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A Year In Review

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A Year In Review - Page Text Content

S: Sara VonPap 1988 - 2010


FC: so many | Our Little Princess Grows Up

1: so many | You were born during a transition time in your parent's lives - they were in the process of moving houses and your dad had his first day of student teaching on your birthday. He had to start a little later that day. Grandma and Grandpa were your first visitors. | In the wee hours of the morning on 1 September 1988, you made it known you were ready to enter this world. We took Kurt to Anne's house and arrived at the hospital at 6am. It was quiet and the contractions were tolerable, allowing us to rest in between. Kurt and Anne arrived at the hospital and after 20 minutes of pushing, you were born at 7:56am. It was such an easy birth! | We are looking forward to your graduation from CU Boulder! You have become a beautiful, smart, strong,outdoorsy, compassionate, fun-loving woman . We are proud to be your parents and look forward to what you will make of your life! Wherever you go,whomever you meet, we're sure you'll leave the world a better,more loving place just for being there. May the Force be with you!

2: "Families are like fudge ... mostly sweet with a few nuts." | Our Little Ones | date : 1 September 1988 time : 7:56 am weight : 7 lbs. 5 oz.

3: Small enough ... | hold in your arms | ..big enough to fill you life with

4: You were born with dark hair and dark skin so we called you our little Greek baby. Your temperament was very easy-going. The only thing you got upset about is when you didn't fall asleep immediately after nursing. You liked to nurse often and regularly Even though you began as an average-sized baby, you quickly grew to 90-95th percentile in height and weight and stayed at that level for several years. By the time you were 3 months old, you got up once during the night to nurse. You were quite "talkative" - you'd smile and talk with anyone who initiated. Your mother went back to work part-time when you were 3 months old. After nursing, we rocked you and sang until you fell asleep. Your parents took you cross-country skiing when you were 2 1/2 months. You slept most of the trip.

5: Oh So Cute!

6: txt | Greg and Hedat were a fun pair as godparents! They may not have been traditional, but they always loved you! | We had your baptism back in Louisville, Kentucky because that's where most of the Catholics in the family lived. We had it at Xmas time at the chapel of Bellarmine College.

7: Anne, Elliott, Kurt, Mom and Sara on a chilly beach day. This was one of our earlier Friday outings - we came back to Stinson Beach many times afterwards. You may not remember these earlier outings, but they were fun! | The picture above is David trying to be close to you To the far right is Anne holding and talking to you. . . you were so happy Dad, Kurt and you getting ready to go out | Each month in your first year, your mom took you to a studio to have your picture taken. Sometimes that worked out ok and sometimes it was traumatic.

8: 1989 | Mom gets in a run before you wake up at 7 am. You are so pleasant all the time - smiling at everyone! At 6 months, you sit up on your own. When you lean over to suck your toes, Kurt thinks you look like an egg! | You continued to sleep in your parent's room as your Mom used your bedroom as her office until the downstairs office was finished.

9: Kurt liked to play a game where he would throw a blanket over you and pretend you were a ghost. He laughed more than you did. He also liked picking you up and you'd look at us with an expression of "Oh, no!" | At about 7 1/2 months, you moved into your own bedroom, sleeping through the night then- and you started crawling. Kurt began playing with you more - you laugh at him a lot even when he's not so gentle. | We celebrated Easter with the Papathakis clan.

10: Your first Papathakis camping trip! South Lake Tahoe You loved going to the beach - South Lake Tahoe or the ocean. The Papathakis families have camped together most years since then. You always loved swimming and being in the water. Sara and Mom in the top picture . . . Eric, Sean and Kurt in the lower one. You were beginning to show signs of being strong-willed. You also weren't easily distracted as your brother had been.

11: Trick or Treat | Sometime around 9 months, you shifted from a sweet, mellow baby to a high energy, strong-willed yet still sweet toddler. You began walking at 10 1/2 months but began running soon thereafter. You loved waving bye-bye, clapping your hands and going up and down the stairs. You also had an uncanny ability to connect with people which has continued through your life. You never were a good napper. You'd take 2-3 naps a day about 1/2 hour long each and that was it.

12: First trip to Disneyworld Niel and Denys joined Mamama and Papapa and met us there. You enjoyed all the Disney characters. | You and Mamama sitting for a bit . . . Mamama, Mom and Sara - 3 generations | Your first hiking trips were usually on Mom or Dad's back. You traveled well, in the car, plane or on the trail. Your preference was to hold hands or touch somehow. You seemed to say "hi" by touching - you'd reach out to people with your arm outstretched | and your shoulder up to your ears. Anne and Sara hanging out camping

13: Thanksgiving 1989 @ George and Juanda's on Nottingham Circle where Dad grew up. Kurt and Eric on the ground Sean and Sara in Grandma's lap - Robyn and Caitlin between and Grandpa holding Tracy. You were sooo busy! If you were in your parents' bedroom, you would take turns pulling clothes out of a drawer hand over hand, playing with the stereo knobs, pulling out stuff from the bathroom, trying to sneak open the toilet lid. As soon as we'd clean up one mess, you'd start a new one - laughing the whole time! You especially liked pulling the yellow flowers off the bushes in the front yard.. We would reprimand you and you'd try to pick one | before we could catch you. . . your only word was "yah" spoken like a German yes. But, you used it appropriately and understood what we said. | Marijane was your babysitter whenever we needed one - she was wonderful. Here we were in BearValley with Kirsten, Bruce and the boys.

