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A Year In Review

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S: Live LIfe LOve All

BC: In Memory of Joseph K. Dickerson Gone But Not Forgotten

FC: The Life Of A Black Boy | " I didnt know I was a slave untill I realized I could''''''nt do the things I wanted" -Fredrick Douglas

1: Slavery

2: The rights of human nature are deeply wounded by this infamous practice of slavery.”

3: The rights of human nature are deeply wounded by this infamous practice of slavery.”

4: 1856 November 13 “Wow” what a crucial place. There are numerous slaves and an abundance of crops that need to be picked or watered. The homes in which the slaves live seem to be built of some very fragile material. In my eyes this makes the whites look so broke, so cruel, so inhumane. Being here makes me think about how I feel so defeated when I see slaves get auctioned off to other cruel plantation owners. This creates huge families that turn into just mother and father if they are even lucky to stay together themselves. I feel defeated when I think about how long colored people have been treated like this. It has been hundreds of years and it’s still continuing. I know the families of today and those of the past generations of slavery are and have been grieving over the losses they take being slaves. I have seen mothers and pregnant women whipped with the innocent babies lying witnessing the

5: torment, helplessly, no matter the circumstances. When I look at some of these poor, innocent slaves I can see the anger in their tired eyes. I think to myself, “I don’t really know how you feel, but I can sort of imagine and I know it’s an awful place to live but if I could I would help.” Today I begin to realize why they move so cautiously in front of the slave owners. They bow their heads to any white woman/man. I don’t like to see that. I’m trying to form a group of abolitionists that will help abolish slavery. Would you like to help stop slavery or would you like to continue to let slaves be whipped, kidnapped, tortured and treated unequally? The choice is yours.

8: Narrative Entry 1856 , Atlanta Georgia. Reporter ~ “Hey Mr. Henry” Henry ~ “Hello what’s your name sir”? Reporter~ “Hello my name is Casey Myers”im usually known from “POP AND ROCK RADIO”. Henry~ “Well hello sir and what might you be interested in“? Reporter~ “Well if you don’t mind I will like to ask you how do u fell about slavery”? Henry~ “I don’t mind and I feel as though slavery should be abandoned I think it is cruel and it makes the white man look weak”. Reporter~ “Will you ever consider owning slaves”? Henry~ “No sir I will certainly not! “ I could but I won’t I believe a real man works for himself” Reporter~ “Have you been raised around slavery”? Henry~ yes, I was born in the South but I was raised with 2 brothers and 3 sisters and a mother and a father. My father always made us work on our plantation”. He always said “Don’t depend on others to do your work” and “Treat others they way you’ll want to be treated”!! Reporter ~ “ Well what happened to your family”?

9: Henry ~ “Well my father died in 1807 the month of February”. My mother still resides in Mississippi. My brothers all own their own plantation all around the North but there all against Slavery. Reporter~ “Oh so how did your father die”? Henry~” I can’t tell you all of it but it was over slavery that’s why my father will always be my role model”!! Reporter~ “ Well that’s enough about that “ What do u think about the living conditions of slaves in their coop”? Henry~ “Well I can’t comment on that, I never slept there to know how it feels.” But how about you interview some slave owners and ask them can you get a tour and you put yourself in the slaves position”. Reporter~ “ Well let’s not go too far ahead I wouldn’t want to live like a ‘ NIGGER” lol !!!! Henry~ well you need to get out of my face with that nonsense and I don’t consider colored people ass “Niggers” that’s a very cruel word.” Reporter~ “ Sorry sir I didn’t mean to say something so cruel.” Henry~ “ Goodnight sir im done talking to you. You have no right to ask these questions youre encouraged by slavery I fight for freedom !!” Reporter~ “ Nigger lover “ Henry ~ “Guards”

10: Butler's Plantation 1856 Slaves shall work in any weather under any condition. Those who refuse to work will be killed are whipped depending on the age of the slave.

