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A Year In Review

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FC: A Year to Remember | Katie Hayden Period 7/8 Independent Reading Assignment Riding Lessons By Sara Gruen

1: Last Competition | Accident | I remember hearing the crowds roar with excitement, the announcer calling my name "Now up to the arena Annemarie Zimmer," and Highland Harry (my horse) smiling with me, full of energy. We were blazing through the course like there was no tomorrow. There was no doubt in my mind that we were going to win this race and be on our way to the next biggest competition, the Kentucky Rolex. We were finally at our last jump. The jump was high, but I was confident that we would make it. Suddenly Harry's hoof got caught at the top of the jump and both of us plummeted toward the ground. That day Harry was shoot on the track, and I was rushed to the hospital with a broken neck and limbs. Never would I ride again after experiencing this tragedy.

2: Recipe for Disaster Ingredients: -Phobia of riding -A careless husband -A lost job -A teenage daughter with no understanding -A father with Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis -Regret -Denial | Steps: First, put a phobia of riding lessons in a large pot at a boil. In a separate bow, mix together a lost job, and a careless husband. Stir this mixture roughly, until you have created a teenage daughter with no understanding. Quickly dump this mixture into the phobia pot. Wildly stir these two mixtures together, while slowly adding in a father with Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. Finally, once these ingredients have blended together, turn off the heat and let the pot sit in a freezer for one day. The next day, take the pot out of the freezer, and sprinkle a dash of regret and denial into the pot, blend gently, and serve. | Years after my accident, it was obvious that I would leave my competition years behind me and settle down. However, the marriage life was not all it's cracked up to be. Roger, my husband never seemed to really care about me, and our daughter Eva was starting to smoke. That same day, I had lost my job, and received a phone call from Mutti (my mother), explaining that Papa was just diagnosed with ALS, so he would not be living much longer.

3: Life's real failure is when you do not realize how close you were to success when you gave up.” | A New Life | Report Card | When I received Eva's Report Card in the mail, I just about lost it. She was endanger of being expelled from school because she was constantly skipping classes, without me knowing. However, apparently I saw her report too late, and she had just been expelled.

4: Divorce | Annemarie Zimmer | Roger Aldrich | I always knew Roger and I never shared a loving and perfect relationship, but I never thought he would dump me for a 23 year old girl named Sonja! I felt ridiculous, I wished that he would never speak to me again.

5: { | { | New Destination | Annemarie Zimmer and Eva Aldrich | Maple Brook Riding Academy | From Minnesota | It was time to move on. I had to get away from Roger and his new fiancé. Also, I was desperate to find a job and a new school for Eva. There was no other choice but to leave Minnesota, and to live with Mutti and Papa at the ranch, where I grew up.

6: "The friends we meet on the path of life make the trip worth while." | Daily Horoscope | Today will be filed with new life long opportunities and relationships. Grab hold to them and leave your old memories behind. Today is a good day to start fresh, so step boldly into the future and don't hold back. | New Barn Manager | At the Ranch, "The Maple Brook Riding Academy," I was both surprised and shocked to see the barn again after so many years. Papa, who was terrifying to look at and completely unstable, had left the barn to Mutti. Of course Mutti probably wanted to spend time with Papa, so I felt obligated to take over the barn for her. Now I found a job, met new friends: like Jean-Claude (the riding instructor), Dan (the owner of the horse rescue center and a family friend), and found a new place for me and Eva to live. Even though it was obvious that Eva wanted to go home.

7: My Songs: I Know the Truth By: Aida Wake Up Call By: Maroon 5 Pressure By: Paramore Pray for You By: Jaron Whataya Want From Me? By: Adam Lambert This Love By: Maroon 5 Marchin On By: One Republic Light On By: DavidCook How You Love Me Now By: Hey Monday | It was terrifying for Eva and I to see Papa. After our encounter, I knew that I just could not stand to see him this way, so for the rest of my stay at the ranch, I tried so hard to avoid him. On the other hand, I did meet someone who I wished to see more often, and that was Dan Garibald. From the moment I first laid eyes on him I completely forgot about Roger, and wished to start a new life with Dan. | However, now that I am living at the barn, I feel like a huge disappointment and burden on Mutti and Papa. After I refused to ride following my accident with Harry many years ago, I started to create a new future that did not evolve around horses. Going against Papa's teachings and his constant devotion to my riding, made me feel even more pathetic when I saw him after so many years.

