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A Little Book of Family History (Copy)

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S: A Little Book of Family History

FC: A Little Book of Pinegar FamilyHistory

1: Dedicated to Josephine Patten in honor of her birthday on January 22, 2006.

2: Josephine Patten was born on January 22, 2006 to Charles William Patten and Christina Pinegar Patten in Salt Lake City, Utah.

3: Christina Pinegar Patten was born on December 5, 1973 in Bussum, North Holland, Netherlands to Max Lee Pinegar and Lynne Frances Johnson Pinegar. She is the mother of Josephine Patten. Charles and Christina were married on December 22, 1998 in the Salt Lake temple. Charles William Patten was born on November 10, 1976 to Hyrum Mack Patten and Elaine Scott in Salt Lake City Utah. Charles is the father of Josephine Patten.

4: Max Lee Pinegar was born a twin on September 18, 1931 to John Franklin Pinegar and Grace Murl Ellis in Orem, Utah. His twin brother is Rex Dee. The family moved to Spanish Fork, Utah where Max grew up. He had rheumatic fever as a child, like his mother. He graduated from Spanish Fork High School and later went to Brigham Young University and the University of Utah where he got degrees. He served in the Air Force during the Korean War and served a mission to the Netherlands. While he was living and working in New York he met Lynne Frances Johnson and they were married in the Manti temple on December 21, 1962. Max and his family moved to the Netherlands in 1971 where he served as Mission President and when they moved back to Utah he served as the Mission President of the Mission Training Center. Max and Lynne have seven children and they have lived in many places and have had many experinces. Max is currently serving as the Stake Patriarch. Max is a wonderful husband, father and grandfather. He is a good son, brother and uncle. He is a very genreous and kind man and is loved by many. He has touched many lives . Max Lee Pinegar is the father of Matthew Lee Pinegar.

5: Lynne Frances Johnson was born in Winslow, Arizona on June 7, 1936 to Richard Lund Johnson and Lillian Merle Fisher. She was born a twin to Loyce Francine. She and her family have lived in a boxcar, El Paso, Texas, and Roseville, California, where she graduated from Roseville High School. Lynne attended Brigham Young University. She later moved back to Roseville where she taught kindergarten for two years. She served a mission to the Eastern States and while serving in New York she met Max Lee Pinegar. Max and Lynne were married on December 21, 1962 in Manti, Utah. She and Max have lived in Puerto Rico, the Grand Canyon, Zion's National Park, Arizona, Utah, the Netherlands and Texas. They have lived in Orem, Utah for the last 28 years. Lynne is a devoted wife and a loving and supportive mother and grandmother. She is a wonderful example of someone who loves righteousness. Lynne Frances Johnson Pinegar is the mother of Matthew Lee Pinegar.

6: Grace Murl Ellis was born July 14, 1894 to David Moroni Ellis and Sophronia Ann Jackson in Wellington, Utah. Grace started school when she was six and the next year she had rheumatic fever. She was baptized on her eight birthday in the Price River. Grace grew up in a three room log cabin and she and her family took care of many animals, including a tom cat that she andher sister Pearl would dress up as a doll. Some summers they lived in the mountains in a wagon while her dad worked for a lumber mill. When Grace was sixteen she won a beauty contest and a slat of honey. Her dad played the fiddle and her brother played the banjo for many house parties and dances. Grace married John Pinegar and raised their family in Wellington, Orem, and Spanish Fork. Grace Murl Ellis Pinegar died on December 26, 1982. She is the mother of Max Lee Pinegar. | John Franklin Pinegar was born to Harvey Anderson Pinegar and Josie Cleopatra Cantrell on April 17, 1891 in Smithville, Tennessee. He was baptized on April 15, 1899. He quit school after the third grade so he could work with his father and help around the house. In 1901 the family moved to Sunnyside, Utah where they worked a large farm and sold vegetables at a roadside stand. One night when John was stopped for the night with a wagonload a mountain lion came and scared the horses off and the wagon got tipped over. John bravely gathered the horses and loaded the wagon and then went on to Sunnyside to sell what he had. John married Grace Murl Ellis on September 10, 1913 in the Salt Lake temple. John and Grace had 10 children and five of their boys served in the armed forces. John Franklin Pinegar died on May 28, 1967. He is the father of Max Lee Pinegar.

