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A Year In Review

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S: Wall Family Adventures: 2010

FC: Wall Family Adventures: 2010

1: This Wall family adventures book starts at the beginning of summertime 2010. I began blogging shortly after having Charlie. The majority of these pages have all been created by copying and pasting my 2010 blog posts. Enjoy! | Bretton ran his 2nd marathon (the Ogden Marathon) | The Wall Family | The Homer Family

2: Bretton's Graduation | You may be wondering how we jump from BYU graduation to living in MS, let me tell you..... Bretton graduated April 2010 from BYU in the accounting program. He recieved a couple job offers relating to his field of study ( an auditor for KPMG and a financial analyst for Collective Brands). He also recieved an offer from Teach for America to teach high school math in MS. Bretton figured he'd be working in accounting for the rest of his life but moving to MS to teach and to serve underprivileged kids would be once in a life time. We also felt good about the move. So here we are, and there you go. You may continue through our MS adventure...and boy, has it been an adventure!

3: We made it to Mississippi ( I guess about a week ago now). I'm a month away from my due date and we've found a new Dr. to deliver our baby boy. | June 16 | June 16 | Things we've learned in the past week: _In MS you should not be outside after dark due to swarms and swarms of attacking mosquitoes ( I have over 100 bites on one ankle.) - When it rains here toads come out all over the place. Bretton and I were chasing them around the other day! It was great! -Being assigned to a dirty, dumpy apt. is not so fun :) (We ended up moving into a dorm room for Bretton's training because the apt. we were assigned to was basically unlivable.) - Last but not least, it's not a good idea to switch OBGYNs a month before your due date. | Mississippi

4: Before the big arrival | Charles Bretton Wall 9lbs. 8.5 oz. 21.5 inches long | July 3 12:29 am | Our First Family Photo

5: A few days before I had Charlie I had gone in for a Dr.s appt. and she had told me that I would need to be induced on my due date. The Dr. didn't want me to go past that date at all with such high blood pressure (about the time we moved to MS my blood pressure skyrocketed and the Dr. was worried about me developing preclampsia). Our best guess is that it shot up because of all of the stress from moving across the country right before I had a baby. Anyway, so Bretton and I drove from Cleveland (Delta State University dorms) to Clarksdale Friday morning for the Dr. to induce me. I was induced at 10:00 am and was feeling great for a short while. I even considered doing the labor naturally until the Dr. broke my water and my contractions became unbearable. Naturally, I asked for the epidural... it was wonderful. At about 10:00 pm I began to push. I pushed for 2 hours when the Dr. told me that Charlie's head was stuck and wouldn't come past my pelvic bone. She asked whether we'd like to continue to try and push or if I'd prefer having a C-section. I had always pictured myself having a normal natural birth and therefore, I was not about to give in to having a C-section. That was just not in the plans. So I pushed for another 30 min. or so until the Dr. asked me again if I would like to have a C-section. This time she told us that she was also worried that if Charlie's head did come past my pelvic bone his shoulders may be too wide to come through and she would have to break them in order for her to get him out. She also told us that although she was giving us the option of continuing to push or C-section she knew that there was no way Charlie would come past my pelvic bone. So at 12:29 am Sat. July 3, Charlie was delivered by C-section. He was 9 lbs. 8.5 oz. and 21.5 inches long. He was a very large baby!

6: Charlie's Blessing Day Aug. 1

7: Bretton, Charlie and I after sacrament meeting where Bretton was able to give Charlie a beautiful blessing. | Bretton's mom made Charlie's blessing suit. It's adorable!

8: Grandma Homer with Charlie at about 2 weeks old | Grandma and Grandpa Wall with Charlie at about 1 month old | Charlie fast asleep | Hurray for Grandparents! | Charlie's grandparents were able to come out and visit us in MS

9: Charlie's First Outings! | Us in the Kermit the Frog museum. Leland, MS is the birthplace of kermit the frog. Jim Henson lived there as a boy and named Kermit after a childhood friend he had named Kermit. | Bretton, Charlie, and I on top of a mound here in MS. There are large hills here called mounds where Native Americans and their ruins were buried long ago. | We went to the blue's museum here in Greenville, MS where we met Pat Thomas, a legendary blue's musician.

