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A Year In Review

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A Year In Review - Page Text Content

S: Happy 50th Birthday, Chuck!

BC: Everyone is the age of their heart. ~ - Guatemalan Proverb

FC: Simply put: You are loved

1: Dear Chuckles, I hope you have a wonderful 50th birthday! Thank you for all that you do for everyone. It doesn't seem like 50 years ago that we brought you home from the hospital. Whoever would have known that the Timmy Foundation would spread so far and do so much good for people. Take care of yourself. I love you lots, Mom | Dear Muncle Chunk, You are the BEST uncle anyone could ever ask for!! You are the reason why I do so good in school. You are a great inspiration to myself and many more. I Hope and Dream with all my heart to grow up and be just like you... Happy Birthday. Love, Ceyrstin A. Thomas P.S. God Bless | March 28, 1961

2: Happy Birthday! | Chuck, I am starting my letter with childhood memories of you: -- remember your desk drawer had to be so neat -- you are still NEAT -- remember when you were in second grade and you came to my seventh grade classroom and showed my boyfriend how smart you were -- are you still SMART -- remember high school when you never carried a book home to study and you ended up #1 in your class and Valedictorian of your class -- Yes, Chuck, you are still #1 -- remember college when you called home all upset because you got a | "B" and I assured you that a college "B" was a high school "A" and you still succeeded with all your college plans even if you had to switch from Purdue to -yes "IU" to do it -- To Chuck and IU!!!! Now the serious part of my letter -- Chuck, I am so proud of you for everything you have accomplished in your life -- most of all for Founding the Timmy Foundation and all you do through it. Mom and Dad were thrilled when you announced the name "The Timmy Foundation"

3: MEMORIES | Growing up, Chuck was an animal lover. At St. Pat's Chuck and I got off the bus, and he saw a cat with a bird in its mouth. Chuck grabbed the bird and the cat jumped on his back - that was a wild sight! Another time he tried to save a baby black bird that fell into the creek. The mother bird started diving at his head. Our childhood dog once bit a snake. The bite caused the snake to bleed. Chuck took the snake and put a band-aid on it and let it go. The other day I ran into Mark Carrie at work, and he was telling me how it scared him the way Chuck used to drive him to school at high speeds in his Camaro. I said, well - thank you, I taught him to drive. Love, Tony | - a beautiful remembrance of the baby they lost. Not only have you made Chuck Dietzen, M.D. famous, but now also Timmy is famous all over the world. Please continue to do all the mission work you can, but please also remember to take care of yourself and your life, Chuck. We all love you and want you to be happy. Happy 50th Birthday! Love, Randy, Julie and Randy

4: When asked to share a memory, I couldn’t decide on which memory I should share. There are so many. I could have shared an unordinary opportunity of spending an entire day with you, such as when we met with Fr. Tony and spent hours in conversation, while you drove me around in your cool car, showing me places of importance to you. Should I share your birthday where I was so excited to give you the video I had made where your family “remembers” you, excited to know your reaction to the happy ending of having your dad look you right in your eye, through a camera lens, and declare,“I love you, man!”! And how about all the conversations on my porch or over lunch that always made me feel I had just attended a spiritual retreat? Or, the time you “set me up” ( I will never forgive you for or forget that day!) to speak on a panel filled with academia types with 21 letters behind their name or a list of books written by them! Did I ever feel I was in a bad movie! I know, you said I did just fine, but fine I did not feel! | Your Father's Son | Perhaps, I could share the memories of Judy and/or I joining you in your workshops and your challenging others to guess who was brain injured! I remember walking through Zionsville with you, meeting shop owners, and talking you into buying an antique gun amazed by your home full of the treasures of your travels. So many wonderful memories over the past nearly 17 years, but I choose to zero in on two memories, one involving my loved one and the other, recalling your loved one. Meeting you for the first time at the bedside of Judey after she was transferred from Methodist to Lifelines was one of those memories like “where were you when Kennedy was shot?” I did not expect to meet our doctor in a setting other than in a sterile room, wearing a white coat, chart in hand with history being taken. Instead, our doctor chooses to stroll in with an opened neck blue shirt, pulls up a chair, asks questions having more to do with the teen laying in the bed, rather than prognosis and diagnosis. The human touch reigned supreme in the dimly lit, quiet of that night. Rather than a “round” lasting a few minutes, promising to return in a couple of days, we experienced hours of loving conversation and an extension of hope and promise of better days ahead.

5: In those few hours, when most doctors would have rushed to head home, you stayed. You answered all my questions with extreme patience, and you added those things of which I would never have known to ponder. I remember your gentle manner, your great big smile, your laugh, your love. I felt your love. It didn’t matter who we were or what you did know or did not know of us. You saw a suffering, apprehensive family and you eased our pain and calmed our fears. You were and are heads and shoulders above any doctor I have ever known and almost any other person I have ever known. You set the bar for physicians everywhere, because you were taking your cue from the Divine Physician. Healer is your ministry, your calling. You bring dignity and honor to the profession. I thank you for that night and all the days we spent under your watchful eye and tender care. I love you with all my heart. | Secondly, I can’t help but recall the very profound and blessed passing of your dad. When I got the call from you that he had died, I went to your family home, minutes after he breathed his last. While we all gathered round his bedside, I asked if we could say the Rosary and you asked me to lead it. I was privileged to be with you that night. Again, the love and respect you had for this amazing man filled the room. His presence lingered and then, the lights flickered and briefly went out. It was if he was allowed to signal to us that he appreciated the prayers and that he was with us at that moment. He continues to stay with you. He lives somewhere inside you. You are part of his great legacy. You are the man he was, although you have both traveled this life journey in two different ways. He made his difference in the corners of your family home and you make a difference in every corner of the world. Your missions are different, but your methods the same. You both used love as the vehicle in which to attain your goals. You were under his care as one of his children and the world’s children are under your care. You both have served in your roles with inspiring grace and example. If you take pride in nothing else, take pride in the fact that you are truly your father’s son. I love you! ~Angie Budenz

6: Dear Chuck, Happy Birthday my friend. It is hard to believe that you are 50 years old. It seems like yesterday when I was calling you "Charlie Brown" I have many fond memories of you at a young age in grade school. The memories are also of your dear Mom and Dad and siblings. From the first day I met you Chuck I knew you were special. There was that twinkle in your eyes and your constant smile that attracted me. Having met you and your family was a grace filled moment in my life. You touched me and I will never be the same. The entire Dietzen family was and still is very special to me. I am forever grateful to God fort bringing you into my life. When I look at all that you have accomplised and done in your life I am overwhelmed. You have touched and brought healing to a world so in need of being touched and healed. You have accomplished great things Chuck. Through your love and outreach to many people you have lived the Gospel. People constantly ask me what one person can do. You are the first person I tell them about. My answer to this question is always, Dr. Chuck Dietzen. | I am thankful to God that you and your family came into my life. I am richer because of you Chuck. You give me hope in a world that sometimes seems hopeless. You inspire me to do my part which is very little compared to your presence in our world. I pray that you recognize all that you have done for others. I pray that you will continue to thank a most gracious God for bringing you into the world by loving parents. You are truly a man of God, a man that takes the Gospel seriously "to feed the hungry, clothe the naked, bring healing to a much needed world". I am proud to say that I know "Charlie Brown- Dr. Chuck Dietzen". You are special my friend. Thank you for your friendship. May you live for 50 more years and heal many more people along the way. Peace to you, Joe Zelenka | "Charlie Brown"