7: Richard Lund Johnson was born on June 6, 1904 in El Paso, Texas to Joseph Hills Johnson and Malinda Shumway. He spent part of his childhood in the Mormon Colonies in Mexico and then moved Salt Lake City, Utah during the Mexican Revolution. They lived in Sugarhouse, Utah. He was baptized in the Salt Lake Tabernacle. When his mother died he went to live with his sister Beth and her husband Archie in Shumway, Arizona. He started working for the railroad at the age of 17 and worked until he retired at the age 66 in 1970. Richard Lund Johnson married Lillian Merle Fisher in 1931 and they had seven children. They served a mission to the Southwest Indians in Holbrook, Arizona. Richard Lund Johnson died in 1972 and is the father of Lynne Frances Johnson Pinegar. | Lillian Merle Fisher was born to Sterling Fisher and Aurelia Burchard on February 15, 1906 in El Paso, Texas. Later she and her family moved to New Mexico, where her father was comissioned to build homes on the Apache Indian Reservation. While in New Mexico, the family became friends with what was left of Geronimo's band. When Merle was a young woman, the LDS missionaries came to her door and she joined the church. She said that this was one of the most sacred events in her life. She married Richard Lund Johnson in 1931 and had seven children with two sets of twins. They and their children were later sealed in the Salt Lake Temple. Merle Fisher Johnson died on December 1, 1992 and she is the mother of LynneFrances Johnson Pinegar.

8: Harvey Anderson Pinegar was born on October 12, 1867 in Jefferson, Tennessee. He is the father of John Franklin Pinegar. | David Moroni Ellis was born on January 8, 1859 in Waldron, Sussex, England. He is the father of Grace Murl Ellis Pinegar. | Josie Cleopatra Cantrell was born on May 26, 1871 in Smithville, Tennessee. She is the mother of John Franklin Pinegar. | Sophronia Ann Jackson was born on March 22, 1864 in Clayton Co. Georgia. She is the mother of Grace Murl Ellis Pinegar. | Harvey and Josie Pinegar Family | David and Sophronia Ellis Family

9: Joseph Hills Johnson was born in Salt Lake City, Utah on January 28, 1869 to William Derby Johnson and Jane Cadwalader Brown. He is the father of Richard Lund Johnson. | Malinda Shumway was born on November 12, 1874 in Mendon, Utah to Charles Shumway and Elizabeth Jardine. She is the mother of Richard Lund Johnson. | Sterling Fisher II was born on September 20, 1871 in Burton, Texas to Sterling Fisher I and Martha Jane Hancock. He is the father of Lillian Merle Fisher Johnson. | Aurelia Burchard was born in Austin, Texas on October 11, 1869 to Phineas Burchard and Elizabeth Blanton. She is the mother of Lillian Merle Fisher Johnson.

10: Harvey Anderson Pinegar was born on October 12, 1867 in Jefferson, Tennessee to John Pinegar and Mary Jane Edens. His father married three times and his mother was married twice, he was the last of them all. His only full sibling died when she was six weeks old. He was born in a log house on the family farm and was sick quite a bit. He attended school until the fifth grade. He and his family belonged to the Presbyterian Church. Harvey was a hard worker and had many responsibilities on the farm including smoking the hams and bacons in the smokehouse. Wages at the time were 40 cents a day but because he was such a good worker he often was paid 60 cents. Harvey was a tall, distinguished man standing 6'3" tall with dark brown hair and deep blue eyes. He courted a small, smiling browneyed girl that could stand under his outstretched arm. Harvey Anderson Pinegar married Josie Cleopatra Cantrell on February 25, 1886. Harvey and his family were introduced to the LDS Church by missionarries and were baptized. One time when Harvey and his family as well as two other families were going to be baptized, two men stopped them and tried to stop them from going through with it, but Harvey refused and they all continued on to the river. When Harvey was in the water and a prayer was being said a mob gathered on the hill above them with rocks and a hound dog, then suddenly the dog turned on its master and being frightened by this the mob fled. Harvey and Josie and their family moved to Sunnyside, Utah in 1901 and raised their family. Harvey was a man of varied talents and abilities. His activities were many and varied. He served a short time in the army during the Spanish-American war. He was a good husband and father. Harvey Anderson Pinegar died on June 13, 1947. He is the father of John Frankiln Pinegar. | Josie Cleopatra Cantrell was born on May 26, 1871 in Smithville, Tenessee to Preston Franklin Cantrell and Sarah Melvina Reeder. She grew up in a comfortable sawed log house with four rooms and an upstairs. During her girlhood she helped with the family sewing and other chores. She never had a n opportunity to go to school, but later in life did learn how to read. When she was eleven her mother died and two weeks later her baby sister Nancy died. Her father married again in 1883. Josie worked with her stepmother. Josie would spin the wool into yarn and then weave the yarn into cloth and her stepmother would make clothes out of the cloth for the family. On February 25, 1886, at the age of fourteen she married Harvey Anderson Pinegar who was ninteen. They celebrated their marriage in typical southern tradition and served dinner to over one hundred relatives and friends. She and Harvey had eleven children and in 1901 she and the children moved to Sunnyside, Utah where Harvey had gone earlier to get settled. Josi stood 5'4" tall and had brown hair. She was always cheerful and a very hard working wife and mother. Harvey and Josie joined the LDS Church while they were still living in Tenessee on May 14, 1895. Josie Cleopatra Cantrell Pinegar died sudedenly on February 26, 1941, one day after her fifty-fith wedding anniversary. She was loved by her children and grandchildren. She is the mother of John Franklin Pinegar