14: 1990 | Anne and Mom took the 4 kids to Yosemite and Lisa's cousin, Kim joined us. We called it the trip from hell because Maria was so difficult, crying most of the weekend. But, we did manage to have a good time despite the stress. You were a feisty little girl too, walking with a confident little strut. You often intimidated other children. Yet, you were so affectionate too -giving big bear hugs. You loved to dance! you liked the shoulder moves the best, and loved it when Mom and Dad joined you. You also started talking in sentences and once you could talk, you stopped whining as much. We were all much happier!

15: We took you on your first backpack trip to Frog Lake. You hiked by yourself for the mile or so to the lake. We gave you Starburst candies to keep you going. You and Kurt met this other little boy on a trip with his father. | We headed to Kentucky for Hedat's wedding. Several of us traveled around Kentucky afterwards - here at Cumberland Falls

16: y | We got you a double bed because you woke up so regularly every night and it was so much easier to lay down with you to get you back to sleep. Just before you turned 2 y/o Mom told you that she wasn't going to lay down with you anymore - that you were big enough to do it on your own and you did it! Potty training (the first time) was just as easy . . . but it only lasted a couple months and then it wasn't until you were 3 that you finally got the hang of that. | You woke up about 6 am and hopped in bed with your parents and slept another hour or so. You were so loving then - you'd say our names and put your arm around each of us. You and Kurt started playing more together - your favorite activity was running the "circle" - through the kitchen, living room, entry and down the hall. Kurt would lap you 2-3 times but you both just laughed as you ran and ran around that loop. You had a hard time saying your "r"s and "s"s. You pronounced snake as "nake" which would make Kurt laugh and laugh. You had found a couple of dead snakes around the yard and were quite intrigued.

17: Diane was your babysitter when you were little. Her 2 daughters were Alexandria and Natalie. They would tell Diane that you seemed like a teenager - you had the mannerisms down! You had this little game you played with your Mom where you'd rub your thumb and forefinger together next to your face and say "tiny, tiny" in a little squeaky voice. That would make both of you laugh. Your "lightness" and gaiety were so endearing. | If we suggested that you take a nap, you usually agreed. That was one of the times you were allowed your pacifier (bye). You also could have it at bedtime and in the car.

18: txt | You, Kurt and Elliott celebrated many 1/2 birthdays together! | This must have been before we put restrictions on using the pacifier. | We all loved going to the beach - below is South Lake Tahoe and the other two are at the coast.

19: Thanksgiving in Louisville. You loved playing in the leaves. Usually Niel and Greg would rake the leaves in a huge pile and you and Kurt would jump in! Below with you is Greg,Dad,Mark,Papapa,Franz,Kurt | Kurt's first day of school - it was a special day for all of us | You were definitely strong-willed. We learned that it was better to suggest you give us an object and give you a couple minutes rather than take it. You would sometimes scream and scream if you didn't get your way!

20: 1991 | Aspen Ski Trip-March | Your Mom and Dad left you overnight for the first time for New Year's Eve. Marijane stayed with you and Kurt. You fell off the stool and knocked your front tooth out. Marijane called Anne and they tried to get your tooth back in, but you swallowed it. You were still as wild as ever. Your sweetest moments were early in the morning in bed, as you would caress our faces and kiss us so sweetly. | You loved wearing party dresses, especially colorful, flowery ones. Denys bought you your own makeup and you weren't interested in sharing. You were quite assertive! Everything you do is with animation. You still loved your pacifier and we allowed you to have it more often for awhile.Our rule was that if you had it you had to lay down. You preferred laying on the couch.

21: You continued to be a great hiker- could go for a 2 mile hike. You and Kurt argued over who could be the leader hiking. When it's your turn, you walked so self-assuredly. | You weren't intimidated by any bird, beast or bug!

22: In the summer we rented a cabin for a week at Kit Carson Lodge in Silver Lake. You and Kurt played so well together. You were both so independent.One night at the campfire, you ended up walking back to our cabin in the dark and Tom found you sitting on the couch in the living room of our cabin. Another time, we thought you were playing just outside the cabin but when Mom went to fin you, you had wandered to the lodge and supposedly had gone down to the dock as well. We never knew what to expect. Kurt and Mom teased you because you talked about snakes so much. You would go into morbid detail about bloody this and bloody that. We allowed you to watch some National Geographic movies and you were so fascinated by the scenes of the lions killing their prey. We hoped it wasn't too much for you.

23: You had such a depth about you . . . and so caring too. Even in the midst of a power struggle, you'd hit your mother, but if she seemed hurt or angry, you "melted", wanting to be held, wanting to comfort her and be comforted. Sometimes you would be so oppositional and do something that you knew you'd get in trouble for. You would act as if it didn't bother you at all, but as soon as you were put in time out, you'd cry and scream. | Our trip to Sequoia National Park. We brought Candyland with us and you did quite well with your first board game. You were able to count to 10 - we figured they must have been practicing counting at Growing Minds Preschool, where you started attending in the fall.

