me the most out of everyone. From your humor of course, intellect, and weirdness. Your humor never ceases to amaze me and everyone around us. Especially at Lake Cachuma when we were playing Skipbo.. WHOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! Some experiences that I remember you the most of is of course whenever you come over to my house, me and you always go to McDonalds. Every single time. When you came over one time to baby-sit me, right when you came in, you grabbed me and we left to go to McDonalds... just me and you. I also remember that other time when I had 3 Big Macs from McDonalds and you held that one on me forever HAHA. Hey, I was starving. Your inspiration has always, and I do mean always, made me laugh so hard I nearly hurt myself. Whether its your amazing dance moves, to songs, Wii bowling, and of course your amazing jokes that you always have memorized. You inspire me to be the great MUNLY you love. I also love when you call me mostly everyday and talk to me and ask how I’m doing. And every time you end the phone call you say, and I quote, “Keep your nose clean. That means pick it.” And I always say I will . LOVE YA, MUNLY Austin Keller Albert Your favorite Grandson!!!!!! Don’t you ever forget that.

22: Lots of fun times and memories with the Smith family. One particular fun time was at Henry's Lake when some fly fishermen, in floating tubes, tried to tell me to move my boat! Thanksgiving holiday is always fun, trying to find a place to change clothes and where to sleep. I would really like to win the gingerbread house one year though. Thank you for your daughter. ~ Al ~

23: I have a lot of great memories about Grandma and Grandpa. Easter egg hunts, Disneyland, Christmas. I also like going in the motor home up to Idaho for the family reunion. My mom slammed down the cupboard door and Grandma thought we had a flat tire!! Another fun time was when they were baby- sitting me and it snowed in Apple Valley. They took me out to build a snowman and put baggies on my hands for gloves. Grandma put Grandpa's red baseball hat on top and the dye melted down on the snowman and looked like blood. I think about love and how much they care for me and all the fun times. I love you guys and want you here forever. I love you, Brock

25: There are so many memories that I can think of about my parents that I find it hard to tell about just a couple. You have always been there for me in my younger years as well as my older ones; quick to lend a helping hand or words of advice. Growing up we were always lucky to be able to go camping as a family, go to theme parks, visit grandparents, etc. Christmas has some of my fondest memories, how whatever we wished for, somehow, came true. As we got older, Christmas took on a different meaning. We would always be anxious to see what crazy present dad would wrap and give to mom. This caused lots of anxiety as to what it would be wrapped in, which, in return, caused family bonding (weird). As grandparents go, you are the best! You have made sure all of our kids have gone camping, to SeaWorld and other theme parks. When they were too scared to go on a ride, you would calmly shove them in the seat and remind them how old you are-- and if you can do it, so can they! You are always there to help with any house or craft project, no matter how crazy it is (which includes putting 325 rhinestones on a pumpkin!) You never say no to any requests we, as a family, ask of you, no matter how you’re feeling or what you have planned. As parents go you are the best, and as children go we sometimes don't realize this until we are older. So I would also like to take the time to say I’m sorry for the pain and the things I’ve done wrong in the past. I enjoy every minute I spend with you and will always cherish the memories. I love you, Kelene

26: Mom, you make the best Chocolate syrup. Being a dessert I guy, I really appreciated all you went through to make it. And just so you know, I've really missed it these last 20+ years. In fact, if you made a jar that could be my Christmas present - every year. : ) When eating out, I enjoy listening to you ask everybody what they're having before you make your choice. Then, when the meal comes and you see what everyone got, with a disappointed look on your face you say, “Oh, I should have gotten that.” One of the funniest meals was when you ordered the Portabella Burger at the Yardhouse restaurant. After several bites, not finding any beef, you got irritated at the cook and was sure he'd forgotten it. We tried and tried to explain that with a Portabella Burger there isn't any beef, but you weren't buying it. I always enjoy your cooking. Sometimes I'm a little disappointed though, when it's something I really liked and the second time around it doesn't taste the same because you never make it the same way twice in a row. This holds true for most dishes, except for your Clam Chowder soup. I think you're pretty consistent on that one. We really enjoy having you right around the corner and being invited over for a free dinner 3 to 4 times almost every week. (Vickie would probably say that's an exaggeration. Ok, maybe some weeks it's a day or two less.) Eat your hearts out, Smith siblings.

27: Dad, I've enjoyed the trips with both of you to Yellowstone, Calgary, Lake Louise, Silver Spurs, Death Valley, our temple trip, San Diego, Pismo Beach, Solvang, and family reunions in Utah and Idaho. I really appreciate the many hours you've spent helping Vickie paint walls, pack boxes and helping us move several times, wrap Christmas presents and even make us our first tumbleweed Christmas tree! You are both very kind, considerate, generous and always willing to listen to others. What a great example to all of us. I am grateful for all you do for us. Except when Dad decided to ruin Thanksgiving with his heart attack! You had us all pretty scared. We're happy the bypass surgery turned out good and we've been able to enjoy your jokes, stories and sarcastic comments like “Whaddya want?” and “Go away!” Seriously though, we feel very blessed to have you as our parents. Our experiences have brought the family lots of great times and happiness. Just remember when the aches and pains get to you that “Today Is The Oldest You’ve Ever Been And Yet It’s The Youngest You’ll Ever Be.” So, happy 80th to the both of you and many more. Love, Your #1 son-in-law (Hey, I was the 1st) Wayne (I'm not trying to butter you folks up but, I do hope this is good enough to get me that jar of chocolate syrup every year for Christmas. Oh, and if you ever decide to get rid of those patio rocking chairs—I'm your guy!)