10: The cypress preserve next door to our apartment complex. There is a path around it that we enjoy walking on when we get the chance.

11: 2 months old!

12: Proud Mom Moment! | This last weekend I had some wonderful, proud mom/wife moments! On Friday I took Charlie into the Dr.'s for his 2 month appointment. At it, he had to get 3 vaccination shots in his thighs and he did such a good job. First of all, we had to wait for an hour and a half in the waiting room before we even got in to see the Dr. and Charlie was able to wait the whole time without getting fussy ( I was so proud of him). Then once we got into the Dr.'s office Charlie didn't even really cry for his shots. He cried for only a few seconds when the nurse was actually giving the shots to him, but then stopped right after the needles were out. The nurse was telling me how impressed she was with him because normally after shots babies cry all of the way out of the office. Charlie did such a good job. On the way home I just wanted to stop and buy him an ice cream cone or something for being so brave:

13: I was also a proud wife Friday because it was Bretton's first home football game. He's teaching geometry and algebra 1 but he is also an assistant football coach at Lakeside High School. For any of you that know Bretton or his football experience/abilities you're probably saying, "what?" but yes, Lake Village, Arkansas is just that small. Bretton has learned a lot about football from coaching though. He has really been enjoying it so far too, though it does keep him very busy. Above you'll see a picture of Bretton on the sidelines coaching at his game. There is also a picture of Bretton in his cute coaching getup. | Coach Wall

14: Last night Bretton and I were getting a bit bored and decided that we would like to play a game. Unfortunately, our box of games is still in UT. We weren't able to fit all of our things into our car on the way out here and so we had to leave a few boxes. Therefore, Bretton decided that he would make a game. He got a piece of paper and made a checkers board and a bunch of quarters that we keep for laundry to use for our checker pieces. He colored half of them with black marker and left the other half uncolored. I just want to make it known that although there may not be a whole lot to do in Greenville, when you have a creative husband like mine you can always find something to do! | Getting Creative | Sept. 12

15: My friend Christa and I have what we call "Wonderful Wednesday" each week. We get together every Wednesday and do some type of activity: a craft, field trip, making food, etc. For one of these Wednesday activities we made BYU onesies for our babies to wear to BYU football games. We watch them every Saturday at our friends, the Turley's. | Charlie showing his BYU pride! | Go Cougs!! | Me, Charlie, Christa, and Brinley

16: 3 months old! | Charlie now babbles and laughs all the time.. He also loves to kick his legs and pull them up to his chest while laying down. He is also very strong and when he wants to, will stand on your lap while holding his hands..

17: Charlie can hold his head up for a long while during tummy time on the carpet. He normally hates tummy time however, but I did get these cute shots of him! | Charlie has now discovered his hands and even his thumb. He enjoys sucking on them and it's so cute! | we call this Charlie's "Bugsy" look. If you have ever seen the movie "Bedtime Stories" there is a guinea pig named Bugsy that has very large eyes. When Charlie makes this look with his eyes we think he looks like Bugsy. I love it!

18: Charlie's first time being sick 3 months old | The weekend before Charlie turned 3 months old he got sick for the first time, sad story. He had a little bit of a cold. It wasn't too bad however, it mostly only affected him while he was lying down. When he tried to sleep he couldn't breathe through his nose and would get very frustrated... poor little guy.