7: In matters of fate and angels and God's big plan The two of us met to talk and pray, man to man. From early on we knew, whatever happened would not be us But as is oft the case, when God's in charge he's driving the bus! So, under the guise of spiritual direction our paths crossed often for fun and reflection. We had the answer to all - God's Love the means and the end Together we came to know the meaning of friend. In our years together, my how the tables have turned In our cheerful journey, it was God's humor we learned. You shared your stories then with a humbled priest Who preached a lifestyle where the most have the least. But times they do change when God plans our life From priest to stock broker and even a wife God saved Cecilia for me and blessed us with fun, And now you, my good friend, are the celibate one. Oh, how God must smile at and enjoy all you have become. And What you've done in fifty years must seem silly to some. More than a few might smirk and say that the path you chose was for the birds, But we know St. Francis, who says, "Preach always my friend, sometimes use words." God bless! Welcome to the 50 year old club! We love you and are proud to call you our friend! Ad Multos Anos! Your life is your message! Love, Peace and Prayers Tony and Cecilia | "Together we came to know the meaning of 'friend"...

8: Happy Birthday, Chuck! Cheers to our friend and supporter!! The day we met you, Chooch and I were nervous about Jimmy's appointment. Jimmy had been diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy and the last doctor appointment we went to did not go well, she was rude and told us to find out about a wheelchair so insurance would cover it, because Jimmy may not walk. A new friend told us about you and we made an appointment. We sat waiting just a few minutes...Then you walked in: "Hi, I'm Dr Chuck", you listened to us and talked to Jimmy while you checked him and smiled the whole time. I know... I cried in the first few minutes- but those were happy tears- because you said... Jimmy would walk! We were excited to meet a doctor that was full of hope, who listened to our questions and respected our concerns. It is amazing how that altered our perspective and put our hope in high gear, which we shared with our family and it has continued to grow. Our extended family loves you too. | Kennedy Family | Chuckman....... Being 50 is not so bad {I think}...... It was 10 years ago for me { I think}..... Things may slow down for you { I think}....What day is this? Friday...{I think}........ Have a great birthday....{ I think}..... Chooch

9: We went from saying, We have to go to the doctor to .. We get to see Chuck today! You not only helped us medically to help Jimmy but have become more than a friend. You are part of our family. You have been with us through many more tears- happy and sad, you attend family parties, celebrate Jimmy's achievements (that you often helped happen). Allowing him to go speak with you, the wrestling, football, and being part of the amazing things the Timmy Foundation does for others. It helps Jimmy worry less about himself and be proud that he helps others. He has learned the good feeling in your heart when you volunteer from you. I am thankful for your support when I wrote my book My Perfect Son has Cerebral Palsy- I think you liked the title as much as we did. Making it required reading for your students and bragging about it makes me feel very proud.You know our PURE JOY and that - It is a love story. You come to see Chooch's band play and support him.You are an an amazing mentor and friend to Jimmy. You inspire him to work hard and achieve his goals. We all three get to enjoy the cool events you set up for Jimmy and other kids that inspire us all. Your work all over the world is life changing for those you help and those that volunteer... You make others want to join in when they see your smile and enthusiasm ... You don't just talk about great ideas- You do something - YOU make them happen ! Allowing us to help and be a small part of it is an honor. We brag about being your friends. What I admire most is your attitude, you know and live "For it is in giving that we receive " Happy Birthday to my coolest friend - Chuck! Love, Marie Kennedy

10: Chuck, Through the years you have helped numerous children around the world with ailments they would not otherwise be able to handle on their own. You have also helped my family and me with the daily struggles that are involved with CP whether it be through a prescription or comforting interaction with my family. I am blessed to have you not only as a doctor but a friend that shares my belief in the potential of all people no matter what background. You have also provided perspective on life and how we leave a legacy behind. Yours will be defined by the selfless acts you have given to thousands around the world, giving them hope that one day they can live a healthy and successful life. I know that you have given me the tools to reach my highest potential to succeed based on your belief in me and in my ability. You are one of the most influential people in my life and have given me a blueprint for what it is to be an honorable and dependable man. I appreciate you and all you have done for my family and others around the world. Happy Birthday and know I will always support you in the goals you set for yourself now and into the future. Love, Your Friend, Jimmy Kennedy

11: About Chuck and me... I remember that day when Chuck and I slept together (in separate seats) in his Mustang outside of Mo Kenney's house. Boy that was fun!... and awkward! Especially after Chuck had all those weird dreams and.... Ooops! sorry... I had promised never to tell... Anyhow, how about them Colts, huh?!?! Moving on to serious matters... I first met Chuck when working on trying to help kids... I know this comes as a shock to some. But Chuck sometimes cares about kids, helps kids, dreams kids, loves kids. But most of his life... he is one of the angels sent to this world to make kids’ lives better. I don't know if he truly realizes the impact that he has on everybody that meets him, on everybody that he inspires and the extensive family and children that surround every piece of his life. I know at least this much... the world is a better place because of Chuck... And his selfless calling, his blessed mission and his enduring spirit, have been a turning point in my life, my career and my spiritual path. I consider myself lucky to be able to call Chuck my mentor, my best friend, my spiritual brother and the godfather of my son (If I don't count that hell resent me for life). I owe my brother much more than he might ever imagine and that I might show. I think its safe to say that most of the things happening in my life right now have been deeply impacted by Chuck in some way. No poem I can think of can truly express how I feel about my hermano gringo... but it can be summed up in one phrase... I love you brother. May God and our Mother bless you always! Happy Birthday!!! Tanty, Dani, Vale and Tatayo

12: Dr. Chuck, It takes a lot to leave a mark on a little girl who doesn't really know what's going on, but that you did. All I knew was I was coming to let this guy 'beat' on me. | I got out there in that ring and I didn't understand what everyone was talking about this wasn't scary or hard but it was fun. I always loved a good show, plus watching everyone freaking out thinking you 'hurt' me. My friends thought I was so brave. That little girl grew up and needed a doctor to guide her, or really just sit in the the office and tell stories to her but who needs to know? I enjoy coming to see you more than anything. It doesn't feel like one of my hundreds of doctors appointments I have every year which is good because God knows I don't need anymore boring ones than I already have. Happy Birthday Dr. Chuck! I hope you have a great birthday and many more to come. Truly, Syd Nicholas