24: Kurt, Elliott, Maria and you played so well together. You loved using your imagination , creating spaceships out of chairs and cloths. You kept a running dialogue and because you were so loud, you even called yourself the "loud princess" | You and Kurt thought that Halloween was the second-best day of the year, after Christmas

25: One day as you, Mom and Kurt were driving back from Kurt's gymnastics class, you asked your mom, "who's in charge?" She responded that she was. Your response was "no, mommy, God's in charge. God is everything". You and Kurt then proceeded to talk about how weird it was that God is the road . . . the car . . . the trees . . . Your family spent lots of time in the summer in the water at Cameron Park Lake or at the coast or at Lake Tahoe

26: We went to Jackson Hole, WY and met up with Mamama and Papapa and Denys - our smallest family ski trip. We all went on this snowmobile tour in Yellowstone - very chilly in the morning! You were finally leaving the rebellious 2's and 3's! There were still moments of defiance, but no longer the majority of time. | You were so expressive in a dramatic sort of way. At the dinner table, you would share a story of your day in this confident, emotionally expressive style much older than your years. You took gymnastics, but really wanted to be in the tap class. And, singing and dancing were some of your favorite past-times. You'd dance without inhibition and could move so nicely to the music. You would get your Mommy involved - helping her to get in touch with her "wild woman". Your relationship with your mother shifted this year as she processed through some of her old childhood issues and was better able to allow you to be your strong,expressive self. It's been wonderful ever since then. | 1992

27: We drove past MonoLake on our way to a spring ski trip at Mammoth. You and Kurt played well together. Your most fun moments were in the bath. You all would play and play and were finally old enough that your parents used that time to pick up the house a bit. Earlier, we read to you all while you were in the bath. You continued to have such a wonderful blend of the feminine and the masculine. Kurt described you as a "tough. little girl".There were times when you were more brave than Kurt in approaching a risky situation. | You preferred wearing dresses, bright and flowery even better. Then you'd tell your mom how you wanted your hair fixed and she'd fix it for you. . . you loved helping with projects, especially helping make dinner, or cleaning dishes, or sweeping the floor.

28: Julie and Jim's wedding pictures were taken in Mamama and Papapa's backyard. Kurt was the ringbearer - you loved the whole thing! Below is another Easter egg hunt at John and Peggy's Denys, Kurt and you celebrate birthdays together!

29: Greg joined the Papathakises for the annual camping trip - this year was to Big Basin State Park outside Santa Cruz

30: MAKING MEMORIES | You enjoyed playing with your baby dolls as well as Samantha, your American girl doll. Listening to music and singing and dancing to it continued to be your favorite activities | 1993 | You learned how to ski "blue" runs this year and so proud of yourself - saying you wanted to ski black diamonds now | Kurt at the entrance to Mom's office

31: You told your mom that you couldn't wait to move out to your own place where no one tells you what to do, you play all day and don't have to go to school | We took Elliott on a backpacking trip with us. Our biggest memory is that the food we brought was rancid and we all ate it anyway. | As independent as you could be, you told your kindergarten teacher, Ms. McEldowney that you loved to snuggle with your mom.

32: Sara and Kurt at the beach in Hawaii | You loved the beach scene! | At the lava flows on the Big Island with Denys | Mamama and Papapa took everyone to Hawaii. We enjoyed helicopter rides over the volcano as it erupted. You started to ride a bike, but were scared and frustrated that you couldn't do it well immediately. Whereas, with skiing and most physical activities, you enjoyed it right away. You would talk about feeling shy when interacting with people in public, but would ask for what you wanted with encouragement.

33: You and Maria having some quiet time in your room | We decided this year to celebrate several Papathakis summer birthdays together at Ampy and Steve's. All the little girls looked up to Robannie. You and Mommy were checking out some of your new gifts. | Easter at John and Peggy's

34: In the center are pictures from the Strawberry Bluegrass Festival that we went to every year with the Honeymans. | Your first day of your second year of kindergarten. Glenda Moore was your teacher. You liked her assistant, Ms. Allesandri even more. | We dressed up with you all each year. One of us would go trick-or-treating with you all and the other would stay home and pass out candy.

35: This winter, you began skiing the "blue" runs and were so excited that you didn't have to be in ski school anymore as per our agreement. Another right of passage was that you didn't have to take a nap anymore - just a 30 minute rest a day. | Your favorite Xmas gift last year was a desk that we got you. We'd often find you doing paperwork at your desk and you'd ask different business people if you could have some of their paperwork. And our junk mail wasn't junk to you at all. | 1994 | Your depth as a person and capacity for intimacy was so powerful! Your Mom loved the intensity that you all shared. As sweet as you could be, you could be just as ornery. Sometimes you'd tell your Mom how you loved a friend, or Ms. Alessandri or Lee Ann, your dance teacher more than her just to see her reaction. Ms. Glenda Moore,your teacher described you as fiery, sweet, happy, healthy,direct and "to the point". At school, you enjoyed playing "mommy" to the children who liked to play being a baby.

36: We went on a camping trip to the Lost Coast in northern CA. You and Kurt had such fun playing and camping at the ocean. You were so in touch with your "wild woman" at such a young age. One day we saw a dead seal on the beach and you were the only one to touch it, even tried to open it's eye. You asked to use our swiss army knife to cut into it and we just had to say no. | You and Kurt enjoyed playing together most of the time with only a few conflicts. You had such a good memory that when Kurt would be working on reading, if you'd heard the story a couple times, you'd often recite the page ahead of him. As you could imagine, he wasn't very fond of this behavior, however, you weren't being mean about it - you were just keeping the story going. Your parents loved hanging out with you and Kurt especially if we were out and about. The lower left picture is of the backyard in Cameron Park in early April.

37: We shared many day trips and camping trips with the Bucon Scales family. You and Maria developed a deep relationship early on. You all seemed like sisters. You had an uncanny ability to "read" people,knowing clearly when you liked or disliked people and you weren't shy about expressing it. You moved through the world with such confidence. As your mother prepared to have a baby for her sister, you were quite vocal about wanting to keep the baby - you even suggested giving Kurt to Julie and Jim and keeping the baby!