19: This past weekend, Bretton, Charlie, the Sheffield family and I went to the BYU vs. TCU game in Texas. We woke up at 5:00 am (I was up at 4:45 with Charlie) and drove 8 hours to make it on time to the game. Above is Bretton driving as we cruised through Arkansas on our way to Texas. We got to Fortworth, Texas about an hour before the game started, got something to eat, and then headed over to the game. It has been kind of cool in Mississippi for the last while so I even brought my BYU sweatshirt to wear to the game, but I definitely didn't need it. It was a hot day. We lathered Charlie in baby sunblock and held a blanket over him during the game so that he wouldn't burn. The game was fun even though BYU lost miserably. The final score was 31-3, sad stuff. | This is the Sheffields and us at the BYU game. This is at the end of the game. You'll notice we do all still have smiles on our faces. We didn't let the bad game spoil our fun. After the game we went to Hobby Lobby (we had to hit some stores. It had been way too long since we'd been in civilization). We then had dinner at Chipotle and headed back to our hotel room to check in for the night. In the morning we found a 9:00 am sacrament in Fortworth and then headed home. It was a very quick trip but still fun! | BYU

20: Happy Halloween | My little Pumpkin | Jack-o-lanterns (ours is the far left)

21: Tombstone Brownies

22: I love Halloween! I love all of the holidays! I love everything about the fall season. Although we didn't actually have anything planned for Halloween this year it ended up being really fun. Before Halloween got here I tried looking up things to do in Greenville on the internet and found one thing: trick-or-treating at the Greenville welcome center. Although this was one very simple activity I was very excited to find it. We at least had one reason to dress up in costumes! After Charlie trick-or-treated at the welcome center with his friend, Brinley, we then went to the Sheffield's and carved pumpkins. After pumpkins we went to the Turleys' house and watched "How to Train a Dragon". It was a very cute movie! So although everything we did for Halloween was sort of spontaneous it ended up being a lot of fun!

23: Charlie asleep after a long day of fun! | Charlie and his friend Brinley

24: I love Halloween ! | Making Halloween Haunted Houses with the Sheffields | I'm holding a cup of worms in dirt (pudding with oreo crumble and a gummy worm). Christa and I made this yummy treat for one of our wonderful Wednesdays. It was a kick off to Halloween activity. We ate cups of dirt and watched" The Witches." | The finished products!

25: Charlie is growing up so fast! Today he officially started rolling over from his stomach to his back. He did it three times in a row.These are pictures from him doing it the third time. He also seems to be very close with rolling from his back to his front. | Friday Nov. 12 | ROLLING OVER | starting on his stomach! Below: Ending on his back!

26: The boys and I took another trip last Wed.-Fri. to Little Rock, AR for Bretton's work. He had another conference at the Peabody hotel and was nice enough to bring Charlie and I along. The Peabody hotel is known for the"duck show" they put on twice a day. The hotel staff pulls out a red carpet in the lobby for their ducks to walk along. The ducks walk the carpet and then jump into the lobby fountains and swim around. We knew from our previous stay that they had this show. We weren't able to catch the show last time and so we were determined that we wouldn't miss it this time around. Lo and behold, we missed it. Somehow staying at the hotel for two days and the show happening twice a day wasn't enough. We managed to miss the show, but were still able to see the ducks swimming around in the fountain. | We were given a very nice room to stay in at the Peabody hotel. Infact,we were given a suite (equipped with massive top floor room and basement room as well). In the bottom floor room there was a minibar (not that we would use it), a large couch and love seat combo., another bathroom, and another TV. There was even a balcony with a view into the hotel lobby. We were pretty spoiled, or so we thought. I shall explain.... When Bretton and I checked in to our hotel room there was an open door in our room that led to a staircase with this second room in the bottom of it. We figured we must have the whole suite to ourselves, sweet! Not so. During our stay we would walk back and forth between the two rooms, checking out the balcony view and the other things that this second room had to offer. Our second day however, Bretton went to go stick a bottle of milk in the downstairs fridge. As he was walking down the staircase he realized he heard the shower going in that downstairs room. Natually, he quickly left the stairwell. Apparently the hotel had given "our" downstairs to someone as a room and hadn't locked us out, interesting! It was pretty funny! It's a good thing the person downstairs was showering and Bretton was able to hear that there was someone down there. If they had been doing anything else that could've been very awkward.