13: Chuck (aka Dr. Doom), Mini-Cargo and I would like to wish you the best of birthdays and many more to come. Your interaction with my son has meant so much to both of us. Mini-Cargo says it's clobbering time for 50 more years. He will be getting you with an apple if you dare to come back to Louisville this summer. We wish we could be in Indianapolis to help you celebrate this milestone birthday but know that our love and wishes for a special day are with you. Mini-Cargo wants you to know that his 23rd birthday is on March 10. He has joined a power soccer team and maybe you and Brian can come see them play some Saturday. May God bless you with many more years of health and happiness. You are certainly a blessing to us. Lots of love, Josh (aka Mini-Cargo) and Kelly Ising

14: THANKS FOR BEING SUCH A GREAT MENTOR, CHUCK!! GLAD TO HAVE YOU AS A FRIEND AND TEACHER! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! LOVE, BETH | Dearest Confirmation Sponsor, The last few years have been very important ones for me. My life has changed a lot and I'm beginning to figure out who I am and where I want to go with my life. I'm very happy that you've been a part of my life for these important times and can honestly say that I would be a different--and most likely worse--person without your positive influence and attitude. Despited our sizable age difference, I've always considered you a good friend and feel that I can talk to you about things that Frank and Kelley should likely remain ignorant of. You've introduced me to some great people, who I would never have known otherwise (see: Tanty and, as a result, Isabella....good work) and been with me for some great experiences. You are truly one of the best people I know and I love you very much. I hope you had a wonderful first half-century. I'm sure you'll find some way to make the second one even better. ~ - Daniel Violi

15: Chuck, I can't say how fortunate I feel to have you as a part of my life. At times in our relationship you have been my brother and my father, but ultimately you have always been a great friend to me. That is something valuable and rare in this world, and for that reason I am extremely thankful for our friendship. Whatever I have done and whatever I do in my life, know that your friendship has played an important part in getting me there. Happy birthday, with anticipation for many more to come! ~ Dionissi Aliprantis

16: I wanted to leave a note for Chuck thanking him for asking me to go to India with him in 1997. It was on these trips I first heard him discuss his interest in starting the Timmy Foundation and I am amazed at what that foundation has become. Chuck also arranged for us to meet Mother Teresa during one of those trips; an experience for which I cannot thank him enough. He also accompanied me to Haiti last year which brought back the memories of our travels to India. Chuck is a role model for my children as well. Someone who never stops giving to others and asks nothing in return and someone who has no interest in material things. He has been an inspiration and role model for me as a physician and as a human being. ~ Kos Kayes | Many people see Dr. Chuck in action at medical clinics or medical brigades or in the limelight at Timmy Foundation events. The best insight into Dr. Chuck's character that we ever had was travelling with him to Nigeria to visit the Bebor Model Nursery and Primary Schools. We expected Chuck to be great in the villages visiting the schools and were not surprised that he was. Where we really saw how fundamentally great a person he is was in two other settings. First, waiting for our bags to arrive at Lagos airport. There's a 7 or 8 year old girl crying badly after the long flight. Next thing we know, Dr. Chuck is down on his knees showing this girl some silly pen he has and showing her how to make it do whatever it does. A few seconds later, the girl is laughing and smiling and breaks into joy when Chuck gives her the pen. Second, at the hotel we're staying in, Chuck starts showing the waiters, cooks and bartenders how to do certain magic tricks. Every night somebody new comes out of the kitchen to get burned by one of Chuck's magic tricks with the others who have previously been victimized laughing hysterically.

17: Hi Chuck, Happy Birthday. Considering everything you have done and everywhere you have been, one would think you were one hundred years old! From the very first time I had a discussion with you, I wondered how anyone could care so much for others. It is nice to know you are just a few years ahead of me. This way, anytime someone tells me I am going to kill myself if I do not stop coming up with crazy ideas to save the world, I can always say “But Chuck is still here!” I am forever grateful our paths crossed and we now have the opportunity to work together at Timmy Global Health. Again, Happy Birthday and best wishes now and always. Sincerely, Mercy Obeime. | Chuck spent hours teaching them all of these tricks and left all of the tricks with them when we departed Nigeria. In both cases, Chuck wasn't being a doctor, he wasn't performing surgery or treating patients. He was simply interacting with others, like he always does, as a fundamentally good and decent human being. To us, that's when Dr. Chuck is at his most impressive - out of the spotlight, when nobody is watching and he's just being a good soul because that's who he is. Happy 50th birthday Dr. Chuck!! Love, Scott and Tijen Pegg

18: Dr. Chuck, I live in Indianapolis, and it’s because of you. And despite warming up to those Midwestern sensibilities, I feel like I should be forever angry that I’ve sacrificed my lovely New England, the beaches of Costa Rica, the motorbikes of Hanoi, the mountains of Ecuador, and every other place that I could be living to take up the helm of Timmy. But in fact, I’m grateful. So grateful. It’s in no small part a result of meeting you in Ecuador in 2004 that I visited those places in the first place – that I dared to follow my passion and my dreams to find what I was truly meant to do. And it’s in no small part because of that week I spent as your translator in Ecuador -- making little kids laugh (usually at my expense), getting lice, and learning how to listen to heartbeats – that I have finally found what I was meant to do. I am sure that Timmy – and the ideals that it carries and promotes – has always been a part of your life. They have always been a part of mine as well. I just didn’t realize it until I got on that plane to Ecuador nearly 7 years ago, and met some crazy country doctor (that my mom still swears would be better suited for a role on ER), and never looked back. | None of us our perfect, and we all have our faults. Given that this message is sure to live on into your old age, I feel it’s necessary to point many of yours out (please don’t fire me). You can’t sit still, you are obsessed with margaritas (even ones I might consider sub-par), have an innate inability to plan anything if it’s more than 24 hours away, still listen to Rush Limbaugh, never respond to email messages with more than 9 words, and refuse to set up a voice mailbox on your phone (forcing me to call you back every 20 minutes to get in touch). And despite all of this (or maybe even because of it), there are few people on earth that I respect more than I do Dr. Doom. Your passion ignites people in a way most of us could never dream, and you are so willing to hit walls and then go back and hit them again. So willing to confront challenges and then go back and face them again. Your endurance, perseverance, and commitment to the people around you (and since you’ve started Timmy, those people will keep growing and growing and growing), is legendary. You practice what you preach Chuck, and that is not something that many folks truly posses. My favorite poem, as many Timmy students know, is “For Whom the Bell Tolls” (most famous because Earnest Hemingway stole the name for one of his novel). I use the poem often when I speak, and to be a little poetic, I’ll quote it here:

19: No man is an island, Entire of itself. Each is a piece of the continent, A part of the main. If a clod be washed away by the sea, Europe is the less. As well as if a promontory were. As well as if a manor of thine own Or of thine friend's were. Each man's death diminishes me, For I am involved in mankind. Therefore, never send to know For whom the bell tolls, It tolls for thee. | I’ve come to learn that there is a lot of things to respect about Dr. Chuck Dietzen. A lot of things to love, and a lot of things to want to follow. But perhaps more than anything, what I have come to love and respect the most is that when the bell tolls, you don’t look around to see who it tolls for. You know – and I imagine you have always known – that it tolls for thee. And there is a big part of me that realized just that when I met you in Quito – even if I didn’t know it at the time. That life is about finally stopping to look around when you hear that bell, and simply realize that it tolls for all of us, that it tolls for me. On your 50th Chuck, Happy B-day. My life is certainly different, certainly better for having met you, and I’m honored to consider you a friend. Cheers to 50 more years of a life lived to the fullest. Cuidate mucho amigo, y un abrazo fuerte. Matt MacGregor

20: "These are special memories of Chuck on a humanitarian trip to Black Water Jamaica. The first photo is one of Chuck working on a prosthesis. This is my favorite because I was proud of the fine job he was doing as a prosthetist. The other one is probably one child in thousands that he has touched. He has a gift for pulling the happiness from their soul. He has a magic that I have never seen in my lifetime. " ~ Mo Kenney | HEALER

21: Dr. Chuck, You are an inspiration to many people in your life, but to me, you are something much more. You are the clearest example of a man living for Jesus Christ that I know. Your humility, your passion, and your faith are unmatched in my life. I look up to for how you fight for the underdogs of our world. I look up to you for the unfailing compassion you share with your patients and friends. I look up to for your gracious style of leadership. But more than all, I look up to you for the bold way that you share the story of our Lord without saying a word. The way you lead your life and love others—the way you powerfully defend our world’s powerless—is a constant reminder to me of His unfailing grace and love. Thank you for the energy of the first speech I heard by you at Butler—the same one that carved a place in my heart and soul for serving the poor. | Thank you for your vulnerability as we shared the stories of our struggles during medical school; I do not think you fully understand how much I needed you and your words of encouragement during that time. Thank you for believing in me. Thank you for pushing me to be better. And thank you for always thinking of me when opportunities to learn and grow come along. You have treated me like your own son, Dr. Chuck. It would be a blessing to be even half the Christian man you are someday. Happy 50th birthday. God loves you, and so do I. Michael Hole

22: DIOS BENDIJO MI HOGAR AL DARME EL REGALO DE CONOCER AL DOCTOR CHUCK UN HOMBRE TAN BUENO, UN MEDICO MUY COMPROMETIDO CON LOS MAS NECESITADOS DE ESTE PLANETA Y SOBRE TODO UN SER HUMANO CON UNA CAPACIDAD DE ENTREGA, AMOR Y UN ALMA DE UN NIÑO QUE SIEMPRE QUIERE DAR MAS Y MAS. NUESTRO DESEO DE QUE ESTE CUMPLEAÑOS SEA MARAVILLOSO AL IGUAL QUE SU VIDA DE PARTE DE JORGE, VICKY, GEORGE Y CHRISTIAN | Old Havana, Cuba 1999. Timmy Foundation first trip with Ambassadors for Children. Playing football in the streets with the Cuban kids all afternoon. Thank you for showing me that people all over this earth are good people. Darrell Wheeler | Chuck, I first met you as Dr. Doom, then came to know you as Dr. Chuck. But I will always remember you as one of my favorite travel companions to Zhytomyr, Ukraine. It was a wonderful trip that provided lasting friendships and fond memories. I admire your compassion for others and pray that you receive many blessings to your ministry. Happy birthday travel buddy, and welcome to the 1/2 century club. Blessings, Tammy Markert

23: Dear Chuck, We're so excited to be a part of your memory book...and to be able to wish you a Happy 50th! We can only imagine the memories that will fill the pages. You have truly made the most of every moment God has given you...and best of all, have used it to benefit His most precious creation...mankind. When Olya asked us to write down a memory, well, it was impossible to condense knowing you into one memory. You came into our lives as the fearless Dr. Doom giving our wonderful Kids Center children the opportunity to open their worlds a bit by experiencing success in the wrestling ring. But little did we know that you would open our minds and lives as well by giving us the opportunity to experience your world of caring. Our trip to Ukraine changed all of us forever...and for the better. Getting to know the people, the therapists, the children, and, of course, dear Olya was a blessing beyond any gift. We wear our "Timmy charms" daily as a reminder of those wonderful memories and as a reminder of God's call to us for service. Thank you for being a part of our world and letting us be a part of yours. May God bless you for all you've done...and all you have yet to do. Happy Birthday, Dr. Doom! Blessings, Jamie Ramsay Melinda Goins | Dear Chuck, You'll get over it. Happy 50th! Blessings, Martin Stob P.S. 50 is a wonderful age! Celebrate!

24: so many | When I sit down to think of a memory shared with Dr. Chuck, I often think about the time when I was in office at a young age, I had previously played soccer, but that year I had only ran track for the elementary track and field. When he came in to see me he as bubbly and friendly as also, and he ask me, “Kiley how are you? Are you playing soccer this year?” I said I am good, but guess what, I don’t get last in track anymore!!!” | Another memory shared with Dr. Chuck happened during the summer of 2009. I had went out of state to see some family and while I was gone Dr. Chuck called my mom and ask if he could come see me at my home, she explained that I was out of town but they would arrange something for when I got home. So, one day while I was watching television my parents brought him in to my home and then told me a friend was here to see me when I went to answer the door, he was standing in my dining room ~ Kiley Toy

25: "Your finest hour as a mentor was at the Pinch Penny Pub" ~ Joe Bergeron | From Joe Swartz: I have many, many great experiences with Chuck over the years lodged in my memory. Hiking the Appalachian Trail, when we came face to face with a Bear on the way to the outhouse. In the early 1980s, we made some wrestling videos filmed on Betamax, resembling vintage Saturday Night Live shows. I could never figure out why we called him “Rush.” White water rafting when he met Cheryl from Cheryl’s Cookies. In the cobwebs in my mind vaguely remember some evil trick with Peppermint Schnapps and/or Vodka. Boating on the Ohio River with him, Greg, Craig, and a wacked out physician friend of his. Getting caught in a whiteout blizzard lightening storm high on Mt. Shasta in Northern California. Dog sledding above the Arctic Circle in Northern Alaska, when it was 10 below during the day and 40 below at night. We almost lost a tent one night when Marty put clothes on top of the wood burning stove. Chuck broke his dogsled rail coming down a frozen river.