38: Our only backpack trip with the BuconScales family Backpack with Denys to Velma Lakes - lots of flowers and mosquitos! And, the annual camping trip with the Papathakis family. We looked forward to the nightly campfire with s'mores and Dad beginning "the continuous story" and everyone added their part to the story... some wild stories!

39: 1995 | We celebrated the new year with the Bucon Scales family in Yosemite valley. You 2 girls were such strong little nordic skiers! And all 4 thoroughly enjoyed the jumping into the snow pile. | Things got worse before they got better with your adjusting to the baby. During the 3 months it took to get pregnant, you expressed your anger vehemently. You threatened to kill the baby if we weren't going to keep it . . .you hoped your Mom's eggs were rotten . . .you told Jim that you hoped the tree would fall on him. There wasn't any doubt about your feelings! You so desperately wanted us to keep the baby.

40: Myrna,Mark,Denys,Sara Julie,Mom,Dad,Kurt,Greg on a warm February day at Park City. You had very strong attractions to several women in your life; your mother's sisters were 2 of them. During the summer Denys lived with us and she took care of you and Kurt while your parents worked. | Our annual VonderHaar ski trip - this year to Park City. It was so much more fun for you now that you could ski with everyone! You always enjoyed Denys, especially her attraction to glitzy

41: The Papathakis easter egg hunt was at the Billie Mitchell school close to Grandma and Grandpa's. Ryan and Spencer with you at the Strawberry Bluegrass Festival. | Carol Radd also had that panache especially with the glitzy attire, that you were so attracted to. She and Steve have always stayed connected with you all. In the center was Glenda Moore, your kindergarten teacher for 2 years. Mark joined us for a hike in the Yosemite valley in late April.

42: You and Caitlin at the Papathakis camping trip. Since Denys lived with us for the summer, she joined in several hikes and backpack trips. | You shared your room and bed with Denys. When she went back to Hawaii, you cried and cried about missing her. Fortunately, you were distracted by your first solo trip to Kentucky the next day. | Your Mom had to talk your Dad into letting you have a kitten - someone of your own to love, It was hard for you to decide on a name for a boy cat - you settled on 'Valentine".

43: We camped with Julie and Jim outside Bishop CA in June. At night, it was cold enough that the water would freeze in the waterbottle. You caught a fish when this woman you met helped you. | Once your mother became pregnant, you accepted the situation and were very supportive. You'd hold hands with your mother when you all walked together and loved to snuggle and kiss with her.

44: Ryan's birth 10/9/95 | Tom held you and comforted you during the birth. It was a bit intense for you. But, as soon as Ryan was born, you were right next to Julie and Jim and Ryan. | During the week after Ryan was born, you were so supportive of Julie and Jim, even offering parental advice | You only had one complaint when Ryan was born and that was that Jim and Julie wouldn't allow you to hold him unless you were sitting down and you felt that was an unnecessary rule.

45: You were so excited to finally start 1st grade Ari Magruder was your teacher for both 1st and 2nd grade. You were quite enamored with her. Your desk partner was Austin because you were the only one he would listen to - he was a wild one. A month into school, you asked if you could wear a costume "dress-up" dress to school. When your mom told you no, you became very angry. Then you proceeded to explain that you and Wyatt (a boy in your class) were getting married the next day and you needed to wear something nice. . . your mom did her best not to laugh and you did wear it. Don't recall what Ms. Magruder thought. | Your first solo trip to Kentucky went well - you were nervous about the plane crashing but managed to muster just as much excitement by the time you went. Papa and Carolyn,Greg & Heather, Mark & Myrna and the girls took you to King's Island, an amusement park. They commented about how gutsy, independent and fun you were to be with.

46: As it turned out, lots of us got sick during this trip but we managed to have fun still. Papaapa and Carolyn were there for the first week and Mamama came for the second week which worked out well. You and Kurt spent both weeks there. You had asked Greg for a ferrari, one of the kids versions. You wanted one with a radio so you could listen to rock and roll while you drove to your friends' houses. He wanted to get one but we discouraged it since he was unemployed at the time. You had hoped the tooth fairy would bring one too, after loosing your 5th tooth. Greg was in Utah for the first week before we got there, so he took you and Kurt skiing by himself. That was courageous of him since you could get stressed on your first day of the season and complain about the steepness of the slope and ski slowly. Greg didn't complain . . . and we were happy not to have to go through that with you.:) | Devin and Sara hanging out in the Salt Lake City house. The whole family stayed together in one house! | Xmas in Park City with the VonderHaars

47: We met Greg and Heather in Steamboat for a ski vacation while we checked out Colorado as a possible place to move to. We enjoyed our trip together and decided that if Dad got a job, we'd move. Three months later he was offered a job at Fraser Valley Elementary.where you and Kurt attended as well. | Sara and Ms. Magruder on the school grounds of Cedar Springs Waldorf School. The girls are Taylor Howard on your right and Megan on your left. The girl next to her is Taylor's older sister. You were closest to Katie Mulcahy in your class but she moved to Colorado in January. The boys in your class were challenging and you weren't close to them. | 1996

48: It was so difficult to understand how you could be so much like a teenager, yet only 7 years old! You told your Mom that you wished you didn't have to have a mother because you just didn't like the rules. (at that time you were upset that she had suggested you put on a vest or sweatshirt to keep warm) Even when you asked for her help in picking out clothes, you'd usually choose something different anyway. You decided to let your bangs grow out and put mousse on them and do your own hair. You wouldn't let your mother braid your hair anymore either. | Mommy and Anne took their 4 kids on outings most Fridays. We had such fun playing in the stream. | It certainly wasn't easy being your mother, but it was so rewarding.People commented on your similarities - strong, both in body and will, blond, blunt, loving and irritable under stress.