11: Persuasive Entry Goddamn racism! I’m tired of people saying colored people are dumb and worthless. I believe slavery shall be abandoned. I believe if you want wealth, you should work for it and not get others to do the work while you reap the rewards of their labor while treating them unequal. Essentially, they are willing to work and all you have to do is pay. All of us own plantations, so why can’t we trust and treat slaves with respect. My initial reason is I think it shall be abandoned because all it does is cause problems and death for whites and blacks. Just like we love our kids they love there’s as well and we don’t have enough respect to keep the colored people with their own families. That makes the white look so rich but poor with respect for others and their families. My next reason is I believe if you want to be wealthy you should make your money yourself and not treat others wrong to get what you want. Also it’s like poison. That’s what you’re planting in the heads, like there’s nowhere else to go other than the plantation. Also they believe if they leave the plantation they won’t survive. My concluding reason is that colored people have no problem with working and as you heard they work for nothing. So why can’t all the white plantation owners with slaves pay the slaves enough to help their families survive? Also maybe it will benefit the plantation owner because they slaves might work harder then usually because their getting stuff in return. And finally, they will have a better health condition. These are all the reasons for me persuading you to abandon slavery .How would you feel in an enslaved human position? Also some slaves were born into slavery or came to a plantation with a family of six but now he or she is alone now. Just think about it. Visualize it in your head. Can you live that way?

12: Wonderful Girl Sonnet A girl with personality is great When I see her day or night light or bright I would like to take her on a fine date I would cherish her always day and night If I see someone with her I might hide I like to see a female with preety eyes I like to see a female with much pride Ill be so sad if she was full of lies As a couple we will have no trouble A releshonshipis what we need “please” As we move on there will be no trouble If I fall ,and scrape my knees t ,don’t leave please! A king and queen is what were gonna be As I climb the love tree its only me .

14: Ode to my Dog You were the family dog. You always made me feel better at the worst times. Your name was Roxy you were a brown and black female Rottweiler. We had you since u was a puppy then when u turned 4 months we brought u a friend named Que. It was crazy cause you guys connected so fast I guess because yawl were the same type of dog . Que was very goofy. I used to be so funny when u use to see your reflection in the mirror and you walked into it and bumped your head. Roxy was much smarter and knew she was the protector. I remember when I use to tease you and que with my food and one day you snatched it out my hand and ran . I was crying after that but I always loved my dog. But one day after school I was looking for you so I went to your dog house in the back yard and Que was dead and Roxy left out the fence .that was one of the worst days of my life.

16: Past & Future Now As I sit here looking at my fellow classmates, I realize ,I knew some of them from Thurgood Marshall and Asbury Park Middle School so then I get a great feeling of accomplishment. And now im in the high school. This represents my life in the now and in the past and how its changing for the good and the bad. Then I remember 5th grade when I first moved to New Jersey I didn’t know anyone in the school but I knew older kids around the neighborhood. But as soon as I got to school I started to fit in I remember when we used to always talk about how the next day ,week or year ahead of us and what would we be doing when were teens .i really didn’t pay attention because it was a long way till we were really teens. Now As I look at Ontasia Jackson and Shyquan Rolf I look and see how older I look and how they look and observe how mature I got and how mature they got and realized that we really grown and as I keep observing I fell a little sad because I think of all the memories I had with them and I could see that nothing last forever And whatever u got u should really cherish for the time being.

18: I am I am a sad and curious I wonder how my life going to go I hear my brother talking I have no fear he has no face I want him present .I am sad and curious I pretend to be ok But inside I feel very curious I touch his clothes I feel curious. I smell his clothes a scent of my brother will smell like no other . I worry about friends and family I cry when I think about my lost. I am sad and curious I understand death. I believe life is great. I think about the family memories .it makes me sad and curious .i hope for success. I am sad and curious.

20: I DON’T UNDERSTAND” I don’t understand Why do we lie ? Why do we steal ? Why do we kill ? But most of all I don’t understand I really don’t understand why we cry ? I really don’t understand why we fight ? I really don’t understand why we die? What I understand most is . Why we have school! Why we live! Why humans are the dominate species!

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