26: Chuck. For most of your life you aspired to live up to this prayer. From what I’ve seen, you’ve succeeded. St. Francis also said “Start by doing what’s necessary; then do what’s possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible.” This is the history of the Timmy Foundation! There is another work that I associate with you. It is “IF” by Rudyard Kipling and one line in particular shouts your name. “( If you can) walk with kings – nor lose the common touch...” What an example you have set for those who have the good fortune to be near you! Thank you for being such a representative of the greatness that humankind can achieve and for your acceptance of one who falls far short of such lofty goals. Any association we have had has been a true privilege. God bless you and yours always. Dianna Glass | St. Francis of Assisi. “Lord, make me an instrument of your peace; Where there is hatred, let me sow love; Where there is injury, pardon; Where there is doubt, faith; Where there is despair, hope; Where there is darkness, light, And where there is sadness, joy.”

27: Dear Chuck, I remember taking my final I-STEP exam in tenth grade. The writing prompt was to pretend to be a journalist, and pen a profile of the most interesting person possible. We were encouraged to make our subject up. To the contrary, I decided you were a far better candidate. When I got home and called Katrina, it turned out she had written about you on her exam as well! All of your endeavors, travels, friends, and good works are amazing! Indeed, you have led such a rich life. And I am so thankful to have you as a part of mine. From all that I've learned from you about humanity to being told dirty jokes through your didgeridoo, we've had some great times! Happy Birthday to you! Emily Munson

28: God understood our thirst for knowledge, and our need to be led by someone wiser; He needed a heart of compassion, of encouragement, and patience; Someone who would accept the challenge regardless of the opposition; Someone who could see potential, and believe in the best in others . . . So He made Teachers ~ Jenny Wang | “My relationship with Dr. Chuck is something that I particularly treasure. From the moment that I met him, I instantly recognized the giving, caring spirit that Dr. Chuck has. His attitude that “anything can be achieved” has really inspired me to reach within myself to find ways to help others. Dr. Chuck’s passion for the Timmy Foundation was pivotal in my decision to become more engaged in the nonprofit sector. He is a great leader, as evidenced by his actions, both locally and abroad. I love his enthusiasm and his ability to include others in his vision to create positive outcomes for all involved. I feel blessed to know Dr. Chuck in the way that I do and look forward to many more years of friendship together.” – Mark Wise | Dr.Chuck, I've known you for many years, and you've become more than just a friend. You're my role model, and like part of my family. I know you've touched many people's lives and hearts, and luckily I am one of them. I couldn't be happier, nor prouder to say that I know Chuck. I hope to see you soon! ~ George Jurado

29: Dr. Chuck, Thank you for being one of the greatest teachers in my life. You have not only shown me how much beauty and humanity there is in the world, but also taught me how to open my heart and be a better person. It is because of you that I want to dedicate my life to helping others, and there are no words to express how grateful I am to you for helping my find my passion in life. I will never forget your dedication to constantly improve the lives of those around you, and it will continue to inspire me in everything that I do. Happy 50th Birthday! ~ Jenny Wang | Chuck, You will always be my first and most important mentor. Not just as an attending, but a compassionate citizen of the world. I hope that one day you can say that you are proud of my contributions as a product of all that you do. On behalf of the thousands of students whom you have touched, Thank you. ~ Paul Park

30: You are a gem! You know how you hear the stories of what it will be like in heaven; moments of your life passing by. Parts you want to see and parts you wish to hide from. How many people did you help and how many people did you hurt? For you, there will be lines and lines of beautiful people from all over the world that you touched, not only because you were a doctor, but because of you, Charles Diezen. Actually, you do not have to go far to see many of the lives that you have touched. Several of them are right here, in Central Indiana. And it is not just a child or adult with a disability. It is the whole family. So often my heart is heavy with worries and concerns about raising my beautiful daughter. I would love to see the world as all accepting of people with disabilities. The reality is that we live in a fallen world and there will always be divides between the greatest and least. Someone must have forgotten to tell you that while you were growing up. You just are, and you just love. My girls love you and adore you. They talk about you not as a doctor, but as a friend. Your small, simple acts of kindness shows them the deep love you have for your families. You took the time to come visit Lydia in the hospital and bring her a gift. You did not have to. She loved your visit and her kitty. Abigail tells me often that you are awesome. You take the time to encourage and guide her. I would not be surprised if she is traveling with a Timmy team someday. | Our dearest Dr. Chuck,

31: They are amazed that they got to spend time at your house for Halloween. Abigail said she could have talked to you for hours. Someone must not have given you the guide book on how doctors should behave. Having patients and families over to your house I am sure is not standard practice. But then again, you are not the standard doctor As a mom, let me just say thank you! This journey of spina bifida is hard and emotional. I believe you see my daughter as Lydia, not your next patient. That means so much to me. You take the time to share, even when I ask questions that I know can not be answered. You are willing to give reassurance to me when I need it most; when I know what you are going to say, but I just need to hear it from you. The world needs more doctors like you; right here, in Central Indiana, we need more doctors like you. Thank you for the blessing that you are to my family! One day you will be richly rewarded for all you do! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO OUR DEAR DR. CHUCK! Sara Farmen | Lydia's gift to Dr.Chuck

32: It was the late 80's, early 90's when I first met Dr. Chuck. My husband Dan, two daughters and I were puppy raisers for Canine Companions for Independence. Pet Therapy was a means of assimilating our puppy-in-training to environments that were out of the ordinary, and people that were extraordinary, and so we took our puppy to visit the Indiana Children's Rehab Hospital, as it was called then, where Ryan McDonald was under Dr. Chuck's care. Ryan's service dog, Lockett, was the first CCI dog placed in the Indianapolis area back then. Dr. Chuck had a very impressive presence. Years later, I became an employee of the University of Indianapolis in the department of Occupational Therapy, and Dr. Chuck would be invited to speak to the OT classes. He noticed a holy card that I had at my desk of Mother Teresa that was given to me by Ann Ryder when she interviewed our family about puppy raising for her TV news segment, Hope To Tell. He handed me a Mother Teresa medal, most likely collected during his work with Mother Teresa, and I have kept them both at my desk ever since. They will go into retirement with me as special reminders of three very important people: Mother Teresa, Ann and Dr. Chuck. All three are models for holiness, doingness, and prayerfulness. And I will strive to emulate those qualities for my own life. Happy 50th Birthday, Dr. Chuck, and I wish you 50 more so you can continue your powerful work as a human being who energetically shares his skills, talent, love and concern for people in need. You are respected and loved. Ginny O'Brien | I've been fishing with Dr. Chuck since I was 8 years old. Dr. Chuck plays a huge part in the camping experience at Champ Camp making it exciting and fantastic. Dr. Chuck is also involved in so many other charitable functions that truly helps everyone around him. I have had the pleasure of beating up on Dr. Doom on a few occasions. I am honored to know Dr. Chuck. - Keith Light