49: It was really hard for you to have so many goodbyes this summer. Typically you rarely cried, but over the summer you cried a lot. You were so loving again with your mother even telling her how pretty she was. | The pictures above are from the Spring Strawberry Music Festival. To the left are the Grips who lived next door to us in Cameron Park.

50: COLORADO OR BUST! | Sara, Mom and Dad drove with 2 cats in a moving van from CA to CO. Kurt was in Hawaii with the Benarons and flew to Colorado later. You stayed with the Mulcahys for a few days while your parents painted, unpacked got the house ready.Then Mom took the train back to CA to finish up her practice there and pick up another car. You and Kurt started playing soccer even before school started and you both did so well. It was a nice way to begin meeting some of the kids. Early on, you invited Sage, Amanda and Shelby over to visit. In school, you were learning how to read which you were thrilled about.

51: Ms.Fran Cook was your 2nd grade teacher and she was willing to celebrate the feast of Santa Lucia upon our request. The custom at Waldorf was that the oldest girl in the class would dress up as Santa Lucia and process through the school giving out hot cross buns. You had been looking forward to that role before we moved, so it was wonderful that Ms.Cook granted our request. | You would often ask people such intrusive questions - you seemed just curious, but your parents had to teach you about social niceties in the moment. One of your favorites was to ask someone how old they were. We celebrated our first Xmas in Colorado with most of the VonderHaars making it. Many of them stayed at the B&B across the street.

52: Before moving to Colorado, we had a housekeeper. So, one of the first challenges was learning how to clean. This was quite the challenge since your mother wanted you to do a good job cleaning and you weren't as committed to quality work. You and your Mom argued she yelled at you. Your Mom felt horrible when you started to cry. You felt it was too hard so we had to change our strategies. Keeping a clean room was never a priority for you. | We all struggled in our move. Dad had giardia when he got here so he was weak and not feeling well. You and Kurt were having to start a new school that just didn't have the warmth of a Waldorf school. You and Kurt started arguing and fighting more. You would get bossy and he would get argumentative so we had to intervene more. It was challenging because you all had been good with each other for years! Christmas with everyone helped all of us to feel connected to loved ones when we were all feeling so alone.

53: Carol and Steve Radd came to visit and took you all snowmobiling. They have always made the effort to stay connected. By spring, you were able to read chapter books and loving it. The school had a program where you could earn a reward of a pizza for reaching your reading goals. You worked hard each month to reach your goals. | Once, your mother caught you in a lie, saying that you read a book you hadn't. You weren't a very good liar and she is intuitive, so you were caught. You were so embarrassed and angry. You rarely lied anyway, except about whether you brushed your teeth. By the end of 2nd grade, you were at grade level which was good given that you didn't read before we moved to CO. The picture on the left is at Sand Dunes National Monument on our first spring break driving trip around Colorado. | 1997

54: First Holy Communion 12 April 1997 | Your temperament remained much the same. You could be so loving - very affectionate and lots of fun. And, you could be just as saucy! That saucy side was expressed primarily with your mother and occasionally, father or Kurt. | Clarice Stewart was your religious education teacher and she did such a nice job of making your classes special. There were only 3 of you in your class; Lucas, Caitlin and you.

55: These pictures capture the sides of Sara - willing to get dirty playing ball to dressing up in fancy clothes to a deep capacity to love. | You continued to say some . of the roughest things to your mother; you told her that she was prettier when she was first married to Tom, that you couldn't understand how boys thought she was cute when younger, that she had mean eyes. When both of your parents would make you follow through with something, you'd get angry with your Mom and not your Dad. When your mom shared that her feelings were hurt, you were sad about it as if that wasn't your intent. | Jan and Greg Roman invited us to join them and their boys, Keith and Brian as well as Hal and Eric Jaeke to hike up Parkview Mountain and glissading down on garbage bags.

56: 1998 | Our second Xmas in Colorado We had family from the VonderHaar side come to share the holiday. At that time, our dog was Tess who we found at the local pound, and 2 kittens. Kurt named the darker one "Sunset" and you named the white one "Snowball". You and Shelby dressed them up to take out for a walk. | We joined the Papathakis clan and the Rumrills for a camping trip at Zion National Park.

57: We had lots of visitors the summer of 98! Those visits helped all of us not feel so lonely as we made our way in Colorado. The upper left picture is Papapa and Carolyn with us on a hike to Bottle Pass. | You were in the Monday Madness program this year (you all had Mondays off school) and learned how to snowboard. You became a rider. Kurt was in the jumping program so we missed our family ski days. You came in 2nd at the FVE spelling bee with only a week of preparation!