11: David Moroni Ellis was born on January 8, 1859 in Waldron, Sussex, England to John Edward Ellis and Hannah Barber. His father was a shoemaker and cordwainer. David's family joined the LDS Church in England and his father saved for nine years to pay for his families passage to America. They sailed from London on the "Hudson" on June 13, 1864. David was five years old. They arrived in New York City on July 19, 1864 and in Wyoming, Nebraska on August 2. They traveled to Salt Lake City with the William Hyde Company and arrived on October 26, 1864. On the way near the Green River Crossing David's mother died and six days after arriving in Salt Lake his sister Ellen died. They lived in the Mill Creek area and it is believed they moved to Tooele. David herded cattle in the Oquirrah Mountains as well as Skull Valley, Rush Valley and on Stansbury Island in the Great Salt Lake. Butch Cassidy and his gang would stop and feed their horses at their ranch as they traveled to and from the badlands of Southern Utah. David was quite an artist at making ranch equipment with buckskin, rawhide, and horse hair. He could braid anywhere from three to sixty-four strans and would braid them flat, square, round or in ahexagon shape. He played the violin and often played with some of his children for the dances, David knew Sophronia Ann Jackson sincce childhood and married her on June 19, 1879. They lived several place and finally settled in Castle Valley area. They had fourteen children. David was 5'10" tall and always had a mustache. He liked to wear jeans and suspenders. He was a loving father and a very generous neighbor. He had many friends. David Moroni Ellis died October 19, 1928. He is the father of Grace Murl Ellis Pinegar. | Sophronia Ann Jackson was born in Clayton Co. Georgia on March 22, 1864 to William Jackson and Martha Jane Fuller. Her parents joined the LDS Church while they were living in Georgia and after that were anxious to move to Utah. In the fall of 1866 the opportunity came. It was during the Civil War, Sophronia's mother was cooking dinner when a detachment of soldiers came to thier home. They weren't given any time to get ready, they could hear the booming sounds of the cannons. Her mother left dinner as it was with a loaf of bread still in the oven, grabbed Sophronia from her cradle, called the other children to get ready while her father loaded the wagon. They set off with their cow tied to the back of the wagon. It took over ten weeks to make the trip. There were indian raids and some of the horses were driven off. It was at this point that their cow had to be used to pull the wagon. They first lived in a house on what is now Highland Drive and later lived in several different locations around the Salt Lake Valley. Sophronia's mother used to grow her own cotton and make thread and weave it into cloth. Sophronia had a beautiful white dress when she ws a little girl made from cloth brought from Georgia. She learned to sew her own clothes and knit her own stockings. She also made quilts and rugs as well as cook, churn and work in the garden. Sophronia's father died when she was eight and her brother Tom took over the family farm and took care of the family. She married David Moroni Ellis at the age of fifteen on June 19, 1879. After their first child was born they moved to Woodland, Summit County, near the Provo River.David and Sophronia had fourteen children and between themselves, three daughters, a son and a granddaughter, there are six sets of twins . Sophronia was a great mother and friend to her children and their friends. She was the one everybody came to talk to about their troubles. She taught her children all the important things in life. Sophronia Ann Jackson Ellis died on March 19, 1935. She is the mother of Grace Murl Ellis Pinegar.