33: I am certain there would be a large group of kids and adults with trachs, vents and wheelchairs whose fondest memories include spending a week of their summer at camp fishing with Dr. Chuck. many who call you their hero. This would not be the guest list for most who would throw a party but life isn’t to be lived like most but rather is to be lived in the service of others. I would hope to be at your party along with so many other amazing people you surround yourself with who truly "get it" get what a fulfilled life is really about. You introduced me to CHAMP Camp nearly 12 years ago and my view of the world and how I live life have been forever changed. I am not exactly sure how I have put up with the years of harassment from you and or the endless serenading of your own versions of “Oh Donna” but I have and strangely enough I keep coming back for more! I wish you a very Happy Birthday my friend and I want to thank you for the impact (mostly good :-) you have had on my life! love, Donna | Chuck, Wishing you a very Happy Birthday! As I thought about the birthday wish I wanted to send you.I started to imagine what a party for you would look like if we could get every person together whose life that you have touched in your lifetime. It is safe to say that you wouldn’t even know many of them; they would be people whose lives were changed for the better simply because how you have chosen to live your life. I can not even fathom the number of people that would be there. I do know for certain that there would be people of all races and religions from many countries around the world; they would be both young and old, some rich but mostly poor. There would be children who had the chance to grow up because of you, college kids who made life choices from your example and old people whose last days were comforted by kind words and the touch of your hand.I know I would see people who were blind, deaf and lame who were able to laugh with you, drink margaritas with you, and for even just those moments feel whole.

34: I can remember my first years at camp sitting watching the kids run around and play and Chuck sitting there and saying how coming to camp every year has been such a blessing to him, that all the campers are like little spiritual guides to him. How they give him such a deep appreciation for life. Those probably weren't his exact words but that is how I remember it. And he couldn't have been more right. Coming to camp every year is one of the greatest weeks of the year for me. Such a renewal for me in so many ways. It was so eye opening though hearing something like that from Dr. Chuck. Helped me appreciate my first year at camp that much more. Marissa Stopsi

35: Chuck, after 17 years, the memories are endless. My first year of camp, after driving for two days, you greet me with saying you’re only a doctor on TV. After driving up with a bunch of screaming people to greet us, that topped the cake. A few years later, you were the only one that didn’t believe Karen’s broken arm, and was right. Add in the coconut bra with grass skirt and more prank assistance than can be written, the times have been great. No matter what was going on in your life, you have always been there for the kids. This is the true Dr. Chuck, having fun at every turn and being available at the right time with the right knowledge. Reaching 50 is a milestone of having time of learning, experience, and wisdom in all the right areas. Happy birthday, we’re looking forward to more years of your generosity and endless spirit. Joel Vander Molen | I remember when Dr. Chuck came to my OT class to talk about CHAMP camp. He was SO passionate when talking about the wonderful experiences he shared with the kids each year. I knew then that I had to go. The first day of my first year at camp- I remember being VERY nervous about the week ahead. Dr. Chuck helped all of us 'rookie' counselors to relax and enjoy the experience. He made us feel comfortable and he took the time to get to know us. And then I saw him interact with the kids. He made them laugh and smile the minute they arrived. What an awesome person! I have never met a person that cared so much. Dr. Chuck has touched the lives of so many people! Shelly Hardwick | Dr. Chuck- You introduced me to CHAMP camp and inspire me each and every day :) Thanks for being you!! -Lauren Gatchel

36: Dear Chuck – It causes me great pain to say kind things about you on paper. I don’t like that you will now have proof to use against me at some point! It seems like only yesterday we were at Lifelines Children’s Hospital and I was trying to figure out what the heck kind of doctor you were! I’m sure the phrase “is this guy for real?”crossed my mind more than once! It didn’t take long to figure out what kind of doctor you were - the kind that others should strive to be. One who cared about the patients he served and about their families. One who demonstrated his Faith in God through his actions. One who wasn’t as concerned about the popular or political decision as he was in living the mission. I developed a great respect for you and enjoyed working with you. But what I have enjoyed even more is getting to know you as a person. I have so much respect for the relationship you maintain with your family. Also for the relationships you maintain with past patients and campers. That’s not the doctor – it’s the person. I appreciate your sense of humor – both the straight up and off color sides! I think as we have aged I have just been able to see a genuineness about you. I respect that you are true to who you are without caving to how others think you should live (and goodness knows people aren’t shy about telling you!). What I most appreciate is that we have grown to be friends. I look forward to Margo-rita nights and catching up on your adventures – whether they be across the world or in the most awesome back yard in Zionsville, IN. But what I appreciate most is that I am not as old as you are! Happy Birthday! Love, Jamie | "Is this guy for real?" | 10. He's Funny, silly and a little crazy! 9. He has a kind, caring Heart 8. All kids love just being around him. 7. He makes each child feel special, appreciated and loved. 6. Enjoys being goofy and making people laugh and smile. 5. He truly enjoys being a doctor and sees all aspects of what each child needs through their eyes(probably because he hasn't completely grown up yet?) 4. Incredibly fashionable and great sense of style!!! 3. One of the safest, most responsible golf cart drivers-NEVER! 2. A true asset to CHAMP Camp and the human race. 1. One of a kind! ~~ by Heather Mandel | Top 10 things about Dr.Chuck

37: Chuck, In a world where people try to keep the work they do separate from their faith, I have always admired that you have never taken this route. I have also been amazed how you can go from being the world’s biggest prankster to the warm, professional compassionate doctor, in less than a heartbeat. I am proud and honored to be able to call you my friend. On a lighter note, Chuck, something that you learned from me. This took place several years ago when I “chauffeured” you to Camp. This lesson is more important as you approach the half century mark. The lesson..Never pass up a rest area on the Interstate:) Yours in Christ Fred Baldwin | Chuck, I believe the year was 1990 when you were our keynote speaker for the first annual (and only) Lifelines Children's Rehab Hospital conference. Then came working together at the hospital and our work with CHAMP Camp. Those events have led to a friendship that has lasted 21 years. There is not a minute, an hour, a day, a month, or a year that goes by that I do not cherish that friendship and thank God for bringing you into my life. I enjoy the times that we walk down to the farmer's market, meet for breakfast, or for dinner with margo-ritas! Our conversations can be soul searching or fun but the end result is the same. I have spent time with a special friend. Happy 50th birthday to you my friend. I look forward to the next 21 years of this friendship! Love, Margo | Margo-ritas...

