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A Year In Review

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A Year In Review - Page Text Content

S: My Kind of Town

BC: Just the Beginning...

FC: My Kind of Town

1: Lessons Learned, Friends Loved, Life Enriched, Challenges Conquered Education Experienced, Knowledge Gained, Laughter Enjoyed, Food Eaten, Guidance Received, and Experiences Lived.. | My world will never be the same.

2: Cohort | Blessed does not even begin to describe how honored I am to be one of the eight.. | After our official cohort pictures, because we get to graduate!!!! | Hey look, guys! It's Lake Michigan!! Okay, maybe not, but it is us in front of a lake at sunset. | Christine was really proud of her cleavage in this picture. | Melissa, Marjon, Jin, Jenn, Kit, Jacob, Lynn

3: MFT Invasion 2007 | Happy 24th Birthday to Christine! Back: Jacob & Marjon, Front: Kit, Christine, Jenn, Amileia | Melissa'sWedding! Back: Lynn, Marjon, Jin, Jenn; Front: Christine, Kit | Ringing in Spring. | Hanging out at Christine's Nana's Cabin. | Mackinac Island.

4: Lets Go Go Go White Sox!! | At my last Sox game while living in Chicago. | Trip to see Wrigley on graduation weekend. | Dad, Mandy, Mom, Kit | Clayton, Sharon, Lisa, Kit | Beth and I, the baseball girls. | My first trip to Wrigley, which was apparently a date (Jacob told me this about a week afterwards). | Ty, Kit, Ty's two friends | Wrigley Field.

5: { | { | Baseball | The only time I got to see the Yankees play at Cellular, and it rained. | Jacob, Beth, Kit, Ross, Janina | Beth and I tried to visit as many ballparks as possible, this is us at Bush Stadium in St. Louis. | Singing YMCA in the rain...

6: Sporting Events | Purdue Vs. Northwestern Game | UConn Vs. DePaul | Da Bears! Bears Vs. Vikings, Monday Night Football.. | LA Galaxy Vs. Chicago Fire

7: Michigan Vs. Notre Dame | Ty and I soaked to the bone, it rained the whole time during the game, but we loved every minute of being there. | So wet, even the camera was fuzzy., and this is all of us in our new clothes, because we had a two hour drive ahead of us. | Just in case anyone wondered, here is proof that we spent way too much time together. We picked out these outfits completely independently of each other. Wow.

8: Periodically, during spring break or summer vacation, June would come up and visit me. We had a whole routine, go to a museum and then to Giordano's for deep dish pizza. They often came right when I needed a break and were always full of laughing and lots of fun. Later I realized that Lou Malnati's pizza is way better, but that doesn't take anything away from the fact that June and my time around town was amazing! | I'm not sure why I thought this was funny, but I did. Here is me embodying Mass Extinction. | June thought she'd leave a little note for the kids..."Say No to Grad School"

9: Chicago's Field Museum | June and I with our leftovers from Giordano's, taking our picture in the Bean. | Sue the largest, most complete, and best preserved T-Rex ever found, and she lives at the Field Museum. | "Do not climb"...well, when has that ever stopped me before?!

10: St. Louis | Me, Sharon, Jacob, and Beth, Exploring St. Louis | Cruising on the Mississippi | Looking up at the Arch | Jacob and I indulging Beth, and her belief that this was a beautiful place for engagement pictures. | Jacob and his sexy pose

11: Nauvoo | Nauvoo, IL Temple | Carthage Jail with Beth and we ran into Jessica Isenbarger, we happened to be there on the 165th anniversary of the martyrdom. | Beth and I just after doing a temple session. It is so beautiful inside!

12: Conference Weekends | Blissful breakfast Sunday morning. Stuffed French toast, so yummy! | The Sawyer House, so blissful. It was our first place to have Conference Weekend. | Kim's Princess Themed Easter basket.

13: A weekend devoted t General Conference, great food, good friends, and relaxation. Best weekends ever! | Much happier now that it's not morning and the birds are no longer chirping . Cooking is much better. | Apparently, the hills are alive in Sawyer, MI. | Be th, Craig, Me, and Jacob on a short trip to a Lake Michigan Beach between sessions, we saw crazy waves. | Reading my poem from Kim to find my Easter Basket.

14: Jumping into the sand. So much fun. | I think this is called the Grasshopper. | The Chicago skyline from across Lake Michigan. | Our trek across a bog, to get to the dunes.

15: Indiana Dunes | Craig, Jacob, Clayton, Sharon, Beth,Me, Seth, Ross, Dan: All of us at the Indiana Dunes. So much fun! | Happy landing. | Everyone playing in the sand.