27: Little Rock, Arkansas | Because we were in a suite technically (though we weren't able to use the whole thing) we got special room treatment from housekeeping. We came back from a day out to our room completely cleaned up. I don't mean just tidied up and towels changed, but the whole enchilada. The housekeeping lady laid out all of our toiletries in this very organized fashion. If you look closely you can see that she even touched Bretton's retainer to align it with everything. | We had out shoes in a plastic sack on the floor. She took our shoes out of the bag and lined them up along this rack, kinda funny! She also hung up our clothes, repacked our luggage, and cleaned our dirty underwear. j/k. She didn't clean our dirty underwear, she just folded it up nicely and left it in our suitcase. | Charlie hanging out on our hotel bed.

28: During our trip we were able to go to the William J. Clinton Presidential library. It was a pretty neat library although I'm not much of a Bill Clinton fan. Here are some pictures: | Charlie for President! | Charlie, Bretton and his TFA friends in the cabinet room | dinnerware used in the White House

29: Little Rock

30: Note ~ We have decided that we need to provide a better context for the experiences that we are having on our adventure here in the South. So... every once in a while we'll give you a glimpse of Mississippi. Natalie has delegated the responsibility of writing these glimpses to me, (her husband, in case you were wondering). The first glimpse I would like for you to experience was one of our first glimpses too. The previous residents of our apartment forgot to flush the toilet before leaving. Or at least that's what we thought when we first moved in. After we took the courtesy of flushing for them, we realized that the water that fills our porcelain bowl is perpetually off color making our toilet look as though it constantly needs to be flushed. Being color blind I don't know how to best describe the color of the water, but Natalie says it's brownish rusty. Take a look for yourself. You'd flush this too if you moved in and found this as a house warming present. | This picture compares Greenville water (left) to bottled water (right). You can probably guess which one we drink. | Doesn't this make you want to take a bath. This is not after a bath, this is before You might be saying to yourself, "It won't hurt you, it's just a little off color right?" We found this in an article featured on Brad Jones, director of Greenville's Public Works Department, insists the water is pure. Greenville's water filters through three ancient cypress swamps, picking up particles from wood and vegetation thousands of years old. Most other cities in the Southeast that receive fresh water from the aquifer have installed filtration systems that make the water clear. But people in Greenville like their water brown. Don't believe it. Not all people in Greenville like their water brown! I remember picnicking as a kid under the crab apple tree in my back yard. Every once in a while the wind would blow through the branches of the tree and who knows what would fall into my drink. Pieces of a living, fruit producing tree in my drink was enough to make me pour it out and get a new one. Why should dead, thousand year old vegetation be any different? It sounds to me like a whole lot of microscopic floaties in your cup. Don't get me wrong, there are many aspects of Greenville that I love, the water however is not one of them. P.S. A week ago we received notification that the water in Greenville has been contaminated and anyone who has been pregnant or nursing, and drinking the water in the last three months, (Natalie that means you) should consult their healthcare provider . Awesome, Mississippi's healthcare is even more exciting than the water. Till next time, ~BCW~ | The joys of TAP WATER

31: Four Months Old! | Here are some pictures of my handsome four month Charlie. He's so interactive these days, I love it! He's smiling and laughing more than ever. He's also becoming a lot more aware of who people are. I think he's developing a bit of stranger anxiety. This has happened at least 4 times now: someone will get close to Charlie's face and stare at him, making faces for him to smile, and he'll start screaming like I've never seen him before. Hopefully this phase will be short and pass quickly. Sometimes I feel like Charlie has learned to sleep through the night and then other times I don't think he has. He'll go for a few weeks at a time being able to sleep from 8:30 pm to 6:00 am and then there are times like last night... He woke up at 12:00 am, 2:00 am, 4:00 am, 6:00 am and then was up for the day by 7:30 am. I hope he sleeps better tonight and that he starts sleeping through the night for good! | Height: 26 in. Weight: 15 lbs. 1 oz. Head: 16 1/4 inches | The Sheffields lent Charlie this play mat. He loves it! He tries to stick everything dangling down into his mouth at once. It's pretty funny!