38: When I first heard about you, it was under nearly unbearable circumstances. My “baby” daughter, Judey, lay in a coma with her life in the balance. Told we would need to leave our secure environment, your name just meant to me that we were transitioning again and I didn’t like itI didn’t think I could like being where you were. I wasn’t even sure, that although I had briefly spoken to you on the phone, that I could really warm up to you, because my security blanket for my daughter’s care was being yanked from me. Could I have been more wrong? NO! Could I have been Divinely transferred into the hands of one of the most caring, saintly, and intelligent men I have ever met? YES! How God takes care of me simply amazes me, and the people He uses to accomplish that care are people like you. However, you are one of the standouts of my life. Apart from being the crazy man, the one who takes chances with the bulls, the football, the racing cars, etc., you are inherently gifted with the ability to communicate with adults and, most importantly, with children. | So many take years of psychological studies in how to relate; yet, you just open your mouth, speak from your heart, and pour out words that build up and light up another! Putting others at ease is your forte. You never intimidate or use your status as a doctor to lord over another. You want others to know that you feel as they do; you have fears, as they do; and that you are ordinary, as they are. In a few precious minutes upon meeting, others Realize you are so like them. You are someone’s son, someone’s brother, someone’s friend. People then feel safe to open up and share their inner most thoughts, fears, and hopes. No question seems stupid, no need to hear an instruction again brings out impatience. Everyone who deals with you feels the dignity of their own personhood. They feel they matter and what they are going through matters to you. You walk into a room, especially a hospital room, and in a few minutes, people feel the Jesus in you. The helping hand you extend, the other choices you offer, the thoughtful taking in of concerns disarm most people. The rarity of one who wants to help beyond the obvious is surprising and so appreciated. | Angie's annual letter: Meaning of you

39: We, who have rubbed elbows with the awesome Dr. Chuck, are humbled and grateful beyond words to express the feelings of thanks for who you are and what you do. Mother Teresa and St. Francis, your spiritual heroes would be so proud that you have represented them so fully! The ideals that they set forth have been totally embraced by you and lived out by you each and every day. You are simply the best doctor and friend I am positive that most of us who were your patients now count you as a member of their circle of friends. As a friend, I star you as one of the finest, most honest, most trustworthy, most accommodating, most giving and generous men that has ever walked this earth. I star you as one of my best friends.a friend of the heart. I love your smile, your quick laughter, your enthusiasm for life, your love of humanity, your work ethic, and your core values, especially the importance of family. I cannot really include all the reasons that the world has been blessed for 50 years with your presence. You are that one in a million gem that hides in plain sight. | You are a mover and a shaker and you are one who also knows how to just “be”. You quietly go about the business of fulfilling your ministry regardless of the fanfare or lack of it. In my life, I know no one just like you. I want you to know that I love and cherish you as a person and as a friend. I will never forget all that you have done, continue to do, and, most likely, will continue to do for me and my family. Your generosity with your presents and your time is so beyond appreciated. You are a magnanimous giver. You are an upright and gentle man. You are a child of God, a childlike man of God, a blessing to me and my little corner of the world, and a blessing to the world at large. You are a healer of bodies and a healer of the spirit. You are kind. You are an example of love in action.and I love you with all my heart! ~ Angie Budenz | Picture a small, dark-haired lady with a box of dark chocolate, smiling with happiness and contentment your friendship is like chocolate in my life!

40: Chuck had just passed his last oral board exam and was visiting us in Indianapolis from Kentucky. We went out to celebrate and Chuck celebrated a little too much. As we arrived at home we all went inside and Chuck stayed in the car. As he exited the car he fell in the front yard and just laid there. Being the good friend that I am I went on to the front porch and yelled "What are you doing?" Chuck replied " Leave me here I'm going to sleep." Again, being the good friend, I walked over threw him over my shoulder and carried him into the house and placed him on the couch. We turned the lights out and went to bed. As we laid there we heard singing coming from the living room. Yes being the good friend I screamed " Chuck shut up!!" Of course he didn't. Again I yelled " Chuck shut up!!" He replied " I can't! if I go to sleep I'm afraid I'll never wake up." | Chuck and I met at Ball State University where he was doing his internship and I was an undergrad. We both played rugby and have been close friends ever since. As I entered dental school Chuck always encouraged me and even financed some often appreciated dinners and road trips. He always new when times were tough for us and made things humorous. Thanks Chuck, Stephanie and I have never forgotten all the nice | things you've done for us over the years. You're one heck of marriage counselor. We love you Top and Steph

41: Chuck, I will always blame you for my marriage. Through you, I met and married the man of my dreams, Mike Hall. It’s amazing the paths life takes us on and sometimes it’s not the way we envisioned, but even better. Thanks for always being a great friend to Mike. You are a man that can be trusted to the end and we are blessed to know you. Happy 50th Birthday friend! MUCH LOVE, Teresa and Mike Hall | What does Chuck (Carlos) Dietzen mean to me?? Wow, now that is a loaded question. Like so many great souls that I meet along my travels on the road of life, Chuck stands out among them all. There are far too many experiences that we have shared to chronicle them all here. From meeting at a Camp sharing forbidden beer to having near death experiences (close but not really) I am constantly amazed by the depth, caring for others and sheer variety of this man. To our Cancun adventures (Carlos and Jose) to Champ Camp he has enriched my life beyond belief. | To Slam Dancing in a questionable bar in Goshen, underground rivers, crashing into a wall in a no hand controls go kart, floating adrift out to sea, crashing into boats, wheelchair tires in Olympic throws, I am amazed that I don’t have more serious injuries than my spinal injury itself. If I could choose a blood brother at will, Chuck would be it. From meeting we have connected on a level that spoke of true friends forever. Happy Birthday my friend, may the next half century prove to be as great as the first! Joe (Jose) Ray

42: Birthday wishes | Since all of humanity has the need to love and to be loved, my birthday wish (prayer) for you is that you always feel loved and cherished and that you never tire of extending the special love you have to give. I also pray for you that when you stand before God, He allows you to see all the ways and times in which you loved others on this earth and the many ways in which you had made a difference in others’ lives. I pray He allows you to genuinely know and understand how pleasing you were to Him in the way in which you lived your life. I pray that you walk hand in hand with Him into His heaven to receive your reward! In the meantime, I wish you health of body, strength of mind, and many years filled with family, friends, and lots of laughter. I want you to have your heart’s desire. I want doors opened wide that you should walk through and closed when you should not enter. I desire for you a long life. Selfishly, I wish (pray) we are always friends and that our friendship grows better and stronger with time. Happy birthday and thank you for the nearly 17 years of knowing and loving me and mine! Angie Budenz