16: Ringing in | My first race and race number. | The whole cohort after the race. It was a great bonding experience.

17: Spring 5k | Marjon and I getting ready to run. | We ran to raise money for the Valparaiso YMCA.

18: For FHE one night, they decided to have a service auction. So Craig decided his service was to give a makeover, and I decided that mine would be to give relationship advice. It was one memorable night; check out my unibrow!! | Makeover Time! | Craig learning about lip gloss. | Check out my unibrow, Craig found a new use for lip liner.

19: O.A.R. Concerts | Beth, Me, and Sharon at the Indianapolis OAR concert, this is also the night we were reminded the hard way that Chicago and Indy are in different time zones. | Kristin, Sharon, and I (Beth is taking the picture) an OAR concert. I love the skyline in the background.

20: Fourth of July | They were so proud of themselves for filling the balloons with the jets from the pool. | Playing 500 at Nina's Aunt's house.

21: Ward 4th of July party. | Greg, Me, Beth, and Chandra, at Museum Campus, waiting for the fireworks to start.

22: New York, New York | Nina and I dancing in the middle of Central Park. | Riding the Subway with Nina and Beth. | FAO Schwarz | Strawberry Fields in Central Park.

23: Train to Babylon, New York. | Canoing off of Long Island. | Wandering around Long Island on a Sunday afternoon. | Central Park Fountain

24: A wonderful lunch for everyone! | Chese and bread have never tasted so good. ! | Standing on the Freedom Trail. | Boston

25: This was our day of wandering around Walden Pond and Lexington to visit some Liberty Ride. While there we found a charming little shop that sold several types of cheeses and wonderful bread. Boston and the surrounding areas were so beautiful and fun! | I think part of the pose was her victory of finding the perfect rock. | Up in a tree, not sure why...

26: Maine | Sitting with Sharon and Beth on Labor Day in beautiful Maine. | Robby, Jacob, Beth, and Sharon | Touching the water in York Harbor, and check out the lighthouse in the background, too!

27: Checking out York Harbor at night. | Watching the sun rise.

28: YSA Dances | Best YSA dance I've ever been to, everyone was totally into it. | Sharon, Alexandra, Jentille, and Me | Christmas Dance when Lindsay came to visit. | Jacob showing off his moves...

29: Hanging Out | Beth's last night in Chicago | Gender role reversal: Jacob cooking, and it was really good! | Heather, Sharon, Beth, Me, Nina | A Picnic at the Pritzker Pavilion at Millennium Park during a concert.

30: A night out with the girls, eating Mexican food, always nice to have an evening out, away from the program. | Seda, Sharde, Jin, Amy, Me, Ruth; Kristy, Mary, & Jessica. All hanging out at Doug Sprenkle's annual AAMFT Purdue Party. | Christine's birthday party at Amilia's house | Christine and I out with the "younger" cohort for Karaoke at Jalapeno’s | Partying MFT Style

31: Party at Lynn's | Karaoke at Jalapeno's | Me, Lynn, Jacob, & Allysa at Michele's Ugly Sweater Party | Walk for Life!

32: AAMFT: Memphis Style | This was our first trip to AAMFT for almost everyone in our cohort, so we decided that we were going to rent a house and all stay together. Joe and Lorna thought we were crazy, but it was such a fun trip and we had everyone there, which was even better. And we got to stay in the most amazing house! | Exploring Abraham Lincoln's boyhood home. Jacob could barely contain his excitement. | Out for the program dinner at Sauces. .

33: Christine and I at lunch with Jacob and Becky at the Arcade Restaurant which is famous in these parts. | The house Complete with pond and animals. It was beautiful, and so much fun! | Out for June's birthday celebration, such fun to go out with everyone. | At the National Civil Rights Museum, in the hotel where Martin Luther King, Jr. was assassinated.

34: St. Patrick's Day | Sharon and I at the dying of the Chicago River. | Every year they dye the River green, it's a lot of fun, and don't be fooled, there is no color enhancement in any of these.

35: Megan came to visit during Spring Break and apparently getting pictures of all of these was more important than any of us. FAIL!. All of these are from our authentic Irish meal for St. Patrick's Day. We also went to Hot Chocolate , walked around Wrigleyville, and found an awesome Blackhawks t-shirt for her souvenir.

36: NCFR: San Francisco | Eating out at the Stinking Rose, where everything is inspired by and flavored with garlic. | The Bagna Calda a.k.a. garlic soaking in a hot tub | The awesome menus | The cute booths, maybe the best part.

