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90 Years 90 Memories

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S: 9 0 Y E A R S 9 0 M E M O R I E S

FC: 9 0 Y E A R S 9 0 M E M O R I E S | Eat every potato and pea on your plate

1: Memories of our Grandpa Cook from the Paul Cook family Darwin Isaac Cook September 20, 2011 Editor: Annie Anderson Designer: Jessi Richins | Eat every potato and pea on your plate | 9 0 Y E A R S 9 0 M E M O R I E S

2: Darwin Isaac Cook Maurine Hyde Paul Darwin Cook Myrna Lee Fenn

3: BUSBY Matthew Erick Catherine Eliza Erick Alexander Clara Lavine COOK Nathan Isaac Meagan Fawn Carlene Lavine RICHINS Paul Alvin Jessi Rebecca Emma Leona | 3 | Descendants of Paul Darwin Cook and Myrna Lee Fenn | RICHEY Sheridan Leigh Erin Michelle Greyson Charles Patrick Leigh Kaidan McRae Liam McNeil Declan Morris ANDERSON Timothy Elmer Anna Elizabeth Leah June Coleman Paul Sidney Luella Lucas Golden

5: 1. Eat every potato and pea on your plate . . .

7: 2. When Erick was asked if he remembered anything about his Great-Grandpa Cook, he paused and then looked at me and said, "Is that, that old man?" (Cassie) 3. I remember when Grandpa showed us some of the things in his black chest in the living room that he got during the War. I remember thinking what a brave man he was. He is one of my biggest heroes. (Erin) 4. Taking the boys to see the vault at the bank and telling us not to touch the steel, as our fingerprints would be on there forever . . . I guess they’re still there. (Paul) | 7

8: 5. Grandpa loves brightening up Christmas with bright and beautiful Christmas lights. Grandpa prepares months in advance and it is joyful to watch his face light up when it is all finished and he turns the lights on. (Cassie) 6. Going to Tasty Freeze for foot-long hot dogs and Cherry 7 Up. (Paul) 7. Love Grandpa’s laugh. He loves a good story; to hear one and laugh with you or to tell you one and laugh while he tells it. (Annie) | 90 years 90 memories

9: 4 | 8. In a new family with a limited sports background Grandpa always found time to talk U of A Wildcats basketball and football with me, which made me feel very welcome and comfortable in his home. (Tim) | 5 | 9

10: 90 years 90 memories

11: 9. Being introduced to his fellow employee’s at the bank . . . Five Boys!!! (Paul) 10. I remember camping trips in the Chiricahua Mountains at Turkey Creek, Grandpa shaving in the river, the brown truck, and us three girls playing on a big rock we named Rosie. (Erin) 11. When Emma was born Grandpa and Grandma came to see her in the hospital. Grandpa asked me, “How is she feeling?” I said, “She’s doing fine . . . I’m trying to learn everything.” Grandpa responded with a smile, “Don’t worry, she comes pre-programmed.” (Jessi) | 11

12: 12. Idaho fishing trip. We couldn’t get a flight for the return trip, so we rented a car and drove from Salt Lake to Tucson. The back seat reclined into the trunk so Nate and I slept the whole way, with Dad driving and Grandpa riding shotgun. They woke us up to see the Las Vegas lights in the distance. (Jessi) 13. Digging the tree well in the backyard of the house on Cooper Street . . . six feet of Caliche Ca-whatty? . . . and the tree died anyway. Whose idea was that anyway? (Paul) 14. Going downtown on the bus in Tucson, just Grandpa and I. (Erin) | 15. Erin wanted to ride the bus in Tucson. Grandpa worked downtown. I think Erin was only about 4 or 5 years old. Grandpa rearranged his schedule and went on a bus ride with Erin in the evening. I remember her holding Grandpa’s hand and crossing the street. I can remember the exact place. (Myrna) 16. Grandpa always said hi and talked to Grandpa and Grandma Fenn. That was so important to me for some reason and I loved that my grandparents liked and talked to each other. (Annie)

13: 13

14: 90 years 90 memories

15: 17. Cassie was born about 9-10 weeks early. The doctor told us if she made it past 4 days she would live. Paul gave her a name and blessing in the hospital. Grandpa Cook told her to get well and grow up so she could fly kites with him. (Myrna) 18. I remember flying Grandpa’s kites in Mexico when we went to the beach in Rocky Point. He left me alone flying a kite one time and all of a sudden it lifted me off the ground and I became really scared that I was going to fly away with it. Then, when I thought all hope was lost, I felt Grandpa’s reassuring hands catch me and pull me down to the ground. He laughed and said I was doing just fine. (Cassie) | 15