43: Poem associated with you, Chuck | What Chuck Means to Me: Words can’t express what Chuck means to me. Chuck and I became friends in high school. We were cross county wrestling rivals – me at Western and he at Northwestern High School. I liked Chuck right away. His positive attitude and his zest for life were infectious. To Chuck, life is a grand adventure, and I want to join him on that grand adventure, where-ever it is leading. I’m always glad I’m on an adventure with Chuck because I know it will be fun, meaningful and significant. We also share a kindred spirit when it comes to our faith in Christ. I count Chuck as one of my two best friends. For Chuck, I wish faithfulness to his calling. ~ Joe Swartz | "If you trust yourself when all men doubt you, If you dream and not make dreams your master, If you think and not make thoughts your aim, If you walk with kings, and not lose common touch, Then yours is the Earth and everything in it" - Rudyard Kipling ~ from Joe Swartz | Luke 1:37 "For with God nothing is impossible" Dear Chuck, You are my brother, partner, friend,inspiration, mentor, sounding board, spiritual companion, and teammate. I love you bro! ~ Glenn Bill

44: POEMS about Dr.Chuck | Rap by Jacob Mitchell His Name Is Chuck The boy falls flat on his face, He can’t face, The realization that his legs are gone, Have to be strong, but how can he carry on His light is dimming, time is dripping The world is cold to him, without a smile Another lonely child, The Doctor’s in, Taking down sin Depression is the name of this dangerous game, This is his time, his rhyme, his domain The boy looks up as he cries silently, The Doc smiles at him, Teeth wide as can be, Have to be strong, but how can he carry on? The light is dimming, time is dripping. But wait, there’s light. The Doc’s tellin him to fight. They play games, like charades, The boy feels better ‘bout himself. Then the new legs, metal legs, come in, The boy remembers the real, and depression roles in Have to be strong, got to carry on But how can you when the world ain’t strong? The Doc helps him out, Depression fights back The Doc throws the round-house, The boy gets up The Doc pushes the bad away, The boy does walk The Doc fights the fear away, The boy does run The Doc fight with his one weapon: Joy Got to, fight strong, carry on, The light’s back in, the time’s a tickin’, None left to waste, The boy goes to the world to save face | Blessed are the merciful, for they will be shown mercy. Be imitators of God, therefore, as dearly loved children And live a life of love, just as Christ loved us and gave Himself up for us as a fragrant offering and sacrifice to God. I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and You gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited Me in. I needed clothes and you clothed me, I was sick and you Looked after me, I was in prison and you came to visit me. Whatever you did for one of the least of these, you did for me. I thank my God every time I remember you. - from Sara Farmen ~

45: Dr. Chuck Dudes should be like you. Rugby is something he likes to do. Caring person. Has fun with kids at CHAMP Camp. U are a special man! Children with special needs must really appreciate your help. King at being Kind! | Each verse is how you try to live your life as a servant. Will you let me be your servant Let me be as Christ to you Pray that I might have the grace To let me be your servant too We are pilgrims on the journey We are brothers on the road We are here to help each other Walk the mile and bear the load I will hold the Christ light for you In the night time of your fear I will hold my hand out to you Speak the peace you long to hear. I will weep when you are weeping When you laugh, I'll laugh with you I will share your joy and sorrow Till we've seen this journey through. When we sing to God in heaven We shall find such harmony Born to all we've known together Of Christ's love and agony Will you let me be your servant Let me be as Christ to you Pray that I might have the grace To let me be your servant too ~ from Angie Budenz | ~ by Caleb Mitchell, QB

46: Every year at vacation bible school, they bring in a guest speaker from some charity that they are supporting for the week and they talk about what their mission is, what they do, and how you can help. It is a very routine procedure. A few years ago, however, this guy came, and we listened to him talk about the wonderful medical work and help they give families ad communities around the world. That guy was Dr. Chuck, and I will remember that night until I am old and decrepit (soooo unlike Dr. Chuck!). My mom talked to him in the parking lot that night and from then on the Timmy Foundation has become my favorite charity, and Dr. Chuck one of my favorite people. I think my favorite memory of Dr. Chuck is when my mom and I delivered a Christmas present to his house and seeing his piranha and his impressive Christmas plant-a fake tree with a sparse number of ornaments on it. Another of my favorite memories is the “Three C’s” and all of the love that Dr. Chuck shows for us. Happy Birthday, Dr. Chuck! Claire Marks | Chuck, First and foremost, I wish you a wonderful 50th birthday and I am so glad you are young at heart! It is a pleasure to work with you both at Easter Seals Crossroads as well as UIndy. You are an inspiration due to your passion for your clients, God has provided you with a compassionate and serving heart. I look forward to our paths continuing to cross and to watch how God uses you to bless so many people. So glad that Phil and I can be a small part in celebrating you and all you do for others. Have a wonderful birthday and here's to MANY more! Jennifer Radloff

47: "Peter Pan" | Dear Dr. Chuck, How is it possible that ‘Peter Pan’ could be turning 50????? Your love for others, enthusiasm, energy, vision, perseverance, compassion and courage will always keep you young and have always been such an incredible inspiration to me and countless others! Don’t let the fact that they may need a permit from the fire marshal to light ALL the candles on your cake at the same time get you down - many of us have gone before you! I want to thank you for the mentor you have been, in challenging me to think more holistically about the broader issues and the potential stakeholders that might be engaged to address some of those areas. I love your creativity and spontaneity, and your support for thinking out of the box (I am not sure you ever knew where the box wasand that is a good thing!). You are always willing to consider new ideas and approaches and have the wonderfully refreshing perspective of ‘Why not?’ instead of ‘Why?’. I pray that God continues to bless you with health and happiness, and the endless joy of life that is so contagious to all who are blessed to know you. Happy, happy birthday, Chuck!! God bless, Robin Marks

48: My dear Chuck, It is finally my turn to write you a note. What you are holding in your hands is a wonderful picture of who you are – the most remarkable man I know, the man I am proud to call my Soul mate...But this picture is incomplete.There are so many more people in this world whose lives you have touched and healed, who love you and respect you and someday the Lord will allow you to see the footprints you have left on people’s souls. I want to be there to see my humble Chuck be embraced by God... My dear friend Yvette used to sit me down on my birthday and in the circle of our friends she would ask everyone to speak the words of God into my life, to bless and honor me. I wanted to do the same thing for you – to bless and honor you. I wanted you to see yourself through the eyes of those who you love most. And what we see is beautiful. You are a treasure and simply put, you are loved. I know these letters and pictures will make you laugh and at times they will make you tear up. And that’s the effect you have on all of us...but more than anybody on me! You have made me laugh more than anyone else in the world...Thank you for working on my sense of humor! You have made me tear up just as often.Thank you for touching my soul...

49: Thank you for being a wonderful son, brother, uncle, God-father, friend, mentor, teacher, colleague, and inspiration to the world... and for me personally, than you for being all of the above and more. Thank you for loving me the way you do... I will use the words you once wrote for me: You have touched my heart as no one else has – I love you truly, dearly, eternally... I am excited for the world that Dr.Chuck is only 50 years old! There is so much more to come... so many great adventures, so many healed souls and touched lives, so many quiet moments and joyful celebrations, so many plans and dreams that are yet to come true... Happy Birthday, Dear! I love you with my whole heart. Your Olya

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