12: Joseph Hills Johnson was born in Salt Lake City, Utah on January 28, 1869 to William Derby Johnson and Jane Cadwalader Brown. His family was asked to move to Southern Utah and that where they founded and settled Johnson, Utah. Presumably this is where he met Malinda Shumway. Joseph Hils Johnson and Malinda Shumway were married on March 30, 1890. He moved his family to Colonial Diaz, Chiuahuah, Mexico. Because of persecution from the government on those practicing plural marriage, the Mormon Colonies were established in Mexico and Joseph took his family there. They later moved to Salt Lake and then to Arizona. Joseph Hills Johnson died on November 27, 1927 in Holbrook, Arizona. He is the father of Richard Lund Johnson. | Malinda Shumway was born in Mendon, Utah on November 12, 1874 to Charles Shumway and Elizabeth Jardine. She lived with her family in the Cache Valley until they moved to Johnson, Utah. Malinda Shumway married Joseph Hills Johnson on March 30, 1890 in Johnson, Kane , Utah. They had five children. She had most of her children in the Mormon Colonies in Colonial Diaz in Mexico, but when she was expecting Richard, she wanted to have him in the United States, so she went to El Paso, Texas to have her baby. Malinda Shumway Johnson died on December 19, 1912 in Taylor, Arizona. She is the mother to Richard Lund Johnson.

13: Aurelia Burchard was born on October 11, 1869 in Austin, Texas to Phineas Burchard and Elizabeth Texana Blanton. Aurelia was married to William Pennington Overby and they had two children. When he died Aurelia married Sterling Fisher II on February 15, 1899. Aurelia met Sterling while he was staying at her boarding house. They moved to El Paso, Texas where three of their children were born. Then they went to New Mexico where the other four were born. Sterling and Aurelia had seven children. Aurelia Burchard Fisher died on March 29, 1925. She is the mother of Lillian Merle Fisher. | Sterling Fisher II was born on September 20, 1871 in Burton, Washington, Texas to Sterling Fisher I and Martha Jane Hancock. Sterling Fisher married Aurelia Burchard on February 15, 1899 in Fort Davis, Texas. He liked to sing, he would go to the Baptist Church just so he could sing the hymns. He also was an excellent carpenter. At one point he and his family moved to New Mexico so he could build homes on the Apache Indian Reservation. Sterling owned a store and lumber mill in Capitan, New Mexico. Sterling Fisher II died on October 11, 1950. He is the father to Lillian Merle Fisher.

14: Other Pinegar Family Pictures | Harvey and Josie Pinegar with young family and John Pinegar and Mary Jane Edens Pinegar seated in the center. They are the parents of Harvey Anderson Pinegar | Sarah Melvina Reeder and Preston Franklin Cantrell. The parents of Josie Cleopatra Cantrell Pinegar

15: John Pinegar and Mary Jane Edens Pinegar. The parents of Harvey Anderson Pinegar. | Martha Jane Fuller Jackson married to William Jackson. The parents of Sophronia Ann Jackson Ellis. | John Edward Ellis and Hannah Barber Ellis. The parents of David Moroni Ellis.

16: Other Johnson Family Pictures | William Derby Johnson and Jane Cadwalader Brown. Parents of Joseph Hills Johnson. | Sitting left to right: George Washington Johnson, Joel Hills Johnson, Benjamin Franklin Johnson. Standing left to right: Joseph Ellis Johnson and William Derby Johnson | Ezekiel Johnson and Julia Hills. Parents of William Derby Johnson. | Eliza Johnson, Richard Lund Johnson's stepmother

17: Charles Shumway and Elizabeth Jardine. Parent of Malinda Shumway Johnson. | Orceneth Fisher was married to Elizabeth Watts and they are the parents of Sterling Fisher I who is the father of Sterling Fisher II

18: Made wth | Made with love by Aunt Lauren and from the Allred's.

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