29: I have THE most awesome parents ever! Just ask anyone that know you. People often ask me how you're doing and tell me how much they love being around both of you. I know that I don't say it often enough (hey, I'm a Smith! What do you want from me?), but I really, truly appreciate the relationship I have with you both. There are very few events, experiences, or memories that don't include the two of you. You are always there when you are needed--wedding decorating, room painting, Costco deliveries, not to mention dinner every night--according to Wayne anyway. ; ) Just for the record, I want the siblings to know that it's not even 3 or 4 nights a week. You've been roped (or suckered) into so many things. Even my Relief Society, Girls Camp, and Young Women's activities aren't off limits. I smile as I remember the times in the church cultural hall with a bunch of my friends. Mom was helping, with whatever the Project of the Moment was, and Dad (without being asked) would show up with lunch for everyone. In fairness, Mom roped me into a few projects in my very early years. I can still see us both sitting at the piano, re-writing lyrics for roadshows. Then there's that warehouse that I practically lived in while she was painting scenery for a Gold and Green Ball. I love having you so close that we can do spur of the moment lunches, or run to see what's on sale, that we didn't know we needed. Both of you have always been such a great example of helping, being there when needed, and always going the extra mile. It's because of those traits that we, as family members, have so many wonderful memories. (continued on next page)

30: I look back on my childhood and it's filled with memories of the big events like family vacations. I know Kel and I would fight a lot while traveling but I also remember fun times in the car. We'd play the license plate game, sing songs, etc. One of my favorites was the trip when we were making up poems for the Rock People! Saturdays, after chores, we went to the beach or Knott’s Berry Farm (back when it cost 50 cents to get in). Remember the little monkey that would take money from our hands? We loved that! Christmases were such a big deal, and filled with so many traditions. The creative gift packaging goes waaaay back, long before jewelry was being hidden in strange objects. I remember when you bought a car and had it wrapped in a bow and hiding on the back patio. Seriously now, who thinks to put a car on the patio (and then has to keep the curtains closed to hide it)? There were creatively given cash gifts, poems, scavenger hunts for gifts, etc. We had a love/hate relationship with the Christmas morning tradition. Staying down the hall (I didn't understand that until I had my own kids), waiting anxiously for Nanny and Pa to arrive (why are grandparents so slow?), forcing down the raw egg nog drink and banana....and then finally being allowed to go see what Santa had brought! It was always exciting and impressive. We adopted the “wait down the hall” tradition in our family. The fun of seeing their excited faces and capturing it in a picture, became my favorite part of Christmas. In fact, I have a picture of my kids re-enacting the entry one year because somehow I had missed it! There is so much more that I should/could say but, alas, I'm up against a printing deadline! Go figure. Please just know that I love you both very much and treasure the time I get to spend with you. I am grateful for the experiences and your examples; I'm thankful that my children have the relationships with you that they do; I thank you, with all my heart, for all that you do and for being my parents. I love you, Vickie

32: Grandma and Grandpa have always been a very important part of my life. I consider myself fortunate that I was able to grow up near them and see them often. I have many good memories of hanging out with my grandparents. Swimming at the LaVerne house, trips to Magic Mountain, family vacations, playing cards, just to name a few. I am also grateful to them for showing love and support throughout my life. They've sat through many a performance, show, or graduation in support of their very talented granddaughter. : ) In that respect, I'm also thankful for sewn costumes, tailored formal wear, and painted bedrooms.

33: Grandpa and Grandma have always had a way of making us feel special. At times you could substitute the word “special” for “embarrassed” but all the same they made sure we were singled out. I remember just before I left for college, Grandma and Grandpa picking me up at work with a big sign that said, “UTAH OR BUST” or something to that effect. They made such a big deal about me leaving for school that I knew they were proud of me. They made an effort to get to know my friends, know what was going on in my life, and stay involved, and they still do. I always look forward to family get-togethers because I know I will be entertained by my grandparents. I love you Grandma and Grandpa! | ~ Jen~

34: "They may not remember what you said but they will remember how you made them feel" ~ Maya Angelou ~