16: 19. Eating hot dogs and hamburgers and swimming at Lava Hot Springs. (Paul) | 90 years 90 memories

17: 20. I love talking to Great-Grandpa Cook about his war stuff. I told my Scout Troop about how he fought in the War! (Kaidan) (Erin said she could see on Kaidan’s face how proud he was.) 21. In 2nd grade our teacher gave us stars to take home and write the name of someone we knew who was, or who had been, a soldier. I wrote Great-Grandpa’s name and got to talk about him at school. (Leah)

18: 22. The day Nate and I got married, I remember seeing Grandpa and Grandma in the temple and looking forward to a lifetime of happiness with my new spouse. Then I got the most sincere, welcoming and loving hug from Grandpa after we were sealed. (Meagan) 23. Always attended children and grandchildren blessings, baptisms, ordinations, mission farewells, marriages. Very supportive. (Myrna) 24. Once Grandpa came to the front window at my work and asked for me. The nurse asked who he was and he said, “her dad.” She turned to a co-worker and said, “I thought Myrna’s dad had died but he says he is her dad.” The next day at work my co-workers asked me if my dad was dead. I said, “yes.” They said, “Your dad was at the front window yesterday!” I said, “Oh my other dad!” (Myrna)

19: 19

20: 25. Seeing everything there was to see in Arizona! . . . well except the Grand Canyon. (Paul) (Paul found this picture when putting the book together and said, "Oh! They DID go to the Grand Canyon!") 26. Grandpa and Paul were going to go on a trip to Idaho to go fishing. They decided to invite Nathan. When Jessi found out they were going she asked why she wasn’t invited. So they all went . . . fishing, swimming and visiting all the fun places and things from Paul's childhood. (Myrna) | 90 years 90 memories

21: 27. Swimming at Sabino Canyon and diving off the rocks in that dark tea-colored water. (Paul) | 21

23: 28. I remember when Grandpa brought Brother Larson out to my last basketball game in St. David. I was so proud to have those two there sitting next to the college recruiter. I’ll never forget that. (Annie) 29. Every time we went out to eat at a restaurant, Grandpa would always help Grandma with her coat first and then put his own on. (Jessi) 30. I love that Grandpa’s jokes were inherited by Dad and I. (Nathan) | 23

24: 31. How blessed we all were to receive our patriarchal blessings from Grandpa Cook. Even a grandson-in-law, Matt Busby, was able to receive one from his future Grandpa-in-law. (Cassie) 32. Visiting the hospital when all of our kids were born, standing in each of their blessing circles, and being willing to ordain me a High Priest on short notice when my father could not make the trip to Tucson. Grandpa has always been a great example of worthiness in his church callings. (Tim) 33. When Emma was 6 months old, we went and visited Grandpa and Grandma. Grandpa went and got Grandma a chair so that both of them could sit and watch Emma eat mashed bananas for the first time. (Jessi) | 90 years 90 memories

25: 25

26: 34. Grandpa taught me how to fly fish on the Black and White River. I remember his old green fishing box and his green camping tent . . . I loved the way that tent smelled. (Erin) | 90 years 90 memories

27: 35. I remember going camping and fishing with Grandpa, especially the fishing. He seemed like he was a pro and I loved watching him fish. I remember how he patiently let us all fish with him. (Cassie) 36. Canoeing down the Buffalo River in Arkansas. (Myrna) 37. Playing Tetris on the Nintendo. (Nathan) | 27

28: 38. Fishing on the Colorado River at Lee’s Ferry. You lost what while you were fishing? No, not that . . . my “pole”. (Paul)

29: 39. I loved the fruit buffet at his house every morning for breakfast; mangos, kiwi, grapefruit, bananas, oranges, strawberries. Yum! (Nathan) 40. I love Grandpa’s hugs. He makes this noise when you hug him, kind of like a growl and a sigh. It’s hard to explain but anybody that has really gotten a good hug from him knows what I mean! (Annie) | 29