32: Charlie's first attempt at eating from a spoon. He was trying out some rice cereal. I'm not really sure how he felt about it. As you can see from the pictures his face doesn't display delight exactly but he did seem to try and open his mouth and swallow for us, which was good! I think he did a good job for his first attempt. We'll see how tomorrow goes. | What a cutie!

33: This is Charlie after he was finished. I think more food got all over his face than got into his tummy. | Do you think he's liking this? I'm not so sure...

34: The Turleys and the missionaries (Elder Willis and Elder Hinckley) | The Sheffields

35: A Day to Give Thanks | The Springers | I am THANKFUL for: an amazing husband a beautiful baby boy a wonderful family the gospel our friends, esp. those we've met in MS that have kept us sane clean water good health good food holidays trips to UT (I'm so excited. Charlie and I leave in 5 days) Those are just a few of the things that I was so grateful for this Thanksgiving season. We were able to go to a family in our wards home (The Turleys) for Thanksgiving dinner. They were so kind to invite us over along with a few others from our ward and the local LDS missionaries. After we ate dinner we watched Toy Story 3 and had fun hanging out. That night at midnight I went to Wal-mart for Black Friday with a couple girls from my ward. It was a lot of fun!

36: Christmas time this year really was wonderful! Bretton, Charlie, and I were able to go home to UT for the Christmas season. Charlie and I went home the first weekend in December and Bretton came two weeks later after he was done teaching. It was great to be able to see Bretton's and my family again. One of the best parts about being back in UT was that for the first time all of my friends and family were able to meet my sweet Charlie. I know Charlie is still young and probably wont remember this trip but I still think it's important for him to see his relatives any chance he can. Before we left to UT Charlie was able to roll over from his tummy to his back, but I haven't seen him do it in more than a month now. While we were in UT Charlie was almost constantly held by someone or another. I hope he picks it up again! It would take me a very long while to list everything that we did in UT and you would be sick of reading about it before you were half way through. So here are just a few of the highlights of the past month.

37: J O Y | A bunch of my childhood friends at the Moss residence. (The house Missy grew up in) | My friend Missy and I. Before Christmas she threw a childhood friends get together. | I got to see the David Archuletta Mo Tab Christmas concert with my friend Sarah! It was wonderful!

38: My niece Hannah at grandma and grandpa Homer's | Charlie chilling with his cousin Cami (she's 5 days younger than Charlie) | My family celebrating my nephew Griffin's 5th birthday! | My niece Hannah at grandma and grandpa Homer's

39: We had a baby shower for my friend Jackie at my mom's house (she's the one in the purple, you can't even tell she's pregnant but she's about 7 months along) | It's a BOY! | Charlie fell asleep on my mom's lap waiting for the baby shower to end

40: Charlie meeting Santa for the first time! | Charlie, my family, and I went to see Santa. They had a live reindeer there. Here we are outside the reindeer pen.

41: J O Y | Charlie with grandpa Homer and cousin Weston | On Christmas Eve my dad put together a great production of the story of Mary and Joseph (He really got into it!) | My uncle Terry as a sheep : ) | Griffin as Joseph | Charlie got to play the part of baby Jesus! That was a proud mom moment : ) He loved the manger that my dad made. He probably could've laid there all night and stayed content.

42: Charlie opening up presents on Christmas morning | Charlie and his cousin Mary Ella with aunt Chrysi and Grandma Wall (the babies were actually posing really cute right before I snapped the picture, oh well) | Yay! I got a sewing machine for Christmas!

43: Charlie with his grandpa Wall and cousin Claire

44: Charlie | These are some cute pics that my sister Bev took of Charlie at 5 1/2 months. I think they turned out great!

48: Here are some fun family pictures Bev took of the three of us ! (Our photo shoot with Bev concludes our 2010 experiences.. I hope y ou enjoyed them, we sure did. See you in 2011!)

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