58: 10 YEARS OLD! You would still periodically mention how much you looked forward to being on your own. It bugged you that your parents made you clean your room twice a month. You didn't mind a messy room and it became that way in no time! However, you could clean it quite well. You told me you preferred the way Shelby's mother, Kris didn't make her clean her own room. You were becoming better friends with both Shelby and Amanda. Both of them, for their own reasons encouraged your fascination with boys which your parents were uncomfortable with! You really had the hots for Joey Cisneros In fact, you had a hard time playing baseball when he was there! | At your birthday party, Katy Protsman is waving while Shelby Newberry busts up laughing. Amanda Nutting is next to her and Anni Johnson is at the end next to you. Kurt and his friend, Nick are on the other side of the table. You all were into dressing up and wearing make-up. | Kris Newberry and her sister, Pat took you, Shelby, and Megan for a hike up Byers Peak. You all were probably the strongest girls in your class. But, you had a hard time holding onto your inner strength around Shelby.

59: You continued to become a deep compassionate person. You struggled with wanting to be nice to people, even the less popular ones, yet the popular kids would then give you grief for it. In particular, you were afraid Dominic would make fun of you for being nice to Brad. You and your mother had some wonderfully intimate talks as you laid down before sleeping. She enjoyed that you liked to talk about relationships. | Sue and Steve bought a house down the road from us in Sunset Ridge. They came here several times a year so we were able to spend more time with them. Steve, Rita and Kasey visited over the holidays too. Abpve is a picture of Tom, Steve, Kasey and Sara. We got a trampoline this year and you all jumped on it a lot. It was a great investment in fun at home that was physical.

60: The Easter egg hunts became much more challenging as you all got older - they were just as fun to watch! And the snow added a challenging element. You were so excited to be chosen out of 9 girls as 'Gretl' in the high school's "The Sound of Music". It was a wonderful opportunity for you to work with the adolescents in the show and they were so good with you. It helped pique an interest in drama/singing and helped you feel more confident, especially as you began struggling with Shelby,Amanda and Molly. You and Shelby could play 'paperwork/receptionist' in your room for hours! You were quite busy at this time; in addition to the play, you were involved in Odyssey of the Mind, basketball, and reading as much as you could to reach your reading contracts. You recently read "White Fang" and "Little Women". | Eric came out for spring break and stayed with the Benarons as Devin and Kelsey and parents stayed with us. | 1999

61: You lost some of your interest in snowboarding; instead you preferred to x-country ski or showshoe. You even did a snowshoe race at Beavers Village (64 min for a 5K!) You joined a full-moon women's snowshoe and you were in the front of the group. That summer you enjoyed mountain biking and became a great hiking buddy!

62: When you began playing Little League ball, you initially struggled with even making a hit! but within a couple years you became quite a good player! You were chosen to be on the 9-10 y/o All-Stars team. You weren't as excited as most because the games were interfering with your visits with the Bucon-Scales and the Bells. So, we allowed you to skip some of the games, much to the chagrin of your coaches. You played baseball/softball for years, but never seemed to love it.

63: The picture on the bottom left of the page to the left is you and Kurt with the Bells; Ryan on the bottom, Sara,Nathan,Brendon,Kurt. Above are pictures of the teepee Steve helped you all put together (although Kurt didn't feel like he helped enough). Grandma and Grandpa came out for a visit. You continued to speak the truth and asked powerful questions of people. Most people found you rather intriguing, especially if they were confident enough to handle your poignant questions.

64: You and Kurt were so lucky to go on an Alaskan cruise with Papapa and Carolyn. Dressing up with Carolyn was fun! The top right picture is of Mt. Mckinley taken from a plane ride you all took. | Alaska

65: We enjoyed a Christmas with Greg, Kurt V and Julie and family as well as the Benarons who still had their house here. Papapa had just bought the property where we built, so we all went snowshoeing on the property. Greg moved to Colorado soon afterwards. | Thanksgiving gathering in Kentucky with all the VonderHaar cousins

66: We called it the 'stink-eye' - that look you gave your Mom, yet typically you were quite a pleasure to be around. On school days, you and Kurt would get up just a bit earlier to snuggle in bed with your folks. You'd get hot though, so you usually got up first to shower. | Greg came up from Denver most weekends, so he joined our family activities. On the left is Greg's Volvo, the car he had until he bought the jeep. You, Kurt and Greg went canoing several times. We all drove together to Kentucky for a VonderHaar reunion at Cumberland Lake. It was long drive with 5 of us in the car (top picture) but a fun trip. | 2000

67: Anne, Maria and Elliott came out for their annual July trip -lots of fun times! You kids built the wind shelter in the top right picture and it's still there 10 years later!

68: You and your Dad started get- ting closer. He was helping our builder on some other houses while the details worked out on ours and wasn't around all summer as he had been for years. You missed him and made sure that he was involved in as many family activities as possible. All your life you made efforts to make sure we spent as much time as we could together. | The upper 2 pictures are at Parika Lake on our first backpack trip as a threesome (Kurt was at Disneyland with Brendon) | We broke ground mid-summer on the house. We, including Greg spent lots of our free time there! | To the right is Karen Smith, Mom and you at St. Louis Lake

69: You joined the women's mountain bike group this summer, beginning with the "easy" ride and then, one week you did Tipperary and from then, you typically did the more challenging ride and usually in the front on the uphill portions. Your Mom felt lucky to be your mother - even with those looks, you were typically so loving and affectionate - sharing a kiss,hug or snuggle. And your intensity, directness and search for truth looked quite familiar to her. But you also had a wisdom beyond your years and excellent social observation skills. But, much to your disappointment, you didn't have friends. You had a falling-out with Shelby. Both you and Amanda liked Michael Moynihan and Amanda needed Shelby to be with her and against you. Several other girls joined suit; Kelsey Myers, Molly Leonard and Ashley Cronin, so it was a rather lonely social time. Your parents however enjoyed the extra time they had with you. The other girls didn't share enough common interests and you were particularly frustrated with how fickle girls could be about changing their loyalties. Your 5th grade teacher, Darcee Kissler felt that the girls were jealous of you and didn't know what to make out of you. So you became an avid reader, reading about 500 pages a month. Your favorite genres were adventure stories, and stories of native peoples. | 6th grade