30: 41. Grandpa and Grandma served a mission in South Africa. I remember getting pictures and postcards from them and I remember their house after their mission. It was decorated with South African prints, decorative masks, tapestries, wooden carvings, ostrich carved eggs, wooden drums, and much more. All of these things bring back memories of what Grandpa’s house was like for me growing up. (Cassie) 42. Grandpa asked Annie what color his eyes were. She told him red. Grandpa would then tell her no, both their eyes were brown. (Myrna) | 43. I remember touching cactus in Great-Grandpa’s backyard because I thought it was fake. I got a lot of cactus slivers in my hand and my mom had to pull them out while we were at their house. (Coleman) 44. When Grandpa and Grandma came home from their mission I was 2 years old. Grandpa came over to hug me and I looked at Mom and said, “Do we know these people?” (Jessi)

31: 31

32: 45. Snow tubing trips on Mount Lemmon, tobogganing in Idaho . . . how high can you fly? (Paul)

33: 46. Always excited about life. (Myrna) 47. After Paul and I got married, we went and flew kites at the elementary school near their house. Paul and Grandpa flew kites together and Grandma and I sat and watched from the bleachers. (Jessi) 48. Our huge garden, apple trees and fireworks in our driveway on South 2nd Street. (Paul) | 33

34: 49. Rocky Point straw hat. (Jessi) 50. Kite flying on the beach. (Nathan) 51. Grandpa’s big RV riding down to Mexico. (Nathan) 52. Rocky Point blue and white 'beach pants' worn every year. (Myrna) 53. Grandpa’s forever long hugs as he holds you so tight. I love those hugs. (Erin) 54. Let’s go to the Church cabin on Mount Lemmon for the Christmas holiday and pull our supplies through 2 foot deep snow for how many miles in the dark? Must have made it 200 yards, so tired we threw up and came back home all in one night. (Paul) | 90 years 90 memories

35: 35

37: 55. Cache Valley cheese in the back of the Plymouth. (Paul) 56. Always thankful for Grandpa’s service to the Country. It is wonderful to tell my kids, on any patriotic holiday, that both their grandfather’s served. And sometimes Grandpa will call my kids to see if they have put their flag up. They love to tell him they did! (Annie) 57. My trip out to EFY and Arizona when we lived in Arkansas . . . we went to Mount Lemmon and rode the ski lift together. (Erin) 58. Grandpa and Grandma recorded a talk for my baptism on a VHS tape and mailed it to me, to have for my baptism program, in Arkansas. (Jessi) 59. When Paul and I were dating, I remember going to their home and them paying so much attention to me. It was a little unnerving at first, as I came from a family of 12 with a million cousins and was always lost in the crowd, but they made me feel so special and welcome. (Myrna) | 37

38: 60. Seven people in a two-door coupe on a three-day trip . . . are we there yet? (Paul) 61. Grandpa has such a presence about him. You can always feel the Spirit when you are around him. (Jessi) 62. Grandpa Cook always dresses nicely with his shirt tucked in and his belt on no matter where he is going. He taught me a lot about being frugal and keeping what you own nice so it would last you forever. (Cassie) | 90 years 90 memories

39: 39

40: 63. I remember learning to fly kites with Grandpa and Bruce in Mexico, and Grandpa not caring too much that I kept flying his kite into the ground. (Tim) 64. At my bachelor party a friend gave me some wire strippers (since I’m an electrical engineer) and Grandpa made the joke that I had strippers at my bachelor party. (Nathan)

41: 65. Picnicking on Bronco Beach at American Falls Reservoir in Idaho. (Paul) | 41

43: 66. All those games, games, games that Grandpa sat and cheered through. I wonder how much money he put into St. David athletics? (Annie) 67. I remember eating with Great-Grandpa and Grandma at In-and-Out Burger last time we were in Arizona visiting. (Coleman) (Cole kept saying, “Mom, I remember, I remember, I can picture it!”) 68. Grandpa is a very strong person. He’s always ready for what life has to bring and always seems happy. (Annie) | 43

44: 69. I am so impressed with how much Grandpa cares for Grandma, even to the point of needing to do less in his calling as a Patriarch. I will never forget how much it made me laugh to hear him joke about being the "Inactive" Patriarch. (Tim) 70. Grandpa doesn’t mumble - he looks you in the eye and speaks directly to you. (Myrna)

45: 71. How many flats can we have on one fishing trip? . . . 3! (Paul) | 45

46: 72. Grandpa is probably the only person in Tucson with an outhouse! (Nathan) 73. I remember eating meals with Grandpa and Grandma when I lived with them: super yummy breakfasts with all the fruit and fresh squeezed orange juice, big lunch sandwiches with really chunky tuna, and quesadillas for dinner! (Annie) 74. I love Grandpa Cook’s sense of humor. He always has a funny joke or story to tell. (Cassie) | 90 years 90 memories