8: Insane!! | Going | I could not believe my eyes when I found Eva soaking in the tub with a unicorn tattoo printed on her chest. How could I not see this before? I felt so embarrassed, so powerless against Eva's teenage decisions and future. For the first time, I am starting to wonder how much of Eva's childhood did I really miss out on? If I payed more attention to her when she was younger, would this tattoo still be here? Would Eva be a normal obedient girl who did great in school and never would have thought about smoking? I fell like such a failure as a mother

9: Losing Faith | Annemarie Zimmer | Adopting: Highland Hurrah | Foal | When Harry died during the accident at my last riding competition, I thought I would never see another horse like him again. He was a beautiful, long, chestnut Hanoverian, with a bold white racing strip on his side. There couldn't possibly be another horse like this one. This is what I thought, until I acutely went to Dan's rescue center. There, he showed me a foal that looked shockingly just like Harry. Of course, I had to buy this foal, but I was still very concerned about why this foal looked so similar to Harry. When I got home, Mutti finally told me the truth. Apparently, Harry had a brother. His name was Highland Hurrah. He was a racing horse owned by a man named Ian McCullough. | However, this foal couldn't possible Hurrah, because this horse had only one eye, and the real Hurrah was supposedly killed in a trailer accident a long time ago.

10: Volunteer (noun) Definition: Someone who donates there time and effort, to help, aid, or do a serves that will benefit someone or something. | I never thought I would see the day. Eva, my drug abusing, underachieving daughter, was going to volunteer her time at Dan's barn. After we visited his rescue center, she was inspired to help Dan's cause in rescuing abandoned or abused horses. I was so proud of her that day. Now she had something to do during the day instead of moping around the house complaining and causing mayhem. What a huge relief for me.

11: Hello from Maple Brook Riding Academy | Dear Roger, Well were here at Maple Brook Riding Academy. I know it's been so long since you have been here. Remember all those years we spent together here? I remember you were my motivator. You always went to my competitions and cheered me on. But that was a long time ago. Anyways, Eva and I are here to stay for as long as we can. I am sorry for leaving you with Eva without your approval, but I feel this is just best for Eva and I to start a new life. She is already volunteering, and I have a job as barn manager. Hopefully it will go well. On the other hand, Papa is not doing so well, and neither is Mutti. Everyday, he gets weaker, and I don't know how much longer he can live like. There is no need for you to fly out here. I think it would be best for everyone if you just continue your new life with Sonja, and I continue my new life here with Eva. Sincerely, Annemarie Zimmer

12: Farrier | Boarders wanted!!! Tired of looking for a place to board your horses? Well the wait is over! Stop by the Maple Brook Riding Academy, and see what we can do for your horse or horses. We offer large stalls with windows, feed, horse maintenance, and fantastic riding lessons. So don't delay, pick up your phone and call or stop by today. | Maple Brook Riding Academy 777-888-000 | Maple Brook Riding Academy 777-888-000 | Maple Brook Riding Academy 777-888-000 | Maple Brook Riding Academy 777-888-000 | Maple Brook Riding Academy 777-888-000 | I finally blew it. One of our very rich members who board five of there horses at our barn, decided to leave. Apparently, they were upset about our lack of organization at the barn. I don't blame them, I have been pretty careless about expenses lately, and it has been putting us behind schedule lately, but really? They had to leave? Each one of those stalls cost hundreds of dollars a week. We could not afford to loose these members!

13: Bagged Bedding | Hay | $2,000 | $5,000 | $3,000 | $2,000 | Jean-Claude Riding Instructor | Farrier | Hay | I can't take it anymore! The barn is now plummeting into major finance problems all because of me. Soon we are going to be in dept! I do not know how much longer I can keep the barn going. Paying for the barn workers, Jean-Claude, and the horses, I can not keep the barn balanced. There is only one solution to get the barn up and running again, and that is to fill the empty stalls that were abandoned by one of our rich, previous boarders. | Bounced

14: Annemarie + Dan:) | Dear Dan, Thank you so much for taking me out to the movies and dinner last night. I had a lot of fun. Now my head feels a little clearer, I guess you were right, I needed a break from the barn. I am so grateful to have a friend like you. You are so kind and considerate. I hope one day we could step outside of this friend relationship we share, and move onto something greater and more serious. What I am trying to say is, I love you Dan, and I don't know what I would ever do without you! From the first moment I laid my eyes on you, I was positive that you were the one who I wanted to spend my new life with. I can not imagine how crazy my life would be today, if I never met you. You keep my life intact, and I always feel safe when your around me. I LOVE YOU DAN:) Sincerely, Annemarie | I know I should not be crushing on the Dan, the man who Eva volunteers for, but I just can not help myself. After Roger dumped me, I have been felling very depressed and completely stressed. Now, with Papa practically lying on his death bed, and the barn falling into dept, I feel like I am just about to completely loose it, but whenever I see Dan, he makes me feel like I have nothing to worry about.