35: Why I love my grandparents: Donuts, the Laverne upstairs house with the pool (and Grandma singing some ridiculous motorboat song?), cool dog tricks with Paige, fishing at Jenks lake. And I have to mention--Grandpa answering the door in parachute pants and Indian headdress! The first, and only, time so far--that I brought a girl to a family gathering (Christmas 2003?) Sadly, that relationship didn't last but I'm 50% positive it had nothing to do with that event. I remember getting a call at work saying Grandpa had a heart attack and thinking, all the way to the hospital, that I better get a chance to tell my grandpa how cool he is. How many grandparents take anyone to Magic Mountain. . .and actually ride with them on the Roller-coasters? That is pretty cool! I knew it at the time, but I'm even more impressed now, that in your late 60's, both of you took your grandkids not just to an amusement park, but went on ALL the rides with them. Hills, loops, backwards, didn't matter. Other teens and parents may have gotten nauseous or projectiled their lunch, but not you guys. Just a, "Oh my, this is gonna be fun!" from Grandma. And even a couple yrs ago, Grandma, at 78 yrs. old, comes rounding the corner in Brock's go-kart. If it were a movie, this is where they'd play "Go, Granny, Go." So as far as cool factor goes, I know where I got it from--so thanks! : ) All growing up, no matter what the circumstance, what color my hair was, how baggy my pants were, or what trouble I was getting into, you guys always made me laugh and made me feel like the best grandson ever. Never judged or criticized or lectured- -just some corny jokes from the Reader's Digest was all. Haha Grandpa, you might be the funniest old man I know. No subject is off limits for your jokes--you're an equal opportunity comedian. The crazy, sometimes disgusting, wrapped gifts to Grandma (cow's heart?) made us all laugh--except Grandma, who cried. Possibly because she was laughing so hard, or perhaps because she knew there was jewelry somewhere buried, but had to dig through a bloody, smelly heart to get there. Probably my most favorite memories were going to all the Angel games with both of you. Sitting in-between home and the dugout, right behind the on deck circle. Just walking into the stadium and seeing how green the grass was, and the size of the stadium--I was hooked. Angel fan for life. I've carried that on for years and was able to turn that into one of my favorite memories, with my dad, at the 2002 World Series when they came back in game 6 from 5 down to win the game. Even Wayne was high-fiving complete strangers! Even then, I thought of you guys and all the games you took me to. I've learned a tremendous amount from both of you, including the importance of enjoying life and family--and clam chowder. Thanks for being my grandparents. I love you both! Love, Your grandson, Jason

37: Wow! You both are 80! Happy birthday! I'm sure it's been both a wonderful and trying 80 years. I'm also sure there are many great times yet to come. I have known you both for about only 7 of those years and have come to love your fun-loving and caring personalities. When we first met I was shocked to find out that Kristin had a grandma named Gladys, just like me. I was even more shocked when I found out that you had a dog named Cocoa, just like my grandma. My grandparents have all passed on but I have many wonderful memories of them. One of my great memories was when Grandma gave my brother and I her beloved dog, Cocoa. We were very young and scared of the dark. She felt sad for us and gave us her "ferocious," tiny, cock-a-poo guard dog. Cocoa stood guard at the foot of our bed while we slept soundly. We were none the wiser and felt safe and loved her tiny dog for years. Years later, I realized how hard it must have been for her to part with her long-time family friend, but she cared for family most and was willing to sacrifice to help a couple of her grandsons. In a lot of ways, you remind me of my grandparents. The same names are obvious, but also other little things like loving to play Skip-Bo (pronounced Skip-Boo! JK!) and going RV-ing. More importantly, you remind me of how they cared for family. Family is first. They loved us to a fault and we had a ton of good times because of it, just like we are now having with you. You have become, in a way, my replacement grandparents and also the great- grandparents to my kids. I think you treat them like my grandma and grandpa would have treated them if they were still around. Thanks again for all you do. Love, Your favorite grandson-in-law, Sterling

38: As I've been trying to think about what I might say, the word that keeps popping into my head that describes so perfectly how I feel is...blessed! I feel so blessed to have such amazing grandparents in my life! Some of my most fond memories have you guys in it: our trips to Magic Mountain (and having the coolest grandparents there taking us on all the rides!); informing me there is no Santa Claus (well, maybe that wasn't a "fond" memory); trips to Quartzsite in the motorhome; teaching me how to hold cards (do you remember the card holder I used to have to use?); Grandpa and I writing notes in sacrament meeting; reading your love letters to each other "ooooooooooooo"; the lovely nicknames we have for each other (10-4, Happy Bottom, Penelope Mod Snodgrass); and the best clam chowder in the world! I have so many memories. There is no way to write them all down! I love our family traditions and, more than that, the relationship I have had with you throughout my life. I am grateful for the relationship that you have formed with my girls. Now they, too, can know how awesome you guys are, even though we are way too far away!!! I love you both with all my heart! Thanks for being the best grandparents IN THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!! Love, Kris

39: "Grandparents, like heroes, are as necessary to a child's growth as vitamins." ~Joyce Allston

40: Gigi and G'pa, I love you because you play with me. G'pa plays marbles with me. Gigi plays Play Dough. Remember when you took me to the fish hatchery and the fish jumped out of the water and died? That was cool. I like Gigi if her would read me a princess book. I love you to the moon and back.! Love, Madison (Mommy note: That was all said with very little prompting from me. Love the fish hatchery story!)

41: Gigi and G'pa, Coco. Love you. Love, Brooklyn (Mommy note: I tried to get Brooklyn to say something to you and that's what she said.) | Holding a great-grandchild makes growing older worthwhile. ~ Evalyn Rikkers



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