47: 47

48: 90 years 90 memories

49: 75. I remember when Grandpa would sit at the dinner table and say to me, “look at that spider,” and I would look at the spider (that wasn’t there) and then turn around and my plate would be gone. (Nathan) 76. I remember sharing our birthday together when we were down at Rocky Point. (Erin) 77. I remember Grandpa giving Coleman batteries for Christmas and Coleman saying, “but I don’t want these!” (Nathan) | 78. Grandpa pointing while making a point. (Paul) 79. Grandpa worked hard at preparing talks for church. He worried about them, but always ended up doing a good job. (Myrna) 80. I loved feeding the birds in the backyard with Great-Grandpa. He had a bunch of seeds that we put in a bowl and put in the backyard. Then we watched as the birds came and ate. (Leah) | 49

50: 81. Ties and shirts always matched and perfect. I remember shopping for Bruce Cook’s mission at the store in Park Mall. Dad was so stylish. I was in a sewing mode and one year sewed him a couple of shirts. I now look back and wonder how long he kept them before hiding or burning them. (Myrna) 82. Patriarchal blessings. When Grandpa first got the calling he studied and studied about the House of Israel and enlightened us about Patriarchal blessings. (Myrna) | 90 years 90 memories

51: 83. Grandpa and Grandma took us out for Cici’s pizza when they found out we were pregnant with Carly. And then after Carly was born, Grandpa and Grandma came over to our house and brought us Subway sandwiches for dinner. (Meagan) | 51

52: 90 years 90 memories

53: 84. Driving down “The Road to Nowhere” on a trip in Mexico with no gas in the car. (Paul) 85. Going to A&W for root beer. Cold frosty mugs brought right to the car window on that tray that hooked on the glass. (Paul) 86. The signature! Big "D" . . . little something's (with an "i" in it). Big "C" . . . more little something's and a "k". How many practice loops did you make above the paper before starting the "D"? (Paul) | 53

54: 87. Cheese and Salmon eggs . . . No for the fish already. (Paul) 88. Camping on Sandy Beach, no water, no electricity, no AC, no shade, no fans, no RV Park . . . just a lot of fun. (Paul) 89. Grandpa always has the coolest cars. I love how he talks about his car that speaks French to him. (Nathan) 90. Going downtown to eat lunch with Dad. (Paul) | 90 years 90 memories

55: 55

56: We love you Grandpa!

57: 57

58: Annie Anderson 3, 8, 9, 19, 22, 23, 29, 33, 37, 43, 46, 47, 50, 57 Carlene Cook 3, 51, 57 Cassie Busby 3, 7, 8, 14, 15, 19, 22, 24, 27, 30, 33, 38, 46, 47, 50, 57 Clara Busby 3, 57 Coleman Anderson 3, 9, 19, 30, 42, 43, 48, 57 Declan Richey 3 Emma Richins 3, 11, 25 Erick Busby 3, 19, 24, 48, 57 Erin Richey 3, 7, 8, 11, 12, 19, 22, 26, 33, 34, 35, 37, 44, 49, 57 | Grandma Cook 6, 8, 9, 11, 13, 19, 25, 31, 34, 40, 43, 44, 48, 53 Greyson Richey 3, 57 Jessi Richins 3, 8, 11, 12, 19, 23, 24, 25, 30, 33, 34, 37, 38, 43, 57 Kaidan Richey 3, 17, 57 Leah Anderson 3, 9, 17, 19, 48, 49, 57 Liam Richey 3, 35, 57 Lucas Anderson 3, 9, 19, 57 Matt Busby 3, 19, 24, 57 Meagan Cook 3, 18, 19, 51, 57 | Myrna Cook 3, 12, 13, 15, 18, 19, 20, 27, 30, 33, 34, 37, 44, 48, 49, 50, 57 Nathan Cook 3, 8, 19, 23, 27, 29, 33, 34, 40, 46, 49, 50, 54, 57 Patrick Richey 3, 57 Paul Cook 3, 7, 8, 10, 11, 12, 13, 16, 19, 20, 21, 23, 24, 27, 28, 32, 33, 34, 36, 37, 38, 39, 41, 45, 48, 49, 53, 54, 55, 57 Paul Richins 3, 25, 57 Sheridan Richey 3, 19, 57 Sidney Anderson 3, 9, 19, 57 Tim Anderson 3, 9, 19, 24, 40, 44, 57 | Memory and Photo Index | 90 years 90 memories

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