37: NCFR 2009: San Francisco Most of our time was spent at the conference, but we did venture out at night into the city. One night we dined at the Stinky Rose, which featured a 40 Garlic Clove Chicken, among other garlic inspired dishes. We also went to Fisherman's Wharf, Ghirardelli Square, and one night Jacob and I went out with HeatherAagard who had recently moved to the Bay Area. Such a fun week! | An alligator made from sour dough. | Becky and I at Fisherman's Wharf. | At the Stinky Rose.

38: Visiting Lindsay at Oxford | Checking out the Harry Potter sites at Oxford, this was at Christ's Church College. | Touring Oxford with Lindsay | Walking around.

39: Standing on the stairs that are in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (Tom Riddle walks down them. | Right after we walked out, we saw the actor who played Dean Thomas! So awesome!! | The room used for the Great Hall!

40: Travels in England Continue... | Stonehenge! From kind of far away. | Fun poses outside the gate | Posing in Bath, pay no attention to the holes in the soles of my shoes.

41: With some of Lindsay's friends from England | More in Bath. | Posing at the Salisbury Cathedral, home to one of the copies of the Magna Carta. | On my way to IFTA, I made a stop in Oxford to visit Lindsay. It was so much fun and it also happened to be her 25th birthday. Such an awesome trip to be able to come see her for a couple of days, it was quick, but worth it.

42: IFTA: Portoroz, Slovenia | Paulina's presentation about childhood obesity. | My Coparenting Poster. | The dock in Piran, just next to Porotoz

43: On top of the hill in Piran, such a beautiful lookout. | Paulina took this the day I left (one of the only times it was sunny, except for our day in Trieste). She sent it to me so I could see the beautiful site. . | We started out stranded in the Ljubljana Airport, wandered the city, and were great travel buddies the rest of the week. | Trieste, Italy

44: Trips back to Provo | Outside the temple at Amanda's wedding: Me, Krista, Lindsay, and Lisa | Flying out for my birthday visit, and eating teppanyaki | Its the middle of the night, so natuarally, we're at Denny's.

45: Lindsay and I outside the Logan Temple, just after I went through for the first time. | Natalie and I playing in the temple fountains. | The family, Lindsay, and I at the Logan Temple.

46: Architecture Tour of Chicago | Healther and I looking at the architecture of Chicago. | Chicago Tribune Building | Wrigley Building

47: Brookfield Zoo | Nina and I on the lion outside the Brookfield Zoo. | Fun with funky hats. | Nina and I with her cousin Isabella at the dolphin show.

48: Paulina Visits Chicago | On top of the Handcock Tower. We timed it at sunset to see the city in daylight and at night. | Pictures in "Cloud Gate" (aka the Bean). | At the German Christmas Market | Ice Skating at Millennium Park

49: While Sharon, Beth, and I were at OAR in Indy, Nina and Natasha decorated my room. | Happy Birthday to me! Cake at Beth and Heather's | Jacob with one of his presents. | Hanging out with Jacob and Jace at Jacob's party.

50: Lynn, Jin, and I hanging out at the clinic. | Amy, Christine, and I out at Jalapenos for Karokee night. | More MFT Fun! | Marjon and I meditating on one of the ledges at the Sears Tower (now Willis Tower).

51: On Machinach Island with Marjon, Christine, Jacob, Lynn, Micheal (Lynn's son), Nana and Grandpa (Christine's) | What do you get for the girl who has everything? A kite, sadly I don't have any pictures of it and the birthday girl;;;fail. | More Karokee. | Attempting the launch. | Beach Mondays were the best!

52: Final Goodbyes | Up in the ferris wheel! Lisa, Me, Kim, & Emily | Roommates | Farewell Dinner: Emily, Lisa, Kim, Me, Aaron,,y, Sharon, & Jacob

53: More pictures after the official one was taken. | Third-year right of passage: taking the official picture for the clinic wall. It was so fun to do the photo shoot, but very bittersweet. | And the traditional dinner after the picture, the last time we were all together. I think the other guy was either our waiter or just someone random.

54: KATHARINE WICKEL, M.S. | All for this moment, and so excited! | The group (minus Jin), couldn't have done it without them! | Presenting Anne with a picture of us, because, honestly, who doesn't love us?!

55: GRATUATION! | With family outside of graduation. | Recreating the moment seen in Anne's picture. | So blessed and honored to be a part of this group. | Just before we went in. We may or may not have broken the rules to sit by each other...

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