70: You also decided to join the cross-country ski team. As a 6th grader, you couldn't be on the middle school team, so you skied independently and did very well! You enjoyed the practices, especially the social aspects. | You made new friends in middle school! Becca, Bridget, Ashley and Megan. You felt so much happier in 6th grade than in 5th grade! You joined the Granby softball team, pitching most games and again, begin chosen for the all-star team. | 2001

71: Although we all managed to still ski one day a week, and you nordic skied too,we spent a lot of time helping with the cleaning, painting and staining of the new house. As long as you were caught up with your schoolwork, you willingly pitched in to help . . . finally, in April,we moved! You were so excited to have a canopy bed! That's Tess and Snowball who are laying with you on your bed. Greg was a huge part of your life - you adored him! And he thought the world of you as well!

72: David, Kurt, Mikey and Sara riding bikes at Winter Park Resort | Kurt trying to bounce Robyn, Sara and Tracy. | Sara, David and Mikey on a hike up on the Divide. | Grandma, Grandpa, Sara, Susan and Mikey on our deck.

73: Our first backpack trip to Stone Lake. Karen Smith joined us which ended up rather challenging, but you and Dad had a great hike up to the peak above the lake. . . and of course the skinny-dip in the lake! You met Zach Goodfellow, your first real boyfriend playing soccer. Several of you, including Zach would walk from the middle school down to soccer practice at Kaibab park. You had more fun doing that than practicing soccer! You spent your evenings on the phone talking with friends and Zach. We had to start setting some limits with the phone so we could use it.

74: We went to Kentucky in the fall to see Papapa. His cancer had metasticized and we all wanted to be together for his birthday. Carolyn took you shopping and you were thrilled! | Your mother had decided that she would have a "red party" to celebrate your transition into womanhood. That happened at the end of October. So, several of her friends helped by bringing red food/drink and sharing their stories of menstruation and womanhood. | We had another deal with you, much to your dismay, that you could get your ears pierced as an outward symbol of your change into womanhood. Since Papapa gave us a kit, we pierced your ears the day you started your first period.

75: We made another road trip to CA for Thanksgiving - going to Arroyo Grande and spending time with the Benarons at the beach and up to norther CA to see the Bucon-Scales and the rest of the Papathakis family.Lots of driving and lots of fun! | 7th grade

76: We went to Moab for spring break which was later this year. We stayed at a motel in town with a pool which was a nice afternoon feature! We had a lot of fun hanging out together as a family. | You enjoyed various activities in middle school, always having several things going on at once,but always a sport and some kind of music

77: Mike,Jackie, Robyn and Tracy came to visit in early July. When Anne,Elliot, and Maria came out in July, we hiked and biked most days. This year we also hiked a 14er, Mt. Bierstadt | Dad and Mom on top of the Divide where we like to be! | 2002

78: Jordan Steffen joined us for a backpack trip to Gourd Lake. She was one of the few girls who was interested in backpacking. | All 4 of us were able to sleep in one tent which made it easier. Mom and Dad went on a hike one day while you all hung out at camp - you enjoyed that independence.

79: Carol and Steve Radd visited at the end of the summer - even went to one of your soccer games. The picture on the top left is taken on the ridge above our house looking down at Cottonwood Pass. Carol, who always intrigued with you, put a tattoo on your arm, a washable one. The picture on the left is taken at the annual Skidown Xmas mass at WP. You had been taking singing lessons all year from Erin Life.

80: Your skiing improved a lot this year - you always finished well, running if you had to. It soon became your favorite sport. Dad was coaching Kurt's basketball team, so he didn't get to go to all your races. | 8th grade

81: We took Greg on his second camping trip to Sand Dunes National Monument. Your boyfriend, Mike Blassi joined us for the Memorial Day Weekend. There wasn't any room to camp inside the park, so we camped at a nice spot just outside and rode our bikes around. We all remember how you smoked Mike riding bikes and that he fell hard trying out clipless pedals for the first time! | Dad, Mom, Sara and Tess at Fruita for a Mother's Day weekend of mountain biking. | 2003

82: These pictures are from your ROPE presentation, the rite of passage ritual for 8th graders. You chose to demonstrate your readiness by playing/singing a song on the guitar, reading a poem you wrote and a presentation of your academic performance. | You had tried track in middle school, but really preferred the longer runs, so cross-country running was a better fit. At regionals, you finished 63rd of 250! | You skied really well your freshman year! especially those uphill courses. At the state meet, you finished just outside of the top 10! | 9th grade

83: It was a rough winter after you were caught drinking at a snowshoe party Kurt had. You were questioned and coerced into telling on your friends causing a lot of sadness and pain. | You all gathered at Grand Elk before the dance. Pictured here are Megan,Caitlin, Bridget, Alex, Kylie, and Sara You had decided to go with the girls rather than ask a boy. You had asked Jonas to your first HS dance and it didn't meet your expectations. | Winter Formal 9th grade | 2004

84: You had so many gifts! you were beautiful, athletic (soccer, softball, nordic skiing, running, hiking, biking),smart (4.0), musical (singing, flute) and had such a deep capacity to love. But, it was overwhelming to you. You felt such a pressure and responsibility to do it all because you were good at so many things, yet you didn't enjoy it all. Your boyfriend at the end of 9th grade was Eric Magnuson,another great guy. He probably knew he wasn't ready and initially said "no" to you but his friends pressured him so you all went together for awhile. . | Mom, Dad and Sara backpacking in the FlatTop Wilderness

85: You were involved in several of the musicals at school, enjoying the singing part the most. In the summer, you performed at a local country music competition, singing "Wide Open Spaces". We thought you sang the best. | Our first Christmas with just the 4 of us. That was an adjustment since we were all so used to a large gathering! | 10th grade

86: 2005 | Andrew Jensen became your boyfriend early in the year and lasted just over a year- you all met through the nordic team. You were his first girlfriend and taught him a lot. He learned how to love with you.