15: Facebook | Status update: | Eva Aldrich | uhh I hate this place! I hate living on the ranch, I hate living with my mom, and I hate being fired from Dan's rescue center! I can't believe it, all I did was smoke one tiny cigarette in the hey loft with a new friend. I mean I thought mom wanted me to make friends, but I guess she changed her mind. Now I have to listen to her constant nagging about how I could have endangered myself, the animals, and the barn. I mean what is she trying to do? Make me even more depressed about leaving the rescue center? I am already sorry for what I did! Why will she not talk to Dan? Why will he not let me come back!? I miss Flicka, the tall and beautiful Arabian horse. I want to go back, to groom her one more time. I want to lay beside her and talk to her. We had an amazing friendship and connection. When mom told me I could never see her again, I nearly broke out in tears. Why dose the world have to be so cruel? | I just about lost any respect I had for Eva when I heard she was smoking in the hay loft. I can't believe she was so careless, being surrounded by hay that could burst up in flames at any given moment. I feel bad to take her away from her favorite horse, but I had to show her that this was a serious matter, that could not be forgotten about. She would just have to help me around the Riding Academy from now on, instead.

16: Police Blotter | Last night, police reported a case of a run away minor by the name of Eva Aldrich. The minor is about 15 years old with long dark brown hair, and approximately five foot four.She was last seen in her home at the Maple Brooks Riding Academy last night. If you see this girl, please contact authorities immediately by dialing 911. | The day Eva ran away was the day my heart sunk. I could not believe it. I lost my only daughter. She meant the world to me. Even though I was upset with her actions and decisions, I sill loved her and cared deeply about her. When she left I was mute. I could not communicate or talk with anyone because I simply did not know how to react to this situation I was going through. thankfully, Dan comforted me throughout my struggle.

17: Anton Zimmer | Although I was depressed about Papa's death, I still felt more guilty and regretful for not getting on a horse at least one more time before he passed away. Papa would of loved to see me ride one last time, I was just to stubborn after my accident to just hope back up on another horse and start riding again. However, I don't think Papa understood. I still felt like he was angry at me for giving up on his dream to be the trainer of an Olympian rider.

18: About a day or two after Eva went missing and Papa died, I received a call from Roger. Apparently, Eva had hitchhiked her way back to Minnesota, and went straight to Rogers new house. He told me, that Eva did not wish to come home, but she would come down for Papa's funeral. Maybe then, I could convince her to come home. I could probably bribe her by adopting Flicka from Dan's rescue center.

19: Police Blotter | This morning, police suspected an old competitive Olympian rider named Mr.Ian McCullogh. He was charged with attempting theft, and animal cruelty. Today he resides in Mexico City. Reports say, that McCullogh had hired two Mexican citizens to capture a very valuable horse named Highland Hurrah, located at Miss. Annemarie Zimmer's barn. He will be placed in prison for four years. | I was both astounded and completely nervous when I figured out my adopted foal's identity. He was in fact, the brother of Highland Harry, but he was worth about one and a quarter million dollars. For a week, I tried to hide him, hoping that the insurance company would not find out I had Hurrah, and take him away. However, when the insurance company did find out that Hurrah was alive, They took him away from the barn, and auctioned him off in Mexico (where Dan went to buy him back again). Thankfully, I was not faced with any charges, because I did not cause any physical harm to Hurrah. On the other hand, McCullogh was faced with animal abuse, because he faked Hurrah's death during a trailer accident, and caused Hurrah to have only one eye.

20: Resolution | Dear Diary, In the end, I am happy to say everything worked out for the best. After Papa's death, I finally told Mutti about how I put her barn in financial dept. At first she was very frustrated, but in the end I used the money I received from my old house in Minnesota(that I sold), and used it to get the barn out of dept. I knew Mutti was very proud of me. When I saw Eva again at Papa's funeral, I apologized to Dan for Eva's rude behavior, and adopted Flicka (Eva's favorite horse) in order to convince Eva to stay. Thankfully my bribe worked. | Although I was no longer manager of the barn, I was assigned a new role. Now I was the new riding instructor! I was very happy with my new job, and with it, I was able to teach Eva how to ride. Now Eva and I share a strong, loving mother and daughter relationship. As for Dan, overtime our relationship blossomed, and Eva excepted our love, instead of complaining about it.

21: (Your Text Here) | My New Life | Before I could be the riding instructor of the Maple Brook Riding Academy, Mutti specifically told me I had to start riding horses again. However, now that I had Hurrah, and I knew Harry's blood flowed inside of him, I felt that nothing was impossible. I was ready to ride, and nothing could stop me, because together, Hurrah and I are Invincible.

22: The | Pictures used in this scrapbook were from the Internet.

23: End

24: Trick or Treat


29: It's The Little Things In Life That Matter

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