87: Soccer was an annual sport for you. | Kurt,Andrew,Keith?,Seb,Will,and MIke | You had lots of fun with Andrew because you came up with good ideas of things to do! He was sometimes reluctant to go along with your ideas which drove you nuts since he didn't come up with ideas of his own. Yet, it was so good that you had this relationship because Caitlin,the girl you were closest to, 'fell apart' and it was quite painful for all of you. Towards the end of your relationship with Andrew, he was becoming a loving and thoughtful boyfriend, but you were tired of trying so hard and wanted someone with more common interests. You struggled with his pessimism and not being more of a 'doer'.

88: We went back to Escalante and camped again at Calf Creek campground. Even though it was chilly this year, we still had some great hikes. We just visited that coffee shop with the gorgeous view a bit more. Later in the summer, Denys, Nik, and Lana as well as Mamama and Franz came out for a visit. You and Andrew met us for a camp out partway to Columbine Lake. Mamama even hiked out!

89: Another road trip to California for Thanksgiving! This year we decided to invite people to visit us at Yosemite. Anne and Maria as well as Kirsten and Bruce joined us for a hiking and visiting at Yosemite. You and Bruce even sang a few songs together! We also squeezed in some beach time at Stinson Beach, one of our favorite spots. And then of course, we gathered with the Papathakis family for our Thanksgiving weekend. | 11th grade

90: All the Pap cousins get along so well and enjoy hanging out together . . . And, the four of us had another Christmas together.

91: Your junior year of high school was probably your most challenging, especially in the spring when both the junior river trip and the Spanish class Costa Rica trip were so close together and you needed to have your work done before you left. You were responsible for yourself -paid for half of your Costa Rica trip, always did your work well and promptly and took pride in doing well. Yet, you were often stressed and it began manifesting in your body. Your Mom began doing weekly acupressure with you. . . Kurt and his friends came up during the ski season and we all enjoyed skiing together. | 2006

92: We went to CA for Robannie's wedding and had a blast at the rehearsal dinner square dance. We all then headed to the coast for a Pap camp out. | You were such a darling and gracious homecoming queen and enjoyed all your senior year festivities. | 12th grade

93: You were Rapunzel in the fall musical and sang beautifully! . . . we went on a fall backpack to Conundrum Hot Springs - snowed on us! . . . and then for our Thanksgiving break, we went to southern Spain. We depended on you to be our interpreter! | In September, you, Julie and your Mom went to Santa Fe for a girls' weekend. | Spain

94: Your senior year on the nordic team wasn't your fastest year, but you were such a good role model and inspiring to your teammates . . . You couldn't wait for soccer to be over though; you never did respect coach Molly. | 2007 | Winter Formal with Eric Magnuson and Alex Phillips. The 'drama' seniors

95: Mountain biking to tea parties! The challenge, however has been to find another, who shares your passions! | You, Eric Magnuson, Eric Maser, Zez Ready,and Whitney Young were valedictorians.

96: On a backpack trip to the Collegiate Peaks, we hiked to the top of Mt. Harvard, left. Below, you and Dad hiked to Mt. Ida. We did as many hikes/backpacks as we could before you left for college. | Your Mom drove out with you to UNCAsheville in NC at the end of the summer to help you move into the dorm. You all had fun getting your bedroom suite ready! And, you all enjoyed the hours together driving across the country. Kurt, Dad and Mom came out again before Thanksgiving and hung out with you in Asheville. Then the 4 of us drove to Kentucky to celebrate Thanksgiving with the Roose/VonderHaars. By Christmas, you had decided that you didn't want to stay at UNCA and began the steps to transfer to CUBoulder.

97: Moved from NC back to CO Europe with Kurt - met up with the VonCaseys and Kurt's college buddies Backpacking in the Rahwah Wilderness Kurt moved to San Luis Obispo Started CU - met Jonnie through CUHelpline. Also met Jess there. Thanksgiving trip to CA | 2008

98: 2009 | Greg's death and funeral in Kentucky Mark,Myrna and Kelsey out for a ski weekend Sean and Ellen's wedding in San Luis Obispo,CA Celebrated your 21st in Las Vegas with Hedat, Julie and Mom Outside Cirque de Soleil's Love show in Las Vegas Backpacking in West Clear Creek Wilderness, east of Sedona, AZ with Jess, Nick and Mom and Dad Kurt home for Xmas

99: 2010 | Living and studying Spanish in Guanajuato, Mexico Getting so sick in Mexico and discovering you have colitis Lots of hikes/backpacks in the Rockies Meeting Sean at a CU hiking club function Road trip to CA for Thanksgiving with Sean and Mom and Dad Graduating from CU in 3 1/2 years with a psychology major and as a Phi Beta Kappa

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